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All My Children Transcript Friday 5/20/05



By Amanda
Proofread by Gisele

Babe: I have big plans, my friend -- big secret, special plans for you and me and these bags and the rest of our day. 

Jamie: Usually, when you pull a bar/community service day, "big plans" means a big nap. 

Babe: Eyes wide open for what I have planned. You don't have to sleep to dream. 

J.R.: All right, one more time, Amanda. 

Amanda: Please, can't we just -- I'm sure Diana didn't -- 

J.R.: Just say it. 

Amanda: I saw Diana take the money from the safe, but I'm sure there's an explanation. There has to be. 

Adam: There is. The woman is not to be trusted -- my instincts from the very beginning. Thank you for ending this nanny farce. J.R., don't worry. The police and I can take it from here. 

J.R.: Not yet.

Adam: Son, the sooner the authorities are brought in --

J.R.: I said not yet. Diana, did you take the money? 

Di: No. I didn't. 

Kendall: Why? Why would you do this, Bianca? Why? How could you bring Ethan here? This is a wedding, this is family. Why would you bring him and throw him in mother's face and in mine? 

Bianca: Would you just please hear him out? I did, and I'm glad I did. Ethan flew all the way to Paris to talk to me. 

Kendall: Fine. Well, then do I have to speak French on this one? Jene want le Ethan. 

Bianca: But you want Zach? Kendall! Come on! Did you think that I would just do nothing about this? Somebody has to stop you from marrying Ethan�s father. 

Greenlee: So cool, so calm, so totally Zach Slater.You thought you could swing in here, marry Kendall, and ruin her life? Buster, you have no idea what you're up against -- no idea. Only one wedding is happening here -- oh, yeah, that's right -- Jack and Erica. Sucker!

Zach: Oh, you got to be kidding me. Who are you anyway? 

[Parrot squawks] 

Parrot: Bond, James Bond.

[Parrot whistles] 

Zach: Right, that's what I thought. Wonderful.I'm not usually this gullible. 

[Parrot moves around] 

Zach: Where you going? Ok, let's see. Got a door, no window, no vent. How are we going to get out of here? You know what, though? Maybe you can help me with something. I haven't had lunch yet. 

Kendall: What, are you Mom now? Dumb Kendall can't be trusted to run her own life?

Bianca: Are you saying that you don't love Ethan? 

Kendall: Well, if love is the urge to knee him really hard, I got lots of love. He made his choice, Bianca. 

Bianca: Yeah -- you. We both know that he chose you. 

Kendall: Oh, my God. He didn't tell you. 

Bianca: We talked for hours. What didn't you tell me? 

Kendall: I said I would marry the lying sack of cash if he would sign over his share of Cambias to Zach. Guess he left that part out. 

Bianca: I had no idea. 

[Ethan knocks on the door.] 

Bianca: Next time you want my help, you give me all the facts first. 

[After Bianca storms out, Kendall slams the door in Ethan�s face.]

Erica: So is this what you think this proposed marriage is now? You, Jack, me, Erica? You don't agree with me, so you just -- you drag me off like some chest-thumping caveman? You let Kendall and Bianca go running off! I should be with them! By now, Ethan has probably chased them down! And Bianca should know better than to bring a Cambias here. Ethan is here only to heap more pain on my daughter, and Kendall is already on edge, and who knows what Kendall will do now! And if not Ethan, then maybe she's going to bounce to Zach, and I will not have that! I'm up here and -- and she's down there, and you should have let me follow her! Don't you know that? Don't you know that? I'm sorry. I'm there again. I'm there, and I know it, and I shouldn't be, and I'm just -- I'm out of control myself. I'm trying to control Kendall, I'm trying to give Bianca orders, and I'm obviously driving you crazy, and I'm obviously going to ruin our wedding. Please don't let me do this, Jack. Please stop me before I do something that � 

[Jack stops Erica's blubbering with a kiss.]

Babe: How about you take a load off?

Jamie: Just kick back and watch you cook? 

Babe: You think you can handle it?

[Babe seductively removes her sweater to reveal a sexy outfit.]

