AMC Transcript Tuesday 6/21/05

All My Children Transcript Tuesday 6/21/05


By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

Di: Looks like we have another duck lover in the family.

J.R.: I thought he was going to tackle that big mallard.

Di: Oh, you used to do that, try and lure the ducks with the crackers and then try and grab them, till one day a goose chased you halfway around the pond.

J.R.: I think I remember that.

Di: Yeah?

J.R.: My sailor hat.

Di: Yeah, she took it right back with her into that pond.

J.R.: Yeah. Stick with ducks, son. They don't fight back.

Babe: Dixie.

J.R.: What do you want?

Babe: It's time I officially met my son's grandmom.

Maria: Hi.

Tad: Hey.

Maddie: No way, you can't do this, Sam!

Tad: Wow, that doesn't sound very good.

Maria: Yeah, welcome to teen hell.

Brooke: Oh, I remember that well.

Sam: Maddie, back all the way across the country!

Anita: Oh, come on.

Sam: That is mine.

Maddie: All packed up for sunny California?

Sam: I'm not going! Get that through your head!

Maddie: Tell him, Aunt Anita! Tell him he's stuck!

Sam: You're stuck, I'm not!

Tad: Knock it off, Sam.

Sam: I'm not going, and to hell with anyone who thinks I am!

Tad: Knock it off. That kind of behavior's going to stop right now.

Jack: Mimi, for Pete’s sake, how are you? I didn't know you were in town.

Mimi: Jack, it's good to see you.

Jack: Good to see you. Come on in here.

Mimi: I came to get Dani. Reggie, where's my daughter?

Reggie: I don't know. Where is your daughter?

Mimi: Derek and I stayed up all night. Dani never came home. Where is she?

Lily: Well, she spent the night in Reggie’s room.

Erica: Whoever you are, you are not my supervising producer.

Josh: Don't just stand there. Sing my praises.

Erica: You know this person?

Kendall: Yes, but not very well.

Josh: How well do you two know each other?

Kendall: She's my mother.

Erica: Where did you meet?

Josh: Do you want to tell your mother the funny story or should I?

Greenlee: Do you think it was easy for Kendall, Simone, and me to steal these specimens? We got caught by the boss' son, so there's no turning back now.

David: Ryan is --

Greenlee: Is the father of one of these vials. Check and double-check. Find his DNA, then with your help, Ryan and I will we make a baby. So save your objections and your faux moralizing. Just do it.

Greenlee: Thank you, David. You won't regret this.

Ryan: Here, take it back.

Woman: Hold on to it.

Ryan: No. I'm done.

Greenlee: You're saving Ryan's life. Maybe we'll name the baby David -- unless it's a girl. Davida? So you can do the DNA test here without sending it out to some lab? What's in that bottle?

David: It's acid. I'm going to destroy what's in these vials.

Greenlee: David, no, you can't!

David: Greenlee, back off!

Greenlee: No! No!

David: Greenlee, listen to me!

Greenlee: David!

David: This is hydrochloric acid!

Greenlee: David, after what I went through, you can't do this. I need this! Ryan needs this!

David: If this spills on you, it could scar you for life!

Greenlee: Give me -- give me the vials. I'll take them to someone else.

David: I am not going to do that!

Greenlee: I thought you understood. This will save my husband. Without this, Ryan is lost!

David: Ryan is too far gone already. I saw that firsthand!

Greenlee: What did you say to him?

David: I went to see you. Ryan was alone. He'd been in a fight.

Greenlee: A fight?

David: Yes.

Greenlee: With who?

David: I don't know. Believe me, I asked, and Ryan lied. But then he went crazy, Greenlee -- violent crazy.

Greenlee: Well, you must have said something to set him off.

David: I don't know if he was on drugs or what, but --

Greenlee: Drugs? Ryan wouldn't do drugs.

David: But he is definitely into something shady.

Greenlee: That's insane. Not Ryan.

David: When I pushed him for some answers, he came at me. He grabbed me by my throat, and he nearly crushed my windpipe. I couldn't breathe, and he knew it! The look in his face when I finally passed out? He wanted me dead.

Woman: Got a little rough last night.

Ryan: That's not why I'm returning the key.

Woman: Lots of guys think they can quit, but they come back.

