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By Suzanne
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Tad: Jack, don't you see? The security videos back it up. That prescription points right to Jonathan Lavery and his psychosis, not Braden's.

Aidan: If Jonathan has got wind of where Greenlee and Lily are stashed --

Jack: Then both my daughters are in danger.

Ryan: Braden -- Braden -- Jonathan, what have you done? My God, what have you done?

Lily: Other brother is real. Other brother's here.

Jonathan: I told you, Ryan. Ryan, I told you, but you wouldn't listen to me!

Braden's voice: Idiot. You have to kill them now. All of them.

Jonathan: No. No, you said I didn't. You said I didn't have to kill Ryan. That I could save him.

Greenlee: Ryan -- oh, God.

Braden's voice: "Three brothers equal none." Do it. You hear me? Do it.

Jonathan: I'm sorry, Ryan. I am so sorry. There's nothing else I can do. Braden wants you dead.

David: You show up, freaked out, and then bolt? What was that all about?

Di: I know he got to you. And the only question is, how much pressure did it take?

David: Were you delusional before or after you were incarcerated?

Di: You got me here so he could finish me off.

David: All right, look, look, I'm a cardiologist, not a shrink. The help you need, I can't give.

Maria: Zach. I know everything, and I know you tried to tell me, and I -- I was wrong. I was -- I was so wrong.

Kendall: His brother -- you -- you killed Braden.

Jonathan: I told you to run. I told you to stay away. I don't want to shoot you, Ryan, but you heard Braden.

Ryan: Braden can't make you do anything anymore. Jonathan --

Jonathan: Ryan, please! You heard him!

Ryan: It's over, Jonathan. You feel it, don't you? It's over. Braden can't make you do anything that you don't want to do ever again. Which means it's over. Nobody has to be hurt. We're all going to be fine. Jonathan, we're going to be fine.


Lily: Loud! Loud! Loud!

Kendall: Are you ok?

Lily: Loud! Loud!

Jonathan: Now, you listen to me -- why can't you ever listen to me?

Ryan: No, you listen --

Jonathan: You --

Ryan: Look, Jonathan. Look. Braden is dead. He's dead. That's our brother, and he's gone. He can't think, he can't speak. He can't tell you what to do anymore. He's gone, Jonathan.

Jonathan: Don't talk like that. You want to set him off? He gave me this for a reason, Ryan -- to use it. And if I don't, he'll do it himself!

Ryan: Stop it, ok? I know who you are and I know what you've done! You're my kid brother. You're the one who thought that Braden and I were just this side of God. Every smack that we took, you're the one who cried because you're a sweet kid. You didn't want us to get hurt. You're not like Dad. You're not like Braden, you're not. Deep inside, you're not. You're too good for that, Jonathan. Now, please, let them go. It'll be you and me. We'll stay here and we'll talk. That's the way it should have been.

Braden's voice: Punk! Ryan just called you a crybaby and you sit there and take it.

Ryan: I won't leave you, Jonathan. I'm going to stay with you. But let them go.

Greenlee: No.

Jonathan: Look, do you know what you're doing to me? You're tearing me apart. Help me. What Braden wants -- what you want -- you're just tearing me apart.

Lily: Other brother is real. No red. Loud. No red.

Ryan: Nobody wants to hurt you, Hockett. Nobody wants to hurt you.

Braden's voice: I never should have trusted you. Dad was right. Pathetic waste. Total disappointment.

Jonathan: I am not a disappointment! I am not a disappointment!

Ryan: Ok. Ok. Ok, Braden.

Jonathan: Hey, what are you -- what are you doing? You get away from him!

Ryan: Now I know what Braden wants. You're not the only one, Jonathan. He's talking to me, too.

Jack: Mr. Hall, Jack Montgomery. Hi. Listen, I know Lily and her sister are just getting settled in, and I'm sure I have absolutely nothing to worry about, but -- I'm sorry? What do you mean, they never got there? Mr. Hall, you know what the situation is here. Why in God's name would you wait till now to tell me this? Never mind.

Reggie: No. No, Dad. Don't tell me that --

Tad: Tell me I didn't hear that correctly.

Aidan: Hell -- my buddy Steve -- it was his job to keep them safe.

