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Phoebe: I know what's going on around this house, and I demand that you put a stop to it immediately.

Brooke: A stop to what?

Phoebe: You know perfectly well what I'm talking about. And if you wish to stay here under my jurisdiction, you will toe the line as I see fit for your sake as well as mine.

Brooke: You have a very evil mind, Aunt Phoebe.

Phoebe: Not evil, my dear. Perceptive.

[Lost in thought at her aunt's funeral, Brooke turns around and is surprised by an old friend who plants a big kiss on her.]

Brooke: Benny! Oh, my!

Jamie: Mom's wrecked. First Edmund, then Aunt Phoebe? She was Mom's rock.

Babe: Phoebe was like a grandmother to you. It's ok for you to be sad, too.

Jamie: Adam is circling my mom. We got to stop him.

Babe: What, you really think that he would swoop in on Aunt Phoebe's funeral, seriously? Ok, then let's get going. Your mom may be worse off than I thought.

[Knock on door]

J.R.: So, you used your Aunt Phoebe to screw me over from beyond the grave.

Brooke: Aunt Phoebe would be so glad to have you here.

Benny: Are you kidding me? The duchess has been running my life for months. Oh, yeah, she gave me detailed instructions about running this whole shindig. She even told me to plant a kiss on you if it'd help.

Brooke: I should have known she would orchestrate her own farewell.

Benny: Well, when today is over, she can concentrate on pushing Langley around -- up there.

Brooke: Ah, she was so sure of herself at the end.

Benny: Hmm.

Brooke: I think she was ready to let go and join him.

Benny: Oh, letting go? Never one of the duchess' things.

Brooke: Well --

Benny: Charles Tyler?

Brooke: Mona Kane.

[Fade to clip from the past]

Phoebe: I'm going to give you one last chance, Mrs. Kane, to convince my husband to call off his divorce suit.

Mona: Even if I wanted to, it would be too late. You know, the hearing is tomorrow.

Phoebe: I mean that I intend to put an end to this nonsense once and for all.

Mona: Oh?

Phoebe: There will be no divorce.

[Back to the present]

Brooke: One of Aunt Phoebe's many mottos -- "Never surrender, never retreat." She loved a good fight.

Jack: Reggie, listen to me. I really can deal with Erica all by myself.

Reggie: Wait, wait, wait, wait. You did not just say that. How many almost weddings have you two had?

Jack: Look --

Reggie: One?

Jack: Well, you see, yeah, I appreciate what you're trying to do. I really do, and I love you. I need to talk to Lily. Hey, sweetheart.

Lily: I'm glad they discovered white cranberries.

Jack: Yeah, boy, me, too. Listen, Sam's mother really needs to know where he is.

Lily: You really don't know where I hid him?

Jack: No, I -- I really have no idea.

Lily: Well, aren't you proud of me for being so good at my job?

Reggie: You know, this is how you got in that mess with Erica in the first place. You can't be messing around in other people's lives, like Sam and Maria -- they're going to work it out, and so will Greenpea and Ryan.

Ryan: Kendall, I'm not nearly awake enough for this.

Kendall: Yeah, well, I made sure Greenlee was up to her eyeliner in the Fusion budget, so let's get to it.

Ryan: I have nothing that I want to say to you.

Kendall: Oh. You don't have to talk. Just take me to bed.

Ryan: I need some serious coffee. Did you just say that you want to take me to bed?

Kendall: I don't actually want you, ok? I'm doing you a favor. All right, ok. Now that I have your attention, this is the deal -- you and Greenlee have to be happy so everyone else can be happy.

Ryan: Everyone else, whoever that is, can go to hell.

Kendall: Ok, no, listen. Jackson and my mother are battling over what you and Greenlee should do, all right? Now, that affects Reggie, Lily, Bianca, Miranda, me, Greenlee, and everyone else who comes near us.

Ryan: I can't help you.

