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By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

Jonathan: Yeah, I know you.

Kendall: You don't scare me, little boy.

Jonathan: No?

Kendall: No.

Jonathan: Not even a little bit, just a little? See, anyone dumb enough to get in my face --

Ryan: Hey, back off, you idiot!

Jonathan: What?

Ryan: What is with you? What is the matter with you?

Jonathan: You do something about her then! Wait, what are you doing? What are you doing?

Kendall: I am calling 911. It's time for the cops to come and bust your butt, Jonathan. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Ethan: Maria, this DVD, It's not mine. It belongs to my father.

Maria: What's it doing here?

Ethan: Zach was going to show this to you the night -- that night.

Maria: Why? What's on it?

Ethan: He said if you saw this that it would destroy your marriage.

Zach: The gaming commission's still on me about using a false name. Get Jerry on it. He knows the drill.

Man: Got it. Anything else?

Zach: Yeah. Send a case of Scotch to the police commissioner and thank him for letting our accommodations double as an office.

Man: When you getting out of here, boss?

Erica: That answer would be never. Confessed killers don't get a pass. They don't conduct business as usual unless it's with the business end of a cellmate named Big Bruce. And they certainly do not bark orders and expect the world to come running.

Zach: Yet here you are, a vision as always.

Erica: Thank you. Must be the fresh air and the sunshine. So, why don't you tell me what is so urgent?

Zach: Concerns your family. Have you seen the evening paper?

Erica: Oh, my God. This is unforgivable.

[Knock on door]

Aidan: I need to see Lily, Jack.

Jack: Aidan, we've been through this. You were going to stay away from her until she got over her crush on you, right?

Aidan: Right, but that was before I realized that she could be in danger.

Jonathan: Hang up the phone, Kendall. Hey, Ryan, she can't be calling the cops in here!

Ryan: Can you blame her? What, do I have to drill a hole in your skull for it to sink in that you do not get to work out your issues on women or anybody else?

Jonathan: She was threatening me!

Ryan: So suck it up, man. What's the matter with you? She's got every right!

Kendall: Excuse -- excuse me, I was calling the cops on Jonathan.

Greenlee: Well, forget the cops for a second. It's my turn to lay down the law. All right, you guys, listen up --

Kendall: No, you want to rage, get in line. I was here first.

Jonathan: Look, Kendall, I'm really sorry I went off on you, ok?

Kendall: Shut up.

Ryan: Will you please just let me deal with my brother?

Greenlee: No, I'm dealing with both of you.

Kendall: Um, hello? Over here? Could you please maybe womp up some concern for me and Ethan, Pine Valley enemies number one and two? Falsely accused of drugging you into dementia and arrested for putting a hole in Ryan with a rifle and a sniper scope?

Ryan: Ok, Kendall, you and Ethan are off the line-up. The problem now is Braden.

Kendall: Yes, I know. Greenlee filled me in already.

Jonathan: You believe me?

Ryan: Yes. Derek ran the prints on the scrapbook and the note, and it's 100% Braden.

Kendall: Oh, God -- prints, shmints. Forget about that. I say Jonny stole his brother's gun and he planted it in Ethan's storage locker. He set me up for poisoning Greenlee. So why don't we get Chief Frye over her and have your brother arrested for all of it?

Ryan: No, please -- just please, can we just wait until we find my brother, my other brother?

Kendall: I say a felon in the hand is worth two Bradens in the bush.

Greenlee: Kendall, just wait until I'm done here. Is there any doubt in your mind that I love you beyond reason?

Ryan: No, no doubt, not a shred.

Greenlee: Good. Because that love gives me an amazing window into who you are and how your mind works. I pretty much know what you're going to do before you do it, and right now I don't like what I see.

Ryan: Well, if you really do know me like you say you know me, then you know you got to cut me some slack.

Greenlee: No. Uh-uh. Loving wives do not let husbands make suicide runs. You can set a trap for Braden, but I'm not going to let you be the bait.

Jack: Where did they get this?

Aidan: I don't know. The reporter I spoke to wouldn't give up his source.

