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Maria: So you keep it, Brooke. Really, because Brooke has worked very hard for this. She is still working very hard for this, thanks to Edmund's last will and testament.

Brooke: Maria, just take it and sit down. Come on.

Maria: No, no, no, no. You -- Edmund would -- trust me, Edmund would want Brooke to have this. He made his desires very, very clear. I was to have nothing, and she was supposed to have -- well, Edmund was more human to her, and this is a Humanitarian Award. So you were right to turn against me. And, I mean, he was, really. But I got what I deserved. Right? I think maybe we all do, eventually.

Palmer: Maria, please -- please accept this with our -- our sincere condolences and our best wishes for you and your children.

Maria: My children. My children. Thank you. Mine and Edmund's children, and Brooke's now, really, too. Right, Brooke? Because they are in a way.

Brooke: Maria, this is not the time or the place.

Maria: No, this is the perfect place for this! I think it is really good, because here's all the Pine Valley movers and the -- whoo -- movers and shakers. I'm ok. And they can all -- Lord knows what they've heard. So now is the perfect time to be able to clear the air, and -- and set everything straight. So I think this is going to be actually very fun. Don't you think this is going to be kind of fun, Brooke? Ok, who thinks that this should go to Brooke English? Who thinks she should get the award for this? Anyone? Anyone, anyone? Hello? Can everybody pay attention, please? What is wrong with you people? Oh, you know who can tell you? Right here. Ryan. Ryan can tell -- he totally knew about me and Edmund, and he -- you can tell them that -- because if his -- if his brother Jonathan hadn't killed Edmund, then I wouldn't even be standing here right now. I wouldn't be Edmund's widow, wouldn't even be Edmund's wife, because he would have flipping kicked me to the curb long ago. And I wouldn't even be -- right? And actually, if you want to, you can come up. If you need to clear the air yourself, and you want to be part of this, you can.

Ryan: Maria, you can't imagine how sorry I am, but let me help you. Ok? Please, just come --

Maria: No, no. I -- believe me, I don't blame you for any of this, and I don't think any of it is your fault. Sincerely. And I don't -- probably not even maybe Jonathan's fault. To tell you the truth, there -- actually, Zach -- I mean, Edmund blamed Zach for a lot, a lot of stuff, and I -- it was actually my fault. And then I -- I didn't believe you and -- that, though, wasn't totally my fault, because I had a little help there. Right? Ethan Cambias, ladies and gentlemen! Ethan Cambias helped me quite a bit. He knew what was in my heart. Edmund -- he totally knew what was in my heart. It's no wonder you hated me with all -- oh. Got it, got it, got it. Got -- got it. Got it. It's heavy, this thing. But it looks heavy. But I can't accept this award -- ahem -- because this is supposed to be for, you know, somebody who was honest and who was generous and who was good. And I cannot accept it unless I am totally honest with all of you right now.

Jack: Maria, let's go get some air. Come on.

Maria: Oh, the air is actually really good in here, Jack, because I'm getting a chance to clear it, finally. And the truth will set you free. Got that from Myrtle.

Myrtle: Not with champagne, darling.

Erica: Maria, if you want to sleep on this and tell us all this tomorrow, that's fine. It's just this way now -- I mean, you're going to regret this in the morning.

Maria: Oh, this actually is not even going to make the bottom of my regret list. I don't know if you've heard, Erica, but my husband was murdered. Might have -- brutally murdered. But, you know, the funny thing is that I'm -- I'm dead to my kids, because they hate me. And then my ex-lover is going to marry this pretty little thing over here. So what do I really have left? I mean, you knew that Edmund hated me. Ethan, hey! You knew, right? And of course, she knew. You knew more than anyone, Zach. You know why I can't accept this award on my husband's behalf. Right? Actually, maybe you could tell them. Could you come up here and -- because you could explain this to them, and then they might get it. So come up here.

Zach: Don't do this.

Maria: Stand up just where they can all see you and explain to them -- me -- and why I should really have nothing -- I shouldn't -- and then why she should have everything.

Zach: I'll take you home.

Maria: Just do me a favor, please, and get up there where they can see you! They're just -- I'm saying what you all think of me, anyway. So help me out. Just tell the truth.

