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Jamie: So you want me to break up with Babe?

Amanda: Not right away. You should sample the goods first.

Jamie: Oh, right, because it usually works that way.

Amanda: Until we get busted. Here's the deal -- you can call me whenever you want and nobody's ever in the pool house, or I could come here when Babe's working -- whatever. I'm easy.

Jamie: I can see that.

Amanda: I bet it's been a long time since someone's offered to help you out, no strings attached.

Jamie: So, every time Babe's back is turned, that's our quality time.

Amanda: And it will be quality. So, ready to play?

Babe: So it seems like we have some real players on our team, Mama. I mean, Amanda -- she has been so great and -- and the nanny, she's really wanting to make nice for us.

Krystal: Hmm. Honey, it is about time you got a little sprinkle of good luck.

Babe: You never know. Before we know it, our three hours a week could be extended.

Krystal: I'm just so glad you brought pictures. I swear, every time I see a new one, it's like he's just getting bigger and bigger. He's going to be driving before we know it.

Babe: You're right. Seriously, he's so great. Every time I see him, he's getting so big.

Krystal: Aw, I tell you what, I bet that nanny's doing something right.

Babe: She is.

Krystal: You got any pictures of her?

Babe: Uh -- yeah.

Di: David, what are you doing? When did you turn into Dr. Drama?

David: Answer me. Are you really Dixie?

Di: Don't be stupid. You were the one that put me up to this.

David: That's because I couldn't actually believe it was true.

Di: Are you out of your mind?

David: Oh, yeah. I lost my mind years ago, over her. I loved her so much, and I would do anything for her. Now, tell me the truth. Are you Dixie?

J.R.: She's what? What, are you on medication?

Tad: Dixie -- alive. Look, I know it sounds crazy, but that's exactly what's going on here.

J.R.: No, my mother has been dead for three years, Tad --

Tad: Wait --

J.R.: For three years.

Tad: Wait. J.R., the only thing that we know for a fact is that Dixie has been gone for three years.

J.R.: No, I'm not going to stay and listen to this garbage.

Tad: Son, I hate getting your hopes up, especially when there are certain things that I don't understand myself.

J.R.: No, there is no hope.

Tad: I disagree. And that's why I was on your terrace last night, and that's why I was in Diana's room just now -- because I want some answers. J.R., there's a lot going on around here that tells me that woman is your mother. That's Dixie.

J.R.: Well, if you're not on meds, you need them.

Ryan: No, she didn't come home last night. Thank you, Simone. Just let me know if you hear -- never mind.

Greenlee: You didn't think I was coming back?

Ryan: No. Are you back to stay?

Greenlee: I'm back, because I'm trying to figure out what the hell happened to us.

Ryan: I still love you more than I ever did.

Greenlee: I'm not sure I can stay here. I don't know if this is even a marriage anymore.

Ryan: I know I want it to be. The question is whether you could still love me.

Greenlee: I wish it were that easy. I wish "I love you" solved everything.

Ryan: I am sorry that I hurt you, but I know I made the right decision.

Greenlee: I'm still trying to wrap my head around my husband, a man so strong and so brave and so wonderful, a man who would make any kid proud, medically fixing it so that we can never have a baby together. Don't you regret it at all? Even a little?

Ryan: Greenlee, we've had this out already. I'm not going there.

Greenlee: I don't think you realize how I feel. The greatest gift I've been given decided to take away the greatest gift he could ever give me. The worst part is you did it behind my back. You didn't even talk to me about it.

Ryan: You couldn't have changed my mind.

Greenlee: How do I get past the dishonesty, Ryan? Because I'm really having trouble with that one.

Tad: Come here. Do me a favor -- you stop pretending you hate my guts for ten minutes and you listen to me. Let me lay this out for you. I swear to you I'll -- I'll lay it out for you. I'll tell you everything I know about Diana Cole and how I found out about it, and then you can tell me what you think is going on.

J.R.: All right. Before I go get your straitjacket, why don't you tell me how you arrived at this stunning conclusion?

Amanda: This will be fine. I'll help you screw over J.R. and get that money if Babe's out of the picture.

Jamie: Wow, it doesn't sound like it's J.R. you're going to screw.

Amanda: Hmm.

Jamie: You ready to go for it, right now?

Amanda: Ooh, that's what I'm talking about. Oh.

Jamie: Take the baby and get the hell out.

Amanda: What?

Jamie: You heard me.

Amanda: Well, what? You were totally into it.