Jack: I know the editor, and he'd better be willing to print a retraction. Why would they exploit my daughter with this lie? Lily told you and she told Erica she did not witness Edmund's murder.

Aidan: Look, whatever the facts, Jack, Edmund's killer's not going to like it.

Jack: Whoa, wait, wait. Let me see if I've got this right now. Zach Slater admitted to killing Edmund, right? He's locked up. Ethan is an eyewitness.

[Knock on door]

Jack: So why would Lily, even if this nonsense were true, why would she have anything to be afraid of?

Derek: Jack. Sorry to bother you.

Jack: It's all right.

Derek: You've seen the headlines?

Jack: Oh, yeah. And like I told you, Lily --

Derek: Lily was in the barn. She may know something. I have to question her.

Jack: Well, tell you what, I'll make you a deal -- I'll think about letting you talk to Lily if you bring me the head of Braden Lavery for poisoning Greenlee.

Greenlee: Call the cops, Ryan.

Kendall: Didn't I just do that?

Greenlee: Shut up, Kendall. Please? They're trained to deal with violent criminals. Let them bring Braden in.

Kendall: Yeah, then they can swing by and pick up Jonny Boy.

Greenlee: Braden wants you dead. Don't step up and let him take another shot.

Ryan: Come here. Look, I get why you're scared, I really do, but I know Braden, you know, the same way that you know me. I'm the best person to bring him in because I can get inside his head and stay one step ahead of him.

Kendall: Then why don't you share this insider info with the police? Let them take the risks and let them take all the edges.

Ryan: Look, I'm not playing hero here. I'm not being a human sacrifice. The point is he's dodged the police for five years. He hasn't been pulled over for anything as little as a broken taillight.

Greenlee: Which makes him scary as hell.

Ryan: That's how we grew up. You know, we knew how to be invisible. His whole life is about not being caught, Greenlee, and there's only one person out there that can make him mad enough to risk showing himself, and that's me.

Jonathan: No. No, Ryan, no way. I brought this down on you, ok? I'll be the bait. I'll do it. Jack swore to bury me with Braden anyway, so I've got nothing to lose, ok, and a hell of a lot to gain.

Kendall: I wouldn't trust you to decoy a wooden duck, you lying sack of garbage.

Zach: Any idea who's behind this?

Erica: "Autistic teenage girl witnesses Edmund Grey murder."

Zach: This headline could be a death warrant for Jackson's daughter.

Erica: Are you threatening Lily?

Zach: Did the paper get it right?

Erica: I'm asking you, are you threatening Lily?

Zach: Did they get it right? Will nothing happen to her?

Erica: That still leaves Ethan, who saw you bash in Edmund's head with a shovel.

Zach: You know, it doesn't really matter what you think of me. You and Jackson have to make sure that Lily is safe.

Erica: Why is that? Because the minute we drop our guard, you're going to have one of your henchmen move in with chloroform and a gag? Please.

Zach: You're more worried than you let on.

Erica: I'm only amazed that you haven't had Ethan permanently silenced.

Zach: Know this -- I wouldn't hurt Lily any more than I would hurt Miranda, and I swear that on my soul.

Maria: So a little beam of light hits this plastic disc and my marriage just detonates, according to Zach? Did you see it?

Ethan: Yes.

Maria: Show it to me.

Ethan: I'll play this, but it'll break your heart. When you see this, you're going to learn that the man that you loved was a liar.

Maria: Wait, wait. I don't need proof that Zach is a liar. I already know that he's lied to us repeatedly. Whatever is on that disc, he already just killed my husband. He can't possibly hurt me more than he already has, so I don't even -- I don't want to see it. But you tell me, though. Tell me -- tell me what's on it.

Ethan: It took place at his casino.

Maria: What, is it from the surveillance, Zach's sky box?

Ethan: Yeah.

Maria: What does it show?

Ethan: Edmund.

Maria: Edmund at the casino? How is that going to ruin my marriage?

