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By Boo and Suzanne
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Erica: Jack, the minute Lily saw blood on her finger, she started saying, "Red, red. Wet red." The red she saw that night was Edmund's blood.

Jack: And maybe Edmund's murder.

Erica: I tried to talk to Lily about before the fire, but there was still something red that was upsetting her.

Jack: Oh, my God, Erica, I hope you're wrong. But at least she won't have to testify. I mean, Zach admitted to killing Edmund, right, and they have Ethan's eyewitness account.

Erica: That is more than enough to put that monster away.

Jack: Then what we have to concentrate on, if she saw this, is to get it out of her mind. We have to help her forget about this.

Erica: Oh, no, Jack, that is the worst thing she could possibly do. No, we have to -- we have to confront this right now.

Brooke: Tad, I thought you were gone.

Adam: Martin uses his sleeve.

Brooke: I scrapped the story on J.R., so you can just --

Adam: No, no, no, that's not why I'm here.

Brooke: Adam, the door. Use it.

Adam: I know how much Edmund meant to you.

Brooke: Edmund meant a great deal to me. You, however, mean nothing. So you can stuff your phony sympathy.

Adam: Why can't I be genuinely sympathetic?

Brooke: I don't know. Why can't you genuinely be anything except mean and conniving?

Adam: I feel for you, Brooke.

Brooke: Oh, like you felt for me when you hunted down Jamie? I know you still want him to suffer, so let's just get to your real motives, ok? Why are you sniffing around here, and what do you have planned for my son?

Jamie: You don't ride.

Tad: No. Edmund gave me this. He knew that Dixie liked horses, so he volunteered to teach me how to ride. I just forgot I had it. Hell, I only wore it once.

Babe: Hello, boys. So, what did you think of our news?

Tad: What news?

Jamie: I haven't told him yet.

Tad: Told me what?

[Doorbell rings]

Babe: Well, tell him.

Jamie: Well, with Maggie gone and the apartment empty, I figured that it's the perfect place for me and Babe.

J.R.: Perfection is so hard to achieve.

Ryan: You gave my wife a drug, a drug that makes people tell the truth?

David: Well, I'd known it wasn't for you --

Ryan: What, you also supply her with the hypodermic needles?

David: Please. What, are you an idiot? No, I suspended the compound in a flavorless, odorless liquid. All they have to do is put it in the poor sap's food or beverage. In no time at all, he won't even know what hit him.

Simone: Is this the most incredible cabernet you've ever tasted?

Jonathan: Not that I need it. You're intoxicating enough.

Simone: Oh, no, no. Do you Lavery men practice your charm, or is it a DNA thing?

Jonathan: Ha. It's definitely not inherited. Well, look at this. We have the office all to ourselves. We can do anything we want.

Ryan: So you can't practice medicine anymore, you decide to open your own drug store?

David: I was doing Greenlee a favor.

Ryan: That could possibly land her in jail.

David: Hey, what do they say? "The truth shall set you free" -- supposedly. I guess it depends on whom they're trying to get to tell the truth.

Ryan: How long will the effects last, David?

David: Hmm. Now, that depends on how much they administer. You know, the height, the weight of the --

Ryan: Let's say my height, my weight, and they administer exactly what you recommended them to. How long?

David: You know something? I wasn't that specific. I mean, there are so many variables to consider.

Ryan: Could it be dangerous, let's say, if somebody has an allergic reaction?

David: Oh, come on, I mean, anything from aspirin to tap water can have an effect on someone, but the chances are pretty good.

Ryan: If Greenlee wasn't involved in this, I would have the cops in here so fast.

David: But she is. Lucky me.

Simone: Another toast, to the start of a wonderful friendship. Where is your glass? Yes, excuse me?

Jonathan: It's here. And you toast to friendship. I'm going to toast to you, my beautiful new friend.

Simone: Oh. Nice. Mmm.

Jonathan: Mmm. Hey, I never noticed.

Simone: Noticed what?

Jonathan: Your eyes. Your eyes are gorgeous.

Simone: Oh. There's two. They're brown. They're basically a matched set. Outside of this little fleck that I have over here, but it's really not that big of a deal.

