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David: No one leaves? Because you say so?

Krystal: Well, this is a lot better than some places I haven't been allowed to leave. But it doesn't mean I want to stay.

Adam: It's true. You are a moron. You really believe people will do what you say. Astounding.

David: What? What, now you want to dance with me?

Tad: No. I prefer it when my partners have at least half a clue.

J.R.: Because you have all the answers?

Tad: No. Those labs do, or they will after they start working on the DNA samples supplied by our friend Di Kirby, aka Dixie Cooney, aka Diana Cole. Three different samples, three different labs, courtesy of my father, Aidan, and Brooke.

Krystal: And Adam’s goons.

Adam: The firm of Shire, Bradley, and Jensen is beyond reproach, which is more than I can say for any of you.

J.R.: We were all there, Tad. Just skip the rehash.

Tad: J.R., Think. You really want your friend here to slither out that door after he set you up with her? What happens if he decides to stop by one of those labs and help out the test, considering he's such a pro?

Krystal: Yeah, well, don't forget about me.

Adam: Try it. I dare you.

Tad: Who the hell do you think you're talking to? Last thing I want to see is you out there roaming the countryside free to maim or blackmail some poor lab technician.

Babe: Ok. So that's the plan. We stay here.

Tad: Anyone who's got a dog in this fight -- the only way to make sure nobody's pooch is doped.

Di: And you get the absolute truth about me.

Tad: Exactly.

[Amanda gasps]

Amanda: Finally. I was afraid you'd gone monk, and I was too late.

J.R.: When this test comes in, this woman will be my mother.

Adam: Or not.

J.R.: And no one gets to screw with the test. That includes you.

David: Tad, you did the impossible. You got us all on the same page.

Tad: Don't kid yourself. There's no "us." After what you've accomplished, you're in a world of stink all on your own.

Adam: He has company.

J.R.: Don't talk about what you don't know.

Adam: Well, here's what I do know. The next few hours may be the longest in your life. And the hours after, the most painful.

Jamie: How long have you known?

Babe: About Di being Dixie or whoever she is? Mama told me right before the family picnic on the Fourth of July.

Jamie: So is that when you stopped trusting me?

Zach: Your last stay here wasn't a pleasant one. This one will be. Staff will get you whatever you want. Kendall took care of everything.

Kendall: And if the staff doesn't come through, we'll take care of you. It's what we do.

Ryan: The question is why.

Greenlee: Ryan, don't look a gift suite in the mouth.

Kendall: No, it's ok, Greenlee. Ryan, I know I've caused a lot of problems between the two of you, and I'm done. No more. This is my apology.

Greenlee: Which I accepted.

Kendall: Can you, Ryan? Please?

Ryan: Well, I am a dark chocolate kind of guy.

Zach: We took care of it.

Kendall: Yep, we got the chips, the full bar, and a fantastic room service menu.

Zach: Enjoy your stay.

Kendall: Hey, "Enjoy your stay" -- until she tells Ryan she's pregnant and it all goes to hell. God, how is this going to be ok?

Greenlee: That meant a lot to Kendall, and to me.

Ryan: Yeah, well, you mean a lot to me. So how much longer do I have to wait for my big surprise?

Greenlee: Soon. Your surprise will come soon.

Ryan: Soon, as in, like --

Greenlee: Patience. The best for last.

Ryan: That would be you and me here -- no Erica TV show, no overprotective Jack, no marriage beyond all comprehension of Kendall and Zach. Just -- just you and me alone.

Greenlee: This is our night, Ryan. Can you feel it?

Ryan: Depends on what you mean by "it."

Greenlee: It's been so hard for so long, and it started here, last September at the murder game. Tonight's our chance to get past all that.

Ryan: It didn't start here. Greenlee, it started here. And it was there for a long time, and it finally came out. But, yes, I want to expect more for you, for us. And you think that you have a lock on our surprises. Amateur!

Greenlee: Kind of not. Pretty spectacular if I do say so myself.

Ryan: Well, it was supposed to be a two-way street, and I've been slacking off, but not anymore.

Greenlee: Will I like it?

Ryan: You did on our wedding day.

Greenlee: On our wedding day, we didn't drink champagne.

Zach: You can't shake it, can you?

Kendall: There's a bomb in the VIP suite. You cut the green wire, you cut the red, either way the roof is going to blow off this joint. And then -- then there's Greenlee. I have no idea what to do with her.

Zach: Hmm.

Kendall: You know what? This bubble water is just not cutting it either.

