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By Suzanne
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J.R.: Would you look at those reflexes. Guess we're going to have to sign you up for peewee lacrosse here soon, huh?

Nanny: You need me, Mr. Chandler?

J.R.: Not anymore.

Nanny: Excuse me, sir?

J.R.: How about two weeks' pay with no notice?

Nanny: Mr. Chandler, I -- I don't understand. Little Adam and I get along very well.

J.R.: Not when you're singing. It's like fingernails on a chalkboard.

Nanny: Since when is a good singing voice a requirement? I -- I have worked for the best families.

J.R.: Not this one. Now, if you're packed by noon, I will give you a good recommendation, and I'll leave out the part about being tone deaf.

Nanny: I -- I have never.

J.R.: Now you have. Don't worry. We'll find a nanny who doesn't have a voice that sounds like a blender. Yeah.

[Music box plays]

Babe: Yes, hi, I was just calling to check on visiting hours. Ok. Got it, thanks.

[Knock on door]

Babe: Good morning.

Brooke: I hope so. Uh, have you seen Jamie this morning? I just wanted to talk to him.

Babe: I wish I could say yes.

Brooke: Well, at least you didn't say, "I do." Sorry.

Babe: I'm getting a little worried. He left, he was pretty angry. But I know you're glad how it turned out, so --

Brooke: Look, it's not you exactly. You're just -- you're so young.

Babe: And way past my quota of mistakes?

Brooke: Hey, I don't want either one of you to get hurt, ok?

Tad: Brooke! Want some breakfast? Sugarcoated critters and sliced-up quackers bar. Did I miss something?

[Motorcycle approaches]

Babe: It's ok. Really, I understand.

Tad: What the hell's that?

Brooke: I don't know. Sounds like a motorcycle.

Babe: What?

Brooke: Oh, my God. Oh, my God!

Babe: Oh, whoa!

Brooke: Who are you? Put her down! Tad, do something. Do something!

Babe: Put me down!

Brooke: Who are you? I mean it, tell me who you are. I'm calling the police. If you don't put her down, I'm calling the police!

Babe: I'm serious �

[Tad opens the door as Jamie lugs Babe out.]

Brooke: Tad, what's the matter with you?

[Motorcycle departs]

Tad: Now, about that cereal �

Reggie: So, Lily, you still want me to take you to your Life Skills classes?

Lily: Yes. I've missed six assignments. I need to catch up.

Reggie: You'll be back on schedule in no time. You know, I'm really glad you're going back.

Lily: I need to get my jacket. It's supposed to be 52 degrees outside, no rain, slight breeze.

Reggie: Don't forget your maps.

[Knock on door]

Reggie: Where do you get off showing your face around here?

Jack: Whoa, whoa, Reggie, it's ok. I asked Aidan to come by.

Reggie: What for?

Jack: Well, ever since Lily made headlines as an eyewitness to Edmund's murder, Aidan's going to put a little more security on her.

Reggie: But Lily didn't see anything, and Zach the ripper, he's behind bars, so what's the deal?

Jack: Well, Zach's not the only threat in this town. There's someone else who likes to hurt the women in our family.

Greenlee [sleeping]: Ryan? Ryan? Ryan, I can't move. Can you hear me? Ryan, say something, please. Ryan -- Ryan, turn around quick! It's Braden! Ryan! Ryan!

Ryan: Now, is that any kind of way to treat your husband?

Greenlee: I had a bad dream.

Ryan: You did? You ok?

Greenlee: I am now that you're here.

Ryan: The question is, why are you here? I told you to stay at Jack's or at your old place.

Greenlee: I feel safe here. It's home. Besides, waking up at Chez Lavery has its perks, especially when you're here.

Ryan: Well, I'm sorry I can't stick around and perk with you. I can't stay long.

Greenlee: Braden. You still want to find him.

Ryan: Jonathan is trying to contact him right now. So far, nothing.

Greenlee: Good. Let the cops deal with him.

Ryan: I will as soon as I talk to him.

Greenlee: Braden shoots first, talks later.

Ryan: Not this time, Greenlee, ok? Look, it's my fault that he skipped out five years ago. I have to finish this. None of us have any kind of future until I do.

Jack: No, I got nothing new on Braden Lavery, not a damn thing.

Aidan: You think Braden's still out there waiting for another shot at Ryan?

Jack: Well, according to Jonathan, he is. Not the most reliable source, but he's all we've got, now isn't he?