Jamie: You pretend to be our friend, Babe's friend, and then you bring Little Adam over for a booty call?

Amanda: That is not what happened.

Jamie: You know, I've seen sluts before, but you are one dirty --

Amanda: Hey! You have known me forever. Do you really think I would do --

Jamie: No, I don't know if you're in J.R.’s bed or in his bank account, or maybe this is your own little game, but I'm not playing. So get out right now and don't even think about coming back.

Babe: So here is a picture of Little Adam and the nanny.

Guard: Did you get that call from pretty boy Martin?

Krystal: No. When was it?

Guard: Oh, that's right -- there wasn't one.

Krystal: Well, nothing like a little friendly banter between us girls.

Babe: When was the last time that Tad came to visit?

Krystal: Well, let's see -- it -- it's been a while. I guess it was since -- just after I had that little accident. But Tad's got to go where business leads him, and it doesn't always lead him here to the prison palace.

Babe: Right.

Krystal: Anyway, it's no sweat, honey. I'm the one who told him not to come by. I mean, a guy can only see a girl without lipstick so many times before he starts to lose interest, right?

Babe: Come on, you cannot actually believe that.

Krystal: Look --

Babe: Tad said that he cared about you.

Krystal: I'm sure he does, Babe, but come on. Let's face it, all right? I'm in prison with not so much as a good conjugal visit to keep a guy interested. Anyway, come on. Why are you so interested in whether or not Tad stopped by?

Babe: Oh, there's -- there's no reason. I just -- I don't -- just conversation.

Krystal: Babe Carey, don't you hold out on your mama. If you got something going on in there, I want to know, so spill it.

Babe: Ok. Now, I haven't heard the latest, but Jamie said that there's some crazy chance that Dixie may still be alive.

Tad: I know you never bought that story about your mother's empty car at the crash site, but I couldn't give up on it, because a Jane Doe wandered into a rural country doctor's office in Switzerland the same week your mother supposedly died. Now, that Jane Doe was transferred to a hospital in Germany where she underwent extensive rehabilitation, physical therapy, facial reconstruction.

J.R.: Well, what does your wild-goose chase have to do with my son's nanny?

Tad: Aidan and I went to Germany. We talked to somebody that knew that Jane Doe. That somebody's name was Diana Cole. Now, she told us that this mystery woman was fascinated with her life. She wanted to know everything about her -- where she worked, who she worked for, everything. Luckily for her, the real Diana Cole was a veritable font of information.

J.R.: I thought you dropped all this trash.

Tad: No. I let you think that, because I didn't know whether it was trash or the truth.

J.R.: All right, you listen to me. My mother is gone, so you leave my family alone.

Tad: J.R., sit down. This is the real Diana Cole. Her address is on there. Now, you don't believe me, you have your people check it out. Better yet, call Bryce Wellington in Philadelphia, ask him about that reference.

J.R.: I've already checked with him about Diana.

Tad: About Diana Cole? Or the woman that's lying in that hospital bed? Because they're not one and the same. So whoever's been taking care of Little Adam is lying.

J.R.: Then take it up with the cops, let them sort it out.

Tad: Not yet, because something tells me that she did what she did for a reason, for an innocent reason -- because she wants to be close to you and your son.

J.R.: Ok, you know what? Let's just say that she's an identity thief. It doesn't make her a candidate for my birth certificate.

Tad: J.R., it's an awful big world. Something led her right here to Pine Valley, to your front door.

J.R.: Why don't you go sleep off that jet lag, because you're not making any sense now.

Tad: I don't blame you. I thought I was imagining things, too, but there's something about her. You got to admit -- you've seen it, too.

J.R.: No, you know, I think that you're seeing the only things that you want to see.

Tad: Little things -- the way she speaks, the way she moves, the way she stirs her tea. Remember how your mother used to do it?

Di's voice: You are my sunshine

Tad: Slice of lemon?

[J.R. flashes back to a recent memory in the baby's nursery.]

Di's voice: My only sunshine you make me happy

J.R.: She's in love with you. She's singing. She reminds me of my mom.

[Back to the present]

J.R.: All right, you know, I said there are some similarities that I believe only our overactive imaginations are seeing.

Tad: J.R., I've been where you are right now, killing myself trying not to get my hopes up, but something in the pit of my gut kept me going, kept me looking into this. And the first ray of light, first ray of hope, was finding out about that car and the Jane Doe. The second was when the real Diana Cole told me that that Jane Doe had lost a child, because of a kidney or a heart problem. Still, I held back, held on. And then this happened. J.R., this Diana Cole is in this hospital, because of a kidney infection, and she's only got one kidney.