Ryan: Maria --

Jack: No, no, no. You've done enough. Maria, look, let me have this. We all know what you've been going through, all right?

Maria: No, you don't.

Jack: And we all know that grief takes a toll --

Maria: And I haven't even apologized to you yet, Jack, about Greenlee and Lily and everything that they've been through. And Kendall -- she's been suffering.

Jack: Let me take you home, ok?

Maria: Everybody's --

Jack: Come on.

Maria: What, are you trying to get me killed, too? This -- oh --

Jack: What?

Maria: Because Erica's not going to let you take me home! She would fillet me like a salmon! Are you kidding? She's going to let her fiancé take home Pine Valley’s most notorious slut? That's going to happen. Thank you, you've been very gallant, Jack. Thank you very much for your help.

Jack: No, I'll gladly --

Maria: But I am fine. Because I need to stay here to accept Edmund's award from the Commerce Club --

Brooke: Maria, stop this.

Maria: Stop! You stop! I'm talking. Stop, all of you, trying to make me go. Because I have something to say. Not -- not one of you knows me, ok? You don't know who I am. And can't help you out, because I don't know myself anymore. I used to have a really nice life. I used to help people. I used to heal people. Thought I was smart, though. I did think I was smart. That actually -- that's actually the hysterical one, because there is a man who loved me, who offered to take me away from everything that was making me sad and miserable. And I said no, because I loved Edmund, and I was committed to my marriage over there. And -- and then I -- but I didn't play fair at all, because I led Zach on until he realized that I wasn't even worthy of his love anymore. So he decided to marry Kendall. And, Kendall, you don't need my blessing at all, but you have it. You have it. Because he really -- Zach -- deserves better than me. And he got it. He totally got it.

Ethan: Ahem.

Maria: Because you're very pretty -- whatever.

Ethan: That's quite a speech.

Maria: Thank you. I think that they kind of got what they came for. And I needed to show them, that's all.

Ethan: You showed them that you're hurting. Everybody here knows this isn't who you really are.

Maria: Really? Who is that, then? Do you know who that is?

Ethan: Yeah. Yeah, I think I do. And so do -- so do they, people who care about you. Ok? People who want to see better for you than this.

Maria: You think?

Ethan: Yeah. Have a look. Whoa.

Maria: Let go, let go, let go!

Ethan: All right.

Maria: Ok. I'm ok.

Ethan: Ok.

Maria: Sorry. Will you get me out of here, please?

Zach: Don't use her as a weapon in our war.

Ethan: Where do you stand with Kendall, hmm?

Maria: Thank you.

Ethan: Let's go up to my suite.

Jack: My, my, my. Just when you thought the night couldn't get any worse, you show up and it does.

[Entering the rest room after Brooke, Mary locks the door for a private chat.]

Mary: Ahem. You acquitted yourself beautifully, Brooke. My heart really went out to you up there, being forced to play a supporting role in that scandalous scene.

Brooke: I wasn't forced to do anything.

Mary: I think they ought to give you an award, actually -- "Conduct becoming a heroine." And poor Maria -- she may just as well leave town now.

Brooke: It'll all blow over as long as people don't rub Maria’s nose in it.

Mary: You think so? I haven't found Pine Valley that forgiving. Of course, you know people so much better than I do.

Brooke: You know, if there's a point to all of this, I don't really have the energy to dig for it.

Mary: I'm just saying that fate can play a cruel hand when it comes to affairs of the heart. You wanted Edmund. Of course, who wouldn't? He was really yummy. But he wanted Maria, and then Maria didn't know who she wanted, either Zach or Edmund. And then tragedy intervened, and now nobody has Edmund.

Brooke: I don't need you to remind me.

Mary: Of course you don't. I'm sorry. I'm just assuming that now Edmund is gone, you're going to want to fill the void that he left, and I -- I would hate to see you fasten your hopes on another man that's wrong for you.

Brooke: You're on Palmer's arm. You can relax.

Mary: Oh, no. Palmer is a sweetheart, but if you know what's good for you, you'll keep your hands off Adam.

[Pounding on door]

Adam: Brooke? Brooke, are you all right?

