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[Gunshot hits Ryan who falls backward into Aidanís arms]

Aidan: Ryan? Ryan?

Brooke: Maria asked me to speak at the service. Given our history, I find that amazingly generous.

Tad: Well, you've got two things in common -- you're both class acts who loved Edmund.

Brooke: That's what makes this so impossible. I have no idea what I'm going to say.

Tad: At the service or to Maria? You're still chewing on Edmundís plans to destroy the marriage, kick her out.

[At the chapel, Ethan stands by Edmundís closed casket.]

Ethan: Rest easy, Edmund. I destroyed the disc. Zach's never going to have your wife.

Zach: I seem to be the hot spot on the jailhouse tour. Why don't you take a number and take your best shot. Tell me how much you hate me for killing Edmund.

Anita: I hate you for killing Maria.

Maria: Lily, what didn't you see wrong?

Lily: The men in the stables -- I didn't see it wrong.

Maria: But, honey, what didn't you see -- did you -- you saw it happen? This man was killed. Did you see it happen? But you said, "He didn't do it." He didn't do it? Is that what you mean, honey?

Erica: Maria! Leave Lily alone. You have your own children to traumatize.

Greenlee: Where do you get off?

Kendall: What? I said Ryanís going to be fine. You have a problem with that?

Greenlee: There's no way for you to know that he's going to be ok. Anything could happen to him, Kendall, and there's not a damn thing I can do to stop it.

</>Aidan: Ryan? Ryan? Ryan? Ryan, talk to me. Can you hear me?

</>[Ryan groans]

Ryan: I'm hit -- I'm hit.

Kendall: When Ryan calls and tells you he's got Braden trussed like a wild pig, you will be the first one on his speed dial. Want some mu shu?

Greenlee: What is wrong with me? I should have thrown myself in front of Ryan, strapped myself to him -- anything to keep him from going after Braden. Damn if Erica wasn't right.


Kendall: All right, that jolt was the earth reversing its orbit. You're lucky Erica wasn't here to hear that. Listen, my blinky little bunny friend, you knew you couldn't stop him. You signed off on this. And now, what, slam, reverse, you're instantly a wreck? Either your thyroid is out of whack or marriage has made you a total flip-flopper.

Greenlee: No, marriage makes you think about someone other than your sorry self, a concept you couldn't grasp with your hands or your limited brain trust.

Kendall: Listen, Greenlee, come on. Now, I know you're strung out, ok? I can wrap my curls around that. But this goes way beyond Ryan, way beyond Ryan. There's absolutely no reason for you to all of a sudden become suddenly selfless. It doesn't make sense.

Greenlee: You're right. Today Maria has to say good-bye forever to the man she loves, and I just hope I don't have to do the same.

</>[Ryan groans]

</>Aidan: Ryan, stay still. Stay still, man. You're wounded.

Ryan: I said I was hit.

Aidan: Well, I'll be a monkey's bum. You're wearing body armor.

Ryan: Yeah. Look, Ma, no scratch on me.

Aidan: Where did you get that from?

Ryan: It was a wedding present from my wife. She gives good gifts.

Aidan: And your brother? What kind of gift does he give?

Maria: Lily, honey, are you saying that this man did not kill this man?

Erica: Maria, Maria --

Maria: Is that who you said, he didn't do it? He didn't do it?

Erica: Stop it. Don't you know we've been frantic? We have been looking and phoning all over town for Lily. How could you be so thoughtless as to lure her back to this horrible place and barrage her with questions?

Lily: Erica, it was my idea. I wanted to come here.

Erica: And it's all right, Lily, really. Look, honey, just let me have a moment alone with Dr. Grey. Look, you cheated on your husband, you cheated on Edmund, Zach killed him, and now you are choking on your own guilt. But, no, Maria, you will not manipulate Jack's daughter just to clear your lover or your conscience.

Maria: I am so amazed at how little you care for the truth, Erica.