Aidan: Listen, I want to coordinate with you about Lily, all right?

Reggie: She is coordinated. I got her back 24/7. I mean, I'm taking her to her classes, I'm picking her up afterwards until this whole thing is over.

Aidan: Well, then she's in good hands.

Reggie: You got that right.

Aidan: Hi, Lily. Don't worry, I'm -- I'm just leaving. Jack, I'll take care of Lily, all right?

Jack: Thank you.

Reggie: Come on, Lily, we got to bounce. I mean, we got to go.

Lily: We have 23 minutes until the bell.

Reggie: Oh, we'd better get a move on, then. Catch you later, J.

Lily: Bye, Dad.

Jack: Bye, sweetheart. Hey. Be safe, ok? I love you.

Adam: That's the third nanny you've fired in as many weeks.

J.R.: You know what they say -- "Good help is hard to find."

Adam: They all had impeccable credentials. They're perfectly qualified to take care of little Adam.

J.R.: On paper. That is not good enough.

Adam: That one was the best of the lot.

J.R.: Obviously, you didn't hear her concert. She sounded like she was a bullfrog in heat. My son has a very good ear for music, and he deserves to have a nanny that can carry a tune. Don't you? Don't you, buddy? See, watch this. See? Watch this.

[Music box plays]

J.R.: See? He loves it. See that smile? Yeah.

Adam: J.R., you can't keep firing these women because they're not your mother.

Babe: Well, that was some "up and at 'em," Tarzan. Where are we?

Jamie: We're home. My buddy Gary got married and moved west. His dad, Ben, he owns this place and the garage downstairs. He gave me a job. I can fix bikes, cars, computers, whatever they need. Salary includes rent. So, what do you think?

Babe: You're not still mad at me for calling off the wedding?

Jamie: I was. But I took it out on a couple hundred miles of road.

Babe: I never meant to hurt your feelings.

Jamie: Know what really made me mad was all that stuff about you not being good enough, and I was equally as ticked at myself. I totally sprang that wedding on you.

Babe: It was romantic.

Jamie: Yeah, but how am I supposed to offer you a future with zero way of making it happen? After the wedding night, then what? But now I've got a job and a place to live. A fresh start, just the two of us.

Babe: Jamie, this is awesome, but I still don't think I'm ready to get married.

Jamie: Babe, do you see the justice of the peace anywhere around here? We're not getting married. Well, not yet. I want us to have a plan, something that we can build on so we get the future that we want.

Krystal: What the --

Woman: Oops.

Krystal: All right, you just hold it right there.

Woman: You got a problem?

Krystal: Are you clumsy, or do you just like to eat off the floor?

Woman: You got a mouth.

Krystal: Yeah, and I can count, too. And this is the third time somebody's messed with me today, and it's not even noon.

Woman: It was an accident. Don't bust my chops.

Krystal: Oh, like hell it was. You and your pals have been nonstop since I checked in. You think I'm going to crack, you got another thing coming, all right? So why don't you just pick on somebody your own size -- like a cockroach.

Woman: You ain't seen nothing yet, kitty cat. You got something real special coming your way.

Brooke: So when did my son become Darth Vader?

Tad: Sometimes bold action is warranted.

Brooke: Mm-hmm.

Tad: You sure you don't want a bite? It's skim milk.

Brooke: No, thank you. It's not a joke, you know.

Tad: I know it's not. To young love, with a touch of the dramatic.

Brooke: Well, that comes from your side, doesn't it?

Tad: Hey, you're the one that taught him to ride a motorcycle in the first place. No, tell us all all over again about how you peeled into town and burnt rubber in Phoebe's driveway.

Brooke: Well, first of all, Aunt Phoebe tells that story more than I do.

Tad: Brace yourself, Bridget. The costume routine worked with Dixie.

Brooke: Please tell me that my son is not eloping. They have more than their share of problems.

Tad: Yeah, don't we all. You know, if Dixie were still around, we'd probably have a few less. One thing's for sure -- she would've squeezed the Chandler right out of J.R., made sure he grew up with a heart. Then again, if Dixie were still around, I'd be a different man.

J.R.: You know, I dreamed about Mom the other night. It was so real, like she'd never left. She smiled at me and she picked up little Adam and she put him on her lap, like she used to put me on her lap. And she sang. She sang that song. And her voice was so beautiful and so clear. I forgot how much I loved to hear Mom sing. And it was so pure, I just -- I just couldn't get enough of it.

