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[Returning to his apartment, Amanda comes on to Jamie, proffering two cold bottles for their enjoyment.]

Amanda: Oh, it is beyond hot. Babe's gone. Guess what comes next.

Babe: Sit! I have great news!

Krystal: Yeah. Dixie's officially back from the dead. I heard. Hallelujah, glory be, all that stuff.

Babe: Dixie's back, yes, but you haven't heard the best part. She's not with Tad.

Di: J.R., what are you doing here?

J.R.: No, better question -- what are you doing here? It's bad enough I had to watch that disgusting kiss in the park. Now I hear you guys have some sort of deal.

David: You cocky little punk. Always sticking your nose where it doesn't belong -- in my business.

J.R.: Correction -- if it involves my mother and you, it's my business.

David: You want to know the truth about Dixie? It's the same truth that you and your idiot stepfather could never handle. But I am going to slam you with it anyway.

Simone: Uh-huh. Right, right.

Tad: Hey, gorgeous.

Simone: Hi. You look good. Yeah, well, you know what? It's big bucks. Yeah.

[Tad chuckles]

Simone: Right. Well, you know, body fragrance really does add up. It does. I know. I got --

Tad: Allow me. Move away from the calculator and get yourself a life.

Simone: Oh -- I cannot believe you just did that.

Tad: I can, because you're a lot of fun to look at, and I need to have fun. So what do you say we hit SOS, huh? Maybe a road trip to Philadelphia. Anything, as long as it involves the party hearty.

Simone: Oh, that sounds like so much fun.

Ethan: Yeah, it sounds great. When do we leave?

Kendall: Why don't you count the till and save my take? I'm out of here.

Zach: Slow down. Where are you going?

Kendall: You just told me Ryan is inches away from getting himself killed. I'm going to stop him.

Zach: You're not going anywhere, not tonight.

[Lying in bed with her husband, Greenlee tosses and turns, haunted by negative pronouncements.]

Ryan's voice: No, Greenlee, not now, not ever. No baby.

Kendall's voice: Ryan doesn't want to have kids. He doesn't think he can handle being a father right now, and I'm not sure that he's wrong.

Ryan's voice: Thanks to Braden and Hockett, I get it, Greenlee. I'm messed up. What's in them is in me, and it had to end.

David's voice: Maybe Ryan was right about his genes. Maybe it's not such a great idea to pass them on to a child.

Ryan's voice: No, Greenlee, not now, not ever. No baby.


Ryan: You hot? You want me to -- you want me to turn up the air conditioning?

Greenlee: Going to tell me how you really got hurt?

Kendall: Ok, you just clued me in on the total lunacy that Ryan got himself into. You offered me to help save him if I thought it was worth it. Well, here I am, I'm ready to go, and what are you doing? You're counting the evening take. Some hero you turned out to be.

Zach: Hang on a second. What are you going to do? You going to track him down and slap his hand and say to stop it? You can't even begin to imagine what he's gotten himself into.

Kendall: Well, I'm not going to sit around here and shake hands and pass out free chips while my friend takes a nosedive into the abyss.

Zach: So what are you going to do? You going to call him on it? What if he goes off on you?

Kendall: I can handle it.

Zach: You can handle screaming and shouting -- I know it, I've seen your family. What if he doesn't stop there?

Kendall: Ryan would never --

Zach: He wouldn't what? You don't know what he would do. There's a better way to solve this problem. Let's come up with it.

Kendall: No, there is no time to sit and think about this. Greenlee is ready to do whatever it takes to save Ryan and her marriage. And she may have already passed the point of no return. So you either help me save Ryan right now, or you stay out of my way.

Ryan: What do you want me to say, Greenlee?

Greenlee: I saw David.

Ryan: Oh, and he told you that we -- we scrapped a little bit?

Greenlee: It sounded more like a death match.

Ryan: The guy -- he just pushes my buttons. You know that.

Greenlee: You usually trade insults and hurl a few profanities.

Ryan: No, we've gotten physical before.

Greenlee: This badly?

