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[While Simone sleeps leaning on Kendall, Greenlee tries to unlock the lab door.]

Greenlee: Damn!

Kendall: Great. I take it we're not sprung?

Greenlee: Not hardly.

Simone: Ugh. Is it morning?

Kendall: Well, what do we do now?

Greenlee: We have to think of something. I've broken three locks and a fingernail trying to bust us out of this place. My cell phone doesn't get any signal, so I can't 911 David. The dry ice has evaporated, so I had to put the three vials into the freezer to save Ryan's sperm. And we can't scream for help, or we'll get arrested for grand theft!

Kendall: Time and options are running out here.

Greenlee: Who's up for desperate?

Simone: Ooh, ooh, ooh.

Kendall: Uh-uh-uh. How desperate?

Greenlee: If we can't take Ryan's sperm home, we girls get me pregnant right here, right now.

[Ryan examines a nasty bruise on his chin. Before he can put on his shirt, someone knocks on the front door.]

David: Greenlee, your door is -- well, I guess we can't all be morning people, huh? Is Greenlee around?

Ryan: No, she's not. She's at the office.

David: All right. What the hell happened to you?

Aidan: Hey.

Tad: Thanks for coming over, fish and chips. I -- I just wanted the chance to apologize. I didn't mean to leave you flying solo at the office while I got distracted.

Aidan: That's all right. Don't worry about it.

Tad: So fill me in. What's the latest and greatest on our case?

Aidan: Well, you're more up on the Dixie case than I am.

Tad: No, no, I'm talking about the Erin Lavery case, the case we have at the office. How did Ryan take the news about his sister?

Aidan: Listen, forget about Ryan. Let's talk about the search that has blown your life wide open. What about Dixie?

Babe: Dixie's alive? The woman that has been taking care of my son is really his grandmother?

Jamie: Trust me, Little Adam couldn't be in better hands.

Babe: I feel like -- like this whole brick has been lifted off my heart. Is it me, or do you think that Dixie could help bring back the soft side of J.R.? I mean, maybe he could ease up on the hate and let me spend more time with my boy?

Jamie: I wouldn't get my hopes up, Babe. J.R. was mad as hell. And with the looks he cut Dixie, I don't think he's ready to forgive her.

J.R.: You're up early.

Adam: Good. No sign of the nanny impersonator.

J.R.: Little Adam was fussy at breakfast. I think he's missing her.

Adam: She'll be forgotten by tomorrow. I'll call the agency, get us a nanny replacement.

J.R.: Where do you think she'd go without her things?

Adam: She went with Martin. Maybe he'll get lucky. It'll be his bad luck and our good fortune.

J.R.: She could've at least called. What if she had an accident?

Adam: Well, she had one three years ago. Wonder who she'll come back as this time. Joan of Arc? Calamity Jane?

J.R.: I'm going to call the police.

Di: I'm right here. J.R., I want to come back to you if you'll have me.

Babe: I've been waiting all night. I have to shoot over there.

Jamie: No way. This is not your regular day with Little Adam.

Babe: Every day can be visiting day now that Dixies home.

Jamie: Dixie's not even sure she's welcome.

Babe: Of course she is. She's J.R.s mama.

Jamie: Well, J.R.s mama has got a lot of explaining to do. You crash that party, you give J.R. an excuse to double up on the hate.

Babe: Well, then Dixie needs someone on her side.

Jamie: Yeah, but that's not you, Babe. You take Dixies side, you make it that much harder for J.R. to forgive her.

Amanda: I got out of that house just in time, thanks to you guys.

Babe: I get what Dixie did. The whole undercover thing? Don't let the snakes know who is in the nest until you're good and ready.

Amanda: Then you hit them right where they live.

Jamie: So we're cool. J.R. and Dixie duke this out. You wait until the dust settles.

Babe: Fine. As long as Little Adam is happy and safe and loved, I can do the waiting thing. But what do I tell Mama? That Tad's going back to Dixie?

Jamie: That's too soon to call. My dad's pretty damn freaking mad at Dixie, too.

Tad: Dixie is back, and half the town knows about it.

Aidan: And the other half?

Tad: Is going to have to read about it in the tabloids -- "Woman Back from the Dead," yada, yada, yada, that kind of thing.

Aidan: So your wife -- or triple ex-fiance or whatever -- is she sticking around?

Tad: Beats me.

Aidan: She's got a lot to stick around for, though, Tad, with J.R. and the grandson and, you know, yourself.