Adam: Dixie was a wonderful mother. Obstinate and wrong-headed about half the time, but nobody ever loved you more than she did.

J.R.: I don't know what I would've done without her. My father was a cold-hearted snake.

Adam: Well, no one's ever accused me of oozing maternal warmth. Dixie was one of a kind, no doubt. Which is why no one can take her place.

Jamie: Here, take it. That's my last five bucks. And -- that's 37 cents. Wait. And a mint.

Babe: And what is this for?

Jamie: Security deposit. It's everything I have, and it's yours.

Babe: But I have all I need.

Jamie: No, you have this whacked idea that if I marry you, I'll be sorry somewhere down the line.

Babe: Jamie, if you look at it, our lives have been nothing but crazy. I -- ok, if we start living normal, you realize it might do us in, and, yes, you think that my tomato soup is really cute and my guac is killer, but a month, even a year from now, you might want to just chuck it out the window.

Jamie: I'm going to prove to you we're going to last. So here's the deal -- we give it six months. In six months, if I don't love you as much as I love you right now, we pack it in. And that goes both ways. You can bail, too. But in six months, if we've fallen deeper and harder in love, we set a date. No fear, no regret. Deal?

Babe: Do I get to keep the mint? Deal.

Ryan: Very nice. The only thing missing is a matching set of luggage.

Greenlee: I won't stay at Jack's.

Ryan: I want you safe.

Greenlee: Oh, while you play bait for Braden?

Ryan: No, it's not going to be like that. It's not going to be like I'll be all by myself. Jonathan will be there with me.

Greenlee: If you tell me he's got your back, I'll barf.

Ryan: Greenlee, I actually got through to him last night. He understands that we have to bring Braden in, and the only way to do it is to flush him out in the open.

Greenlee: Well, maybe he's flushed himself right out of town. Have you talked to your sister? Maybe Erin's heard from him or something.

Ryan: I called her a couple times, no answer.

Greenlee: Not even a machine? Oh, my God, you don't -- you don't think that Braden would go after her, too, would he?

Ryan: No. No, what he wants is right here. It's in Pine Valley.

Greenlee: I've been here. The good guys don't always come back.

[Knock on door]

Ryan: I'll get it.

Greenlee: No, I'm not going to hide, not in my own home.

Ryan: Who is it?

Jack: Ryan, it's Jack. Hey, sweetheart.

Greenlee: If you're here to make me move to your place, forget it.

Jack: We'll talk about that in a minute. Right now, I need to talk to you about Braden.

[Phone rings]

Ryan: Hey. Ok, I'll be there very soon. Will you watch her, take care of her?

Jack: Whoa, I need some answers when it comes to your brothers, because right now, I got to tell you, you are the only Lavery that I don't want to see locked up.

Greenlee: Who was that?

Ryan: Everything is going to be fine. Hey. I love you.

Jack: Every time I come over here, the guy's leaving. What the hell's going on?

Greenlee: Ryan's going to finish it -- today.

Adam: Money can buy a lot of things, but never a mother's love. So if you want our namesake to have the best, it's going to take a lot more than cash.

J.R.: Like what, extra vacation days, a plasma screen?

Adam: It's a beautiful morning. Why don't you take my grandson, put him in a stroller, and take him on a walk around the park, hmm? There's no better way for a rich, handsome, young, single daddy with an adorable son to bring out a whole conga line of mommy wannabes.

J.R.: You have got to be kidding me.

Adam: It's like chumming for sharks.

J.R.: No one ever accused you of being romantic, either.

Adam: Well, look where romantic got you. A country song on platforms who thought you were the brass ring for the "Dynasty" life.

J.R.: Thank you for the advice. I have work to do.

Adam: Revenge can be a full-time job. You've certainly thrown yourself into it, getting Jamie expelled and buying that apartment building out from under him.

J.R.: Yeah, well, everyone needs a hobby, Dad.

Adam: Is that what it is? Or do you still have feelings for Babe?

Babe: You know, it's bigger than half the places that I've lived in.

Jamie: Not much. You know there's no washer or dryer?

Babe: Yep. Passed a Laundromat on the way.

Jamie: The kitchen sink leaks, the bathroom's got more mildew than it does tile.

Babe: Nothing a little elbow grease won't fix.

Jamie: Ben did say we could paint.

Babe: You know, that's a good idea. There's this stenciling thing that I've really wanted to try. We could it, like, there and we could do, well, the bright colors to sass up the wall.