Ryan: I am not a lot of guys.

Woman: When you can't go without it anymore, you call.

Ryan: You'll never see me again.

Woman: Never say never.

Erica: You can't remember the story, or you don't want to tell me?

Josh: We met at a bank. Your daughter was making a withdrawal.

Erica: Why would you recommend him?

Kendall: I'll let him speak for himself.

Erica: Résumé? After I look it over, I'll have a better idea --

Josh: Well, long CV [Curriculum Vitae] short -- Stanford undergrad, early graduation, Harvard Medical School, third in my class. Internship -- Memorial, New York City. Most important lesson learned -- years of sleeplessness and poverty to face a life controlled by HMOs, insurance companies, and lawsuits? Not for me.

Erica: So now you're here, but I don't need a doctor.

Josh: From medicine, I took a brief detour into investment banking, massaging numbers, and nervous billionaires. There was money to be made, tons of it, but the price was too high -- self-imprisonment. So I donated my gecko suits to Herb, a homeless guy on Suffolk Street. They work better on him.

Erica: Have you any experience in television?

Josh: Watched it all my life. Even as a child, I was critical.

Erica: I see. No experience, no job. Thank you. Good-bye.

Kendall: And thank you for not revealing that nine-month investment from the bank was for Greenlee's oven. I owe you.

Josh: All right. Let's talk payback.

Mimi: You didn't even call to let us know where you were.

Jack: I certainly wasn't consulted.

Reggie: Because you would've said no.

Danielle: You would've yanked us home.

Lily: Dad, why don't you just ask --

Jack: You're absolutely right about that.

Reggie: We didn't do anything wrong!

Danielle: Some of us know how to control ourselves.

Mimi: Is that a crack against me?

Danielle: What do you think?

Lily: Is this an interrogation?

Reggie: Yes, it is.

Lily: Dad, why don't you just ask them the question that you want to? Did you have sex?

Reggie: No, we did not!

Danielle: No, absolutely not.

Lily: Then there's your answer, Dad.

Jack: Thank you, Lily.

Mimi: Well, sex or not, you hid her out.

Lily: They didn't like it when I hid out Sam, either.

Jack: Ok, listen, hold it. Let's just stop, and let's try to discuss this calmly, shall we?

Danielle: Good luck.

Jack: Have a seat, come on.

Mimi: So, Jack, it's been a long time. What have you been up to?

Jack: Well, Mimi, you know, the usual things -- getting engaged to Erica, planning a wedding, and actually going through with it this time.

Mimi: Congratulations.

Jack: Thank you. What's new with you?

Mimi: Everything. Got a promotion.

Jack: Captain now, right?

Mimi: Yeah.

Jack: I'm very impressed.

Mimi: And I'm with a really good man.

Jack: Good.

Mimi: We have a good, solid relationship. All that's missing is Dani.

Danielle: Ugh, so claim me like an umbrella in the lost-and-found, why don't you?

Mimi: I can give you a good life, Dani.

Danielle: I have one, thanks. You go ahead, have fun.

Mimi: I blame this on myself, you know, Jack.

Danielle: Well, we're on the same page there.

Mimi: You know, Dani, if I somehow shortchanged you, because I took on too much, I'm sorry. But all I was thinking of is you. My life is different now, in the Department and at home.

Danielle: Thanks to -- what's his --

Mimi: Garret. Garret Williams. He wants to get to know you. So do I. Please, let's just make peace, so we don't move so far away from this place that we can't get back.

Danielle: You lost it when you dumped my stuff at Dad's. You'll never get it back.

Sam: You bring in the big guns, Mom? You going to tie me up and put me in the car?

Tad: It's not a bad idea. If you don't apologize to your sister, the trunk awaits.

Sam: I'm sorry you're upset. I'm sorry I lost it.

Maddie: You're not forgiven.

Maria: Honey, he's not trying to hurt you.

Maddie: He wants to leave me to stay here.

Sam: But you're here to tell me to forget it, right?

Tad: No. I'm here to tell you that the Martins had a family meeting, and we decided that you could stay with us.

Sam: You're not kidding?

Maddie: No way.

Brooke: It's just for the summer, and then we'll see.

Sam: Ok. That's a start. So I'll crash at your place?