Jamie: Um -- ask me later. I seem to have lost all my brain function. 

[Music plays] 

Jamie: Are you trying to kill me? 

Babe: Before you kick, dance with me. 

Singer: You and I we had quite a while, and it amazes me 

Jamie: Is this part of your master plan? 

Babe: And a massage.A long, full, soft body massage. 

Singer: It drives me absolutely insane I got no complaints 

Jamie: All this and steaks, too?

Babe: Double order of heaven, coming right up.

Singers: Come and take me by the hand 'cause you are the only one that I want the only one that I need 

[Kissing, Jamie carries Babe off to bed.]

Adam: J.R., don't ignore the obvious because you hate to be wrong. 

J.R.: I may have missed the obvious. Help me out. 

Adam: All right, this woman entered our house to steal from us. What's next? Maybe a ransom note? 

Amanda: This is family business. I should go to my room. 

J.R.: No, no, you're not. You're going to stay. 

Di: You've heard my answer. If you'd like to hear it again, you can certainly -- 

Adam: Yes, because we know thieves are noted for their honesty. But I think that I can prove what this woman is. I'm going to search the room we allowed you to stay in. 

J.R.: He'll do it. 

Di: I'll survive. 

J.R.: Not a flinch.

Di: I didn't do it. This is all because Amanda is ticked off at me. She's called me out as a thief, because I caught her. I caught her with Dixie�s star pendant around her neck. And I told her to put it back, and now she gets to show me who's boss. 

J.R.: My mother's necklace? 

Amanda: J.R., I am so sorry. 

J.R.: So you admit it?

Amanda: I'm sorry she's doing this to you, and I'm sorry for you, too. I have seen it up close at the institution firsthand because of my mother -- people who lie, steal, think the world is out to get them. J.R., she shouldn't be around your son or anybody else's. 

Di: I'm not ill, and I'm not lying. 

J.R.: I believe you. So, it's your word against hers. 

Amanda: If you want to believe her, I understand. A lot of times it's easier to swallow the lie than admit you've been suckered. 

Adam: Your mattress feeling a little lumpy lately?$500.

J.R.: Unless you left the other 9,500 upstairs, that could very well be hers. 

Adam: Yeah.F49178804D. Surprise, surprise. You see, I've developed the nasty habit of recording all of the serial numbers in the cash left in my safe. They are consecutive, these numbers, and this is a match. You're really not very good at this. 

J.R.: I got this one, Dad. I'll handle it. 

Adam: Son, I know how fond you are of her, but you don't have to handle this alone. 

J.R.: I want to. This is between Diana and me. Now, leave us alone. 

[Knock on door] 

Ethan: Kendall, open the door! 

Kendall: Go away! 

Ethan: Come on. I will kick this door off its hinges! 

Kendall: Why? Why? So you can do more of that "look into my eyes, can't you see how much I love you" BS? I know what you care about. 

Ethan: You. I love you. Your sister can see that. So would you if you'd just listen! 

Kendall: Listen to what, more of your lies and your excuses? I'm done, Ethan, ok? How many more do you want to cram down my throat? I'm done, I'm full, I'm sick of it. Now, go and go stuff it down someone else's throat. Now, get away from my door and get out of this country. I never want to see your face again.

Adam: I assume I missed the police. 

J.R.: They weren't necessary. 

Adam: Oh? Little miss sticky fingers left on her own, huh? Really. I assume she gave the cash back first. 

Di: Little man ate all his veggies. Hmm.

Adam: Why is she still here, holding your son? 

J.R.: Because that's what I pay her to do. And since I'm the one who hired her, I'm the only one who can fire her. 

Adam: That doesn't happen to be true, J.R. 

Amanda: Oh. It's not over. I guess I should go back out for a while. 

J.R.: No, actually, you're just the person I wanted to see. Come with me. 

Babe: I think your beer's probably warm by now. 

Jamie: Oh, the sacrifices I make to keep my woman happy. 

Babe: "Happy"? I think we passed that a while ago. 

Jamie: Hmm. My kind of road trip. Let's double back. 