Jack: You know, Maria shouldn't have taken the blame for what happened between Jonathan and Edmund.

Ryan: I agree.

Jack: But you -- you should take a lot of the blame for what she's going through right now.

Ryan: If you're just going to stand here and repeat yourself, Jack --

Jack: Let me ask you something. Where's Greenlee? Why isn't she with you?

Ryan: I woke up and she was gone.

Jack: Well, I presume she left a note.

Ryan: No, no note, no message. That's why I'm here, Jack.

Jack: Boy, you and your brothers are a real wrecking crew, aren't you? You're destroying my family one woman at a time.

Kendall: Well, you're showing admirable self-restraint. You let Ethan walk out of here with Maria. What's that all about?

Zach: Why didn't you tell me this was a dinner to honor Edmund?

Kendall: Well, it's not like I suggested we share a quiet evening. I told you there could be some trouble. You said you --

Zach: You think I enjoyed this?

Kendall: Didn't you come here to find out what my answer was to your proposal?

Zach: What I came for doesn't matter anymore.

Ethan: You ok? All right, it's over, Maria. Let me take care of you. Ok? Let me look after you.

[Knock on door]

Adam: Brooke, let me know you're all right.

Brooke: I'm fine.

Mary: I'm asking you woman to woman, leave Adam to me.

Brooke: What? Is this a new nature show? "Extreme predatory females"? I don't run Adam's romantic life, thank God.

Zach: Go away.

Erica: What is wrong with you?

Zach: I think you know that better than I do.

Erica: Oh, I know that you belong in hell. But before you go there, could you please have the common decency to drag Maria away from your son? Or are you more like Edmund than you are willing to admit, and you want to leave Maria with absolutely nothing?

Maria: Oh, my God, don't you hate a clingy drunk? Look at that. Whoo! We're going to get lucky tonight. Is that what you thought? This is one of my favorite vintages, actually. But you should probably open it up, because I don't really trust my aim.

Ethan: I think you had about enough champagne this evening.

Maria: If you don't do it, it's going to hit a window.

Ethan: Ok, I think some water or some coffee is going to be a much wiser choice, Maria.

Maria: No, no, no, I just walked off the battlefield where I left my life in complete and utter shreds, so I think that either calls for a celebration or consolation. See? Big words, perfectly pronounced. I am not as drunk as you think.

Jack: You're sorry? Well, that's too easy.

Ryan: Happens to be true.

Jack: How many hits has my family taken because of you and your brothers? Braden rapes my sister, Jonathan poisons Greenlee. Then he kidnaps and terrorizes her and Kendall and Lily. What did those girls ever do to your family?

Kendall: Not in the mood.

J.R.: It looks like you could use a friend.

Kendall: Yeah, well, if you see one, send him over.

J.R.: Can't I be concerned?

Kendall: Only with your own score. You are a hell of a player, I'll give you that.

J.R.: I'm not playing. No games. It's just me and you.

Kendall: Ahem -- ok, so this is some mercy trip? Poor me ditched by Ethan and Zach, so you're riding to the rescue?

J.R.: I'm a Chandler. We don't do mercy.

Kendall: Ok, so, what, you're helping me put together the pieces of my broken life?

J.R.: No, I'm not really into arts and crafts either.

Kendall: So what exactly are you into, J.R.?

J.R.: You. And I think I should get you out of this circus and go someplace private.

Erica: That woman is having the worst meltdown I have ever seen, and I mean including my own.

Zach: Don't be modest. It doesn't suit you. I took you to that Vegas hospital. You remember that, right?

Erica: I am trying to help Maria.

Zach: You're trying to take her all the way to the bottom and stay there. Take a bow for a job well done.

[Cork pops]

Maria: Ah! Yike!

Ethan: Uh, Maria, seriously, you're really not helping yourself with that.

Maria: Ugh, you are such a liar -- about the champagne, I mean, not the other stuff. I don't even want to go near all the other stuff tonight. Ok?

Ethan: You know, I think I'd really prefer you not to drink.

Maria: You know, when you made that comment, and you and Zach were talking when I left -- you know, because that was me that you were practically carrying out of there --

Ethan: You know, Zach made a dig. It was nothing.

