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Erica: Oh, Kendall, you could just help me decide on so many things -- my bouquet and just a thousand other details. And, honey, I know that you didn't go home last night. I'm sure that you are off somewhere thinking, and that's good. You just take your time, because I know that you're going to realize that Ethan isn't worthy of you.

[Doorbell rings]

Erica: Ok, please call me just as soon as you get this message. And, Kendall, take care of yourself.

Adam: Oh, Erica, please don't beg me to marry you again. The third time might not be a charm.

Erica: No, it would be hell.

Adam: Which brings me to the point of my visit. Erica, it's payback time.

Palmer: Adam won't know anything about this until the board notifies him that he's out, you're in.

J.R.: Yeah? You think I made it?

Palmer: The vote? That's just -- oh, it's a formality. Oh, I'd like to know why you're so anxious to replace dear old dad.

J.R.: Well, Hayward cut a deal with him, promised Babe more time if he helped him find Liza and Colby.

Palmer: Oh, I tell you, there -- well, there's just no loyalty, is there, even between father and son.

J.R.: Yeah, well, he's going to pay. He's going to pay bigtime for that.

David: Ah, Junior. You're going to bite the hand that feeds you, huh?

J.R.: Why don't you take care of the trash, Hayward -- and not just the trash in the can.

David: Babe? What?

Babe: I thought I knew you. How could I have been so wrong?

Palmer: Gratifying, isn't it? The mighty Dr. Hayward mopping the floors, emptying the trash.

J.R.: Yeah, Haywardís just starting to sink, because I'm going to send him straight to hell.

Maria: Who let you in here? Oh, well, somebody's mistake. Look, I really -- I so don't want to see you right now.

Brooke: I'm afraid you have no choice.

Maria: Well, I'm not going to stand here and listen to another one of your lectures on all my sins and how I turned Edmund into an evil, bitter human being, ok? He's dead. You can't break us up anymore. Go home.

Brooke: Edmund's attorney asked me to come.

Maria: What for?

Brooke: For the reading of Edmund's will.

Ryan: "One brother safe and blind, one brother left behind --"

Braden: "One brother on the run, three brothers equal none."

Ryan: No, Greenlee, don't -- don't drink it, it's poison! Don't drink it!

Braden: You don't have to be blind. Just open your eyes. Open your eyes, Ryan.

Tad: Nothing. Ryan, you think -- Ryan?

Ryan? Where were you just now? You figured it out. You know what the clue means, what Braden wants us to do?

Jonathan: I tried to argue with Braden, but I couldn't save you. He calls the shots.

Greenlee: No, no, Jonathan, this is up to you.

Jonathan: But Braden's right. Look what you tried to do. You tried to get away, Greenlee! You can't be trusted!

Kendall: Listen, that's no reason to kill us.

Jonathan: It's the only way I can protect Ryan.

Greenlee: If you kill us, Ryan will hate you. He'll never forgive you. No matter what you think of me, you know how much Ryan and I love each other. If his favorite brother harmed me --

Kendall: Yeah, like harmed her to death.

Greenlee: Ryan would never get past that. Braden knows that. That's why he won't do it himself. That's why he's making you do this. Don't -- don't Jonathan, don't break Ryan's heart. He cares about you and me so much. Please, please don't do this. If you do it, you can't take it back and Ryan will never forgive you for it.

Ryan: I just had a really -- a really awful dream.

Tad: Well, did it help you make sense of Braden's note?

Ryan: No, I haven't solved it yet.

Tad: Ryan, you're not going squirrely on me again, are you?

Ryan: No, it's just very frustrating, ok, and I'd like to be alone, with no distractions.

Tad: Are you sure? Or is it just that you hit on something you don't feel like sharing?

Ryan: Tad, just back off, all right? I need to try and focus so I can try and solve this.

Tad: Anything you want. Just promise me one thing -- you're not going to go off on some kind of savior trip, ok?

Ryan: I need to concentrate.

