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[Knock on door]

Aidan: Yeah, it's -- it's open. Come in. Hey. It's good to see you, Lily. Sure this is not too soon?

Lily: I thought I solved the case, but I was wrong. I can't close the file until I know where my bodyguard is, your friend Steve? He was ambushed. We heard the thud and saw the tracks. No one can tell me where he is. Can you?

Maria: I just came to see Ryan.

Zach: I'm not keeping you.

Maria: No, wait, wait. Zach, please.

Erica: My goodness. Hospitals, cemeteries. You two just love variety.

Zach: Not now, Erica.

Maria: Go away, please.

Erica: Go away? I don't think so, Maria. This is a public place. I have every right to be here. However, I might suggest that you take your very personal get-together somewhere else. You might just make the patients even sicker.

Kendall: Liar! Liar. You're a liar.

Ethan: What exactly do you think I've been lying about?

Kendall: You never saw Zach kill Edmund. You never saw Zach kill Edmund! Now, I lived that kind of hate with Erica, and I could've lived with that in you, but the other lie? The lie that you loved me? God, that was so poetic. I am such -- I am such an idiot! Here. Take it, take it! Take it and get out. Get out!

Ethan: No, do you know who I am, Kendall? I'm the one man you can't push away. I'm not leaving you -- not now, not ever.

Greenlee: I don't mean that we have to go out and crib shop today. I know we've got to regroup and get strong, and then we can try again. You always said you wanted a daughter that was just like me, and I want a son that's --

Ryan: I said no, and I meant no. No talk, no debate. I'm done.

Greenlee: Well, you may be done, but I'm not even close.

Aidan: It's been a rough couple of days. How you doing?

Lily: I have it all in here. The suspect, Jonathan Lavery, is dead. He admitted all of his crimes. I checked everything off, but I can't check off Steve until I know where he is. The suspect said he was fine, but if he's fine, where did he go? The suspect did lie about a lot of things.

Aidan: You know, this is not going to be easy.

Reggie: Oh, wow, look at the time there. Lily, don't you want to call Dad, you know, make sure everything's all right, when we're going to be home, stuff like that?

Lily: He's been worried about me lately. I have to call him and make sure he's not so worried.

Reggie: Look, man, Lily is two inches from the edge, all right? One strong wind and she's off the map. Settling this case is her entire life. The bad part is Steve was the last part of her rope.

Aidan: And she has no idea that he's dead?

Reggie: Do you want to be the one responsible for pushing her off the edge again?

Aidan: So I'm supposed to lie?

Lily: I left Dad a message. I gave him our location and our ETA. Ok, Aidan and Steve are friends. Aidan will know where Steve is. I need Steve's statement regarding the ambush. Can you please tell me where to find him?

Aidan: You know, Lily, I made a mistake with you once, and I wasn't honest about being your boyfriend and you were hurt.

Lily: Anita is your girlfriend. I'm here about work, not romantic relationships.

Aidan: Well, I don't want to hurt you again, and I certainly don't want to lie.

Reggie: All right, look, look at the time. We have to leave, ok? We should go home and --

Aidan: I want to help you with your case, Lily, but this is not going to be easy to hear. Steve was buried today. See this? This is -- this is from Steve's funeral. You should know something. Steve was a very good man and he was a very good friend, and he was killed by Jonathan Lavery.

Greenlee: I can see how much pain you're in. The awful --

Ryan: Stop.

Greenlee: You lost two brothers in one day.

Ryan: I didn't lose Jon. I killed him. If you really want to feel the pain that I have, then don't pretend I didn't do it.

Greenlee: Jonathan pushed that button, and he killed himself.

Ryan: So never mind the bullet that I pumped into his stomach?

Greenlee: He killed himself and he killed three other people, and he was going to kill you. But you -- you tried to save your little brother, but Jonathan didn't want to be saved. And it was too late for Braden, because Jonathan got to him first.

Ryan: I'm tired. I'm really, really tired.

Greenlee: Ok, then rest. I'll be here, just like I expect you to be here for me, because that was the deal that we made at the castle in front of God and the minister and the string quartet. You remember?

Ryan: Yes, I have a very good memory. Colors, sounds, images -- they never fade. They never disappear.

Greenlee: They hurt you. Your brothers, your father, even your mother -- they hurt you, and I hate it.

Ryan: Well, now they're gone. They're dead, and they can't hurt anybody ever again.

