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All My Children Transcript Thursday 6/16/05


By Boo
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[Knock on door]

Tad: Whoever you are, get stuffed.


Tad: I'm not kidding, go away. You don't want to be here. Perfect.

Maria: You ok?

Tad: Oh, that's -- that's a hell of a question, considering at any moment my head might stop spinning, fly off, and knock you cold. Maybe you should run for the hills while you can.

Maria: I'll take my chances. What has got you so pushed to the edge?

[Di knocks soundly on David's cabin door.]

David: What?

Di: I hate you, you son of a bitch!

David: My God. It worked. Hallelujah, Dixie’s back.

Reggie: This is some surprise, Officer Frye. I mean, you're Dani’s mom. I can definitely see the family resemblance now.

Mimi: Not officer. Captain.

Reggie: A promotion, too. You see, me and your daughter, we were just practicing a little --

Mimi: Oh, I have a pretty good idea what you were just doing with my daughter, young man.

Danielle: He has a name.

Reggie: Oh, Reggie Montgomery, ma'am. Pleased to meet you.

Danielle: Ugh, don't suck up to her. She can't do anything to us.

Mimi: That's where you're wrong, Danielle. I'm still your mother. Button your blouse. You're coming with me.

Erica: Don't deny it. The reason you brought me here this evening is so that we could look after Kendall and send a message to Zach that we are keeping an eye on him. And I love you for it.

Jack: Oh, good. Well, you know what? I think you're about to love me even more.

Ethan: How are you doing?

Zach: Welcome to a grand reopening. Tonight we celebrate a new beginning.

Ethan: Yeah. I think I'd rather bet on something with a more solid return. That table looks pretty good.

Zach: One of our guests is on a winning streak. No end in sight.

Ryan: Whoo!

Jack: You haven't seen Greenlee around, have you? In that case, I don't think this can be good.

Erica: Ryan.

Ryan: Erica.

Erica: Hey, what a surprise.

Ryan: And a lucky one for you. Put all your chips on me tonight. I cannot lose.

Greenlee: You lose, Kendall, if you don't walk out of here right now. You haven't busted anything.

Kendall: Oh, I'll leave, no problem, if the two of you are coming with me. I'll drag you by those scary stilettos if I have to.

Simone: Greenlee's right. Take a hike. You're ruining everything.

Kendall: See? See, I knew you were up to something bigger than lip tints. And that subtle-as-a-sledgehammer outfit doesn't help. It's a good thing I followed the two of you, because you're making a huge mistake.

Greenlee: Simone’s outfit? That's a given.

Kendall: No, stop, Greenlee. I know you're about to break all sorts of laws. Stealing sperm? I can't let you do it. You're pilfering tadpoles from some anonymous gene pool, so you can get knocked up? I mean, Greenlee, I knew that you were on the edge, but I had no idea you had jumped this far into the abyss.

Greenlee: You're one to talk, Mrs. Slater. Take these profile sheets and match up the numbers on the vials.

Simone: Right.

Greenlee: Oh, and don't forget to use the gloves and tongs.

Simone: Right.

Kendall: Would you listen to yourself? This is crazy. You can't do this. Doesn't it sound a little bit weird and a lot wrong?

Greenlee: Oh, oh, oh -- and the cooler.

Simone: Oh, ok.

Kendall: Wait a minute, hold on -- you pass yourself off as a good friend. Why didn't you stop her?

Simone: I am a good friend. This is what good friends do. We help each other, no matter how crazy the cause.

Greenlee: Way to be supportive, Simone.

Kendall: Greenlee, think this through, ok? You can't just take some random dude's pixie dust, get yourself pregnant, and pass the spawn off as Ryan's. Even if he thinks one of his superstrong doodads survived, it's marital suicide.

Simone: We are not looking for any kind of doodad, but Ryan's doodads. How stupid do you think we are?

Greenlee: I'd like to answer that.

Kendall: Oh, my God.