Tad: Ryan, I'm sorry. I am. I know how hard this has got to be. When you and Braden and Jonathan were children, everything made sense, because you looked out for one another.

Ryan: We're supposed to protect each other.

Tad: In order to survive. Make no mistake, this is the same thing. This is about survival, only it's not the three of you versus your father. Now, Braden has gone twisted, ok? He is out there trying to kill people. And he's obviously pulling Jonathan's strings. For Greenlee's sake, if you can't save them, you make damn sure you can save yourself.

Greenlee: When the bullets flew, who was Ryan most concerned about? He was wounded, and he wasn't afraid for himself. It was me.

Kendall: Yes, yes, and when she was poisoned --

Greenlee: He freaked. He would walk through fire to save me. I matter more to Ryan than his own life.

Jonathan: But Braden says that's what's the beauty part. That's what makes his new plan so perfect.

Kendall: This -- this is a new plan?

Jonathan: Yes! Because he wanted to hurt Ryan and I saved him! I talked him out of that!

Greenlee: See how persuasive you can be? You can save us.

Jonathan: You know what? It's like you said. Ryan loves you more than his own life, so what would make him suffer more than death?

Greenlee: Being alive after I'm dead?

Jonathan: Yes, yes. He'll have his heart ripped out, but he'll get by.

Greenlee: I've been there. I've lived through it.

Lily: Where's Braden?

Jonathan: You don't need to know that, Lily!

Lily: Is he making you do everything?

Jonathan: Be quiet, Lily.

Lily: You shouldn't have to do this. Why doesn't --

Jonathan: Shut up, Lily!

Lily: It doesn't make any sense. If Braden's the one that wants to hurt Ryan, you shouldn't have to do it unless you want to hurt Ryan, too.

Jonathan: Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

[Lily screams]

Lily: No! No! No!

Greenlee: Ok, can we please calm down?

Kendall: Listen, listen, listen, ok, listen, you want Braden's plan to go smoothly? No complications?

Jonathan: I will make this work, Kendall. I will make it work for Braden and Ryan and me, ok?

Kendall: All right, then let me out. Let me out, ok? This is totally between you and Braden, Ryan and Greenlee, all right? So open the gate and let me go.

Adam: David was right on the brink.

Erica: Hold these.

Adam: He was about to give me Liza and Colbyís exact location when Babe turned on the emotional blackmail.

Erica: Hmm, something more exotic.

Adam: Oh, come -- could you just hold it with the flowers for a minute?

Erica: Adam, are you certain that David knows?

Adam: Yes, Babe and David both know! They're keeping Colby from me the same way they kept Miranda from Bianca. Good grief, Erica. It's thanks to me -- it's thanks to me that you got that DNA test that proved the baby was Biancaís.

Erica: So now it's my turn? A child for a child?

Adam: Yes, we've always seen eye to eye on that.

Erica: That's a grisly thought. Well, I'm not going to beg Babe Carey for anything.

Adam: No, no, she's a waste of time.

Erica: You want me to get this out of David?

Adam: By whatever means necessary.

Erica: Adam, I am planning my wedding to Jack!

Adam: Just talk to Hayward, maybe cozy up a little -- you know, within reason. If anybody can get the info out of David, it's you.

Erica: True.

Adam: Yeah. Stick with the orchids. They're nearly as perfect as you are.

Babe: I know that you weren't squeaky clean, but you drugged all those people, and what you did to Tad and Dixie?

David: Babe, I am not proud of the things that I've done, and if I could take some of them back, I would.

Babe: But how am I supposed to trust you?

David: I love you.

Babe: But you loved Dixie, too. Am I right? How am I supposed to believe a word out of your mouth? My concern is you say that you won't tell Adam about Liza and Colby, but --

David: I promise you I won't.

Babe: And how many promises have you made and broken before?

Joe: You remember, there are only three keys to the ER medicine cabinet at any given time -- yours, the head nurse's, and the attending's.

Anita: Right.