Tad: "And, you know." Listen, Dixie stays, she goes, it's up to her. J.R. does what he does. I'm out of it.

Aidan: Really? And you expect me to believe that? After all the miles you've logged and the money and the time we've spent tracing down these leads, and you have the audacity to say that you're out of it and expect me to believe it?

Tad: The Dixie I knew is a memory. She's nothing but a fingerprint on a bunch of junk that no fool would give a damn about. So she's going back in the box.

Di: I used my key. Hope that's ok.

Adam: Memo -- have the locks changed.

J.R.: Where were you all night?

Di: Are you asking your mother or scolding the nanny?

Adam: Let me handle this, son.

Di: The days of you being able to handle me, Adam, are long gone.

Adam: Is there no limit to your gall? How dare you. Even if you are Dixie -- especially if you are Dixie -- how dare you come into our house and expect us to open our doors and open our hearts to welcome you, to trust you with my grandchild. You abandoned your own son! And you want to come into this house and have yourself received as part of the family? The family that you abandoned? If you really are Dixie, damn you. You're worse than a con. You're a cheat. You're a cheat who has lied to every poor, rotten sucker who has ever cared about you.

J.R.: You know what, Dad? That's enough.

Di: It's ok.

J.R.: Just stop.

Di: It's ok, J.R. let him have his say. I know these are your questions, too.

Ryan: I -- I just hit a patch of gravel on my bike, and I skidded out.

David: Hmm. Did Greenlee take you to the ER? You really should have those checked for internal injuries.

Ryan: No, she spent the whole night at Fusion. She's brainstorming for a campaign. Next time call, ok?

David: I took a stab at being spontaneous, trying to be a better brother-in-law. Take Greenlee to breakfast, play catch-up.

Ryan: Next time call, like I said.

David: You might want to put some ice on that to keep the swelling down if you don't want Greenlee to freak out.

Ryan: That's the best medical advice I've ever got from a janitor who makes house calls.

David: You don't have to be an MD to see that that story is a crock. Those bruises did not come from the pavement. They were made by a fist.

Greenlee: It's the best way to smuggle the goods out of here.

Kendall: Damn it, you know what? I -- I think I left my artificial insemination manual at home. Anyone have a spare turkey baster?

Simone: Oh, I told you not to go there!

Kendall: Well --

Simone: Men are just naturally better equipped for this job. I'm getting us out of here before this goes any further.

Greenlee: Look, all I'm asking for you guys to do is --

Kendall: Oh, it's impossible, undoable, and gross. Come on, Greenlee. We have three samples here, each of them with bar codes. I mean, how do we know which one is Ryan's? What if we use the wrong one and germinate bachelor number two instead?

Greenlee: Well, I'll cover my bases. I'll mix all three together.

Kendall: Ok. You're losing it, you're losing it. Snap out, please. I mean, it's one thing to carry a Ryan baby to prove that he's not the demon seed.

Simone: La-la-la -- I'm not hearing you!

Kendall: But to lie about it and live with that lie -- Greenlee, come on. If Ryan finds out, I can't count the number of ways you'll be dead to him.

Greenlee: I hate it when you're right.

Kendall: Yeah, you know what your problem is? You give up too soon. This is your life, Greenlee, not an impulse buy.

Greenlee: This from you, Mrs. Zach Slater, the queen of impulse control.

Kendall: No, what I'm saying is we still have time to get out of here, so we'll worry about the Ryan samples later. Right now -- what time is it? It's -- ok, the clinic opens at 10:00 so, that means that --

[As Simone tries to pick the lock to the lab door open, another door slams shut.]

Greenlee: Time's up.

Adam: Where in the hell do you get off? Even if the DNA and the fingerprints and the snow globes all prove that you're Dixie, you're still a fraud and a failure as a mother. Every unfair, hateful thing that J.R. has ever learned about life, he learned from you, not me.

J.R.: All right, all right, Dad, that's enough. I said stop.

Di: No, let him speak his piece before he explodes.

Adam: Who taught J.R. that life is unfair? Who gave him a crash course in pain and suffering? I think you taught him that when you abandoned him to bed David Hayward! You ran off to have your baby alone. Babe and his brother, Jamie -- now, there -- there is a study in cruelty. They stole his baby and ran off, and his stepfather told him his son was dead. Where was his mommy? Where were you? You were off in Switzerland putting your life back together, while he was here with his life falling apart. Well, who was here beside him? Who held him, and who helped him put his life back together? Not you. No. You checked out. Well, you don't get to just check back in, lady, to pick up where you abandoned J.R. No, you have forfeited the right to love him. And you're not going to just crash back into our lives now, when my son and I are closer than ever.

