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Kendall: Mother. Are you kidding me? How gorgeous. This place is --

Erica: Yes.

Greenlee: Cha-cha-cha. Valley Inn who?

Reggie: Very --

Jack: Hi.

Erica: Amazing.

Reggie: Very slick.

Erica: Hi.

Kendall: All right, all right. Tell me now -- what is the Binks update? Come on, tell me before I bust.

Erica: They are arriving from Paris this afternoon. Everyone is going to be here. It's going to be fabulous, I promise you, and just us -- just our family, the way it should be.

Kendall: That's right.

Erica: But where's Ryan?

Greenlee: He sends his love. He's not coming.

[Music plays]

Simone: Oh.

Ryan: What are you doing here?

Simone: Uh -- Babe, can I get a soda, please, diet?

Babe: Sure.

Simone: Thanks. Ugh. I'm on a lunch date, a go-see. Hopefully he came, saw, and went.

Ryan: Well, one less person you'll have to ask to leave you alone.

Simone: Yeah.

Babe: Here you go.

Simone: Oh, thanks, honey.

J.R.: Jeez. What's it take to get some service around here?

Babe: What do you want?

J.R.: To hear my brother's made the right decision -- he's ready to trade your guacamole in for Aunt Phoebe's millions.

Babe: You know, the only thing that you can do here is eat and drink enough to drive off a cliff. Worm's on the house. No, wait -- that would make you a cannibal, wouldn't it? Oh, what the heck -- what's the difference?

J.R.: It must be tough.

Babe: What? Smelling your breath?

J.R.: No, every time Jamie looks at you, all he sees is skank who's interfered with every dream he's ever had.

Babe: Jamie and I are totally happy.

J.R.: Sweet, but I know what keeps you up at night -- how to hold on to my brother and still get all that cash.

Babe: Do you know what? You're so mean, J.R. What was I thinking? I told Jamie not to sling it back at you. He should slam you with the truth.

J.R.: Oh, yeah? The truth about what?

Tad: What's up, fish and chips? Any word on whether or not Jane Doe might be Dixie?

Aidan: My guys are closing in.

Tad: What -- what do you got?

Aidan: They caught up to where our Jane was about six months ago.

Tad: And where was that?

Aidan: Back at the hospital in Germany, where she had the reconstructive surgery on her face.

Tad: She went back? Is everything ok?

Aidan: Yeah. She just wanted to say thanks and good-bye before she left the country.

Tad: So where is she now?

Di: Good morning.

Amanda: Back at you.

Di: Where are you off to so pretty?

Amanda: Ah, it's such a great day I thought shopping -- or window shopping. Need anything?

Di: I'm good, thanks. But take off that necklace before you go anywhere.

Amanda: Excuse me?

Di: Put it back where you found it, please -- now.

Reggie: Yes! They have a minibar.

Lily: Oh, yeah, and a fruit basket, too. Yum!

Jack: Greenlee does know it wasn't just talk on my part, right? Ryan is welcome here. I mean, I'll call him myself, I mean, if you think that'd help.

Kendall: That's a sweet offer, but -- it's not an issue.

Erica: Look, there hasn't been any more talk of divorce, has there? I mean, I really hope that we haven't complicated things.

Kendall: No, no. According to Greenlee, she and Ryan are fine. He has his reasons for staying home, and she's cool. I promise you, there's -- there's nothing to worry about at all.

Ryan: Simone, are you sure your date's not here yet?

Simone: God, I hope not. Are you going to eat those?

Ryan: Help yourself.

Simone: Thanks. I'm hungry.

Ryan: Hmm.

[Phone rings]

Ryan: Excuse me.

Simone: Mmm.

Ryan: This is Ryan.

Nurse: Mr. Lavery, this is Dr. Cooper's nurse. We spoke yesterday.

Ryan: Right. What's up?

Nurse: Good news -- we had a cancellation. We can fit you in for your procedure.

Erica: Kendall, Ryan is definitely a member of this family, too. Greenlee and Ryan both know that, don't they?

Kendall: Yes, yes, of course. And he loves her anyway -- go figure.

Erica: Ok, well, let's just get all of you to your rooms and for the ladies tomorrow, spa treatments, herbal baths, manicures, pedicures, paraffin dips.

