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[Tires screech as Di desperately tries to avoid a car that's aiming for her.]

Babe: Hey. Hey. Oh, my God. Hey, hey. Hey. It's ok. Are you ok?

Di: Yeah. Yeah, I'm ok.

Babe: You sure?

Di: Yeah, I'm ok. All in one piece. Looks like some kid clocked too much NASCAR video time. It's a car, not a joystick!

Babe: No, no, that was no kid and that was no game. I -- I saw his eyes. He was aiming right for you. Who are you? Who wants you dead?

Erica: The man can perform open-heart surgery, but he can't lock his door.

David: I always lock my door. Why are you in my home?

Erica: To say good-bye, perhaps. I understand that J.R.’s wrecking ball is going to turn your home into Popsicle sticks tomorrow.

David: A good gloat puts color in your cheeks.

Erica: Oh, you go ahead, David, you flatter me. And let's not stop there. Your entire future depends on what you do in the next hour.

Zach: Your boy Bill Smith was a guest in my hotel the night that Ryan was shot, and according to this card, he was right here in this bar. He played keno, he had a beer and a basket of fries.

Tad: That's still only two cherries.

Zach: Security disc.

Tad: God. All right, let's see it.

Aidan: Hand it over.

Zach: If you know that Braden is the shooter, why the urgency?

Ryan: I'm here.

Jonathan: Braden?

Ryan: No, your other brother, Jonathan.

Greenlee: Thank God you came. He came.

Kendall: Yes, yes, I see that, I see that. Can we go?

Jonathan: Hey, you're not supposed to be here.

Greenlee: Ryan, watch out. Jonathan --

Ryan: Is protecting you. I can see that. I see that. Good job, man. Good job, good job. So let's get everybody out of here. What's the combination to the lock?

Jonathan: No, no, Ryan! They stay there, ok? That's it, that's the deal.

Ryan: What deal? What deal? You said you wanted to stop Braden, keep us safe, you and me together. Now we can keep everybody safe. So give me the combination to the lock.

Jonathan: I can save you. I can. I can do that. I can't save them.

Ryan: You ok?

Kendall: Nothing a bottle of mood-enhancers and a SWAT team can't fix. Lily -- I don't think she's so good.

Lily: Please, gun makes red. Please no red, please.

Greenlee: Yeah, like she said. Please, God, no red.

Lily: Red. Red.

Ryan: Hey, Hockett, what's with the gun?

Jonathan: It's the only way to keep them in there, Ryan. They won't listen. They tried to get away. Braden said use the gun.

Ryan: Oh. Well, Braden's not here, so let's go home, all of us. Let's get out of here.

Jonathan: But, Ryan, he'll take you down before you even get to the gate. Ryan, how can I protect you if you won't stay away?

Ryan: You see, I had to come, because somebody mentioned a psychic connection that Greenlee and I once had, how I saved her from this mineshaft.

Jonathan: When you were on the phone with your father. What did I tell you? I told you no hints, no clues! Ryan, Ryan, she's just like Mother, man. She's just like Mother. All she cares about is herself!

Greenlee: You said I wasn't like her.

Jonathan: Yeah, because you don't drink all day and all night, but all that means is you don't have an excuse for being such a stupid --

Ryan: Ok, all right, all right, all right! Everybody take it easy! Jonathan, look at me, man, look at me. You want me gone.

Jonathan: What? Ryan, I want you alive.

Ryan: Well, then I will leave here before Braden comes. But they come with me.

Jonathan: No, no, Ryan, that's not the deal. That's not what Braden said. There are no deals. There are no breaks. Ryan, you have to pick. That's the only way. You have to pick -- them or us.

Tad: It's a long story.

Zach: I have time.

Aidan: We found a bottle of pills in Braden's shrine/storage garage -- the same meds that someone slipped Greenlee. Now, the prescription was for a Bill Smith.

Tad: The doctor who wrote the script said it was for a psychotic breakdown.

Zach: Ok. So he went berserk, shot Ryan, poisoned Greenlee, and killed Edmund to cover his tracks. So Braden Lavery and Bill Smith, same person, guilty of everything. But what is on this disc that is so important? Who cares if he played keno all night? Unless there's more to the story. What is it?

Di: Just because I offended you doesn't mean anybody wants me dead.

Babe: No, I saw his eyes.

Di: Good thing you couldn't smell his breath. Bet it was 80 proof.

