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David: I'm not much of a cook. Hope you like turkey on pumpernickel.

Di: So this is Dixie. That silver fox Adam Chandler seduced her? J.R. is really their son?

David: Mm-hmm. Dixie was young, naive. Adam wanted an heir. His own wife couldn't deliver, so to speak, so plan B -- he seduced Dixie.

Di: But the love of her life, Tad Martin?

David: You marry someone three times, I guess that says something.

Di: He is pretty cute. Smart, too.

David: Just enough brains to be dangerous.

Di: Nothing wrong with a little dangerous.

David: As long as we're smarter. That's the only way this is going to work.

Di: Are you sure you can take him on? When Tad busted those guys who rigged the take at the racetrack, man, blew everyone away.

David: How did you know about that?

Tad: What kind of accident?

Warden: The accidental kind, so why don't you come back when Ms. Carey feels better?

Babe: We already told you we're not going anywhere until we see Mama.

Warden: Oh, I see the resemblance.

Tad: If something's wrong with Krystal, we've got a right to know about it.

Warden: Mr. Martin, this is a prison, not a spa. As for Ms. Carey's condition, why don't you ask her yourself?

Babe: Oh, Mama, thank God!

Krystal: What is all the ruckus about?

Babe: We were so worried about you!

Krystal: Ow! Oh!

Greenlee: Ryan's lost his brothers, almost died, and you honestly want me to walk out on him?

Jack: Yes, I do. I want you to leave him before you get hurt any more than you've already been hurt.

Greenlee: Why is this not a surprise? When Erica crashed and burned, you totally bailed on her. No way I'll bail on Ryan.

Maria: I tried to convince myself that you were not that man that I fell in love with in the desert. You are. You -- you are still that man. And then a few days ago, you told me that the woman that you were in love with was gone, that she was dead. But I'm telling you she's not. She's standing right here. And she still loves you.

Ethan: Kendall, would you tell Chief Frye that he's wasting his time?

Derek: I'm not here for Kendallís statement. I want you to come with me to the station. You might want to bring one of your lawyers in on this.

Ethan: I already told you everything I know. I don't know what else you could possibly need.

J.R.: Kendall? Hey. What's going on?

Kendall: Derek is here about Edmund's murder.

Ethan: Yeah, Derek decided to listen to the ravings of a very dead psychopath.

J.R.: Oh.

Derek: I just want the truth about Edmund's murder. Shall we?

Kendall: I can help. I'll tell the police everything I know, the whole truth, exactly how he just told me.

Ethan: Our truth is right here. The truth is that I love you and that I want to marry you, ok? I promise you I will make you happier than you have ever been. Everything you want, everything you need, it's yours.

Derek: Am I interrupting something?

Ethan: Ignoring everything else. All this will be forgotten in time. I will go with you to the police station, but I really -- I have to tell you, you're wasting your time. Kendall and I, we know what matters, and that's the truth, and that doesn't change.

Derek: Oh, you'd be surprised.

Ethan: Would I? Do me a favor -- take care of her, will you?

J.R.: Will do. Wow. Kidnapped, almost killed, nearly blown up. Now a proposal? How you doing?

Kendall: Why is it that every time I get one of these I have to give it back?

Maria: You've been totally honest with me about everything, about how you felt about me, about my marriage, about -- you swore to me that you didn't want to destroy my marriage, that you didn't want to destroy Edmund. And I didn't believe you because I couldn't go there, I couldn't even begin to believe you, because that would mean that -- I'm just -- I don't know what to say. I'm just sorry. I'm so sorry because I know that I've hurt you, and I know -- I don't even know how you could ever forgive me.

Zach: How could I not forgive you? Apology accepted.

Di: I've always had an inquiring mind. You, Babe, Krystal, Bianca Montgomery -- sky-high headlines, front-page news, better than any reality TV show. What you did to that Montgomery girl was absolutely --

David: All right, why don't we stay on the point, shall we -- Tad? How come you seem to know so much about him?

Di: Don't. He was a big part of the story towards the end, had all kinds of juice on him. That's how I know about that old case.

David: If there's anything else that you've learned about Tad that you'd like to share, it might save us some time.

Di: You know, if Dixie loved Tad so much, how come she had a fling with you?

David: It was not a fling.

Di: Excuse me. An affair.

David: Tad cheated on Dixie. He really broke her up. We grew closer, found each other.

Di: You loved her?

David: Yeah. Dixie was easy to love. She touched a lot of lives.