Babe: Hmm. First, this.

[Babe hands Jamie a plane ticket.]

Jamie: From road trip to plane trip? Whoa -- from sofa to Mexico?

Babe: I have been like a crazy lady on the Internet, and I scored the name of this great med school. It's south of the border, but they ponied up for an interview and application, and think about it. J.R. doesn't even know enough Spanish to tank this one for you. 

Jamie: You want me to -- 

Babe: Fly there. Just check out the teachers and the labs and do whatever else you docs in training do, and they'll like you and you'll like them and you'll start next semester. 

Jamie: Uh -- 

Babe: It's perfect. 

Jamie: Don't do this, Babe. 

J.R.: Let's see. "Dear Diary, I just stole big money from my friends and blamed it on the nanny." 

Erica: Oh, wasn't it just divine -- 

Kendall: Mmm, yes. 

Erica: That dinner by the sunset? And our family all together. 

Kendall: Mm-hmm. 

Erica: Love that. 

Jack: Hmm.

Erica: And no sign of Ethan.

Jack: Yeah, love that. 

Erica: Yeah. Wonderful news.

Kendall: That's the best. Now, from here on in, I don't want to waste another second on nonessentials. 

Jack: Hmm, the essentials being that tuna carpaccio we had, because that was good. 

Kendall: Ok, yeah, that's exactly what I'm talking about. Or maybe the fact that you are marrying my mother tomorrow. 

Jack: Oh, you're talking about the quintessential essential. 

Kendall: Yes.

Jack: Why didn't you say so? Mmm. Make an honest man out of me tomorrow, huh? 

Erica: Mm-hmm. 

Kendall: Do you know how happy I am for you? 

Erica: And do you know how happy I am that you're going to be there with me? 

Kendall: Mm-hmm. 

Erica: Oh.

Kendall: Hmm.

Erica: Now, you go to bed, because Bridezilla here wants you to be very high energy tomorrow. 

Kendall: High energy, yes. Ok, very important.

Erica: And if Ethan happens to come knocking -- 

Kendall: Do not disturb now or ever. 

Bianca: Yeah, me, too. I've been shaking my head ever since I got to the dock. How could he do it? How could Ethan swing into Paris, plead his case, convince me that he deserves my sister, and forget to mention that he could have had her under one slightly huge condition? 

Ethan: "Give up Cambias and I'll marry you" is not a condition. It's blackmail. 

Bianca: It's the Kendall you know and love. Are you surprised? 

Ethan: I thought she loved me enough to marry me. She turned me down- I mean, conditions, ultimatums -- whatever. She's asking the impossible. It's the same as saying no. I had to drag you here. You're the only person who can get through to her. You're my last chance. 

Bianca: No, I'm not. You're here, Kendall�s here, Zach's not. What more chance do you need? 

Ethan: You know, she'd take his name when she expects me to give up mine, sign away everything that I have. 

Bianca: Everything except your love for her. What's so bad about that? 

Ethan: I came to America to find my name, my family, and my dues, and now I'm just supposed to sign it all away to Slater? 

Bianca: Not your name or your family, just your half of Cambias Industries. Does it mean that much to you? 

Ethan: It's the same thing -- name, family, empire. You know that. You knew that even before I did. When I was willing to give up this whole fight, you offered me the last connection to your beautiful baby girl, because you wanted me to have what I came for. 

Bianca: That's before I thought that you would make it more important than Kendall

Ethan: She did that when she asked me to choose. 

Bianca: Or maybe you did that when you lied to her, because you had to nail your dad. Maybe Kendall�s test -- I can't believe that I'm saying this -- but maybe this is the best thing that she could do for you. She loves you. And once you're done with Zach and Cambias, you can finally be free. 

Ethan: Poor and penniless? That's freedom? 

Bianca: Yeah, but that's not why you hang on to Cambias, for your bank account. You've got your fists wrapped tight around Cambias, so that you still have some connection to your father. 

Ethan: The man can rot. 

Bianca: Sure, he can, as long as you can be there, as long as you're a part of it. 

Ethan: I don't care if I never see him again. 