Derek: Look, I'm getting this out on the wires. Yeah, I want an APB on two missing females. I want everybody on this now, ok? Just hold on for a second. I'm going to take this outside.

Tad: Try to stay calm.

Aidan: Voicemail.

Jack: Oh, that's great. That's great!

Tad: The calmer we stay, the quicker we'll find them.

Jack: Well, this doesn't even make any sense. I mean, I talked to Greenlee. She called me to let me know that they got there safe, ok? He must have already had them. Jonathan -- Braden, both -- they must have already had the girls. Oh, son of a -- I was talking to her on the phone. I talked her on the phone! And I still didn't know!

[Knock on door]

Sam: I want to see Lily.

Reggie: Yeah, so do I.

Maria: I wanted to come and tell you the second that I knew, but I -- what do I say? I -- the words just seemed -- I -- I am so sorry, and I was so wrong.

Zach: I'm here because I want to make sure that Sam got home ok.

Maria: Home from where?

Zach: He came to see me at the casino tonight.

Maria: Oh, my God -- because he still thinks that you killed Edmund, and -- is he ok? Was he ok?

Zach: Tad and Aidan were there, and they explained to him that somebody else killed Edmund.

Maria: I should have been the one to tell him, but he won't let me get anywhere near him. How did he get to the casino?

Zach: He drove.

Maria: He's 15!

Zach: Well, "green means go." He's got it covered. So, is he here? Is he ok?

Di: You came to me a complete stranger and offered just to help me out. That doesn't sound like a setup to you?

David: I don't exactly live on the corner of Main and First. You came to me on your own.

Di: Hey, you were hip deep in that -- in that Montgomery baby story. I read the papers. And now, you're -- you're here, and Krystal's in there. A guy that can do that can -- can come after me.

David: I didn't ask Krystal to take the fall for me.

Di: Oh, right! And her cell has a fireplace with a mountain view, too.

David: It's the truth. I fought her. It was her idea.

Di: Yeah. Like I was just dying to do a year for contempt. I'm just a sucker for prison food. You know, just so you know, this guy can do a lot worse than have your window broken and your equipment tossed. I'd watch your back if I were you.

David: All right, look, you don't know me, but here's a crash course. I have a lot of enemies that have nothing to do with you.

Di: I believe you. And I believe you're too weird for me.

David: Well, maybe we're weird enough for each other.

Di: Pick a number. One to seven.

David: You like games?

Di: I learned way too much inside. Seven places I can hurt you. You pick the spot. Call it pain lotto. You have to play to win.

David: Crash course number two. I'm almost always the scariest person in the room. You remind me of someone I once knew, that's all.

Di: That one again? I prefer "What's your major?" Makes me feel like a kid again.

David: What? You think that was a come-on? Make up your mind. Am I trying to kill you or sleep with you?

Di: Like you'd be the first guy to vote twice.

David: If I wanted you dead, this conversation would be over. I think it's just begun.

Di: Prison makes you itchy indoors. You coming?

Ryan: Braden was the original big brother. He always knew when Dad was about to flip. He'd warn me, and then Id warn you. He'd take the hits that were meant for us. You see, Braden wanted us safe. He still does. And safe means that we got to get out of here, all of us. We save their lives. Hockett, the Lavery boys as heroes, not as losers or disappointments or whatever Dad talked about. As heroes. This was for me, for us, wasn't it? No matter what, I won't forget. Thank you.

Jonathan: I don't hear him. What -- he's not talking to you!

Ryan: That's because you're free, Jon. You're free to be your own man, to be you again -- smart and funny, with a big heart. There's no stopping you, man. It was our fault. We took care of ourselves, and we just -- we just hoped to God that you were ok, and you weren't. And I hate Dad for what he did to you. And I know it's my fault.

Jonathan: I was a disappointment. I deserved it. I deserved it.

Ryan: No, never. Hockett, you never deserved it, never. Look, Dad can't hurt you now. Look at me. It's over. It's over. Let it be over.

Jonathan: Braden's dead. I miss him so much.

Ryan: Me, too.

Jonathan: I killed him, Ryan. I killed Braden. I've done so many things.

Ryan: You can tell me.

Jonathan: So many things.