Maria: Oh, yeah, but I'm just thinking, if -- if you're going to use me as a weapon, then aren't weapons better when they're fully loaded?

Adam: I know what you're up to.

Mary: I don't know what you're talking about.

Adam: Save the innocent stuff for Cortlandt. The old coot won't be able to hear half of it anyway. She's been through enough. Come on, Brooke.

Brooke: "She" can certainly handle Mary Smythe. And let go of me.

Adam: Brooke, don't fight me.

Brooke: Well, as if I'd stop now.

Adam: Marry Palmer fast before he catches on to you.

Zach: Here's to short memories, a convenient survival tactic.

Erica: Why are you trying so hard to insult me?

Zach: You convicted Maria of adultery without a shred of proof.

Erica: I did no such thing.

Zach: You kept ripping away at her. You used everything that you had to keep us apart. Worshiped Edmund and condemned his wife. And you know what? I've been sitting here, I've been thinking, and I realized something. A huge part of this mess has your perfume all over it.

Maria: To -- make a toast -- to -- actually, I don't have anything. Because I've hurt everyone and ruined everything.

Ethan: Zach deserves to be hurt.

Zach: Congratulations, Erica. You did a bang-up job.

Erica: I am truly sorry for any trouble that I caused you and Maria.

Zach: You are what? You're sorry? How could you possibly be sorry? You need a heart for that.

Maria: Don't regret what you've done to Zach, Maria. He's proved who he is. You have every reason to want to get back at him. We both do. Listen, if you want to use me as a weapon against my father, you go ahead.

Erica: Even when you've never been close to someone, you could still feel for them.

Zach: You've hated Maria for years.

Erica: Look, the animosity between Maria and me -- that's not one-sided. Maria has never cared for me either.

Zach: With good reason.

Erica: We all have our reasons, Zach. But the point is, any bad blood between Maria and me -- that is past, that is over. I mean, of course I was horrified when I thought that she was cheating on Edmund. Edmund was my brother-in-law for a very long time. And I know what that kind of behavior can do to a marriage.

Zach: Oh, I'll bet you do.

Erica: You know, think what you like. I do have a heart. And my heart goes out to anyone who I see suffering the way Maria is suffering. But the thing is, I can't be part of the solution, because Maria won't let me help her. You, on the other hand --

Zach: Don't do that. Don't pretend to care.

Erica: Maria is up in that suite with your son. She just went up there with him, and why do you think that she did that? Obviously because she's trying to get back at you. Or maybe she's trying to -- to see if you will run up there and save her.

Zach: She told you all this?

Erica: I just know.

Zach: You're a very interesting woman. You really are. You're not likable, but very interesting.

Erica: And the longer you sit there, the bigger chance you're taking that Maria can do serious harm to herself and to your relationship.

Zach: Does Kendall know what you're doing here?

Erica: Look, I would rather see Kendall with anyone but you.

Kendall: Well -- mmm -- you have perfected the full-court press. Mm-hmm.

J.R.: You had a lame night. I want to improve it for you.

Kendall: I appreciate the thought. Mmm, mmm. Look at you. You have thought of everything.

J.R.: I'm the master of marketing and merchandising and all the other "disings."

Kendall: Really? And what product are you pushing?

J.R.: The new-and-improved J.R. Chandler.

Kendall: Hmm.

J.R.: Seriously, Kendall, I've been into you since high school. We're wasting time.

Kendall: Well, you've been a little busy with Babe. And I've been busy, too.

J.R.: And that's why we're talking now.

Kendall: Right. But my possible engagement to Zach -- it doesn't faze you?

J.R.: I think it's a brilliant idea. In fact, I'm behind it 100%.

Kendall: Tell me more.

Brooke: You don't have to stay.

Adam: No, it's all right.

Brooke: I -- I don't -- I don't need you here.

Adam: I like it here. It's a good place to think. The water lapping up against the pilings.

Brooke: I can handle this. I don't need you here. I want to be alone.

Adam: Brooke, I know you can handle almost anything. The death of the man you loved, standing strong while his widow indicts you -- tries to take you down with her. You're amazing, absolutely amazing. But you don't have to do it alone. So shut up and let me take care of you.

Ryan: Yeah, as soon as you get this, ok? Because I'm worried about you. All right? I love you.