Di: Ok, there it is. It took you a while to get there, but finally you came around to it. It's all about you, isn't it, Adam? You scared I'm going to take -- take our son away so you can't twist him into a meaner, more despicable version of you?

Adam: No, look at him, look at him. This isn't Junior. This is J.R. Chandler. He's his own man. He doesn't need his mommy. He can take care of himself. I am the one who taught him that.

Di: Well, I feel right at home, Adam. You were glad I was dead.

Adam: Well, you did it so well. You even saved us the expense of a funeral.

Di: Let me get this straight. Are you angry over what I did to J.R., or are you just plain PO'd that I'm alive again?

Kendall: Someone's out there.

Simone: Let's call for help.

Greenlee: Yeah, well, then we're busted, and it's over.

Kendall: Well, if we stay here until the clinic opens, it's definitely over. Maybe it's the janitor or the cleaning lady.

Greenlee: For Ryan, I can take on a mop and a pail.

Kendall: All right, shh, shh, shh, shh. Let's listen.

Simone: What are we listening for?

Kendall: Giveaway sounds.

Greenlee: Emptying trash cans is good.

Kendall: Yeah, the sound of a police radio -- bad. I don't hear anything.

Greenlee: Maybe whoever left.

Simone: You know, I almost have this knob off. We can peek through the hole.

Greenlee: Simone, don't!

Kendall: No, don't!

Simone: Viola!

[After unscrewing it, Simone yanks on the door knob, causing it to clang onto the floor on the other side of the door.]

Simone: I don't see anyone.

Greenlee: That doesn't mean they're not out there.

Simone: Let me see if I can wiggle the lock. Aah! Something's got me.

Simone: Oh, my God! You guys, we're busted! That's three strikes.

Greenlee: Whoever it is, don't let go, don't let go!

Simone: I'm looking at hard time! Whoever it is is not letting go!

Kendall: Ok, put it in my purse, put it in my purse!

Greenlee: No, no, they'll search my purse!

Kendall: Wait, wait --

Greenlee: Oh! Oh! These puppies are freezing. They're below freezing.

[Simone hyperventilates]

Kendall: All right, it's ok. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Get them off, get them off. Ok.

Simone: Oh --

Greenlee: Oh. Oh!

Kendall: Oh, oh, oh

[Once the person holding on to her hand lets go, Simone goes flying backwards onto her rear end.

Simone: Bet you're wondering what a hot thing like me is doing in a place like this.

Josh: Safe bet you're not making a donation.

Greenlee: No, but feel free. We'll leave you all alone with your thoughts and your specimen cup.

Kendall: Yeah.

Josh: This looks like a break-in.

Kendall: Oh. Hunky and smart. That's exactly what it is. We're -- we're hired by Labsmart, an independent contractor that tests the security system of lab facilities. And, as you can see, your clinic's security system has been breached, so you get an F.

Simone: But you can sweet-talk us into an A.

Josh: Hmm, nice cover, ladies. I'm not buying. Try again?

Ryan: I'm -- I'm fine. I am fine.

David: Of course you are. Looks like you caught a few to the ribs.

Ryan: All right. I went out for a late walk, and I got mugged.

David: Hmm. You're kind of big to get mugged, don't you think? All right. So how many were there? Hmm? Young, big bruisers? Well, it's very generous of them to leave you with your wallet and your watch.

Ryan: What are you playing now? What, are you playing a cop?

David: People who have nothing to hide -- they go to the cops, they go to the hospital. But not you. What's going on, Ryan? Who did this to you?

Ryan: Back off.

David: Did you get on somebody's wrong side? Are you fighting because of a grudge? What is it, Ryan? Who are you fighting?

Ryan: I will take you down if you don't get out of here.

Babe: It'll hurt Mama if this costs her Tad, but Dixie does sound like she'll be good news for the baby.

Jamie: Dixie back can only mean the best for Little Adam.

Babe: Well, she did say that she was the only best friend that Little Adam and I have in that house, and I do want to believe her.

Jamie: If anybody can get to J.R., it's Dixie. But he already said that that won't change anything for us.