Zach: Yeah. I'm trying to figure out something. Is it -- is it the hair or the eyes?

Kendall: Back up and blink already.

Zach: I think it's definitely the eyes. Got to be the eyes.

Kendall: Did you just ogle me? Because I swear to God if you did, then --

Zach: Your eyes -- they distract people so they don't notice how huge your ego is.

Kendall: Are you trying to pick a fight? Is this what you're trying to do here? You trying to make me forget that Greenlee is about to tell Ryan she's pregnant with his baby against his wishes? Is this what you're trying to do? Well, hello, I have not forgotten. So go ahead and save your insults for some other sucker.

Zach: Eyes big, ego bigger. This is fascinating.

Kendall: You know what? Explain already before I severely hurt you.

Amanda: Oh, the moves on you -- hot. Seriously, can you teach me that one? Or do you know seven ways to kill a spy without making a sound?

Aidan: Eight. What are you doing here, Amanda?

Amanda: Admiring your skills. Was I too subtle?

Aidan: The door was locked.

Amanda: And then it was open. I've got some skills of my own. You impressed? Ready to take me onboard, let me work for you and Tad? Breaking and entering, my specialty.

Aidan: Oh, really? Felonies don't phase you?

Amanda: Not unless I get caught, which I won't. Try me out anywhere. I can get in, get info, and get out, no trace.

Aidan: Ok. Prove it.

Amanda: I just did.

Aidan: I need more.

Amanda: They always do.

Aidan: Let's see how fast you can get out of here without a trace. You ready?

Tad: You must've been up in that cabin rubbing your palms together in glee, twirling your little mustache.

David: Hey, I was just helping the woman I love return to her family. But why anyone would want to return to this sorry bunch --

J.R.: I'll break you.

Tad: I'll help.

Adam: I'll cheer.

Di: Now, don't tear him limb from limb just yet.

Adam: Defending your partner?

J.R.: Yeah, what are you doing? He tried to pin this whole thing on you.

Di: Yeah, what do you expect? It's David.

Tad: And who, I wonder, are you?

David: That's exactly what I'd like to know. Hey, I was deceived just like the rest of you.

Adam: Shut your mouth before I shut it for you.

David: Yeah. I'm really worried, Adam. Go ahead, try and rough me up. You'll be lucky if you wrinkle my shirt before you stroke out.

Di: Just leave him alone, at least until the DNA results get back. One way or the other, he'll get his.

J.R.: Don't worry. I intend to make certain of it.

Babe: This was never about me not trusting you.

Jamie: Which is how much exactly, scale of 1 to 10?

Babe: I had a chance to get my mom out of prison. I had to take that.

Jamie: And cut me out of the loop, go straight to Adam, use Di as bait?

Babe: I hated not telling you. But, Jamie, my mama -- she went to prison for me, so I could stay out here and be with you and Little Adam. Every day that she was in there was a day that I took from her. I had to at least try to get those back.

Jamie: Oh, like I would've blown it for you.

Babe: Ok. So would you and Tad have given me enough time to cut the deal with Adam?

Jamie: Oh, and let that fake pose as Dixie one second longer?

Babe: You see? That's exactly why I had to keep quiet for a little while.

Jamie: So what if Adam turned you down?

Babe: I was coming straight to you and Tad. Jamie, the truth was coming out no matter what, I swear it. I just delayed it a few days. I owed Mama that much. Please just tell me you understand that.

Jamie: I tell J.R. to take his deal and go to hell -- no college, no med school, no Phoebe's estate. All I need is a life of grease and gears, a life with you. And while I'm doing that, you're getting down and dirty with Adam. Sure, I understand just fine.

Babe: I told you to walk away from me. I want the world for you, Jamie. How could I blame you if you went for it? But you stayed. You're the one that said that as long as we stayed together, everything would fall into place, and you wanted me to believe it, too, so I did. So has all of that changed? Are you ready to reach out and get the life that you deserve? Because if you are, you are free to make that deal with J.R. You are totally free to walk away from me, Jamie.

Amanda: Look, don't blow off a good deal. Ok, you're the big head guy. You and Tad need an underling to do the grunt work. Well, I wouldn't mind to be under you.

Aidan: That's a nice offer, but I'm not interested.

Amanda: You've forgotten already, haven't you? SOS, the skeeve at the bar, the way I worked him?

Aidan: This is an office, ok? A real job for real adults.

Amanda: Hello -- full-grown woman here. Don't tell me you didn't notice.

Aidan: The kind of education that you need, I don't have time to give you.