Di: Where are your so-called brains that got you through medical school? Do you really think you found your sainted Dixie in a prison?

David: Why do you keep avoiding the question? Have you been setting me up from the beginning?

Di: David, you drilled me on this storyline, you steered me into the nanny job. You invented me. How can you question me?

David: No, there are way too many questions here. There are too many coincidences to ignore.

Di: You must have some crazy ego to believe your own spin.

David: The point is this, sweetheart -- you're more like Dixie than I planned.

Di: Why are you doing this, David? You know I'm Di Kirby, the broad behind bars with Krystal Carey. A natural brunette.

David: Oh, yeah -- a brunette with one kidney, just like Dixie. Now, that was something I never told you about. Now, tell me, Di -- or Dixie -- whatever the hell your name is. What happened to your other kidney?

Amanda: Oh, no! Oh, my God! Jamie, you thought I was serious? I -- I am so embarrassed. You actually thought I was hitting on you?

Jamie: Well, I always say, "I'm ready to go for it" when I want to be friends.

Amanda: Back the truck up, Mac. I guess I wasn't too clear.

Jamie: "Break up with Babe and hook up with me" is pretty damn clear.

Amanda: I meant we should pretend to do that -- make people think we're getting it on, go for it --- the scam, not the sex.

Jamie: Well, I apparently missed the "pretend" part in the "I'm easy" bit.

Amanda: Oh. Think about it -- I was just doing this to help you. I'm showing you how it could work.

Jamie: I've seen the kind of help you're offering.

Amanda: No. To help you get the money from the Chandlers. Think about it -- I still live with them. We could let J.R. catch us doing a little something-something. You tell him that you're so over Babe, he was right about her, blah, blah, blah, details to be worked out later. He has to release great-aunt moneybags' inheritance to you and hello med school.

Jamie: And I've lost the most important thing in my life.

Amanda: Not for a second. Babe's in on the whole enchilada. Once you got the cash, you can marry her. By then, no one can take it away from you. You are rich, Babe's rich. Hell, maybe we're all rich.

Di: Do you ask all the girls about their internal organs?

David: Why didn't you tell me you were missing a kidney?

Di: I was afraid you'd drop me from the phony nanny medical plan.

David: Very funny. Now tell the nice doctor what happened to your other kidney.

Di: It went down the toilet, right with your right to call yourself a doctor.

David: I am not leaving this room until you give me an answer.

Di: Oh. Fine. My family has kidney troubles. What's the big deal?

David: What kind of troubles?

Di: I don't know, David! Some kind of infection. I got it when I was a girl. My mom was never real clear about it.

David: Oh, yeah -- conveniently vague.

Di: Yeah. That's why I'm living the high life until my last kidney gives out, wiping up baby puke. All right, come on. I'm not your damn Dixie, and you know it.

David: At the moment, I don't know it.

Di: Don't you think if I really was her, I wouldn't have to wait around for a jerk like you to come around and find me, so I could come home to my loving husband and devoted son?

Tad: One kidney? What are the chances of that?

J.R.: Missing kidneys can be arranged.

Tad: Arranged? What do you think, she was hard up for cash, so she sold one on the Internet? I am not asking you to blindly go along with this. I'm just saying that together we should walk into that room and confront her, find out what she's doing in your house.

J.R.: Yeah? Yeah, what if she stonewalls us?

Tad: Ask her for a DNA sample.

J.R.: Yeah, because those have worked so well in the past.

Tad: An official DNA test.

J.R.: You've got this all figured out, don't you?

Tad: J.R., this means as much to me as it does to you. All I'm asking is that we go through it together.

Jamie: It's bribe money. I'm not taking it, and I'm sure as hell not earning it.

Amanda: Why the heck not, as long as Babe's in on the action?

Jamie: Because I love Babe, and I'm not for one minute letting anyone think that I dumped her.

Amanda: She'll get over it. You're not really dumping her.

Jamie: I will not let J.R. do this to us.

Amanda: So, you're saint studly -- I get it. But coming from a girl who's worn the same tank top as your wife, I don't think she'd mind a temporary dis if it means it would set you up for the rest of your lives.

Jamie: Don't even think about mentioning this to her.

Amanda: Why? Because she might go for it?

Jamie: No, because she'll think it's the right thing for me. But I am done playing chicken with J.R. You couldn't pay me to let him win for a second.