Greenlee: You deserve better. You deserve the world, and I can give you that. A home, a family, Sunday morning coffee in bed, our kids fighting over the funnies, our dog lying over the sports section.

Ryan: That's a very nice dream, Greenlee.

Greenlee: I'm not giving up on it. I'm not giving up on you.

Erica: You know, my wedding plans are going so well, maybe I could help you with yours. What about a nice, stylish, black-and-white theme? White for your purity, black for bereavement? Oh, now, what would Emily Post suggest? How many days, exactly, has Edmund been resting in peace?

Zach: That's enough. You come with me.

Erica: Don't worry, Maria, he'll come running back to you.

Jack: Maria?

Maria: If you want Erica -- God help you -- she went that way.

Jack: No. I'm so sorry.

Maria: You know, you're not going to ever be able to control her.

Jack: That's not what I'm talking about. I just got off the phone with Livia. She told me about Edmund's will. I had no idea. I thought you guys were on your way back.

Maria: Yeah, he was a pretty good secret-keeper, right? Made him a great journalist. Made everybody trust him.

Jack: You can fight this, you know that? I mean, you have certain rights, legal and financial rights.

Maria: I don't care about the money and the house. I just -- it's my kids. They hate me.

Jack: They're teenagers, Maria, and they're confused. That's a potent combination.

Maria: I have to make them understand somehow. I can't lose them right now. I can't. But how do I make them understand?

Jack: Understand what?

Maria: I just need them to know that -- you know, if I -- if I can't even explain it to you, how am I going to explain it to them?

Zach: Excuse me. Why do you do it, huh? All your vicious, endless attacks on Maria -- why? What is wrong with you?

Erica: Oh, aren't you adorable. You want to protect sweet Maria from mean Erica.

Zach: Why can't you leave her alone, just walk away from it? I know why -- because you like hurting people, don't you? You like inflicting pain. You get a kick out of it, because all you are is --

Erica: Yes, I've heard this. You know what, I've heard this a lot of times before. I know what everybody says. I shock even myself. Years ago, I did do something terrible to the widow Grey, but I paid for it. But that affair you had with her when she was in the desert and everybody else thought that she was dead? That was you. And stalking her to Pine Valley to trash her life? Also you. All the assignations and the marital tests and the very public lie that you killed her husband in order to have her all to yourself? You, as well. All vicious, all ugly, and all you. So you tell me once again how I hurt Maria so deeply.

Kendall: I said get out. I will call 911. You can be in your own cell by chow time.

Ethan: I'm not taking that ring back, Kendall, and you are not calling the police. We're going to work this out. We're going to do what couples do, couples who have invested time and love and plans for a future. We're going to talk.

Kendall: You're a liar. There, we talked.

Ethan: I didn't lie about what's important, which is that I love you.

Kendall: Oh, yeah, yeah, right.

Ethan: Look, I love you. Kendall, I love you more than I thought I could ever love anyone.

Kendall: Stop it. You're killing me.

Ethan: No. And I'm not going to let this come between us.

Kendall: Why? Why, because it would break your heart? Make you feel like a fool, make you feel like a jackass who got played in front of the whole world?

Ethan: Because I love you. And I know that this isn't about me. This is about Jonathan Lavery and the cave and the trauma.

Kendall: Ok, you think you know me so well, what I think and feel? Well, I know you. I know the truth and the lies, and, man, what a swinging set of lies you got. I just want to hear one thing from you right now, one thing. Admit it. Admit that you swore on your love to me. Admit that you swore to a lie.

Ethan: You're ignoring exactly what it took to get us to this point -- the risks and the trust and the promises, the nights that we talked, the nights that we didn't talk, the nights that we held on for our lives. You tell me that that felt like a lie to you.

Kendall: Say it! Say it or shut up and get out! Please say it.

Ethan: You're right. I lied to you about the murder. I swore on our love to a lie.

Ryan: Do you love me?

Greenlee: I do.

Ryan: Then help me.

Greenlee: Oh, God, yes. Anything. You know that.

Ryan: No kids. Not ever. The Lavery line ends here. That's how you can help me. Say you understand and never ask me again.

Greenlee: I do understand. You think it's in you, whatever made Braden and Jonathan and your father what they were.