Bianca: Ethan, I was there. I saw what it did to you when you learned the truth, that Zach is your father and that he had denied you. You can't let him go. If you can't have his love, you will take whatever else you get -- resentment, pain, anger, hate. You hold on to Cambias, you hold on to this so that you keep this war going, so that you still have some connection to him, as if this is going to fill you up, and it has, with something dark, something not like the Ethan that I knew at all. 

Ethan: No, that's what Kendall wants you to think, but it's Slater�s lie. No Cambias curse has got hold of me. 

Bianca: Ethan, I can see it, the change in you, the shadow in your eyes. It breaks my heart. 

Bianca: Let it go. Let it all go. 

Ethan: If I do that, what do I have left? 

Kendall: Oh, Greenlee, not now. Please, I'm busy. 

Greenlee: Well, let's be busy together. 

Kendall: All right, look, you know this whole "family togetherness bonding trip" thing? Well, I'm off the clock, so shoo, go away. 

Greenlee: Ow, Kendall, that hurt. It's not just Jack and Erica's big day tomorrow. When they say "I do," our sisterhood begins. It's bizarre. Surreal. Let's celebrate. 

Kendall: Whoo-hoo, ok, yeah, go celebrate without me. I'll -- I'll go and hang out with you after you pass out on the lanai. 

Greenlee: You know, Kendall, this is a travel no-no, leaving your driver's license and passport out. Here, let me, I can put them in my safe. 

Kendall: Back off, grubby paws. My God, I have my own safe, too, thank you. Please, Greenlee, go take a nice long swim by yourself without me or your water wings. I'm busy. 

Greenlee: With what? Come on. Be my little sis. Confide. 

Kendall: Ok, first of all, if we really were sisters, I'd be your big sister, and I would have beaten you silly from first grade on. You'd cower in my presence and know enough to run when I say leave me alone. 

Greenlee: You're not my big sis, I'd rather wear teal than cower, and what is up with you all stressed out? 

Kendall: What is wrong with you? Why don't you just -- you never shut up, you keep going and going, you poke and you poke, and no wonder he didn't tell you. 

Greenlee: He who? Who didn't tell me what, Kendall? 

Jack: This -- this can't wait, certainly not until tomorrow. 

Erica: A present? Oh, Jack, I do love presents. 

Jack: Oh, well, I do, too. Uh-huh. 

Erica: Oh, Jack. You didn't. 

Jack: Well, not yet, but I certainly hope to. 

[Erica holds up a little French-maid costume.]

Erica: Ah. Oh, Jack -- I may blush. 

Jack: Well, you certainly didn't blush the last time you had one of those on, I'll tell you. Oh, my. Hello, Corinne.

Erica: Hmm. Monsieur.

Jack: Ah, listen, could I help you along with that or off with that or just help with anything in general? 

Erica: You know something, Jack?

Jack: What?

Erica: I really think that we've moved beyond those days in Paris. I mean, I'd like to think that we've come to a much more deep and adult phase of our love. I don't think need any costumes or games or anything. 

Jack: We don't?

Erica: We don't. 

Jack: Huh.

Erica: [French accent] We don't need any clothes at all. 

Jack: Uh-huh.

Jamie: You are my dream. Forget fancy beer and back rubs and special plans. You don't have to try, Babe. You just have to walk into a room. That's enough for me. You knew that before Aunt Phoebe's will and all this doctor junk came up. We were enough for each other two weeks ago. Don't let anyone change that for us. 

Babe: But they did. And I'm glad that they did, because I was too busy being wrapped up with my own stuff to even know about your dreams. Jamie, you are never going to know that I want to be some fashion designer or a weather girl or even the world's best bartender. I just want a family- you and me and little Adam. That's Babe's big dream. I don't expect it to be yours. 

Jamie: It is. 

Babe: No, it's not. And you hiding this from me, you are not giving us enough credit. We can do this. We can make your dream come true. 

Jamie: I'm not going to give up one dream just to have a chance at another. 

Babe: You don't have to, and this right here -- this is the proof. 