Reggie: Wait, wait -- dips? I didn't know spas had --

Jack: Hey, hey, it's hot wax on your hands and feet. Don't get excited about that stuff.

Reggie: Oh, ok.

[Jack laughs]

Lily: I think I'd prefer the fruit basket, actually.

[Simone imitates an airplane]

Ryan: Huh. I'm sorry, what did you say?

Simone: Just that it must be so great to be so married. I mean, Greenlee's fine that you're up here, and you're fine she's down there. I mean, fine, right, for both of you?

Ryan: Yes, we're fine.

Simone: Well, you're much stronger than I am. I mean, if it was me, I'd be on the first flight down to Florida, room service, caviar, flowers on the sheets, clothes all over the place.

Ryan: Greenlee's going to have a nice time with her family, and I could really use the time alone.

Simone: Really? Oh -- me -- now. You know, I should go. I'm so sorry.

Ryan: Simone, relax. I kind of like the white noise.

Simone: You know the problem with you strong, silent types -- you just can't quite get exactly what you're saying.

J.R.: Just say it, Babe. Don't hold back.

Ryan: And some guys aren't silent enough.

J.R.: What's this big truth that Jamie’s got for me?

Babe: Just go away.

J.R.: Yeah, see, now I'm hooked, right? But I've got a theory.

Babe: It that doesn't mean that I want to hear it.

J.R.: I know what happens when you rub those little blond brain cells together. You've got a plan. See, you'll tell anybody who will listen about your true and powerful love, and then you'll give him up for the greater good, but I'll also have you know that I'll be watching you 24/7. I'll know where you are and who you're with. And if you even try to scam me, you get into sniffing distance of Jamie, it's over.

Babe: You won't even need to get started. Jamie doesn't need his aunt's money to go to school. He'll just have to find a college that doesn't need a new Chandler wing. He'll get his degree.

J.R.: If Jamie ever scrapes you off the bottom of his shoe, I'll slip him into Yale myself.

Babe: And it is always about me, isn't it?

J.R.: That's the Babe I know.

Babe: Oh, but the question is -- can you hate me more than Jamie loves me?

J.R.: How long is that love really going to last with all of Phoebe's millions eating at your bliss? That's got to put a crimp in something.

Babe: Not our love life.

J.R.: And how long will Jamie wallow in that grease pit with the town tramp when he could be living large on the hill with a trophy wife?

Babe: Jamie knows what counts.

J.R.: Well, then he better get over you pretty fast, huh?

Babe: God. Shut up, J.R. Jamie will decide what he wants without your help.

Jamie: Decision's made. You'll never keep me away from Babe no matter what you and Aunt Phoebe dangle in front of me.

Amanda: What's the matter? It doesn't look right with this outfit?

Di: No, it's incredible. It's just a little too much sparkle, and it's not your necklace.

Amanda: Sure, it is.

Di I know for a fact that it belonged to J.R.’s mother, Dixie.

Amanda: Wow. He never told me.

Di: Well, now you know.

Amanda: You couldn't have known, but J.R. said I could have it.

Di: Oh -- just like that?

Amanda: I know. I couldn't believe it, either. I was so shocked. He was so sweet -- those dimples? He was giving me a tour of the house, and I saw it and said I thought it was pretty. Next thing I know, he's putting it around my neck, said I could have it. Is he amazing, or what?

Di: Hmm. Amazing.

Amanda: I could never pay J.R. back for something like this, but at least I can get him a little thank-you present. See ya.

Di: Nice try, but I don't believe you.

Jack: Yo, yo, yo, you unpacked already?

Reggie: Yeah, my room is crazy --

Jack: Good.

Reggie: The bed --

Jack: Good.

Erica: Well, I'm really glad you're here, Reggie, because I just reserved a tee time for you and your dad for tomorrow morning --

Jack: Yeah.

Erica: While we ladies are being dipped.

Lily: I'll be in the pool.

Reggie: That's cool except I don't know how to play golf. I mean, but I could always learn, right, J?

Jack: Sure, absolutely.

Reggie: I know all the terms -- "fore" and "slice." "Hook, hook" -- Tiger Woods.