Ryan: Patrick, Braden, Jonathan. A sadist, a rapist, and a killer, all full-blood Laverys, just like --

Greenlee: No, no, no, not like you. Not like you at all. I love you because I know you. I know your mind and your heart and your soul, and it's beautiful, all of it. You're nothing like them. You're not like anyone I've ever met. Our children, Ryan, are beautiful, beautiful children. I can see them -- kind and loving and funny and smart, just like their father. Try, ok? Try to see them. I need you to see them. I need you to believe in that.

Kendall: I'm a fool again. Always. I fought my mother, I fought Jackson, I fought Greenlee. I fought everyone who doubted you.

Ethan: And I loved you for that. The risks that you took -- they paid off for both of us. Don't you see that?

Kendall: Bianca’s shirt. I -- I told Bianca to give up her shirt for you. I almost took the last thing my sister had of Miranda for you.

Ethan: And in the end, we had Miranda. And she proved that you were right, that I was a Cambias, not a liar.

Kendall: Ramsey became Cambias, and my mother's liar radar still went berserk. And I defended and defended. It became my new full-time job, with awesome perks. Tons of champagne and tons of sweet talk. "Ooh, I mean, that Kendall, she's been around. I mean, she has been way around. The girl knows, the girl knows from sleazeballs. Hell, it was her major. You know, you'd think that she'd have known better, but, you know, the girl, she just doesn't seem to learn. She never learns."

Ethan: All right, you know what? I'm not going to listen to you talk about yourself like that.

Kendall: I didn't want to see the change in you.

Ethan: I'm the same man. I'm the same man who's always been in love with you.

Kendall: This was my chance. This was my shot, my shot. Chronically stupid Kendall would not screw up again. And then you said it. You said he did it. You swore that Zach killed Edmund -- to the police, to the world, to me! I asked for the truth. Right here, right here I promised you, I promised that I would understand if you were making it up. "I swear on my love for you." That's what you said. That's what you said, and that is all I needed to hear. That's all I needed to hear. So I wrapped myself in that lie, and I let it keep me warm. You picked me to use me, like your uncle did.

Ethan: You said a thousand times I'm nothing like my Uncle Michael. I'm not a Cambias in that way. I would never betray you.

Kendall: Oh, except when you did.

Ethan: I lied because I love you, because I wanted to protect you, because I couldn't let the hate that I have for my father come between the love that we have for each other!

Zach: Whatever happened between me and Maria is no one's business.

Erica: Oh, yeah, please tell me it's no one's business. I could use a good laugh today. You flaunted your obsession with a married woman. You humiliated her husband. And then you made his tragic death all about you, all about you and your lust for his wife.

Zach: It's that simple for you?

Erica: Oh, get a clue, Zach. It's that simple for everyone! I know why I attacked Maria. It's two parts righteous indignation and one part she makes it so easy. But what about you, Zach? Why do you go after her? Same reason? She makes it so easy?

Zach: There's no point in talking to you. Why don't you give my regards to your latest groom-to-be.

Maria: Please don't run off again. Hear me out. I still don't get it.

Zach: We did this in the car.

Maria: But you didn't hear me.

Zach: Oh, I heard you and you heard me, and it went so well, you asked me to leave you on the side of the road.

Maria: Which you did. Thank God Sam got home safe. He told me what you did for him, but that you told him that Edmund was some kind of hero.

Zach: Every son should believe that.

Maria: If it's not true?

Zach: He thinks it is. I'm not going to take that away from him.

Maria: Well, I can -- I can only imagine the kind of things he said to you.

Zach: It doesn't matter. He's a good kid. He has faith in what's right and wrong, and he wanted to take me down for his dad. Got to respect that.

Maria: Look, why won't you let me just say what I need to say? I was wrong and --

Zach: You can stop now.

Maria: And I'm sorry.

Zach: It's over.

Maria: Look at us. Does this feel over to you?

Kendall: You think that's your way out of this? Say you lied because you love me? "Needy, needy Kendall. She's so desperate, do what you want, call it love, she'll just lap it right up."

Ethan: Wait, look at me. Look at me. I do love you. I gave you my heart, I gave you a ring, I told you the truth. I gave you everything I had to give. That's love.

Kendall: Lies don't protect love. They tear it to bits.

Ethan: And if I'd sworn my lie on my life or on someone's grave or on any other words, they're just words.

Kendall: Yes, yes, "I love you" is just words. They're worthless like the rest.

