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All My Children Transcript Monday 7/18/05


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Reggie: Dani, you're lying. You didn't sleep with anybody.

Danielle: I wish it were a lie.

Reggie: Ok, all right, you're upset. That's why you're messing with me. It makes sense.

Danielle: I wasn't sure how to tell you.

Reggie: If this is about me being jealous, I'm sorry. It was stupid of me to punch that guy in the face, I know.

Danielle: You have a right to be jealous.

Reggie: But, Dani, you told me nothing happened. At Erica's party, he tried to kiss you, and then you shut him down. That's what happened!

Danielle: I -- I was stupid. I lied, but I'm laying it all out for you now.

Reggie: No. You -- you didn't do it. You couldn't have done it.

Danielle: Reggie, I'm sorry, but it's true. I slept with Josh.

Josh: You'll want to see this.

Erica: Why do I get the feeling that my favorite producer's about to tell me something terrible?

Josh: Read.

Erica: This is not possible.

[Knock on door]

Sam: Hey, Lily. Can I talk to you?

Lily: Hi, Sam. You shouldn't be here. You have to go.

Sam: Are you mad at me?

Lily: My dad said that we can't go out again. At least not yet.

Sam: Oh, he's still pretty mad about the party, huh?

Lily: Yeah, he said that he and I have to have a long talk. We talked for six minutes this morning, but that doesn't count. A long talk is 20 minutes and it ends with him saying, "Do you understand?" And that hasn't happened yet, so I'm afraid you have to go.

Jack: Is Greenlee here?

Simone: Hi, Jack. How you doing?

Jack: Yeah, I'm doing real good. Where's Greenlee?

Simone: Uh, actually, I don't know where she is.

Jack: What do you know about all this? About Greenlee trying to get pregnant?

Simone: Oh, uh --

Jack: "Oh." What the hell were you thinking?

Ethan: Jack, Simone hasn't done anything except be Greenlee's friend.

Jack: Do you have any idea what you helped Greenlee do, huh? Where's my daughter?

Kendall: He's going too fast. Slow down, Ryan.

Greenlee: He's trying to get away.

[Speeding along a mountain road's twists and turns, Ryan is haunted by voices from the recent past.]

Greenlee's voice: You won't leave me. I won't end this pregnancy. This is our child.

Kendall: Maybe you should never, ever father a child.

Ryan: I'm scared I will lose it, and I will hurt Greenlee.

Zach: Your blood and your bones are your DNA.

Ryan: You don't get it!

Greenlee: Everything will be different now.

Zachís voice: You're going to infect everything you touch.

Kendall: Maybe you should never, ever father a child.

Ryan: I am Jonathan! I am Braden! I am my father! You want more proof? Ah! I am that monster!

Singer: You make you break you tear me apart whoa

[Tires screech as Ryan's motorcycle flies off the cliff.]

Greenlee: Ryan!

Erica: Is this in stone?

Josh: You said you wanted the best.

Erica: Well, my premiere guest should be nothing if not spectacular.

Josh: They'd have to be to sit next to you.

Erica: But this is fantastic. I mean, are you sure you've never worked in TV before?

Josh: I have my hidden talents.

Erica: I'm starting to see that. How did you do this?

Josh: A little charm, a little luck.

Erica: Well, thankfully, you have plenty of both.

Josh: Actually, all I had to do was end-run the agent and tell our guest it was Erica Kaneís first episode.

Erica: Oh, you have made my day, Josh Madden!

Josh: Everything's in place for a flawless first show, if --

Erica: What? What "if"? What did we miss?

Josh: You're the boss lady, and you can as you please, but --

Erica: Yes, yes, I know, but obviously you have an idea, so, come on, out with it.

Josh: Maybe you could convince your Brady Bunch to stay at home and watch the show with some popcorn? Especially the kid with the right hook.

Reggie: What did he do? Did he get you smashed?

Danielle: I wasn't drunk.

Reggie: No, no, he forced you, that's what he did.

Danielle: Just --

Reggie: No, I'm going to kill him!

Danielle: Just hold on.

Reggie: I should've taken you home in the first place!

Danielle: It had nothing to do with you.

Reggie: I'm going to rip his freaking head off! He thinks he can get my girl drunk and then get some --

Danielle: Listen to me, I remember everything.