Ryan: Look, it's done. It's over. It is. Believe me, ok? And I'm sure -- I am sure it's not as bad as he made it seem.

Greenlee: I don't think David was looking to cause trouble. He sounded genuinely concerned.

Ryan: Don't tell me. He thinks that I'm turning into my brothers.

Greenlee: He said not to tell you.

Ryan: Maybe he's got a point.

Greenlee: Don't say that. Ryan, we've been over this a million times. You're not like them.

Ryan: I'm getting past it. I found a solution. We're going to be ok. I'm going to be ok.

Greenlee: He said you had been in another fight.

Ryan: Would you forget about David? Please? He just can't stand to see anybody else happy. His whole life's goal is to make other people as miserable as he is.

David: Sure you can handle this, Junior?

Di: David, stop now!

J.R.: No, no, no, let him talk. I want to hear about this deal you two have.

David: Huh. Boy, you really are a glutton for punishment, kid.

Di: You seem pretty eager to dish it out.

David: Hey, why hold back? He's onto us, Dixie. Why pretend any longer?

J.R.: If you've got some sort of deep, dark secret, you better start spilling it.

David: Doesn't it strike you as remotely peculiar that your mother never contacted anyone after her accident to let them know that she was alive?

J.R.: No. We've already been through this. She had her reasons for staying away.

David: Still, she was alive. She was out there. Martin is a damn PI, and he couldn't even find answers as to what happened to his precious, missing Dixie. Why do you think that was?

Di: I've explained all this, David. Leave it alone.

David: I know you did. But obviously, you left out the key part.

J.R.: What are you trying to get at here, Hayward?

David: I knew the whole time. I knew that Dixie was alive. Do you want to know how I knew? She contacted me. So while you were home crying over your dearly departed mommy, I was with her, holding her hand.

Babe: Look, Mama, I know that it seems like Tad was ready to fly off with Dixie, and that's what I thought, too. But get this -- Tad said that it didn't look like Dixie wanted David, either. "Either," Mama. Do you understand? That means that she said -- that she probably said that she didn't want Tad.

Krystal: That -- that just doesn't seem right. I'm sure they got past all that by now.

Babe: Yeah, and that's what I thought, too, but they haven't. And even David agrees that Tad's long-lost love is back in Pine Valley, and they couldn't be farther apart. This means that Tad's free for the taking. All you have to do is grab.

Simone: Ethan, may we have a moment?

Ethan: Yeah, I'll check the books, see how much money Fusion's making.

Simone: Ok.

[Simone laughs]

Tad: You got your own Bridget Jones thing going, don't you? No, no, no -- you got the uptight rich guy and the compulsive liar all in one. Well done. Bloody good show.

Simone: Something is eating you.

Tad: Yeah, yeah, that's just my tapeworm. Ignore him, ok?

Simone: Yeah, well, I can tell the difference between a bad joke that you genuinely think is funny and the ones you crack when you're covering something up.

Tad: That's not true. I'm always funny.

Simone: Hmm. You know you can confide in me.

Tad: Yes, I know, but you know, I'm in a more kind of blow-off-steam frame of mind rather than a heart-on-my-sleeve thing. So you know what? Just -- rain check, all right? Ok?

Simone: Ok, ok. But the hunky billionaire -- you, I'm going to be with all night long.

Tad: No, no, no, no, no, no --

Simone: No -- yes, yes, yes.

Tad: No, no, no, no -- far be it from me to break up a limey, slimy night of romance.

Simone: Careful.

Tad: You get what you deserve. Hey. Oh, look who's back.

Ethan: Are we ready to roll?

Tad: Ready, willing, and able, snuggles.

Ethan: He's funny. You're funny.

Tad: See? Lord Wellington thinks I'm funny.

Simone: Yeah. Yeah.

Tad: So you make sure you order everything on the menu, ok?

Simone: Ok.

Tad: Make him work for it. Have a blast. Love you. Be nice to her.

Amanda: Oh -- this is the kind of night you should be skinny-dipping and doing things that scare the fish.