Joe: Mm-hmm. Anita, maybe we need to rethink this, huh? I'd be happy to give you more time off.

Anita: No, no, no, I'm ready.

Joe: Mm-hmm. Your first day back at work since Edmund's death. You're asking a lot of yourself.

Anita: I need this. I just -- I need to focus on other people. Thank you, Dr. Martin. I'm going to be fine, really.

Joe: Ok. Any problems, page me.

Anita: Ok.

J.R.: Anita, would you spare me some time for a quick apology?

Anita: For what?

J.R.: Well, the last time we ran into each other here, I blasted you. I blamed you for allowing Bianca to take Miranda out of the hospital.

Anita: Oh, yeah.

J.R.: Well, look, I'm really sorry about that. I came down on you really hard.

Anita: It's -- it doesn't matter.

J.R.: Look, you know, I'm really sorry about -- about your loss, too. I mean, Edmund was -- he was a great man. And, well, the whole town is going to miss him. Look, you know, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to get you upset. You know what? If you just need to let it go, it's all right, it's all right. Yeah, it's ok.

Maria: The reading of the will is this morning? I completely forgot. Oh, my God. Well, Jackson would have called me to tell me that you were coming.

Brooke: I didn't talk to Jack. I -- I talked --

[Doorbell rings]

Maria: I so don't need this right now. Oh, my God.

Maria: Was I the only one that Jack didn't call? Come in, I -- I guess.

Livia: Jackson's actually in the midst of a family crisis, and he asked me if I would stand in.

Maria: Ok. I don't mean to be rude or anything, but I just -- I must have completely blocked this from my mind.

Livia: This is Lloyd Nutley.

Maria: Edmund's divorce attorney?

Lloyd: That's right.

Livia: He contacted us.

Lloyd: After Mr. Grey filed for divorce, he asked me to draw up a new will.

Maria: Yeah, that was a very difficult time for us, but since we both dropped our divorce petitions, then probably Edmund's old will still stands, right?

Livia: Edmund didn't drop his divorce petition against you.

Maria: Yeah, he did. We were committed to working our marriage out. That's -- he must have told you.

Lloyd: Mr. Grey was going forward with the divorce.

Maria: No, we -- he was the one who decided to give us another chance, we were going to work this out, and he --

Lloyd: Mrs. Grey --

Maria: He was my husband when he died.

Lloyd: Mrs. Grey, after you dropped your suit, I immediately contacted Mr. Grey, and he was emphatic that his action against you continue.

Maria: Ok, I understand that maybe that's the way it was in the beginning, but that's not how it was later, because we decided that we were going to stay together.

Lloyd: Mr. Grey and I addressed the matter just the day before he died. There was no question. He still wanted the divorce.

Ryan: I just woke up feeling like someone kicked me in the gut and another kick was coming.

Tad: Ryan, come on. Are you sure you can't come up with anything about Braden's clue? Was Braden in this dream? You know, was Jonathan?

Ryan: I can't even figure out why Braden wants me dead. Why now? What set him off? Why does he hate me so much? Why would he drag Jonathan into this? Why torture us both? I don't understand. It's not like Braden has anything to gain.

Tad: Not that you can see.

Ryan: It doesn't make any sense.

Tad: Who says it's supposed to? Look, Ryan, Braden's behavior is irrational. It's psychotic, right? Maybe the worst mistake we could make right now is trying to rationalize it.

Ryan: No, it's a game.

Tad: Yeah.

Ryan: It's a game of clues.

Tad: And I got no problem translating the last line of this one, ok? "Three brothers equals zero." Whatever grudge Braden is nursing, it's far too big for you. It spilled over into Jonathan. He's going to do you both and kill himself or let the cops do it for him -- you know, go out in a blaze of glory. The scary part is, after what happened at Edmund's funeral, he obviously doesn't mind taking a whole bunch of innocent people with him.

Kendall: Listen, you kill me and you'll have nothing but trouble.