Erica: Whatever. You just leave Lily alone.

Jack: Sweetheart, thank God you're here! I was looking all over for you.

Erica: Jack!

Reggie: You ducked under the radar on us once again.

Jack: You know what? Why don't we get you out of this place, huh? Maria, I just want to say, on behalf of us all, how sorry we are for your loss.

Maria: Thank you. Thanks, jack. Erica, I don't know what's wrong with you, but Lily came here on her own, obviously troubled because the newspaper said that she saw the murder.

Erica: The newspaper article was completely wrong. It was nothing but a lie. Aidan and I both spoke to Lily, and she said she did not see who killed Edmund. But don't take my word for it. Ask Aidan, another ex-lover -- the one you can trust.

Maria: You know what? I've got family and friends that are coming here to pay their respects to my husband. As a matter of fact, Bianca sent a very lovely arrangement and a beautiful note saying how much she loved Edmund. But because I don't really expect any actual comfort from you, what I do expect from you is to show yourself off the property.

Erica: Fine. I'll say good-bye to Edmund privately. Frankly, I couldn't stand to watch your hypocrisy anyhow. You have a lovely funeral.

Opal: Oh, Maria, hon, how are you holding up?

Maria: I will. I'll see you at the funeral.

Opal: Oh, I'm so sorry. Boy, oh, boy. This gives you the willies, doesn't it, to think that Edmund was killed right inside of there? I guess all we can do is just pray for him together.

Erica: Well, I'll tell you what, Opal. You save your prayers for Lily, because I swear to you, if any harm comes to her, it's on your head.

Zach: Maria's grief isn't my problem. I doubt it's fatal.

Anita: Here. Read it. It's Edmundís obituary.

Zach: "Edmund Grey, publisher of 'Tempo' magazine, Pulitzer Prize --" blah, blah, blah. I know all this.

Anita: Skip to the bottom. "Survived by his beloved wife, Maria, son, Samuel Carlos, and daughter, Madeleine Flora." "Survived by." Just surviving, nothing more. Do you ever think about those kids? You stole their father, Samís mentor, Maddieís hero. They spent five years without their mother, and now they've lost their dad forever. Sam and Maddie -- they're broken because of you. Do you ever think about that? Why should you care if you hurt two kids that you don't even know? You didn't care when you hurt your own son.

</>J.R.: I envy you.

</>Ethan: What exactly is it that you find so enviable?

J.R.: You were given a massive gift, the ultimate one-up on your enemy, a chance to put him away for life.

Ethan: You can't mean that Edmundís murder was a lucky break?

J.R.: No, not him. You. You were at the scene of the crime. You saw the whole thing go down. You were able to hand-feed Slater to the cops. Oh, revenge doesn't get any sweeter.

Ethan: Given the circumstances, I hardly think that it calls for dancing in the streets.

J.R.: Oh. Now, don't tell me you're sorry for nailing your dear old dad?

Maria: Oh, good. I need to talk to you both for a second, please? Maddie, do you think you can stop being mad at me long enough so we can just go to the funeral today as a family?

Maddie: If she's going to throw herself on dad's coffin again and pretend like she cared, I'll be hurling in my room.

Maria: Ok, look, you can -- you can be angry at me all you want, but don't miss your father's funeral. You need to go, you need to go for yourself, and you need to go for your father.

Maddie: Text me when she's done sucking up sympathy. I'll say good-bye to daddy then.

Maria: Uh-uh-uh. You need to stop walking away from me. This solves nothing.

Maddie: Works for me.

Maria: Whoa -- Sam -- look, I loved your father very much, and I've made a lot of mistakes, no question. I hurt him, no question. And there's nothing I can do about that now. I can't make that up to him. But with all my heart, I want to make it up to you and to your sister. And you guys can fight me all you want, but the more you push me away, the more I'm going to fight for you guys. You can hate me, you can scream and yell at me, you can freeze me out all you want, but I will wait you out. I'll wait you out for however long it takes, and I will love you through it all.