Mary: Am I to understand you have no idea where my daughter is?

Ryan: Yes, that's the update, Mary.

Mary: What did you do to her?

Jack: I'd like to hear the answer to that myself.

Mary: Your entire family was violent and abusive.

Ryan: Where do you get off? Where do both of you get off?

Jack: I'm not going to stand by and watch my daughter live in fear, Ryan.

Ryan: Hey, Jack? Jack, just so you know -- a year of hugs and family dinners doesn't make you father of the year.

Jack: Well, just so you know, Ryan, I don't kid myself in that regard. I'm trying to do what I can now.

Ryan: Well, fine, now that she's an adult. You didn't raise her, Jack.

Mary: Don't rant to us about Greenlee's upbringing!

Ryan: So, what, did she get lucky with you? Mary, you have just enough maternal instinct not to eat your young.

Mary: Oh, darling, coming from you and your background, that's laughable.

Ryan: The only difference between you and my mother is that you could afford the top-shelf liquor, Mary. And you, Jack -- you spend one night with her, and you think because of that you can tell me anything about my wife?

Jack: I'm not going to stand here and debate nature versus nurture with you, Lavery.

Mary: You didn't get either from that pack of animals you grew up with in Des Moines.

Opal: Would you just take that she-dog back to the kennel, for crying out loud?

Ryan: My family was the dregs. I admit that, Mary.

Mary: Yes, it's a matter of public record.

Ryan: But don't confuse me with my brother. I did not rape your sister, I did not drug your daughter or kidnap her. Do you understand that?

Jack: Yeah, you just made it possible, Ryan! That's what you did. I'll tell you something else you did. You put your misplaced loyalty to your brothers ahead of everyone's safety. You couldn't take the fact that they were guilty, so you did nothing. You did nothing at all! You didn't even try to stop them, said you'd talk to them. You commiserated with them. "Oh, what a miserable childhood we had." And then you closed your eyes to what they were and you did absolutely nothing. You just let them run wild.

Ryan: I shot my brother in the chest, Jack. That's not enough for you? What do you want me to do? You want me to put a bullet in my own skull? Will that make it better?

Jack: So now you want to go find Greenlee? Huh? Bring her back to the house, pretend like nothing happened? Play house? Make babies? And what happens to Greenlee then, huh? What happens to those children?

Ryan: You shut up!

Mary: Stop it! Stop it! Move it along. Nothing to see.

Jack: What are you going to do, Ryan? Huh? Follow your family tradition? Smack me around a little bit, because I'm right and you don't like it? Your father, your brothers -- the way they were -- maybe you couldn't escape that. You should have stopped Jonathan. By God, you know that. But it's not too late to fix the things you can, Ryan.

Ryan: Fix what, Jack? There's nothing left.

Jack: Fix yourself. Get some help. Don't drag Greenlee and any grandchildren I have down with you. Don't go down the same path your brothers did.

Ethan: Don't feel sorry for Zach.

Maria: Well, I wasn't fair to Zach. I wasn't fair to Edmund. I wasn't fair to anybody.

Ethan: Look, Maria, you went through hell. Did Zach care? Did he help? No. What did he do, huh? He dumped you, and he ran off with Kendall, and he's not looking back.

Maria: You know what, I never thought I'd want to be Maureen Gorman again, but I do right now. I really do.

Ethan: In the desert, that was a fantasy. You didn't know who Zach was then.

Maria: No, no, I didn't know who I was. I knew who Zach was. Zach was wonderful. He was always honest with me. He was always, always, always there for me, Ethan. He was -- until I stopped believing him, and then he just figured that it didn't matter anymore, so he told me what I wanted to believe, which was that he was guilty. But that wasn't it. I was the guilty one. It was Edmund who lied to me, hated me. Zach tried to tell me that, and I didn't believe it. But really, it was Zach who was the only one who was completely, totally honest with me, and completely loyal to our love. And what did I -- I flipping trashed it. I just threw it away.

Ethan: Maria, my father was not innocent. The man used you.

Maria: Oh, God, he did not. You know, if -- I saw his face when I told him that I thought he lied and that he killed Edmund. And I -- it was like I stabbed him in the heart. I might as well have stabbed him in the heart.