Kendall: Wrong answer, Ryan, wrong answer. Look, I can't do anything with Jack, but I intend to work on you until you tell me what I want to hear, and that translates into happy families all around.

Jack: Aidan, thanks for coming by. Could you please tell Lily -- private detective to private detective, of course -- that sometimes you just have to tell your client's whereabouts?

Lily: It's strictly confidential.

Jack: She is really going to the mat on this one.

Aidan: I'll take care of it.

Jack: Whatever you could do, please. Appreciate it. I have to get out of here.

Reggie: Dad and Erica -- they're about to blow yet another wedding day.

Lily: You mean they're not getting married?

Reggie: Well, Dad better fix it, because there's no way I'm saying good-bye to anybody else in my life.

Jamie: "J.R., when you receive this letter, I will have gone to my great reward. This is your invitation to my service and the reading of my will. I trust you will accept as I have something special for you that I'm sure you'll appreciate."

J.R.: You waited until Aunt Phoebe started to lose her grip, then you filled her head with stories about satanic J.R. sticking it to you and saintly Babe.

Babe: You are such a creep, aren't you? A great woman has passed away.

J.R.: Excuse me? You didn't even know her, Babe.

Babe: But I can still respect her. And there's no way that I would use the day of her funeral to dis her and dump on Jamie.

Jamie: Hey, you want to go to the funeral together? Let's go. I can't wait to find out that Aunt Phoebe left you her gardening gloves and a bag of manure.

Erica: This is such a loss, for everyone. Phoebe had such great energy.

Brooke: She was amazing. She was also terrifying when she wanted to be.

Erica: Hmm. I just think it's such a pity that she and my mother were always fighting over a man.

Brooke: Is Jack coming?

Erica: Oh, he'll be along.

Brooke: You hope. Well, I heard you pitched a fit and your latest wedding is off, so I guess that means you never learn.

Erica: I doubt that Phoebe would think this was a very appropriate time for you to gloat.

[Fade to clip from the past]

Phoebe: You are so young, darling. You have so much to learn.

Brooke: I'm not that young.

Phoebe: Well, you're young enough to imagine that your putting Erica Kane in her place is really worth all of this aggravation.

[Back to the present]

Brooke: Erica, you're not the only one who's a slow learner. I'm sorry. Linc, Kelly. You'll excuse me.

Erica: Gladly.

Kelly: Hello. Hi, sweetheart.

Brooke: Ah. Hi, Kelly.

Kelly: How you doing?

Brooke: Ok.

Kelly: Good.

Linc: Oh, Brooke.

Brooke: Linc. Oh. I can feel my Aunt Phoebe smiling down.

Linc: Thank you for everything that you've done. Mother had been telling us how busy you and Jamie have been.

Kelly: Oh, yeah. She loved keeping us updated.

Linc: And she also loved gossiping.

Brooke: Oh. You think?

[Linc laughs]

Jamie: So are you feeling safe? Think I can go check and see how my mom's doing?

Babe: Go ahead.

Jamie: Try not to let him use you as a human shield.

Tad: Couldn't help but notice that these three arrived together. I was just wondering when the world comes to an end.

J.R.: Well, death reminds you of what really matters. Later, we'll be leading everybody in a group hug and a sing-along.

Livia: You were so lucky to have her as a -- I almost said "mother" instead of "aunt."

Brooke: No, it's ok. She was my mother, you know? She was the most fantastic mother I think anybody could have ever had.

Jamie: Yo, Chuck.

Joe: Yeah.

Chuck: Hi, Jamie.

Jamie: Grandpa.

Joe: Yeah.

Jamie: It's great to see you guys. That sounds a little strange at a funeral.

Joe: Hmm.

Chuck: Ah, come on. Grandmother was really proud of you, and I know she'd be thrilled to know that you -- you've come onboard.

Tad: Chuck.

Chuck: Well --

Tad: It's great to see you.

Erica: I'm sure that Aidan will do everything that he possibly can.

