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Erica: Where's my daughter?

Ethan: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Even if she were here, I wouldn't let you see her right now, not until we've settled this.

Erica: Oh, you have me confused with someone you can boss around -- my daughter, perhaps.

Ethan: Ok, listen, stop calling me a liar. Stop spreading that lie that Zach Slater is innocent and stop breaking your daughter's heart.

Greenlee: You do not get to declare war and then strut off like that's it, battle's over. I'm the injured party here.

Kendall: Injured? You will be annihilated.

Greenlee: For caring enough to try to save you from that lying, predatory Brit? I don't even have to fight back. Ethan will wipe you out all on his own.

Kendall: Ok, when you realize that you were wrong about him --

Simone: Yo, guys, I picked up Dani on the way.

Greenlee: No, that'll never happen.

Kendall: No, you will. You will come crawling back on your hands and knees and beg for my forgiveness. But instead, Iíll just knock you right back down on your bloody knees, then walk right over you.

Aidan: I'm going to get a drink before the flight. You want one? Want a drink before the flight?

Tad: No.

Aidan: Ryan?

Ryan: No. Where is my sister and why is she not answering the phone?

Tad: Take it easy. You said she moves around a lot. It's not like you've been in touch with her. Ryan?

Ryan: Hey. Remember me?

Man: You're one of the Lavery boys. How are you?

Ryan: How am I? I'm in hell, thanks to you.

Jack: Of course, I tried to get Lily to look at the pictures of Braden Lavery, but she wouldn't. Yes, Derek, I'll try again, but I'm not going to push her, and you know why. We'll talk later, all right?

Reggie: Hey, man, is life really as bad as you look?

Jack: Well, it's been better. Look, I need some help. I need some help with Lily.

Reggie: Oh, that's cool. I mean, what's my mission?

Jack: It has to do with Zach Slaterís case.

Reggie: Do I look surprised? Where's she at?

Jack: She went upstairs to Greenlee's to grab something. She'll be back shortly.

Jonathan: Please, you've got to tell me, Braden. Tell me, what did you do to Ryan?

[Keys clatter]

Erica: I'll stop calling you a liar when you stop lying. What you want doesn't interest me.

Ethan: What about Kendall? What about what she wants, hmm?

Erica: You? You think she wants you?

Ethan: She's not a child.

Erica: No, she's not. She's a grown woman very anxious to make up for all the failed relationships in her life. And so she has created this romantic fantasy, starring you.

Ethan: I love Kendall very much.

Erica: Well, that is your misfortune. Because eventually, I will make her see you for what you really are.

Ethan: No, my father is the liar and the manipulator here.

Erica: Kendall's not here, Ethan. You can drop the act.

Ethan: How did Zach get to you? How did he convince you, of all people? My father is a murderer, Erica!

Erica: Ethan, I hated my father. He betrayed me in ways that you can't even begin to imagine. And so I do understand your desire to make him suffer. But not this way. This is wrong.

Ethan: The only person who's going to get hurt here is Kendall, because she loves me.

Erica: When it is exposed that you have been lying about Zach, when the world understands that you have perjured yourself, her feelings will change for you. Believe me, they will change drastically.

Ethan: You're wrong about me.

Erica: No, I'm not. Ethan, even if the world never learns about this vicious lie you've told about your father, you know it, and you have to live with it.

Ethan: Come on, my father deserves to rot in prison for what he's done.

Erica: Maybe he does. Maybe he does deserve to rot in prison, but not for this. Not for killing Edmund. And if you play God, it's going to eat away at your conscience.

Ethan: You even think I have one?

Erica: I'm not sure. Maybe not where Zach is concerned. But the real killer is still out there somewhere, thanks to you. Lily is incredibly vulnerable. If anyone else dies, that blood is on your hands, no one else's.

Jonathan: You got to get out of here now.

Lily: I have to get the Fusion projections.

Jonathan: Go home, now! Go!

Braden: Think you can run out on me?

Jonathan: I didn't. I'm still here.

Braden: I'm not through with you.

Jonathan: I had to see who it was.

Braden: So who was it?

Jonathan: Nobody important.

Braden: You don't walk out on me for some nobody.