Babe: Oh, come on. That is just J.R. wanting to hate us like his normal bad-boy self. He can only ignore his own mama for so long.

Amanda: Yeah, any creep who'd drug his date -- he could cut his own family.

Babe: But look at how nasty it is right now. It can only get better, right? This waiting -- you guys have no idea -- it's making me itch. I wish I knew what was going on.

Jamie: I'll swing by my dad's and see what's up.

Babe: Thank you. I love you, I love you. And tell me -- and be sure to call if it's good or bad news, doesn't matter.

Jamie: It's all good news with us, Babe. You hold on to that.

Babe: Bye.

Amanda: Oh, Babe, you're so sweet. I'd hate it if Jamie let your hopes fly.

Babe: Why? Do you know something that I don't?

Amanda: You're about to get your heart smashed.

Opal: Tad? Oh, Tad! Oh, break out the balloons and the streamers, ice the champagne! Palmer just called. Where is she?

Tad: If you mean Dixie, she's not here.

Opal: Well, of course I mean Dixie. What do you think, the Queen of France? Now, why isn't she here? How could you let her out of your sight for a second?

Joe: Is it true?

Tad: Yeah, Dad, it's true.

Joe: The missing kidney. Your instincts were right.

Opal: Well, if there was ever a cause to party, honey, this is it. I can hardly believe it.

Joe: Yeah.

Opal: It's like a miracle, Joe. Our Dixie -- she's alive, she's breathing, she's back in town. Am I some kind of big, old, romantic fool to think there might be a ceremony coming?

Tad: Yeah, I think at this point that might be a little foolish.

Brooke: Why? What's the rest of it? Are you all right?

Di: No love lost between us. Right, Adam?

Adam: You're always in the way. You taught J.R. to be nice, to play fair, and share his toys. I taught him to name what he wants, fight for it if necessary, and to win. Now, it took my life and your death to make him the man he is today. And the results of our combined contributions is sleeping upstairs.

Di: Oh, well, guess what, old man. I'm back -- to bake cookies and butt in and make your life hell until they stamp "Deceased" on your AARP card. And you can rest assured that I will let my son and my grandson know exactly what I think of you and your -- your life lessons until the day that I die!

Adam: Well, we're going to the hospital to get you a DNA test.

J.R.: All right, Dad, don't! Let go of her!

Adam: Son, it's the only way to prove that she's using --

J.R.: No, I said let go of her. You're attacking her.

Adam: She's attacking us!

J.R.: Never again! You will never go after my mother again.

Di: You just called me your mother. What made you say that? You believe me now?

J.R.: I don't know. I still don't understand why my mother would do something like this. You want me to believe you. Help me understand.

Di: We've been here before. When I went with David, you felt deserted. I had broken up the family, together forever. You said you'd never forgive me.

J.R.: Well, there's a happy memory. I already feel so much closer.

Di: J.R., as bad as that time was, I know this is so much worse. I let you down, lower than you deserve.

J.R.: I don't know how to get past this!

Di: I don't know how to deal with it either. I can -- I can try to explain it so you'd understand it. What I'm about to say is going to sound so cruel.

Babe: Amanda, you can't just drop a bomb like that on me. Why do you say that my heart's on the chopping block?

Amanda: I didn't want to say anything in front of Jamie. He trusts Dixie, but he hasn't been living with her lately. I have to warn you, Babe, I overheard her talking smack about you to J.R.

Babe: No, what -- she said that she wanted to buddy-up with me. She said that she wanted what's best for Little Adam.

Amanda: Yeah, and if she offers to pinkie-swear, run. I know, trust me. Miss Dixie back from the dead is no saint. She is the one who put my mom where your mom is -- prison. She led a witch-hunt against a mentally ill woman. I guess that's where J.R. gets it.

Babe: Amanda, I'm so sorry. I had no idea what happened with your mom and Dixie.

Amanda: Just don't expect peace to break out. You hurt her son, and mama lion won't show you mercy. You have no clue what she's got ready for you.

Babe: I almost forgot. Aidan Devane, he came by the bar. He asked me to give this to you.

Amanda: Aidan. What a sweetie.

Babe: And how do you know Aidan?

Amanda: I was having a lucky day. Hey, I'm going to go to the Chandler servants' entrance, chat up Winnie, and see if I can get a line on Dixie.

Babe: Amanda, I don't think it's a good idea. It's a little too risky.

Amanda: Well, you helped me. Consider it payback.