Di: So you've said, ad nauseum. Dixie Martin was some kind of saint, except for the whole cheating thing, adored by one and all.

David: Well, I'm happy to know you're paying attention.

Di: And you want me, fresh out of prison, to become Lady Bliss, convince the whole Dixie Fan Club that I'm back from the grave? All sugar, hold the spice, group hugs all around?

David: Yep, that's about right.

Di: You know, before I ask the obvious -- how you're going to pull this off -- why do you even want to?

Tad: Easy. Easy.

Krystal: There's nothing to blame but my own two left feet. Was the end of my shift in the laundry, and I just didn't feel like taking an extra trip, so I took too big a load and the next thing you know, I'm head over sneaks down the stairs.

Babe: Mama --

Krystal: I know, I could've broken my neck. Just some bruises, mainly my pride. I felt like a fool.

Babe: I knew it. I knew something would happen.

Krystal: Honey, it could've happened at home. Was this your idea, dragging her down here and getting her all upset?

Babe: No, it wasn't. I brought Tad. They wouldn't tell me anything, and I had to find out if you're ok. How are we going to do this? How are we going to do this for 10 years?

Krystal: Babe, all I did was a slip-and-slide, ok? I'm going to be good as new next time you see me.

Tad: Well, besides your up close and personal with the stairs, how's everything else? How are the other inmates treating you?

Krystal: We're just one big, happy sorority.

Jack: Sit down here. Sit. We talked about this. You understood why I let Erica go, why I didn't go after her.

Greenlee: I was wrong. So were you.

Jack: No, I was not. Erica chose to leave Pine Valley. She was drinking. She needed to fight that battle on her own terms. I needed to let her do that, but I never left her, Greenlee, not in my heart.

Greenlee: If that makes you feel better, hang on to that.

Jack: Meanwhile, Ryan has given you a tour of every corner of his nightmare. How many times have I almost lost you because of him?

Greenlee: I love my husband.

Jack: I love you and I don't want to lose you, and you could've died.

Greenlee: Well, I didn't and it's over, and Ryan and I have plans. We have a future. And nothing you say will change that, so just get over it. I'll never leave my husband.

Erica: You told Greenlee to leave Ryan?

Jack: As fast as she can.

Erica: Jack, you are dead wrong.

Greenlee: Don't even think about kicking me out again. How you feeling?

Ryan: My hearing works. What was with the yelling?

Greenlee: Jackson's impossible. He wants me to go home and rest, like I would ever leave you. I mean, someone has to fluff your pillows and entertain you.

Ryan: Don't waste your time trying.

Greenlee: Here, you. Look at this. A couple's quiz -- "Rate Your Mate." I love these things, don't you? "Answers to these 50 questions will tell you the strength of your relationship." Let's do it. Come on.

Ryan: Greenlee? Jackson wants you to leave me, doesn't he?

Greenlee: You know, he and Erica would totally flunk that quiz.

Ryan: He wants you as far away from me as possible. Maybe he's right. I want you to clear your mind.

Kendall: Ethan lied to me. Today he admitted it, he asked me to cover for him, and then he put this ring on my finger. What do you call somebody like that?

J.R.: A heck of a multitasker? I'm sorry. I know it's got to hurt.

Kendall: I thought I knew him, J.R., and now I don't know.

J.R.: That's a pretty nice ring. Must love you a little.

Kendall: Or he's trying to buy me. What do you think of Ethan?

J.R.: No, no, no, no, no. Last time you asked my opinion, you told me to take a hike, so --

Kendall: Well, I'm more open-minded now.

J.R.: And you called me a liar.

Kendall: Well, some liars I trust more than others. You tried to warn me. I should've listened.

J.R.: And I should've kept my mouth shut and stayed out of it.

Kendall: Please, J.R., just tell me the truth.

J.R.: He's changed. I hate to say it. When I needed his help, Ethan stepped up. He made sure that the judge made the right decision when it came to my son's DNA test. And without his help, I may have lost little Adam to Kevin Buchanan.

Kendall: All right, we're talking about me.

J.R.: Ok. The guy back then that helped me is not the same guy that slipped that ring on your finger today. I really didn't see that coming and I really didn't think it would go that far.

Kendall: All the way to being a Cambias?

Greenlee: Just you and me. We've been through a lot, but we made it. This is all I need, to be your wife. No terms, no conditions. Just this. I came so close to losing you.

Ryan: I don't want to lose you, either.