Jamie: Hey, why not?

Amanda: Ok. Let's hit the beach.

Jamie: Oh, not me, you.

Amanda: Oh.

Jamie: Go ahead, have some fun.

Amanda: That's ok. I'll stay here with you.

Jamie: And do what? Watch me overhaul a carburetor? Talk about boring. Just -- go check out the shore. There's usually a bonfire going on this time of night. Go on. Find a guy -- nothing like J.R.

Amanda: I'm not ready to meet anybody just yet. It's too soon. Anyway, I should stay here and hit the books.

Jamie: Well, suit yourself. What are you studying anyway?

Amanda: You're going to laugh.

Jamie: Oceanography?

Amanda: I'll give you a hint. You were my inspiration.

Jamie: Well, that rules out cosmetology.

Amanda: It's a subject I thought I'd never care about.

Jamie: Auto shop?

Amanda: Even more exciting. Anatomy. So, you want to join me? Tell me what you know about this body.

J.R.: Such a load of BS. You would love it if I bought it, right? All this crud about my mom coming to you over me. But the fact is I don't buy it, not for one second, because I saw your face. You were surprised as hell to see that she was alive!

David: Correction -- I was surprised as hell to see her back in Pine Valley. So I played the part. I've known for years that she was alive.

J.R.: Oh, come on. Come on. Tell me that he's making this up.

David: Come on, Dixie. Don't hang me out to dry. Tell him what's what.

Di: J.R., let's just go home. Let's go home to the baby.

David: No, you see -- you see what the problem is here? Your mother doesn't want to tell you anything, because she actually gives a damn about your feelings. Now, me on the other hand -- I can't even pretend to make that claim. So here it goes. Your mother contacted me about nine months after her accident -- when she realized where she was and what she had lost.

Di: Don't bring my baby into this, David!

David: You see? You see? She still can't even deal with it. When she called me, she was a mess, physically, mentally. It took me about two seconds to get on a plane to get to her.

J.R.: I'm waiting. Tell me that he's making this up.

David: Don't put this on Dixie!

J.R.: You're pathetic!

David: She came to me because of you! You and Tad and all of you, always so needy. You were the last people that she can contact. You all expected Dixie to make life better for you. Well, what about her? Who was going to make life better for her? Who was going to watch out for her? Look after her? Who wanted her to be happy and never expected anything in return? Me! And she knew it!

J.R.: So you obviously called him, huh?

Di: J.R., it -- it's so complicated.

David: No, no, Dixie -- Dixie, it's not so complicated. You made a clear-cut choice.

J.R.: No. No, this was all you. You kept her from us. See, Tad got a letter saying that she wanted to be a family again. And you couldn't stand it. You hated the fact that she chose us over you. You kept her from us on purpose!

David: Yeah, yeah. The only reason why I kept Dixie’s miracle from all of you -- your mother was adamant that I let you all believe that she was dead.

Di: Oh, you sick son of a bitch!

Simone: So, what do you have planned for us?

Ethan: Uh -- limousine.

Simone: Nice.

Ethan: Champagne.

Simone: Nicer.

Ethan: A night of high rolling at the Seasons East Casino.

Simone: Hmm. Yeah. Hmm.

Ethan: Who are you calling?

Simone: Tad. I'm going to see if I can get back in on his good time.

Ethan: But I -- I just offered you a five-star date.

Simone: Right, rubbing your daddy's face in your money and Kendall’s face in your fabulous arm candy. Look, I may come off as a ditz, but I'm not blind.

Ethan: You're breaking your date?

Simone: I'm all for having a good time, Ethan. You know, cutting loose, you know, being spontaneous. But anger, revenge, hatred -- that's just a big yawn for me. So, if you ever decide to lighten up, you know my number.

Ethan: So you're booting the boss? Come on.

Simone: Yeah, yeah, I guess that's the thick of it. And you know what? Here, take the keys to the convertible. It did tragic things to my hair anyway. Look, I -- I'm just not into playing games. I don't have it in me anymore. Not the ones that you want to play, anyway.