Ethan: I have no idea why Zach said that. All I saw on here was Edmund in a wheelchair going around the casino floor. He was trying to talk to the staff, he was trying to ask them questions, see if he could get any information that would, you know, connect Zach to the guy who shot Ryan, but --

Maria: Did he find anything?

Ethan: No, nothing. I mean, nothing that would wreck your marriage. Look, this was just another lie. This is something else that Zach created to come in between you and Edmund. And he's taken advantage of all of us. We have all been his victims.

Maria: Edmund did not trust him, not for a heartbeat.

Ethan: Listen, I didn't know Edmund well, but I liked him, I respected him. He was a man of honor. He was somebody who was fighting to save his family.

Maria: I wish I had fought as hard.

Ethan: Listen, I don't know the Zach that you fell in love with. I only know the Zach that I hate.

Erica: Why is it people without souls are always the ones who swear on them?

Zach: I'd swear on anything you'd like. Keep Lily safe.

Erica: Ethan's eyewitness account will put you away for life, and yet you're warning me that I should be afraid for Lily just because she supposedly saw you murder Edmund Grey? Who do you think you're kidding, Zach? Not me.

Ryan: I want Braden stopped. I want our life back, believe me.

Greenlee: This is way out of control.

Ryan: I know that it feels that way, but you have to trust that I know what I'm doing here. This is going to end, and I'm going to be the one to end it.

Greenlee: If your scary psycho brother doesn't get to you first.

Ryan: Not going to happen. Now, I got to be alone with Jonathan for a little while, but I promise you no matter what we decide, we're not going to make a move without bringing you onboard, ok?

Greenlee: No matter what deal you cut with Jonathan, you're still setting yourself up as bait.

Ryan: Hey, I'm not going all cowboy on you here. The cops are going to be in place to grab him as soon as I bring him out. On my honor, Dynamite Kiddo and all of his superpowers would never try to do this solo.

Kendall: Well, that's the first smart thing I've heard you say, after calling Jonathan an idiot.

Greenlee: Every instinct in me is screaming not to let you do this.

Kendall: Come on, short stack. Let's go leave these menfolk alone. We'll go downstairs, I'll get you a nice vanilla martini, my treat.

Greenlee: I'll go, but I've got a really bad feeling about this.

Ryan: It's going to be over soon, I promise. Ok, I have to undo what I did five years ago. Braden is out there because of me.

Kendall: I won't stop until Jonathan pays for what he did to me and Ethan. Braden and Jonathan both locked up, sentenced to the same hell? It works for me.

Maria: The man that I loved back in the desert could never have killed my husband. He just -- he was rough around the edges, but he loved life, he respected life, he -- when I looked in his eyes, there was nothing there but gentle. It was just love.

Ethan: Maria, that man was a lie. You saw what he wanted you to see. When you saw love, when you saw a man who respected life, that wasn't Zach. Zach denied me, campaigned to take Cambias away from me, worked so that his baby niece and I would never see our inheritance. You want to talk about the Cambias curse that he's so keen to protect us from? He's the curse.

Maria: Yeah. I was so completely wrong. I was so hooked by him that he made me believe that it was his greatest personal sacrifice to strip you and Miranda of your birthright, made me think that he was selling his soul to save his son.

Ethan: Forget him.

Maria: I intend to. Destroy it, please. I don't want -- I don't want to hear anything more from that liar. I don't.

Ethan: You need to remember your Edmund, ok? Don't listen to any of Zach's versions about this guy. Remember who he was to you.

Maria: Thank you. I don't want that little gift of his around the house when Sam comes home from France tonight. I don't want him to ever have to see it, I don't want to ever see it.

Ethan: Listen, I'm -- I'm really sorry that you had to hear all this, but I'm also glad that you know the truth.

Jack: Look, Edmund's murder is not a mystery. You've got the killer behind bars, you've got your star witness. Derek, it couldn't be more open-and-shut.

Derek: It looks that way. And I'll take your word that Lily didn't see anything.

Jack: Well, that's mighty big of you.