Amanda: He won't win in the end. You're sure you want to decide this solo?

Jamie: No, I'm not letting money make decisions for me.

Amanda: This idea wasn't just for you. I feel even worse for Babe -- working all hours at some shady bar, coming back to this dump falling apart. How does this help her look like a fit mother for Little A? Don't you owe the girl you love every trick you can think of to give her a decent life?

Babe: So I told Jamie not to tell J.R. that Tad has been in Europe looking for Dixie.

Krystal: Honey, you are nicer to your ex than he deserves. Well, I guess that explains why Tad's been scarcer than a bubble bath around here.

Babe: I'm not even sure if he's even turned anything up.

Krystal: Well, if he did, that -- that would be nice for him.

Babe: Will you forget about Tad? What about you?

Krystal: Honey, Dixie is the love of his life, all right? Now, there's no shame in coming in second to that, right? I mean, besides, I got plenty of great parting gifts.

Babe: Tad said that he cared about you. I'm sure he's crazy about you.

Krystal: Babe, Dixie’s different, ok? I always knew that. Tad feels the same way about Dixie as Jamie feels about you. When those guys fall, they fall hard.

Babe: Oh, God, it could drive you crazy being in here.

Krystal: Oh, honey. What am I going to do around Pine Valley -- walk around hoping that he doesn't find the love of his life?

Babe: This isn't fair, though. You can't even fight for him in here. It -- it's not fair.

Krystal: Honey, it's probably what's best, ok? If Tad does have Dixie come back to him, then it's probably meant to be. Anyway, I do not wish that woman dead.

Babe: I don't believe that you would just give up. What happened to us going after what we want?

Krystal: That still holds. But I am in jail for nine years plus, ok? Now, for Tad's sake, I hope he finds Dixie.

Di: Get out. I'm supposed to be recovering. Your bedside manner sucks.

David: My bedside manner is not what's in question right now. I'm simply trying to get an answer or two.

Di: Whoa, whoa. Remember me? I was in jail for taking the fall for some sketchy, crooked executive, a guy who didn't give two shots about me.

David: Yeah, well, you don't have to worry about that. You're safe now -- if that story was even true.

Di: I'm just a girl who can't catch a break. Now, if my life were Dixie’s, now I could get used to that -- a son who adores me and his little boy. A smoothie like Tad Martin after me, you hot even for me. You think I could pass that up?

David: I don't know. You tell me.

Di: As Dixie, I'd have the people of this town counting the days to throw me a homecoming parade.

David: So you're saying that you missed being loved by all those people?

Di: I never had it. But Dixie had more love than anyone deserves, too much for me to ignore. Hell, I've only seen a breath of her life, and it's already too good for me to walk away from.

David: Isn't that funny? A few days ago, you were ready to walk away from it.

Di: That's because I thought I was going to hurt Tad and J.R. Now I am not going to. So you -- you keep spinning your little web, because I'm going to hang on to poor Dixie’s life as long as I can.

J.R.: My mother's alive? You always know just the right bait to dangle in front of a sucker's nose.

Tad: All right, then you give me something else. You've heard everything there is to hear -- give me another conclusion.

J.R.: You expect me to believe that my mother, the woman who loved me, that I've mourned for for years, would suddenly just sneak here into town, have an extreme makeover, and -- and start becoming my son's nanny? I mean --

Tad: J.R., J.R., if that is Dixie, she's been through a hell of a lot. She lost a child, she nearly died. She's probably spent most of the last three years in a hospital.

J.R.: Well, she's here now. Where's the love?

Tad: I agree. Her behavior doesn't make sense.

J.R.: Is that why you've been hassling Diana? Hmm? To get her to go along with your sick, wack-job story? Is that it?

Tad: I didn't make this up. I swear to you on your mother's life.

J.R.: No, you do not swear on my mother's life, because my mother is not alive. She is dead.

Greenlee: I feel like a part of me has died. How can you justify lying to me? How can you justify how I feel?

Ryan: Greenlee, do you really think that going six rounds over this would've made us more honest, because I doubt it. Look, once I realized that this was the only way, the only way that I could make love to you, I had to take this step without you.

Greenlee: I want to understand. How does our marriage survive after what you've done?

Ryan: You knew how I felt, Greenlee. I never made that a secret.

Greenlee: And you knew I thought it was just as important to keep this option open. I believe that a baby would show you how much good you have in you.