[Lying in bed with Greenlee, Ryan has a nightmare.]

Greenlee: Ryan? I love you.

Ryan: I fixed everything, Greenlee.

[Greenlee is suddenly replaced by Jonathan.]

Ryan: Where's Greenlee? Where'd she go?

Jonathan: She's dead. Like me.

Ryan: Greenlee? Greenlee!

Simone: Stay away from her! I won't let you anywhere near her, Jonathan!

Ryan: No, it's me. It's -- it's me, Simone, it's Ryan. Where's Greenlee? Where's -- where's my wife?

Kendall: You're getting them mixed up, Simone. It's easy to do. This is Ryan, Jonathan's brother. You remember Ryan. He loved Jonathan. Then he killed him. He'll kill Greenlee, too.

Ryan: No.

Greenlee: Ryan? Come find me. I need you!

Ryan: I'm coming, baby. Well, where are you?

Patrick: "I need you, Ryan. Come find me." You finally did something right, huh, buddy? Greenlee belongs to us now.

Kendall: I'm through debating.

Zach: All right. I'm coming with you.

Kendall: Why? You don't want to help me save my friends.

Zach: Hmm. You're right, I don't. I don't care if Lavery kills himself or not. All I lose is a good customer. But you get involved, and I could lose a business partner, and that's just not going to happen. I know my priorities, and right now, you're it.

Kendall: You know, now -- now that I think about it -- Ryan would rather die than deal with you. So I'll get help from people who actually give a damn about him.

Simone: Stupid, stupid, stupid! Oh, God! Aw.

[Simone jumps up on her desk when a remote-controlled truck bearing board games comes toward her.]

Ethan: Hey!

[Unable to control his scooter, Ethan crashes into Simone’s desk.]

Simone: Oh! Ok, rejection made his brain explode.

Ethan: Oh. Ever been to that toy store on the corner? It's open really late.

Simone: So you want to play games?

Ethan: Yes, but not the bash-the-daddy, make-the-ex-jealous kind, ok? Real games, with tiny little pieces that we can lose, and lots of fake money that we can win, and lots of gloating when we do.

Simone: Really?

Ethan: Yeah.

Simone: Hmm. Well, what do we have here? Oh, well. See? A word game. You'd win. Oh, a business game, you'd win. Oh, trivia -- you'd win. Oh, now we're talking. Yeah.

Ethan: You think you can beat me at this?

Simone: Oh, know I can, especially with the aid of my secret weapon. Yes, yes. See, a little tater juice on a girl's side and she can't lose.

Jamie: There's a big difference between these miracle machines and a V6 engine.

Amanda: Yeah, well, cars have bodies beat.

Jamie: Are you kidding me? No way. Look at this. It takes about 20 seconds for a red blood cell to circle the entire body. That's mind-blowing.

Amanda: Cars don't have hearts. That's a bonus.

Jamie: All right, who busted yours?

Amanda: That obvious?

Jamie: What happened?

Amanda: Not much of a story. I -- I thought he was the one, and he thought I was one of ten. Why do guys cheat?

Jamie: I've known people who've done it, people I love and respect. But don't ask me why. And it would never happen with Babe and me. We're too into each other.

Amanda: That's awesome. It's -- it's just hard for me not to be cynical. He was my first.

Jamie: Hmm. Sounds like a real jerk.

Amanda: Well, maybe that's the silver lining in all this. Now I am free of him, and the next guy I hook up with will be more like you. Total dream.

Jamie: Even if you don't meet Mr. Dream tomorrow, you'll get over this last bonehead. It does get easier.

Amanda: I'll take your word for it.

Jamie: There are a lot of guys out there, Amanda, and they're not all jackasses.

Amanda: I bet you had to kiss a lot of frogettes before you met Babe. I mean, you got to comparison shop, right? How else would you be so sure that she's the one?

Babe: I know that it is really hard for you to have hope in here, but it is shining in your face. All you have to do is soak it up.

Krystal: I can't, sweetie. Hope's no good for me in here.