Jonathan: I didn't walk -- I'm sorry.

Braden: Got that right.

Jonathan: Why won't you tell me about Ryan? He's -- he's not dead, is he?

Braden: Hmm. He's still playing the game. I won't end it till he realizes what he did, every slimy thing, to all of us.

Jonathan: He didn't mean to hurt you, Braden, or me.

Braden: Yeah, Ryan's got the cushy life. Why? What'd he do to deserve it? He flushes Cambias away, and he's still got it all. Anything he wants, his rich wife buys it for him. How is that right, huh? It's not right!

Greenlee: Simone, will you have Kendall weigh in on her favorite shots?

Simone: Kendall, could you please tell us which ones you prefer?

Kendall: Of course.

Simone: Ok, good.

Kendall: Dani?

Danielle: I'm still here.

Kendall: Please inform Greenlee that her copy is lackluster and, in a word, inadequate?

Danielle: Uh-uh. If I wanted my head handed to me, Iíd just call my dad and confess this top really wasn't half off.

Simone: You know, guys, can we just quit this madness? You both set this dang deadline. Let's just extend it already.

Greenlee: If we don't keep up this momentum, the Shake It Shimmer body fragrance is going to stop shaking off the shelves.

Kendall: You know, I think an extension makes perfect sense.

Greenlee: If it's too much for the rest of you, take off, quit. I'll do it myself.

Kendall: Um -- Dani, please tell Greenlee I never quit, on work or relationships.

Danielle: Kendall doesn't give up on work or relationships.

Greenlee: Simone, please inform Kendall that intelligent people know when to cut their losses. Like when the guy they're clinging to is a piece of lying dirt.

Simone: Kendall, sometimes it's better to quit when you're hooked up with a guy who's a lying piece -- Ethan's a lying piece of dirt?

Greenlee: And I'm being generous.

Kendall: Ladies, for the record, Greenlee is the poster pig for lying dirt.

Danielle: Not to surrender my Switzerland-like neutrality here, but what type of lie are we talking about?

Simone: Yeah, what did Ethan say? Is this about Zach Slater? The murder thing?

Greenlee: Ethan's lie about Zach was just the warm-up. The mega-whopper? He actually told Kendall he loves her.

Kendall: All right. Why don't we take it out on the roof, Greenlee? I'll bust out with your little trapeze and give you a little do-over. And this time, Iíd just love to see you fly.

Jack: So as you can imagine, the DA's pretty steamed about his case against Zach Slater going south.

Reggie: Oh, so he still wants to nail Slater?

Jack: Well, sure he does. I mean, the murder of Edmund Grey, that's a high-profile case.

Reggie: Yeah, but Lily pretty much said the dude's innocent.

Jack: Yeah, well, "pretty much" doesn't hold much water with the judge and a jury.

Reggie: She did the best she could. She said Zach didn't do it.

Jack: Yeah, but she didn't say who did do it, and that's what we need -- a positive ID. Although I got to tell you, everything Derek has points right to Ryan's brother Braden.

Reggie: Yeah, but you need an eyewitness. Did you show those to Lily yet?

Jack: I tried, I tried, but Lily wouldn't focus.

Reggie: Well, I mean, I'll see what I can do.

Jack: Thanks.

Reggie: But if Lily drops the dime on this guy Braden, aren't we just, you know, painting a big target on her back?

Jack: Hey, sweetheart. Did you get what you needed?

Reggie: Lily, what's wrong?

Jack: Honey, what happened?

Braden: According to the papers, this Lily Montgomery was in the stable at the time of the murder. You know her? Who is she, baby brother?

Jonathan: She's a -- she's a kid, Braden. She's a teenager. I mean, she's not a threat to you. She's a little girl. She's some kind of autistic.

Braden: So no one will believe her when she testifies?

Jonathan: If they could even get her to testify. They have Slater in jail already. Braden, you have nothing to worry about, honest. You can relax.

Tad: Ryan? Who is this, a friend of Braden's?

Ryan: No, he's not my friend.

Mr. Hewlett: I was Braden's teacher, and Ryan's -- all the Lavery kids'.

Ryan: Good old Mr. Hewlett taught us all. Don't know why we ever listened to a word you said.