Amanda: You sound mad. How'd that happen?

Aidan: Because I don't like the way you treated Lily.

Amanda: That? Ok, I will apologize to her again.

Aidan: It'd be nice if you meant it.

Amanda: I am broke and practically homeless. Can't you cut me a break?

Aidan: Oh, come on, cheer up, Amanda. As long as you're working someone, you've got it covered, right?

Amanda: That's what's making you mad, isn't it? The whole "bring it on, I can handle it" routine? Aidan, it is a put-on, ok? Like the guy in the bar, it just a game.

Aidan: Well, you -- you won, didn't you? So, lucky girl. How about you come pay me a visit when you get a clue? See you.

Jamie: I never said that I would bail on you. That's not what this is about.

Babe: But it's on your mind. How could it not be?

Jamie: This is about you and me, Babe, not about J.R., not about Aunt Phoebe, or the rest of those people in that room.

Babe: Jamie, I really want to make things right between us, please.

Jamie: I have kept every secret that you have ever had. We were together no matter what, a team. Did I get that wrong?

Babe: And I haven't changed, I promise you that.

Jamie: Well, maybe we changed, and I just didn't notice.

Babe: But we agreed we all need to stay here --

Jamie: Let somebody try and stop me.

Babe: Fine, then I'll grab my purse, and I'll go with you, and we need to talk about this, get back to a good place. You don't want me to come with you.

Jamie: You had your time to deal, Babe. Now it's my turn.

Adam: Are they back yet?

Babe: Jamie left.

J.R.: Oh, that's all right. I have him dragged back before he hits the gates.

Di: No, no, leave him alone.

Tad: She's right. He's got no reason to want to change the results. I think he's got something else on his mind.

J.R.: Well, why? What are you doing? You're going to cut him slack?

David: So what else is new? The rules are always different for the Martins.

Adam: If Jamie gets within 100 yards of those test results --

Tad: Oh, shut up. Why don't you just get drunk and pass out?

Krystal: I'll talk to Jamie, honey. I'm the one he should blame, not you.

Adam: You -- you are one cheap, brazen piece of work, honey.

Krystal: Save the sweet talk, Adam. I know I just got out of prison, but I'm not that hard up.

Adam: If you and your spawn rigged this fiasco --

Krystal: Don't you dare say another word about her.

Babe: Let him. Who cares?

Adam: Is there no lie you will not tell, no depth to which you will not sink?

David: She is not going to sink to you.

Adam: Oh, once again, why -- why is it you don't take your adorable family straight to hell?

David: Because we're the only ones in this town with the brass to tell you Chandlers where you can go.

Krystal: We are not family anymore, David. Don't you forget that.

Babe: You're as gone to me as when I didn't even know your name.

Adam: If this woman turns out to be Dixie after all, the three of you are going to suffer until the day you die, which I will arrange as soon as possible.

Babe: Why, because you're going to lose your son to his mother? Come on, Adam.

Krystal: Be the best thing that could happen to him.

Adam: She'd better be a fraud because J.R. belongs with me.

Tad: Don't be a fool. If she is a fraud, there won't be anything left for you to possess. J.R. will be destroyed.

Ryan: Easy, easy. No pop, no bubbles, not with this bad boy. Let me get some glasses. Ahem.

Greenlee: The same vintage as on our wedding day?

Ryan: Yeah, I thought it was fitting. I mean, it's the day that our life started together, and now here today, it starts again.

Greenlee: I thought that was one of a kind. Cost a fortune. What, this must be, like, 50 bucks a sip?

Ryan: What are you saying, that my wife is not worth it? You're my home, and you're my family, so to you and to us.

Greenlee: To our family.

Kendall: Would you please explain already?

Zach: You're certain that whatever you think is true -- if it hasn't happened already, it will. Ergo, ego. You're sure that Ryan and Greenlee are going to crash and burn here tonight, right?

Kendall: Whoa, wait a second. You -- you're the one who told me that Ryan would freak out, and Greenlee would crumble, and I would need to be there to help her put it back together.

Zach: But whatever is going to happen is going to happen. You can't change it, and you can't fix it no matter what your ego is telling you.

Kendall: Ok, ok, well, if you would just stop annoying me, maybe I could figure this out. What are you trying to do to me?

Zach: I'm trying to cheer you up.

Kendall: Really? Well, good job.

Greenlee: Mmm.

Ryan: Mmm. Ah.

Ryan: As good as the last bottle?

Greenlee: Even better. This time we're for real.