Jamie: I wanted our first place to be special.

Babe: It already is. It's perfect, and it's home. You know, we lived on the road in so many stinky motels, but this one is ours, and nobody can take it away from us.

Jamie: It still could get kind of noisy. The garage is right downstairs.

Babe: Means you could come home for lunch, Mr. Sexy Wrench, every day.

Jamie: There's nothing like a hot lunch to keep a guy going.

Babe: Hmm. Ok. So it's all set. When we can we move in?

Jamie: How about today?

Babe: Are you serious? Come here! It's really ours? We'll have our own homecoming tonight, and then I'll go -- I can get candles and tablecloths and we can make dinner! Visiting hours. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Mama's going to be waiting. I'll be back.

Guard: Visiting hours start in 20. You'd better shine.

Krystal: Nothing but razzle-dazzle.

Guard: Don't stop now.

Krystal: Listen, I get that I'm the new kid on the block, all right, and I could take a little hazing just as well as the next person, but these ladies have it in for me extra special.

Guard: It's not a sorority.

Krystal: Yeah, I know that. I get it. And I know the rules -- you keep your head down and you stay under the radar. But it ain't working, all right? They're not letting me sleep, they're putting cockroaches in my bed, they're putting red pepper in my food, and there's an awful lot of talk about some kind of a blanket party. And something tells me it has nothing to do with beaches or bingo.

Guard: Oh, it's a party, all right, yeah. One day, you'll walk along under that radar you're so worried about. All of a sudden, a blanket will go over your head and you'll get the spit kicked out of you by assailants unknown. Can't ID what you can't see.

Krystal: I was afraid of that. Any idea why me and what I can do about it?

Guard: Mind over matter. I don't mind. You don't matter. Now clean the floor.

Krystal: It's finished.

Guard: Keep trying.

Ryan: Braden said he was going to meet you here?

Jonathan: Any time now.

Ryan: All right. You ready to do this?

Jonathan: I'm ready.

Ryan: And you remember, you hold him down, you pin him down.

Jonathan: I know. We'd better get in there. Hey -- I've made every wrong choice I could. It's all in the past, ok? I'm going to make it up to you, Ryan. I just want us to be ok again.

Ryan: All right, let's do this.


Jonathan: Someone's coming.

Jack: Ryan's going to let Braden go, isn't he?

Greenlee: No, he won't. He promised he won't let Braden go. His word is gold, you know that.

Jack: As far as Ryan's brothers are concerned, I don't know anything.

Greenlee: Hey, wait a minute. Jack, he flew to Vegas to get Erica, he gave Cambias to Miranda and Ethan, and he swore he'd help Jonathan. He keeps his word no matter what. I hate it sometimes, but I love him. I have to trust him.

Jack: And what about his promise to take care of you? He's doing a bang-up job there, now isn't he?

Greenlee: He's doing it the only way he knows how. I had to let him go.

Jonathan: Lily --

Lily: No.

Jonathan: Lily, I just wanted to say that I was --

Lily: Don't touch me.

Jonathan: What?

Lily: No, don't touch me!

Aidan: Hey, get away from her! Get away from her!

Jonathan: I'm not going to hurt her! I'm not going to touch you, Lily!

Ryan: Lily, it's ok.

Lily: No, don't touch me!

Ryan: Lily, it's all right. Everything's ok.

Lily: No! No! No, don't touch me!

Aidan: Count down from 100. 100, 99 --

Lily: No! No! No!

Aidan: 98, 97, 96 --

J.R.: That's a good one, Dad, really.

Adam: Well, I'm glad I'm entertaining you.

J.R.: The only feelings that I have for Babe are disgust, revulsion, and maybe a slight hint of nausea.

Adam: Well, I had to ask. Love can be fickle.

J.R.: It's -- it is not about love. I would throw a party if Baby Doll, Skank Mama, and Dr. Daddy fell off the face of the earth. Only they've got gravity on their side. I want -- I want to make sure that they do not have a nanosecond of happiness or peace.

Adam: You're off to a brilliant start.

J.R.: The plan is simple, really. For every time they made us suffer, I'm going to make sure that I multiply it by infinity. But the genius part about it is that Babe and David think they're going to get off because Krystal took the rap. But when I'm done with them, they're going to wish that they had a cozy little cell that they could curl up into and die.

Adam: Living with Jamie Martin might be punishment enough for Babe, or vice versa.