Jack: Yeah, that's the big term there. Listen, I'll have you putting with the best of them before noon, ok? Hi. What's up?

Erica: Oh, it's all so perfect, it's so beautiful.

Jack: Yeah, yeah -- but?

Erica: Oh. Myrtle and Opal --

Jack: I know.

Erica: And Palmer -- are they going to be upset that we ran off and got married?

Reggie: No, they're not going to be upset, because you didn't run off and get married. You got Shanghai’s, and I'm more than happy for the two of you. I got the proof.

Jack: Oh, my gosh.

Erica: Look at that!

Reggie: They insisted. Go ahead, get to it -- you have a lot of presents to open up.

Jack: How nice.

Erica: Oh. A mini shotgun. This is very cute.

Jack: Let me see the card. "The 10th time is the charm. Love, Opal." How sweet.

Erica: Perfect.

Lily: I knew that you'd have over seven boyfriends, but I didn't know they were all husbands, too.

Reggie: Um --

Lily: Now, is this your 10th wedding?

Erica: Yes, Lily, but it's the best. It's the last.

Lily: But a wedding is supposed Kto be "until death do you part." You're still alive. Did all your other husbands die?

Jack: No, no. No, sweetheart, they -- they didn't die.

Erica: I just had a lot of weddings, and I'm so sorry that upsets you.

Lily: But you broke your promise nine times. Are you going to break your promise to my dad, too?

[After walking along the beach alone, Kendall sits on the sand staring at the ocean when Zach walks up to her offering a tropical flower.]

Aidan: If I knew where our Jane Doe was, I'd be knocking on her door.

Tad: Oh, Aidan, come on. If she went to the trouble of going back to say good-bye to these people, she must have said something about where she intended to land.

Aidan: Yeah, the good old US of A.

Tad: Well, did she say why she was coming back to the States?

Aidan: No, she didn't.

Tad: So what you're telling me is we got a big old truckload of not much. We've got a Jane Doe in 50 states. I thought you said your guys were the best.

Aidan: They are.

Tad: Well, then how come they can't narrow it down to anything more specific than a good-bye party? Are you sure they talked to everybody?

Aidan: Take a look at that. Interviews with everyone who might have come into contact with her -- doctors, nurses, orderlies, anyone that might have known her or even seen something, even patients.

Tad: Oh, my God.

Di: J.R. has talked to me about his mother, especially recently. The anniversary of her death brought up a lot of memories.

Amanda: Poor J.R. It must be horrible.

Di: And that necklace means a lot to him. He plans to give it to little Adam's future wife, which is probably not going to be you.

Amanda: You really think I'm a liar and a thief? I'm not, swear. J.R. said I could borrow it whenever I wanted, and I wanted.

Di: "Borrow"? Ok, until J.R. tells me that he loaned you the necklace, I can't let you walk out of here wearing it.

Amanda: Bummer -- for you, I mean. What if J.R. gets mad at you for messing with a guest?

Di: J.R., I'm sure, will settle this when he gets home.

Amanda: I'll be back way before then. What are you going to do, body-check me?

Di: Well, I really hope it doesn't come to that.

J.R.: Oh, come on. Stop pretending like you're not tempted, Jamie.

Jamie: Just give it up, J.R. I decide what happens in my life, not you, not Aunt Phoebe.

J.R.: You haven't made any decisions -- that's the problem. You're afraid. It's a lot easier to forget about all that money than it is to actually make an adult decision.

Jamie: There's nothing to decide. It's not like money's made you happy.

J.R.: Oh, it could ease the pain, and it could ease Babe right out of your life.

Jamie: God, you're smug.

J.R.: If you forget about this, for the rest of your life it's going to be inside your head -- what you could have had, like when you're changing the oil out of somebody's brand-new sports car, or you're eating leftovers for the third night in the week. Or how about when you can't sleep and you wonder about all that love you could have made to all those beautiful starlets, and wonder if they snore just like Babe does.

Jamie: Leave her alone.

J.R.: See, the way I see it is you only have one choice, so why don't you get the brass to grab it and drop the whore.

Ryan: Babe? Could I get a beer, please?

Babe: Coming right up.

Ryan: J.R., you know what? Happy Hour is over, so why don't you just get out?