Mr. Hewlett: Ryan, I haven't seen you in -- huh -- how many years?

Ryan: Long enough that you forgot about the welts that you saw on my arm. Man, you put on a good show. I almost believed that you were concerned for me as a child.

Mr. Hewlett: It was not a show.

Ryan: Really? Well, then why didn't you do anything about it or say something? I mean, you had to know. Somebody had to know. Braden coming in beaten all the time, me every once in a while, then Jonathan gets lucky, and nobody steps in?

Mr. Hewlett: I should have done more.

Ryan: More? You did nothing. Except for stick your head in the sand.

Mr. Hewlett: That's not entirely true. I saw signs before there were any welts. Every kid gets hurt, but you and Braden -- you -- you had more than a classroom's worth of bruises. A hint of any adult making physical contact made you flinch. You hated to leave school at the end of the day.

Ryan: Well, then why didn't you do anything?

Tad: My father's a doctor. He's legally bound to report it if he discovers anything like that. Aren't teachers? I mean, if not legally, out of a sense of conscience?

Mr. Hewlett: I did report it. I shouted loud and long. Even sent a caseworker over to your place to check things out. But your father won her over. I guess someone heard and tipped him off. I am so sorry.

Ryan: So that was it? Did your best, too bad, let the kids fend for themselves?

Mr. Hewlett: I did not give up. Your father came over to my house, threatened my whole family if I said another word about how he disciplined his boys. I took the coward's way out, I know. I apologize for that.

Ryan: You should've tried harder. Someone should've tried harder.

Livia: Mr. Slater, what can I do for you?

Zach: Get me out of here.

Kendall: You want to fly without a net again, you just let me know.

Greenlee: That, women, is what delusion looks like. Not pretty.

Simone: Can we please lose the knives?

Greenlee: I've been nothing but kind.

Kendall: Ha.

Greenlee: Be gentle with her. She's snapped.

Kendall: Ignore poor, demented Greenlee. She's kind of freaked out, because Ryan would rather baby-sit his brother than hang out with her. In fact, it's kind of pushed her over the edge. She's not really thinking straight.

Simone: You know, if this is a Mexican standoff, can I go and get margaritas?

Danielle: How about you two go back to your corners while I lock up all the sharp objects? Simone, can you get them something mellow and decaf?

Simone: Hmm. As soon as I get down to something. Did you really say that Ethan doesn't love Kendall?

Danielle: Suggest margaritas, then throw gas on the fire.

Simone: Yeah, well -- does he or doesn't he?

Greenlee: He doesn't.

Kendall: He does!

Danielle: Why do you care?

Greenlee: Stay away from him, Simone.

Kendall: Yeah, because he's not available.

Greenlee: He will be, but he's lethal.

Kendall: Don't go near my boyfriend.

Greenlee: You should just give him away. Dump him. He doesn't love you.

Danielle: Never go for a friend's castoffs -- unless we're talking designer clothes.

Simone: That is not what I was doing, honestly, ok? Even if Ethan and Kendall are on the rocks --

Greenlee: They are.

Kendall: We aren't!

Simone: Despite how good-looking he is, I am not in any way, like, going after him.

Kendall: Simone, listen to me, ok -- we're fine, we're solid, we're committed.

Greenlee: You should be.

Kendall: And we love each other very much.

Greenlee: Oh, yeah. So much so that he took your love in vain.

Danielle: Say what?

Greenlee: Ethan swore on his love for Kendall, and what he swore to was a big, horrible, vicious lie.

Ethan: What am I supposed to do? How do you want me to prove to you that I'm not lying? Want me to take a polygraph test? That's it, would you like me take a lie-detector test, Erica?

Erica: Come on. You know as well as I do how unreliable they are. A truly demented mind can beat them.

Ethan: You actually can't accept the fact that Zach just might be guilty, can you?

Erica: I don't care if he's freed or executed. I don't care if you two call a truce or you kill each other. This is none of my concern. The only thing I'm concerned about is my daughter Kendall.

Ethan: Ok, see? So we do have something in common.

Erica: Oh, my -- you're just completely impossible.