Ethan: Ok, look at this from my point of view for one second. I meet the greatest love of my life and the enemy of a lifetime all at the same time. My father denied me, publicly framed you. He's going after everything I have, every step of the way -- because he cares for me? I had to fight for everything time and time again -- my name, my love, my soul, my inheritance --

Kendall: Yeah, your soul? Zach didn't snatch that away from you. You handed it over in this very room when you said, "I swear on my love for you."

Ethan: I do love you. But does that mean that I ignore what he's doing to me? Zach’s getting away with --

Kendall: What, what, murder? He hurt your feelings, Ethan! He did not kill Edmund Grey!

Ethan: Why, because he didn't have a shovel in his hand? He went after what Edmund loved -- Maria. That's what Zach does. He dismantles and he destroys in order to get what he wants.

Kendall: Not like honest, gentle you.

Ethan: Ok, you asked for the truth about what I saw in the stables. I believed you when you said you'd understand. I knew that you would stand by me no matter what. But I couldn't ask you to lie for me. That's why I lied to you.

Kendall: You lied to save me? To keep me clean?

Ethan: I lied to keep you from the filth of my father. Because what we have, Kendall, it is precious, and I would do anything to protect it. Because I love you. It's for you, Kendall. It's all for you.

Aidan: Well, you did it. You went and beat Tad off the high score at last. Tad cheats.

Reggie: Lily, that was awesome.

Lily: I really like it. It's like numbers, but faster. Sometimes when my brain speeds up, the rest of me slows down.

Aidan: Yeah, when you focus, everything else goes away. Works for me, too.

Reggie: This is a sweet machine, dude.

Lily: It's broken. It should have bells and whistles.

Aidan: It does have bells and whistles, but I put an off switch in it so you can play all night without waking the neighbors. Which kind of works until you shout at the machine when you lose a ball.

[Reggie’s cell phone rings]

Lily: Reggie has an off switch, too. He never uses it. That's his "Dani" ring.

Aidan: If you want, you can take it out in the hall.

Reggie: Yeah. You cool?

Lily: Cool enough.

Reggie: I'll be right back.


Aidan: But not entirely cool, though, huh?

Lily: I just feel bad. Steve's dead. Don't you feel bad, too?

Aidan: You know, I've had a lot of friends die, so you kind of get used to not feeling sad.

Lily: But sad is a feeling, and feelings come. How can you stop them?

Aidan: You just do. I don't know.

Lily: You stop the sad? Does that make you feel good?

Aidan: Good? No. Well, I can't say. It's -- Steve was a good friend. I don't feel good at all.

Lily: Aidan, your mouth is turned down. You are sad.

Aidan: Yeah.

Erica: Greenlee's taking care of Ryan.

Jack: What she needs to do is take a break, get some rest.

Erica: She'll rest later. Right now Ryan needs her. Jack, you can't blame him. What happened in that cave was not Ryan's fault.

Greenlee: I asked you to listen and you did, so now I'll shut up. We have plenty of time for plans, for puppies --

Ryan: What is with you? Do you think I changed my mind in the last 10 minutes? I said no kids. I meant no kids. Now I got to sleep. You can go.

Greenlee: Ryan, you can't make huge life decisions like that for both of us. It was --

Ryan: I said get out! Greenlee, do you hear me? Get out! See, I opened my mouth and the words come out. I hear me. Why can't you? I said get out!

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What's all this?

Ryan: Oh, here he is. Play Daddy, play protector. Please just get her out of here.

Jack: Great idea. I will.

Erica: No, please, both of you just --

Ryan: Jackson, it's your lucky day right here.

Greenlee: Ok, wait, stop. Look, I'm going. Watch. Watch me. I'll be back. Always.

Jack: Erica, would you watch Greenlee? I need a minute alone with Ryan.

Erica: No, Jack, please, I'd like to speak with Ryan first. I'm sure that Greenlee's still outside.

Jack: If you so much as raise your voice to this woman --

Greenlee: He needs me. He's hurting and he needs me.

Jack: Did you hear that in there? That was rage. That was unadulterated rage, and if I hadn't gone in there when I did --

Greenlee: What, he would've hurt me?

Jack: Has he before?

Greenlee: Are you kidding me? All I heard in there was agony. Can't you see it? He's breaking.

Jack: There's no excuse for what he just did.

Greenlee: He pulled the trigger on his baby brother, and he can already feel the bad genes tainting him. He thinks he's just like them, another sick Lavery.