Babe: But even if Tad isn't with Dixie?

Krystal: He's just sore with her right now, honey. They got a lot to work through. Let me tell you something. I'll bet you my last dollar they're going to end up forgiven and back in love together. And I got to want that for him. At least I got to try.

Babe: Even if they don't want it?

Krystal: You just want your mama to be happy. And I love you for that. I'll tell you what you can do for me, though. You can tell me what a real live angel's like. Is Dixie feisty? I just -- I just can't picture her any other way. I mean, she'd have to be a real go-getter for Tad to be so in love with her. I bet she's pretty, too, huh?

Babe: Mama, you've seen --

Krystal: Is she?

Babe: You've seen her. She's in those pictures I gave you. She's the nanny.

Krystal: Tad told me she was the nanny, but I -- I didn't see any pictures of her.

Babe: I thought -- didn't I -- you know, I have more, I think. Hold on. I thought I gave them to you. Yes, I do. Right here. I mean, she's changed a lot since her hair was dark from that hit-and-run thing, but I think that's back to how it used to be or something.

[Krystal recognizes Di from her time in jail as Diana Kirby.]

Babe: Mama, are you ok?

Guard: You have another visitor, Carey, but it's after hours, and you only get one at a time. So do you want to keep him or send him home?

Babe: What did I tell you? It's fate. You know, actually, I'm on my way out.

Krystal: Wait, Babe, wait. I still want to talk to you.

Babe: She's all yours, Tad.

[Tad chuckles]

Babe: Bye.

Tad: Bye, Babe.

[Door closes]

Tad: Here you go, sweetheart. One care package made with love for my favorite convict. And I have got everything in here. I got reading material, I have -- I have videos, I have candy. Sorry about the chocolate bars. They're a little messed up, because the guard insisted on checking it for weapons. You ever tried to put a nail file in a chocolate bar? You ok?

Krystal: Tad, we need to talk.

Tad: Yeah, sure. What is it? You have trouble in here again?

Krystal: No. Not about me. We need to talk about Dixie.

Di: J.R., please, let's go somewhere where we can -- we can be alone and talk.

David: Come on, tell the boy what he wants to know here and now.

J.R.: Yeah, for once, Dr. Death is making just a little bit of sense. I want to hear your side of this. No excuses, just the facts.

Di: It's not that simple.

J.R.: Well, when I walked in here, I heard Hayward and you talking about some sort of deal. What is it? Is he responsible for sneaking you back in here? Back to Pine Valley? Did he place you at the mansion to look over Little Adam? Is that the deal?

David: The only deal we ever had was that I go back home, stay quiet, and leave her alone in Europe.

Di: Can you try shutting up now?

David: She told me that she would come back when she was ready. And she asked me to keep quiet about the fact that she had contacted me in a moment of supposed weakness.

J.R.: Man, I am not asking you!

David: Look at you. You can't even recognize a miracle when it falls in your undeserving lap. Your mother has come back from the dead! What the hell else do you want?

J.R.: I want you gone.

David: When your mother went off the side of that mountain, you became an even bigger slime than you were before. Everybody cut you slack because Mommy went bye-bye. Well, she's back. So you ought to get down on your knees, praise God, and ask for forgiveness!

[J.R. scoffs]

David: Instead, you're still a total jerk!

Di: David, enough!

David: If you, Tad, and the rest of your brood can't treat Dixie right, well, guess what -- I will, just as before.

[J.R. washes his hands of the situation and walks out.]

David: Hey, I just covered both of our backsides. You can thank me now.

[Ethan and Simone engage in a spirited game of Twister on the office floor.]

Ethan: Ok.

Simone: Ok, all right. So you're going to have to switch hands and your left hand goes on -- red. Good luck, stretch.

Ethan: Uh -- ooh.

Simone: Ooh! Oh, yeah.

Ethan: Am I losing?

Simone: Oh, yes, it was.

Ethan: Uh -- oh! Oh, my God, I pinched something.

Simone: Actually, it was more like --

Ethan: No, my shoulder!