Greenlee: Save the lecture, Kendall. I'm on a mission to save my husband. Why don't you go back to yours?

Zach: On the house, as my guest.

Ethan: Ok, Genevieve, why don't you change this? I'll meet you at a table. You choose.

Genevieve: Sounds good to me.

Ethan: I -- I hope you're not expecting me to thank you for backing off the Cambias lawsuit.

Zach: There's no need. Gratitude is written all over your face.

Singer: Got my precious bird in the hand she's filled

Jack: Well, Slater, quite a reopening. Congratulations.

Zach: Thank you. That's something, coming from you. You helped my son shut it down.

Jack: My daughter helped you get it back up on its feet. What a family affair.

Zach: Yeah. She's savvy. Helps in business.

Jack: Don't play me, Slater. I got my eye on you. I took all your casinos away from you once. I'll take down even more if you hurt Kendall or anyone else in my family. Are we clear?

Erica: Ryan, are you solo tonight?

Ryan: Yes, yes, I am.

Erica: Where's Greenlee?

Ryan: She's got some sort of big project or something.

Erica: I guess that's why Kendall’s not here, either.

Singer: I'm not singing

Ryan: Stand right there, baby. Right there. Whoo!

Erica: Whoo-hoo!

Ryan: Yes!

Dealer: Another natural for Mr. Lavery.

Ryan: Merci, monsieur croupier. I'm telling you, I cannot lose tonight. Nobody can touch me.

Erica: Oh, Ryan, all this winning has certainly put you in a good mood.

Ryan: Yes.

Erica: And I'm so happy, because I was afraid you were going to be really angry at me, you know, because I told you that I thought you made a mistake.

Ryan: Do I look angry?

Erica: You don't, no. Because I'm sure you know I just want what's best for you and Greenlee.

Ryan: Well, then you should feel fantastic, because Greenlee and I are going to be fantastic. It's going to be fine. Really, I can feel my luck changing, Erica. It'll be perfect.

Erica: Ok, but when things aren't perfect, you know what really helps? Just if you can forgive each other and yourself.

Ryan: Ok, fine. Great, deal them up.

Maria: Oh, my God. I mean, Dixie -- Dixie being -- that's incredible.

Tad: Oh, yeah. That's -- that's one word for it. You know what the amazing thing is? Adam accused me of setting this whole thing up. Right, like I got nothing better to do with my time than to torture J.R. and myself. Right. "Incredible." That's one word for it. Tell me something, ok? Just -- what kind of woman would creep into her own son's house just so she could pose as his nanny? Huh? How could she look J.R. in the face and lie to him? How could she do it to me? That's not the Dixie I lost.

Maria: No, but she's not the same Dixie that you knew. I mean, I -- I know better than anyone what trauma can do to a person -- from a doctor's perspective and from a woman who's been standing in Dixie’s shoes.

Tad: No, no, no, they're not the same thing. You didn't lie to the people who love you. When you knew in your heart how badly they wanted you back, you didn't hide from them.

Maria: No, but you've got to remember -- you've got to remember what she's been through. She's not only had to grieve the loss of a child, but grieve her old face, her identity, her -- yes, she did not go about this the right way, but she's back. That's the miracle. That's -- I mean, can you hold on to that and let go of the rest?

David: Start right from the beginning, and don't leave out any details. Martin, Junior -- I want to hear about every last reaction.

Di: I've only got one kidney, remember?

David: Of course I remember. I couldn't have planned it better myself. Talk about fate.

Di: Well, I am so glad my medical problem gives you such joy, along with all the pain that I've caused.

David: Please, do tell.

Di: I am serious, David. I am -- I am breaking these people's hearts -- Tad, J.R., Uncle Palmer.

David: Whoa, whoa, wait a minute. Are you telling me that you got Cortlandt to buy your story? I love you. You're brilliant!