Jonathan: It's not up to me, ok? It's not --

Kendall: All right, but how many plans does poor Braden have to come up with, ok? I wandered into this. I can just as easily wander out.

Jonathan: What, you'd leave your friends?

Greenlee: Friends? Come on. I'm surprised it took you this long to try and save your own skin.

Kendall: It's every woman for herself now, Greenlee. But Lily should really be allowed to come with me.

Jonathan: No, no! No, you both know too much.

Kendall: No --

Jonathan: Too much. I can't.

Kendall: No, no, listen to me. I would never say anything against you, Jonathan. I mean, I know what would happen to me if I did. And Lily -- I mean, it's not like anyone ever listens to Lily.

Greenlee: I can't stand this. Let her out. Kick her out!

Jonathan: Shut up! That's not in his plan, ok?

Kendall: Listen, listen! Listen, ok. Braden wants Ryan to suffer as much as anyone can suffer, right? All right, well --

Jonathan: Yes.

Kendall: Yes, well, if you snuff me, then Ryan will do the happy dance.

Greenlee: Oh, he's not the only one. The whole town will --

Kendall: Shut up! Shut up! Shut up. Deep down, deep down Ryan hates me, ok? He would be thrilled if my lifeless body turned up. And Lily -- he doesn't even know Lily. So, please, I mean, we just don't figure in, Jonathan, all right? Let us go and kill Greenlee. She's the only one who matters to Ryan.

Adam: Erica, I need you onboard. David has proved he's susceptible to you.

Erica: Adam, my relationship with David -- that was really some time ago.

Adam: Oh, Erica, any man that falls in love with you never falls out.

Erica: Really, Adam?

Adam: Absolutely.

[Erica laughs]

Adam: And now back to David. Some time ago, you and he teamed up to take the starch out of Michael Cambias.

Erica: Well, we did that out of love for Bianca, certainly not out of any kind of a residual attraction for each other.

Adam: Well, maybe you don't have any feelings for him, but --

Erica: No, I do not have any positive feelings for him. I will never forgive him for aligning himself with Babe and Krystal. He betrayed Bianca.

Adam: You can make him believe that all is forgiven and then double-cross him. Won't that be sweet?

Erica: True. And I do believe in your cause. I certainly do. But the thing is, I mean, I would have to expend so much time and so much energy, and I know you will get Colby out of it, but what will I get? I mean, apart from the peace of mind of knowing that I've kept Babe and David from keeping another child from her parent.

Adam: What more would you want?

Erica: Adam, it's time for me to reach out to America again with my own brand-new television show.

David: There is absolutely nothing, nor is there anyone in this world that matters to me as much as you do, Babe. You're my daughter, and I will never do anything to risk our relationship. You can count on that.

Babe: And I want to believe you, but --

David: And you can. I swear to you, I will never, not for any reason, tell Adam where Liza and Colby are. I swear.

Babe: Because if you do, I --

David: I won't. I will not risk losing you. But I will also not stand by and watch Adam and J.R. use your son to hurt you. I swear this to you, as well. I am going to find some way to get your little boy back to you.

J.R.: Oh, I just love that part. "As God is my witness, I'm going to get those wicked Chandlers." Now the golden bedpan award for best performance by a janitor goes to Davey Hayward.

Babe: Get lost, J.R.

J.R.: I'm sorry. I guess that was my mistake. I thought you were a mother who cares. I guess you don't really want to hear about how little Adam sings with me when I put him down to bed at nighttime.

Babe: He does?

J.R.: Yeah. But you're never going to get a chance to witness that.

David: Oh, go ahead, enjoy your full custody while you can, because it's not going to be for long.

J.R.: Yeah, only 18 years. And you're right, time does fly. If you're not with him every minute, you miss so much.

Babe: No, hey, hey. Come here. You cannot fight him.

David: Oh, yes, I can, and I'll win.

Babe: Well, you're in enough trouble as it is, but, hello, you punch him and you're going to definitely go to prison.