Tad: Well, we thought it would be best if you split your time between my house and Brooke's and --

Joe: And ours, Ruth's and mine.

Sam: I can live with that.

Tad: At least we'll have a chance to get to know each other.

Maddie: You don't want to be my brother? I don't care.

Anita: Maddie, that's not what this means.

Sam: Maddie, come on. I'm always going to be your brother, I swear, but I got to do this. Just try to understand, ok?

Maria: Honey, it's going to be ok. It is. It's going to be ok.

Sam: Thanks for setting this up, Brooke.

Brooke: Thank your mom.

Tad: It was your mother who asked if you could live with us.

Sam: You really did that?

Maria: I figured if I can't help you, then maybe they can.

Tad: We'll give it a shot if you will.

Di: He was having so much fun.

J.R.: Babe gets scheduled visits, and this is not one of them.

Winifred: I'll get him right back home.

J.R.: Tell him not to pick on any ducks on the way.

Babe: Bye, baby. So it's true? You're really Dixie?

J.R.: You don't have to answer that.

Di: Yes, I'm Dixie.

Babe: It's a big shocker.

J.R.: And it's got nothing to do with you.

Di: J.R., she's your son's mama.

J.R.: Don't you interrogate her.

Di: I'm fine with this.

J.R.: You shouldn't be.

Di: Whether you like it or not, Babe and I are connected. We're going to stay that way, for Little Adam's sake.

J.R.: Don't fall for her poor, pathetic routine. She just wants you to feel sorry for her.

Babe: That's hot coming from the king manipulator.

J.R.: You know, I'd give Jamie the Wallingford cash if you'd stay, like, a few thousand miles away.

Babe: Well, my son is not for sale.

J.R.: Yeah, right.

Babe: You know, everyone said that you changed so much when your mama died. Well, here she is, and you're as cruel as ever.

J.R.: Well, that's how you deal with a baby-stealing tramp.

Di: Don't talk to her that way, J.R.

J.R.: Don't tell me how to deal with this bitch. If you came back from the dead to defend her, I don't want to hear it.

Josh: Why didn't I see the resemblance before? You're as beautiful as your mother. You got her guts, her intensity.

Kendall: And her insincere flattery radar.

Josh: Your radar's off. I could go on for hours about you and never fake a word. So what's it like having Erica Kane for a mother?

Kendall: What's it like having Dr. Fertility for a father?

Josh: I learned a lot from him. He's a very lucky man. Thousands of women want to make babies with him.

Kendall: Well, your father wields a lot of power.

Josh: He can give women their dreams -- women like your friend.

Kendall: There's no other woman like Greenlee Lavery. We wouldn't have stolen Ryan's tadpoles if she had any other option.

Josh: Breaking and entering is pretty drastic.

Kendall: Ok, no one can know about that. No one.

Josh: They won't hear about it from me.

Kendall: Oh, ok. In exchange for what?

Josh: Hey, there's no required payment.

Kendall: Well, you said the word "payback."

Josh: Only because you seemed so grateful I didn't tell your mother. I thought you might like to return the favor.

Kendall: Well, maybe I could work on my mother, see if she could reconsider hiring you.

Josh: That's such a sweet thought. Thank you.

Kendall: Except I don't do blackmail.

Josh: Whoa. I haven't been helping you to gain anything for myself. You and Greenlee and the cat girl needed help, so I gave it.

Kendall: Without strings?

Josh: We're a lot alike, Kendall. I can tell already. When we set our sights on some things, look out, it's ours. We don't let anything or anyone stop us. Helps that we know we can get away with murder.

[David shows Greenlee the red marks on his neck.]

David: Look at this. I'm lucky to be alive, Greenlee. I'm not going to gamble with some child's life. Ryan should not be a father.

Greenlee: After Jonathan died, Ryan assumed that the violence was inevitable, that he'd turn into his sadistic father and his messed-up brothers, and it's like he's trying to prove it and force it into reality. That's not who Ryan really is.

David: I can't let you rationalize this. I will not let you justify it away. If Leo were here right now --

Greenlee: Leave Leo out of this.

David: If Leo knew about this, he would demand that I protect you. And he would never, ever forgive me if I just sat back and watched you stay with Ryan or, heaven help me, help you have his child.

Maria: This isn't permanent.