J.R.: What are you, like, a bouncer?

Ryan: You know, I don't know when the whole, you know, Junior big shot thing happened, just kind of appeared out of nowhere, but it's bad for my digestion.

J.R.: Yeah. Ryan Lavery, ex-mogul, on the skids -- had it all, now he doesn't -- but it's ok because at least the wifey has a trust fund.

Jamie: Don't be such a jerk, J.R.

J.R.: Yeah, you know, I thought I had brother problems. I mean, Jamie’s embarrassing, but he's not a rapt or a killer. Let me ask you -- what is life like at the bottom?

Ryan: You don't want to go there.

Amanda: No offense, but you should act like what you are -- an employee. Telling one of J.R.’s oldest friends what to do, ragging on me for this old thing?

Di: Just offering some friendly advice.

Amanda: Didn't know we were friends.

Di: Well, you put the necklace back where it belongs, we won't have a problem.

Amanda: Whatever. But you'll see -- J.R. won't mind at all if I wear this.

Di: And one more thing -- stay out of J.R.’s things. I'm not sure he'd appreciate you making yourself so much at home. And since you are such an old friend, we'd hate for the Chandlers to be disappointed in you.

Amanda: I'm not worried, but maybe you should be.

Jack: Sweetheart, no one is going to break any promises to anyone.

Reggie: Yeah, because we won't let them.

Jack: No, I love -- we love each other. We're totally committed.

Lily: But that's what Erica's other husbands must have thought, too.

Erica: Lily, you're right. I didn't keep all my promises.

Lily: You broke your promise nine times. Why did you lie?

Erica: , I -- a broken promise is not the same as a lie. When I said those vows, I really wanted to honor them. But -- things happened and sometimes I was to blame, but sometimes I wasn't.

Lily: So you divorced Bianca’s dad before he died, didn't you? Why?

[Finding it difficult to explain, Erica looks at Jack and flashes back to the first time Jack entered her life.]

Man's voice: Ms. Kane?

Erica's voice: Yeah?

Man's voice: There's a gentleman here to see Mr. Montgomery.

Jack: But I'd be just as happy to see you.

[Back to the present]

Erica: The first time I saw your father, I knew that I had met someone very special.

Lily: Did -- did you get butterflies?

Erica: Lots. But even though we loved each other, Lily, it just -- it wasn't always easy and sometimes our timing was just terrible.

[Erica flashes back to the time her husband caught her in bed with his brother.]


[Back to the present]

Erica: And I can be a little demanding.

[Another flashback recalls the occasion of the trial that lost Erica custody of Bianca.]

Jack: I'm prosecuting you the same way I would prosecute anyone in your position.

Erica: But I'm not just anyone.

Jack: I cannot back off on this case. I can't do it.

Erica: But everybody has what they want. Everybody but us. We're miserable and it's all because of this horrible case. Jack, we are being torn apart when we should -- we should be together.

[Back to the present]

Jack: You know, it wasn't all Erica's fault. I walked away from her more than once.

[It's Jack's turn to remember the past]

Jack: I'm sorry. But you and me -- it's got to end.

[Back to the present]

Erica: Lily, we both had other loves, but we never stopped loving each other.


Erica: Well, there were times I thought I lost you forever.

Jack: You could never lose me. Not a chance. You're as much a part of my life as Lily is, because you know what? You took root in my heart the day I met you and you will live there until the day I die.

Erica: Jack.

[Back to the present]

Erica: Lily, your father and I have known for years that we were destined to be with each other.

Reggie: It's that whole "meant to be" thing, huh?

Erica: Yes.

Lily: But what if you -- one of you finds another love and you walk away again?

Erica: No. That will not happen this time, Lily. Our love is absolute. This marriage will last a lifetime.

[On the beach, Greenlee spots Kendall and Zach through binoculars from the lifeguard's stand.]

J.R.: You know, you really shouldn't pay attention to Lavery. The guy's a lesson in how not to do things.

Jamie: Step off, J.R.

J.R.: Isn't that right? That you lost Cambias, you lost Kendall. You don't know what a hot piece she is. Say, you remember when you were playing God and fired me from Chandler? God's getting you back, isn't he? Stomped you to the ground, squished you up between his toes. So what's next for you, pally?