Simone: Oh, my God, you're right, I broke the boss!

Ethan: Ow. I'm serious, I'm serious. I think I pulled something.

Simone: Oh. Oh, ok. All right. Here you go. Is that better?

Ethan: Oh, that's good.

Simone: Yeah?

Ethan: You know, I think that -- I think the pain -- I think it's moved to the other shoulder, though.

Simone: Really?

Ethan: Yeah.

Simone: Oh. You're conning me.

[Simone giggles]

Ethan: You're gorgeous.

Simone: Oh. Well, you're forgiven.

Ethan: You're too easy.

Simone: Actually, I'm relieved. Because, you know, it's been a little unnerving that all this time, that you haven't tried to, you know, seduce me or anything like that. And this little trick of yours is actually restoring my hope.

Ethan: Well, when we make love --

Simone: "When," not "if" -- interesting.

Ethan: When we make love, neither of us are going to feel used or cheated. How does that sound?

Simone: Hmm. Perfect.

Kendall: Simone, you have to help me save –

[Kendall walks in on Simone and Ethan rolling around on the floor.]

Ryan: You let her go.

Patrick: We'll take that bet.

Ryan: Let her go! Greenlee! Come back! Where are you?

Greenlee: You said you loved me.


Jonathan: You said you loved me.


Greenlee: You said you loved me.


Jonathan: You said you loved me.


Greenlee: You said you loved me.


Jonathan: You said you loved me.


Greenlee: You said you loved me.


Jonathan: You said you loved me.


Greenlee: And then you killed me.

[Waking up from his nightmare, Ryan dresses dons his jeans and leaves while Greenlee pretends to be sleeping.]

Tad: It's about a horse that can kick field goals.

Krystal: Tad, Tad --

Tad: See that? The player doesn't horse --

Krystal: Tad, don't shut me down, all right? This is too important.

Tad: Fine. What about Dixie?

Krystal: Babe says things aren't going so well.

Tad: What do you mean, Babe says? Come on, sweetheart, that's not news. I told you, I'm not about to forgive Dixie. She didn't care one way or another. So, I mean, you know, how funky is that?

Krystal: I also hear that David planted one on her.

Tad: Mm-hmm. Well, we both know David's got a thing about kissing women I care about in public.

Krystal: You think he might have just kissed her for show?

Tad: No. They did have an affair.

Krystal: And he just bought the whole thing right away? Even though her voice is different, her face is different?

Tad: According to Hayward, that kiss was all the proof he needed, so --

Krystal: It must have tore you up.

Tad: Why are we talking about this? Why are we wasting our time? Look, I told you -- you know, she came back for her son and her grandson. For all I know, she came back for David, too. It doesn't matter. I'm out of the picture, so I'm just going to pack up and move on with --

Krystal: Before you do that, can I ask you one more question?

Tad: As long as it's about the horse that kicks the field goal.

Krystal: Tad, listen to me. Dixie's gotten as close to Little Adam as just about anybody. Now, do you think that that could be in Babe's favor?

Tad: Maybe. Maybe not. The woman I used to be married to -- she might be able to shove a conscience back into J.R., but this Dixie -- I don't know. It's like we've never met. I have no idea what she's capable of.

Di: Did you have to be so cruel?

David: Yeah, well, the nastier the lie, the faster for Junior and the rest of those tools will believe it.

Di: Oh, God -- what did she ever see in you? How did Dixie love you? I mean, it makes me sick even knowing you.

David: You know something? It seems like I'm having to remind you of this on a daily basis, Di. You're not really Dixie. You don't have a clue as to what she and I had -- passion, the respect --

Di: Well, you've peddled some pretty big lies tonight, but I think that's got to be the biggest one.

David: What the hell do you know? Only what I told you about Dixie!

Di: I know this much -- the stupidest thing that woman ever did was get mixed up with you.

Amanda: You can't tell me you didn't test-drive a few models pre-Babe.

Jamie: It's not about numbers. You know if you love someone, no matter how many came before.