David: I am just sick of his smug attitude.

Babe: All the more reason for you to stay in control.

Livia: Maria, we can postpone this if it's easier.

Maria: No, let's just -- let's get it done, over with.

Lloyd: If you'd like to get the children, we can start.

Livia: That won't be necessary. We can fill them in later.

Maria: Go ahead.

Lloyd: "I, Edmund Grey, being of sound mind --"

Maria: Can you go to the specifics, please.

Livia: Would you let me? And if I miss anything, just feel free to step in? Maria, Edmund left all of his moneys and his properties, including Wildwind, to Maddie and Sam.

Maria: Um -- is there -- does he mention me at all in there?

Livia: Yes, he does.

Brooke: Ahem.

Maria: No, you go ahead. Read it, please.

Livia: "To my ex-wife, I give my best wishes. May she be granted conjugal visits with her convicted lover, Zach Slater."

Maria: What did he leave to her?

Livia: "All of my 'Tempo' stock, my library of first editions, my Pulitzer Prize, the rights to all publishing under my authorship." He also made Brooke the executor of his will, as well as the trustee of the children's estate.

Kendall: Good, see, now you're playing it smart. There's no reason for you to get too much blood on your hands. Braden will think you're the greatest.

Jonathan: No. No, no! No, Braden won't like it. He won't like it.

Kendall: No, listen to me. Listen, Jonathan, Braden will be extremely grateful. Ok, I can be a big help from the outside.

Jonathan: No, you know about Braden, you know about me, you know about the plan, about --

Kendall: Plan? Plan? Wait, what plan? Who? Who's Braden? Hi, I don't think we've met. Hi, I'm Kendall.

Greenlee: Please.

Kendall: Just shut up! Go -- go count with Lily. Listen, Jonathan, I'll hide you, ok? I can cover for you guys.

Jonathan: No, you won't. You'll turn us in. You'll turn against us. You'll go to the police.

Kendall: No, I won't, I swear it!

Jonathan: You can't be trusted! You lie, Kendall! You always try to hurt Ryan! You'll ruin this plan I have to save Ryan!

Greenlee: All that effort and all you got was a brown nose. I love it.

Kendall: You're an idiot. You idiot, we're going to die.

Greenlee: Well, at least you couldn't weasel out of it. I'll wave down to you when they give you a pitchfork and an asbestos thong. Tramp.

Kendall: I don't need your crud right now.

Greenlee: Why not? You want to pray, confess your sins? Jonathan, I hope you have a while. This could take weeks.

Kendall: Shut up.

Greenlee: You deserve to die for turning on me and trying to save yourself.

Kendall: I tried to save Lily, too.

Greenlee: Oh, that's so you wouldn't have to face Jack and Erica. "Oh, Greenlee was the target, but, here, I got Lily."

Kendall: No, I was being noble.

Greenlee: "Oh, go ahead and kill Greenlee. Want to be my best friend?" That's being noble? God, you really are Erica's daughter.

Kendall: Don't bring my mother into this!

Greenlee: Hey, Jonathan, you want to see living, breathing jealousy? Take a good long look.

Kendall: No, no, like I could ever be jealous of you or anything that you've got.

Greenlee: Ryan? R-y-a-n? Huh? He didn't want you, so who'd he choose, huh? Me. He couldn't get away from you fast enough.

Kendall: I ought to beat you within an inch of your life and let Jonathan finish the job. You -- you tricked Ryan. You stole him and you tricked him into marrying you!

Jonathan: Hey, guys, that's it. Knock it off, both of you.

Greenlee: You threw yourself at Ryan when he came back to town.

Kendall: No, no, Ryan came after me!

Jonathan: Enough!

Greenlee: No, no, no, he wouldn't have anything to do with you, so what'd you do?

Kendall: Whoa, whoa, whoa, you are so pathetic! You're pathetic!

Greenlee: You couldn't get between us, so you sought revenge. You even slept with Jonathan.