Maddie: I wish it was.

Maria: No, you don't. Come on, that's not nice. And he's only going to be gone for a few months.

Maddie: Whatever. I don't care.

Maria: I think this is really good, because I'm going to get a chance to spend some alone time with my very favorite daughter.

Brooke: We want this to work out for you, Sam.

Joe: You've been through some pretty rough times.

Tad: Yeah, so we're all going to aim at smooth sailing.

Sam: That's code for "I'd better be careful"?

Joe: Ah, smart young fellow.

Sam: No problem. I don't want to screw anything up.

Joe: You'd better not.

Tad: He means it. I don't care what blood or DNA says, that's my father, the same way Maria’s always going to be your mother. She raised you and she loves you more than anybody else in this world. She and Maddie are always going to be your family, first and foremost.

Di: Don't speak to me that way ever again.

J.R.: I grew up while you were trying to figure out who you were going to be. Don't treat me like a kid.

Di: Well, don't act like one, J.R. Now, Babe came over to talk to me. If you can't control your temper, just follow Winifred home.

J.R.: If you try to use her against me, it will be the biggest mistake you ever make.

Babe: Thank you for standing up for me.

Di: I stood up for myself, not for you.

Babe: But I thought that you said that --

Di: Yeah, that you're my grandson's mama and that gives you some rights. I know you have some questions, but I want some answers, too. How could you keep Little Adam away from his daddy?

Babe: I had to save my son.

Di: You let J.R. believe his baby was dead, Babe.

Babe: And I thought you of all people would understand that. You and Tad took J.R. when he was a baby to save him from Adam. You know, I just wish you would've kept him forever. J.R. was right, he's changed a lot since you've been gone. He's Adam all over again.

Di: Well, Adam is not the only one to blame for that. J.R. looked other places for love and support and trust, and what did he find? A knife in his back from his new bride. J.R. fell apart when he found out you had cheated on him with Jamie.

Babe: J.R. was decimated. And I was way wrong. But I wasn't the only one who betrayed him.

Di: When I let him believe I was dead?

Babe: No. When you had your affair with my father.

David: So do you get it? I'm doing this for you, because Leo would want me to.

Greenlee: Leo died because of his mother, because Vanessa was sick and filled with hate. I begged him to stay away from her, to cut her off, but he couldn't.

David: Leo was trying to protect you from Vanessa.

Greenlee: She cost him his life. I won't let Ryan's family take him away from me.

David: You don't have that kind of control.

Greenlee: Ryan needs my love and support. The love I feel for him is deep inside me, David, and I will do anything to prove he's wrong.

David: At the risk of putting your own life in danger?

Greenlee: He hurt you, and he's messed up, and it's possible he'll lash out at someone else, but I can't desert him. I couldn't help Leo, but I can help Ryan, and Leo would want me to. I won't do the denial thing. I won't put a child at risk. But trust me, David, run the DNA test. Find out which vial is Ryan's and save it for me?

David: There's nothing I can say to change your mind?

Greenlee: Only Ryan can do that. I'll go home right now and find out where we stand, if he wants my help or if he's become what you and Jack think he has.

David: And what if I'm right?

Greenlee: Then I won't have his child. I'll walk away from him.

Kendall: Did you inherit your confidence from your father, too?

Josh: I assume yours comes from Erica.

Kendall: No, no, no, don't turn this around on her now. This show means everything to her, so I can't have you take this lightly. Ryan, what are you doing here? What happened to your face?

Josh: Ryan? Is this the Ryan Lavery?

Ryan: I'm Ryan Lavery, yes. Why?

Josh: I've heard all about you.

Ryan: Really? And what have you heard exactly? What'd you hear?

Kendall: Hold that thought. Josh, my mother will be back any minute, and I need to tell her you're the man for the job.

Josh: I won't disappoint you or her. I should've said I've read all about you. The papers couldn't get enough of the Cambias story.

Ryan: Oh. Yeah, well, that's old news.

Josh: Still, losing Cambias had to hurt.

Ryan: Never asked for it in the first place.

Erica: Ryan. Thank you so much for stopping by. Why are you still here?

Kendall: I asked Josh to stay so we could talk.

Erica: All right, Ryan, why don't we go somewhere where we can have some privacy.

Kendall: You scammer.