Di: Can you try to contain your glee for one second, David? The look of hope on that man's face -- it was -- it was almost as bad as the look of hurt on J.R.’s. I did this to these people.

David: No, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Let's give credit where credit is due. This is all me, sweetheart. The details, the doctor in Switzerland, Diana Cole? And let us not forget the piece de resistance -- the fingerprints, all rigged by yours truly. Now, you done good, but let's toast the real brains behind this masterpiece. To me.

Danielle: You really think I'm going to leave with you just because you say so? I don't even know what you're doing here.

Mimi: I'd like to explain, in private. Do you mind, Reggie?

Danielle: I mind. Reggie’s my boyfriend, and I want him here.

Reggie: She wants me here.

Danielle: You can't just roll up in here like you're Donald Trump or something, thinking you can tell me what to do.

Mimi: Look, I know you're hurt, Dani. We spent a lot of time apart, maybe too much.

Reggie: Maybe too much time?

Danielle: Yeah. It's been like forever. So whose fault is that?

Mimi: We've missed a lot in each other's lives. I didn't even know you had a boyfriend.

Danielle: You didn't even ask, either.

Mimi: I'm here, because I want to try again. I want to reconnect. I want my daughter back in my life.

Danielle: Oh. Ok, fine. Well, maybe Reggie and I can swing a weekend visit sometime soon. I'll call you and let you know, ok?

Reggie: Yeah, I'm cool with that, too. I never been to New York and --

Mimi: I'm not talking a down-the-road visit, Dani. I want you to come home with me now, for good.

Singer: Romantic rendezvous

Erica: How awful to arrive with a beautiful woman on your arm and your ex isn't here to see it. Reeks of desperation.

Ethan: Genevieve is beautiful, isn't she? Though, you put all the ladies in this room to shame, Erica.

Erica: Well, thank you, but I'm not distracted by the flattery. I know that you are completely broken up because Kendall married Zach, and you have only yourself to blame for it.

Ethan: Now, you must take some of the credit.

Erica: Kendall gave up on love because of you. That's the only reason she's with Zach right now.

Ethan: Well, no, I mustn't be selfish, Erica. I think you deserve plenty of blame.

Erica: How dare you try to turn this all on me.

Ethan: You made your daughter who she is. "Prove you love me, suffer for me." That's your influence. And no matter how much of a creep you may think I am, let me assure you, my father is much worse. And Kendall has you to thank for her life with him.

Erica: Oh, I beg to differ. I think you really need to look at where you are right now -- trying to prove that you're not a liar, with a fake date on your arm, in your daddy's casino? Pitiful.

Ryan: All right, fine. Do what you got to do, friend.

Zach: Excuse me. Hi. Is there a problem?

Ryan: Apparently, I've won a little too much of your money, and your fine croupier here thinks that it's time to cut me off.

Ethan: What's this? The house gets antsy, and now you want to shut out the opposition. That sounds pathetic and cowardly.

Ryan: I don't need your help, Ethan.

Ethan: Look, heat transfers. Good luck, on the other hand, rubs off. So you can call me selfish, but this is one house of cards I'd like to see coming down.

Zach: Let him continue his game.

Ryan: Now, I hate to break it to you, Ethan, but, you see, what you're doing is you're only putting more money into my pocket, because my lucky streak isn't about to end. Unless, of course, you plan on sticking around.

Ethan: Ryan, we're on the same side. Look, we both have the "I dated Kendall and survived" T-shirts.

Ryan: No, don't do that. Don't, because I can read Kendall well enough to know she's speeding into another brick wall, and you did that. Your lies did that.

Ethan: That does seem to be the popular consensus. Hey, I guess we can't all be as lucky as you. Though that incident with your brother was bittersweet, but at least you don't have to go through any more family members. Your father's not going to run in and steal Greenlee. You are the lucky guy.

Singer: And the magic spell it weaves

Kendall: How can you be searching for Ryan's thingies? What, what, he made a deposit?

Simone: Yes, years ago, before he met either one of you.