Opal: Oh! There you are! Oh, I can't tell you how it warms the cockles of my heart to see my two favorite folks have come to their senses. I told you last night -- what? Just a case of premarital cold feet.

Palmer: Looks more like frostbite to me.

Opal: Erica -- am I wrong?

Erica: Opal, you look fabulous.

Palmer: Why don't you regale us with all your tawdry tales about when you were housemaid to Phoebe and to Langley?

Opal: Oh!

Erica: This is not the time.

Jack: I agree. Excuse me.

Myrtle: Darling, I'm so sorry about your mother.

Linc: Oh, Myrtle. Mother always said that she wouldn't go anywhere until she was good and ready.

[Myrtle chuckles]

Kelly: It sounds like your mother -- white gloves up and ready for a fight.

Brooke: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

Myrtle: Well, if there's anything I can do --

Linc: Uh, uh, uh. You already have been, for years.

[Fade to clip from the past]

Phoebe: You want to take advantage of his gullibility.

Myrtle: Unlike you, I would never push anything on Linc. If I can give him a little happiness, that's all I ask. I am proud to have given Linc some of the love that he never got from you.

Phoebe: What?

Myrtle: He's been like a son to me.

Phoebe: Oh! What arrogance!

Myrtle: And I would like to help make a real loving home for that boy, something that you never made because you was too busy thinking about your own position!

Phoebe: My son had a warm and loving home, and he has a good home now. The only trouble is that you're in it and you don't belong here.

Myrtle: Linc's a grown man, and he can make his own decisions, and one of them is the hospitality he's given to me and to Kelly.

Phoebe: Ah! Kelly, indeed. Oh, yes. You make a fine pair, you and that girl.

[Back to the present]

Kelly: Well, she's with Kitty now, and she's probably giving her a really hard time.

Linc: You know, Myrtle, with Mother gone now, you're probably going to have to be the new eyes and ears of Pine Valley.

Myrtle: Darling, I was always the top dog. I just never told your mother.

Linc: Right!

Kelly: Myrtle, what is it?

Myrtle: I'm waiting for the thunderclap.

Benny: Excuse me, everyone. I am running this show at Phoebe's request. Oh, well, actually, it was more of a strict order.

Chuck: Now, that's more like it.

Benny: And we are going to do this by the lady's rules.

Opal: Yeah, well, leave it to Phoeb. She's still pulling the strings even from the other side.

Palmer: Quite sensible, too.

Benny: Well, Phoebe -- the duchess, to me -- was a hell of a lady, and she wanted a hell of a sendoff, and she made sure that we gave her one. Hey, no tears, ok, because I'm going to have to plant another one on you.

Adam: Brooke -- I am with you all the way.

Benny: Oh, Brookie. You and Grandpa Warbucks again, huh? You know, Phoebe didn't plan for this, but I bet if you listen close --

Brooke: Hmm.

Benny: You can hear the duchess spinning.

Adam: I don't think Brooke needs any advice on friendships from Phoebe's ex-chauffeur.

Brooke: Oh, I wouldn't be so sure about that.

Adam: Ah.

Tad: It was a hell of an entrance. Too bad about the finish, though. It's a pity.

Adam: Go away.

Tad: Did you really think you were going to be able to swoop in here and be a nice, strong shoulder for Brooke to cry on? From here it looks like she likes Benny’s style.

Minister: If you'd please take your seats. We are gathered to celebrate the life of Phoebe Tyler Wallingford, and although I'm relatively new to Pine Valley, I knew Mrs. Wallingford as a pillar of the community, a warm and generous woman who gave tirelessly of herself to others. Now, she had a passionate enthusiasm for life.

Opal: And a glass of dry sherry.

Minister: And certainly, Phoebe was a woman who --

Benny: Who wanted me to cut in right about now. I'm really sorry, padre, but that was the lady's order. I'm supposed to announce that it's time for the truth. Phoebe was afraid that you might try to avoid it, but I don't think anybody's going to weasel out.