Reggie: Dani, does he even know how old you are?

Danielle: He didn't know. I -- I sort of led him to believe that I was older.

Reggie: No, you, your mom, and your dad -- you can send him to jail for good, and that's right after I --

Danielle: Just stop! Just stop, Reggie! It was all me. My choice. He didn't get me drunk, he didn't force me. I wanted to do it, so I did.

Sam: I really am sorry I got you in trouble the other night.

Lily: That's nice. But you still have to go. You weren't supposed to take me to a party like that. There was lots of older people there, and there was alcohol there, too.

Sam: Well, it's not like anyone was doing drugs or anything.

Lily: No, that's when I call Reggie. No drugs, no back rubs, and no clothes come off.

Sam: And I sort of thought you'd like the party.

Lily: Well, I did like parts of it. But it was against the rules.

Sam: Ok. I know. I'm really sorry.

Lily: I accept your apology.

Sam: But if I had known you were going to get busted, I would never have taken you.

Lily: No, I'm glad you did. Teenagers get in trouble sometimes. It's our job to learn from our mistakes.

Sam: Oh. I brought you a present. I downloaded that song you liked listening to in the car and a bunch more.

Lily: Oh, thanks. But we still can't go out. Not until I talk to my dad.

Sam: Ok, what if I came in? I mean, that wouldn't be going out.

Lily: Well, that's the opposite of going out.

Sam: Great. So we're not breaking any rules.

Jack: Do not jerk me around on this, Simone. I'm telling you right now, do not do it.

Simone: I'm telling you the truth, Jack. I don't know where Greenlee is.

Jack: Suppose you tell me what your part in all this was.

Simone: I helped Greenlee. You know, I helped her cross the picket line to Ryan's baby strike.

Jack: You helped?

Simone: She asked me to.

Jack: What kind of a friend would help her go through with this craziness? Answer me!

Ethan: She's a good friend, Jack, a solid friend!

Jack: Breaking into a medical facility, stealing Ryan's -- why didn't you try and talk some sense into her, or don't you have the sense to spare, Simone?

Ethan: Ok, know what, just back off, ok? You don't come in here yelling and screaming at Simone. She's not the one you're angry with.

Jack: Why don't you stay the hell out of this?

Simone: I'm so sorry, Jack.

Ethan: No, no, you have no need to apologize.

Jack: I'm going to ask you one more time, and one more time only -- where's my daughter? And I don't want to hear this nonsense about you have no idea.

Erica: Don't worry. I learned a very important lesson for myself at that launch party -- keep my family away and very separate from my show.

Josh: You managed to win the press over at the launch party, but a few less surprises at your first show would be nice.

Erica: Believe me, from now on, no one in my family is getting anywhere near a camera. I mean, some people just don't take to the spotlight.

Josh: All the more for us.

Erica: Well, this is wonderful. Really, you're the best!

Josh: You're the best for hiring me.

Erica: Yes, I am. Speaking of family --

Josh: What are you doing here, Dad?

Erica: I invited your dad here.

Greg: Apparently, we have some things to discuss. Hello, Josh.

Josh: I'll leave you to it, then. I would love to stay, but I have a show to produce.

Erica: I'm so glad you came. Your son is doing a fantastic job.

Greg: So I take it you didn't ask me here to tell me that you're getting rid of him?

Erica: Oh, no, my star producer? No, far from it. Actually, I asked you here on a much more delicate matter. It seems my stepdaughter Greenlee is pregnant.

Greg: What a surprise. I must send the father a box of cigars.

Erica: I'd appreciate it if you don't cause any trouble for her.

Greg: She has done enough for herself. The very fact that she's pregnant proves that she broke into my clinic and stole those samples.

Erica: Well, what she did or may not have done in the past, I mean, really is no longer an issue.

Greg: Well, it will be to the police.

Erica: This is such a fragile situation.

Greg: Oh, I'm sure. Her husband didn't even want to have a child.

Erica: But they're dealing with it.

Greg: Really? I'm sure he's not out there picking out cribs or changing tables.

Erica: We will deal with all the repercussions within our family.

Greg: I don't think it will be up to you.

Erica: I really would appreciate your help in this. Don't press charges for the break-in.

Greg: Erica, I would hate to press charges.