Derek: Hey, do you think I want her on the stand, the defense firing questions at her, using her Autism Disorder to discredit her testimony? No way does she need that, Jack.

Jack: I couldn't agree with you more. So forget about Lily and go after Jonathan Lavery.

Aidan: I think you want to keep your focus on Braden because he's the alleged poisoner.

Jack: Yeah, Braden Lavery, back with a vengeance. He's the one that poisoned Greenlee, with a little help from his whack-job brother. Braden poisons him, Jonathan helps him cover it up.

Derek: It all fits.

Jack: Yes, it does, so forget Zach Slater. You go grind Braden Lavery into dust for what he did to my sister and Greenlee.

Derek: We have an APB out.

Jack: I don't want to hear about APBs, Derek! Look, we have the opportunity to make right what we screwed up five years ago.

Derek: Jack, I would like nothing more than to close that case and put both the Lavery bad boys behind bars.

Jack: Good, I'm glad to hear we're on the same side.

Derek: Do I have to warn you about taking the law and having your way with it?

Jack: Consider me warned. Just let me know if anything happens, will you please?

Derek: Nice talking with you. Devane.

Aidan: Jack, I have a request. This might come to you as a bit of a surprise, but I want you to say yes.

Jack: I don't say yes to anything until I've read the fine print at least twice.

Aidan: I need to put a bodyguard on Lily 24/7.

Jack: And why would you need to do that?

Aidan: I have my reasons.

Jack: Aidan, why does Lily need protection? Unless, of course, you think that Zach Slater didn't kill Edmund.

Erica: Zach Slater is a confessed, cold-blooded killer, but he is the strangest one I've ever seen. He wants Lily protected, too.

Jonathan: Ryan, I -- I'm down for breaking Braden's cover. You can count on me for anything that you need. But I think we should do this our way. I really, really think you should rethink calling the cops.

Ryan: It's over, Jonathan. It's time for you, me, and Braden to own up to what we've done.

Jonathan: Ok. Yes. Sure. I want to. But we're family, Ryan. We're brothers. We've always stuck together.

Ryan: You don't get it, Jonathan. The days of protecting the Laverys? They're over, they're done, and they're not coming back, ever. It's not going to work anymore, Hocket. It never really did.

Jonathan: What won't work?

Ryan: We can't just excuse our family sins because we're the Laverys, you know, us brothers making our own rules, deciding what's right because nobody could ever imagine what it's like to be us. I mean, who would know know better than us? That's insane.

Jonathan: Look -- ok. I get that you're hating me right now because I protected Braden, but Ryan, I -- I screwed up, and I know I did. But you, me, and Braden, Ryan, that's all we have, ok? That's all we've ever had.

Ryan: You really don't get it, do you? Jon, five years ago, I messed up. I pled guilty to a rape charge for Braden because he took most of the beatings when we were kids. I mean, that's what we did. That's how we survived under the hand of a psychopath. And look at you, man. You did the same thing. You had Braden's back while he poisoned my wife. Jonathan, our brother was one overdose away from killing the person that means the most to me in the entire world, and you gave him the pass. I mean, do you really think that he should get away with attempted murder because he shared our messed-up childhood? I mean, what is that?

Jonathan: Ok, Braden and I are messed up, ok? I get that, Ryan. I know. But what are you talking about? We've always looked out for each other!

Ryan: Yeah, see, that's the problem. All these years of covering up all these secrets, it hasn't been survival. It's been like a -- it's a training ground for disaster, and it stops right now.

Jonathan: You can't go changing all the rules because you have Greenlee now and, what, we don't count anymore?

Ryan: Wow, is -- is that seriously what you're getting from all this? That's what you're getting? Jonathan, the Laverys have a sickness, and it gets passed generation to generation. And do you know how? Because we keep it in the family. Because we don't call for help, we don't blow the whistle on each other, we don't call the cops, nothing. I mean, my God, Dad's been dead for years, and we're still taking beatings. Worse, we're giving them. Braden uses bullets instead of a belt, you use your fists. I mean, doesn't that scare you?

Jonathan: You make us sound like monsters.

