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Maria: I haven't seen you in a while.

Aidan: Yeah, I'm knee deep in this Braden Lavery case with Tad and Ryan.

Maria: Are you here on the clock?

Aidan: No, of course not. I came to see how you're doing.

Maria: I'm still standing.

Aidan: Is there anything I can do?

Maria: Yeah. You can tell me the truth about my husband.

Zachís voice: Help me get him out of here. Now!

Zach: Hey! You going to let me die? Go ahead, walk away. No one would ever know. A true Cambias would do it.

Erica: Zach definitely did not kill Edmund. Lily has proven that. She's proven that beyond a shadow of a doubt. Kendall is so smart. I mean, she's come so far. Why can't she just open her eyes and see that Ethan is lying?

Myrtle: Darling, the girl is in love. And she's stubborn, just like her mother.

Erica: I just wish I could ground her. I wish I could ground Kendall until Ethan is imprisoned for perjury.

Myrtle: You know, darling, that reminds me of when Mona wanted to put you in your room and lock you in there for the duration. Sweetheart, much as you want to, you will not stop her from loving.

Erica: Myrtle, this thing between her and Ethan -- this is not love.

[Knock on door]

Erica: Oh. Excuse me.

Ethan: Where's Kendall? What have you done with her?

Kendall: This is ridiculous, you guys. What are we waiting for here? Let's work on some kind of escape before Jonathan gets back.

Greenlee: Well, if we're lucky, Jonathan's on the phone with Ryan right now.

Kendall: You're as delusional as Jonathan.

[Greenlee grunts]

Greenlee: Well, maybe he's delusional enough to tell him that he snatched us, hoping for a stroke from Ryan for fooling Braden.

Kendall: Yeah, well, smack down's more like it. Whatever the case may be, I don't care. I have no problem blowing Jonathan's plan straight to the roof. In the meantime, we just -- we have to find a way out.

Lily: There isn't one.

Greenlee: What do you think Lily and I were doing before you popped in here?

Kendall: Well, you didn't get very far.

Greenlee: You're so smart. Click your heels and get us out of here.

Ryan: Hockett, where are you? Are you all right?

Jonathan: I'm fine.

Ryan: Where's Braden? Is he with you?

Jonathan: I -- I don't know exactly. Listen, Ryan, I have a plan, ok, and I think it's going to work. I'm going to stop him, and Iíll save you.

Ryan: What? What kind of plan, Jonathan? You almost died once. Next time --

Jonathan: No. No, listen, it won't happen. It won't happen. It's a good plan, ok? Greenlee even told me that you'd be proud of me.

Ryan: Greenlee? You spoke to Greenlee? What did she say? When did you speak to her? Hockett, what plan, and what does it have to do with Greenlee?

Jonathan: I'll tell you. I've got Braden thinking I'm on his side, ok? But now all I have to do is get him to leave you alone. And Greenlee's totally backing my play on this. She said that if --

Ryan: You told Greenlee this at Fusion?

Jonathan: The only way to beat Braden is to stay ahead of him, right? I don't want to get stabbed again.

Ryan: Which is exactly what could happen, or worse.

Jonathan: It's a joke, Ryan. It was a joke, ok? I can take care of myself.

Ryan: I know -- I know that you want to help, all right? But you got to stay away from Braden. He's just way too dangerous.

Jonathan: I got through to him, Ryan.

Ryan: Go to the cops. Or go to Jackson.

Jonathan: What? Jackson? Jackson hates me.

Ryan: Yeah, but he'll know what to do.

Jonathan: But I can take care of myself --

Ryan: I know you can, all right? But if Braden figures out what you're up to, you will be the next target.

Jonathan: So -- so, what, I try to help again, but I'm still -- I'm still the screw-up little brother?

Ryan: No, no, but if you want to help, just stay away from Braden. Go someplace safe so that I don't have to worry about you.

Jonathan: What? What is this, man? Women and children first? What am I, a kid? I don't need protecting!

Ryan: Well, you already have a knife wound in the stomach.

Jonathan: And I'm not a coward either, ok? I'm not going to go hide. I won't go to the police. I'm in this with you to the end. Don't you tell me to play it safe, because you're putting your neck out there!

Ryan: Take it easy. All right? Fine. Maybe there is a way that you can help.