Ethan: No, what I am -- what I am is the right man for your daughter. That's why I'm going to ask her to marry me. And I would very much like your blessing.

Mr. Hewlett: Ryan, there's nothing I can do or say to make it up to you.

Ryan: If you ever -- I mean ever see a child act the way that my brothers or I did, you'd better pick up a damn phone and call somebody. Call the cops or -- or a hospital or a hotline or shelter. Leave an anonymous message if you have to, but you'd better keep calling until that little boy or little girl is safe and smiling again.

Mr. Hewlett: I will. To be honest, I've always been worried about your brother. Is he all right?

Ryan: You should be worried about Braden.

Mr. Hewlett: I don't mean Braden. I was talking about Jonathan.

Braden: What, you want to make a toast to getting even?

Jonathan: I thought we could drink to something else. Like loyalty between brothers?

Braden: Dead and gone.

Jonathan: Doesn't have to be.

Braden: Don't start whining about Ryan again.

Jonathan: You don't have to hurt him.

Braden: Huh. I want to hurt him.

Jonathan: All he did, Braden, was make some mistakes. That's it.

Braden: What'd Dad teach us? You screw up, you got to pay. All Ryan cares about is that prissy, stuck-up wife of his.

Jonathan: It's not true. It's not. He cares about us. He does. And we have to stick together right now.

Braden: You and me maybe. Ryan's out.

Jonathan: He's our brother, Braden, and he always will be. And -- I need him, Braden. I love him.

Braden: You love him? What's up with that? He screwed you over worst of all.

Jonathan: It wasn't intentional.

Braden: Like hell. Ryan ran off. Saved his own skin and let psycho Dad take it out on you.

Jonathan: That was a long time ago!

Braden: Ryan wussed out and left you to take his punishment. He deserves anything I'm going to do to him.

Jonathan: Don't hurt Ryan to get even for me. He's been good to me, Braden, real generous. He'll be that way with you, too, if you'd give him a chance.

Braden: God, you are stupid. Ryan won't cut me a break. I got to kill him. If I don't, he'll sic the cops on me.

Jonathan: You don't know that. No, he may -- he may let you get away.

Braden: Ryan will have me locked up for the rest of my natural life. I won't die in a cage like some forgotten animal, won't let Ryan do that to me. That's why we're playing the game. I get him before he gets me.

Jonathan: There's another chance. You can leave town. Leave Pine Valley tonight. Nobody's ever going to know.

Braden: Where's the wife? Where the hell is Greenlee Smythe-Lavery?

Jonathan: I don't know.

Braden: You're lying. Never, never lie to me. Where's our sister-in-law?

Jonathan: Somewhere you can't get to her. She's -- she's not alone, ok? There's always a lot of people at Fusion.

Braden: Then call her. Tell her to come home now.

Jonathan: I won't. You can't make me.

Braden: That's the funniest thing you've said all night.

Greenlee: You guys get it, don't you? If some sketchy guy swears on his love to you and what he swears to is a lie, it means he doesn't love you. He doesn't even respect you.

Simone: Yeah, well, that's one way to turn it.

Greenlee: It's the only way to turn it, and Kendall refuses to see it.

Kendall: I get it.

Greenlee: You do? Finally. We've achieved a breakthrough.

Simone: Oh, hallelujah. Then we can all be friends.

Kendall: You're playing me.

Greenlee: Back to square one.

Kendall: You think I'm going to repeat the same pattern.

Danielle: What? What pattern?

Kendall: I make the same mistakes with men over and over.

Simone: Oh, who the hell doesn't?

Kendall: Did you plan this with Erica? Try to plant doubts about Ethan to try to ruin my relationship?

Greenlee: You're so wrong.

Kendall: You know, the thing is you know that I've never, ever been able to trust a man and you think it's going to be easy to mess us up.

Greenlee: You've morphed from delusion to paranoia.

Kendall: See, I don't know if it's because I've changed or because I've finally found a man that I love and that I trust. It's not going to work, Greenlee, trust me. You want to know why? Because I will never, ever, ever give up on Ethan. Nothing could ever undermine my faith in him, because I love him and trust him completely.