Tad: The sad truth is Dixies been back for weeks, and she's been posing as nanny to J.R.s son. If any of you would like any further details, I'm afraid I'm going to have to direct you to the mansion on top of the hill.

Joe: Well, that's incredible.

Opal: That is just about the most romantic thing I have ever heard of -- Dixie coming back disguised as a nanny, so she can find out if her Tad still loves her.

Tad: Yeah, Ma. If you hurry, I'm sure she'll sell you the movie rights.

Brooke: Ask me, I think it's strange. I mean, Dixie alive and home, and not telling anyone?

Tad: You think it's strange? The news nearly gave Palmer a coronary.

Joe: Correct me if I'm wrong -- this is what you wanted, isn't it?

Tad: No, Pop. It's more like what I was afraid of.

Opal: You don't mean that.

Tad: Ma, don't tell me what I mean.

Brooke: Why? Is it the baby?

Tad: No. I mean, Kate didn't make it, but that's not the reason Dixies not here.

David: What if your wife is with you next time this happens?

Ryan: She won't be.

David: How do you know that?

Ryan: I love this irony. I love this. David Hayward goes from felon to family man to big brother. Well, clue this -- Greenlee is done with you.

David: Hmm. Look, I'm not claiming bragging rights here, but she trusts me enough to cry on my shoulder. I held her, Ryan, because of you. She was crying because of what you did. There you go, right on cue. You play stunned well. I know what you did, Ryan, and I know why you did it and how it's tearing Greenlee up inside. And in case you're taking notes, jot this down -- Greenlee is right. Leora, Babe -- they taught me a child can be a man's hope, real salvation. Whatever monster you think you are, trust me, you're no worse than I am.

Ryan: I'm not going to do this, Hayward. I'm not going to play "How low can you go?"

David: Yep. I know that look. I've seen it staring back at me in my own mirror. I know what it's like to hate myself this much. You don't give a damn about living.

Ryan: You are seriously whacked!

David: No, I don't think so. You're out there looking for trouble, Ryan, and now you're bringing it home. So the question is, what kind of trouble are we talking about here?

Greenlee: You never told us who you are.

Simone: I spy with my little eye -- no wedding ring.

Josh: I have a vested interest in this clinic's reputation. Tell me what this is, or I call the police.

Greenlee: Ok -- ahem -- fair enough. We're not really cat burglars, we're members of a group.

Kendall: People for ethical treatment of specimen. P-E-T-S -- PETS.

Greenlee: We're here to ensure the little swimmers' rights are being protected.

Simone: Yes.

[When Greenlee drops the glass vial, it shatters, and she kneels down to scoop up its contents.]

Simone: Oh, my God.

Greenlee: My babies.

Jamie: Dixie left with you last night. Is she still here?

Tad: Oh, well done. Well done.

Opal: She left with you last night?

Tad: Look, no -- wait, wait, whoa, whoa. Wait, wait, wait. Let me just say this once, and then we can all move on. I'll be very clear. Dixie is back in town, but the two of us aren't back together.

Opal: Tad, now, hon, that just can't be. I mean, you will work this all out. You always did.

Tad: Ma, it's been three years, three years since Dixie and I were even a possibility. People change. Neither one of us is the same. Now, if any of you want to go up to the house and welcome her back into town, I haven't got a problem with that.

Opal: Well, I do have a problem with that. I got a problem with the fact that you and Dixie are on opposite sides of town, no reunion, no honeymoon in sight.

Brooke: Opal, it's not our concern.

Opal: You say. Dixie was my daughter-in-law, the love of Tad's life. Now, my son didn't go running himself ragged tracking her down just to write her off. Come hell or high water, those two always ended up together.

Tad: Not this time. I'm sorry, Ma.

Opal: Well, why not? Has Dixie got somebody else?

Tad: Not so she told me. But then again, she didn't tell me very much, and I don't expect that to change.

Di: I -- I want you to think of something that ripped your heart out. Little Adam -- when he was lost in the river -- how you felt. Honey, were you sane? Or did you just want to stop being who you were just so the pain would quit?

J.R.: It was bad.

Di: Sweetie, you know it was worse than bad.

J.R.: I couldn't eat. I couldn't sleep. I couldn't feel anything. I just -- I'd try to do anything. I'd try to watch a movie. I was just blank. I was -- I was somewhere else.