Jonathan: No. No, really, the shape, long lashes. I could look into your eyes all night.

Simone: Oh. You really are good. And as friends go, I thank you for the flattery.

Jonathan: It's not a line. I'm not lying to you.

Simone: I know. Listen, I understand. I mean, who doesn't go sort of overboard with someone new when they're going through a miserable breakup?

Jonathan: Maggie?

Simone: Yeah, I mean, a good, solid rebound helps you feel more, you know -- I don't know, less lonely, less sad.

Jonathan: I'm not sad, not with you.

Simone: I know the broken-heart drill. Yeah, I've had my heart stomped on and handed back to me about every year since I was 12. That's why I have sworn off of rebounds.

Jonathan: Hmm. How do you feel about a slam dunk?

Simone: Ah. Sounds -- uh -- exhausting.

Jonathan: It could also be a lot of fun.

Simone: You know what I really want? I want to fall in love. You have no idea what it's like. I mean, I have to sit here and watch Greenlee and Kendall parade around these hot, perfect men.

Jonathan: You know what? Ethan and Kendall deserve each other.

Simone: Well, I know you can't stand Ethan, but Kendall?

Jonathan: She was a great lay, but not worth the aggravation. You know, and Ethan's not stupid, too. He's going to catch on and dump her.

Simone: Ok. So theirs is not a perfect affair. But Greenlee and your brother --

Jonathan: Oh --

Simone: True love, come on. I mean, they're the ideal couple.

Jonathan: Come on! Couple of what? Greenlee's got the dream deal in that situation. What about Ryan? Ryan got stuck with 98 pounds of arrogant, spoiled snot.

Simone: Oh, come on, now. I mean, you have to admit she loves him. I mean, she worships him.

Jonathan: Blah, blah, blah. Greenlee is in love with Greenlee, and that's it. She doesn't deserve my brother. I can't stand her. I want her gone.

Erica: Jack, the truth doesn't go away, and the sooner we help Lily face it, the better for her.

Jack: Lily's doctor examined her, and she feels that the best thing for her is to get back to her own routine.

Erica: Except that Lily's doctor didn't know that Lily had witnessed a murder. I mean, that's a burden that no child should have to carry alone.

Jack: Well, that's true enough. Maybe I should call the doctor again.

Erica: Jack, we have to help Lily right now. Memories don't stay buried. You know that. I mean, you remember a day when you and Travis went sailing off Charleston when you were boys and with your sister. Memories always come back.

Jack: Yeah, and they come back stronger and even more powerful.

Erica: We can't let that happen to Lily, can we?

Adam: Really, Brooke. After everything we've been to each other?

Brooke: Oh, Adam, I really needed that, you know? Your egocentric insanity -- really, it's the only thing that could make me laugh on a day like today.

Adam: Well, believe what you like. I -- I came here to comfort you. And if there's anything, anything at all that I can do, just tell me.

Brooke: You try to destroy my son with one hand and you offer me a hankie with the other.

Adam: One has nothing to do with the other.

Brooke: Well, how can you separate them?

Adam: I don't try to make you responsible for Jamie's faults.

Brooke: Well, I hold you responsible for J.R.'s actions.

Adam: I'm more anti-Babe than I am anti-Jamie. You'd better wake up and save your son. Thanks to Babe, how many times has Jamie been to jail? Hmm? You'd better get him away from that tramp before it's too late.

Jamie: Did you miss the part where nobody asked you in?

J.R.: Did Babe make this?

Tad: What do you want, J.R.?

Babe: Yes, Babe made it.

J.R.: Guacamole was the one thing that you did well.

Babe: Why aren't you at home with our son?

J.R.: Needs more salt. You mean little Adam. He's with his new mother figure, his nanny.

Babe: What's her name?

J.R.: Oh, no need for you to worry about that, but she has the 411 on you guys, like what you look like, that you're not allowed anywhere near my son, and even if you try, she has the police on speed dial.

Tad: Wait, wait, wait. Here. Help yourself. Take one for the road.