Ethan: Listen to me. Don't grieve for Zach. You have this -- you have this wonderful heart. You have this beautiful soul.

Maria: I --

Ethan: And when you love somebody, you see exactly the same things in them. But you're wrong about Zach. Look, I went to him, and I claimed to be his son. What did he do, hmm? Did he tell me who I was? No. He rejected me, he denied me, and he lied to me. Zach Slater -- the guy's as fake as his name. He didn't want to take any responsibility for Cambias, ok, until he realized that it was a way to snatch from me everything that was mine, that was Miranda’s, that was Bianca’s. Finally, you're getting to see who Zach is on the inside. He is not worthy of your love, Maria. The man is a cheat. He's trying to cheat me out of what I inherited from my grandfather, a man who Zach deserted. And now it's not enough for him to go after my pocketbook. He's trying to crush my heart. He's taking the woman that I love. He's not worth one of your tears, Maria. Not one.

Maria: Maybe you're right. Maybe he deserves what he gets.

Zach: So I'm unworthy of Kendall, but I'm Maria’s savior, is that right?

Erica: Exactly. So stop your sulking and run up there and save Maria from your vindictive son.

Zach: I'm not sulking. I always look this way. I'm perfectly content.

Erica: No, you're not. You are perfectly ticked off, because you told Maria the truth about her husband, and she didn't just run out on him and be with you.

Zach: Is that what my problem is?

Erica: I think it's one of many. But don't let your wounded male pride stand in the way of getting back the woman who could be the love of your life.

Zach: You want me to stay away from Kendall, don't you?

Erica: So what? That has nothing to do with the fact that I am dead-on about you and Maria. Oh, and stop trying to look so inscrutable. You're so scrutable, you're transparent.

Zach: Then why can't I get rid of you?

Erica: Look, you still have feelings for Maria. And she has just spent the entire evening trying to get you to -- to speak up and save her.

Zach: And I missed all that.

Erica: She just spent the whole night staggering around and making a fool of herself for you. That was an aria of love. Look, that was a plea for you to get up off your rear end and go up there and save her. But do you do that? No, here you sit -- you sit here, and you just prove that you are even more despicable than I even thought you were 15 minutes ago.

Kendall: You know, I'm not very tolerant when it comes to lies.

J.R.: No, no lies. When I first heard your plan, I just didn't quite understand it.

Kendall: Yeah, you laughed.

J.R.: Well, that's the last time I'll underestimate you. But now what I realize is that it's a win-win for you, regardless if you marry Zach or not. You'll always wind up on top.

Kendall: Hmm, yes, and I can't wait.

J.R.: So, whatever you need, consider it done.

Kendall: And your payoff would be?

J.R.: I get you.

Kendall: You get me, as in you "get me"? We're finally communicating?

J.R.: I get you as in I get you. The love affair that I've always wanted. You can have your loveless marriage with Zach and half of Cambias, assuming that he wins in court. And then you can protect Bianca and Miranda’s best interests. It's what you've always wanted to do from the beginning.

Kendall: You -- you've done your homework.

J.R.: All I had to do was look at you.

Kendall: And that's how you came up with this mad affair scheme? You think that's what I want?

J.R.: That's what you need, especially the kind of affair that I can give you. Look, you've always looked after people -- other people, other than yourself. Bianca and Miranda. Hell, you were even looking after Ethan. He was just too stupid to listen.

Kendall: Ok, enough about Ethan.

J.R.: When was the last time you did something just for you? When was the last time that you just had fun? See, that's what I want. I want you to have fun with me.

Kendall: Well, sign me up.

J.R.: No, seriously, Kendall. I don't want to save you. I just want you for you.

Kendall: That's an astonishing concept.

J.R.: Not for me. I'm just getting you to lighten up. Aren't you tired of living a life that's so damned tragic? Where everything's so damned important? I want you to have fun, enjoy life, enjoy it with me.

Kendall: I'm not looking for love.

J.R.: I will repeat myself. I know where the party's at, and it's all about you. It's all for you. Just let me show you the way, and we both can enjoy it.