Jack: Well, maybe he's right.

Ryan: Erica, if I had the energy to be more polite -- not my wife, not you. I don't want to talk.

Erica: I won't take long, just long enough to tell you how grateful I am that you survived that nightmare. Finally, Greenlee and I have something to agree on. You know that strange sensation you're feeling? That is the earth turning upside down. Ryan, do you have any idea how much you're loved? Do you have any idea how many of us are so grateful that you survived, how many people need you? How many people. How many people care about you, how many of us would be lost without you?

Aidan: Come on.

Lily: It bounces twice off the upper-left bumper at a 45-degree trajectory 70% of the time. I'm sorry, did I break your concentration?

Aidan: No. No, you helped it, and you helped me.

Lily: That was the machine.

Aidan: No, it was you. It was you. I was sad.

Lily: But you said you weren't.

Aidan: I know. Well, I lied, you know? People lie about their feelings sometimes. And when you've been through what I've been through, you kind of learn to keep your feelings to yourself.

Lily: In my Life Skills class, we learn to try to identify our feelings and what other people are feeling, and sometimes if two people are feeling the same way, you have something in common and it makes you feel normal.

Aidan: Well, thanks. Thanks for helping me with my life skills. What's the matter? Not feeling good?

Lily: It's the butterflies. They're here.

Maria: See, you say this is done, but it's not for me. This is all inside. It's flipping madness for me, and I need the answers.

Zach: Well, a lot has happened to you, your family. Ahem.

Maria: Come on, Zach. Let me do this. You told me that you would never lie to me. I asked you about Michael, you told me. Ethan, you told me. Asked you about Ryan and the shooting and all kinds of other things, and you always told me. But it wasn't enough for me. I just -- I couldn't trust you, and you didn't deserve that. And here, you know, I kept coming to you, kissing and keeping secrets and then pushing you away, and I did it all to protect my marriage, but, you know, like, what, like you were the one that was destroying it? Like it hadn't already died right under my nose and I didn't even notice? And I went on about my vows and Edmund and how much I loved him -- which I did -- but I could still feel your hands on me. And I -- then you tried to make me understand my heart, and you told me that the only thing I felt for Edmund was obligation and loyalty, guilt. And I -- I was afraid that --

Zach: Afraid of what?

Maria: You. I was afraid of what I felt for you.

Kendall: You lied for me?

Ethan: I lied because -- yes, my hatred for my father is -- it's huge. Some days it's so big, it eclipses everything. But not you. You bring your own sunlight with you. I really meant that.

Kendall: I almost drowned. You saved me. I shot Ryan. You stood by me. The two of us are so much alike. You wanted to be a pirate.

Ethan: You wanted to be a princess.

Kendall: I was meant to find you, to love you. It was perfect. You were perfect. You were the answer. You were someone who didn't want to fix me or change me.

Ethan: Because I adore you exactly the way you are.

Kendall: Yes, but now I know. Why would you want to fix me if you're broken, too? We have this -- we have this crack in us right here, this place in us where we're not quite right. And we're not right in exactly the same way. We love big, we love crazy, but we screw it up in the exact same way; because the bigger we love, the less we trust.

Ethan: I don't believe that.

Kendall: No, Ethan, you didn't lie to protect me or to save me or to protect us. You lied because you don't trust me.

Ethan: Do you know this to be true or untrue, hmm? Or this?

Kendall: You're so beautiful. Your voice is so strong and smooth. I could fall into your arms and never come out again.

Ethan: I'm right here.

Kendall: But you're still a liar. And not for my sake. You lied to protect the one thing that you love the most -- your hate for your father.

[Knock on door]

Ethan: Hey, no. They'll go away. We're not done yet.

Derek: Police. Open up!

Erica: Las Vegas. Talk about the lights, you know, how bright they are. You can't even tell if it's day or night. I must have missed all that because it was all pitch-black to me, that dark hole I fell into. And I might have slipped away for good if I'd been alone. But you came and you fought for me. You fought for me no matter how much I wanted to slip away. How do I thank you for this? How do I thank you for giving me back my life, Ryan? I just don't know how to make you hear me. You're not alone.

Greenlee: My husband saved the lives of your daughters, present and future. He's the reason that you can stand here and lecture me instead of crying over three fresh graves. He earned some respect and understanding.