Woman: Oh.

Brooke: Oh, Aunt Phoebe, what have you done now?

Lily: I won't take too long.

Reggie: Ok. Just be safe.

Lily: Ok.

Danielle: Hey, Lily. What's in the bag?

Lily: Food, for a hungry person.

Danielle: Wow. You're like an angel of mercy.

Lily: No. I'm a private detective.

Danielle: Well, you're still too good to be true. Have fun. It's just me.

Aidan: I've got him, Maria. Sam's not going anywhere.

Lily: I printed this out for you. It's a map of the area around Wildwind. At the appointed time, you and Maddie will meet at this location, in the woods south of the main house.

Sam: But, Lily, if I steal one of the cars, we won't make it out the front gate.

Lily: Well, this location is outside the front gate and you won't have to steal. You can borrow my dad's car.

Sam: Oh, I hate to break it to you, but Jack's not going to lend me one of his cars.

Lily: I borrowed a spare set of his keys. Now, the plan is that you will take this road near the woods, and then you'll take a back road straight to the train station. Leave the car parked in the parking lot. Leave the keys underneath the front seat so my dad can pick it up later.

Sam: Oh, he'll love that.

Lily: And then you'll board a train to Chicago, and from there you'll go to California. California's supposed to be really beautiful. It's not New Zealand, but I'm sure they have some sheep somewhere. You should stay where you like it best.

Sam: I kind of wish that could be here.

Lily: I do, too, but you really should stick to the plan.

Sam: Well, how am I going to keep in touch?

Lily: You're doing it again.

Sam: Lily, I like you.

Lily: I don't know what your face means.

Sam: My face is saying that it wants to kiss your face.

Ryan: So, what's with this "best girlfriends" thing you and Greenlee got going on this week?

Kendall: All right, look. Don't you dare tell Greenlee I told you this, but we're friends. And that means that you need to seriously settle things, Ryan, you and Greenlee both.

Ryan: Kendall, you can nag me about my job search, you can nag me about the speed I'm going on my motorcycle, but not my marriage, ok? You are not exactly an expert in that department.

Kendall: Ryan, listen to me. Greenlee adores you, ok? She is not afraid of anything that you can say or do. She's got amazing strength. She's incredibly tough. And when she lost Leo, it crushed her heart. But that didn't stop her. She patched it together, and she gave it to you.

Ryan: That may not have been her smartest move.

Kendall: She trusts you, Ryan. She trusts you more than anyone in this world. You have to deserve her faith in you, because if you don't --

Ryan: Then what?

Kendall: It'll kill her, and you know it. Greenlee's tough and she's brave, but she's not invincible. Greenlee loves you in a way that I can only dream of loving someone -- completely, with her whole heart and soul. Do you really want to toss all that away?

Ryan: Greenlee and I are not getting a divorce. Everything is cool.

Kendall: Well, everything cannot possibly be cool when you deny her the one thing that she wants more than anything in this world -- your child.

Ryan: That is between Greenlee and me.

Kendall: No, Ryan, you cannot just arbitrarily dismiss this. For once in her life, Greenlee is not being selfish. She wants this child for both of you.

Ryan: Oh, we don't need a baby, ok? I don't want one.

Kendall: Ryan, listen. Greenlee is not going to give birth to a three-headed mini-Lavery monster, I swear to you.

Ryan: All right, this discussion's over.

Kendall: Listen, wait a minute. Where do you get off -- where do you get off insulting Miranda and me?

Ryan: What? I didn't insult anybody.

Kendall: Do you think that we're tainted by our fathers, maybe we should have never been born?

Ryan: I never said that.

Kendall: No, that is exactly what you're saying -- that Miranda will become another Michael Cambias and that Bianca was wrong to bring her into this world.

Ryan: I love Miranda. You I can barely live with.