Babe: Well, then we should be calling the cops.

Di: No! I mean, what are you going -- what are you going to say? "No one was hurt, officer, but he had spooky eyes"? I got places to be.

Babe: You know what, my fiancé -- he has a car. Please let us take you somewhere, make sure you're ok.

Di: I'm a complete stranger that made you feel like crud two minutes ago.

Babe: Whatever. It all blends. Really, it's no biggie. Oh, my goodness. Hey, hey. My dad, he's a doctor. I'll have him come. He can take a look at you.

Di: Father's a doctor, fiancé with a car, and you out at night with cranky strangers? How come?

Babe: I just needed some air. How about you?

Di: Same here. Can't get enough of it. Thanks for the help.

David: Tell me, Erica, exactly when did you get a grip on my future? I never felt a thing.

Erica: Tell me why you never apologized to me.

David: Because I'm a selfish monster who would turn his back on his best friend if it serves my purpose. What else is new?

Erica: You can't push me away with that Dr. Death routine, David. I know you too well.

David: It's why you wrote me off, remember?

Erica: Krystal has only one thought in her head -- Babe -- and Babe also has only one thought in her head -- Babe -- but you were my friend. You were Bianca’s protector. You were the man who wanted to kill Michael Cambias almost as much as I did.

David: He was a sick SOB who deserved to suffer.

Erica: And what about Bianca? Did Bianca deserve to suffer?

David: Babe had Bianca’s daughter, and I knew it. Exactly how would "I'm sorry" fix that now? It can't, ever. So I choose to move on. You should, also.

Erica: Well, that's why I'm here. You and I can never be friends again, but we can help each other when the occasion arises.

David: I'm sorry, I couldn't hear a thing. Every alarm in my head just went off.

Erica: Well, maybe you'll hear this. Your entire life is trashed, truly. Your career, your family, and perhaps your home in the next 10 hours. You've always been a lonely man, David, and I would bet that it's only gotten worse.

David: Boy, and they complained about my bedside manner.

Erica: Adam Chandler offered you a deal.

David: You should check the sell-by date on your info. That deal is expired.

Erica: I just brought that deal back to life.

Brooke: Oh, no. No! No.

Adam: Aha. Gotcha. Here, allow me.

Brooke: It's none of your business!

Adam: Brooke?

David: To hell with forgiveness, huh? So you're Adam's new errand girl?

Erica: It's your future. You want to throw it away by insulting me? Oh, well.

David: You got something to say, say it.

Erica: Adam misses Colby, just as you and Babe miss little Adam.

David: Adam is an egomaniacal, twisted old man.

Erica: Who loves his child, just as you do. This is about children and parents, David, not right and wrong.

David: What's in this for you, Erica?

Erica: David, look at your life. A fresh load of misery -- that is a polite term. If you'll play ball, Adam can change all that.

Adam: It's a terrible loss, to the children and to you and to Maria. I can only guess what she thinks of this development.

Brooke: Would it ever occur to you to stop? You know, would it ever to occur to you that you just will make things worse?

Adam: I'm sorry, Brooke. But Edmund and you, your history -- it's almost as complicated as our history. So I would think it was some comfort in the fact that in the end, he trusted you most of all.

Brooke: Comfort? Do you think I wanted this? These papers and trusts, these little pieces of hell? I mean, what sane person would think that this was comfort?

Jonathan: I cut a deal. I did the best I could, Ryan. The women -- I had no choice. Braden will come, he will kill them. You and me, though, Ryan, we're in the clear, ok? So they die, we go.

Ryan: And you took that deal? You're ok with that, Braden coming, killing three people so you and I can --

Jonathan: Braden wanted me to do it. That's why he gave me the gun. He sounded just like Dad. "Even an idiot can shoot fish in a barrel," but I can't. If I could, you'd be safe now, but -- Braden's going to be so mad. He's going to call me weak. Ryan, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Ryan: No, Jonathan. You stood up to Braden. That takes guts. You see, you're not like him. Jonathan, look at me. New plan, ok? We ditch the gun, we open the gate, we send them home. You and I -- you and I together, we'll work this out.

Jonathan: We did that, Ryan. We did that at the Valley Inn with that shrink! I did that for you! I talked about things to him I was never going to say!

Ryan: All right, all right, but that took guts, too. You see? You are brave.

Jonathan: No, I was a sucker, because I did it for you and you just walked out on me! Again and again, Ryan, you walked out on me to go be with her!