Sam: What do you want me to say?

Maria: I want you to tell me how you're feeling right now.

Sam: No, you donít. Trust me.

Ethan: Why would I be sorry that I busted Zach for murder? Besides, he admitted it.

J.R.: Yeah, it's too bad about that. Sort of takes the zing out of busting the loser, doesn't it?

Ethan: Does Kendall know how cold and heartless you are?

J.R.: It's what she loves.

Ethan: Hmm. She's worried that I've taken payback a little bit to the extreme. She seems to think I enjoy it too much.

J.R.: Let her cook you dinner, sex you up for dessert, but then ignore her and pay attention to your gut. Zach-ass, the guy who denied you -- you put him away. Oh, man, that has to feel good. Ride that high as long as you can.

Brooke: The last time I was here, I married Edmund, knowing his wife was alive.

Tad: You all got over it.

Brooke: I wonder if we would have gotten over this last awfulness.

Tad: Sounds like you made a decision.

Brooke: I have. I'm not going to tell Maria that Edmund set her up. There's nothing left to say except good-bye.

Kendall: Greenlee, come on. Greenlee -- Greenlee, come here!

Greenlee: Hey --

Kendall: Listen, listen to me. Your power-pacing is ruining my digestion, ok? So spill already, please. Sit.

Greenlee: Those psycho drugs that Braden gave me are out of my system. But the doors that they opened, the horrible visions, my worst nightmare -- Ryan dead -- it's all still there. I've been there, Kendall, and I don't want to go back. If it happens again --

Kendall: It won't, ok? Life is not fair, but it's also not that cruel.

Greenlee: Is that what you told yourself when you thought Miranda was dead? I'm living proof that you can love someone beyond reason and then lose it all, watch your have-it-all life go over the falls.

Kendall: Well, see? There you go. You've had your grief. God gave you all the grief he can give you. Now he's moved on to pick on someone his own size.

Greenlee: No. Do you hear yourself? Rerun our lives. There is no quota on the bad stuff. God gives you all you can handle and then he just keeps piling it on, and there's no stopping it. If you're quiet for a minute, you can feel it coming. I think I feel it now.

Aidan: No sign of Braden, man.

Ryan: Oh -- he doesn't want to talk. He doesn't want to go away. He just wants me dead.

Aidan: Yeah, that or he smelled an ambush, tipped off by someone that knew about it. I know you don't want to go there. It makes sense that Jonathan might have been Bradenís pawn altogether, Ryan.

Ryan: Just like taking a bullet without the vest.

Lily: I wasn't lost, Dad. I had my maps and my bus schedule. The number 3 crosstown bus dropped me off a quarter mile down the road, and I walked the rest of the way here. It was 723 steps. I meant to come here.

Jack: Yeah, I think you're missing my point, sweetheart.

Reggie: All right, see, Lily, you have us hooked on this whole schedule thing, all right? At 8:05, you're brushing your teeth. 3:30, you're on the school bus doing your Trig homework. You have to stick to those schedules so we can know where you are. If you help us, you know, we won't freak out.

Lily: I know what "freak out" means. I don't know why you would freak.

Sam: Because you might hook up with someone scary, like me.

Opal: Now, hold on there, girlfriend! Before you take off, would you mind explaining that crack? Why would Lily get hurt because of me?

Erica: Thanks to your motor mouth to the tabloid, the whole world thinks that Lily witnessed a murder.

Opal: Well, excuse me, but your mouth wasn't exactly in park the day that you spilled the same thing. I mean, Brooke was there and Anita and -- and Myrt. I mean, why are you pegging me as Deep Throat?

Erica: You know, I didn't want to believe it, but you're not denying it, so I must be right. Opal, how could you? I was relying on your discretion.