Ryan: I'm going to ask you one more time, J.R. -- take your little tough-guy act and get out of here.

J.R.: Ooh. Was that a threat? I thought we shared so much. Right? Thought we were friends. What are you going to do? Huh? Take me out like you did your little brother?

Simone: Oh, wait -- Ryan!

[Ryan grabs J.R. in a chokehold and slams him against the bar then starts choking him on a table.]

Simone: Oh, my God!

Ryan: All right, back off!

Jamie: Come on, Ryan, back off!

J.R.: Get off me!

Jamie: Let it go. Let it go.

Simone: God! Are you all right?

J.R.: Is he all right? Is he all right? I'm the one who was just attacked!

Simone: You know, don't even go there. We all saw it. You started it.

J.R.: Don't think I'll do you any favors for yanking that nut job off me.

Jamie: Oh, I didn't do it for you. I wanted to keep a friend out of jail.

J.R.: Oh, that's touching.

Jamie: See, I don't have a problem with anybody who wants to turn you into mulch.

J.R.: You try to do somebody a favor, you know? Here, keep the change. You need it.

Simone: Oh, gosh. Rich and gorgeous. What a waste, huh?

Babe: Hey, thanks for stepping in. The next beer's on me.

Ryan: Rain check. I got someplace I got to be.

Simone: My adrenaline is almost back to normal. I'll give you a ride.

Ryan: I thought you were waiting for a date.

Simone: Shine it. I'd rather help a friend.

Ryan: Thank you, but I got it covered.

Jack: Sweetheart, you remember you and I discussed divorce when your mom and I split up, right?

Lily: Yes, but that was one divorce, not nine. How do you know you won't get another divorce? Look what's -- look at the frequency of the occurrence of the event. So far Erica's statistical history of divorce is 100%.

Erica: But love changes those odds, Lily. Life throws a lot of variables at us, but true love is constant. I have been searching my entire life for what's right here. This man and this family -- this is everything I ever wanted.

Lily: How do you know for sure?

Jack: Oh, come on, look at me. I'm the complete package, right?

Erica: Your father slipped into my heart the first time I met him. And no matter what has happened between us or how far apart we've been, we always end up here, together, and stronger than ever.

Lily: Then why did you call off the wedding before?

Erica: Because I was afraid.

Reggie: No way.

Erica: No, I was. I've made a lot of mistakes, Reggie, and I just -- I definitely wanted to get this right. And I have. I know now -- I know that when a great love comes along, you might make some mistakes and you might even stumble a bit. But you'll never escape it.

Jack: And you mean that in a good way, right?

Erica: I mean that in -- I mean that in a forever way.

Lily: Until death do you part?

Jack: Maybe not even then. I have loved this woman for so long, I'm never letting go. Lily, you could say, in some ways, Erica here -- she's my heart.

Erica: We don't have to worry about the future. And we don't have to be afraid anymore, because we have each other. And we are going to love each other for years and years and years. And that's a promise I'm going to keep.

Kendall: What's going on? What, is someone chasing you? What, did you tick off my mother?

Greenlee: If she gets ticked, it won't be because of me. You won't believe who I think I just saw. Zach Slater.

Kendall: It's impossible. There's no way he would show his face at my mom and Jack's wedding.

Greenlee: What about his wedding to you? Maybe he wants to ambush you, elope, or make it a double ceremony or something.

Kendall: Greenlee, no, there's no bonus wedding in the works, ok? I told you, I dropped the whole thing.

Greenlee: Dropped, or just hit pause until you get home?

Kendall: Ok, what was it that you said to me the other day when I got all up in your business with Ryan? Oh, yeah -- butt out.

Greenlee: I was wrong.

Kendall: Ok, now I know you're yanking my chain.

Greenlee: No, no, I mean it. Whatever you said to Ryan, things have never been better between us. I'd tell you that I owe you, but I'd --

Kendall: All right, ok, isn't it time for you to call him, check in, or something?

Greenlee: I'm not leaving until you tell me what the deal is with Zach. Come on. Talk to me. Sometimes it helps to talk it out.