Ryan: Take it easy, please. Calm down. I'm going to make it up to you. Look at me. I will never, never walk out on you again. Do you understand me? Never. Just the Lavery boys, all right, you and me.

Kendall: Say yes. Just give him the gun already and say yes!

Greenlee: Shut up, shut up!

Jonathan: You see that? Do you see that? Do you hear her? How they talk to me, how they try to get between us, Ryan? You know what, you don't give the orders, Braden does! He wants you dead, and it's not too late to make him happy.

Ryan: You and me, Hockett, you and me. We can outthink him. We can outthink him. Find another way. You said it. You said it. You can't shoot them. You can't kill them.

Jonathan: I can. I can. I can do it for you, Ryan. I can do it to keep you safe.

Ryan: I know you, my brother -- funny little kid who smiled because of the happy pills. You can't kill my wife and my friends. You're not a killer, Jonathan. You don't have it in you.

Lily: Red, fire, shovel --

Greenlee: Ryan --

Kendall: Just tell him already. The whole town's going to know. Everyone's going to know if we ever get out of here, when we get out of here.

Greenlee: Jonathan --

Ryan: Tell me.

Greenlee: Jonathan killed Edmund. He told us.

Lily: No wheelchair. Just red. I saw him, I saw him.

Greenlee: He can do it. Jonathan can kill.

Ryan: You killed him?

Jonathan: He was after Braden, Ryan. I had to! I didn't have a choice! I didn't want to, but I had to! I -- Edmund Grey had to die!

Babe: Oh, thank goodness! Oh, thank goodness.

Jamie: You missed me?

Babe: Here, take this. And you know what, you know what, take this. And while you're at it, don't let me use your cell phone, and hide the jar of coins because the pay phone on the corner might call to me.

Jamie: Why don't you want to use the phone?

Babe: Oh, I do. I do so bad that my eyeballs itch, but I can't. Adam was here with the baby.

Jamie: Oh, he still wants Liza’s address. Let me guess -- he offered you little Adam?

Babe: As a tease. Oh, and then get this -- he flat out offers me Mama, says he can pull some strings and get her out of prison.

Jamie: Wow. Adam must want Colby pretty bad if he's willing to cut you and Krystal a break.

Babe: Yeah, yeah, and I want Mama and little Adam, but the thing is, is I want to be worthy. I want to be like Stuart said. I want to be the better person and do the right thing, but I don't think I have it in me. And when I'm about to go on and do something crazy, you're the only one who can stop me.

Jamie: Sorry, Babe. You're on your own.

David: So I hand over Liza’s info and Adam and J.R. take me out for a round of golf? Give me a break.

Erica: Don't be ridiculous. You don't trust Adam, he doesn't trust you, but you can both trust me, so here I am.

David: And in what universe can you control Adam Chandler?

Erica: Right in here, I have a judge's writ reversing the decision to destroy this cabin. Congratulations, David. You live in a Pine Valley landmark.

Aidan: So there's your story. You satisfied?

Zach: That's going to blow a lot of people's minds.

Sam: Who did you bribe to get out of jail?

Tad: Sammy, what are you doing? You're not supposed to be here.

Sam: The man who killed my father's right here. Where else should I be?

Aidan: How did you get here? You're not even old enough to drive, are you?

Sam: Green means go. I got it covered. I got you covered, too, every day, every second, until you land back --

Tad: Wait, wait. He didn't do it. He didn't kill Edmund.

Sam: I went to jail. I looked him in the eyes, called him a killer. He didn't even blink. So go ahead, blame him, because he knows what he did.

Tad: And what he didn't do. It's the truth, Sam. The trail leads to somebody else. That's what Aidan and I are doing. We're trying to take down the right guy. He can help us.

Sam: Is this some sort of sick joke? Zach fingers some jerk as the killer and you buy it? He bashed my father's head in with a shovel because he wanted to be with my mother.

Zach: Hey. I've done a lot of stupid things in my life, a lot of dangerous things. I didn't kill your dad.

Jonathan: Hey. Don't look at me that way, Ryan. Don't look at me like I'm sick. This is for you, Ryan. All of this is for you! It's the only way. Get --

Ryan: Jonathan, nobody else has to die. Ok? Braden is not calling the shots here, because you and me -- we're a team. And as a team, we're stronger than Braden. We say nobody dies, and nobody dies.