Greenlee: You're supposed to be helping me get the goods, not blurting my private business.

Simone: You know, I'm sorry, Greenlee. You know my mouth. It knows no bounds. And while you're mad at me, I've got some bad news. I can't figure out which vials are actually potential Ryans, because there are no numbers outside the deep freeze, just bar codes.

Greenlee: Great.

Kendall: Well, what are you doing now, looking for a sign with an arrow that says, "This way to Ryan's kids"? Greenlee, you can't do this. This is wrong on every level.

Greenlee: Start scanning.

Simone: Oh.

Kendall: No, listen to me, this is bigger than skipping a pill or forgetting your diaphragm, Greenlee. You can't make your husband a daddy without his consent or permission. You're asking for serious trouble.

Greenlee: My problem, not yours.

Kendall: Well, what are you going to do? You going to hand Ryan a baby and say “Surprise"? What if he doesn't embrace mother and child in his loving arms? What then, huh? You going to shove the little tyke back in the test tube and say, "Sorry, Mommy’s bad"? You can't undo this, Greenlee. You can't give back a baby. If you do go through with this, you'll have a kid, but you'll lose your husband.

Maria: Uh -- that's not very Dixie.

Tad: No, that's just it. This -- this is exactly Dixie, let me tell you something. The reason she wore this is because J.R. gave it to her.

Maria: Oh.

Tad: She wore it out of love. The woman she is now, fat chance.

Maria: Well, you know these things take time. It's not all going to happen overnight.

Tad: I know. I know that. At least I thought I did. That's what I was telling myself when I was putting this whole thing together, trying to figure out whether it was Dixie or not. And then every once in a while, hope kind of crept up on me, you know, when my guard was down. Like, for instance -- perfect example -- when I was falling asleep at night. Just before I'd fall off, I'd pretend that she was there with me, you know, lying next to me, holding me. Like the accident and the last three years never happened. It was all just a bad dream.

Maria: Just because it didn't happen the way you pictured that it would doesn't mean that her homecoming is any less incredible. It's -- what?

Tad: Gosh, you're an upbeat person.

Maria: It's amazing!

Tad: Come on -- no, listen, she didn't stay away, because she lost her memory. She stayed away, because she didn't know whether she wanted to be here or not, whether she wanted this family back.

Maria: Did she say that?

Tad: Yes, she did.

Maria: She said that?

Tad: Yes. That's exactly what she said. And the truth is, the really painful part is she's right. Look around you. We didn't go through multiple divorces for no reason. You know, when the tough got going, old Dixie and Tad headed for the hills with the best of them. We just never learned to make it stick. Now -- now I'm thinking this miraculous homecoming is nothing but a bad dream. It's like a nightmare I can't wake up from. Because now all hope is truly gone, like I'm losing her all over again.

David: Sucker. I always knew Martin was a chump, but this -- this is way too easy.

Di: Oh, you are so proud of yourself, aren't you? You knew Tad would play PI, go looking for prints in the compact. It was perfect.

David: Yes, it was. But believe me, it wasn't easy to part with that compact. It was one of the few remaining things I have of Dixie’s. But if that's what did the trick, it was worth it. So bright, so shiny. The perfect bait. Little does Martin know you never even touched it.

Di: Hello, David! Have you completely lost sight of the original plan here? I mean, what happened to Dixie winning her son back, turning him towards the light, getting him to cut Babe some more slack?

David: Nothing. That's still the primary goal.

Di: David, J.R. is more angry and hateful now than he was before.

David: Of course he is, for now. But you have not grasped the power of Dixie. I don't care whether it's Junior, Martin, whomever. Of course they're all upset right now, but they love Dixie beyond your wildest imaginings. They will come around.

Di: No.

David: Soon you will have them eating out of your hand.

Di: David, when they look at me, they don't see Dixie. They see a cold, heartless snake that snuck back into their lives and let them suffer. I don't bring back happy, loving memories. I just remind them of three long years of grief.