Erica: Wonderful. Then it's settled.

Greg: It's settled when you fire my son. And if you don't, you better hope they make those orange jump suits in maternity sizes.

Kendall: Greenlee, you're going to kill yourself!

Greenlee: Ryan! Ryan!

Kendall: Greenlee, stop it!

Greenlee: Let go of me! Let go of me! Ryan! Ryan!

Zach: Look at me! Look at me! Don't risk your life, don't risk the life of your child.

Kendall: Come on, answer.

Zach: Calm down. I'll go find him, all right? Stay here. You got her?

Kendall: I got her. Ok, listen, hi, hi, the -- the motorcycle went over the cliff. Yes, yes, yes, we're fine, we're fine. No, no, we don't see him! Just please, please quit asking so many questions and hurry up and send someone, please!

Zach: Better be worth it.

Kendall: You can't miss us. We're right by the big rocks. Yes. Please hurry. Please -- Zach! Zach!

[After removing some clothing, Zach dives in the water to save Ryan.]

Reggie: Stop playing with me, Dani.

Danielle: I wish I were.

Reggie: Because there is no way you just hooked up with him. There's no way.

Danielle: It was stupid and crazy, and I hate myself for it, ok, but that night I was just totally screwed up.

Reggie: But you've been lying to me every day, every day since.

Danielle: I was -- confused.

Reggie: Not about holding out on me.

Danielle: That night I just wanted to be somebody else, somebody who wasn't stuck in my stupid parent trap, someone older and smarter.

Reggie: You're not a virgin. Exactly.

Danielle: When my mother brought Garret to the picnic, I wasn't prepared for --

Reggie: Don't you dare try to blame this on your mother. Yeah, she did some jacked-up stuff to you, no doubt. But this one, Dani? This one was all you.

Danielle: I was looking for a way out, all right, to be anybody but Danielle Frye, to not think about anybody or anything, to not worry about what was going to happen to me tomorrow!

Reggie: Are you worried about it now? Because you should be.

Erica: Is that a threat?

Greg: I have asked you before nicely.

Erica: I invite you to my office, and you dare to threaten me?

Greg: I don't see the difference between this and you storming into my clinic and pushing your stepdaughter's insanity on me.

Erica: Your son's job is not even the issue here.

Greg: My son is not qualified to do the job that you've hired him to do.

Erica: You would never know that. He is brilliant at it.

Greg: My son excels at medicine. He's throwing away the opportunity of a lifetime.

Erica: Many people would consider working for me a prize opportunity.

Greg: The people in San Francisco have offered him the job again, and this time the terms are much sweeter.

Erica: Some people just aren't meant to be doctors.

Greg: Most young men would sell their souls for the opportunity he's been offered, but not him. No, he just tosses it away. And for what? He's having too much fun in this make-believe playground you've created here.

Erica: Fun comes from enjoying your work. He happens to be brilliant at it. I frankly can't imagine him anywhere else.

Greg: Of course you can't. That's because you haven't watched him work so hard all of his life, now just to toss it away.

Erica: Look, as the parent of a grown child, you really have to let him make his own decisions.

Greg: The way you do with your children? I saw this, the press coverage from your launch. Don't you find it a little hypocritical to be doling out parental advice to me? Remind me to tune out when you run that segment on your show.

Erica: Ok, three things, Dr. Madden. Firstly, your son is proving himself invaluable. There is no way that I would ever fire him. Secondly, you are no longer welcome as a guest on my show. And thirdly, I am doing everything I know how to hold onto my temper, and only because you are an ignorant interloper in this town. Don't ever threaten me.

Greg: Am I supposed to be afraid of a petite prima donna with a television show?

Erica: Oh, yes, I may be petite, but a word of fair warning, Dr. Madden -- you threaten me with ultimatums, you will learn to regret it.

Jack: Look, I'm worried sick about Greenlee. I'm just asking for your help here, ok?

Simone: Anything, Jack.

[Phone rings]

Jack: Kendall? Is Greenlee with you? He did what? Where are you?

Kendall: We're on the Coast Road, Route 8, about 5 miles from the casino. Yes, Jack, hurry, hurry, please. Ok, listen, did you hear that? Listen, your dad's on the way. Everyone's on the way. They're going to come here, and they're going to help us find him, ok, ok? They're going to find Ryan, he's going to be fine, if Zach hasn't saved him first. Don't see him. Do you see him? I don't see either one of them.