[While Ryan's back is turned, Greenlee waters the flowers with her champagne.]

Greenlee: My nose isn't nearly tickled enough. More bubbly on this go-round.

Ryan: Easy there, killer. We have nothing but time.

Greenlee: Tonight and forever.

Ryan: So what do you think? Hot or cold?

Greenlee: Cold, very.

Ryan: Our luck?

Greenlee: Oh. Oh, that. On fire.

Ryan: Yeah.

Greenlee: Nothing can stop us, Ryan. Nothing can hurt us, not if we let it. We are destined to win.

Ryan: So is it time for my surprise, or what?

Greenlee: Nope, not quite yet.

Ryan: You're really enjoying this, aren't you?

Greenlee: I want to make the absolute most out of tonight, get all we can while we possibly can.

Ryan: Well, then let's hit it.

Greenlee: Ok.

Amanda: Great. Thanks.

Jamie: So what's up? Couldn't find a new place to crash?

Amanda: I'm officially a statistic -- totally homeless.

Jamie: Check back later. I'll throw a pity party.

Amanda: I hit up Aidan for a job with him and your dad. No deal. I'm officially an undesirable hire.

Jamie: Here. Dinner. Don't say I never gave you anything.

Amanda: What's your deal? You're in a total mood.

Jamie: I let you in, I give you dinner. If you want a chorus of "Poor Amanda," hum it yourself.

Amanda: Could you be crankier? We're still cool, aren't we?

Jamie: Yeah, total BFFs. Now, either tell me everything you know about a 1999 Flarico 750, or hit mute on your mouth.

Amanda: I have never seen you like this. It's really weirding me out. Tell me what's up. I don't just whine and moan, ok? I can listen, too.

Jamie: Really? Here I was just waiting for the invite, ready to share my deepest thoughts with you.

Amanda: Fine. You're still mad about me hitting on you, but that is over, ok? And I am still here, and it is talk or explode. If I were you, I'd choose talk.

Babe: The first real thing that I knew about you was how much you missed your mom. I hope that she's real. But if she's not, I'm really sorry that it happened this way. Even you don't deserve to get her back and then maybe -- nobody deserves something like that. I didn't do that to hurt you. I just want you to know that. At least you'll have the truth soon.

Tad: You look like you're one frayed nerve away from a full-fledged panic attack.

Krystal: Ah. Nerves of steel. I meant to do that.

Tad: You sure? Looks like post-prison-partum anxiety. You had a rough day. Give yourself a break.

Krystal: Déjà vu -- you, me, and DNA results.

Tad: Yeah, well, you got to go with what you know.

Krystal: Are you -- are you mad at Babe and me for keeping you out of the loop?

Tad: No. Babe just did what she did because she loves you. She wanted you out of prison. I intend to send her a red rose for every day you're not doing time.

Krystal: No, no bruise yet.

Tad: What bruise? What, did somebody give me a shot and forget to tell me about it?

Krystal: Got knocked upside the head with serious reality.

Tad: As far as I'm concerned, the only reality that matters to me is you.

Krystal: No, but, see, you proposed a prison wedding. The governor gave the go-ahead and here I am. That wasn't exactly your plan.

Tad: Sure it was. The plan was for you and me to both say "I do."

Krystal: Yeah, well, that's not reality. You know what all this really means? Me being free? It means that your proposal is null and void. The wedding's off.

Zach: Whoa. I'm going to go kill my dealers.

Greenlee: It was such a mistake to let us in here. We can't lose. It's impossible.

Zach: Will you try again, please?

Ryan: Excuse me, I'm going to go cash the chips, get the evening started.

Zach: I'll be back.

Kendall: Is this real happy or tense, forced, freaked-out happy?

Greenlee: Real, but tense but excited. He'll know everything tonight. It's ok, Kendall, I'm sure of it. We've never been closer.

Ryan: I cash in my chips, I have my beautiful wife on my arm, and I thought we should get this evening started, so it'll be perfect.

Kendall: Well, perfect is what we live for. Be our guest.

Zach: Is she ok?

Kendall: It could work -- this, them. Or is that my enormous ego talking again? Oh, my God. I know your secret.

Ryan: Keep your eyes closed. Whatever you do, trust me.

Greenlee: Just give me a hint.

Ryan: No, wait. Just wait and keep walking.

Greenlee: Am I overdressed?

Ryan: Eyes closed. If you open --

Greenlee: Because one zip of this puppy --

Ryan: You're beautiful, you're beautiful. Now just stop and open.