Jonathan: You can't stop him. He's wanted her dead since he fed her the rat poison. He'll always want her dead.

Ryan: No, no, that was Dad. Dad told you that there was rat poison --

Jonathan: No, Braden did it, and she deserved it, Ryan!

Ryan: Jonathan, you've been caught in the middle too long, but it's over now, ok? I can help you. I can protect you.

Jonathan: Braden says -- Braden says that you don't care about me, that you only care about her. That's why Braden stabbed me. That's why Braden stabbed me. He proved it, didn't he? Yeah, he did. You left me alone in the hospital, no big deal! Just left me alone! But Braden takes Greenlee, and here you come running, Ryan! Braden says she dies first.

Ryan: No, no, no, Braden hates me, right, so let's leave Greenlee right out of this.

Jonathan: But Braden hates that you always take her side! Braden hates her and he hates that you got out, Ryan! You just don't get to get out of our life, ok? Ryan, Braden says that you don't get the world at your feet anymore! No more! Braden says no more! Braden says that you're going to be punished because Braden says you will never betray us again!

Ryan: Stop it, Jonathan! There is no Braden! It's not Braden! It's not! It's you! It's always been you. It was all you all along. Braden is not after me. You are.

Jonathan: You hate me that much, Ryan, that you would -- you would blame me for everything Braden did?

Ryan: It was all you, Jonathan. The murder game? You put the bullet in my stomach. You shot me. You planted the rifle in Ethan’s locker.

Jonathan: It was Braden's rifle. Ryan, he made me --

Ryan: The poison in Greenlee's drink? That was you. She lost her mind, Jonathan. She could've died. My wife, the woman that I love.

Jonathan: How can you say that, Ryan? I'm -- I'm the one that loves you.

Ryan: Because you left the clues, Jonathan. I finally figured them out. I did. I even had a dream about the -- about the motorcycle gloves. You remember the gloves? Remember the gloves? It was our little secret, you and me? And then Dad found out and I got beat. You said it was Braden. Braden ratted on me. You swore to me it was him. But it was you, wasn't it?

Jonathan: Never. I would never. You were my hero, Ryan. I would never --

Ryan: It's ok. It is. It's ok. You were just a kid. You were a kid and you did what you had to do to get by. You ducked when you could, you pinned it on Braden and me when you couldn't, and that's what we wanted you to do because we could take it, you couldn't. But Dad's gone now, Jonathan. He's gone, and you've done it again. You've pinned it all on Braden.

Jonathan: Do you love Braden more than you love me? You think Braden's going to spare you if you turn on me? You know what, he won't, Ryan. No matter what you say, he wants you dead.

Ryan: And the riddle? The riddle -- "one brother left behind, one brother safe and blind, one brother on the run, three brothers equal none"? That doesn't make any sense coming from Braden. But it makes perfect sense coming from you, Jonathan. And the scrapbook that Braden had? He wasn't ragging on me. He was proud of me for getting out, getting away from Dad. Only you could say that you were left behind. Only you could say that I was safe and blind, Jonathan. Braden got away first. He did exactly what I did. He had no reason to resent me. All of the hate and all the anger came from you.

Jonathan: I took this. I took a knife. I betrayed Braden. Why would I do that if I hate you?

Ryan: Because he hurt you -- Dad. Dad hurt you, Jonathan. He broke you. And it rips my guts out. If I could go back, I would kill him. I swear to God, Jonathan, I would kill him to make you safe and make you ok.

Jonathan: You're lying. You left.

Ryan: "Three brothers equal none." That's me and Braden gone and you being tortured piece by piece by Dad, until there's nothing left. But it's over now. Jonathan? You got me, man. I'm right here, ok? Let me help you. I can help you. I can help you get strong and healthy and ok. Please let me help you.

Jonathan: You're wrong, brother. You're so wrong. You're the crazy one.

Sam: You're both on his side?

Tad: Sammy, it's not a question of being on anybody's side. I loved your father. He was a good man. He didn't deserve to die. Now, we can't change that, but we can nail the person that did it. You give us half a chance, that's exactly what we're going to do.

Aidan: That's why we're here, Sam. You need to let us do our work.

Sam: But if it wasn't him, if it wasn't about my mother, then who killed my father? Why did he die?

Zach: You deserve the truth. And if they won't tell you, I will.