Sam: Man, that party feels like it was a million years ago.

Lily: It's actually been 52 hours and 37 minutes since we last saw each other.

Sam: Too long. I missed you. I'm sorry that I didn't come by earlier.

Lily: It's probably a good thing. My dad was here, and he doesn't want to have a talk with you.

Sam: Hey, what's with you?

Lily: Boyfriends kiss. Aren't you going to kiss me?

Sam: Can I do that every time I see you?

Lily: Yes, I would like that. Oh, this is for you.

Sam: "Baseball." I already know how to play.

Lily: Well, I was doing some research about second base, and I was almost finished, so I figured you could catch up.

Sam: Well, thank you, but I think you're referring to a different set of bases. But you know what? There is no rush to leave first. Hey, do you want me to put on the CD? Maybe we could dance?

Lily: I don't really like dancing.

Sam: Is that why you didn't want to dance at the party?

Lily: I'm not good at it.

[Music plays]

Sam: Well, there is no one around but me.

Lily: I don't know the steps. Maybe we could just touch?

Sam: Or not touch?

Lily: What do you mean?

Sam: Like a game. Ok, now, put your hands out like this.

Lily: Ok.

Sam: And close your eyes, and I'll do the same.

Lily: Like we're kissing?

Sam: Yeah. And then we'll see how close we can get to each other without touching.

Lily: I think I like this game.

Sam: Now, close your eyes. Let's see how close we can get.

Lily: We're dancing. Even though we're not touching, I can feel you.

Sam: I'm right here. Man, you're so hot.

Lily: What? No, you touched me!

Sam: Well, you win.

Lily: Hot? You're saying I'm a hot girl?

Sam: Yeah, you are.

Lily: But I'm still nice.

Sam: You can be both.

Lily: But it doesn't mean that I'm ready to have sex.

Sam: I know.

Lily: But I would like to kiss some more.

Reggie: So you were that pissed off at me? Because I went with Lily?

Danielle: No. I swear, I wasn't out to hurt you.

Reggie: Don't touch me. Don't put your hands on me. Don't you start worrying about how I feel now.

Danielle: You don't understand.

Reggie: Yeah, you're damn right I don't understand! How many times did you push me away, Dani, huh? Most guys wouldn't even have been around a month. "We're going to wait until the right time." Remember you said that to me?

Danielle: That was the plan. I screwed it up.

Reggie: "I'm not ready, Reggie. We're going to wait until the right time, Reggie. It's cool, I'll wait for you. Nobody's even gotten backstage, Reggie"! I guess you're handing out VIP passes to whoever hands you a beer now.

Danielle: That's not what happened. I love you.

Reggie: You don't love me! You gave it away to some random guy, because you were confused one night.

Danielle: I was. I am!

Reggie: No, all that crap about you didn't know how you felt -- that's bull. You did know. You were feeling everybody else but me. And you were doing somebody else, Dani.

Erica: You have no evidence that Greenlee stole those samples.

Greg: Why don't you put the pieces together? Her husband makes it surgically impossible for him to help her to conceive. I have his samples at the clinic. My clinic gets broken into, his samples get stolen -- bingo -- she gets pregnant. It doesn't take a doctor to diagnose what happened.

Erica: Well, that's your theory. She denied it.

Greg: She is pregnant. A little fairy did not slip a vial under her pillow.

Erica: Greenlee will never consent to a paternity test to prove it.

Greg: Greenlee is a thief, and she is a liar.

Erica: You never even filed a police report.

Greg: It's not too late.

Erica: You have to face it -- you have no evidence and no witnesses. And if you insist on carrying this further by going to the police or to the press, then you will see exactly how much power this "petite prima donna" has.

Greg: Are you finished?

Erica: I haven't even started.

Greg: Well, it just so happens you're wrong. I do have a witness to the crime.

Erica: Delusions don't count.

Greg: Josh, do you have a minute?

Josh: Whatever it is, I didn't do it.

Greg: No, not you. I want you to tell me what was going on at the clinic that morning I saw you there.

Josh: I'm not sure where you're going with this, Dad.

Erica: Enlighten us, please.