Greenlee: I applaud the concept, but your choice in men --

Kendall: Greenlee, stop, stop! You cannot break us up.

Greenlee: I don't have to. Kendall, Ethan doesn't deserve your loyalty and devotion. Now, when you realize that, you're going to crash and burn. Just don't expect me to watch it happen.

Erica: Well, you certainly have inherited the Cambias gall.

Ethan: My love for Kendallís very sincere.

Erica: Oh, please.

Ethan: She knows that I will be a good and faithful husband.

Erica: Hmm.

Ethan: Your daughter is the best part of my life.

Erica: Of course she is. At last you say something I can believe.

Ethan: Listen, I can give Kendall everything that she deserves, whether it be a mansion on a mountainside or a hilltop or both, whether she wants to have a manor house in England or a place on Lake Como!

Erica: What are you talking about?

Ethan: I will keep Kendall so close to my heart. I can give her everything that she wants, I can give her everything that she needs.

Erica: What she needs is honesty and love.

Ethan: Two things that you withheld from her for a very long time.

Erica: She will never get honesty from you, because if you tell her the truth, she'll hate you.

Ethan: No, I can give her exactly what she prizes most, something that you never could.

Reggie: What were you upset about earlier? I know it's not about pulling your homework together.

Lily: I have to get ready for school.

Reggie: Lily, school's, like, 12 hours away.

Lily: It's 10 hours, 23 minutes, and 40 seconds.

Reggie: Excuse me. Lily, look, I have a problem.

Lily: Like a math problem?

Reggie: No, but I need you to help me solve it.

Lily: A mystery?

Reggie: Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's a mystery. It's a real tough one, though. I keep going over in my head what happened at Wildwind, you know, at the barn --

Lily: I'm not on the case anymore. I think you should call Aidan.

Reggie: Lily, I know you're not trying to solve it, but I need --

Lily: I'm not partners with Aidan anymore.

Reggie: That doesn't mean you have to give up detecting altogether. Hey, where's that book I had to cover for you, "The --" oh, yeah.

Jack: What book is that?

Lily: "The Killing Club," by Marcie Walsh.

Jack: Sweetheart, you know, I wish you wouldn't read books like that just for a little while.

Lily: It's a good book. It had a red cover, so Reggie made a cover for me, which is a little messier, but at least there's no red on it.

Reggie: See, you know, this is what I'm talking about. You could be just like this Walsh woman.

Lily: Marcie Walsh isn't a real detective.

Reggie: Well, you know, she writes about them, so she must think like one.

Lily: I guess so.

Reggie: Come on, Lily, it'd be fun. We could solve a real-life mystery. Well, let's start off by looking at some of these mug shots, you know? You see the guy in there that hit Edmund with a shovel?

Lily: He's upstairs.

Reggie: "He"? "He" who?

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa, the killer is upstairs?

Lily: I couldn't get the Fusion projections, because I couldn't go inside Greenlee's penthouse, because the man that hit the man that was walking out of the wheelchair was up there.

Jack: All right, now, you listen to me, you call the cops. You two stay here -- and lock the doors!

Livia: So suddenly, you want to fight the charges? What happened? I mean, is the state's hospitality suite not cutting it?

Zach: There's an eyewitness.

Livia: Your son.

Zach: Lily Montgomery. She knows I didn't do it, and she's in danger until we find the real killer.

Jack: Greenlee! Greenlee! Greenlee!

Erica: Oh, you are making me sick. Spare me!

Ethan: You think this is funny? Kendall doesn't, and I believe in her.

Erica: You barely know her.

Ethan: I know that she's not been allowed to feel worthy.

Erica: My daughter knows that I'm devoted to her.

Ethan: Mm-hmm, as long as she makes you proud and as long as she doesn't cross you or embarrass you, Erica.

Erica: My love is unconditional.

Ethan: That's a good one.

Erica: You do not want me as an enemy.

Ethan: Your love for Kendall is constantly under watch. You always seem to have her on probation. You're always judging her.

Erica: That's not true.

Ethan: When we're married, you'll cut Kendall off.

Erica: First of all, I would never cut my daughter Kendall off. Secondly -- very importantly -- she will never marry you. I would not stand by because I do respect her. There is no way that I will stand by and watch her wind up with a -- a nothing like you. Oh, I wish to God that you and your uncle and your father had never been born.