Josh: What? Me?

Kendall: You were going to tell him about the clinic heist.

Josh: Why would I do that?

Kendall: To get me to do exactly what I just did.

Josh: I obviously missed something.

Kendall: No, you haven't missed anything since the day you were born.

Josh: Kendall, I was just talking to your friend. The fight for Cambias was all over the news.

Kendall: Ok, I told you I would put in a good word for you with my mother, and I will, but no one could make up her mind for her.

Josh: Until now. As soon as she finishes with Lavery, I'll win your mother over.

Erica: Ryan, you have a vision that I need. I mean, you restructured, you streamlined Cambias. I need you now.

Ryan: Because you saw me go bust at the casino.

Erica: Everybody has a bad night once in a while.

Ryan: But not everybody goes ballistic because of bad luck.

Erica: Well, you know what, Ryan, your bad luck ends here. Please come onboard here at "New Beginnings." You won't be sorry, Ryan.

Ryan: Thank you, Erica, but I can't.

Erica: You don't want to help me?

Ryan: You don't need my help, and you don't have to help me. I will get everything back.

Erica: What about you and Greenlee? How are you two doing?

Ryan: We're getting back on track. And what I'm going to do is I'm going to take her away for a little while just to be alone, so we can concentrate on us, so I can show her how much I love her, so I can show her how committed I am to our future.

Greenlee: Our future could be in one of those samples. Please, David, I know that you're wrong about Ryan, but I'm willing to check out your theory, because I respect you. Can't you respect what I believe, that I can get Ryan past this? Please, David, don't destroy them.

David: I'll get the tests done. But that's as far as I go until I get a full report from you about your husband.

Greenlee: Oh, I love you.

David: I love you, too.

Greenlee: I'm trusting you, David. If you destroy my one chance to have a baby with Ryan, I'll never forgive you.

David: All right. But you just be careful.

Greenlee: Don't worry. I'll get through to him.

Danielle: Why doesn't she get that I already have a family? I don't need her and Garret. I hate her. I'd rather live with strangers.

Reggie: No, Danielle, do not tell your mother you hate her.

Danielle: Even if I do?

Reggie: No. My mom messed up, too, way worse than your mom did. You know, one time, I really let her have it. I told her how much she was bringing us down and how much I hated her for it. Danielle, that was the last time I ever saw my mother. You know how that feels?

Danielle: Well, she couldn't hold that against you.

Reggie: But I do. I should've never told my own mother that I hated her. That was low of me.

Jack: I think you just have to give her some time. You can't swoop in and scoop her up like a baby and just take her home.

Mimi: I have to get back to Garret and work and --

Jack: Look, Dani's as stubborn as you and Derek. Just give her some time.

Lily: Dad, I need to go to the grocery store to get some lemons to make some lemonade.

Jack: Ok. You need some cash?

Lily: No, I got some.

Jack: Ok.

Lily: Hi, Sam.

Sam: Hey, good news.

Lily: I'm sorry I'm not a good girlfriend.

Sam: What are you talking about?

Lily: Well, last time I saw you, you got really angry at me, and you ran away.

Sam: Lily, no, no, it was everything else. You know, everybody was trying to control my life. I just couldn't take it.

Lily: When I can't take it, I have a meltdown.

Sam: Well, that is exactly what I had. It wasn't about you at all.

Lily: That's what your mom said.

Sam: Hmm, for once she was right. But it's cool now. My mom is moving to California.

Lily: How is that cool that you're moving?

Sam: Well, no, I'm not. Remember how I told you I'm adopted? Well, it turns out that I am a Martin -- as in, you know, Tad and Joe and Ruth and all those Martins?

Lily: I think you're happy about this. Are you?

Sam: Oh, definitely. The Martins are letting me stay with them, and that means I get to spend more time with you.

Lily: Now I'm happy, too.

Sam: Let's go take a walk or something.

Lily: Oh, I need to go get some lemons.

Sam: Ok, well, we can do that on the way back.

Maria: Thank you so much for giving Sam this chance.

Tad: I love you, sweetheart.

Maria: I love you, too.

Tad: Talk to you soon.

Maria: Ok.

Brooke: Well, Maddie's not happy, but --

Maria: Accepting the inevitable?

Brooke: Sort of.