Ryan: You want guarantees, Jack? You think if I lie on a shrink's couch for a little while, that me and Greenlee will have "happily ever after"? Hey, if that were the case, then how come you and Erica didn't work out the first time around? Why did she have to go through two husbands before she came back to you?

Jack: Leave Erica out of this. Erica's got nothing to do with this!

Ryan: Life is very complicated, Jack. It's a road, and it's got lots of sharp turns and dead ends! You just got to do your best to hang on.

Mary: And what's that, some kind of motorcycle Zen crap?

Ryan: You know what? You two are hysterical. What do you think, I'm going to pollute your bloodline? You think my kids are going to start a crime wave and shame your family? Well, no chance! You will never, ever get any grandkids out of me.

Brooke: I go over everything I've done since Maria came back, and Edmund and I were over. I stayed away from him. I mean, except for "Tempo," of course. I just -- I wanted to be so careful that -- that nothing would ever be misinterpreted. You know, I had caused Edmund and Maria so much trouble. I just -- I was nothing but supportive of their relationship. And now I'm the villain. You know, because their marriage went south, and Edmund used his last will and testament, and me, to get back at her. God. Edmund's gone, and I'm still fighting Maria.

Adam: It's Maria’s own fault that she's a quivering mess. Hers and Zach’s. She had -- listen, she had no right to accuse you of anything.

Brooke: Why didn't she just tell Zach to go to hell and stay there?

Adam: Well, sometimes it's hard to let go of the past.

Brooke: I know, but she had Edmund, and he needed her, and she just led Zach on.

Adam: Ultimately, that might not have changed anything for Edmund. Edmund was a fool to give up what he had with you.

Brooke: Is that your equivalent of whispering a sweet nothing?

Adam: You remember.

Brooke: Are you moving in on me?

Adam: Damn right. What's your reaction?

Brooke: It's bizarre. It's bizarre. Our sons hate each other.

Adam: Oh, well, they'll get over it.

Brooke: J.R. tried to kill Jamie.

Adam: He lost his temper.

Brooke: Don't even, all right? J.R. tried to beat my son to death.

Adam: All right, but he didn't. And they're -- both of our sons are alive and well, and they're adults now. So, please, could we just stick to us?

Brooke: Us? "Us," as in you and me? I never thought I'd say that again.

Adam: You just did. Wasn't so difficult, was it?

Brooke: Oh, Adam. You know, you sweep me away from a -- a difficult, humiliating, embarrassing evening, and, what, I'm supposed to fall into your arms?

Adam: No, you're not supposed to fall into my arms. But if you do, I promise I'll catch you.

Mary: Wait. Explain why you're not having children.

Ryan: Pretty simple, Mary. Greenlee and I will not have children, ever, ok? So you both can relax.

Mary: Well, thank God.

Ryan: If I see Greenlee, I'll tell her to call you.

Adam: This -- you and me -- it could work, Brooke.

Brooke: In your wildest dreams.

Adam: You said that if Maria could have let go of Zach, she would have been happy. Well, so can we, if we can let go of the past. Let's make tonight just about you and me. Ok? And I guarantee there will be no -- no prob -- prob --

Brooke: Adam?

Adam: Prob -- prob --

Brooke: Adam? What? What? What is it? What -- Adam, what is it?

Adam: I –

Kendall: But if I say yes to Zach -- if I marry him -- what then?

J.R.: Your marriage is your business. But I'm awfully good at mixing business with pleasure.

Erica: You pursued Kendall to punish Ethan, and now Ethan is returning the favor with Maria. Damn it, Zach! You loved Maria. You still love her. And she loves you so much that she's -- she's killing herself. So, please, won't you just get up off your rear end and get up there and save her, and prove to Maria that you are the man she thinks you are.

[As Ethan tucks Maria into bed, she looks at him and sees Zach instead.]

Maria: Make love to me, please. I really want you to make love to me.

[Grabbing on to Ethan, Maria pulls him into a kiss.]

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Ethan: Are you sure about this?

Maria: Yes, this is what I want. I want you.

Kendall: What do you have in mind?

J.R.: I want you to take all your clothes off.

Brooke (to Adam): I just lost one man I love. I am not going to lose another.

Ryan: What is it, Tad? It's bad news, isn't it?

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