Ryan: Well, what do you call it when you think you have the right to smack women around? I mean, here you are protecting Braden, but Kendall tries to say something and you just can't wait to shut her mouth for her? It wasn't like Dad said. It was never like Dad said. She didn't have it coming. We didn't have it coming. We were just innocent kids, Jonathan, but not anymore. Now it's time to face the truth.

Greenlee: Damn it.

Kendall: Nice. Great. All right, should we get you a sippy cup?

Greenlee: Give me a husband who isn't driven to fix all the broken people in his life. Thanks.

Kendall: You want that straight up or on the rocks? Craig, could we you please get my klutzy friend here another vanilla martini? You know, thank God Ryan's attracted to broken people or he'd be married to me.

Greenlee: Could I borrow your drink for a spit take? If we're talking about broken, honey, your psyche's held together with rubber cement.

Kendall: Ryan's going to do whatever he's going to do with his crazy band of brothers. You can't stop him. That's the kind of man you married. He's one of those "A guy's got to do," blah, blah, blah types.

Greenlee: Well, what am I supposed to do while he's doing it, bake bread? Wait until the clock strikes high noon while Braden's gunning for my husband?

Kendall: Well, you know, I'd love to pat your back and buck you up if I thought you'd return the favor. Jonathan just slammed me against a wall upstairs, and I don't get to sic the cops on him. And don't look now, but no one's freaking out over the fact that he framed me and Ethan. Why don't you use both hands.

Greenlee: What good is a little drama if you can't milk it for a little sympathy, right?

Kendall: I'll take pity, compassion -- whatever you got.

Greenlee: You make it impossible for anyone to feel sorry for you because you don't do vulnerable. You're like a cat someone brings in from the rain. They dry you off, they feed you, and then you walk out on your little cat feet just to show how much you don't need saving and you scratch them on the way out.

Kendall: You don't believe that.

Greenlee: Of course not. I know what a bottomless pit of need you really are, and deep down, you're all mushy and soft. But for the legions of people who are clueless, you might want to yell "Help" or set your hair on fire. That should get their attention and you a shoulder to sob on.

Kendall: I hate you.

Greenlee: Right back at ya.

Kendall: Well, thank God Ethan loves me for who I am. We're all about complete and total honesty -- not that you'd know anything about that. Ethan shares all of his secrets with me.

Ethan's voice: I didn't know Edmund well, but I liked him, I respected him. From what I could see, he was a man of honor fighting to save his family.

Aidan: Guilty or innocent, Zach Slater has got friends. He's friends with people that aren't very nice to know. Thanks. Now, the newspaper has tagged Lily as a murder witness. I don't think a retraction's going to be of great help. Now, if someone out there thinks that they owe Zach Slater a favor --

Jack: Yeah?

Aidan: It's too much of a risk.

Erica: I agree. I mean, every time I see Zach Slater, I just get chilled. I don't know where he's coming from.

Aidan: Yeah, I just think it makes sense to shadow Lily.

Jack: Look, here's the thing -- this morning at breakfast, Lily told me that she would like to return to her Life Skills class.

Erica: Oh, Jack, that's wonderful.

Jack: Yeah, it's great news. I mean, it's the real first real sign that she's trying to come back from everything that happened. The thing about Lily is a change in routine, that's her worst enemy. So if she realizes that somebody is following her?

Aidan: Listen, I've got people, trained staff, all right?

Jack: I'm sure your people are great, but I'm also sure that they have never dealt with a girl like Lily. She notices when a leaf falls off that tree outside that window. Don't you think she's going to notice a van following her?

Aidan: Look, you have my word, ok? Lily will not know that she's under surveillance.

Jack: I don't know. I mean, the risk, if she does realize what's going on, it could be traumatic for her and she could disappear inside herself, ok? I can't --

Aidan: Nobody wants that, Jack, nobody. Ok, you got to ask yourself, though, would you rather another trauma or lose Lily forever?

Jonathan: Shut up about the Lavery boys, Ryan, all right? Shut up! You got out, that makes you better than us?