Zach: Did your brother assign anyone to Lily?

Livia: I'm not going to tell you anything. I'm certain that Derek and Jack have things under control.

Zach: Ok, well, that's not good enough. When I get out of here, I'll get my own security.

Livia: I don't know how they do things in Nevada, but you're in Pennsylvania now.

Zach: I didn't kill Edmund.

Livia: Well, it's a little more complicated than "I didn't do it, so now where's my get-out-of-jail-free card?"

Zach: Please, just file whatever motion you have to, so they can reconsider my bail. Would you do that?

Livia: With evidence mounting against Braden, it's possible.

Zach: And Lily's testimony.

Livia: And your son's?

Zach: Ethan's a liar.

Livia: He presents very well and he's very emphatic, while Lily, on the other hand, is uncooperative and less direct.

Zach: Ok. So no one wants to listen to Lily. But Braden wants to shut her up.

Livia: I can probably get you out of here temporarily. In order to keep you out, we're going to need the real killer to show up with a signed confession in hand.

[Phone rings]

Danielle: Fusion. How may I help you?

Jack: Put Greenlee on the phone, please.

Danielle: It's my duty to inform you that the individual that you demanded is --

Jack: Is Greenlee there?

Danielle: Yes, but --

Jack: Then put her on the phone. This is her father.

Danielle: It's your mad dad. Sorry.

Greenlee: Did you talk to Ryan?

Jack: No. No, but, boy, am I glad you're there.

Greenlee: Why? Where would I be? What's wrong?

Jack: Listen, I'm in your apartment.

Greenlee: Oh, my God, what happened?

Jack: Lily came up here to get some files -- something about Fusion's projections or something?

Greenlee: For her stock market project. And?

Jack: She found Braden there.

Greenlee: I must have left right before he showed up.

Simone: Who, who? Who showed up?

Greenlee: Braden.

Simone: Oh, my God.

Jack: Greenlee, Reggie got through to Lily. She told him that Braden killed Edmund.

Greenlee: Is Jonathan with you?

Jack: No. No, I -- I haven't seen him.

Greenlee: I left him at the apartment. He was there when I showed up.

Jack: Greenlee, the police are here now. Let me call you back, ok?

Greenlee: Be careful.

Jack: You, too.

Lt. Perry: Take a look around.

Jack: Look, I've looked all over this apartment.

Lt. Perry: You should've waited for us.

Jack: There is no sign of Braden Lavery anywhere, Lieutenant.

Lt. Perry: There's two beer glasses half finished right here. Morrison, check these for fingerprints, will you?

Jack: Look, my daughter Greenlee said that when she left this apartment, Jonathan Lavery was here. If Jonathan and Braden are together --

Lt. Perry: We'll get them. The arrest warrant for Jonathan Lavery just came through.

Jack: Finally cut through the red tape, huh? Well, gee, only a couple weeks too late! Why should he be in our custody? Let Braden get him.

Kendall: Go away.

Greenlee: Jack just told me --

Kendall: Yes, that Braden was at your apartment. Thank you for the update. I'm busy.

Greenlee: Lily saw him, Kendall. She told Reggie and Jack that she saw Braden kill Edmund. It wasn't Zach.

Kendall: What?

Greenlee: It proves Ethan lied. It's hard to hear, I know, but it's true. Ethan couldn't have seen Zach kill Edmund, because Zach didn't do it. I'm not gloating. I only want you to just accept it, Kendall.

Danielle: Oh! Watch it!

Simone: I was just trying to get to the files.

Greenlee: Like you don't have things to do?

Simone: We're doing it!

Danielle: I faxed a copy!

Greenlee: All you can do is just hang around, eavesdropping, butting in?

Simone: We're not butting in.

Danielle: It's kind of hard to work.

Simone: Yeah, with all the drama, excuse me.

Greenlee: Find a way to focus, because what you're turning out right now sucks.

Simone: Excuse me?

Danielle: Yeah, excuse her?

Greenlee: I am sick and tired of cleaning up after you, double- and triple-checking every little thing, answering the same question over and over.