Erica: Whatever's going on between Greenlee and Ryan, stay out of it.

Jack: This from the woman dedicated to splitting up her own daughter and Ethan. Don't you think you're just a little bit hypocritical here?

Erica: Jack, it's not Ryan's fault that his brothers were psychotic.

Jack: But Ethanís to blame for what his uncle and father did? You have a heck of a double standard going here.

Erica: Look, Ryan never lied to me. Ryan saved my life in Las Vegas. Ryan has been a great friend to me and my daughters, and he's good and he's honorable.

Jack: He is a danger junkie with a Superman complex, and he almost got our daughters killed. He's a dangerous man.

Erica: Look, Ryan loves Greenlee, and Greenlee loves him. Whatever you do, don't even try to break up that marriage.

Jack: Or what?

Erica: Where do you think you're going?

Maria: Excuse me, I'm going to see Ryan.

Erica: No, you're not.

Krystal: Babe, honey, you're looking at this all wrong, ok? My header bought me a ticket out of the real grunt work for a couple weeks. Now, there's nothing wrong with that.

Babe: I just hate to see you hurting.

Krystal: Well, I won't be if you tell me all about our peanut. What's he doing? How is he?

Babe: He got another tooth.

Krystal: Oh.

Babe: You won't believe it. I have a picture, I think. Hold on. I do, I do. Look.

Krystal: Oh. Oh! I tell you what, if he gets any bigger, you're just going to have to call him The Hulk.

Babe: I know. You should see all the snaps I have at home. I get my three hours a week with little Adam, I take a whole bunch of pictures, and then I run home and I stare at them till the next time I get to see him. Actually, I get to see him today.

Krystal: Well, honey, what are you doing here? Get on over there. Go see your baby boy. Go on now, and give him a big kiss from his grandma.

Babe: All right.

Krystal: All right?

Babe: I love you, though.

Krystal: I know. I love you, too. Come here. I'll see you real soon. Bye, Tad.

Tad: Oh, I'm not going anywhere. We took separate cars.

Babe: Don't you be getting too fresh with Mama. You'll be making the other women jealous.

Krystal: Bye.

Tad: She's gone.

Krystal: Tad, there's really no reason for you to be sticking around.

Tad: Yes, there is. Because you're going to tell me what really happened.

David: Because of the blasted courts and Chandler influence, my daughter only gets to spend three hours a week with her son, supervised by some bureaucratic moron from Children's Services.

Di: Well, she did kidnap a baby or two.

David: No, she kidnapped her own baby. And so does that mean that my innocent grandson has to suffer? Apart from those three hours each week, he's being raised in the Chandler fortress, being brainwashed in all things Chandler.

Di: You're trying to buy me off. Seems like you might have something in common with the Chandlers.

David: The only thing we have in common is a grandson. And as they take that innocent boy and turn him into some mini ruthless SOB, J.R. continues to make Babe's life miserable. She has to fight for everything, and usually it's a losing battle. Well, that's going to end, for Babe and for my grandson.

Di: It's -- it's hard to watch the people you love suffer. But I still don't get where I fit in.

David: As long as you can convince him that you're his mother, you can get J.R. to do anything for you.

Di: Ok, why would Dixie want J.R. to spend his time, share his baby with a woman like Babe?

David: Because as much as she would hate what Babe did to J.R., Dixie would identify with her. Years ago, Dixie snatched J.R. from Adam to protect him. That is the hook. That is how you get to J.R. That is how you convince him to share his son with Babe. Hey, maybe even get him to forgive her.

Di: I don't even know how this woman takes her coffee, and you have me bringing world peace to Pine Valley.

David: You do as I say and we can pull this off.

Di: I don't even look that much like her. And what am I supposed to do, just knock on the door -- "Hi, all, I'm Dixie, back from the grave, now here's what you're going to do"?

Kendall: Unbelievable. Unbelievable. Have some eggs benedict, a trip to France, and, "Oh, yeah, by the way, I lied to you." And not just a small one, a humongous lie. I mean, did he honestly think that this wouldn't screw us up?

J.R.: Maybe you're being a little hard on him.

Kendall: No, no, J.R., he said he lied to protect me and to save me. The bottom line is he lied because he doesn't trust me. You warned me, I didn't listen.

J.R.: All right, you know, the only thing that counts right now is your feelings.

Kendall: Ethan says that he loves me.

J.R.: I'm sure that he does.

Kendall: What is that supposed to mean?

J.R.: Look, I'm only agreeing with you.