Ryan: No, Jonathan, no. We're family. That binds us forever. I mean, we only got out alive because we protected each other no matter what. But were you listening? I took a rape charge. I pled guilty to a rape for Braden.

Jonathan: You stood by him!

Ryan: I should've dropped the dime on him, Jonathan. Five years. You don't think there were other women, other rapes? Five years. How many lives do you think Braden ripped apart? I didn't make things better, I made it a lot worse. And now I'm done. And now you have to decide. Which Lavery do you want to run with? Me or Braden?

[After Jonathan reaches out for Ryan's hand, the brothers hug.]

Zach: Lily Montgomery. Put the word out that no one is to touch that girl. No reason for anyone to think that I need favors I didn't ask for.

Man: I'll get the drumbeat going.

Zach: Ok. Gordon, one more thing. Don't sleep and don't eat until this is done. And if anyone hurts that girl, tell them to find a hiding place and never come out. Get going.

Maria: You're going to probably have some pretty mean jet lag. Are you hungry? Want me to make you some scrambled eggs or grilled cheese or anything? You got to be hungry, right? Want to come in the kitchen and keep me company? Honey? Look, I know that as homecomings go, this -- this sucks. And you and Maddie and I are in a place where we're having to feel things that -- that we never wanted to. And those feelings suck. So if we talk about them, it's not going to make us feel any better, but if we don't talk about them, they're going to eat us alive. And while I'm on a roll here, you just lost the man that you loved your whole life, and that doesn't mean that you can shred the people who love you. Ok? I put some fresh towels up in your room, and there's a little sticky Mom note up in there and you can read it and toss it.

Sam: Mom?

[Sam and Maria hug then sit down to a snack, but Maddie refuses to join in the little family get-together.]

Greenlee: Shut up. Ethan said what?

Kendall: He worships me and adores me and can't live without me. He said he loves me.

Greenlee: And you believed him? That sneaking snake of a Cambias?

Kendall: You don't know a good thing when you see it. I mean, really, who could blame you with your whole upbringing. You've got Mary hanging out with the crowned heads of Europe, and Roger doing that whole nasty thing with Simone. I won't even go there.

Greenlee: Before you choke on a goldfish, please tell me you didn't echo Ethan's love call.

Kendall: I told him I loved him and I would do anything for him. I'd stand by him no matter what.

Greenlee: Oh, God, you couldn't channel Kate Hepburn or Bette Davis or, God forbid, Helen Reddy? You had to channel Tammy Wynette?

Kendall: Oh, wait a minute, look who's talking here. You stand by Ryan no matter what the hell he puts you through. So I know you get loyalty. Now, wrap your head around this. Ethan is marching towards hell. He's going to get on the stand and he's going to testify he saw his father kill Edmund Grey.

[Horse whinnies]

[Ethan recalls seeing Edmund lying on the barn floor in one room and Zach coming to in another one.]

Jack: Ok, Aidan, you've got the job -- not because I like it, but because I don't dare risk my daughter's life.

Erica: Of course not. You're doing the right thing, Jack.

Aidan: Don't worry, all right? I'll look after your girl.

Jack: You'd better. And if she catches on, you're off the job like that.

Aidan: You have my word. It won't happen.

Jack: All right.  

Singer: You asked me for my heart but you didn't have your own I'm back to where I start an empty page alone I don't want to be the first to call to show that I still care 'cause every time we speak I fall apart you know you got me there but time will make it all feel better like salve upon a wound you soon won't see time will erase the scars I've weathered as for now it only hurts when I breathe when I breathe the pictures once on top are deeper in the drawer like promises we swapped were swept up off the floor I don't want to be the one you love 'cause no one else is there I was never good as runner-up in races that aren't fair and time will make it all feel better like salve upon a wound you soon won't see time will erase the scars I've weathered as for now it only hurts tarnished as this coin I found how am I going to make it through? Economy of pain a flowing currency of grace anew time will make it all feel better like salve upon a wound you soon won't see yeah, time will erase the scars I've weathered 

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