David: They'll get over it. Trust me.

Di: This is a sick and terrible thing to do to them. Everyone seems to think Dixie was some sort of saint, but right now I can't say that I like her all that much myself.

David: Look, we pulled this off, but the truth is Dixie never would've come back to town the way you have. She never would have handled things the way you have.

Di: How do you know? Dixie might have done everything the way I have.

Danielle: What makes you think you could just show up and convince me to leave with you anyway?

Mimi: Look, I'd prefer to do this without Reggie around.

Reggie: Um -- Officer Frye? No disrespect intended, but if your daughter wants me to stay, them I'm going to stay. I saw your daughter the night that you dropped her things off at her father's place. She tried to play tough girl, but I could tell she was hurt. She cried.

Mimi: Oh, baby, I'm sorry.

Danielle: The only thing sorry about you, Mom, is your weak attempt at pretending to care.

Mimi: Don't start, Danielle. I'm still your mother.

Danielle: Oh, I'm sorry. Now you want to be my mother? Now you want to give me orders? Where were you the last year of my life?

Mimi: I had to put some distance between us. You were out of control before you left New York.

Danielle: You just didn't want to deal, you were so caught up with getting your stupid promotion!

Mimi: You were never even home!

Danielle: Neither were you!

Mimi: Dani, I don't want to go back to that place where we couldn't get along. I want us to start a new life together.

Danielle: You trashed my life in New York. I can't just forgive and forget. I got a better one. I traded up. I have a good job, Reggie, Dad. I'm happy here.

Mimi: You know I'm glad you and your father have made some headway. But if I know you, you've got your daddy wrapped around your finger.

Derek: Who's got who wrapped around where?

Greenlee: You should have told me what he was planning sooner, so I could have stopped him. But you didn't, so this is what I'm left with.

Kendall: All right, listen to me. I hate that I care for you, but for some infuriating reason, I do. Now, I cannot let you make this colossal mistake.

Greenlee: Who said it was a mistake? I'm having this baby for all the best reasons. Love tops the list.

Kendall: Oh, God, Greenlee, how blind can you be? Ryan doesn't want to have kids. He doesn't think he can handle being a father right now, and I'm not sure that he's wrong.

Greenlee: Are you saying my baby's tainted? You, of all people?

Kendall: Do I think Ryan is right about your baby being the second coming of Lucifer? No. Do I think Ryan could lose it like his father did? Maybe. What if he becomes violent?

Greenlee: You seriously believe he has that in him?

Kendall: He went off on me when I found out about his little secret. He said he wanted to hit me.

Greenlee: Well, who wouldn't want to hit you? I want to hit you right now.

Simone: Yeah, I wouldn't mind having a shot.

Kendall: Yeah, you know, I'd like to pop the two of you myself, but that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the rage I saw in Ryan's eyes. The guy has got major anger issues.

Greenlee: Well, anyone in the same room with you has anger issues.

Kendall: Greenlee, listen to me. Your husband has problems.

Greenlee: You told me before. I understand. I know what he needs. So this is it. A child is what Ryan needs, so why don't you want him to have it?

Ryan: All me, croup.

Ethan: All right, I'm going to follow his lead. You're on fire. I don't mind sticking it to the house with you.

Ryan: No, don't -- don't do that. Don't mess with the whole deal we got going on here, all right? There's lots of other tables here. Just go find one.

Ethan: You know, I don't know why I bother with you anyway.

Singer: Then she's asking you in

Patrick: Bet on the house or the player?

Ryan: All player, all the time.

Patrick: Bet against the house of Lavery, you're going to lose it all.

Ryan: Dad?

Kendall: Of course I want Ryan to get help -- from a professional, not from you, Simone, and a turkey baster.

Simone: Oh, ok, that's just sick.

Greenlee: Simone, check the cryotank in the next room.

Simone: Fine, I'm going.