Jonathan: No, no. I know how I can help, ok? Now you listen to me.

Greenlee: Tried that. Don't. She hates it. Won't work, anyway.

Kendall: Sorry. How do we even know that we can believe Jonathan is on Ryan's side? He's been Braden's puppet for months. He's done everything but squeeze the trigger and the juice for your drugs.

Greenlee: I don't believe Jonathan. I'm just humoring him.

Kendall: Yeah, well, humor me. Let's just get the hell out of here. Besides, even if Jonathan wants to stand up to Braden, he doesn't stand a chance. He's got zero spine.

Lily: He couldn't stand without a spine.

Greenlee: Kendall means he's a coward.

Kendall: Yeah, a coward with a freaky way of showing how much he loves one big brother more than the other.

Lily: Reggie makes sure there's no red ketchup around because he loves me. I don't understand why Jonathan would be doing this because he loves Ryan.

Greenlee: Oh, I don't really get it, either.

Kendall: And that's because he's flipping twisted. This is absolutely ridiculous. I am so not into this stupid damsel-in-distress thing. I'm not going to sit and wait for Ryan to ride to the rescue, either.

Greenlee: Yeah, well, he'd be here already, but he probably thinks that Lily and I are at her old school.

Lily: Jonathan made Greenlee say that to our father over the phone.

Kendall: You humored Jonathan?

Greenlee: Yes, I humor people with guns. Ryan's with Tad and Aidan right now playing Braden's stupid game.

Lily: Aidan isn't my boyfriend anymore, but I still get fluttery feelings when I'm around him, and Erica says that's normal and that they'll go away, but she didn't say how much time it takes. You know how much time it takes?

Kendall: Well, sometimes it feels like forever, or sometimes a pint of ice cream does the trick.

Lily: Is that how you got over your last boyfriend?

Kendall: Well, it helps to have a new man in your life.

Lily: I don't know how to find a new boyfriend.

Kendall: Well, you can always use Greenlee's approach and steal someone else's.

Lily: Stealing is wrong.

Greenlee: You can't steal someone's boyfriend if he doesn't want to be stolen.

Lily: I don't steal.

Greenlee: But you could always shop. Nothing like a new pair of stilettos to ease the pain.

Lily: I don't like high heels. What if I don't get over Aidan?

Greenlee: How about Kendall and I figure out a better answer and you figure out how to get out of here?

Lily: Ok. I am a pretty good problem solver.

Kendall: Oh. Poor kid. She is so not of this world. No wonder she fell for that lie about Zach being innocent.

Greenlee: You heard her. She can't lie or she can't steal. She's telling the truth about what she saw, so why don't you just get up to speed? Ethan's the one who's lying.

Erica: As you can see, Kendall isn't here, so you're free to leave.

Ethan: Thank you, but if it's all the same with you, I will stay until I get my answer.

Erica: He's so polite, isn't he? All charm and manners except when he's trying to steal my investors from New Beginnings.

Myrtle: Why on earth would he do that?

Ethan: I warned you not to get between Kendall and me.

Erica: He warned me.

[Myrtle laughs]

Myrtle: As if you'd listen.

Erica: He's nothing more than a nuisance anyway, you know that, Myrtle, because I always knew that Artie was the weak link. And once he convinced Artie to pull his investments, I simply rallied my other principals. So my company has never been stronger. Fun's over.

Ethan: Just tell me where Kendall is. Please.

Erica: Well, isn't she at home or at Fusion?

Ethan: No. And with all due respect, don't put me off, Erica, ok? I know that you got to her, you convinced her to turn against me, and you shut her away somewhere, so why don't you just tell me where she is, now.

Zachís voice: Now work's over.

Maria: Yeah? Ah! Wait a minute -- where are you taking me? What are you doing? Put me down!

Zach: I got plans for you.

Maria: I'm not painting this house.

[Maria laughs]

Maria: You can't make me do it!

Mariaís voice: Whatever you want to do to me, I am yours, as long as I can see it in your eyes.

Maria: Am I mourning a man who loved me or one who hated me?

Aidan: There was definitely something going on with Edmund. All right, the man was obsessed with one thing, one thing only, and that was to take down Zach.

Maria: Because of me.