Kendall: I swear to God, I will rip every lank, limp hair out of your little head.

Lily: Stop! Too loud!

Greenlee: You know what? Ryan hates you! I won't even tell you the words that he used to describe you.

Jonathan: Ok, that's it! I'm not joking! Both of you, calm down and get away from each other right now! Hey!

Kendall: We would have been together if you hadn't split us up.

Greenlee: You know what? Ryan never hated you. He pitied you!

Kendall: So you think -- oh, really?

Greenlee: Get off of me! Get off of me!

Ryan: Dad would be proud of Braden. "Nobody gets out alive." That's what he would say. We all end up worm food.

Tad: Well, you're not going to, at least not for a long time anyway. What?

Ryan: Braden's not coming. This is all window dressing.

Tad: You mean like a diversion?

Ryan: Well, that's what I was thinking, but then Iíd be here, what, spinning my wheels and Braden would be where, doing what?

Tad: Who can say? I mean, we know everything's fine in Pine Valley. But with Braden, you can't be sure.

Ryan: Let's get out of here.

Tad: All right. I got to check in with Jamie anyway. He's been calling.

Greenlee: [Muffled] Help! Help me!

Ryan: Did you hear that?

Tad: Hear what?

Greenlee: Help! Get off me!

Jonathan: Hey! Stop it!

Greenlee: Help me!

Kendall: I swear to God --

Greenlee: Help me!

Jonathan: Get off of her!

Kendall: Scream all you want!

Jonathan: Kendall!

Kendall: You lying, cheating slut! No, no!

Jonathan: Stop it, I said! Let go of her! You're choking her, damn it! What's wrong with you?

Tad: Ryan, what did you hear?

Ryan: Greenlee.

Tad: Greenlee? What about her?

Ryan: I got to call her.

Tad: Wait, come on, you're spinning your wheels. We just talked to Jackson. He told us Greenlee's fine. She's with Lily, at her old school, and besides, Aidanís friend Steve is on the job, so they're ok.

Ryan: No, I need to talk to her.

Tad: All right, fine, I'll call the local police for the third time --

[Phone rings]

Tad: See if they'll send an unmarked after we leave in case Braden decides to stop by.

Greenlee's voice: Hi. It's Greenlee. Leave me a message.

[Answering machine beeps]

Greenlee: You can thank me later.

Kendall: More like you can thank me.

Greenlee: What, you're mad? Oh, come on, I didn't mean any of that stuff. It was all an act.

Kendall: Yeah, sure, not all of it.

Greenlee: Kendall, come on, it was. Come on, you can't do that. Oh, God.

Kendall: Lily, Lily, Lily, it's ok.

Greenlee: Lily, Lily, Lily, I know that was scary. I know that was scary, but we had to fake Jonathan out. We had to fake him out.

Kendall: Yes, we did.

Greenlee: Listen, Lily, work with me, ok? Have you tried counting? Come on, let's count. Let's count. 500, 499 -- come on, Lily, please. 498 -- come on -- 498 --

Lily: 498 --

Greenlee: That's good, Lily, that's good. 497 --

Lily: 497 --

Greenlee: 496 --

Lily: 496 --

Lily and Greenlee: 495, 494 --

Maria: Surprise, surprise.

Brooke: Maria, I'm so sorry.

Maria: Oh, congratulations, Brooke. Edmund thought so much of you and he trusted you so much that he left you everything and even my children's future in your capable hands.

Brooke: If I had known that Edmund was doing something like this --

Maria: If you had known -- if you had known -- you planned this. Good God, you -- the second Edmund lost the use of his legs and our marriage was at all shaky, you came slithering right in and went to work.

Brooke: I never tried --

Maria: And Zach hit town and that was perfect, because you figured, oh, now, you could have Edmund and I would just be left to Zach, right?

Brooke: You are so far off.

Maria: Really, so you didn't love Edmund?

Brooke: You know I did.