Greenlee: No. This is a mistake. We can't be here. We have to go.

Ryan: What do you mean? Look at the moon. The breeze is perfect. We're fine.

Greenlee: We're fine? We're fine? You have a scar, Ryan. It'll never go away. That's -- that's where I held you when I screamed for help. Kendall had a gun. I had your blood on my hands. It was supposed to be a game. I almost lost you.

Ryan: But it wasn't a game, and it wasn't Kendall. It was Jonathan. Greenlee, my own brother tried to shoot me, and I have to stand here, and I have to face that.

Greenlee: We have to go back to our room, or our place, or anywhere but --

Ryan: No, it's got to be here, Greenlee. I have to be here to face my past and know if we have a future.

Greenlee: Can't you take my word for it? Ok. We'll stand here. You'll feel it. You'll know in your heart what I already know in mine.

Ryan: It's got to be this way. I dare the ghosts of my family to try and take me back.

Zach: All right. Pretty decent take tonight. Got six buses from the senior home.

Kendall: Please. You would rather talk about gambling grannies than hear your secret? Come on. Ask me what I know about you.

Zach: I would think that in order for my secret to matter, I'd have to uncover it myself.

Kendall: Oh, see, there it -- there, that's it. That's your secret right there. You do this whole Zen, vague, "man of few words, so I must be really smart" thing.

Zach: Thank you for the compliment.

Kendall: Who does that? Who lets their wife say "I know your secret" and then doesn't even ask what the secret is?

Zach: Someone very smart, apparently.

Kendall: You know what you suck at, besides everything? Communication, which everyone knows is the key to a decent marriage.

Zach: No, the key to a decent marriage is saying "Yes, dear" and "I'm sorry" about six times a day.

Kendall: You are such a jerk.

Zach: Yes, dear, and I'm sorry. I'm going to go see the pit boss. Don't miss me too much.

Kendall: Won't miss you at all.

Tad: Krystal, what are you talking about? We're in the clear.

Krystal: You proposed to a woman who wasn't supposed to see daylight for nine years. And then there's me, Ms. Free with the rest of her life to fill.

Tad: Yeah, I know. I remember her -- her and her leopard-print bra. Any chance you're wearing that?

Krystal: Just stop, ok, and listen to me. You're free, too.

Tad: Yeah, I know. I don't understand this conversation. We're running around in circles. You tell me you're free, I tell you I'm free. Let's get married. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You just handed me nine years. Why would I hand it back?

Krystal: Because you've already got your hands full.

David: I got to tell you, you got me good, Di Kirby.

Di: You're taking all this pretty well.

David: Hey, it's not much of a shock for me. I'm the only one in this entire house that knew you were a con right from the beginning.

Di: Oh.

David: I just didn't know how good. I mean, the way you played Dixie to perfection, even you were taken in. Hey, forget the rest of these clowns, huh? And then they say to you that you're busted, and what do you say? "Oh, wait, it's true. It's all true. Di Kirby is the fake. I'm Dixie. Take me back and love me as your own." Ooh. Classic.

Di: And true.

David: Mm-hmm, of course it is. But the real kicker, you being the first one to ask for the DNA test -- now, that -- that was a stroke of genius.

Di: They really need a TV in this room.

David: All right, let's stop joking around here. Tell me. Tell me how you're going to rig that test to prove that you're Dixie.

[Door closes as Amanda imagines that she and Jamie are a happy couple living in high style.]

Amanda: Hey.

Jamie: Hi.

Amanda: I missed you.

Jamie: I can feel it.

Amanda: Tell me how many.

Jamie: Lives saved or hours billed?

Amanda: Um, hours billed. Save something for later.

Jamie: 18.

Amanda: Hmm.

Jamie: So, what's the plan for tonight?

Amanda: Well, black tie at 8:00 and martinis right now. I said, martinis right now!

J.R.: My apologies, madam.

Amanda: You think it's smart to make me wait?

J.R.: Of course not, madam. Stupid butler. Stupid butler. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

[With every “stupid,” a white-gloved J.R. slaps himself in the face.]

Amanda: Who's trash now?

J.R.: I am, of course. Anything else I can do for you, sir?

Jamie: If there is, we'll let you know.

J.R.: Very well. All right.

Jamie: You are absolutely gorgeous.

Amanda: Thank you. You don't miss her, do you?

Jamie: Miss who?

Amanda: Chips and guac.

Jamie: Oh, her. Not for a second.

Amanda: Babe was all wrong for you. She stood between you and your dreams -- oh, and your Aunt Phoebe's money.