Kendall: Well, you loved me once, too, enough to help me get through the horror of who my father was and what I might turn out to be.

Ryan: Well, this isn't about you, Kendall. This is about me.

Kendall: Ryan, every family has a generation that taints the gene pool, ok? It's not catching. Just get over it and have babies.

Ryan: I don't want to have babies, Kendall -- not now, not ever! If Greenlee needs that to have a real marriage --

Kendall: No, Greenlee wants this for the both of you, ok? Because she loves you, and a baby would be a natural product of that love.

Ryan: You want to help your friend? Get this through -- if Greenlee has kids, it will not be with me.

Lily: Why do you want to kiss me?

Sam: Well, because you hid me out, and you fed me and, well, because I have to leave, and you've got to stay, and because you're hot.

Lily: I'm hot? You think I'm a hot girl?

Sam: Yeah. That's not bad. It's good.

Lily: Erica told me what guys expect sometimes from hot girls, and I'm not ready to have sex.

Sam: That's pretty far from kissing.

Lily: Kissing indicates an ongoing activity like more than one.

Sam: Well, we would -- we'd start with just one.

Lily: Like a test?

Sam: Yeah, if you want to.

Lily: I wanted to kiss Aidan.

Sam: Did you?

Lily: No, but I practiced kissing -- not on a real person, though. But I think I'd like to try that now with you.

Sam: Are you ok?

Lily: Dani was right. It feels warm. I liked it. I would do it again if you didn't have to leave town.

Benny: Duchess did not want a stream of people sharing nice, kind, boring memories just because it's the proper thing to do. The duchess wanted the whole enchilada on display.


Chuck: The enchilada?

Benny: Bingo, Doc. And, Linc, as her son, would you please start?

Linc: Um --

Erica: Oh, dear.

Linc: Ahem. "Dear Aggie --"

Joe: Phoebe's advice column.

Palmer: Her license to meddle.

Tad: And make money doing it.

Linc: "My brilliant son, of whom I am enormously proud of, is almost as willful as he is clever."

Kelly: It's all right, sweetheart. Be brave.

Linc: Uh --


Myrtle: You deserve it.

Linc: "How can I make him see he needs my guidance in matters of the heart?"

[Fade to clip from the past]

Eddie: It's Eddie Dorrance, Mrs. Tyler, and you can congratulate me on my up-and-coming nuptials with Miss Kelly Cole.

Phoebe: Well, congratulations, Mr. Dorrance. Tell me just -- just when do you think this happy day will be?

Eddie: Imminent enough for my little bride-to-be to need that $50,000 dowry you're going to lay on her.

Phoebe: Oh, yes, yes, indeed, Mr. Dorrance. And she shall have it, just as soon as she is indeed your legal bride.

[Back to the present]

Chuck: Aggie's answer to "Dear loving husband." "Whatever your bride's past, your first duty is to her. If you want to keep your wife happy, do not”  and she has underlined "not" -- "take her home to meet your -- your grandmother."

[Myrtle chuckles]

[Fade to clip from the past]

Phoebe: And I confess that I would do most anything to see that marriage terminated.

Man: Oh. Well, what have you got in mind?

Phoebe: Well, a man like yourself must have many ways of, oh, managing events, influencing the outcome.

[Back to the present]

Palmer: "Dear social shark, beat the old biddy at her own game, but keep a civil tongue next time." I intend to ruin you in this community.

[Fade to clip from the past]

Phoebe: You wouldn't. You couldn't.

[Palmer chuckles]

Palmer: Oh. Couldn't I?

Phoebe: Why, Palmer? Why? I -- I'm just a servant of the community. I just want to help people. It -- it's my work. It's my whole life.

Palmer: Yes, well, you should have thought of that before you put your nose into my private affairs.

Phoebe: But I -- I didn't --

Palmer: You need to be taught a lesson, Phoebe, and I'm just the man to do it.

Phoebe: Palmer, please, please. Don't take my whole life away from me.