Opal: Look, I was at the glam, I was giving a client a manicure. How was I supposed to know she was a reporter?

Erica: Well, I want you to call that reporter back right now and you tell her that you had your facts wrong and you demand a retraction.

Opal: I don't see what the harm is here.

Erica: You don't understand what danger Lily is in if people think that she witnessed a murder?

Opal: Yeah, but Ethan Cambias saw it, too, and Zach Slater is in jail, so Lily isn't in any danger.

Erica: You don't get to decide that.

Opal: Well, excuse me for trying to do my civic duty.

Erica: Oh, brother. You just can't help yourself, can you? You just can't help yourself. You make the wrong choice, and then you spend time defending that horrific choice, just like Jamie and Tad just sweep their crimes right aside.

Opal: Now, you just hold on a little red-hot minute there, missy! You -- how many times have I stood by you through thick and thin when you made one doozy after another? Now you expect me to turn on my family just because they got suckered by those Carey dames?  

Erica: You know, I don't really care what you do, but you just do not mess with my family ever again.


</>J.R.: I want satisfaction, the same chance that you had with Zach -- to catch Babe, Jamie, Hayward, Tad in some sort of pile of nasty that I could nail them for. But the best revenge would be Tad. If I had an extra corpse just floating around and I could get away with it, I would tag Tad as the killer and send him away for the rest of his life.

Greenlee: Kendall, I've lived it with Leo. For a long time, I wished I'd died with him. I'd go to the falls, get close to the edge, look down at the crashing water. Ryan pulled me back from the edge, he saved me, so why did I let him go? You would have stopped him.

Ryan: Jonathan? No Jonathan, no Braden.

Aidan: So they could be double-teaming together when you took that bullet in the vest.

Jonathan: Ryan?

Ryan: Jon? Hey --

Jonathan: Ryan --

Ryan: Hockett, what --

Jonathan: You're alive.

Ryan: Hey, man --

Jonathan: Oh!

Greenlee: Answer me. If Ryan was walking out the door, you would have --

Kendall: Yes, yes, ok? Right, yes, I would have stopped him.

Greenlee: I knew it.

Kendall: I would have stopped Ryan, but kidding myself that I was doing it out of love or to keep him safe, when really it just would have been a total control-freak move, proof that I didn't trust him to do things his own way. Ryan stays true to himself, and you honor that, and that's why -- ugh -- that's why you're the woman he loves. Ok, so are you still down here to make me choke out these warm-fuzzies to make you feel better?

Greenlee: I'm still down here because I'm terrified for Ryan. Don't tell me you don't feel it, too.

[Ryan and Aidan find Jonathan on the floor of his hotel room with a stab wound to the stomach.]

Ryan: Jon, can you tell me what happened? Jon, can you hear me?

Aidan: Well, this guy really meant business.

Ryan: Listen, I need you to call 911 and get a towel. I need a towel right now.

Aidan: All right.

Ryan: Hey, hey, Jon, who did this to you? Can you hear me? Can you tell me who did this to you?

Jonathan: Braden -- Braden -- agh! Oh!

Aidan: It's a knife wound. There's a man down.

Jonathan: Braden did it.

Aidan: He's conscious. He's bleeding.

Jonathan: He knew that it was a setup.

Aidan: Room 516.

Jonathan: Ryan, he said he was going to come after you, so I tried to stop him, but he stopped me.

Aidan: I'm Aidan Devane.

Jonathan: I'm sorry, Ryan.

Ryan: That's ok, it's all right, man. It's all right.

[Jonathan groans]

Ryan: Are they coming?

Aidan: They're coming.

Ryan: I got to keep pressure on here, ok? Stay with me. Stay with me.

Jonathan: He didn't get to you, though, Ryan. He didn't get to you.

Ryan: No, I'm fine. I'm fine. Everything's going to be fine. You're going to be fine. We're all going to be fine, right? They're on their way. They're coming.