Ryan: Nothing I could've said would've made it ok with you, but I knew that I could prove it to you that this is the right decision. I still can.

Greenlee: Ok, so let me get these new rules straight -- obviously they've changed. Are you saying it's ok not to tell the truth as long as it saves us?

Ryan: Yes. That's exactly what I'm saying.

Greenlee: If we really believe that our actions will save each other, why not tell each other?

Ryan: Because sometimes people don't realize what's best for them in the long run.

Greenlee: I agree. So we trust that the other person loves us enough to do the right thing.

Ryan: Yes, and have faith, and don't give up on us. I can still prove to you that this is the right decision. We can still be happy.

Greenlee: "Happy" seems a long time down the road.

Ryan: I know it does. I heard you laid into Dr. Cooper.

Greenlee: Couldn't tear you apart, so I went after the next responsible party.

Ryan: Don't blame him, blame me. I told him that you were onboard with this.

Greenlee: I see. So you lied to the doctor, too -- about me? Ok, I'll try to get my head around that, too.

Ryan: Will you -- will you at least give this marriage a chance like this?

Greenlee: Well, you haven't left me any choices.

Ryan: Is there a shot that you can get past this?

Jamie: Forget it. Babe and I already have a decent life.

Amanda: Ok, I don't mean to be harsh, but what does that mean? Free chicken wings after work on Wednesdays?

Jamie: Babe loves living together. Give it some time, and we'll be married.

Amanda: Of course she loves it. She loves you. She's going to tell you whatever you want to hear. You're taking care of her, and she loves you for it.

Jamie: Well, taking care of her includes tossing this BS about Aunt Phoebe's money.

Amanda: You win. I better get the munchkin back before Winifred sets out a search party.

[Amanda kisses Jamie on the cheek.]

Jamie: Don't forget these. What was that for?

Amanda: For being so awesome. Truth is you're the guy most of us are looking for but never find. Babe's lucky she can trust you -- with anything.

Babe: I'm so sorry, Mama. Now I feel lousy that I even told you all this stuff.

Krystal: No, no, no, no, no. Listen, if this is the Dixie that I've heard so much about -- yeah, I might cry a few tears in my pillow every night, but I'll be happy for Tad. Anybody deserves to be happy, it's him.

Babe: I'll just leave these pictures of Little Adam here for you, and I promise I'll bring more next time, ok?

Krystal: Ok. Thank you.

Babe: I love you.

Krystal: I love you.

[Babe leaves the picture of Di holding Little Adam on the visiting room table.]

J.R.: First, you lie to me about my son, and now you're going to lie to me about my mother? I hate you. How dare you use the death of my mother to throw me in front of the bus.

Tad: I'm not using anybody. I loved your mother more than anything. You know that. Because when she died, I was the one grieving right next to you. You honestly think I would do something like this, put you through something like this if there weren't a chance?

J.R.: I wouldn't put it past you.

Tad: J.R.? Are you really so full of your father's bitterness you refuse to see what's right in front of your face? If I were screwing with you and trying to use Diana to do it, why would I be the one insisting on a DNA test?

J.R.: DNA tests, Tad, can be forged. Who's going to tamper with it this time? Good old Dr. Joe?

Tad: Not if we're -- not if we're all witnesses to it.

J.R.: Well, you did such a smash job on Miranda’s. You gave birth to a nightmare with that one. I wouldn't trust this hospital's research team to take a temperature.

[Phone rings]

J.R.: Yeah, who is it? Fine, I'll be right there. You stay away from me, and you stay away from Diana!

Di: I have every intention of staying Dixie. I get all of her perks, none of her pitfalls.

David: Ok. So you're not Dixie. I guess I got carried away.

Di: Yeah, I guess you damn well did.

David: I saw that missing kidney on your chart, and it just freaked me out.

Di: The world's full of surprises.

David: I don't like surprises.

Di: You know who you should worry about is Tad. Whatever you set him up with is about to come down.

David: So Tad heard about the kidney, huh?

Di: He burst in here, demanded to know who I really was. He knows I'm not Diana Cole.

David: I guess the trip to Germany paid off. He's probably comparing pictures of you and Dixie right now.

Di: What do I do next time he asks? I stalled him this time, but do I admit I'm Dixie, or what?

David: Here's what you're going to do.

Greenlee: Maybe there is a way to give this marriage a shot of hope.

Ryan: Name it.

Greenlee: Well, one time that you said I needed help, professional help. Maybe you're right. Maybe at a time like this, I should talk this over with a doctor.

