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All My Children Transcript Friday 5/27/05



By Boo
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Greenlee: That is horrible. You are so low, so beyond disgusting. You will say anything no matter how obscene if it'll mess up Ryan and me. This is all part of your sick master plan to get him back.

Kendall: Ryan is the one who has a plan, Greenlee -- to make sure that your love nest is two and only two, ok? No nurseries, no babies. The only pitter-patter of footsteps you'll hear are your own.

Greenlee: He wouldn't even consider a move like that without telling me. Our marriage is 50/50 -- equal partners.

Kendall: Yeah, well, it's going to stay that way, and no third party's going to join you.

Greenlee: Ryan wouldn't do that.

Kendall: Well, he can't -- that's why he got a surgeon.

Greenlee: He would discuss it with me first.

Kendall: Look, Greenlee, maybe he tried to tell you, ok? Maybe you didn't notice. I'm sorry, but wake up. You don't have an all-time, perfect marriage -- you're not even close.

Ryan: I'm just tired. You're not really here.

Jonathan: You made Maria Grey think you're the guy with all the answers.

Ryan: I am not like the rest. I am taking control.

Jonathan: Ryan, you're a Lavery. Our fate is your fate.

Ryan: There's no such thing as fate.

Jonathan: There must be since you think you're controlling yours. Oh, hey, no, this is funny. School was basically a waste of time for me, except to get away from Dad, but I had to learn this insane poem from my almost hero, Mr. Hewlett. Part of it went, "I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul."

Ryan: Yes, that's right.

Jonathan: Then how come you can't get me out of your head, master? I'm proof that you're going to live and die a Lavery.

Ryan: I killed you. I got rid of you, and I will do it again.

Danielle: Hold up. How will crashing this private club help save Ryan and Greenlee's marriage again?

Simone: We get in, we get the down low on Ryan's activities, and then we get him to give it up for happy hubbydom.

Danielle: I see incarceration and maybe a pink slip.

Simone: Ok, Greenlee's husband has gone astray, all right? We need to round him up and bring him back into the marital fold.

Danielle: My mama didn't raise no sheepdog, and this place looks shady. I mean, if Ryan has gone naughty, wouldn't he pick a nice place?

Simone: Well, they're designed this way, so they can fly under the radar.

Danielle: Are you sure this is what you claim it is?

Simone: Ryan gets weird whenever he comes here. Ok, I've tracked him, Dani. Just follow my lead.

[Simone sighs]

Simone: Good. Ok. Come here.

Maddie: You rat dog deserter. It's bad enough you screwed up our escape -- now you're going to walk out on me?

Sam: It's not my fault we couldn't get to California.

Maddie: You -- you brought Lily in on it.

Sam: Shut up about Lily.

Maddie: You know, Sam, if you walk out on me, I will hate you till the day I die.

Maria: What's going on? Hey, hey.

Maddie: No, let go of me!

Sam: Hey, go away.

Maria: No, no, no -- ah. Which -- ok. Which one of you is going to tell me what this is about? I don't know how many times I have to say this -- we are going to work through this together as a family.

Maddie: Together? That's -- that's funny. No thanks to you and your casino boss lover, I don't have my father, and now because of you, I'm losing my brother, too. Good work, Mom.

Lily: One, two, three, one, two, three. One, two, three, four. Hello.

Zach: Hi.

Lily: You didn't say "Hello" when I walked in. Are you hiding?

Zach: No, I'm not hiding. No.

Lily: Well, I had -- I had four towels in my room until I went down to the honeymoon boat, and then I had three, because I left the fourth one in here.

Zach: So you found it, good.

Lily: I found it, and I found you. You're the man that did not kill the man in the wheelchair.

Zach: I'm Zach Slater.

Lily: You're the man that my boyfriend hates more than anyone in the world.

Zach: Who's your boyfriend?

Lily: Do many people hate you that much?

Zach: There's a few. What's your boyfriend's name?

Lily: Sam Grey.

Zach: Sam Grey -- yeah, he's -- he's right near the top of "the people who hate me" list.