Jamie: I could spend every single million trying to pay you back and not even get close. But I'll give it a shot. 18 -- lives saved.

Amanda: 19, including mine.

[Coming out of her daydream, Amanda hands Jamie a screwdriver as he works on a car part.]

Tad: Her? Di, Dixie, whatever her name is? You think my hands are full with her?

Krystal: Don't shine me on, Tad. Her real name should be "unfinished business."

Tad: No, no, it's finished, believe me. You remember? I thought she was Dixie when I proposed to you. She doesn't want to have anything to do with me, and I don't want to have anything to do with her.

Krystal: And if the test comes back, and Di is really Di?

Tad: Then Dixie is well and truly gone, and Adam is going to do a dance in the end zone, and God help J.R.

Krystal: And you? No matter what Di’s real name is, she pushed a button in you, Tad.

Tad: No matter what Di’s real name is, if she's not Dixie, and she was at that memorial service for Kate with me and my sons, I'll wring her neck. That doesn't change anything between you and me. I'm still making wedding plans.

Krystal: Tad, talking about a wedding right now makes about as much sense as everybody sitting around holding hands and singing campfire songs with that whole group.

Tad: Well, nobody said that we have to hang around with that whole group. There's no way Adam’s guards are going to let us leave the property, but it doesn't mean we can't take a walk. It's a beautiful night. We could sit under a tree and look at the moon. Krystal, why not? For the first time in forever, we're both free.

Krystal: I think I'd better stay here. For Babe.

Tad: Yeah. You do what you got to do. You know where I'll be. I definitely need to get some air.

Di: Hmm. You hate that, don't you?

David: What? That you rigged those tests?

Di: That you underestimated me.

David: It's not checkmate, darling. I just lost a piece. And now that I'm onto you, it won't happen again.

Di: You're doing it right now.

David: Really? All right, well, then why don't you lay it all out for me. Tell me, exactly how smart are you?

Di: Well, I mean, I'm not a brilliant cardiologist turned into a janitor, but, I mean, I catch on eventually. To think that I bought your line -- those days in your office? "You give meaning to my work." You thought I'd do just what you wanted.

David: That's good. Stay in character.

Di: Oh --

David: These walls have ears. All right. So feel free to whisper. What about that test?

Di: Accept it, David. I took back my life from you, and I took back the heart that you brought back to life, and you're never going to have either one of them again.

Greenlee: Are the ghosts back, Ryan? Or are they gone forever?

Jamie: I had some work to do. You were in my way. If I snapped, I'm sorry. So how about you just let it go, and we move on?

Amanda: I am not mad at all. I'm just --

Amanda: Oh, I'm such an idiot. I forgot what I wanted.

Jamie: Step away from the fridge. Come and sit down.

Amanda: I can't.

Jamie: Ok, check me out. No more cracks, no more moods. I worked some magic, and I don't want to punch a wall now, so just tell me what's got you wound up.

Amanda: I shouldn't think these things, never mind say them out loud.

Jamie: You were all pushy and upbeat a minute ago. How bad can it be?

Amanda: You tell me. I think I'm falling in love with you.

Everyone inside Chandler Mansion paces about nervously.]


Tad: You should have come when I first told you. Missed a heck of a show. All the stars, moon, clouds. Was a heck of a reveal. You could practically hear the violins.

Di: I'm a sucker for violins. Maybe next time.

Kendall: They went to the gazebo where Ryan was shot.

Ryan: I can feel it. I can beat it. The memories, the ghosts -- Jonathan, Braden, my father.

Greenlee: I have faith in you, the man that you are deep in your soul. Always have, always will. You know that, don't you?

Ryan: I'm standing right here where it all happened, and I look around, and I don't see them. I only see you, and -- and that's amazing.

Greenlee: When you hold me, don't let go.

Ryan: I'm not going to let go. I'm never going to let go. We have everything. We have a future, we have a life that people would only dream about.

Greenlee: I've dreamed it, over and over again.

Ryan: Well, starting tonight, we're going to make that real. I'm ready for my surprise.

Greenlee: Yes. I think you are.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Amanda (to Jamie): If I am falling in love with you, it's your fault.

Babe (to David): If J.R. doesn't knock you out, I will.

Di: You absolutely loathe the sight of me.

Tad: That's not true.

Zach (to Kendall): What would you do if I hauled off and smacked you right in the mouth?

Ryan: Where'd you hide my surprise?

Greenlee: It's right here with us.

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