Kendall: I will not let you play mad scientist to Ryan's life.

Greenlee: Then leave.

Kendall: Listen to me. It's not pretty when a parent doesn't want a child. Look at me and Erica. Do you know how many decades it took for us to find solid ground? I mean, do you really want to wish that on your kid?

Simone: I got a match!

Greenlee: Keep up the good work, friend.

Kendall: All right, you know what? I didn't want to do this, but, here, I'm going to do it anyway. Did you ever consider the possibility that maybe Ryan had his river dammed for a reason other than saving the planet from Laverys?

Greenlee: What straw are you grasping at?

Kendall: The adultery straw. What if Ryan got this procedure done, so he could cheat on you without getting caught?

Simone: Oh -- you sneak! You said I couldn't tell her. I'm the one that found out. I'm the one that followed Ryan down to that slut's place. Kendall got it all afterwards.

Kendall: Right.

Simone: It's all me.

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Simone: I'm your truest friend.

Kendall: Great, great.

Simone: I'm so sorry.

Kendall: All right, take the props, Simone. I don't care. As long as the truth stops you from doing this.

Greenlee: Ryan wouldn't cheat on me.

Simone: Oh, honey, I saw him.

Greenlee: No, it doesn't matter what you saw. It isn't like that. See, this is what you two don't get. I don't doubt Ryan or wonder or worry. I can't imagine him with another woman, and I'd never think that he would lie to me.

Kendall: He's already lied to you about the most profound thing possible. Once he's gone there, how can he ever come back?

Ryan: I'm betting on me, not the house. This is for me and Greenlee.

Patrick: Your call.

Ryan: Oh, it'll work, because I can feel it. I can't lose.

Braden: I got to get in on this action. House of Lavery to win. Change your name, move to Canada -- it doesn't matter. House will win in the end.

Jonathan: It's in us all, no matter how much we fight it. I'm all in on the house. These are for Erin. She was a beautiful girl, but she couldn't get away. Neither will you.

Ryan: You go ahead. You bet against me, all of you, because it doesn't scare me. I'm going to prove you all wrong. Everything I have -- everything -- on me.

Patrick: There you have it, son. You're a Lavery. All you can do is lose.

Erica: Ryan, are you all right?

Singer: This is it

Erica: Ryan?

Singer: So take a chance if you'll take a spin

Ryan: I lost. I lost it all.

Tad: Enough about Dixie. I'm sick of talking about her. Let's talk about you. Please.

Maria: Well, what I have to talk about is no big surprise. It's Sam.

Tad: What about him? You want me to talk to him, try to convince him to go out to California with you?

Maria: Well, I'm actually not sure that that's the best idea anymore, and I came here to plead his case and see if you would take him in for just a little while, and -- but that was before I knew about Dixie. So you and Sam in one house -- that's a lot of pain under one roof.

Di: Too much pain. All that anger and pressure -- I can see Dixie staying away. I mean, she definitely would have after she saw the looks on their faces.

David: Who knows what Dixie would have done? She's gone. And you're free to make her whatever you need her to be.

Di: I don't think it's going to be that easy. Even if J.R. accepts me as his mother, I'm not sure he'll forgive me. Tad, either.

David: Oh, who cares what Tad thinks? In fact, it's probably better if he doesn't forgive you. He's played his part. He's convinced the masses that you're Dixie. So, hopefully he does back off, way off. Things will go a hell of a lot smoother without him around.

Di: You must be one empty piece of nothing not to care about the pain you're dredging up for these people.

David: You're not developing a conscience now, are you? I mean it, Di. I want a commitment from you right now that you're not getting all soft and bailing out on me. We have a deal.

Di: I didn't say I was ditching the plan. I just had a rough day. And I can't vent to my friends or loved ones, so all I've got is you, God help me.

David: Well, give it some time. You can have more friends and family than you know what to do with. Dixie's friends and family. And if that's not enough, you'll have wads of cash to mend that bleeding heart.