Lily: Can I see the list?

Zach: I didn't bring it. I don't have it on me.

Lily: Why are you here if you're not hiding?

Zach: I lost something.

Lily: Well, I'm a great detective. Tell me what you lost, and I can help you find it.

Jonathan: You can't get rid of us, Ryan. We're part of you, man. We are you, and we're here to stay.

Ryan: No, you are the only one that's in my head, and you're are about to be gone.

Braden: You're all of us, Ryan -- Jonathan and me.

Patrick: And yours truly. Heh. To the line I sired.

Ryan: No, it ends here, old man.

Patrick: You're kidding yourself, son. Settle in, boys. We're here to stay.

Greenlee: You just married Zach for power and revenge, so keep your mouth off my marriage.

Kendall: This is not some nuptial competition, Greenlee. You have to deal.

Greenlee: You resent me, because I have Ryan, and we're happy.

Kendall: Not lately. I don't envy anything you have, Greenlee, including Ryan.

Greenlee: You've never been able to deal with the fact that he actually fell in love with me.

Kendall: Oh, God, that is so wrong, so old and so wrong.

Greenlee: Stop trying to mess me up. If you messed up your life, fix it. Leave me alone.

Kendall: Hold on a second. Would you just back off with the miss priss snooty thing for five minutes? This is me here being honest, being your friend.

Greenlee: Right.

Kendall: Ryan's head has been messed up since the standoff at that cave. I mean, he killed his brother, for God's sake.

Greenlee: We're working past that.

Kendall: Yes. Well, Ryan is working to make sure that you never have a child by him, Greenlee. I'm serious.

Greenlee: How would you know? He wouldn't tell you.

Kendall: That day I dropped by your place, Ryan got a phone call from a doctor's office, and he tried so hard to act normal. He did everything he could to convince me that it was a phone call from a shrink.

Greenlee: But naturally you jumped to this ugly conclusion.

Kendall: His name was Dr. Cooper. I called all three in the county -- not one of them is a shrink. The one that Ryan's using is a surgeon.

Greenlee: But that doesn't mean that --

Kendall: No, I confronted Ryan, and I made him so angry that he spilled everything, but he wouldn't let me tell you.

Greenlee: You knew about this for days? And you didn't tell me? And you say you're my friend? You pretend to give a damn about me? When? When is he having this done? When is the appointment? Tell me, or I'll strangle it out of you.

Ryan: I escaped you once, I will do it again.

Patrick: You can't leave me behind, Ryan. I'm in there.

Ryan: You're just old baggage.

Patrick: You're going to break one day and then you're going to show everybody that you're just one of us. You live, we live.

Ryan: No, you lost your power, Pops.

Jonathan: Why are you so scared of having kids?

Ryan: The tradition of Lavery hatred and damage ends here.

Patrick: Hmm. You always thought you were better than us, but you're wrong. You're going to find out that you're just like us.

Ryan: I am not like you. I am nothing like you.

Braden: Sorry, brother, but for once, the old man and Hockett got it right. All Laverys are the same inside and out.

Simone: Dani, no --

Danielle: I'm creeped out. I have homework.

Simone: Finally.

Woman: This is a private establishment.

Simone: Yeah, well, we're on the guest list.

Woman: There is no list.

Danielle: Well, Ryan must have gotten it wrong, then.

Simone: Yeah.

Danielle: Ryan Lavery? We're his guests.

Simone: Mm-hmm.

Woman: I don't recognize that name.

Simone: Oh, come on. He's here all the time -- gorgeous, tall, piercing blue eyes, chiseled good looks, cheeks to die for, and his body -- oh --

Danielle: Unforgettable.

Simone: A six-pack to kill for.

Woman: Then I guess I haven't met him.

Simone: Come on. You don't have to play innocent with us. We know what the deal is.

Woman: Hmm. Then you know more than I do. Enjoy your night, ladies.

Simone: Ok, she's really spooky and there's obviously something very ooky going on in there, or they would've let us in.