Aidan: You know, maybe if he wasn't in a wheelchair, things would have played out differently.

Maria: Yeah, but he knew that that didn't matter. I told him so many times the wheelchair didn't matter to me.

Aidan: He knew you had feelings for Zach, Maria.

Maria: I didn't sleep with Zach -- not since he came to Pine Valley. I didn't --

Aidan: But you kept his secrets, more than once. I mean, the way Edmund saw it is you chose Zach over him every time.

Maria: Do you think -- do you think Edmund could walk?

Aidan: I don't know. I mean, Edmund had secrets. Maybe -- maybe walking was one of them.

Maria: Oh -- why? I -- all he dreamt about was walking. He wanted to go skiing with Sam, and he wanted to -- why would he keep those kind of secrets?

Aidan: Maybe as something he could use?

Maria: Against Zach?

Aidan: Or you.

Maria: But if he was that -- if he was that angry at me, Aidan, how did I miss that? I know you know something else. What else? What other secrets was my husband keeping from me? Please, Aidan, please.

Aidan: Edmund -- he paid Bobby to say that Zach was behind Ryan's shooting.

Maria: No, he didn't, because I asked him, and he swore to me that he didn't.

Aidan: But he did. He wouldn't tell me how much, but my guess is about a million.

Maria: Oh, my God. What? To do -- to lie or to tell the truth?

Aidan: It wasn't a total lie. Bobby saw who shot Ryan. It just wasn't one of Zachís people.

Maria: That's Erica's theory and I know she's spreading it around.

Aidan: Well, it's more than a theory. Braden Lavery shot Ryan. And Tad, Ryan, and I think that Edmund got too close to the truth, so Braden killed him. Now, if we're right, then Zachís innocent of all charges against him, including Edmund's murder.

Kendall: Any luck?

Greenlee: Just bugs.

Lily: Ants. Did you know all the ants on the earth weigh more than all the people on the earth?

Kendall: That would be a no.

Lily: Every problem has a solution.

Greenlee: Is it warm in here?

Kendall: Are you kidding me? No, it's freezing.

Greenlee: Maybe the longer that Jonathan's gone, the better.

Kendall: Is he giving Ryan directions?

Greenlee: Like your man's on the radar.

Kendall: Ok -- you don't look so good. Ooh, oh, ooh -- you're clammy.

Greenlee: You know what? This cave is too small for your mouth.

Kendall: You're claustrophobic.

Greenlee: Yeah, well, being stuck in a mineshaft will do that to you. See, that hole was so dark, it was so quiet, and the walls -- I can't do this again.

Kendall: Ok, listen -- listen to me. All right, listen, we've got some air, we've got some air, we've got a little bit of light, ok, and you're not alone.

Greenlee: I'll try to hold on to that.

Kendall: All right, listen, can I do anything?

Greenlee: Get me out of here.

Kendall: All right, Lily -- Lily, how's it coming?

Lily: Lots of metamorphic rock.

Kendall: Ok, second choice?

Greenlee: Tell me it could be worse. I could be, like, in that MRI machine again. Thank God for Ryan. He talked to me, played with my toes.

Kendall: Ok, listen, listen, I'll talk to you. I'm here, ok, I'll talk to you. I'm not going to touch your toes, but I will talk to you. Sit down. Come on, sit down. Let's just try this, ok? Now, listen, you just close your eyes.

Greenlee: You're not going to pull anything, are you?

Kendall: There's nowhere to run, ok? Now -- ok? Now, try this -- it's a beautiful summer day, and you're sitting on the veranda of an exquisite Victorian house.

Greenlee: Too gingerbready.

Kendall: Ok. A rambling, beautiful house. And you look out across the lake -- a private lake, fully stocked, just like the bar. And you're rocking on a beautiful Brentwood rocker. And Ryan is stretched out at your feet, little beads of sweat on his chest from his run. There's a breeze -- nice, cool breeze. And on your lap, a perfect pink and white baby girl with humongous eyes.

Greenlee: A baby? Out of your mouth? You totally freaked --

Kendall: I'm over it, I'm over it, all right? Shut up and close your eyes. Come on. Ahem. Ok. So, you've got little Greensleeves bouncing on your lap, and she's got her little fingers wrapped around yours, and you and Ryan are trying to tell her a little story. She tries to stay awake to hear the end of the story, but she slowly closes her eyes. And you and Ryan look at each other and you smile.