Kendall: You don't think he loves me?

J.R.: If he says he does, he probably does. It's just --

Kendall: What, what, J.R.? What? Spit it out.

J.R.: All right, you know what, from what I've seen, I get the chemistry, I get the rush, I get all those things. But the long haul, the lifetime-love kind of thing --

Kendall: What, you don't think Ethan and I can make it?

J.R.: I would have never made that pass at you if I thought that I was cutting into something that was serious. I'm not a sleazebag.

Kendall: So that kiss was --

J.R.: Was me thinking that you were finally seeing through Ethanís act. My bad.

Kendall: Ethan has to love me.

J.R.: Ok, right. Uh, which came first? Did he pull out that ring before or after he realized that you could nail him for his lie?

Derek: Making false statements to the police isn't smart. Excuse me. It's hefty jail time.

Ethan: Are you accusing me of lying?

Derek: I have what amounts to a deathbed confession from a man who says he killed Edmund Grey. That makes you a liar.

Ethan: If you believe the last words of an attention-starved lunatic.

Livia: Well, they're good enough for me! So why haven't the charges against my client been dropped?

Derek: I called the DA down. Ask him yourself.

Livia: Jonathan Lavery confessed to murdering Edmund Grey. Why haven't the charges against Mr. Slater been dropped?

DA: Another witness has surfaced.

Livia: Another witness? A witness who saw my client kill Edmund Grey?

DA: Seems when Mr. Slater was in jail, he bragged about the murder to another inmate. And unlike Jonathan Lavery, our witness is very much alive.

Erica: The last thing Ryan needs is you in his face.

Maria: You know, usually evil gatekeepers are three-headed dogs, not two-faced bitches.

Erica: He's with his wife right now. His wife is by his side -- not that you would know anything about being a wife who stands by the side of her husband before he's dead.

Jack: Erica, stop this, please?

Erica: Don't take her side!

Jack: I'm not taking anybody's side. Hasn't there been enough pain to go around here? Don't inflict any more, please?

Erica: She is looking for someone else to blame for Edmund's murder, anyone but who she sees in the mirror.

Jack: That's enough.

Maria: Look, Jack, just tell Ryan I will come back later, please?

Greenlee: Ryan heard you. He wants to see you. Don't start.

Jack: I think I'll check in on Lily.

Erica: Greenlee? About Ryan --

Greenlee: I love Ryan. I won't leave him. I don't care how many reasons you've got, I don't want to hear them.

Erica: Greenlee, I'm on your side.

Maria: I'm so glad you're all right. And I -- I want you to know that --

Ryan: I am so sorry. Maria, my brother killed your husband.

J.R.: Ethan's lie was about to blow up in his face. What do you do? Propose.

Kendall: And seal the deal with four carats. Yeah, that's a great way to keep me quiet.

J.R.: Well, his revenge on his daddy was a priority over loving you the way that you deserve.

Kendall: All I wanted was honesty. I don't give a damn about the money, the jets, the stupid champagne baths. I just wanted him to love me enough to trust me and to tell me the truth and to trust me with his secrets. Is that asking too much?

J.R.: You might want to hang on to that.

Kendall: Why? Why? I want to throw it out the window.

J.R.: Because there's other possibilities -- well, one in particular that's a little more cathartic, and it ranks a lot higher on the satisfaction scale. You could always go to the police.

Kendall: Tell them Ethan lied?

J.R.: Well, it depends on you, how much you want to watch him squirm.

Zach: Your story's falling apart. Decision time. Cut your losses.

Ethan: I won't lose.

Zach: No? And you think the testimony of a son that hates his father trumps the deathbed confession of a killer?

Ethan: Jonathan Lavery was psychotic.

Zach: What about Lily's statement?

Ethan: I just sweetened the pot. You see, I called your troubled girl's trauma-spotted memory, and I raised you the testimony of another witness of sound body and mind.

Zach: And wallet, if he corroborates.

Ethan: Whatever it takes to win.

David: So far so good? You know, I don't like to brag much, but this plan -- it's genius.

Di: In a mad-doctor kind of way.

David: It will work.

Di: You have a genie in one of those bottles? Because we're going to need some serious mojo to make me look like Dixie.

David: We're not going to need it, not with that scar. You said you got in a car wreck, right?

Di: That's right.

David: That's exactly what happened to Dixie. Except she didn't walk away -- at least we didn't think so until now.

Di: You lost me.