Jack: No. Not when he's the reason you could've died in the first place. Years ago, Ryan covered for Braden when he raped my sister. He covered for Jonathan. You know why? Because Ryan thinks he's a hero, thinks he has to do things his own way. The rules didn't apply to his brothers, and they don't apply to Ryan, either. His brothers were predators, Greenlee. They preyed on women. They needed to be locked up.

Greenlee: Well, those men are dead. Ryan had to shoot his own brother to make sure no one else was hurt. What more do you want from him?

Jack: I'll tell you what I want from you. Until Ryan gets help -- and I'm talking about serious treatment -- I don't want you to go anywhere near him.

Greenlee: What are you saying, I should leave my husband?

Jack: Yes, absolutely, right now. Say good-bye.

Maria: In the desert, when we first met, everything happened so fast and it was so real and surreal. We didn't have a past, we had no history, so it was really like being in love for the first time.

Zach: You came here for Ryan, and he needs his friends right now.

Maria: I didn't know who I was or where I'd been, but I knew one thing, and that was that at that time I had never loved anyone like I loved you. And when David called, he told me I had to run, so I ran. And then soon after that, I had my family and my life, and then you just became this dream that I woke up from in the desert and it was -- it was done. It was over. All of a sudden, there you were again. It wasn't done. Certainly wasn't over. But I had a husband and I had kids, and I had been gone for so long and I had -- I -- I could not let that happen. I couldn't let my whole life go up in flames again. So I told you that I didn't want you. I told you that I didn't believe you. Because how could I trust that, a dream? I couldn't. I had to trust the reality. So I fought it. But I -- I loved you, Zach, so much, and I never -- I never stopped loving you. All that love and fear and -- all mixed in, you know, the reasons that you had come -- Ethan and Michael and what you wanted -- and, God, I had to make it stop. I couldn't -- so I convinced myself that you were not that man from the desert. You were not that man that I fell in love with, and I was not that woman anymore. And you told me the truth, and I said it was lies. Because I couldn't trust those feelings for you. It's just stupid. It was just so stupid. So stupid, and I -- because you're obviously still him, still that man, the same man that I fell so completely in love with.

Aidan: Are you feeling queasy or --

Lily: No, it's the flutters.

Aidan: Oh, the ones you told me about?

Lily: The ones I have for you, but you don't have for me.

Aidan: Right. I'm sorry about that, but you know I like you, though, right?

Lily: It's ok. They won't be here for much longer. Greenlee and Kendall told me how to make them go away. Then we'll be the same, no more flutters inside.

Reggie: Sorry, that was Dani. She wants to make sure you're ok. Are you?

Lily: Yeah. Steve's dead. People die. It's very sad. It would be better if no one ever died again.

Aidan: Yeah, much better.

Lily: Thank you for helping me close the case. I can go home now.

Reggie: Lily, you were slamming on that pinball machine, right?

Lily: Maybe I'll ask Dad to get one -- with an off switch, like Aidan’s. Good-bye.

Aidan: Bye. Butterflies.

Erica: You've been so brave, Ryan. You've been through so much. Probably be with you for the rest of your life. Only please just promise me you won't go for the blond wig and the showgirl feathers. You rescued me. I owe you. But more than that, Ryan, I love you. And when you're ready to climb out of that dark hole, I'll be there ready. I'll be cheering. I'll have my hand held out to you. All you have to do is grab hold.

Greenlee: Less than two years of daddy-hood and you try to run my life? If you think I'd walk out on Ryan now, you don't even know me.

Jack: You think this is over, because Jonathan's dead, but it's not. I'm afraid for you, Greenlee, I am.

Greenlee: Do you know who that is? The man who married me, who fell in love with me, who made me feel a way that I never thought I'd feel again.

Jack: So you think you owe him your life? Because that's what you've handed him, the man who chose his psychotic brother's freedom over your safety.

Greenlee: No, Ryan chose me in that cave, and he always will. Don't make me choose between you and him. Ryan won't be left behind.

Derek: We have questions regarding your statement about Edmund Grey's death.

Ethan: Oh, come on. Jonathan Lavery confesses to a killing, and you and the entire police force freak out? Don't. You're taking the word of a lunatic who blew himself up? I stand by my statement. I saw my father crack Edmund's head open with a shovel. I'm not changing anything. Isn't that right, Kendall?

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Kendall: I'll tell the police everything I know, exactly how he just told me.

Ryan: Jackson wants you to leave me, doesn't he? Maybe he's right.

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