Simone: Ok, despite your little feud with Kendall, we've actually accomplished a lot today.

Danielle: Yeah, and it's fantastic.

Greenlee: It's flat, boring. The graphics don't pop.

Simone: It's bright and vibrant!

Greenlee: And the copy? There's no "there" there. It's superficial, glossy.

Simone: I disagree.

Danielle: Enchantment's body fragrance is selling like crazy. America's shimmering, thanks to us.

Greenlee: Get to work and make me happy.

Simone: You know what -- I don't take orders from you, and I certainly don't make miracles. Dani, you're with me. The Shake It Shimmer campaign can sell itself. Burgers and fries on the house.

Danielle: I can get with that.

[Phone rings]

Greenlee: Hello?

Jack: It's me. They found fingerprints. Braden was definitely here with Jonathan.

Greenlee: Have you talked to Jonathan? Did he show up?

Jack: No, no. My guess is he's with Braden or --

Greenlee: Or Braden's already finished what he started and dumped Jonathan's body someplace.

Jack: Sweetheart, listen to me, I want you to stay right where you are. I'll come pick you up, ok?

Greenlee: Thanks.

Jack: And listen, there's no reason to believe that -- that Ryan isn't just fine, ok?

Greenlee: I know, I know. It's just I told Kendall that Lily IDd Braden as Edmund's killer.

Jack: How'd she take it?

Greenlee: Her lover's a vindictive liar and probably never loved her. How do you think?

Ethan: After I propose, I'll tell Kendall that she doesn't have your blessing, and she'll be very disappointed, but she won't be surprised -- and we'll live. In fact, I think we'll have a very happy life.

Erica: No, no, no, no, no. There is no way that I'm going to let you just swoop in and destroy everything we've built.

Ethan: That's up to you. But if you try and turn your daughter against me, you're right, you will lose Kendall.

Erica: Unless I pretend that you're good for her? Unless I pretend that you deserve her? I'd rather die.

Ethan: Ok, well, then I will tell her that you dropped by.

Erica: And I will make sure that you never marry my daughter.

Ethan: Knock yourself out.

Erica: I will.

Ethan: I gave you a chance to come over onto my side. Don't forget that. I was willing to let go of everything that had happened, but you refused. And you will regret it.

Lily: Chocolate chips are too random.

Reggie: Yeah, but they are kind of tasty.

Lily: I like these better. What I do is I dunk them into the milk to the sixth line for exactly two seconds. This way, the cookies are still crisp, but lightly coated with milk. You submerge the cookie for longer than two seconds, it might get soggy and then you might not want to eat it.

[Pounding on door]

Kendall: Jackson! Reggie!

Lily: That's Kendall.

Reggie: All right, chill out, I'm coming.

Kendall: Please let me in! Please?

Reggie: All right, all right. Break the door down, why don't you?

Kendall: Thank you. Lily -- Lily, hi. Listen, I need some info from you.

Lily: Do you want a cookie?

Kendall: You've been telling people that Zach Slater did not kill Edmund Grey.

Reggie: All right, look, if you want to rant, back in the hall. If you want to talk, sit down.

Kendall: Did she say Zach didn't do it?

Reggie: She saw Braden kill Grey.

Kendall: Ok, listen, maybe you thought you did, but you're wrong, all right, Lily? Listen to me, you can't say that anymore. You have to stop saying that.

Lily: I'm not saying anything. I'm dunking cookies.

Kendall: No, when you do talk, you can't say that you saw Braden kill Edmund.

Reggie: All right, all right, Kendall, stop giving my sister orders.

Kendall: Reggie, it's not true. She's confused.

Reggie: All right, just chill out, ok?

Kendall: Listen, Reggie, she could not have seen Braden. If she saw anyone, it was Zach.

Reggie: All right, Ethan can lie, all right? Lily can't. Her brain doesn't work that way.

Kendall: No, but maybe she got it wrong. Maybe she made it up.

Lily: I don't make things up.

Kendall: Well, maybe not until now.

Reggie: All right, Kendall, you crossed the line.

Lily: Never. I never have.

Kendall: Admit it, Lily.

Reggie: All right, Kendall, get out of here right now.