Jamie: Hey, we made it, Babe. We came this far, all the way to each other. The rest -- hey, listen to me. The rest will come. With you in my life, Babe, everything else will fall into place. I believe it. You have to believe it, too. 

J.R.: Was that your plan all along? You couldn't just come in here and ask for a handout. You had to weasel us, you had to snake us for cash. Do you get a kick out of that? Did you get your jollies like your psycho-mommy, Janet? 

Amanda: Stop it. 

J.R.: Admit it! 

Amanda: I took it. I took your money, but I am not like her. I am not like my mother. She's sick. She's sick, and she needs help. Ever since we left Pine Valley, she's been in-patient, out-patient. Nothing helps, nothing changes. 

J.R.: So what? So what? You needed some money for your mommy to get a shrink? I'll tell you what -- it's called insurance. Have Trevor hook it up for her. 

Amanda: My dad -- she's all that matters to him. He probably hasn't even noticed that I'm gone. I had to go, to get away. That's why I came back to Pine Valley. I thought that I could be safe here, normal, you know, have friends, go to school. But registration money is due, and I couldn't ask my dad. 

J.R.: So why didn't you just steal it from him, like you stole from us?

Amanda: I wanted to start over, to be with you and school. I'm so sorry. I plan to pay back every cent. 

J.R.: No, you know what? You keep that money, because I don't give a damn about it anymore. I want you out of my face and out of this house. 

Amanda: J.R., please, you and Jamie are the only friends that I have. If I lose you -- 

J.R.: "If"? "If"? Don't you think it's a little late for ifs? You lied to me, you steal from us. You framed my nanny who takes care of my son. No, you are so out of here! 

Amanda: J.R., please, listen -- just tell me how to fix it. I can fix it. Just give me one more chance, please. You're my friend. Please tell me that you're still my � 

[Amanda grabs J.R.'s head and kisses him.]

J.R.: Some piece of work. You know that?

Amanda: Didn't know you noticed. Oops. Lied again. I knew you noticed, and I liked it. You don't want me to leave, J.R. 

J.R.: Would you look at that, Amanda Dillon all grown up. You're good, too. The tears and the smile and the little bounce when you walk, so fresh and innocent. But yet you would snag my wallet and undo my belt buckle at the same time. 

Amanda: A little sex never hurt anyone. Well, unless that's the way you like it. I know you're a player, J.R. You can't be shocked. 

J.R.: I don't shock easy. 

Amanda: A girl's got to have a goal. Let me stay, J.R. 

J.R.: What's the matter with you? You think you can come in here and lie and you steal from me?

Amanda: I upset the nanny. I can make it up to her, but it'd be a lot more fun if I could make it up to you. 

[With a disgusted look on his face, J.R. walks out.]

Zach: That's better. It's hard to think straight with an empty stomach. Here you go. Thanks again. I have to work. 

Parrot: Loser!Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! 

Zach: You know what? Go groom yourself. You sucked in "chicken run." All right, let's see. One door, no window, no vent.

Parrot: I made it, Ma. Top of the world.

[Parrot squawks] 

Greenlee: If there's something that I should know, you better tell me. 

Kendall: Listen to me. You should know by now that if I say back off, I will do anything to get you to back off. 

Greenlee: I can take a hint. 

Kendall: Yeah, if it's attached to a sledgehammer. Now, please, Greenlee, just go away. Please, just leave me alone. 

Greenlee: Fine. But if you change your mind -- 

Kendall: Ok, good night. Bye. 

Bianca: Once you're free of Cambias, what will you have left? My sister, my amazing sister, who, when she's brave enough, loves with more heart and soul than anyone deserves. If you choose her, you will never have to worry about feeling lonely or empty ever again. And you'll have me. I'd be your sister, then. And Miranda and -- and my Uncle Jack and my mom. 

Ethan: I thought you were trying to be honest. 

Bianca: It could happen. 

Ethan: Or not.