Maria: Yes, and I didn't hate that he loved me? You did everything you could, Brooke, to destroy my marriage. I will be damned if I'm going to let Edmund reward you for it now. This right here says that I was his ex-wife in this, but we were still married when this happened, so this has got to be illegal. This is not valid.

Lloyd: Mrs. Grey, I understand you're upset, but --

Maria: We can throw this out, can't we? We can declare this invalid?

Lloyd: That document will stand up in court.

Lily: Edmund and Maria were legally married at the time of Edmund's death. That gives us leverage to break the will.

Maria: You guys, we're in the middle of some very important business right now.

Maddie: So we heard.

Maria: Can you go back upstairs for me then, please?

Sam: Well, she can't order us around anymore, can she?

Maddie: Yeah. She's in our house now.

Tad: Ryan, the local police say they'll send a cruiser by every 15 --

Kendall: Good, now just head for the gate.

Lily and Greenlee: 475, 474, 473, 472, 471 --

Greenlee: It's ok, Lily. You can step over him if you want -- 470 --

Lily: 470 --

Greenlee: 469 --

Lily: 469 --

Lily and Greenlee: 468, 467, 466, 465 --

[Kendall screams]

Jonathan: Get back in here now!

Kendall: No, no! Run, run, run, Greenlee, run!

Jonathan: You'll watch her die. You'll hear her scream.

Greenlee: You don't want to do that. You don't want to do that.

Jonathan: You run and she's going to die.

Greenlee: I'm not running, Greenlee, Greenlee --

Jonathan: Shut up!

Greenlee: No! Hey! Put the gun down, ok? I'm not going anywhere.

Kendall: Great. You should have gotten Lily out.

Jonathan: You shouldn't have played me, Greenlee. You definitely shouldn't have hurt me.

Greenlee: That was just a preview, Jonathan. Braden's going to do worse. God, you think you're just going to sail off into the sunset after this? No. Braden's using you to do his dirty work, because you're expendable.

Jonathan: You don't know what you're talking about.

Greenlee: He's going to turn you into the cops or he's going to kill you himself.

Jonathan: You're wrong. You're dead wrong.

Greenlee: You know what? If Braden told you to kill yourself, you know what you'd say? "Where do you want me to aim?" God, I thought you were crazy, but you're just plain old-fashioned stupid.

Tad: You know what? Just once, we might want to work out a signal, you know, like "Tad, I'm coming in, so don't blow my head off."

Aidan: Yeah, yeah, we should. Yeah, that's really going to work.

Tad: What do you want, you know? Braden never showed up.

Aidan: Well, where's Ryan?

Tad: Well, that's just it. He's gone. He started acting all squirrely and said he had to call Greenlee and then disappeared. Why, you've got more good news?

Aidan: No, something turned up while I was tracking down the meds in Braden's stuff.

Tad: How bad is it?

Aidan: Bad enough that you might want to sit down.

Erica: "New Beginnings" will be more than a television show.

Adam: It'll be brilliant self-promotion.

Erica: Adam, I am offering the women of America hope, hope and guidance. I observe that so many women feel that they are trapped in relationships and lives that they can neither change nor escape.

Adam: Before you're done, women all over the world will be gluing tiny plastic Ericas to their dashboards.

Erica: Don't do that, Adam. Don't be so cynical, because at some time or other, all of us yearn for a new beginning, all of us want to claim what we deserve.

Adam: In my case, my daughter, Colby.

Erica: Yes. So you do see. "New Beginnings" is going to be a combination reality interview show. Occasionally, I'm going to throw in a panel of experts in a certain field wherever our audience needs guidance, and, of course, I am an expert in quite a few things myself.

Adam: Yes, marriage, for example.

Erica: Well, yes. I mean, nobody's had the on-the-job training that I have. I'll match my knowledge of marriage against Dr. Phil's anytime.

Adam: Oh, you've got him there.

Erica: So you regained control of WRCW when Liza went on the lam.

Adam: I'll be glad to scratch your itch for network domination.