J.R.: It's not as good as it used to be. Tad, I'm looking for a top-notch PI to give me some security.

Tad: Security? Oh, gee, I'm sorry, no names spring to mind.

J.R.: Oh, I didn't mean you, of course. I wouldn't take a recommendation from somebody who is an unlicensed PI.

Tad: You had my license pulled?

J.R.: In, like, two lousy phone calls.

Babe: It's not worth it.

Tad: How much did that cost you? It must've been expensive. I hear the Chandlers are cash poor these days.

J.R.: Oh, not so poor, and still very well-connected. In fact, there's a lot of people that would like to donate to my worthy cause.

Jamie: You know, he'll get his license back.

J.R.: I wouldn't bet on it.

Babe: You are so sad. Just to get back at me, you have to go and mess with Tad?

Tad: No, this has nothing to do with you. This one's directed squarely at me, right, J.R.?

Babe: Yeah, but he's still low and disgusting.

Tad: Nonetheless, this one's not your battle, it's mine.

Jamie: We're in this together.

J.R.: Kids, kids, there's still a lot of punishment to go around. And yours, Babe and Jamie, will not be as subtle as Tad's. And guess what -- it's beginning right now.

Ryan: When did you give them this drug, this truth serum?

David: Um -- today.

Ryan: And when did they say they're going to use it? Tonight?

David: When's the last time you had your blood pressure checked?

Ryan: Hayward, when?

David: You know, you really should go to the gym more often. It'd be good for. You know, it'll help you live longer.

Ryan: You set my wife loose with this potentially dangerous, this highly illegal drug. You're into this up to your --

David: Look, look, Greenlee is like a sister to me. She came to me wanting help. She was desperate to know the truth. And you want to know something? I wanted her to know it. You know what the real question is here -- why don't you? What, is that your idea of love?

Ryan: Hey, shut up.

Simone: Oh, come now. You should give Greenlee a chance.

Jonathan: To do what? I mean, she hates me. You know what it is? She's jealous of me.

Simone: Is that why you don't like her? Or is it that no one is good enough for your brother?

Jonathan: No, no. Ryan told me about Gillian. She sounded cool. That's who he should be with. He should never have lost Gillian.

[Phone rings]

Kendall: Turn it off.

Simone: My cell phone. Where did I put that thing?

David: So Greenlee's not answering, huh? She's probably busy, doesn't want you screwing things up. Why don't you let her do what she has to do?

Ryan: And why don't you stay away from us?

Simone: Ok, here it is. I got it right here. Where'd you go? Oh!

Jonathan: Hey. We've got spies.

Adam: Brooke, you love your son. How can you just ignore what Babe is doing to him?

Brooke: You're right, about one thing only. If I could choose a young woman for my son, it would not be Babe.

Adam: Of course not. So how do we get him out of this mess?

Brooke: Well, why don't you tell me? Because you're the one who got him into it.

Adam: I had nothing to do with it.

Brooke: You and J.R. practically threw Babe into his arms.

Adam: Are you overcome with grief? Maybe you should sit down. J.R. was the victim of --

Brooke: Oh, come off it! J.R. turned against Babe long before he ever found out that Bess was Bianca's little girl. J.R. made Babe's life miserable! And my sweet, kind, big-hearted son tried to do the right thing. He tried to get your son to do the right thing, to stand behind his wife and to forgive her!

Adam: You can't blame my son for your son's mistakes!

Brooke: J.R. treated that girl like dirt!

Adam: She is dirt!

Brooke: And she needed a hero, and my son stepped in to save her! You and J.R. basically were the ones that made him turn to her at all. And if you want to help me with him, then this is what you will do.

Jamie: Just spill it already. What did you do?

J.R.: Good luck finding an apartment. You're not getting your old one, Jamie.

Jamie: Who says we want it?

J.R.: Please. I bought the whole building. And I don't rent to trash, so you won't be living there.

Tad: You and your powerful friends can't buy every building in town, J.R.

J.R.: I will if I have to. There are some crack houses down on Division Street you might be able to flop at, but other than that --

Babe: Oh, God. Fine. Do you worst, J.R. It won't even matter.