Ethan: You disappoint me, Ryan. I told you -- luck runs out. You know, the trick is you got to feel it -- you know, work out when it's turning and then walk away. Now, if you wouldn't mind leaving the table, I'm sure you wouldn't want us all to be losers. Hey, hey!

Ryan: What did you just call me?

Greenlee: You loved Ryan more than you've ever loved anyone. You can't tell me you ever saw anything sinister in him, any hint that he would hurt a woman or a child.

Kendall: Well, that was before Jonathan, Braden, and the cave from hell. When you watch your murderous brother go postal on your wife and then shoot him -- call me crazy, but these things change a person.

Greenlee: Jonathan was a nut job. He was terrifying and dangerous and evil. Are you saying that you see those characteristics in Ryan? You really think he's so lost beyond redemption?

Kendall: Is redemption a reason to have a child?

Greenlee: You tell me. When Bianca was pregnant and everyone thought that she would terminate the pregnancy, why didn't she?

Kendall: Come on, Greenlee.

Greenlee: No, I want to know. What made Bianca decide to have Miranda?

Kendall: Me. She wanted to show everybody that her baby deserved love, that I deserved love. It was her one ray of hope after the rape.

Greenlee: Our child will be Ryan's ray of hope.

Kendall: No, it's not the same.

Greenlee: Why not? You think Ryan has less love to give than Bianca? You think he's so lost that he couldn't love his own child? He will adore being a daddy, Kendall. I know it. Once that child is in his arms, the world will be right. Redemption was reason enough for Bianca to have that baby, and it's reason enough for me to have Ryan's baby.

Ethan: Hey!

Ryan: Go ahead, say it now! Call me a loser right now! Go ahead!

Ethan: Calm down!

Jack: No, no, no, no, no.

Erica: Jack, let me help him.

Jack: No, I don't want you anywhere near him.

Ryan: Please say it now. I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere!

Zach: Ryan! Money and cards -- those are the only things you get to touch around here. Guests and employees are off-limits.

Ethan: You and casinos are a bad combination.

Zach: Maybe it's time you went home.

Ryan: What is this? What is this, your concerned father routine? I mean, you're the one who told me -- do you remember? "Some men shouldn't be fathers."

Zach: You can't escape who you are -- not in here, not out there. The sooner you accept that, the better.

Maria: So I am so ready to move on right now, and you know what? Believe it or not, so is Maddie.

Tad: Well, one thing's for sure. If Sammie doesn't want to be in California, nothing's going to keep him there. And it might be better if he stayed here in Pine Valley rather than worrying about how the hell he was going to get back here in one piece.

Maria: Yeah, but I can't -- I can't ask you to do this.

Tad: Oh, sure you can.

Maria: Especially now.

Tad: No, no, come on. It's not like I'm going to be doing it solo. Are you kidding? You tell the clan you got a new Martin to deal with -- Mom and Dad will be onboard, and Jamie. Even Brooke, if that's ok with you.

Maria: No, you know what? It's great because he loves her and he trusts her, and she's -- truly, she's been the one constant in his life, and he really -- he really could use that right now.

Tad: Good for you. Ok. So why don't you let us take him into our family for a while?

Maria: You're kind of Mr. Amazing, aren't you? You are. And it's just really, truly just for the summer -- ok, because that's all I can take away from him -- and then we'll re-evaluate. Does that sound good?

Tad: Better than good. Got yourself a deal.

Maria: Wow. So it's settled.

Tad: Not quite. The real question here is, are you going to be ok without him?

Maria: No. But all I have ever really wanted for my kids is -- is just that they feel safe and that they feel loved. And I know that they're going to have that here with you. They're going to have it with you and with your family and with Brooke. And you've done a phenomenal job with Jamie, so I have -- I have complete faith in you.

Tad: You shouldn't. You do good work. He's going to be a fine young man, just like Jamie. But let's not forget, I got one major ding on my track record. But I'll make you this promise -- I'll do my damnedest to do for Sam what I obviously couldn't do for J.R.