Greenlee: Did you drug me?

Jonathan: You know, she pretends to be cool when I mess up that shipment. No. No, she checks up on me, tell him I didn't have an MBA.

Greenlee: The degree never mattered. I just -- I just wanted you to be honest with Ryan, with us. I just wanted you to be real.

Jonathan: Real? You know what real is, Greenlee? Real is what the guy with the white coat and the degree tells you is real. You learn that fast, don't you? When you're all locked up in restraints, put into a room, close the door, and they write you off. I wanted you to feel that. I wanted you to feel what I felt. You know, they came to me every day and asked me if I was still crazy, and I told them no, but they left me in there. They left me in there. They left me locked up! They left me all alone!

Ryan: You were committed?

Jonathan: I -- I lost it my junior year. I couldn't handle the pressure. I couldn't be a disappointment anymore.

Ryan: I didn't know, Hockett. I didn't know.

Jonathan: That way, I held on to your gloves and the happy pills so that when you came back, you could see that I had faith. I waited for you. I waited for you. And I waited, and I waited!

Ryan: And I never came. I never came to the hospital. I never came home when you were a kid. I didn't save you. I didn't come.

Jonathan: But I came to you. My big brother. The new king of Cambias. And I got a lot of handouts. I didn't get any respect. You called me Hockett, but you never loved me. You loved her.

Ryan: Of course I loved you. You're my family.

Jonathan: Like -- like Mom and Dad, right? Is that how you loved me? You know what I got from that? Booze makes it better and smack them in the mouth when they can't run away. Now, how was I supposed to learn anything good out of that? How was I supposed to learn anything normal? How to -- how to deal with -- with women, work, life, with all of that in my head?

Ryan: Jonathan, we can get you help. We can help you.

Jonathan: Help? Help? Yeah? Five cc's of help twice a day for weeks help? "Under my tongue when I learn to play nice" help? My mouth going dry, my hands numb, all that stuff in my head? The white coats are just like Dad, Ryan. They stick it to you when you can't run away. I never would have been there if you hadn't left me alone! It was the Lavery brothers. Yeah! The Unbeatables, right? The unbeatable team!

Ryan: Yeah, the unbeatable team.

Jonathan: Then -- then the miracle happened. Braden showed up and he sat on the end of my bed. And he didn't call me a baby when I cried. And then I stopped crying. I did. Then I got it. I learned what the doctors thought was real. And they let me go, and I asked him where you were, why you didn't come!

Ryan: And I was here, and Braden knew that. He told you that, didn't he?

Jonathan: He showed me all your clippings, all the great things you'd done, said you earned a good life. You didn't earn anything. He was still on your side. He didn't want me to punish you. That night at the casino, he came to warn you I had a rifle. We -- we had it out. He said he was going to put me back in the hospital. More cc's of help. I couldn't go. I couldn't go. I wouldn't be left behind again.

Ryan: Braden wanted to save me? And you killed him?

Jonathan: Just like I have to kill you now. I will not let you leave me behind again!

Greenlee: No, Jonathan -- Jonathan, look -- look at how Ryan loves you, how much he's hurting for you, how much he loves you. He -- he loves you more than you'll ever know, and you love him as much as I do. More, more. More than I do. And I don't want to see him die, so neither do you.

Jonathan: You can't watch him die? Then you're first.

Ryan: I can't let you hurt Greenlee, or anyone else ever again.

Di: Hmm. Check you out. Post card views, woodland creatures. Pretty sweet life for such a prickly guy.

David: Oh, yeah, life couldn't be better. Except now I treat toilets instead of patients, and my daughter's mother is in jail -- on my behalf.

Di: You're still ticked I nailed you on that one. Looks like somebody can hold a grudge.

David: Oh, darling, you couldn't pry a grudge out of my cold, dead hand. What about you? Do you hold a grudge for the boyfriend who let you take the fall?

Di: I got released before the grand jury adjourned. And since I refused to testify, they could hold me as long as the grand jury was in session.

David: Then why did they release you?

Di: I figure my gentleman friend had some remorse, pulled a few strings.

David: Then how come no heartfelt reunion in some romantic hotel suite somewhere? I would think after a year of silent loyalty that's the least he could do.