Adam: Money, power -- it's all window-dressing. Doesn't count. But article 3, paragraph 6-D was Edmund's respect for you. It put you right in the middle of his life, what's left of it. Don't you see? He loved you, Brooke.

Brooke: No, he didn't. Not like I loved him. I don't want this. I want him here, alive, with me. I mean, I got the lawyers, I got the papers. Maria got the ring and the kids and -- and the mornings and the evenings, and everything in between. Edmund's gone and he's never coming back. He'll never pick me. He'll never say it was me all along and that it will be me forever. And that was the dream, Adam. That's dead, along with the man I loved, and nothing can change that. No papers, no trusts. Not Edmund's respect.

Adam: I can't bear to see you in this much pain, Brooke. Tell me what to say.

Brooke: Say the last three years never happened. Call me Mrs. Edmund Grey and tell me that my husband is at home waiting for me. Can you do that? Then leave me alone.

Babe: What if this was the one time that he would really follow through on his word and the only reason that Mama would stay locked up in prison would be because of me?

Jamie: You could drive yourself crazy thinking like that.

Babe: But then if you think about it, on the other hand, how could I just hand Colby over to Adam when I wouldn't even wish that on my own child? Isn't that why we're here in the first place? I mean, that's what I thought. I just didn't care what happened to anyone else as long as me and mine were ok.

Jamie: Adam made you an offer -- Colby for Krystal, his child, your mother. This is your call, Babe. Are you going to make it?

David: I'm honored. Even impressed.

Erica: You're welcome.

David: Again, what's in this for you, Erica?

Erica: Adam has as much right to Colby as Bianca had to Miranda, and it was Adam who made sure that that test could be done to prove that Miranda belongs to Bianca. Wish all my exes could be that helpful.

David: Wow. You know, no one ever appeals to my decent side anymore, probably because I don't have one -- except where Babe is concerned. She already nixed the deal, Erica, and I gave her my word.

Erica: Your word? David, come on, that's nothing more than a creative challenge to a man like you.

David: Babe is all I have, Erica. I may be a jerk, but I'm not stupid, and I can't risk it.

Erica: David, all you have to do is you have to be able to just look Babe in the eye and swear to her that you didn't tell a living soul. But what if you had written down Liza’s location somewhere, somewhere private? A journal maybe? And maybe that was left somewhere where someone else could see it. Babe could never blame you. David, you love Babe. You would do anything for her. That is the last shred of humanity in you. Don't lose that, too.

David: What the hell!

[David writes down Liza’s number and leaves it on his desk for Erica to “steal.”]

Erica: Oh, dear. You've had a break-in.

David: That was custom glass.

Erica: Oh, how interesting.

David: For crying out loud. All right, you know, wait a minute. This is ridiculous. No one's going to buy it.

Erica: Well, then we are just going to have to convince them, aren't we? Valuables? Oh. Ooh! Finder's fee. I'd ruin the rug, but I think it's about as bad as it can possibly get.

David: You're really loving this, aren't you?

Erica: I have just made your day, David. As of this moment, I am your absolute best friend in the whole wide world. That's really sad, but true.

David: Whoa! What the hell was that for?

Erica: It was for Miranda. It was all for Miranda.

Brooke: Lemon.

Adam: The vendor was all closed up. I had to make him a very generous offer.

Brooke: This must seem absurd to you -- to hang on, to want someone when they don't want you back.

Adam: You're right. I wouldn't know anything about that.

Brooke: Thanks for the ice.

Zach: Your father died because he was smart. He knew who shot Ryan while everyone else was still scrambling.

Sam: I want to know who killed him.

Aidan: We're close, Sam. We're not there yet.

Tad: You knew what your father was like. He got ahold of something, he never let go. He died doing something very brave.

Sam: When you find that guy, you let me look in his face for my dad.

Aidan: Tad, we can't let him leave like that, not on his own.

Tad: So what?

Aidan: Well, you want the disc or the kid?

Zach: I got this. I hope you don't think I was asking your permission.

Tad: He's right. Come on. Right time, right seat. Whoever sits down is our boy, alias Bill Smith, aka Edmund's killer.

Ryan: You got the gun, Jonathan. Why don't you shoot me? I mean, you've done it twice already.

Jonathan: No, no, no, that was Braden. It was Braden, Ryan.

Ryan: No, it wasn't. If Braden wanted me dead, I would be dead already. But I'm not. I'm breathing. So tell me why. Were you trying to teach me something? The bullets were a message, a lesson? What's the message? Tell me. I'm right here! What is the message?