Jonathan: So that Braden could be certain without a doubt that nobody, nobody could tie him to killing Grey, especially that little autistic kid.

Ryan: God, Jonathan, no. Absolutely not. Forget you even thought of that, all right? You leave Greenlee and Lily safe where they are.

Jonathan: Ok.

Ryan: Now, did Braden say where he was going next?

Jonathan: No.

Ryan: Nothing? Not even a hint?

Jonathan: I told you, he just took off.

Ryan: He just left without even, like, giving you an idea, I mean, considering you two were so close? Ok, fine. Look, I have a new clue, all right, and I'm stumped.

Jonathan: Lay it on me.

Ryan: "One brother safe and blind, one brother left behind. One brother on the run, three brothers equal none." What does it mean?

Jonathan: Three brothers -- us.

Ryan: Yes, I got that, but, I mean, "equal none"? I hate to break it to you, but I think Braden is planning on offing you, me, and himself.

Jonathan: No, that can't be right. No, no, Ryan, we -- we always stuck together. That's the way it's always been. And why can't it be like it was?

Ryan: Because it's different now, ok? It's just going to be you and me, but we're going to make it right. You have to tell me, did Braden say he's going to come back there and meet you? Is he or not? Which is it?

Jonathan: Braden said he'd come find me.

Ryan: Well, then you tell me where you are, all right? We do this as a team. We do it together. Hockett, tell me where you are!

Jonathan: I can't do this.

Ryan: Yes, you can.

Jonathan: No, I can't, because -- because what if this is what Braden wants, huh? I tell you where I am, you come to me -- it's a trap! I'm not going to be responsible for getting you hurt, Ryan!

Ryan: I am willing to risk it.

Jonathan: I'm not, ok? I love you --

Ryan: Nobody is going to get hurt. No one is going to get hurt. I swear to it, ok? You just got to help me here. We're so close to ending this. You got to trust me.

Jonathan: I can't. No, it's too dangerous.

Ryan: Would you please let me decide what is too dangerous?

Jonathan: Why? Why, because you're smarter than I am?

Ryan: No, not -- no.

Jonathan: What, you think I need you making decisions for me, because I don't have an MBA? Listen, Ryan, I'm not stupid!

Ryan: I know you're not, ok? You've helped me so much already. Jonathan, please, all right? We're so close to ending this. You just got to stay with me. We're both trying to deal right now because Braden's gone bad. I mean, he used to protect us, and now he's into knives and guns and bombs and all that kind of stuff. He's capable of anything, and he's locked on to us, all right? We cannot win this unless we work together.

Braden: Hang up the phone. Hang it up.

Ryan: Jonathan?

[Dial tone]

Ryan: Jonathan?

Kendall: Lily really gets into it.

Greenlee: Yeah. I'm sorry about before. I was a total bitch.

Kendall: Yeah, well, you couldn't help yourself. Besides, I've seen worse.

Greenlee: Every time you look in the mirror?

Kendall: I'm glad you're ok.

Greenlee: Well, I'd feel even better if you kicked Ethan to the curb, but since that's not going to happen --

Kendall: You'll shut up?

Greenlee: Maybe I was wrong to try and break the two of you up.

Kendall: "Maybe"?

Greenlee: Ethan's your business, but you were wrong, too. You thought I didn't want you to be happy. Not true.

Kendall: Well, then why are you so busy slamming on Ethan?

Greenlee: His vibe. He's got this too-good-to-be-true show going on. He's a liar.

Kendall: Well, I thought you were going to leave this alone.

Greenlee: I'll try -- right after I say this. You've been slammed a lot -- Ryan and me, the short list. I want you to find what we found, and I don't want Ethan to hurt you again.

Lily: I did it! I found a way out!

Maria: Why would Ethan lie about something so huge as -- as he swore that he saw his father commit murder?

Aidan: I'll tell you what Ethan saw -- that was a chance to nail Zach. That's it.

Maria: Do you think that Edmund hated Zach more than he loved me? I mean, all of his talk about us and everything -- do you really think that he was going to divorce me?

Aidan: I don't know. I don't know.