Bianca: Family is a miracle, Ethan, no matter how it finds you, from birth with the people that you share blood with or later with a stranger who you grow to love. But no matter what, family is still a miracle -- what it does for you, the way it feels. You've been searching for it your whole life. You came to Pine Valley for your miracle -- to us -- to me and Kendall and Miranda. We can be your family, not Zach. Don't take anything that he or his father or the whole Cambias legacy has to offer. It will never be what you need. 

Ethan: Kendall would say yes to him. How do I let it go when I hate him more than ever? 

Bianca: Kendall said yes to you, at the top of her lungs. You just couldn't hear it. She said that she would be your wife if you could -- you could let go of your father. She's been there. Kendall had to let go of her father. And once she got past him, she finally found her way to us, her real family. And that's what she wants for you. We all do. If you can let go, you'll finally find the family you deserve. Good night.

[Greenlee spies on Kendall as she restlessly paces along the shore.]

Jack: May I tell you what a fan I am of this no-clothes rule? 

Erica: Oh, I'm so glad you like rules. 

Jack: Mm-hmm. 

Erica: Because here comes one. Bye-bye. 

Jack: You mean good night, right?

Erica: I mean I'll see you in the morning. I'll be the one with the bridal glow. 

Jack: Wait a minute. You used me for sex, and now you're throwing me out? I'm hurt. 

Erica: Oh.

Jack: You need to make it up to me. I have a good idea. 

Erica: Jack -- 

Jack: What?

Erica: Tomorrow's our wedding day. 

Jack: Yeah?

Erica: We can't wake up together. You want to jinx us?

Jack: Honey, in case you ain't noticed, we've been jinxed up one side and down the other already, and, ta-da, we made it. Nothing can touch us ever again. Ok, well, I'll be waiting. 

Erica: I'll be there. 

Jack and Erica: I love you. 

J.R.: Amanda -- 

Amanda: J.R. Hmm, you are a morning man. I'm sorry I was bad yesterday. I'll do better now. 

J.R.: Don't you mean payback? 

Amanda: Hmm -- call it whatever you want, or we don't have to talk at all. 

J.R.: You do owe me, big. I'm not the one you're pulling the sheets back for. How much do you really like our good friend Jamie? 

Jamie: Hey. Last night was awesome. Ask me why. Because I got to tell the woman I love how much I love her. 

Babe: And I love you, too. That's why it would -- 

Jamie: Do you know how much you mean to me? What our life means to me? Look at me, Babe. We're a damn miracle. After all we've been through, we have each other. The rest will work out. 

[Erica finds a note on the floor by her door.] 

Jack's voice: "Erica, I didn't get to sleep beside you, wake up next to you, or touch your face to start my day. Never again. Today we have the wedding we waited for, and we'll finally pull it off. I love you." 

Erica: I love you. 

[Knock on door] 

Erica: Good morning, Jack.

Jack: Good morning, sweetheart. Listen, I'll wear a blindfold, I'll keep my eyes closed, I promise I won't peek, whatever. Will you just please open the door, please? 

Erica: This is ridiculous, isn't it? I mean, I know I should just open the door and let you in. I mean, how can a sophisticated woman allow superstition to get in the way? I love you, Jack. Now get lost. 

Greenlee: We swim, we spa, and then this afternoon, the event of the season. 

Kendall: All right, enough with the chipper. Some of us didn't get some sleep last night. 

Greenlee: Fresh air, cushy beds -- what's to stay awake over? 

Kendall: Wedding jitters, maybe. 

Greenlee: It's not your wedding, so relax. Last one in's a rotten bridesmaid. What are you doing? 

Kendall: I need a towel. Pool storage maybe has some pool stuff, you know?

[Kendall stops in front of the Pool Storage door and reaches for the knob.]

Greenlee: No!

Erica: A beautiful day. A perfect day. My wedding day. 

>> On the next "All My Children" -- 

Simone: Hi, Ry.

Ryan: You know Greenlee's out of town, right? 

Simone: That's why I'm here. 

Jack (to Lily, Reggie, and Greenlee): I cannot tell you how much it means to me that you're here, when I finally marry Erica Kane. 

Kendall: I think your groom is waiting. 

Erica: Oh. Why don't you try to stop me.

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