Jonathan: Maybe the message is that you're not better than us! You're not better than me, you're not better than Braden, you're not even better than Dad! You're just another Lavery screw-up! But, what, somebody throws billions of dollars in your lap and a big company, you marry a stuck-up wife! You think you're so special that you can get away, that you can forget about us? You can't, Ryan! You can't just go away! Braden wants you to remember! He wants you to know that you're not better than us!

Ryan: Braden is not here. This is between you and me, right now.

Jonathan: You think you can make this all go away by pretending he doesn't exist, Ryan? You saw the fingerprints. You saw the notes. You saw the scrapbook! You talked to him on the phone! What about this, Ryan? What about where he stuck me? Braden did this!

Ryan: That was you, Jonathan. It was you. The phone call -- I saw you. You remember? I was there, you were on the computer. Braden hardly said a word. You rigged it somehow. And the bomb at Edmund's funeral?

Kendall: Hockett's loony enough for two people.

Greenlee: But the fingerprints -- how could Jonathan fake those?

Lily: Latex gloves. Page 182, fake fingerprints.

Jonathan: He -- he wants you dead! How can I save you if you don't believe me? You. You. You saw me with Braden at Greenlee's old penthouse! You saw me!

Lily: No, I saw you talking, but there was no one else in there. Where's the other brother? I still don't understand this.

Ryan: He's not here. He's nowhere near here. So Jonathan can say and do whatever he wants and he can pin it all on Braden, just like when we were kids.

Jonathan: You're wrong, Ryan. You're always wrong. Braden's closer than you think, idiot. Idiot! Yeah, I can't do anything to stop him now, Ryan! There's nothing I can do! There's nothing I can say!

Ryan: Braden, come and get me! I'm right here, man! Come on! Come on! Where is he? Hockett, where's our big brother?

Kendall: Oh, God!

Jonathan: See? Braden's got her.

David: Well, look who showed up after all.

Di: They already know. They came and -- I can't hide here if they know.

David: No, no, Di! Di, hold on!

Babe: It's over. No deals, no calls to Adam. Not now, not ever.

Jamie: Sure about that?

Babe: Yep. What's wrong is wrong, no matter how right it feels. This is who I have to be now.

Jamie: Cool.

Babe: Wait. "Cool"? I just say, "Hey, world, I'm a brand-new Babe," and all you have to say is "cool"?

Jamie: Very cool.

Babe: You! You totally held out on me. You made me work for it. Ooh, you knew all along! You're a sneak and a cheater!

Jamie: Hey, I knew you'd make the right choice all along. You just had to do it on your own. Otherwise, you couldn't live with yourself. And another thing -- you're not a brand-new Babe. You're the Babe that I love, now more than ever.

Babe: And you're as conniving as any Chandler -- in a good way.

Erica: Thank you for waiting. Now you can thank me. I just handed you Liza and Colby.

Adam: You got it. How in the devil did --

Erica: We're done.

Adam: Well, no, I think you've forgotten one small detail. We're supposed to make you a TV star again.

Erica: I'll make myself a TV star again, thank you very much. What expect from you is an enormous budget and an Emmy after year one.

Adam: Oh, well, you shall have it, yes. Thank me in your speech?

Erica: In your dreams.

[Erica squeals]

Aidan: Son of a bitch.

Tad: You nailed it.

Aidan: Oh, man.

Tad: It was Jonathan. All along, it was Jonathan.

Aidan: The guy with a psychotic break. The one with a bottle of pills.

Tad: No, the one that wants Ryan and Greenlee dead. Come on.

Ryan: Kendall, you ok?

Kendall: Oh, my God! Oh, God! Ryan --

Lily: If we run, he'll make red.

Ryan: What happened?

Jonathan: Come on, go, go! Go now!

Ryan: Lily, go.

Kendall: Oh, God, Ryan. Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, Ryan --

Jonathan: He doubted you, Braden! You heard him, right? Yeah. Yeah, you did. You hear everything.

Ryan: My God. Braden.

[In a corner of the dark cave, lies Braden's decomposing body.]

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Maria: I know everything, and I was so wrong.

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Ryan: How smart is Braden, Jonathan, huh?

Jonathan: He's smarter than all of us, Ryan.

Ryan: Out! Everybody out!

Jonathan: You run, and I'll push this button, and we'll all die together.

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