Kendall: Fine. You know what? It would have been a hoot. It would have been great. But, no, there's no wedding. I'm not marrying Zach, ok? There's enough of that going around. You happy?

Greenlee: Sure. Great. I wish I could have seen Zach’s face when you dumped him.

Erica: No more Zach? Hallelujah!

Greenlee: Well, I don't want to ruin this mother-daughter moment. I'll catch you later.

Erica: Oh, oh!

[In the hall, Greenlee uses the house phone.]

Greenlee: Hi. This is Kendall Hart. Has Zach Slater checked in yet?

Aidan: What's got you so excited?

Tad: Well, your guy Bolton says he just interviewed a staffer at this German hospital. And the staffer spoke to our Jane Doe six months ago. The staffer's name is Diana Cole.

Aidan: Right. So?

Tad: Diana Cole? That's the name of J.R.’s new nanny.

Aidan: Well, it could be a coincidence. It's a pretty common name, don't you think?

Tad: Yeah, maybe, maybe not. Get your guy on the horn. We're going to play this one out.

Di: Don't step on Sunny the bear.

J.R.: Is everything ok?

Di: Yeah. Little Adam ate all his lunch and fell asleep like an angel.

J.R.: Rough life you lead. Free room and board, your client's half your size, doesn't talk back, because he doesn't know the words.

Di: Bad day?

[Amanda eavesdrops from the stairs looking worried.]

J.R.: Babe's got my brother so twisted up, he doesn't know what he wants. In their world, love means that they don't have to use their brains.

Di: Do you want to talk, J.R.? I mean, I've got some time. Little Adam is not going to be up for a while.

J.R.: No. Thank you, but I think I can handle my brother. I've got a plan. I just need a little cash to water it down. What the --

Di: Something the matter?

J.R.: Where the hell is the money?

Erica: I am so proud of you.

Kendall: Why? I didn't do anything.

Erica: The best wedding present you ever could have given me.

Kendall: Oh, well, if I had known that, I wouldn't have sprung for the vase.

Erica: Now I can marry Jackson with a completely happy heart. I mean, no shadows and no worries. And I'm so glad you've given up this crazy idea of getting married for revenge.

Kendall: Well, it was a pretty good business deal, too.

Erica: No, that is no reason to get married. I've waited so long to marry Jackson, and finally I get it. I finally understand how -- how sacred marriage is. The joy. And I know that you are going to have that same feeling when you marry for true love.

Kendall: I almost thought that I had that.

Erica: You're not talking about Ethan, are you? You're not planning on giving him another chance?

Kendall: No, Mother. Ethan used me, and he lied to me. If that's love, then I'll pass. I ever see his face again, I'm going to kick him right in his accent.

Erica: Well, you can't imagine how glad I am to hear that.

Kendall: Don't worry. I'm pretty sure he's done with me, too.

Erica: Honey, look, I know that this hurts right now. I know that it does. But please know that you have made the right decision on all counts. And I love you.

Kendall: I love you, too.

Erica: So come on, let's go and welcome Bianca, ok? And let's -- let's celebrate that we Kane women -- we have washed those Cambias men right out of our hair.

Kendall: Oh, yeah. I like that. Yeah.

Greenlee: Ok, cool. Psst. Yo.

Zach: "Yo"?

Greenlee: Yo.

Zach: Why are you whispering?

Greenlee: Shh. You want to get tagged out before this game even starts?

Zach: I don't have a gaming license. I'm going to sit this one out.

Greenlee: Kendall told me everything.

Zach: All right. Still lost.

Greenlee: Right, because we have time for your nonchalant, inscrutable routine. Erica's all over Kendall. So for your freak-show wedding -- sorry, Kendall told me not to judge -- for your business arrangement to go down, you two need my help.

Zach: Where is Kendall?

Greenlee: Where is Kendall? Erica's getting married tomorrow, that's where Kendall is.

Zach: I have business to take care of.

Greenlee: What, you don't trust me? One word from me, Erica will kick you back to Pine Valley before she can even scuff her slingbacks. Here I am, saving your -- in here. In here.

Zach: What?

Greenlee: Ok. Here's Kendall’s brilliant idea.