Maria: No, no, I know you know something. Come on, Aidan, please? I know you talked to Edmund. Did he say anything to you? Did he tell you that he loved me?

Aidan: He didn't want to lose.

Maria: Lose what? I chose him to be in my life. I chose -- he knew that!

Aidan: But Zach would always be hanging around, and he didn't want to share. It's the same as losing to him. The only way that he could win was to make sure that Zach couldn't have you.

Maria: He told me that he loved me. He did. He -- even the day that he died, we had plans, we had a future.

Aidan: Remember when me and you were dating? Remember how desperate Edmund was to get you back?

Maria: That was -- come on, that was totally different because I didn't even remember him. I didn't know who I was.

Aidan: He drugged you, and he forced you to remember. He locked you up in that room. He went to -- it was a bit of an extreme, but he did that all because he loved you so much.

Maria: And now?

Aidan: I don't know. Over the last two, three months, he wasn't right. He was -- there was something different about him. I don't know whether it was because of you and Zach or the wheelchair.

[Aidan sighs]

Aidan: He just -- he was just really angry. I'm sorry. I didn't come around here to -- to make you worse. I wanted to make you feel better.

Maria: No, I know. Excuse me one sec, ok?

Aidan: Maria, wait --

Maria: No, no, you know what? I just need to -- I just need to get some air. Ok?

Erica: This is marvelous -- Kendall doesn't want you to find her.

Ethan: "Marvelous"? Erica, something could have happened to her.

Erica: A massage, body wrap, she comes to her senses and realizes that she is so much better without you.

Ethan: Erica, Kendallís not going to spa me out of her life. We love each other.

Erica: You swore on that love. And once the enormity of your lie fully hits her --

[Phone rings]

Erica: Excuse me. Hello? Oh, Jack, hi! I was hoping it was you.

Ethan: Mrs. Fargate. I love Kendall, more than I've ever loved any woman, and I would never hurt her. You must believe me.

Myrtle: Ethan, I have seen your love. When we thought we'd lost Bianca, I saw how you never left Kendallís side, how tender, how kind and gentle you were with her, everything that she needed, and I really -- I really hoped that she had found a love that would last her a lifetime. But this -- this lie of yours --

Ethan: Mrs. Fargate, I did not lie about Slater.

Myrtle: You did. I know that as well as I see you sitting there. Listen, I like Zach, and I used to like you. But, honey, this lie is going to blow up in your handsome face.

Mariaís voice: You wanted me to believe my husband was the monster. You said everything you could to make it sound like my husband was the evil one. But that's not him, that's you. Kendall knows it, Ethan -- everyone knows that. The only thing that Edmund ever did wrong was to love me, because I believed you. I believed you -- oh, my God. It should have been you. It should have been -- I wish to God you were dead.

Maria: Did you come to -- to see me?

Zach: No. I came to see this.

Maria: The horrible memories.

Zach: Before all that. When I first came to town, this is where I saw you -- right in there with your saddle and soap. And you told me I shouldn't be part of your life, shouldn't be part of Mariaís life. I wouldn't listen, you know. I just kept pushing and pushing because I wanted Maureen back. And no one was going to stop me, not even you. I know I hurt you, Edmund's dead, and maybe if Iíd accepted that the woman I loved was gone that wouldn't have happened. Maureen is just a memory now.

Maria: Where is this coming from? Because I believed Ethan instead of you?

Erica: You're still here?

Myrtle: Any news, darling? Have they caught Braden Lavery yet?

Erica: No. Happy? Happy, Ethan? No Braden. You won't be exposed as the liar you are, not yet.

Ethan: Now, listen, I want Braden caught as much as the next man, but his crimes don't include murdering Edmund Grey.

Erica: It's extraordinary, really -- the conviction, the ease with which those lies just come out of your mouth. Honestly, I mean, if I didn't know better, Iíd believe you.

Ethan: Well, Kendall believes me and loves me, and to be quite honest, that's all I care about.

Erica: Well, you two are attracted for all the wrong reasons -- two bad fathers and too many lonely nights. Oh, that might push some passion buttons, but that's not love, and that doesn't hold people together.

Ethan: Kendall and I have held up against all kinds of attacks already.

Erica: When your lie about Zach is exposed and that puts you behind bars, don't expect Kendall to come running to bail you out, not this time.