Kendall: No, no, listen to me, just tell me that you're wrong. Lily, tell me that you're wrong.

Reggie: Kendall, stop.

Kendall: Zach killed Edmund! Tell me that you saw Zach kill Edmund!

Zach: Tell me you'll take my case.

Livia: Sure. I like life on the edge.

Zach: Good. Wouldn't have called you if I didn't think you could help me.

Livia: Just remember we have a witness who swears you did it, and that's going to cause us both a world of trouble.

Zach: I've created Ethan. I'll deal with him.

Ethan: Hello, yes, it's Ethan Cambias. Sorry to call so late, Arthur, but you and I need to have a little chat. It's about Erica Kane.

Reggie: All right, look, you rampage in here, jump all over Lily --

Kendall: Reggie, this is serious.

Reggie: You think it's serious?

Kendall: She can't say she saw the wrong man.

Lily: He was wrong to hit Edmund with a shovel, but he did.

Kendall: Zach killed Edmund.

Lily: Zach wasn't the man with the shovel.

Reggie: See, you heard her, now you have to live with it.

Kendall: Lily -- all right, Iíll keep my voice down. I'll stay calm.

Reggie: Far enough.

Kendall: Lily, I'm sorry I upset you. Can you remember that night, back when you were in the stables?

Lily: You're scared, aren't you? Do you have a disorder like I do?

Kendall: No, no, I don't.

Erica: Kendall? What are you doing?

Kendall: I need the truth.

Reggie: She's going on and on about how Zach had to do it, because Ethan said he did.

Jack: Sweetheart, are you all right?

Lily: Do you want a cookie?

Erica: Kendall, you won't get the truth by repeating the same old lies.

Lily: I don't know how to lie. Is it important that I learn?

Jack: No, no, sweetheart, it is not.

Reggie: You know, just give it up, Kendall. Lily told you what she saw.

Kendall: You all treat Lily like she's some kind of a sacred oracle!

Jack: All right, that's enough.

Kendall: Like there's just no way that she could ever, ever be wrong!

Erica: Kendall! You just don't want to believe the worst about Ethan, so it has to be a lie.

Jack: Look, I wish to hell that Lily didn't see anything, but she did. And thanks to Ethan, the killer is still out on the loose.

Erica: Braden was here a short time ago.

Jack: And that means Ryan, Greenlee, and Lily are in danger!

Kendall: Well, aren't they lucky they have a nice, close-knit family that actually gives a damn, someone that actually cares! I don't need any of you anymore.

Jack: Kendall, please, don't -- don't do this, please.

Kendall: Me? Me? I'm not going to let your screwed-up delusions ruin my life again.

Erica: Kendall, the only one who is screwed up is your boyfriend, Ethan. He just threatened to ruin me!

Kendall: Good. With any luck, maybe I can help him.

Aidan: Ryan? Our flight's boarding, man.

Ryan: Just give me a minute. So you taught Jonathan after I left?

[Mr. Hewlett sighs]

Mr. Hewlett: It always seemed to me that Jonathan took it the hardest. Is he ok?

Ryan: Well, none of us got out without any scars.

Mr. Hewlett: Again, I am so sorry. He was such a sweet kid.

Tad: You all right?

Ryan: Yeah, I'm fine. Let's go.

Aidan: I like the way you dealt with him. It was good.

Ryan: Really? Because I wanted to give that pathetic excuse of a role model just the littlest taste of what my dad gave my brothers and me.

Greenlee: Hey, Ryan, I guess you don't get coverage where you are, so by the time you get this, I'll be missing you even more. Which is way, way more than any average person could ever believe. So come back to me ASAP. Or even better, BTWITA. "Be there when I turn around." No such luck. I love you. Did I say that? I think it all the time. I say it a thousand times a day.

[Phone beeps]

Greenlee: I love you so much.

>> On the next "All My Children"...

David: We have to finalize it. They have to be warned.

Jack: Jonathan Lavery was just here. He's on his way to meet Braden right now.

Ethan: I hate my father enough to do whatever it takes to destroy him.

Kendall: Define "whatever it takes."

Erica: Ethan is lying, and I'm going to prove it.

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