Greg: The whole broken doorknob thing. You found Greenlee in the cryo room, didn't you? You were covering for her.

Josh: Don't do this.

Greg: I'm only asking you to tell the truth, son. Tell me, was Greenlee in that room?

Kendall: They'll find him, Greenlee, ok, they'll find them both.

Jack: Greenlee, are you all right?

Simone: Oh, my God, we're here to help, Greenlee.

Ethan: Are you ok?

Jack: What the hell happened here?

Kendall: He went too fast or something and --

Jack: Ryan?

Ethan: All right, she needs a blanket.

Kendall: Greenlee, listen to me, they're going to find him, ok? Can you trust me? Greenlee, you trusted me before. Can you do it now?

Jack: Let me see what I can find out.

Simone: What can I do?

Kendall: Nothing, nothing. Just stay with us.

Ethan: Here, let's get this around you.

Simone: My God.

Kendall: Shh.

Simone: We're here, honey, we're here.

Ethan: What happened?

Kendall: He drove his bike off the cliff.

Ethan: An accident?

Simone: Did he lose control?

Kendall: I don't know, I don't know, ok? Zach dove in after him. He hasn't come up either.

Ethan: Zach risked his life to save Ryan?

Kendall: Greenlee can you hear me?

Simone: Is there anything else we can get for her?

Rescuer: We found him. Help pull us up.

Greenlee: Where's Ryan, where's Ryan? Where's my husband?

Zach: Nothing yet, I'm sorry.

Jack: Slater? Slater, you ok?

Zach: Yeah.

Jack: What's it look like out there?

Zach: Not good.

Kendall: They'll find him, Greenlee. Look, look, Zach made it, ok? He made it to the surface, and he took the same drop as Ryan, so Ryan will make it, too, ok?

Simone: Sweetie, he's strong.

Kendall: Yes, and he's tough. He's tough, and so are you, ok? Now, don't give up, you hear me? Don't give up.

Greenlee: They won't stop?

Kendall: No, no, they won't. Ryan -- he has a baby to come back to, and he has his baby's mommy.

Greenlee: I got to help him.

Simone: The professionals are doing everything they possibly can.

Kendall: Listen, you take care of you, ok, you take care of you. Ryan will want you in one piece when he gets back.

Greenlee: You'll stay with me?

Kendall: I'm here with you. I go where you go. Ok, now, you listen to me, you listen very carefully -- everyone is doing all that they can right now, and it's your turn to do the same, ok, so for your baby and for Ryan, you can't stay here.

Greenlee: I'm not leaving.

Jack: Listen, we're having the Coast Guard check further out to sea.

Ethan: Those guys, they won't stop until they find him, Greenlee.

Kendall: They're right, ok, listen to them. Zach is right, Zach is here, and Ethan is here. They're going to do everything that they can, ok, so why don't we go to the hotel right now and wait for them to call us?

Simone: Yeah, that's a great idea.

Greenlee: No, no, I can't. I have to find him.

Kendall: No, listen to me, after everything that you've done to bring this baby into this world, you cannot do this, ok? You can't risk losing it again. We'll go back to the hotel, and we'll get you cleaned up, and then, Greenlee, we can come up with a name for your baby.

Simone: Oh, yeah.

Kendall: Yes, we can come up with two wonderful names, one for a boy and one for a girl.

Simone: Yeah, I've always been partial to Simone.

Kendall: Listen to me, and then you'll have a name. You'll have a name for your baby, ok, and it'll be perfect. When Ryan gets back, you'll have a name for his baby, and it'll help him, it'll make it more real for him.

Simone: Yes.

Kendall: Ok, but, I mean, come on, I can't think of a name for your baby.

Simone: Kendall's right. Come on, let's get you cleaned up.

Kendall: Yes, ok, we can do this. We can do this, come on.

Greenlee: You sure?

Zach: I'll come get you as soon as we find him. Come on.

Simone: Ok, come on.

Greg: Well, just answer me, son -- was Greenlee in the clinic?

Josh: Sorry, Dad. I don't know what you're talking about.

Greg: You were in the clinic right after the robbery. I saw you there.

Josh: I don't know what it is you want me to say. I never saw anyone else in the clinic besides you. If I'd seen a beautiful woman, I'd remember. The knob was broken. End of story.