Jamie: We have each other.

J.R.: And that'll get old real fast.

Babe: You still can't take away what matters -- my three hours a week with my son.

J.R.: Oh, I'll get around to that eventually.

Tad: Oh, for God's sake, why can't you just leave them alone?

J.R.: The only way I'll leave them alone is if they disappear. Leave Pine Valley!

Jamie: You can't run us out.

Tad: They can always stay here with me.

J.R.: You would let that slut play house in my mother's home? You would trash her memory like that?

Jack: Lily, sweetheart, we know how terrified you were. Anybody would be. But -- but you don't have to be scared now because Erica and I are here, and we're here to protect you.

Erica: Lily, your dad and I want to help you. You saw Aidan with Anita, and you realized that he was your friend, not your boyfriend. Did you want to have time alone to think? Is that why you climbed up into the loft?

Jack: Honey, were you alone in those stables?

Erica: Was there a man there, Lily? A man in a wheelchair?

Simone: I thought you guys left, and you've been eavesdropping on us? Oh, I thought that you were my friends!

Jonathan: Guess you guys heard some interesting stuff, huh?

Kendall: Well, not really.

Jonathan: Well, what was the point? What do you want? What are you after?

Simone: You know, I give you guys way too much credit, ok? They like to make fun of me and whoever I'm dating.

Jonathan: Oh, so now we're dating? That's a step up from friends, huh? Great, let's go to dinner. Uh, guys, you know what they say -- three's company. Well, four is a mob scene, so bye.

Greenlee: You hate me. You want to wipe me off the face of the earth.

Jonathan: There's nothing wrong with her ears.

Greenlee: Do you want to get rid of me enough to poison me?

Ryan: Jonathan. You all right?

Jonathan: I've been better.

Ryan: I know what you've done here, Greenlee.

Jonathan: Ryan, Ryan, no, hey, hey, it's fine. We caught them hiding. No harm done. Just keep them busy, please? Hey, I'm thinking lobster.

Simone: Oh, that sounds good.

Jonathan: Yeah? Let's go.

Ryan: Wait one second. Will you do something for me, please? Will you just come here and just sit and be quiet? Would you do that for me, please? Just sit down?

Jonathan: Well, yeah, of course, Ryan. I'll do anything you want. You don't have to ask. Here, sit here, sit here.

Simone: Ok.

Ryan: Did you drink this?

Jonathan: Well, I was not -- but Sim -- yeah, yes, Ryan, I did drink it. I'm sorry. I told you wouldn't drink, but --

Ryan: Jonathan, just tell me how you feel. How do you feel?

Jonathan: Great. It was a really nice bottle of wine.

Ryan: They drugged you, Jonathan. They drugged you.

Jonathan: No, they didn't. I feel fine, Ryan.

Ryan: Greenlee and Kendall put a drug in your wine.

Jonathan: Get out! Oh, Simone, did you have something to do with this? Wait a minute, what kind of drug did you put in --

Ryan: It was some sort of drug to make people tell the truth. How could you do this?

Greenlee: You need to believe that Jonathan is innocent. You still see him as this sweet little boy, as your dad's victim. You need to see who he is now.

Kendall: Just show some courage, Ryan, ok? Just suck it up and listen to the truth, because right now your brother will tell us anything we want to know. And if I'm right, if Jonathan drugged me, where do you go from there?

Ryan: Don't any of you mess with my brother again. Do you understand? Let's get out of here.

Kendall: We were so close.

Simone: Now I really do need a drink.

Greenlee: It's all over.

Erica: She's coping by using those Band-Aids.

Jack: Yeah, look at her. She's not rocking back and forth or -- or chanting. And we're not forcing her to stay here. You know her, if she didn't want to be with us, she'd be right in that bedroom. I think you're absolutely right. I think she wants us to reach her. Come on, let's -- let's give it a try.