Di: I guess I forgot the room number. Probably when that car tried to flatten me within an hour of being on the outside.

David: Someone tried to kill you?

Di: Imagine that. I would have kept my mouth shut forever. He should have known that.

David: Are you sure it was him behind the wheel? Go to the police.

Di: Like he drove the car himself? No, this guy doesn't even unfold his newspaper in the back of his limo. He's got lots and lots of people to do whatever he wants. It turns out I was just one of them.

David: I'm sorry, you just kind of lost me at the limo.

Di: You think I went down for some street slinger or chop shop guy?

David: So this grand jury trial that you were called in on --

Di: Yeah, makes all those other big corporate scandals look like swiping change from the Javaspot tip jar. So? You fish about my boyfriend, I hand you tuna tartare. How about you tell me about this woman I remind you so much of?

Maria: Not in the kitchen, he's not in his room. He's gone.

Zach: I'll go look for him.

Maria: Ok, not without me. I know that -- I don't care what Edmund thought. My son needs me right now. Let's go.

Sam: Listen, you said you were going to find the guy who killed my father. Holy -- does the guy have Lily because she saw him do it?

Reggie: Look, all right, you heard the man. He's going to call the cops, and then he's going to call your mother. Are you up for that, big guy?

Sam: We should be out there trying to look for her.

Tad: All right, great. You got any ideas? Where to start looking? Because right now I'll take whatever I can get.

Aidan: Did Greenlee slip any clues into the conversation at all?

Jack: She told me that Lily couldn't talk to me on the phone because her counselors wanted her to settle in. I should have insisted!

Aidan: Look, Jack --

Jack: Well, I don't know, I don't know. It's all blurry, all right?

Aidan: Let's try it this way. Did she say anything that didn't make sense? You know, didn't fit? Maybe she tried to reach you that way.

Ryan: Put it down.

Jonathan: You brought a gun?

Kendall: Oh, thank God.

Ryan: It's ok, Hockett. You don't have to prove anything to me, you don't have to punish me, you don't have to do anything ever again. Just let it all go and just drop the gun.

Jonathan: You call me Hockett with a gun in my face? Would you pull the trigger, too? You know, you broke my heart. You going to make me bleed?

Lily: No red. Please no red. Ryan, are you going to make red again? Are you going to make it loud?

Greenlee: He doesn't want to. But he won't let Jonathan hurt me, or us, or himself.

Kendall: Cover your ears, cover your ears, Lily. Go ahead, Ryan, make red. Make lots and lots of red. Hey, psycho-boy, time to back the hell off. Back off.

Greenlee: He still has a gun on my husband. Would you shut up?

Jonathan: Ugh! See, Braden warned me. He warned me that you would trick me or you'd hurt me, that you'd do it even worse than he did.

Ryan: He was wrong. I just want you to be ok. Hockett, you're the one who's hurting yourself. You stabbed yourself with a knife!

Jonathan: I said you'd listen, that you loved us, that you wouldn't bring a gun. He said no. He said you left because you didn't love us. Braden's smart, Ryan. He's so smart. Tell them. Tell them, Braden. Tell them how smart you are.

Ryan: You tell me how smart he is. How smart is Braden, Jonathan, huh? How smart is he?

Jonathan: He's smarter than all of us, Ryan. Even you.

Ryan: Damn it, Jonathan. Out. Everybody out -- now! Now! Now! Now!

Jonathan: You can't! You run, and Ill push this button and we'll all die together.

Ryan: That button -- that doesn't just hurt us, Jonathan. You know, you die, too. You get that? You would die with the rest of us.

Jonathan: We've all shared this much together, why not this? Kendall took me to bed to hurt you. I'm sure she's going to love this one, aren't you? Blow your big, mean ex into bits.

Kendall: No, no, no. I never wanted Ryan to die -- or you -- or you, either.

Jonathan: Do I care what you want?

Greenlee: It was none of my business when I told Ryan that you didn't have an MBA. I was jealous, because Ryan loves you so much. He protected you, he defended you, he moved out of our home to be with you. He picked you. You can't kill him. Not when he loves you this much. And Lily -- look at her. She's just a kid. An innocent kid with her whole life ahead of her. And Kendall -- she made a mistake, because she knows what it feels like to be left behind, just like you do. You guys have more in common than you think.