David: Dixie went off a cliff in Switzerland. Our story? She survived, barely, with terrible facial injuries. After months and months of reconstructive surgery, physical therapy, behold -- Dixie lives. And as beautiful as ever, I might add.

Di: But not a dead ringer. Excuse the pun.

David: It's all right. As I said, we play up what works.

Di: Oh --

David: It's a lot more than you think.

Di: I think I know why you ended up on probation.

David: Trust me, this is going to work.

Di: Do they breathe oxygen on your planet?

David: I know it's a little out there, but hey, look, it's not like there's a downside for you, right?

Di: Just impersonate a local saint. Tar and feathers? That's a big downside.

David: All right, well, let's look at the flip side. You don't do it, you're broke, and you have an ex-boyfriend who wants you clipped so you won't testify against him. My way, you'll be safe. Look, if it doesn't work, if it flops, you skip town, you got a wad of cash waiting for you in the bank.

Di: Even if these people buy that I'm Dixie with an extreme makeover, big problem number two -- J.R., Adam, Tad, they're going to ask me all sorts of questions, like do you remember this, you remember that, remember that time yada, yada, yada? What am I supposed to answer?

David: Hmm, I don't know. Maybe some brilliant doctor will slip you an experimental drug, wipe out your memory. What am I talking about? That's already been done.

Maria: Don't beat yourself up. You can't control what other people do.

Ryan: Jonathan's my brother.

Maria: Even family.

Ryan: I should've seen it. I couldn't face the truth and you lost everything. Your husband's dead. My friend.

Greenlee: You and me on the same side? Don't mess with my head.

Erica: I'm not. I admit in the beginning I thought that you and Ryan were a match made in hell, but you've made it work and he loves you, and I see that. He needs you. He's always the one who comes to everybody else's rescue. Well, I think it's about time that we help him.

Greenlee: You're on the same side because you believe the same thing I do. And since you always have to be right, that makes me right, too?

Erica: You have a problem with that?

Greenlee: No. It's just you and I agreeing on the same thing -- isn't this where something's supposed to freeze over?

Tad: Just don't give me the sorority line. You got jumped. How many ribs did they break?

Krystal: Three. You got to swear you won't tell Babe.

Tad: Well, what am I going to say? I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Krystal: Don't, don't be sorry for me, Tad. I deserve this.

Tad: No, you don't.

Krystal: Hey, and, you know, don't worry. Another nine years, ten months, a week, and a few more hours, I am out of here. That was a joke.

Tad: This doesn't make any sense. None of this is right.

Krystal: Look, it's not so bad, Tad. Even had a friend there for a while. Girl had some clout. Nobody touched me. Then she left and they moved in.

Tad: Yeah, sound like nice girls, your sorority sisters.

Krystal: They don't much like women who steal babies. Thank God Babe didn't end up here. No telling what they would've done to her.

Tad: Yeah, well, it won't happen to you, not again. I'm going to have a little conversation with your warden.

Krystal: No, Tad, Tad -- ow.

Tad: You ok?

Krystal: Let it go, Tad. Let me go. I took my punishment, I'm going to lie low, and I'm going to keep my back to the wall.

Warden: Mr. Martin, visiting hours were over some time ago. Would you escort Ms. Carey back to her cell?

Tad: Excuse me. Easy, Babe. Easy.

Krystal: Take care of my baby doll, huh?

Tad: Always.

Tad (to Warden): You know what happened here, don't you? I want you to do me a favor. I want you to make damn sure it never happens again. Because if it does, I'll make damn sure I do everything I can to make you regret it.

Di: Anyone who'd believe I'm Dixie Cooney-Martin would have to be crazier than you.

David: Hmm, you haven't been in Pine Valley very long.

Di: One of them has to be sane enough to want a DNA test. They have heard of those, haven't they?

David: You kidding me? Half the people in this town walk around with cotton swabs and baggies.

Di: Well, what if one of them wants a test? What am I supposed to do?

David: By the time everyone's feet are back on the ground, J.R. will be calling you mom.

Di: I thought this guy was supposed to be smart.

David: Oh, he is, but he misses Mommy something fierce.

Di: Ok, I have one more question. If I'm Dixie, why have I been gone so long? I mean, my son, the love of my life, right here, waiting for me. Where have I been?

David: All right.

Di: What have I been doing?

David: All right, here's some back story. You and Tad were having problems. You flew off to Europe, you crashed, nearly died. Dissolve to three years later. You've healed, physically and emotionally. Now you miss your friends, your son, your erstwhile husband, and here you are.