Di: Even a truckload of cash won't mean squat if I can't get J.R. to accept me as his mother. And Adam isn't believing a lick of this. He wants to run every DNA test ever made.

David: So what? Let him. I will handle it with no fuss and leaving no tracks behind.

Di: David, this can blow up in our faces bigtime.

David: Would you stop being so pessimistic? You never thought anybody would buy you as Dixie, right? Well, look what happened. They do. Now, you're worried they're not going to forgive you? They will.

Di: Yeah, just in time for me to get Babe her fair share of custody. And then I just get to walk out on them again, leaving even more wreckage behind.

David: All right, Di, it looks like it's time for a reality check here. Don't get sucked in. You're not really Dixie. And even if you were, she left for a reason. She was too good for this town and the people in it.

Di: Even you?

David: Even me. Dixie left. You will, too. That's just the way it has to be.

Derek: You want to talk about visitation, Mimi, you come see me. You don't ambush our daughter at work.

Mimi: Oh, is that what she told you she was doing? Working? So I was right about you still having your father played.

Danielle: This isn't about visitation, Daddy. She wants me to move back to New York with her.

Derek: You can't jerk us around like that!

Mimi: I still have custody, Derek. I don't need your permission to take our daughter home.

Derek: Look, don't get righteous with me. I don't think the court's going to see you as an outstanding parent here.

Mimi: Well, my life is much more stable now.

Danielle: You're still you, and I'm still me, so what's changed?

Mimi: I'm getting married. I met someone who really cares about me. He wants to get to know you. We can be a real family again.

Derek: Danielle and I are a real family.

Mimi: Oh, you've been with her a year. She's been with me her entire life!

Derek: You didn't give me a chance. This is my time now.

Danielle: Listen to the two of you. It's all about you and what you want. Well, this is my life!

Derek: Congratulations.

Erica: Look, to hell with our decision not to interfere in their lives, ok? Ryan really needs help.

Jack: Yes, he does. That's why I'm begging you, don't go anywhere near him, please? He's a danger to himself and anyone around him right now. You saw how he lit up on Ethan back there. He looked like he was going to kill him. Now do you understand why I don't want you or Greenlee anywhere around the guy?

[Ryan sneaks into the mysterious blonde's apartment.]

Kendall: Number three.

Simone: Ok.

Greenlee: All right. Let's get out of here.

Kendall: Yeah, come on.

[Door slams]

[As footsteps approach, Simone, Greenlee, and Kendall hide.]

Simone: Oh.

Greenlee: Ok --

Kendall: Turn the lights off, come on.

Greenlee: Shut that door.

Simone: Shh.

Guard: Techies.

Kendall: Oh.

Greenlee: No.

[Finding keys in the door, the security guard locks it and leaves.]

Maria: Well, at the risk of sounding like a greeting card, you will never know how much I appreciate this and how grateful I am.

Tad: At the risk of sounding like a greeting card -- you're a friend, a really good one. Whatever happens, I want you to be happy.

Maria: This will be a start.

Tad: If Pine Valley is lucky, you'll find your way home before Sammie finds his way out to all that fun in the sun. Remember what I said -- two shoulders, no waiting.

Maria: Shoulders -- back at you.

Tad: Miss you already.

Maria: I'm going to miss you. Thanks, Tad.

Tad: God bless.

[Tad and Di simultaneously look up at the night sky.]

Tad: Well, it's a little too early for Christmas, but I wish --

Di: I wish –

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Babe: You know something that I don't?

Amanda: You're about to get your heart smashed.

Adam (to Di): You're not going to crash back into our lives when my son and I are closer than ever.

David: What's going on, Ryan? Who did this to you?

Ryan: Back off.

Greenlee (to Simone and Kendall): If we can't take Ryan's sperm home, you girls get me pregnant right here, right now.

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