Erica: Thank you, Josh. End of story.

Greg: Please don't do this, son. Don't cover for these people. I thought you understood about ethics and about family. Haven't I taught you better than this?

Josh: You taught me a lot of things, Dad -- think for yourself, don't do anything just because you're expected to. If you're looking for me to lie for you, I can't do it.

Erica: There you have it. No proof.

Greg: This isn't over.

Erica: I'm afraid it is. I have to get busy trying to find a replacement for you on my show.

Josh: We're -- we're busy here, Dad.

[Greg leaves.]

Josh: What truck did I just throw myself in front of? What's going on with you and my dad? He giving you grief about your stepdaughter?

Erica: Don't worry about it, really. Thank you for your help.

Josh I didn't really do anything.

Erica: You did catch them, didn't you -- Greenlee and Kendall?

Josh: And Simone. Clumsiest thieves I've ever seen. I promised them I'd keep my mouth shut.

Erica: Well, thank you. I'm not sure what to say.

Josh: I love my father, but my loyalty's right here with you.

Erica: Thank you. You are full of very pleasant surprises today.

Danielle: I don't care about Josh.

Reggie: I told you to stop saying his name.

Danielle: Reggie, I love you so much. I can't explain what happened, what was going on in my head.

Reggie: What was going on in your head? Dani, you slept with somebody else. That's it. That's all that matters. You might as well just throw us out the window with your virginity. And then you lied to me, time after time, to my face.

Danielle: Haven't you ever been in a place like that, where you were so lost you didn't know what to do?

Reggie: Yeah, sure. But I didn't find the next girl I saw and sleep with her.

Danielle: I let things happen. I didn't plan it. I let the moment take me!

Reggie: Shut your mouth. No. "Lost in the moment"? Dani, it was supposed to be our moment.

Danielle: I know. And I ruined it.

Reggie: Yeah, you did. All this crap about waiting for the right moment just turned out to be you playing me in the end. I waited how long for you, for this? You got to be kidding me. Just looking at you -- you make me sick. It was all wasted time.

Danielle: No. It wasn't wasted! This wasn't me not loving you! I do, Reggie! I do love you!

Reggie: No, no, no, that's it! I'm through. We're finished. I don't want to ever -- and I mean ever -- see your lying face again.

Danielle: Reggie, don't go. Please don't do this! Don't do this.

[Danielle crumbles to the floor, sobbing.]

[Music plays]

Sam: What happened? Too much kissing?

Lily: No, I liked it.

[When the closeness with Sam gets too much for her, Lily pulls away.]

Lily: No. No. No.

Sam: Lily --

Lily: No. 97, 96 --

Sam: Hey, what happened?

Lily: 95, 94 --

Sam: You ok?

Lily: 93, 92, 91, 90 --

Sam: You ok?

Lily: No!

Aidan: Get your hands off of her. Lily, it's ok. Keep counting if you have to and take some deep breaths. What do you think you're doing, Sam?

Sam: I didn't know she was going to freak out like that.

Aidan: You have no idea how to treat someone like Lily, do you?

Sam: I --

Aidan: Don't do this to her.

Sam: I asked her first. She wanted to try and dance.

Aidan: She's not some piece of stuff that you can put your hands all over.

Sam: I know that.

Aidan: You can't treat her like every other girl.

Lily: It's not him, Aidan. It was the music. I'm sorry, Sam, it was the music. It was too loud. I didn't like that song.

Aidan: Are you sure you're ok?

Lily: Yes. Now please leave. I want to spend some time with Sam.

Sam: You heard her. Now, get out of here.

Lily: Why are you here?

Aidan: I'm looking for your father.

Lily: Well, he's not here, so please go.

Aidan: Well, while I'm here, I'm going to make sure that someone doesn't steal second base.

Lily: Don't worry, Sam and I are on the same page.

Aidan: Does your father know that Sam is here?

Lily: No. Now please go away. I want be alone with Sam.

Sam: Didn't you get the memo, or does she need to make you a copy?

Lily: My dad said that Sam and I couldn't go out, but we're not going out. Sam came inside.

Aidan: Oh, did he now? That's a nice move. You thought you'd trick Lily into disobeying her father?

Lily: Sam didn't trick me.