Maria: Sort of. Well, she really loves Sam, and she's scared of going there, being alone, trying to fit in by herself.

Brooke: Yeah, moms don't count.

Maria: No.

Brooke: You're doing a great job. You are. I mean, I worried about you there for a while.

Maria: That I wouldn't be able to keep the family together?

Brooke: Well, looked a little iffy.

Maria: Yeah. It was looking like a lost cause for a while. And you really -- you really helped me with that.

Brooke: Jeez. I never thought I'd hear you say something like that.

Maria: Well, it's true. I raged all over you, and you held Sam and Maddie together, and I -- I will always owe you.

Brooke: Let's just call it even.

Maria: No, no, no, no.

Brooke: Yeah.

Maria: I let out on you, what, so many times --

Brooke: It was long ago. And let's forget it, ok, because you're starting a new life. And from now on, we should just do what we can for your kids.

Maria: Good God, watch out. I think we might end up being friends.

Brooke: I guess it sort of snuck up on us.

Maria: It did. But I'm really glad. I'm really glad. Oh, there is so much to do. I don't even -- I got to pack, I got to -- I don't even -- seriously, I don't even know where to start.

Brooke: Well, call a friend. Go out there, see what you need, let me know. I'll pack it up, and I'll send it to you, ok?

Maria: Thanks. Thank you, really, for everything.

Babe: The nicest thing that J.R. calls my father is "Dr. Death." Guess why.

Di: What happened between David and me is not --

Babe: What, it's not important? It devastated J.R., and if you think that this is none of my business or his, you're dead wrong. And, yes, I made some huge mistakes with my marriage with J.R., partly because I was young and I was stupid, and also because I made terrible decisions, and I tried to justify the heck out of them. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Di: You know it does.

Babe: So I will take all the blame and the punishment that you want to give for the stuff that's my fault, but it is not my fault that J.R. is such a slimeball. He had a head start on that way before I came into the picture, only I didn't see it. I thought that we were in love. But I was only a reason to stick it to his daddy. You know what a sick love/hate relationship J.R. and Adam have. So don't you dare stand there and tell me that if you would've stuck around, you wouldn't have been able to have stopped it, because you know if you would've been here for those three years when J.R. needed you the most, he wouldn't have been so twisted. Don't you dare lay that blame on me. You're the one who left him with Adam. You're a big part your son is so screwed up.

J.R.: Shut up, Babe. You have no right to talk to my mother that way. She was trying to be civil to you. She doesn't know you well enough to hate you on sight. But what do you do? You alienate her right away. You're even dumber than I thought.

Di: J.R., we were just talking.

J.R.: I heard her reaming you out.

Babe: Oh, but you missed the whole first half of the conversation. Your mama wasn't my biggest fan to begin with.

J.R.: You know what, don't waste any more time trying to connect with her. Just see her for the dirt that she really is.

Babe: What a great idea this was. You know, have fun.

J.R.: At least with you gone we stand a chance.

Babe: Oh, God.

David: Babe. Hey! I was on the jogging path, and I heard J.R. yelling. What's going on?

J.R.: Well, Babe tried to start something, but you know what, show's over. Get her out of here!

David: What the hell did he do to you?

Babe: Nothing. I was just trying to connect with his mama. You know what, nothing. I'll fill you in later. Let's just get out of here.

David: Wait a minute, wait a minute. What is that supposed to mean? You know Dixie's dead.

Di: No, I'm not, David. I survived the crash.

David: You're not -- Dixie's dead. Her car went off the road.

Di: I made it through, David. It's me. It's Dixie.

Maria: Edmund, I feel like there's still so much I could say. And yet so much I don't have to. You were so good to our kids, and you loved them so much. Sam and Maddie were so lucky to have you as a father. So, see, I can remember the good stuff. I do. There was a lot, a lot of good stuff. And that's what I'm going to take with us. Maddie and I packed every single picture of you in the whole house, actually. We'll take all that with us, too. I'm going to take good care of the kids, so don't worry. I just never thought -- thought I'd be doing it alone.

Maddie: You really did love Daddy.

Maria: Yeah, I did. I really did. And I really miss him.

Maddie: I do, too. I miss him so much. I'm -- I'm sorry, Mom. I'm sorry for everything.