Erica: Lily? You remember we talked about boyfriends and breaking up and how painful that is? But, Lily, there's something that I didn't tell you. When I was just about your age, something really terrible happened to me. I mean, really terrible. And I felt that I really couldn't tell anybody. So I just kept it all inside me. But the truth is I just felt worse and worse. And then I realized that it really -- it's less scary when you talk. It makes you feel better when you share those things with people who love you. Your father and I love you so much, Lily. Won't you please tell us what frightened you?

Brooke: As long as you continue to victimize Babe, my son is going to hang around to save her. Call off J.R.

Adam: I don't have him on a leash.

Brooke: Talk to him and convince him that this vendetta is self-defeating. I mean, why waste time trying to make trouble for Babe when you could be bonding with your grandson?

Brooke: You know, our time here is limited. None of us knows how much we have.

Adam: I don't intend to waste a moment.

Brooke: Why don't you use the time to create a legacy of forgiveness and love? You know, don't leave your grandson with nothing but vengeance and hate.

Tad: Not a day goes by I don't think about your mother. I loved her more than you'll ever understand.

J.R.: So you'll let that stay here?

Tad: She had great instincts about people. She would've loved Babe. The only desecration in this house to Dixie is you. She had you taken from her when you were born. To her, that was worse than death. And here you are doing the same thing to Babe. She would've been ashamed of you.

[Doorbell rings]

Jamie: Who's that? Adam?

Tad: You bring reinforcements?

David: Hey.

J.R.: Wow, this just gets better and better. You saved me a trip.

Babe: Hi, Daddy. You see, J.R. Here, he crawled up from Hades to spew some of his evil.

David: I've already lost my privileges at the hospital. My medical license has been yanked. What do you think you're going to do to me?

J.R.: You know, it's funny that you mention that. You know the property where your cabin stands? It's going to be a nature preserve. You have to have your cabin torn down.

David: Oh, that's a load of garbage.

J.R.: Check it out. You've been dispossessed. Hey! Maybe you can move in here with Tad, like Babe and Jamie! What do you say, Tad? You got an extra bunk for Dr. Death?

Jonathan: I mean, have you ever looked -- I mean, really looked into Simone's eyes?

Ryan: Why don't you take a hot shower? I'll order some sandwich from room service, ok?

Jonathan what? What? What did you say? No. No, I know a setup when I see one. I've been faked out before! What are you -- no!

Ryan: Whoa, hey, hey --

Jonathan: No, no, you want to get rid of me like Dad! You want to hurt me like him!

Ryan: No, no, no, I don't! It's me! It's Ryan!

Jonathan: Yeah!

Ryan: Your brother!

Jonathan: Yeah, I know, and you say you love me, but people lie, Ryan! They lie! Even when they talk soft and smile and laugh, they lie!

Ryan: Hey --

Jonathan: No, you want to hurt me like Dad!

Ryan: Just look into my eyes! It's me, it's Ryan!

Jonathan: Stop acting like Dad, Ryan!

Ryan: I'm not doing anything, ok? I thought you might want to take a shower, have some food, and --

Jonathan: Sandwiches, sandwiches. You said something about sandwiches. I won't have one, Ryan. You can't make me eat one! I won't do it!

Ryan: I'm not going to make you do anything you don't want to do. That wasn't the idea.

Jonathan: Good, good, because I'm not going to eat one, Ryan! You can't make me eat a sandwich!

Ryan: Shh. Breathe. Jonathan, you know it's me, right? You know it's your brother. It's Ryan. And you know I would never, ever do anything to hurt you. You know that.

Jonathan: Yeah. Yeah, Ryan, I know that.

Ryan: I hate to ask you this right now, man, but I really need to know. What exactly -- what exactly did Dad do to you?

Kendall: Why in the hell didn't you turn off your cell phone? I mean, could you have a louder, more annoying ring?

Greenlee: Do I really care about my cell phone right now? My marriage might be --

Simone: Oh, people think I'm the ditz of this operation. Really, that was stupid. I mean, Greenlee, if I were you, I would fire myself.

Greenlee: Thanks. I needed that.

Simone: Oh, come on. If your friends aren't going to tell you when you bash your life so badly that you have no hope of any kind of future, then who's going to tell you?

Kendall: Ok, all right, take it easy.