Sam: Aidan? What are you doing here?

Aidan: I just popped over to see you mum, but she just stepped out for a walk.

Sam: Whatever.

Aidan: I heard you slammed your mum at the funeral.

Sam: Yeah, well, she deserved it.

Aidan: You know, your mum is a very amazing lady, and she loves you and Maddie very much.

Sam: Hey, Anita says that you know Lily Montgomery? Well, I tried to call her, but her brother said she wasn't in, and he wouldn't take my number or a message. Are guys off limits?

Aidan: I mean, Lily needs friends. They just have to be a certain --

Sam: Well, just tell me what the deal is with the autistic thing. Does that mean she can't date?

Aidan: Lily's kind of different from other girls. She's very sensitive, she's very fragile, and she can be very easily hurt.

Sam: Well, who said I would hurt her?

Aidan: Just -- I think maybe you should let go of it, that's all.

[Sam scoffs]

Sam: Like I take orders from you?

Greenlee: Ooh -- I'm going to need a new manicure.

Lily: This is fun!

Kendall: Oh, yeah, it is! Whoo-hoo!

Greenlee: I knew you'd find a way out of here!

Lily: I found another way, too, but it would take us at least 17 hours to get out.

Kendall: A lock -- every single combination?

Lily: The chances of getting the combination right on the first try was one in 64,000.

Greenlee: Oh, good luck.

Lily: I didn't want to wait 17 hours -- I was too hungry -- so the big rock just came loose, and I just started hitting away at it.

Kendall: Oh, yes, you are a genius. You are a genius!

[Kendall grunts]

Kendall: Yes. Oh. Well, this -- this looks big enough to me.

Lily: The width is about 9 1/2 inches, height about 3 feet.

Greenlee: After you.

Lily: Because you'll definitely fit.

Kendall: Oh, all right. Try to keep up.

Ryan: Come on, Jonathan, pick up! God! "One brother safe and blind."

Jonathan's voice: You don't understand. You got out. You were safe.

Ryan: "One brother left behind."

Jonathan's voice: You don't understand. You left me behind, alone with Dad.

Ryan: "One brother on the run."

Braden's voice: You don't understand. I can't go to jail. I've got to get away. I've got to run.

Ryan: "Three brothers equal none."

Ryan: What are you trying to tell me, Braden? Where do you want me to go? Where?

Braden: Did you think you could double-cross me? I wouldn't find out?

Jonathan: Braden, you don't --

Braden: Shut up. Maybe Ryan was right. Maybe I'm going to have to get rid of you, too. I still don't get it. It's called "walking the dog."

Jonathan: Cool! Teach me.

Braden: It's a cinch. I'll show you. All you got to do is --

[Door opens and closes]

[Braden drops yo-yo]

Ryan: Braden, get the yo-yo. Get it! Hide it!

Mr. Lavery: I'm starving! I hope there's some chow on the table! Where's your mother?

Braden: I don't know.

Mr. Lavery: What's behind your back?

Braden: Nothing.

Mr. Lavery: You want me to guess, or you going to show me?

Braden: It's just a yo-yo.

Mr. Lavery: Stupid. Stupid! How many times did I tell you not to play with toys in the kitchen, huh? You could break something!

Braden: I was careful!

Mr. Lavery: "Careful." How were you careful, like this? Huh? Is this how you were careful? I got screwups for sons! Now, clean that up before your mother sees it! Dimwits, crybabies!

Ryan: Stop it. Leave them alone. They're just kids.

Mr. Lavery: You missed a piece, moron. What are you going to do, cry now, huh? You little whiny puke!

Ryan: Stop it. I can see you for what you are. You stop it. I am not blind. I'm not blind.

Mr. Lavery: Come here. Eat this, huh, you little weakling. Maybe you can grow some muscles.

Jonathan: I won't eat rat poison, I won't!

Mr. Lavery: Eat it!

Jonathan: Ryan? Ryan!

Ryan: I'm right here, Hockett. I'm right here. It's ok.

Mr. Lavery: Oh, this is a waste. Gail, drag your lazy butt in here!

Greenlee: I'm coming, already!

Ryan: No. Oh, God.

Braden: You're such a screwup. I trusted you. You disappointed me -- again.