Aidan: Uh, yes, he did. Now Samís leaving, so say good-bye, Lily. We'll let your father decide if Sam tricked you or not.

Sam: So my Aunt Anita leaves, and you have nothing better to do than put the moves on my girlfriend? Is that what's going on here?

Aidan: Why don't you beat it, kid?

Sam: Keep talking trash. I'll see Lily whenever she wants me to.

Aidan: Yeah. Are you ok?

Lily: I don't like you anymore, Aidan. I don't want you here. Please go away!

Garret: Dani? Dani, you ok? What's happened?

Danielle: I screwed it all up.

Garret: It's ok.

Danielle: It's not. I told him. Reggie. You were right. He never wants to see me again.

Garret: It's ok. It'll be ok.

Mimi: What'll be ok?

Greenlee: I'm going to go clean up for when they find Ryan.

Kendall: Can you get this cleaned up now, please?

Simone: Oh, my God, Ryan did this?

Kendall: It's the scariest thing I'd ever seen him do.

Simone: Worse than that shady Fight Club?

Kendall: No one takes on a pregnant woman at a Fight Club. It was either that or Greenlee.

Simone: He wouldn't -- he wouldn't go after her, would he?

Kendall: Oh, my God.

Simone: He wouldn't.

Kendall: Ryan -- Ryan once told me if he ever got close to hurting Greenlee, he would go over a cliff first.

Simone: Wait, you don't think --

Kendall: I don't know what to think.

Jack: What the hell was that fool thinking?

Zach: "That fool" was trying to protect your daughter.

Jack: Protect my daughter? By doing motorcycle stunts?

Ethan: Hey, guys, the shouting is not helping anyone.

Zach: He was trying to protect your daughter from himself, from his rage and his anger.

Jack: What are you trying to say? He -- he did this on purpose?

Zach: I don't know. I don't know if he lost control, or if he meant to do it. But I know he would've rather died than hurt Greenlee.

Ethan: Well, it looks like he may have succeeded.

Simone: Ryan really lost it, didn't he, when he found out about the baby?

Kendall: They were celebrating. She told him.

Simone: Jack was right. I was wrong. I shouldn't have helped her.

Kendall: No, don't you even start that right now. This is not "The Simone Show," got it? Right now your feelings don't mean spit.

Simone: I'm just saying --

Kendall: No, right now Greenlee and her baby are all we think about.

Simone: Ok. Truce. They need us.

Kendall: And if you were wrong, I was wrong, too.

Ethan: Why'd you do it? Jump off the cliff like that?

Zach: A man is lost out there.

Ethan: Was it to impress Kendall? Why would you risk your life to save a man that you hated?

Zach: You hate me. Pulled me out of a burning building, risked your own life.

Ethan: That's different.

Zach: Different how? A different kind of hate?

Jack: Slater!

Zach: Any of that man left?

Reggie: How dare you sleep with Dani. That was my girlfriend. Who the hell do you think you are?

J.R.: Sorry, guys. Am I interrupting something?

Josh: Just about done. Right, Reggie?

Reggie: Don't push me.

J.R.: Is Erica here?

Reggie: No, she's not, J.R.

Josh: Can you just give us a minute to talk this out?

Reggie: Wait, wait, what's to talk about? You going to tell me something about my girlfriend I don't know?

Josh: Yeah, I think I am.

Danielle: This is all I need.

Mimi: What happened? Are you all right?

Danielle: Oh, why do you even care?

Mimi: Garret, what's going on?

Danielle: Going to tell her, win some points?

Garret: Your story to tell.

Danielle: Or not.

Mimi: Dani, don't shut me out. Is it Reggie? Did he hurt you? Dani, please talk to me. I want to help you. I love you.

Danielle: That night I didn't come home? I had sex with a guy I just met on the beach. How much do you love me now?

Zach: Where's Greenlee?

Kendall: Simoneís getting her cleaned up. Anything? No. No, no, no, no, no.

Greenlee: Ryan's dead.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Tad (to David): I'm going to make you pay and pay and pay for every lie you told from the minute you introduced us to Di Kirby.

Reggie (to J.R.): Are you calling Dani a liar?

Josh (to J.R.): Whoever you are, you're so not helping.

Greenlee (to Simone): Is it my fault? Did I kill Ryan?

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