Tad: Look, Herr Bolton said she was very cooperative. He said she was sure she wouldn't mind if we got in touch -- I understand that, but if I could -- no, no, that's fine. Thank you.

Aidan: What's the word?

Tad: The word is Diana Cole started working at that hospital just before our Jane Doe stopped by to say “auf wiedersehen.” And here's the trick -- she wasn't hired as a doctor or a nurse. She works with children as a nanny.

Aidan: Another coincidence?

Tad: No way.

Di: Are you sure the money was in there?

J.R.: It was ten grand.

Di: Maybe your father used it.

J.R.: No, no, he hasn't been home for hours. It was there this morning when I took out $100 mad money for Amanda.

Di: She saw you open the safe? I -- I didn't want to say anything, but this morning --

Amanda: I am so sorry, J.R. You're such a great guy. You trust people and you get burned. I hate to tell you this, but I know what happened to the money. The nanny took it. I saw her.

Jamie: And that?

Babe: For sticking up for me.

Jamie: Don't let J.R. mess with you. He's an idiot.

Babe: I won't. At least he got it thrown back to him today. You know, he made a huge mistake messing with Ryan Lavery.

[At the mystery apartment, Ryan is let in by a beautiful blonde while Simone spies on him.]

Ryan: I know I'm early, but --

Woman: No problem. We're always here for you.

[At the dock, a boat arrives bearing Bianca and Miranda.]

Bianca: Miranda, look! It's your family. It's your family. Look at them! Say hi.

Reggie: Aw, B, you leave flash, and you come back the exact same way.

Bianca: Oh, my goodness, you guys! I missed you so much. I just don't think I knew how much.

Kendall: Well, bunches and bunches, just like the little nugget.

Bianca: Oh, look.

Kendall: Oh, look!

Jack: Good to see you. Good to see you!

Bianca: How have you been, Lily?

Lily: I've missed you a lot, and it's been hard. And I kissed a boy, and I got an A in Math.

Jack: Thank you. Why don't you say hi?

Bianca: Wow. She got an A in Math?

Jack: Yeah.

Kendall: Yeah, you got to love those A’s.

Erica: Oh, she's so beautiful. Just like I remember, as beautiful as her mother. Oh, my sweetheart, I have missed you so much.

Bianca: I missed you. Is this where you cry?

Kendall: What, and be puffy tomorrow? Come on, Binks, she loves you, but come on now, seriously.

Erica: Where's Maggie?

Bianca: Oh, Anatomy, Biochem, some Premed class that goes completely over my head and makes her completely giddy. But she sent Parisian presents for everybody.

Reggie: Ok, well, we're going to cut her some slack this time, but next time these two tie the knot --

Jack: Bite your tongue.

Lily: I've done that. It hurts.

Reggie: Ooh. Bianca, Miranda here is smelling kind of ripe.

Bianca: Oh.

Reggie: No, no, wait a second. You saying a real man can't change diapers? Come on, Lily, give me a hand. You guys chill, and we got this one.

Lily: We got it.

Bianca: We'll chill. Oh, here -- diaper bag. Thank you, Lily. Where are Greenlee and Ryan?

Erica: Oh, honey, Ryan couldn't make it. But he's sorry to miss you.

Kendall: Greenlee's off exploring. "Boca Raton" means "mouth of the rat." Maybe it spoke to Greenlee.

Bianca: Some things haven't changed.

Zach: What do you think you're protecting me from?

Greenlee: Shh, shh. Is that -- it is. Stay right -- there!

[Greenlee locks Zach in the pool storage room.]

Greenlee: Ha! Double ha! No way, no how are you marrying Kendall, not tonight or ever. So there!

Kendall: Give me a hug.

Jack: See you, sweetie.

Kendall: It's so good to see you.

[As the sisters hug, a very dashing Ethan walks up to the dock, sending Kendall running from the scene.]

Bianca: Kendall. Kendall.

Kendall: No.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Babe (to Jamie): You can make your dream come true. This is the proof.

Bianca (to Ethan): Next time you want my help, you get me all the facts first.

Kendall: You never shut up. You keep going and going. No wonder he didn't tell you.

Greenlee: Who didn't tell me what?

Erica: You didn't.

Jack: Well, not yet, but I certainly hope to.

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