Jonathan: You have it all wrong. I did exactly what you wanted. I got Lily Montgomery, but you know what? I did better. I got Greenlee and Kendall Hart, too -- three for one. I want you to be proud of me!

Braden: Then stop running to Ryan! What's with that?

Jonathan: I'm sorry. I made a mistake. I won't do it again!

Braden: What am I supposed to do with three mewling women?

Jonathan: Ryan loves Greenlee more than anyone in the world. Tell him you have her. He'll freak out. He'll do whatever you want. Braden, you have total control. All you have to do is tell Ryan you have Greenlee.

Zach: Yeah, when you believed Ethan, that was the final proof for me, yeah. Maureen was gone. Because you know what? If Iíd walked into the casita and told you that I was accused of killing a man who couldn't defend himself, you wouldn't have believed it.

Maria: Zach, I would --

Zach: Maureen would have stood by me.

Maria: But I don't --

Zach: And I -- it's ok. I didn't come here to blame you. I didn't come here to blame Maria. I came here to say good-bye to Maureen.

Maria: Wait, wait, wait. Please tell me that you understand why I believed Ethan. I loved Edmund, I was committed to Edmund, I had to stand by it.

Zach: Can we not do this again? It's too hard. And you know what? I understand why you made your decision. It's the only decision Maria could make. It's time I made mine.

Erica: You may think you know Kendall. But when she finds out that you played her for a fool, it's over.

Ethan: I won't hurt her.

Erica: You already have. Oh, and I'm sure that you'll apologize. I'm sure you'll beg for her forgiveness. I'm sure that you'll buy her jewelry or a small country. But Kendallís love can't be bought. A betrayal this huge? It's over. In this respect, Kendall is her mother's daughter. She knows how to hold a grudge. You lose Kendall -- and you will -- you will never get her back.

Greenlee (as Mrs. Lavery): What happened? It was a wedding present.

Mr. Lavery: Your brats, as usual.

Ryan: He's lying. He did it.

Greenlee: What am I going to do with you?

Braden: We're sorry, Mom.

Greenlee: Hmm. Well, at least we have Ryan. We can always be proud of him.

Mr. Lavery: Huh -- "proud" nothing. He's a loser just like those two. I swear to God, that better be a girl, because if it's another boy, it's going straight to the pound.

Greenlee: Feels different this time, like sugar and spice. You like the name Erin?

Mr. Lavery: As long as it's not Ryan, Braden, or Jonathan, I'm fine with it. Hold on. You know what the doctor said. You need your vitamin C.

[Mr. Lavery adds orange juice to his wife's alcoholic drink.]

Ryan: No, don't -- don't drink it! It's poison, don't drink it!

Braden: You don't have to be blind. Just open your eyes! Open your eyes, Ryan!

Ryan: Oh, my God.

Greenlee: How'd you get yourself stuck?

Kendall: Why don't you ask Lily about the height and the width, blah, blah, blah?

Greenlee: Just leave her alone!

Lily: It's not a perfect shape.

Kendall: Ok, you guys, if we don't hurry up, Jonathan is going to throw us a going-away party.

Lily: Now is a bad time to have a meltdown. Maybe you should start the counting.

Kendall: Just dig! Please dig!

Greenlee: Just shut up and suck in your stomach!

Kendall: Oh, I'm trying!

Jonathan: Nice try, ladies. Kendall looks uncomfortable. You might want to get her out of there.

Kendall: My bad. I -- I was hungry, so I thought Iíd go for some takeout.

Greenlee: Have you talked to Ryan?

Jonathan: He thinks I'm a screwup. It doesn't matter, though, because I can still save him. You know, we stick together, that's what we do.

Greenlee: You can save all of us. Did you tell him your plan, where we are?

Jonathan: It's better this way.

Greenlee: What does that mean? Yes or no?

Jonathan: No.

Greenlee: Jonathan -- Jonathan, you have to tell him. It's the only way.

Jonathan: It's one option.

Kendall: Aren't there any other?

Jonathan: Braden's. He says I have to kill you.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Kendall: Let us go and kill Greenlee. She's the only one who matters to Ryan.

Adam: Erica, it's payback time.

Maria: Since we both dropped our divorce petitions, then probably Edmund's old will still stands, right?

Livia: Edmund didn't drop his divorce petition against you.

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