Danielle: Ok. I wouldn't have let you into a public place with that riff.

Simone: What?

Danielle: His six-pack? That's stalker talk.

Simone: No, or it's girlfriend talk. Yeah. Yeah, so why would a cathouse let me in to go search for my man?

Danielle: Isn't it really a hoochie house? I mean, would Ryan risk his marriage, not to mention his health, playing pile-on with a bunch of skanklettes? Would he?

Simone: It's either that or something even worse.

Sam: I'm not running away. I'll just be at Tad's.

Maria: No, you're not going to Tad's or anyone else's house.

Sam: My sister and I are talking -- do you mind?

Maria: You're having a fight about something that's not going to happen, so why don't you go upstairs?

Sam: Hey, why don't you just butt out. You're not my real mom -- you don't get to tell me what to do anymore.

Maddie: So I'm not your real sister? So you don't give a damn about what happens to me? You just want to save yourself.

Maria: I care what happens to both of you, and I'm ready to do whatever it takes to save this family whether you want to or not. Now, whether you like it or not, your lives are with me.

Maddie: This is so bogus.

Sam: Why not just chain us in our rooms?

Maddie: No, I want out of this family. I will sue if I have to.

Maria: Ok, you're not going anywhere.

Maddie: And I'm dropping out of school. I will die before I go back to that hellhole.

Maria: Why? What happened? Honey, did something happen?

Maddie: "How do you compete with your cheap slut mother? You give it away for free."

Maria: What? Where did you get this?

Maddie: It was on my locker.

Maria: Oh, my God. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, honey.

Sam: Like that makes any difference.

Maria: You -- this is just scrawled by some idiot kid who's probably jealous.

Sam: Oh, yeah. Everyone wants a tramp for a mother.

Maria: Stop! Right now, Sam. Don't let what one kid said, what one stupid kid wrote eat you up.

Maddie: It's not just one kid. You claim you listen to us -- listen. My God, what does it take to get through to you?

Maria: What is going on -- what else? This obviously isn't just about one thing. Did something else happen? Honey, what -- Sam?

Maddie: Don't tell.

Maria: What?

Sam: She ought to know. Maddie dropped her purse at the mall, and when she was on her knees collecting her stuff, this guy from our school, this junior super jock, was standing almost on top of her and his guys were all behind him. And he said he wanted a "pro like Maddie" to give him some "free servicing."

Maddie: Sam beat him up.

Maria: Oh.

Zach: When I say I lost something, I didn't -- um -- I'm here to think, you know, about stuff, feelings and things, it's --

Lily: Oh. Well, that's a lot harder than detecting. I don't understand feelings, either. I have a place where I can go to think, too. It's a hollow tree. It smells safe.

Zach: Well, maybe this is my hollow tree, then.

Lily: It doesn't smell safe. It smells like chlorine.

Zach: You're a very nice girl.

Lily: Thank you. I'd rather be nice than hot. Can you tell what I'm feeling by my face?

Zach: I -- I guess you're happy, right?

Lily: Yes, because my dad married the woman that's supposed to be my mother, and I didn't ruin the honeymoon after all.

Zach: There was a chance of that or --

Lily: Oh, yes. A honeymoon should be for the bride and groom only, because when they're married, they want to have sex, and kids shouldn't be around for that.

Zach: No, they -- no, they really -- they shouldn't, no, no.

Lily: So Reggie came and got me and then he got seasick, and I felt really bad.

Zach: I'm sure he's fine.

Lily: He is. Well, if you can tell me what I'm feeling -- I'm happy -- what are you?

Zach: I -- I don't -- I don't understand --

Lily: Well, I take a life skills class, because people are very difficult to read and understand. We study expressions and faces and tone. I'm not sure about your expression -- what is it?

Zach: Well, this is the face of a man who's been dead wrong about pretty much everything in his life.

Lily: You can't be right or wrong about anything if you're dead.

Zach: You're right. That's -- it's just an expression, and I was totally wrong about a lot of things. That's all.

Lily: The odds of being wrong all the time are very small.

Zach: I manage.