J.R.: Those idiots can't keep their hands off each other. But that's not going to last, and I'm going to make sure of it.

Tad: Kudos on the Evel Knievel routine. Kind of reminds me of my chicken suit proposal to Dixie.

Jamie: Well, I happen to prefer leather over feathers.

Tad: Yeah. That's a nice touch.

Jamie: Well, learned from the best. Just I toned down the goof factor a little bit.

Tad: Well, that's your mistake. Don't ever underestimate the goof factor. I'll tell you something, as soon as Dixie saw me in feathers, I have never seen a person laugh so hard in my entire life, no. She saw me dressed as a chicken, I knew I had her. Speaking of which -- this is the new love nest, hmm?

Jamie: That another chicken joke?

Tad: I got a million of them.

Jamie: So, I got expelled, I did time, got a low-wage job, and I'm shacked up with the town outcast. Want to tell me how disappointed you are? Go ahead, Dad. Lay it on me.

Reggie: What did you do to her? Did you hurt her?

Jonathan: What?

Aidan: Reggie, she's all right.

Reggie: I swear to God I'll bust you up.

Ryan: Reggie, Reggie, relax, ok? Nothing happened. It was an accident. We didn't mean to scare her. It was an accident.

Reggie: You're so lucky you got your big brother to hide behind.

Lily: 75, 74, 73 --

Aidan: What happened, Reggie? I thought you were supposed to pick her up from school, like you said.

Reggie: Yeah, that was the plan. When I got there, she already left. I know she likes this place, so I just took a chance.

Jonathan: Now you all can leave.

Reggie: Since when is this a private club for freaks?

Aidan: I think it's best that you take her home.

Lily: 58, 57, 56 --

Reggie: Sure. We're out of here. Come on, Lily, let's go get something to eat.

Jonathan: What are you waiting for?

Aidan: Who, me? What, you want me to leave, miss all the fun? There's nothing like a stake-out in early spring -- new flowers, fresh air, and Braden. Am I right?

Jonathan: No thanks to you. You blew it! How could you be so stupid?

Babe: You look good, Mama.

Krystal: Must be the tanning booth and the weekly massage.

Babe: How are you doing, really?

Krystal: Good. Really, pretty good.

Babe: And the guards? How are they treating you?

Krystal: Well, they're -- they're pretty strict. I mean, it is a prison, after all. But, you know, they have their soft spots, and they gave me an extra blanket. And they're giving me all the cushy jobs. I mean, I haven't even broken a nail since I got here.

Babe: I hate that you're in here. If I could just trade places with you, I would.

Krystal: Please, and gyp me out of learning a second language? Baby doll, this time is going to whiz by. I'm going to be out of here before you know it.

Babe: Yeah. Well, it's already been way too long.

Krystal: All right, look, enough about me, ok, and the lux life here. How's our little peanut? Have you seen him?

Babe: I'm trying. J.R. is giving me heck every single step of the way, and the lawyers, they already stalled my first visit, but --

Krystal: Don't you worry, honey. You have every legal right to your three hours. When you see that little tyke, I just want you to just -- just smother him with kisses from his grandma.

Babe: I will.

Krystal: How about you and Jamie, huh?

Babe: Oh --

Krystal: You guys treating each other good? What's going on? I can tell by the glow on your face it's going good.

Babe: Seriously, you won't even believe what he did for me today.

Guard: Time's up, Carey.

Krystal: I haven't had my 20 minutes yet.

Guard: We've got floors for you to scrub.

Krystal: Come on, this is my first visit with my daughter.

Guard: Another word out of you and you won't see her or talk to her for a month -- no visitation, no phone privileges. Your choice.

Jonathan: He ruined everything! Braden's long gone by now!

Aidan: You know, you're lucky no one's taken you out, Jonathan. What kind of guy knows who shot his brother and poisoned the man's wife and does nothing, huh? When were you going to say something? When one of them ended up in the morgue?

Ryan: Ok, all right, let it go, Aidan. Come here. The last thing he needs right now is a lecture. He knows that he screwed up, you understand?

Aidan: So what do you mean, he's learned his lesson, he promises to be a better person?

Ryan: I will make sure that Jonathan pays for everything he's done, and Braden, both of them, but they're my blood. I do it my way.

Aidan: All right. But when you're done, I want a piece of Braden for all kind of reasons, and then I want to settle the tab with Jonathan.