Simone: What? You wanted the truth. You can't handle it?

Kendall: All right. Where's Jonathan's glass?

Simone: Oh, it's very easy to identify. I put a teensy-weensy little dab of our mango luscious stain -- nail stain on the glass, and it's around here some-- oh! Here it is.

Kendall: Right. You surprised?

Greenlee: Not in the least. How do you feel?

Simone: I'm fine. Not that you or Kendall really care.

Kendall: We care.

Simone: Oh, please. You guys are too busy pushing me around to actually show me.

Greenlee: If we call you a cab, will that prove it?

Simone: A limo would.

Greenlee: Ok, a limo.

Simone: Really?

Kendall: Yeah, yeah, just stay away from the police station, please?

Greenlee: And Ryan and Jonathan.

Simone: Aw, you mean no more spying? Even if I'm the best one here in this very room? Even if those right in front of me think they're more superior?

Greenlee: Yeah. Yeah. We all have to stay away from Ryan and his brother tonight.

Simone: All? Including you?

Greenlee: Especially me.

Simone: Yeah, but you're married to Ryan.

Greenlee: We'll see.

Jonathan: Sandwiches. I think that's what it was. It was the sandwiches. He had to make me the same sandwiches every day, so I think that's why Dad hated me, Ryan, because he had to make the same sandwiches.

Ryan: Hockett, will you tell me more about that, please?

Jonathan: He thought he was so funny. He would make one bologna, ketchup, mayo on white, and then he'd put it in front of me, he watched -- watched me eat half of it, and then he slid it away, and I asked why because I wanted the other half, and he just stared at me and he didn't say anything, and then finally he looked at me and said, "I was waiting to see if you died," said, "Ha." Some joke, huh?

Ryan: I don't get it.

Jonathan: He said he -- he said he put in a special ingredient. He said he put some poison in, enough to kill me.

Ryan: That son of a bitch.

Jonathan: I started bawling. I cried like a little girl. Dad -- uh -- Dad made fun of me. I reached for the phone to call the ambulance, but he yanked it out of my hand, and I was shaking and crying so hard that I threw up. And I figured that was it. You know, the poison was out of my system. And Dad looked at me and said I was a crybaby and that I was acting like a girl, and that there wasn't any poison in my sandwich, but he would one day and I'd know about it when it was too late. And Dad made those sandwiches for me the rest of the time, and he made me eat them every day, and every day I'd get sick and throw up.

Ryan: And what about the shower? I asked you earlier if you wanted to take a shower, and -- what'd he do, man? What'd he do to you?

Jonathan: He'd turn it on full blast and he'd yank me out of bed and he'd put my head under it and let the water rush in my face until I had to open my mouth so that the water came rushing down my throat until it choked me. On the days that he didn't yank me out of bed and take me to the shower, I'd fall back to sleep and I'd wake up with him standing over me, pressing a pillow into my face. "Lazy son of a bitch, you're just like your mother. You're going to lay around all day, lay around just like your lazy mother?" One day, I stopped fighting the pillow. I wanted him to do it. I wanted him to smother me. I just wanted to let go. I wanted him to let go so badly. I passed out. When I woke up, he was standing over me, and he said, "Not today, boy. Not today, Jonny, but soon. Not today. I brought you in this world, I'll take you out." And then he -- he walked away, laughing.

Ryan: When did he start?

Jonathan: When I came looking for you. I bet I would've found you, too. I think I would've found you, but he stopped me and he dragged me back home. "You think Ryan's going to come and save you now? You're wrong. Now you're mine, boy, and we're going to have fun, my way. Ryan's never coming back for you. Never." That's the only true thing Dad ever said.

Erica: Lily, I know the color red upsets you, but I really need to know what the red was this time that scared you so much. Was the red like the cut on your finger, Lily? Was it that kind of red?

Jack: Did you see someone in the barn getting hurt? A man in a wheelchair?

Erica: Was the red blood, Lily? Was it the man in the wheelchair's blood?

Jack: Lily? Sweetheart, where

Adam: The legal system failed me. They gave Jamie a free ride.