Lily: Well, I've been wrong a lot, too, but I guess you beat me -- "beat" meaning you win. But if the contest is the amount of times you get something wrong, I guess you really lose more than you win.

Zach: You're right about that.

Lily: So who's on "the people that hate you" list?

Zach: Well, let's see. Um -- there's your stepmother, Erica.

Lily: Erica's happy. You can't hate anyone when you're happy.

Zach: Oh, you'd be surprised. She disapproves of the way I dealt with Ethan.

Lily: Your son Ethan? Kendall's fiancé sometimes?

Zach: Yep. And she has an opinion as to how I dealt with Maria -- Sam's mom.

Lily: Sam hates you so much that we were planning a get-away for him and his sister. My plan got foiled -- that's a technical term. Anyway, I was trying to save Sam from you.

Zach: Ok, I tell you what -- I will not make any more trouble for Sam, I promise.

Lily: I'll tell that to Sam. He'll be really happy.

Zach: He's lucky to have you as a friend.

Lily: I'm lucky, too. Sam is very smart, and he understands me, and we've kissed more than once. So where'd you go wrong with Ethan?

Zach: Oh, I don't know. I didn't know how to be a good father to him. I did things, you know. I tried to make the right choices, turned out to be the wrong ones, and I messed it all up.

Lily: Does Ethan hate you even more than Sam does?

Zach: He's at the top of the list.

Lily: I guess that's what happens when you're dead wrong. Life is all about clues. There are millions of them. It's really hard to sort them out. You have to be a very good detective. I can give you a clue about how to be a good father. Do you want to hear it?

Zach: I would, Lily, very much.

Kendall: I'm a bad friend -- me? You're the one who did such a lame job of keeping Zach and me from getting married.

Greenlee: How long, Kendall? How long have you known that Ryan intended to cut off our chances of having children?

Ryan: For the record, I didn't think that I was too good for you, Dad. I knew it. First time I heard you yell, I heard Mom cry, and I woke up and saw her bruises. I knew that I was better than you. When you dislocated my shoulder, when you hit Braden in the stomach so he wouldn't bruise in the face, when you slapped us around like it was a game, I knew I would never be anything like you.

Greenlee: I swear if it's too late, I'll slaughter you. Is it? When is he having it done? Now? Is that why he didn't come down to Florida for my dad's wedding? Spit it out.

Kendall: I don't know the exact date. I was stunned, Greenlee, but I fought for your side. I did.

Greenlee: Yeah, you fought for my side, but you neglected to tell me about it?

Kendall: No, I promised Ryan.

Greenlee: Well, you picked a hell of a time to go all moral and honest. Hi, this is Mrs. Lavery. Put the concierge on.

Ryan: I made a life for myself, a life that has nothing to do with any of you anymore, and none of you can take it away from me.

Jonathan: I thought that once. It doesn't work that way. It's like a poison, Ryan. It's inside of you and it works its way out. Tell me you don't feel it.

Zach: So why do I have to stand here?

Lily: It's for your parent test.

Zach: I've already flunked it.

Lily: No, you haven't taken this one yet. Step one -- pretend. Pretend is where you act like something is real even when it's not. It's kind of complicated, but it works. Can you do it?

Zach: I'll give it a shot.

Lily: Ok, step two -- pretend that I am your child.

Zach: I got it.

Lily: Step three -- watch.

Zach: Stop!

Lily: Why did you stop me?

Zach: Well, you almost walked into the wall.

Lily: Well, if I ran into the wall walking backwards, I would learn to walk forwards and not to run into walls.

Zach: Ok. Wouldn't it be better not to hit anything at all, maybe?

Lily: My dad would call what you just did interfering. My new mother would call it being a good parent.

Zach: Ah, well, who is right?

Lily: That's the problem. It's not like mathematics. There's so many different ways to work a problem and an infinite number of answers. I think that if children are adult children, what you did was interfering. What do you think?

Zach: I think you're right.

Lily: I can't see your face. Are you happy or sad? You're sad. I'm sorry.