Erica: If I scratch Colbyís location out of David.

Adam: Do we have a deal?

Erica: To keep the baby-nappers from winning again and a brand-new TV show? David Hayward, watch out.

David: Don't I seem calm? Collected?

Babe: Yeah, and if I turn my back for a second, you'd rip his head off.

David: Well, I said I was calm, not dead.

Babe: Well, don't. Hey, he is really not worth it.

David: Thanks for caring. Look, I better get back to the old salt mine. I'll call you later, all right? Maybe we'll go to dinner?

Babe: That'll be fun.

David: Good.

Babe: Ok.

J.R.: What's with the long break? This job too much for you?

David: Oh, I think I can handle it.

J.R.: Hey! Watch it!

David: So sorry. It was an accident.

J.R.: Well, focus. You know what it's like to be garbage. Just treat it as an equal.

Babe: J.R., how about you leave David alone? He wasn't even doing anything.

J.R.: For your information, Babe, I actually care about how this hospital's run, and having an ex-surgeon hanging around's bad for morale.

Babe: You're such a cold mean pig! Why don't you leave us alone?

David: Babe, Babe --

Joe: Stop it. You've got some explaining to do, David. I still don't get it. Two bottles of highly addictive pain reliever, both from the ER medical cabinet.

David: I have never seen those bottles before.

Joe: You're no longer on staff, David. You've had your medical license pulled. Now, you know that cabinet is strictly off limits.

David: And how could I have done it, Joe? You think I grabbed those while a nurse's back was turned? You do keep the cabinet locked, don't you?

Babe: Daddy, what's that?

David: All J.R. needs to frame me.

Joe: You didn't steal this key in order to get at these?

David: Oh, come on, don't be ridiculous, Joe. And why would I?

J.R.: Does anyone know the street value on those? That's all right, I'll call the police.

Adam: The element of surprise could work in your favor. Manage to throw yourself in David's path.

Erica: Please don't waste my time.

Adam: Oh, absolutely, of course, you're right. I bow to your superior knowledge and talent.

Erica: Thank you. I already have a very different plan of my own in the works. I certainly know how to arrange things to get what I want. Ooh, nice catch. So, this means that you are going to be the next person to get married. Have you chosen your latest matrimonial victim yet?

Maddie: Oh, we heard you're in charge of us now.

Maria: Well, whatever you heard is wrong, because there's just been a little bit of confusion, and we're going to straighten it out, Livia and I.

Sam: Dad made it pretty straight.

Maddie: Yeah. He didn't trust her. He wanted you to take care of us.

Maria: You are my children.

Sam: Brooke, Dad wanted it this way.

Maddie: Tell her to get out of our house.

Tad: Are you absolutely sure about this?

Aidan: Records don't lie.

Tad: Ok. We need to find Ryan.

Jonathan: You kept getting in my way. You kept tripping me up. All of you, all of you did. You never wanted me to have anything. Success in my job --

Greenlee: Nepotism. You were a pity hire.

Kendall: For once I'm with him -- shut up.

Jonathan: You never wanted me to have Maggie.

Greenlee: You hurt her.

Kendall: Shush.

Jonathan: You never wanted me to have my brothers, either. You can't stop us. I'll help them. I will do exactly what Braden says to save Ryan.

Greenlee: You kill us, you end up with nothing.

Lily: He can't kill us.

Jonathan: What? Well, shut up! Why can't I kill you! Tell me why I can't kill you!

Lily: Because you don't have the shovel.

Kendall: Shovel?

Greenlee: What are you talking about?

Lily: He doesn't have the shovel he used to kill the man who got out of the wheelchair.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Babe: What can I do to get you to stop hurting us?

Erica: I can be Babe's savior and I can be your new best friend.

Maria: I really don't need you to handle my kids for me.

Brooke: I'm afraid you do.

Ethan: What do you know about Kendall that I don't?

Jonathan: You're saying I'm a disappointment, Kendall? Is that what you think?

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