Amanda: Hey, I totally respect the fact that you're making it official with Babe. There are not a lot of guys out there that'd be willing to commit that big this young.

Jamie: Babe makes it easy.

Amanda: As long as you know what you're giving up. I mean, you will never hold another girl's manus region. Or run your fingers up her femoral region. We're talking zero free peeks at a new thorax region ever again.

Jamie: Knock it off.

[As she names each of his body's regions, Amanda runs her fingers across Jamie’s nude torso.]

Simone: So, what brings you by so late?

Kendall: Well, Greenlee needs help. I thought I could count on you, but you were busy turning Fusion into a personal motel and minibar.

Simone: What are you? Part bat? You heard Ethan’s lips on mine? You had to swoop in and try to tank our date?

Kendall: I don't care about the two of you.

Simone: Oh, you -- such a liar. His right hand was on my left foot, and it's killing you.

Ethan: Look, Kendall knows we were on a date. She must be here for some other reason. Whatever it is, I'm sure it can wait till tomorrow.

Kendall: You know what? Forget it, all right? The two of you can go back to your little game, and you can tie each other into sweaty knots and have a great night, ok? I will go and save Greenlee all by myself.

Greenlee: I lost Ryan.

Krystal: You deserve real love, Tad. You're too decent a man to be saddled with all this pain -- from me or from anybody else.

Tad: Wait. What do you mean, from you? You don't owe me an apology.

Krystal: Dixie does.

Tad: So what does that have to do with you? Tell me.

Krystal: Tad, you need to know --

Guard: Time's up.

Krystal: Listen, you come back real soon, ok, because we have a lot to talk about.

Tad: Yeah. Obviously. Take care of yourself.

[After Tad leaves, Krystal looks at the photo of Di holding Little Adam and remembers.]

Tad's voice: According to Hayward, that kiss was all the proof he needed.

David's voice: Clever guy, that Tad. Next thing you know, he's going to be bringing back the dead.

Di: Thought I'd find you here. I was in so much pain. Mind, body, soul.

J.R.: You should have called.

Di: I knew I could see David and then walk away from him. I couldn't do that with you. Not again.

J.R.: You know, when I die, won't be from a car accident or a heart attack on a tennis court. It'll be from lies. From Tad, Babe, Jamie, and you.

Di: You -- you said you want the truth. Here it is. I love you with all of my heart.

J.R.: Yeah, the more I hear that, the harder it is to swallow.

Di: I know I've asked you to -- to excuse a lot on my part. And I know it's unfair, and I know it's really, really difficult. Unfortunately, I'm forced to ask you to try and understand again, J.R. can you do it? Can you forgive me for calling David?

[Phone rings]

David: Hello?

Krystal: David, long time.

David: Hey, Krystal. How you doing, honey?

Krystal: Peachy keen. Can I see you tomorrow?

David: Uh -- you know, that's going to be kind of hard. I'm -- I'm kind of in the middle of something right now.

Krystal: I've seen Dixie. Hard face to forget. I'll see you soon.

[Krystal hangs up]

Jamie: Don't mess with me, Amanda.

Amanda: Chill out, Jamie. What did I do?

Jamie: You were hitting on me, and it stops now.

Babe: Hey, you two, what's up? Someone want to tell me what's going on?

Greenlee: And then Ryan got up and left. I followed him for a little while, but I lost him on Block Street. I know you guys think he's having an affair, but he's not. He wouldn't do that. It's the heat, that's all, and the stress. He went for ride. You know, I'm sure that's it. I don't even know why I freaked. I'm going to go back home, go to bed, forget this ever happened.

Kendall: Greenlee, stop. Greenlee, please, just stop, ok? I know where Ryan went, and I know why.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Babe: What did I miss?

Jamie: Amanda's ready to find herself a new place to live.

J.R. (to Tad): She called Hayward after the accident.  He's known the whole time.

David (to Krystal): If you blow this plan, you're going to be blowing our daughter's life right along with it.

Kendall (to Krystal): Ryan is in for a world of hurt.

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