Di: I know. I know. So was I -- somewhere else. And when -- when I lost your baby sister, I wasn't in my right mind. The pain -- I had to stop being who I was just to make the pain stop. I couldn't come back here and face Tad and tell him that I'd lost our daughter. I couldn't -- I couldn't let you see the loss that it had cost me. All I wanted was to forget myself, and I couldn't do that here. But losing me -- I never -- I never lost you. I kept you in my heart. J.R., I missed you so much. But I wasn't sure if -- if I could come back here and be that person again. I wasn't sure if I could be your mother. But then -- then I met this nanny in Germany. It -- it seemed to be like fate. I found a way to see you, a way to be with you without having to be me.

Greenlee: My marriage, my future, my husband -- everything is riding on me having his baby.

Kendall: Greenlee's just liberating what she has a natural right to for a very good, very married reason. Her husband suffered a horrible trauma, he made a rash decision, and one of those vials is their only salvation.

Greenlee: Thank you.

Josh: Why break in? Why not go through regular channels?

Greenlee: Because the owner of this place is a heartless bureaucrat. He's one of those unbending, everything-by-the-rules types who only cares about lawsuits and not people.

Kendall: People can't always make a family the normal way. I mean, I know this sounds really outside the box, but Greenlee is so in love with her husband. They deserve this shot at having a future. So will you help them, please?

Greg: Hello? Who's in there?

Ryan: I want you gone.

David: Haven't you disappointed Greenlee enough? You took away her chance to have a child to "save" your marriage. Well, now you're all she has left, Ryan, and look at you. You're beat up inside and out. Look, I don't know what the hell you're doing, but how far are you planning to take this?

Ryan: Get out!

David: No. No! You're going to hear this. You need to hear this from somebody! I pulled myself back from the edge, pal.

Ryan: Ugh.

David: You can do the same thing. You don't have to fall any farther. Do you have any idea how much Greenlee loves you, how much she is willing to help you? Are you so stupid, are you so egocentric that you're going to disappoint her again? Do you realize what kind of a loser that would make you?

Ryan: Are you looking for trouble, Hayward? Are you? Because you found it.

[Ryan grabs David by the neck, throws him up against the wall, and squeezes hard.]

Tad: FYI, if you're all wondering about this stuff, I'm going to be sending it back to Dixie.

Brooke: What is it?

Tad: Souvenirs, memories of another life. No point in building a shrine around it now that she's back in town making other memories. So if anybody wants to reach in and grab something, they can be my guest.

Opal: Tad, you can't throw this stuff out. I mean, these are your precious mementos.

Joe: Tad, for now, why don't you just put the boxes in storage?

Jamie: Yeah, hold on to them, Dad.

Opal: Just in case.

Tad: There is no "just in case." How many times do I have to say it? If any or all of you want Dixie in your life, it's fine. She and I are over.

Di: J.R., tell me that you understand you were the one that brought me back. I had to come. I just didn't know if I could come back as your mother, as -- as Dixie. Please.

J.R.: Well, I guess you're Dixie now, whether you want to be or not.

Di: Honey. I want to be your mom again. You have my promise. I will do everything in my power to ease the pain I've caused you, and it won't -- it won't happen fast, and it won't be easy. But all I can do right now is -- is pray that you'll forgive me.

[After J.R. takes her necklace out of his pocket and clasps it around Dis neck, they hug.]

Di: Here. You are my sunshine.

[Knock on door]

Aidan: Um, it's open.

Amanda: I heard a rumor about you -- that you're a private investigator?

Aidan: Well, it's true. At least that's what it says on the door.

Amanda: Heard you're the best. Are you?

Aidan: Well, that depends. What exactly you need me to do best?

Amanda: I have a case for you. I'm in deep trouble and only you can help me out of it.

Aidan: What kind of trouble?

Amanda: You.

Greenlee: That's Dr. Madden, the head honcho.

Simone: Please don't tell him we broke in.

Kendall: Or bust me and Simone but let Greenlee go.

Greg: Josh? You're not supposed to be here.

Josh: What's the matter? Not happy to see me, Dad?

Greenlee: We're dead.

Ryan: You will not do this to me anymore! No more questions, no more accusing me! No more! No more! Aah!

[When Ryan finally lets go of David's neck, he slides down to the floor seemingly unconscious.]

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Di: Give me any test you got.

Adam: Next stop, DNA test.

Erica (to her show's crew): This is not just my new beginning. This is ours.

Greg (to Josh): What's going on? Who's in there?

Zach (to Ryan): What do you say we bury him at the dump?

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