Jonathan: You remember when you tried to reach out to me at the police station? You said that you knew what it felt like to be lost, out of control, to fight for your sanity, for your life. And that if I felt that way, you would help me?

Greenlee: It's true. I still do.

Jonathan: I wish Id just -- I wish so badly that I had one more chance to dose you. And as far as the sweet little moron goes -- well, you know what? She got in my business, and you cost me Maggie.

Ryan: No, you cost you Maggie. You did. You hit her, Jonathan. You hit her, and she wasn't the first.

Jonathan: And so what if all these women didn't screw me over? Huh? Why not blow them all up? They're all a bunch of bitches, anyway. Who's going to miss them?

Ryan: You don't want to do this, Jonathan. You don't want to do this.

Jonathan: You -- you always think you knew better. Always have. Well, guess what, Ryan -- you're wrong.

Ryan: So what do we have now? No more Braden. No more hiding behind big brother. This is just you out in the open. Bent, out for blood.

Jonathan: You thought I was so stupid that I couldn't get lipstick from point A to point B? But I got you here. Me, Ryan. All me. And I didn't mean it when I said that Braden was two steps ahead. It was me, Ryan. It was all me. I did it. And you were two steps behind. And who's the smart Lavery brother now, Ryan? Who is it? Who's the smart Lavery brother now?

Ryan: You, Jonathan. It's all you.

David: Her name was Dixie Martin.

Di: Dixie? That was for real?

David: Oh, yeah. She was very real. And I loved her.

Di: And I look like her?

David: Well, you don't have the same nose or cheeks or whatever. There's just something about you. I feel it.

Di: She's gone.

David: Yeah. Car accident.

Di: It must take some kind of woman to make you fall that hard.

David: Well, everyone who knew Dixie loved her. She was so smart, tough, funny, open. Dixie opened her heart with a reckless abandon. And not because she was stupid or careless, but because she was brave. She loved and she trusted, sometimes even when she shouldn't.

Di: You mean you.

David: Yeah. Anyone who knew Dixie, they'll never forget.

J.R.: Well, nice. Nice. Davey? Hayward? Old bucket boy? And the truth shall set you free.

Zach: What color is it?

Maria: Edmund's old car is a silver gray sedan. He hasn't driven it in forever, since before he got shot. Before the wheelchair -- I mean, I don't know.

Zach: Fine, silver gray.

Maria: Maybe he actually did drive it and I didn't even know. I found out that he had another physical therapist. I talked to him, and the guy was all pleased and proud of Edmund's recovery and that he could walk. Of course, that's not a big surprise to you. You knew, Brooke knew. And I didn't believe either one of you. I told you both to go to hell. So what do I -- after all that, what do I say to you? What can I say?

Jack: Ok, Greenlee said that Lily couldn't talk to me on the phone. She said there were new students, new teachers.

Aidan: Right. Anything bizarre or off topic?

Jack: About Ryan. We got into it over Ryan.

Tad: What about Ryan?

Jack: We -- nothing, she just said that she had a connection with Ryan -- a psychic --

Tad: You mean, like a -- what do you mean? Psychic connection, like she was trying to send him a mental SOS?

Jack: No, no, no, not now. Last year, she told me about --

Tad: What?

Jack: That's it. Now I know what she meant.

Zach: How about that one? That's silver gray.

Maria: No, that is not it. Did you hear me? I just said you're right. Edmund was not the man I married. He did lie to me. He manipulated. He -- he set me up.

Zach: You were not his victim, Maria. You chose to believe Edmund over me. Right there, now that's dark gray. Never mind.

Maria: But that's it? That's all that you have to say?

Zach: Yeah, that's it. Yes, it's all I have to say. I said everything I had to say the other night when I said good-bye to you.

Maria: Well, then pull the car over, please, and let me out.

Zach: Is that --

Maria: Let me out now.

Zach: Is that what you want? You want me to drop you off right here in the middle of the night?

Maria: Yeah, I do. I do. Why not? That's where you found me, in the middle of the night on the side of the road. You might as well let me out here. Then we'll have come full circle. We will finally be done.