Zach: Ah, it's ok. I've done nothing but interfere since I met Ethan. Ruined his life.

Lily: So that's why he's at the top of your list?

Zach: Yeah, that's why.

Maria: Honey, you did not deserve any of this or -- or that filthy pig's comment. I'm sorry because this is entirely my fault.

Maddie: There's a news flash.

Maria: Well, here's the good news -- is that this is all over. It's ended.

Sam: People don't trash you to your face.

Maria: Zach and I have said good-bye. It's done.

Maddie: Again?

Maria: I get that you don't trust me because I haven't always used the best judgment. But the one thing that has always been constant is that I love you two. I -- I'm going to do whatever it takes, I swear to you both, whatever it takes to keep this family together.

Sam: Have you not noticed that we're not into really bonding with you?

Maria: We've got to do something to support each other and to love each other.

Sam: Maybe if Zach Slater were out of the picture, we would think about it.

Maria: He is.

Sam: Slater won't be gone until someone locks him up for good. I'm going to bed.

Ryan: I will never, never treat my wife the way you treated Mom. You slap her around, then have kids, treat them like punching bags, so they grow up to be monsters?

Patrick: That's a fine thing to say about your family.

Ryan: My family? You were never a father. You weren't even a man. You were a terrified, pathetic slob that tortured women and children, so you could feel like you had something to control.

[Patrick chuckles]

Patrick: You still think you're superior. You think Johnny and Braden didn't try and break the family mold? It can't be done.

Ryan: I'm already doing it.

Braden: The deck's stacked against you. I know. One day everything's fine, you're a good guy living your life happy. Then something sets you off.

Jonathan: Some idiot thinks he knows best and sticks his nose where it doesn't belong and next thing you know, you've beaten the life out of him.

Braden: Or your wife lies to you, and you slam out. And you see some girl walking down the street. You follow her and you take her.

Patrick: Or you do some kid a favor by bringing him into this screwed-up world, feed him, clothe him, and then he mouths off, so you smack him one -- not to hurt him, just to make him shut up.

Jonathan: It's a trigger that gets pulled, and you just go off.

Braden: She's nothing special. You're not attracted to her. You just need to feel that power. You just want to hurt something.

Jonathan: You have to lash out and hurt something.

Patrick: It just gets easier. Hell, it's natural.

Jonathan: And it feels good.

Patrick: And nobody --

Jonathan: No one cares, Ryan. No one cares, Ryan.

[Patrick, Jonathan, and Braden talking at once]

Jonathan: No one cares, Ryan! No one cares!

Greenlee: And send someone up to get my bags. No. No, wait ten minutes. I have someone to take care of first. Maybe you are a good friend, Kendall -- to Ryan, not to me.

Kendall: No, that's not true.

Greenlee: Shut up! I am so onto you. I know why you did this. Months ago when I told you that Ryan and I wanted to have a baby, you freaked. Later, you admitted you weren't ready to accept it -- me and Ryan as parents creating a family. Then you just tried to pretend that everything was cool.

Kendall: No, no. I told Ryan that what he was doing to you wasn't fair. I did everything I could to get Ryan to call that doctor and cancel the appointment.

Greenlee: Maybe that was my job. Did that ever cross your mind? Maybe it was my place to discuss the children question with my husband.

Kendall: No, I'm the best friend that you've ever had.

Greenlee: No, Kendall. A friend would've come to me and said, "Friend, your husband is about to do something permanent that could destroy your marriage."

Kendall: This has nothing to do with the past or what Ryan and I had a zillion years ago.

Greenlee: Your real allegiance has always been to Ryan. It makes sense. You're still in love with him. Your so-called friendship with me let you keep Ryan in your sights.

Kendall: Will you just stop with that? Please, stop.

Greenlee: The moves you put on him at the roadside bar --

Kendall: Yeah, to find out how he felt about you!

Greenlee: To gauge how much effort it would take to win him back.

Kendall: No, that's not true.

Greenlee: Then why'd you wait to tell me this, huh? Because you knew if you waited long enough, our marriage might incinerate.