Warden: This is prison. Bad things happen, to some more than others. Women who steal babies --

Tad: She's serving her time. Isn't that enough?

Warden: It's all part of the package.

Tad: Well, guess what -- you're part of the package, too, you and your guards. You don't stop this, you will be sorry.

Warden: I don't like threats, Mr. Martin.

Tad: I don't like making them, warden, but that doesn't mean I couldn't plaster your face all over "Tempo" magazine. I'll turn you into a cover girl for a nice, big, juicy prison-abuse scandal. I hear those get a lot of interest these days. Don't think I can't make it happen. The editor is my ex-wife.

Warden: There's no abuse here.

Tad: If Krystal ever falls down the stairs again, you get ready for your close-up.

Maria: Got to let it go, Ryan. You can't hang on to that kind of guilt. That will eat you alive. Even a super-size guy like you.

Ryan: If I could've faced the truth, Edmund would still be alive.

Maria: Well, is there room down there for two? Because I -- you're not the only person who didn't see the truth. You're not the only one who didn't see that someone that you loved was not who you thought they were.

Zach: Realize what's at stake here. If you're proven a liar, what does that do to your relationship with Kendall, Bianca? What'll your friends and your fans think of you?

Ethan: I will worry about that after the great and powerful Zach Slater is behind bars.

Zach: My hand is stronger. Don't let revenge blind you, son.

Livia: Smile, Zach. They dropped the charges.

Ethan: They what?

Zach: I win.

David: What have you got to lose? You've got cash up front. Think of it as a signing bonus. You have a weekly stipend for the duration of your stint as Dixie. As long as you keep it going, you become rich. And let us not forget your added bonus. You're out of the crosshairs, safe from your big-shot executive felon who wants you dead.

Di: When you put it like that --

David: There's nothing but upside for you.

Di: And when your daughter gets shared custody with a bow on top, then what?

David: Dixie runs off to Europe, tie up a few loose strings.

Di: Never to return?

David: Not even a post card. So you see? It's a win-win situation. You become rich, and you give a child a chance to get to know his mother. Besides, I've already taken the first step.

[Phone rings]

Tad: Tad Martin.

Man: Mr. Martin. I'm Dr. Cautele, head of the Osterbye Clinic in Switzerland.

Tad: Can I help you?

Dr. Cautele: You left strict instructions to be informed of any developments in your ex-wife Dixieís disappearance. Her car was found today at the base of a crevasse. Mr. Martin, there was no body.

Maria: Ryan, please don't blame yourself for Edmund's death.

Ryan: My brothers hurt so many people, caused so much damage. But I didn't want them to die. I don't know how to mourn them.

Maria: They weren't always that way. Right? So maybe just remember who they were.

Ryan: Trading comic books and telling bad jokes? The brothers Lavery against the world?

Maria: See, that's brothers. Those are the memories. Those are the people that you mourn. I think we can -- I think we can grieve the best parts of the people we loved, even if they became somebody else. It's ok to grieve them. It's ok to mourn them. I'm really sorry. I'm so sorry.

Greenlee: Ok, Erica, since we're in a totally parallel universe, I'm going to go for it, ask your advice.

Erica: Another intelligent decision.

Greenlee: How do I get Ryan through this? What do I do, what do I say? What?

Erica: Ryan's been through so much, guilt and shame and betrayal. You're going to have to fight as you have never fought before.

Livia: The charges were dropped because a conviction is impossible.

Ethan: Impossible? I'm an eyewitness, ok? There is another ready to testify.

Livia: Nonetheless, the DA knows that the case has a stink on it that reeks of ample reasonable doubt.

Ethan: Oh, come on, this has got to be a joke, right? I mean, it's ridiculous!

Livia: Congratulations, Zach. I have to get back to court.

Zach: Thank you.

Livia: Bye-bye.

Ethan: How did you do it, huh? How'd you get away with murder?

DA: Problem?

Ethan: Yes, problem. You're just going to let Slater walk? You're just going to let him go?

Derek: No choice. I guess we'll never know who told the truth.

Kendall: I know. He's the liar.

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Derek: Maybe you're the one who should be under arrest. How would you like to share a cell with your pal Ethan here?

Maddie: I don't listen to you anymore, I listen to Brooke.

Tad: Dixie could be alive.

David: You're on your way to becoming Dixie Martin.

Babe: Wini, call a doctor! Call 911!

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