Maria: I'm sorry, too, sweetheart. It's ok. I love you so much. I love you, and it's all going to be ok, all right? I promise you, we're going to be ok, and we're going to make it.

Kendall: Will you just reopen the dialogue, please?

Erica: All right. Josh, impress me.

Josh: "New Beginnings" already has its focal point, its touchstone -- you. Yes, we need stories that boggle viewers' minds and touch their hearts, but you are the tune-in. Your image is central to the success of this show.

Erica: No kidding. Why don't you tell me something I don't know?

Josh: No one could change you, and no one should try. You're a legend, an icon.

Erica: Thank you, although that does sound a little bit cold, a little bit distant.

Josh: You're smart and self-protective. America knows glamorous, powerful Erica Kane.

Erica: But?

Josh: But you haven't let them in. You haven't revealed the real, essential you, not yet. But if you can, if you can open up and show them the empathetic, compassionate Erica Kane only your family knows, you will have an audience that will stand by you through anything. You'll have established an intimacy that will make them feel safe, and they'll trust you to reshape their lives. And those lives will become fuller, richer. Who wouldn't want to be a part of that?

Erica: And segments? Any ideas there?

Josh: Yeah. I see you reaching out to a woman who's alone, lost in addiction. You've lived it. Who's better suited to reach out to an addict struggling to break the cycle? If she's not ready, if she backslides, we'll keep trying for success. But in the meantime, you'll give hope and inspiration to thousands, millions of others.

Greenlee: Ryan? Ryan, I'm home!

[Knock on door]

Greenlee: Dr. Madden.

Greg: Your husband's donation vial is missing. But I'm sure you know that, because I'm sure you took it.

Jack: Listen, Greenlee's not using her apartment. It's right upstairs there. You guys could use it for as long as you wanted to. Here's the key. Check it out.

Danielle: It's an amazing apartment.

Mimi: So you in?

Reggie: What do you have to lose?

Danielle: I guess we can go upstairs and talk it over.

Jack: So, how'd you manage to turn Dani around?

Reggie: I told her a little story. What can I say? The girl's putty in these hands.

Jack: Yes, that's just one of the many things that worries me so much. Man.

Reggie: What's wrong?

Jack: Lily went out to get some lemons. She's been gone a really long time.

Reggie: Well, I'll go, you know, track her down if you want.

Jack: I'll come with you.

[In the hallway, Sam and Lily are kissing while a bag of lemons lies on the floor.]

Erica: All right. I'm impressed. What was your last name?

Josh: Madden. Josh Madden.

Erica: Are you any relation to --

Josh: To Dr. Greg Madden? My father. I could wait for you to call, but who are we kidding? The coin's been flipped. I call heads, I've got the job. Am I right?

Greg: This is a very serious matter, Mrs. Lavery.

Greenlee: All your talk about rules and anonymity? Your staff misplaces vials, and you harass innocent people?

Greg: You stole your husband's donation, and we both know it. You're in big trouble. Now, why don't you give me one good reason why I don't have you arrested?

Ryan: Who the hell do you think you are threatening my wife?

Di: I swear I am Dixie.

David: No, you're not. Whoever you think you are --

J.R.: You're right, Hayward, she's not, so why don't you get out of here?

Di: J.R., we're going to have to deal with this eventually. Why put it off?

J.R.: Fine, fine, we'll get it over with. David, Dixie. Dixie, David. Now stay away from her.

David: This can't possibly be true.

Babe: It's crazy, but it is.

J.R.: We'll e-mail you the details later.

Di: It's a long, long story, impossible to believe.

David: Yes, it is, because you're making the whole thing up.

Di: David, if it hadn't been for you, if you hadn't been my cardiologist, I wouldn't have even made it to Europe. I wouldn't be alive right now. I can't deal with this right now. You and Babe discuss it. She can answer some of your questions, and then when you're ready, you call me, and we can talk.

J.R.: Hey, what --

[While Tad looks on, David runs past J.R., grabs Di, and starts kissing her.]

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Zach (to Kendall & Erica): You share the joyous news? We're having a blessed event.

Greg (to Greenlee & Ryan): Either we resolve this now or else you can speak to the police.

Di (to David): Have you lost your mind?

Tad: J.R., wait. You don't want to do that. I do.

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