Ryan: Great. Anything to get our marriage back the way it was.

Greenlee: Anything?

Ryan: Anything. Anything to keep you in my life.

Greenlee: That settles it, then. I'm so glad you feel that way.

Ryan: Well -- where are you going? You going to the doctor right now?

Greenlee: Oh, yeah. This is for us, Ryan. I'm going to do my damnedest.

Amanda: Hey, sexy. How about mixing a stiff one for me?

J.R.: Where's my baby?

Amanda: I just left the rugrat with Winifred. I guess that's a no on the drink.

J.R.: Since when do you take my son out for some air?

Amanda: Since he would be the perfect little way to cozy up to our stone-cold make-love birds. Thought it was brilliant.

J.R.: I don't pay you for your brilliance. It's not your brains that are doing the work. The idea is to get Jamie to want you, not my son.

Amanda: I have to get in good with Jamie and Babe first. How better, then, to dangle a little bonus time with the kid?

J.R.: All right, I want this understood perfectly. My son is not part of this plan. Babe cannot have any additional time with my son for any reason.

Amanda: You're kidding, right? You're trying to break up your brother's happy home, and you've got scruples how to do it?

J.R.: Sit down, shut up, and listen.

Amanda: Ooh, bring it, big boy. I didn't realize you liked it rough.

J.R.: All right, you're sex on a stick, you're perfect to get Jamie all hot and stupid. I don't care if you have to get naked and walk down Main Street to get what I want. The point is to get rid of Babe, not have her gush all over my son.

Amanda: Babe had to go visit her mom anyway. We were with Jamie most of the time.

J.R.: And I don't want Jamie getting attached to my son, either.

Amanda: You are seriously limiting my tools here. Hmm, got any other ideas?

J.R.: Well, I got that money you're so living high on. Your job is to break Babe's heart, so you better do it fast.

Amanda: Jamie is as opposite you as can be, isn't he?

J.R.: Yeah, well, I take that as a compliment.

Amanda: I tried to pitch a little pretend action to get the good stuff going, and Jamie totally shot me down. He's loyal and disgustingly honest.

J.R.: So, what, you're giving up?

Amanda: No way. Just chill.

J.R.: Should I find a new girl? Because you're not freeloading off me unless you get results.

Amanda: I'll think of something. The challenge is half the fun.

Krystal: Thanks for coming by.

David: I always have time for you. What's up?

Krystal: Well, Babe came by.

David: I'm glad to hear it.

Krystal: Yeah. Yeah, and she finally got some quality time with our little grandbaby, which is great.

David: Good.

Krystal: Oh -- here, she brought pictures.

David: Hmm.

Krystal: And she said she's finally getting along with that new nanny.

David: Well, that's good.

Krystal: Yeah. Have you met her?

David: Who? The new nanny?

Krystal: Mm-hmm.

David: Nope. But I hear she's perfectly fine.

Krystal: Listen, I really don't have enough visiting hours to beat around the bush, so I'm just going to come right out with it. Um -- Babe told me something. I don't know if you've heard, but she said Dixie might be alive.

David: Wow. I -- I can't imagine that -- oh –

[Seeing the picture of Di, David drops it under the table then slips it up his sleeve.]

Guard: Doesn't look like Tad to me.

David: Dixie -- alive?

Krystal: Yeah. Aren't you going to go? Aren't you going to try to track her down?

David: Dixie is somebody else's problem. I'm sticking with you.

Di: It really isn't necessary.

Orderly: We have to do another test.

Second orderly: Doctor's orders. Let's go.

Di: Let's just get it over with.

[Sneaking into Di’s empty hospital room, Tad goes through her purse and pockets one of its objects after putting it in a plastic bag with a tissue.]

Tad: Look at this -- not even in a wrapper. Not even a hairbrush. Ok. Improvise, Thaddeus. In a pinch, DNA's not available, so fingerprints are just going to have to do.

Nurse: How may I help you?

Greenlee: I'm Mrs. Ryan Lavery, and I would like my husband's sperm, please. You have it in back, frozen somewhere. I want it. I want you to make me pregnant.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Amanda (to Aidan): How about a soda at the beach shack? My treat.

Jack (to Dr. Greg Madden): If you want to leave here with all your teeth, walk out right now.

J.R.: You don't get to do this, Kendall! You don't get to bail on me!

Greenlee (to Nurse): This is the optimal day in my cycle to conceive. Get them in me on the double.

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