[Back to the present]

Palmer: Well, Phoebe Wallingford was a damned exasperating woman, but she was an original.

Brooke: Hmm. I'll say.

Reggie: Wait -- die, yes, die. Crash and burn.

[Video game beeps]

Danielle: Speaking of crashing and burning -- Jackson, Erica? Can we discuss?

Reggie: It's a joke -- adults, I mean. They preach to us, they tell us what to do, and then they make the dumbest mistakes we could see for miles away. They're fools. They take everything and they just throw it in the trash. You know, adults suck. Yeah, they suck, they suck.

Danielle: Well, we won't. Like you say, man up, grab life by the business, show them who's boss, right?

Reggie: Yeah. We just lay back and --

Danielle: Take it easy.

Reggie: Yeah, we take it easy.

Danielle: We got to slow this down some.

Reggie: Wait. What do you mean? You just said that we're almost adults and there's nothing to stop us now.

Danielle: Except me, until I'm ready, and I'm not yet. Reggie, we're cool with this, right?

Reggie: Wait -- you're still not ready? All right, Danielle, but I am. So if you're cool with that, I mean, I'm gone, all right?

Danielle: If I'm cool with what? What, Reggie?

Kelly: "Dear Aggie, I got saddled with the world's worst mother-in-law --" oh, no. Well, close.


Kelly: Very close.

Myrtle: Yes.

[Fade to clip from the past]

Phoebe: Those two cannot be joined in holy matrimony because Kelly Cole isn't fit to be a wife to my son! She'll bring disgrace and dishonor on the Tyler name!

Man: Please, please --

Phoebe: Everybody in the world knows she's nothing but a dope fiend!


[Back to the present]

Kelly: Stop it. "What's a good way to pay her back?" Oh, I can't wait. "Dear tormented, with a big fat thank-you. Chances are she did you and your sister an accidental favor that you still owe her for."

Myrtle: Ah. Me, too.

Linc: Oh.

[Linc laughs]

Myrtle: "Dear carny girl, it took a great woman to reform a great con. But I'm sure, I'm sure that the grand dame that you are loved every minute of it. I can't say that the con man liked it quite as much."

[Fade to clip from the past]

[Carny music plays]

Phoebe: Oh! Oh. Oh! Oh, Langley! Langley! Oh! Help me! Langley, you couldn't have. You wouldn't have! Oh, why? Why would you do --

[Phoebe mumbles as Langley shoots an arrow at her which she pretends has pierced her]

Phoebe: Oh -- ah, ah, ah, ah!

[Back to the present]

Benny: "Dear courtly knight --"


Benny: "Give her straight talk and strong words. She may huff, but she knows you love her. Means the world to her."

[Fade to clip from the past]

Phoebe: Look, they beat you unmercifully, they left you for dead, then you almost didn't survive the operation. Then they came back and tried to finish the job. Don't you want those animals to be punished for their crimes?

Benny: No, please, please, please. No. No, no. Stay out of it, no.

Phoebe: Well, Benjamin, what are you saying? I have no intention of staying out of it.

[Back to the present]

Brooke: "Dear Aggie, I've lost --"

Brooke: Ok.

Tad: Ahem. "Dear Aggie, I've lost too much lately. I'm not sure what comes next." "Dear Brooke, my dearest girl, first, remember -- remember the good, the bad, and, for laughs, the unspeakably strange."

[Fade to clip from the past]

Edmund: Lady, you are over the line!

Brooke: I am? I am?

Edmund: You have trouble accepting the fact that I am part of this family now.

Brooke: Over my dead body, you slime!

Phoebe: Oh, Eduardo. My angel, are you hurt?

Edmund: I'm fine, but your niece needs some help.

Brooke: Oh, you despicable excuse for a man, Eduardo. How can you take advantage of my aunt like this?

Phoebe: I'll have you know that Eduardo and I have an open -- and perhaps you'll find this hard to accept -- passionate relationship.