Ryan: This is what you want, Jonathan? You want us all to go down together?

Jonathan: It's not what I want. It's how it has to be.

Ryan: No, no, no, no -- it doesn't have to be like this. No, no. Just go back to Des Moines. Go to that dump in Des Moines for one second. Do you remember the bunk beds and the diagrams of the Great Escape? I blew it. I didn't get you out then, but I can get you out now. Our world -- our future is whatever we want it to be.

Jonathan: Golden?

Ryan: Yes. Tomorrow and the next day and always, just you and me, Hockett. We'll never know what that could have been.

Jonathan: I loved you, Ryan, so much when you were there. I loved you even more when you were gone. If you could be me for just one minute -- one second -- you would see that I can't let this go.

Ryan: I'm screaming inside. I am screaming inside. I want to save you so bad it drives me crazy -- that I couldn't stop it or I could have fixed it. Please, let me save you. I will never leave you behind again.

Jonathan: No! Oh. I'm still there, Ryan. I'm there. No matter how hard I've tried -- no matter how hard I've tried, I'm still there, and this is it. This is it. This is the only way out for me. There is no other way except this.

Ryan: I can't let you do it. I can't let you go.

Jonathan: Ryan, it's ok. It's ok. Because you're going to come with me. Ryan, finally, you're going to come, too.

Ryan: No, no, Jonathan. You don't have to do this to make us together. Please, just trust me. Just trust me one last time.

Jonathan: One last time. One last time. You gave me the only love I ever got. The only gentleness I ever felt. And I want to trust you. I want to trust you so much. I do, but I can't. I can't. After what happened last time, I -- I'm so sorry, Ryan. I love you.

Marias voice: Why not? That's where you found me, by the side of the road in the middle of the night. It's perfect. We can go full circle, finally be done. You know what? Why don't you just pull over?

Zach: Excuse me?

Maria: Pull over and let me out.

Zach: It's not going to happen. I'm not leaving you out here.

Maria: Ok, well, you made your point. Any psycho can pick me up on the side of the road and lock me in his car and hold me hostage. Will you let me out of the car?

Zach: I will.

Maria: Please? Now?

Zach: I will. As soon as I get you someplace safe.

Maria: Full circle and we're done.

Di: Fresh sheets, real bed, and a room to myself -- I just can't make myself pass that up. But if you decide to sleepwalk and I hear a little knock on my door --

David: I already told you, that's not what this is --

Di: Shh.


Di: More company?

David: Put those down, Junior. You can't afford the deductible on those prescriptions.

Aidan: Listen, give this message to Derek right away. Tell him to meet us up at Miller's Falls. The mineshaft up at Miller's Falls. Tell him to go there right away.

Tad: You're sure?

Jack: She was stuck in this mineshaft for days. She almost died down there, but Ryan saved her because of their psychic connection. I'm telling you, that's where they are.

Tad: All right, come on.

Aidan: All right, come on, let's go.

Sam: Listen, if he killed my father, I'm in on this, too.

Tad: No. Sam, no.

Aidan: Come on.

Lily: Red! Red! Red! Red! Red! Red! Red! Red! Red! Red! Red! Red! Red! Red!

Ryan: Go, run. Everybody out.

Greenlee: No, no, not without you.

Ryan: Go, get out!

Kendall: Lily, forget about the red, ok? There's no red out there, ok? There's no red out there. Follow me, follow me, follow me.

Ryan: I shot him. I shot him.

Greenlee: No, you saved us. You saved us.

Ryan: I shot him. I shot him.

Greenlee: You saved us. You saved us. You saved us. Ryan, you saved us.

Lily: Red, red, red --

Kendall: Somebody help me! Will somebody please help me?

Ryan: Everybody out! Out! Now! Come on! Go! Go!

Greenlee: Ryan?

Ryan: Here, take care of her.

Greenlee: No, no, I won't let you -- you can't go back in.

Ryan: I can't -- I can't leave him alone again. I can't! Hockett -- Hockett, you're going to be ok.

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Maria (to Ethan): You lied to me. You lied to everyone!

David: Come on, Junior. Let's see who gets arrested first.

Kendall: No, you cannot get in that cave! That'd be nuts!

Ryan: Please. Please.

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