Jack: Greenlee, you nearly died. You're still not safe. You know what, maybe if you hadn't married Ryan, none of this would be happening!

Greenlee: You're the one person I expect to get this. Hello? Erica? She flipped out and she went to Vegas and you had to let her go, and I watched you upset every single day. But you had to let her go and fight her own battles and win on her own terms. That's exactly what I've got to do with Ryan.

Jack: I just don't understand how someone who loves you could put you through this, especially after what you went through with Leo.

Greenlee: The only way we come out the other side, I let him do what he's got to do. It sucks. But it's the only way I can get him back home.

Jack: Look, Greenlee, I just -- I just want you to be happy and safe.

Greenlee: We'll be fine. It'll be great again. We're going to have a couple dogs and a barrel full of kids and -- maybe one or two. But no matter how big our family, we're going to be happy.

Babe: Hey, it's ok, Mama. I'll go. I don't want them mad at you. Oh, wait, wait, wait. I brought you something, and I got it screened outside, so they said that it was fine. Remember this? Oh, come on. Remember? You won it for me at that fair in Pocatello.

Krystal: You saw that thing and you just had to have it. Yes, and I threw my arm out getting it for you.

Babe: I want you to sleep with it. I want you to remember all our good times and dream about all the ones we have to come as soon as we're done with all this mess.

Guard: Time to say bye-bye.

Babe: I'll see you soon, Mama. Love you.

Krystal: I love you, too, baby doll.

Guard: That needs to be screened.

Krystal: It already was. She couldn't have gotten it in here if it wasn't.

Guard: You'd be surprised the contraband people smuggle in.

Krystal: Since when is a little bit of carny souvenir contra anything?

Guard: You sure you want to have this conversation?

Krystal: Wait, what are you doing? What the �

[The guard rips all the stuffing out of the little pillow.]

Guard: False alarm. Now clean it up, then get back to your cell.

Krystal: All right, what the hell is going on?

Jamie: Where's the whole thing about me moving in with Babe is the biggest mistake of my life?

Tad: You know something -- some of the world's greatest romances started with people's biggest mistakes. You marry Babe, it might be the best mistake you ever make.

Jamie: I'm still chewing on the last mistakes we made -- J.R. on the warpath, half the town ready to lynch Babe. Kind of a mess.

Tad: Take it slow. You'll get through it. You can survive anything as long as you got love and laughter.

J.R.: Did you know that your grandma was from Pigeon Hollow? And every year, they'd have this great, big pig roast. And I got to tell you, every time I thought about that pig, it used to make me cry. And you know what your grandma did to me? She'd put me on her lap and she would say, "This little piggy went to market, and this little piggy stayed home. And this little piggy had roast beef, and this little piggy had none. But this little piggy went, 'Wee, wee, wee, wee,' all the way home to Pine Valley." Yeah.

Krystal: I mind my business, I do my work, and I stick by the rules, and I all I get is spit on! What did I ever do to you, huh, or you or the rest of you? Not a damn thing, all right? So I want to know what the hell is going on?

Woman: I'll tell you.

Lily: I told them, but they wouldn't stop asking me.

Reggie: Told who what?

Lily: I didn't see anyone hit the man in the wheelchair.

Reggie: Your friends -- they were hassling you about that newspaper article, huh?

Lily: They wouldn't stop. They wouldn't listen to me.

Reggie: That's cold. I mean, their attitude, not the weather.

Lily: I didn't see anyone hit the man in the wheelchair.

Reggie: Lily, I believe you. Look, why don't we eat this food, ok, before it gets cold. Can't forget your green ketchup.

Lily: He wasn't in a wheelchair.

Reggie: What'd you say?

Jonathan: Come out. It's a waste. He's not coming.

Ryan: Just give it a little more time.

Jonathan: He would've been here by now, Ryan. Probably caught the show here with double-0 zero and his girlfriend and split.

Aidan: You're such an idiot, you know that?

Ryan: Relax, relax. It's obviously a bust. He's right, it's a bust.

Jonathan: If Braden knows I screwed him over, Ryan, he's capable of anything.

[Greenlee enters her apartment and screams]

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Babe to Jamie: Mama needs me, and the only way I can help her right now is if I'm in prison with her.

Krystal to Tad: I appreciate you coming and visiting me, but don't come back.

J.R. to David: It's like you traded in your surgical scrubs for some community-service khakis.

Jonathan to Ryan: You betrayed me?

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