[Back to the present]

Tad: "So kiss us both good-bye and get on with your amazing life. As someone else's aunt once said, 'Life is a banquet.’ And your dear aunt occasionally forgot her manners and devoured everything on the table before the guests ever arrived."

Linc: Ah.


Tad: "She lived, she loved, and she left with no regrets. Make sure you do the same, my dear -- all my dears."

Kendall: You'll regret it, Ryan. This could be the big one. You really could lose Greenlee.

Ryan: I'm not going to let that happen, Kendall. In fact, I'm fixing things for our marriage.

Kendall: You're fixing things, as in, what, you're acting like an adult? You're going to see a doctor?

Ryan: Yes, that's exactly what I'm doing. In fact, I've already been.

Kendall: Oh. Oh, well -- well, why the hell didn't you just say? I mean, why didn't you say something? I mean, Greenlee told me that you were seeing someone, but I thought that was her wishful thinking. Ryan! You!

Ryan: Ow!

Kendall: That is for making me get all girly and honest and calling Greenlee my friend when you could have just told me everything was fine.

Ryan: Ok, so you'll finally shut up and get out of here?

[Phone rings]

Ryan: Ah! Hello. Yeah. Yes, I am sure. Great, I will be there. Thank you, Dr. Cooper. We'll see you. I got things I got to do.

Kendall: You're welcome. And why don't you just have a lovely day.

Ryan: I intend to.

Kendall: That's your little plan? Dam your little swimmers behind Greenlee's back so she can never have your kids? No, no. I will not let you do it.

Sam: We should have taken that kissing test before today.

Lily: Yes, well, you have to do things when they feel right, kind of like you have to leave now.

Sam: You're the only person I'm going to miss.

Lily: Aidan?

Aidan: Hey, Lily. Hey, Sam.

Lily: You shadowed me? You ruined my plan?

Aidan: I'm sorry, but I had to do it. You need to go home.

Sam: No, I don't.

Aidan: You want to throw a few punches at me, go ahead. You know you can't take me down. I'm either going to carry you home or you're just going to come with me. Come on, let's go.

Lily: Wait. Sam, since you don't have to leave town now, can you kiss me again? I like kissing Sam, and Sam likes kissing me.

Sam: Yeah. You won.

[While the song "I'll be seeing you" plays, each mourner advances and adds a lovely pink rose to a large bouquet, then scenes of bygone days are shown with the inimitable Ruth Warrick as Phoebe.]

Singer: Cathedral bells were tolling and our hearts sang on. Was it the spell of Paris or the April dawn? Who knows if we shall meet again? But when the morning chimes ring sweet again, I'll be seeing you. In all the old familiar places that this heart of mine embraces all day through. In that small café, the park across the way, the children's carousel, the chestnut trees, the wishing well. I'll be seeing you in every lovely summer's day, in everything that's light and gay, I'll always think of you that way. I'll find you in the morning sun, and when the night is new, I'll be looking at the moon, but I'll be seeing you. In that small café, the park across the way, the children's carousel, the chestnut trees, the wishing well. I'll be seeing you in every lovely summer's day, in everything that's light and gay, I'll always think of you that way. I'll find you in the morning sun, and when the night is new, I'll be looking at the moon, but I'll be seeing you.

Linc: To an extraordinary woman.

Tad: Mm-hmm.

Benny: To a great dame.

Brooke: Mm-hmm. We will love you, and we'll miss you, Aunt Phoebe, but we will never, never forget you. To Phoebe.

Myrtle: To Phoebe.

All: To Phoebe.

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Ryan: You crossed a line.

Kendall: Oh, really? I crossed a line? You crossed a line.

Sam (to Maria): Tell me who my real dad is. Tell me or we are done for good.

Greenlee (to Jack): I'm probably going to regret saying this, but I'm here to beg you to marry Erica.

Erica (to Zach): Leave my daughter Kendall alone and marry me.

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