Brooke: So follow their lead.

Adam: Damn it, Brooke. While Jamie and Babe were in New Orleans playing hide the bananas foster, I was mourning my grandson.

Brooke: They weren't having fun.

Adam: They stole my son's child! And I will never forgive them for that. You tell Jamie justice may be blind, but I'm not. He going to pay for what he's done to us.

Brooke: I was willing to establish a truce, and all you had to do was meet me halfway. You want more? You harm my son, you harm him in any way at all, I will go after you in ways you never expect.

Adam: I believe you're serious.

Brooke: I have lost too many people I love, and I will not lose again. Get the hell out of my office.

J.R.: Well, it's been fun.

Tad: Don't come back, J.R. I'd hate to have to turn you away.

J.R.: No problem. You should call your friends at WRCW. With this screwed up group, you have the makings of a great reality show.

Babe: God, he can't really do that, can he? He can't just kick you out and take your home.

David: Who cares. It's just a place to live. It's not like the place had a lot of great memories, anyway.

Babe: I hate him.

David: All right, look, let's forget about J.R., all right? How were you doing before he showed up? That's what I wanted to find out.

Babe: I'm ok.

David: Are you sure? There's nothing I can do? Nothing you need?

Babe: Just work on saving your home, ok?

David: You look tired. Get some sleep, ok? I'll come back tomorrow.

Babe: Thank you.

Jamie: Hey, let's get some air.

Tad: So, they're going to turn the old lab into kindling, huh?

David: So he says.

Tad: You know, you could try chaining yourself to the place, try to stop the bulldozers.

David: You'd like that, wouldn't you?

Tad: Yeah, you got me.

David: I can feel the love.

Babe: Hey. I would live with you in a tent or a hut of twigs or even a cave. With you like this, J.R. could try his worst and I wouldn't even notice.

Jamie: There's no way he's going to win.

[Doorbell rings]

Tad: Hmm, with my luck, it's going to be Derek or the FBI.

Simone: Hi.

Tad: Whoa, whoa. What can I do for you?

Simone: Just about anything.

Tad: Huh?

Simone: That's why I'm here, Tad -- because I had to tell you the truth. I'm susceptible to you.

Tad: What?

Simone: Truthfully, I have to tell you that you are without a doubt the most incredible lover I have ever had.

Tad: I'm sorry, that's --

Simone: Oh, no, please, please, do not be sorry. You made me glad that I'm me. And if you ever have the urge or a loose end, please call me. I promise you I will make you so happy you're you. Mmm. Oh, this truth stuff is really fun. It really does set you free.

Kendall: You know what, I bet the drug has not worn off yet. I'm going to go to the Valley Inn right now. I'm going to talk to Jonathan.

Greenlee: No, no, please don't. Let it go.

Kendall: Well, do you think Ryan's grilling him?

Greenlee: There's so much that Ryan doesn't want to hear right now.

Kendall: Yes, but if Jonathan is talking to him, he's telling the truth for a change. Ryan will hear everything. I hope he's giving him the third degree.

Greenlee: If he does --

Kendall: Well, if he does, then he'll figure out just what kind of a man his brother is, and then their relationship will be dead.

Greenlee: Or my relationship with Ryan dead.

Jonathan: I was right. Dad thought he was funny, but he wasn't funny at all.

Ryan: No, he wasn't funny, Jonathan.

Jonathan: Uh-uh.

Ryan: He was sick, and he was cruel.

Jonathan: Hey, Ryan? I'm tired. Can I go to sleep now?

Ryan: Soon. Soon. I just have to ask you one more question, ok, and I really need you to tell me the truth. No matter what, you tell me the truth. The truth.

Jonathan: Mm-hmm, sure. What is it?

Ryan: I need to know if my own brother poisoned my wife.

Jonathan: Yes.

>> On the next "All My Children"...

Ryan: It's over. Jonathan, I'm gonna put you away.

Maria: You're a phony, and you're not here to mourn Edmund. You're here to rub it in my face.

David: Jonathan Lavery's not gonna hurt you, Maggie, or Bianca or anybody else ever again.

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