Kendall: No, Greenlee, you're wrong about this.

Greenlee: Your word is worthless, but mine's not. So, as God as my witness, we're back where we started -- honest enemies who despise and only want the worst for each other. You better pray I'm not too late to stop him.

[Turns off stereo]

Ryan: This is the last time. This is the last time that any of you will be here, because from this point on, I am closing you out. And I know that I can do it, because the fact that you are all here ganging up on me like this is proof that I can do it, because you know -- you know that I found the one certain way to end you, to end the Lavery line forever, and you're powerless. And I don't have to think about you. I don't have to worry about the future. You don't have one, thanks to me.

Braden: You think Greenlee will be ok with this? She wants children.

Patrick: He doesn't have the guts to tell her.

Ryan: Greenlee will understand. She will support my decision. Now, get the hell out of my life, all of you!

[All of Ryan's tormentors disappear.]

Zach: I really was trying to do the right thing. I was trying to save my son.

Lily: Well, people make too many mistakes. Life jackets are the only sure thing.

Zach: I don't think this is going to fix it for Ethan and me.

Lily: Well, you could try unconditional love. That's what my dad has for me. It's kind of hard to explain, but I know I have it for him, too.

Zach: You're very lucky.

Lily: I'd better get going. Good night.

Zach: Good night. Hey, Lily. Thank you for talking to me. Helped a lot.

Lily: I'll tell Sam not to hate you anymore and that you won't be the bad guy for his family.

Zach: Thanks.

[Lily hands Zach a life jacket.]

Lily: They really do work.

[While “I’ll Stand By You” plays, Maria sadly glances up outside her front door, Zach stands under a rotating ceiling fan thinking, Kendall agonizes and falls backward on the bed, Greenlee packs her belongings, and Ryan stares outside his apartment with tears in his eyes.]

Singer: Oh, why you look so sad? Tears are in your eyes. Come on and come to me now. Don't be ashamed to cry. Let me see you through 'cause I've seen the dark side, too. When the night falls on you, you don't know what to do. Nothing you confess could make me love you less. I'll stand by you, I'll stand by you. Won't let nobody hurt you. I'll stand by you. So, if you're mad get mad, don't hold it all inside. Come on and talk to me now. Hey, what do you got to hide? I get angry, too. Well, I'm a lot like you. When you're standing at the crossroads, don't know which path to choose, let me come along 'cause even if you're wrong, I'll stand by you. I’ll stand by you.

Maria: I was up all night thinking. And I've come up with what we need. Maddie, don't walk out right now. This is important.

Maddie: I already know what we need. I'm going to talk to Daddy.

Maria: We're having a family meeting! Oh, God. Ok, well, she'd probably prefer to hear it from you later, anyway.

Sam: No, no, no, don't drag me into whatever you've got going.

Maria: No -- until last night, I had no idea how bad it had gotten for you and your sister.

Sam: I'm fine. Maddie's the one getting shafted.

Maria: Well, our lives have become way too public here.

Sam: Not much we can do about that now.

Maria: Not here, there isn't, but there are millions of really nice little towns that we could go live in. Hayley and Mateo live in California. We could go live near them. I just -- I think we all need a fresh start. What do you think? We could leave all our problems behind us.

Zach: What happened to you?

Kendall: I got hit by a very small truck. Never mind, I'm fine. I just -- I need to be alone right now, please.

Zach: First, I'm going to tell you what I've decided to do.

Danielle: Leave Ryan alone.

Simone: Oh! You know, if Reggie was running around on you, wouldn't you want to know?

Danielle: Sure, so I could bust his head in. But I wouldn't need the word from you. I'd know.

Simone: Greenlee and Ryan's relationship has been on the rocks for months. Ok? Greenlee is in Florida. She's clueless.

Danielle: Ok. So when she gets back, take her to a chick flick, but don't wreck her marriage.

Simone: Well, it may not be too late to save it.

Danielle: Sure. Tell Greenlee her man has a platinum card at the house of tarts, and just watch the fun begin.