Jack: Sam, I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am about your father.

Reggie: Yeah, same here, man.

Sam: Thank you. I -- I feel really bad about Lily -- before.

Reggie: You two know each other?

Sam: Well, she was at the stables, and she was talking about my dad, where it happened, and I sort of lost it and freaked out on her. I'm sorry.

Jack: Well, at times like this, you're allowed to freak out, lose it a little bit, but I think that apology should go to Lily, not me.

Sam: Hey. You ok? I was a jackass earlier -- um -- I mean I was rude, and I'm sorry.

Lily: It's ok. Sometimes I'm rude, too. It's hard to be polite when you're worried about a bunch of other things.

J.R.: Tad called me his son for years and then lied to me and told me my son was dead. Your father looked at you without blinking and denied you all blood ties. Why shouldn't he suffer?

Ethan: The gospel in here is turn the other cheek.

J.R.: Yeah. It's cute, pathetic. Forgiveness is just an open invite to pile on more pain. I prefer an eye for an eye, a lie for a lie. If they ever start a religion based upon that, sign me up and pass me the collection plate. In the meantime, I'll do things my way, to hell with everyone else.

Anita: You know, Maria wasn't the whole package. If you had somehow gotten her away from Edmund, her kids would have been a part of your life, too. Never crossed your mind? Maybe you could have helped Sam with his Algebra or taught Maddie to win at blackjack. Would that have meant anything to you?

Zach: They have Maria.

Anita: Right, because that's working out so well. Maddie called her mom a killer, blames Maria because you killed Edmund for her. But then, you know what it's like to have your own child turn on you, don't you, Zach? Would you wish that on anyone? You said you loved her, and then you took her life.

Tad: Hey, sweetie. You know, right now words just don't cut it. They're probably more of an insult than anything else. Having been there, I know that there's nothing anybody can really say when you lose the one person that made your world make sense. Somebody takes your future away from you, all the things that you thought you'd be doing 5, 10, 20 years. But I do want you to know something, because I've been there. You'll never lose what you had with Edmund, ever, all the wonderful moments that made up your life. Nobody can take those away from you.

Maria: I feel like they're fading already.

Tad: Don't let them. You do whatever you have to -- write them down and pray, anything, but keep them alive, as real as if they happened yesterday, because you're going to need them for the rough stuff. And I'm not going to lie to you. There's some rough stuff ahead. But when memories aren't enough, you'll have sleepless nights, and you're going to for a while.

Maria: Yeah.

Tad: Let your friends love you, because we do. Now that Edmundís gone, I'm going to need you twice as much. So if it ever gets too bad, you just call me -- 1-800-555-Tad's there for you. It's 8839 --

Maria: Yeah, I'll bet, I'll bet.

Tad: I'm sorry.

Maria: Thank you.


Doctor: Incoming! What do we got?

Paramedic: It's a knife wound.

Doctor: Blood at the scene?

Paramedic: BP is 140/90, respiration shallow.

Nurse: Sorry, you'll have to wait out here.

Paramedic: There's no other trauma, running down his body --

Ryan: He could have died. He could have died today.

Aidan: So that makes two of you, Ryan. Listen, just try and stay calm, all right? I'm going to hand this knife into Derek as evidence. I'll be right back.

Ryan: All right, just hang. It's not too late, man. It's not too late. You'll be saved. You'll be saved.

Zach: Well, look where I am -- not exactly a penthouse suite.

Anita: Oh, come on. Tell me what you've lost.

Zach: My freedom.

Anita: To walk around and make hell for everyone? What else? Maria?

Zach: You can't lose what you never really had, you know.

Anita: Is that why you took Edmundís life? If you couldn't have her, then -- you know what? I hope it keeps you warm at night knowing that two kids and their mom had their lives shredded.

Zach: I'm sorry for your loss.

Anita: Keep it. Put it where you conscience should be.