Simone: I've made up my mind.

Danielle: You can't derail them without one single fact.

Simone: I am telling Greenlee Ryan is cheating on her, end of discussion, assistant.

Danielle: Oh. I knew you couldn't resist playing the assistant card. Well, this assistant's revolting. Or better yet, mutinying. I won't let you wreck Greenlee's life.

Ryan: Hey.

Greenlee: Hey. Ohh.

Ryan: Why didn't you call me, tell me you were coming home?

Greenlee: I missed this.

Ryan: Yeah, I missed you, too. Get in here. Tell me about it how was it? How was the wedding?

Greenlee: Where are you going?

Ryan: It doesn't matter. Tell me. Was it Erica's best yet?

Greenlee: Yeah, it was gorgeous. Erica -- I can't.

Ryan: What's wrong?

Greenlee: I know, ok? But it's not ok. Kendall told me what you're planning to do.

Lily: I told you, I got my towel.

Reggie: We're not looking for a towel, all right? We need to talk, in private.

Lily: Well, this is a very good place for privacy.

Reggie: Yeah, I have to make sure your head's screwed on tight.

Lily: I like the way you talk. You look scared.

Reggie: No, Lily, I'm not scared. All right, this is about you and Sam.

Lily: Well, you can turn your mouth up for that. It's a happy subject.

Reggie: All right, you said you and Sam were kissing and stuff?

Lily: No, I never mentioned "and stuff." Just practice kissing.

Reggie: Well, you shouldn't.

Lily: Well, how am I going to get any good at it if I don't practice?

Reggie: Ok, all right. Guys -- they can get carried away. And if you give them a kiss, you know, they -- they might want to take things further, and -- and they might want to go to the next step.

Lily: You think I'm going to do what the hot girls are doing?

Reggie: Sam may want that. Yeah.

Lily: No, only kissing.

Reggie: Yeah, so far, but Sam's -- all right, Sam's a guy, and guys are different than girls.

Lily: I know that, Reggie.

Reggie: All right. I don't want you to -- I want you to stop practice-kissing Sam.

Lily: I thought you were my brother.

Reggie: I am your brother. That's why I'm giving you brotherly advice.

Lily: No. This is an interference. I have our mom and dad for that. So go back to being my brother.

Sam: You said that running away didn't solve anything.

Maria: There's a difference between running away and starting fresh.

Sam: Sure, when you do it. How many times can you torch my life? There are two things in my life that I don't hate -- being part of the Martin family and Lily. And now you want to just drag me away from them, so you can go someplace else and crash and burn all over again? Leave me and Maddie out of it.

Maddie: I hate him, Daddy. I hate him more than I will ever hate anyone. How could she be so stupid and hook up with Zach Slater?

[Maddie walks up to the Wildwind mausoleum door.]

Maddie: Don't worry, Daddy. Zach won't get away with it. I won't let him.

Zach: Sit down. It'll be easier.

Kendall: I'm really not in the mood for more --

Zach: Just sit down. All right. I'm withdrawing my suit to overturn Cambias. I don't want it, and I don't want the money.

Kendall: Wait a minute.

Zach: No, you wait a minute. You married me because you wanted a piece of the Cambias pie. It's not going to happen. So if you want out, you can get out, no questions asked.

Greenlee: That's why I didn't warn you that I was coming home. I'm in time, aren't I? There are about a billion reasons why that procedure is wrong. Ryan, we should have babies. You'd make a wonderful, wonderful dad. I know I can convince you of that. I know I can if we just sit down on the couch, and we thrash it out. Maybe we should get therapy or something --

Ryan: It's too late, Greenlee. It's done.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Erica (to Dr. Greg Madden): Do I know you from somewhere?

Di (to Amanda): You've got this two-faced act down, don't you?

Simone (to Ethan): I know what you're doing. I cannot let you do it, can I?

Greenlee (to Ryan): You made the decision of a lifetime without me?

Kendall: Do you have a gun?

Zach: Yeah, why?

Kendall: I want to see how big a hole I can put in your heart.

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