[Door slams]

Greenlee: Oh, I should head over to Wildwind.

[Phone rings]

Greenlee: Please be you.

Ryan: Hey. It's me.

Greenlee: Hey. You. What happened?

Ryan: Well, I'm still standing.

Greenlee: Standing is good. How did the showdown go with Braden?

Ryan: A few glitches. I'll fill you in later. I just -- I just wanted to call. I just wanted to tell you that I love you.

Greenlee: I love you, too. Do you think you're going to make Edmundís service?

Ryan: No -- not likely. Will you do me a favor? Will you tell Maria that I send my best, and the kids, please?

Greenlee: Will do. I love you. I was wrong. Nothing bad's coming -- at least not today. Ryan's alive, and that's all that matters.

Kendall: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Save the drippy wet ones for the funeral.

Greenlee: God, Kendall, how bad do you have to be?

Kendall: As bad as you need me to be, honey. I pulled back first.

Greenlee: You wish.

Erica: Reggie? Could I just have a moment alone with Lily?

Reggie: Oh, sure. I'll be in the back.

Lily: Erica, I promise I won't break the rules anymore. I know that you and Dad and Reggie worry about me, and that means you love me.

Erica: Very much. And I'm not going to lecture you. Really, I just want to ask you about this. Lily, when you read this newspaper article, did you fully understand it?

Lily: Yes. That man was killed, like my mother.

Erica: Lily, that night when you were at Wildwind, did you see this man die? That's -- that's really good, Lily. That's great. You're doing great. And now I just want you to take your time and just think about this carefully. Did you see this man commit murder?

[Music plays]

Maria: Sam, you coming in?

Sam: I told you I'd be here.

Maria: Hi. I'm glad you changed your mind, honey. I think this is going to help.

Sam: I'd like to say something in there, if it's cool, for my dad.

Maria: That'd be great.

Livia: I'm tired and I'm weary but I must go on till the lord comes to call me away when mornin' is bright and the lamb is the light and the night is as fair as the day there'll be peace in the valley for me, I pray there will be peace in the valley for me there'll be no sadness no sorrow no troubles will I see there will be peace in the valley for me

Tad: Um -- when Maria asked me to say something today, I panicked because I'm not the Pulitzer-Prize winner. When asked to comment on or sum up a life like Edmundís, I just -- I don't have the words. And the really ironic thing is that if my pal were here, he would. He wasn't just good at his job. He was brilliant. If Edmund were here, I know he'd have the perfect anecdote, story, or joke that would let us all know in the wink of an eye how much he loved us. He could always be counted on to find that spark that somehow made sense of the way things happened, and I always envied that. I just once in my life would want to be Edmund after a dinner party and a good bottle of wine, holding court, regaling people with stories of back-alley deals and adventure, making us laugh until we cried and somehow getting us to believe in a world where heroes never die. But that's not me. As they say, the rest is silence. And that's as it should be, because the truth is we've all lost something incredibly precious -- a father, a husband, and a very dear friend. And none of us will ever be the same.

Erica to Zach: You're a damn liar. You didn't kill Edmund.

[Monitor beeps]

Doctor: We're prepping him for surgery. The blade didn't connect with anything major. It's a repair job, but one inch either way -- your brother's got an angel on his shoulder.

Ryan: Can he hear me?

Doctor: He's sedated, but you can talk to him.

Ryan: Thank you. Hey, man. Thank you for -- for trying to save me. No, no, no, no, no, don't -- don't try to talk, all right? Just conserve your energy, little brother.

Jonathan: Ryan --

Ryan: Hey, hey, you got nothing to worry about, all right? Braden didn't get me. There's nothing else to talk about, so stop.

Jonathan: Bomb. Hey -- there's a bomb. Bomb.

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Sam: My father's dead because of her!

Ryan: Where did Braden put the bomb?

Jonathan: Greenlee, Kendall, and Maria -- everyone there.

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