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Jonathan: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Man, I feel great after that last session with Dr. Robbins. What's up? You look white.

Ryan: A friend, Edmund Grey -- he's dead.

Jonathan: What? Ryan, what happened?

Ryan: He was murdered.

Jonathan: Oh, my god.

Ryan: There's more. I know who poisoned Greenlee.

Greenlee: A few drops of this, truth and consequences.

Kendall: Well, we got the truth juice from David, that was the easy part, but now we have to figure out how to get Jonathan to drink it. We have to find some way to get him by himself. The problem is Ryan won't take his eyes off of Jonathan for more than two seconds.

Greenlee: Would you shut up?

Kendall: And we have to figure out --

Greenlee: I'm trying to think.

Kendall: Do you understand how dangerous this is? The stakes are off the chart.

Greenlee: I know exactly what's at stake -- my marriage.

Reggie: Lily, I'm sorry I moved your stuff around. I didn't think it was going to bother you any-- anymore. Dad, this isn't permanent. Is it?

[Knock on door]

Aidan: Hi. I just wanted to drop by to see how Lily's doing. Is she any better?

Jack: Let's get clear about one thing. I don't want you anywhere near my daughter.

[Knock on door]

Maria: Maddie, honey, come on. I know how much you're hurting. Let's talk about this. Please, honey?


Maria: Maddie? That went really well, don't you think?

Anita: Don't beat yourself up, Maria. She just lost her dad. You know, remember when Papa died?

Maria: Yeah.

Anita: You know, let me try. I'll go talk to her.

Maria: Ok. Thank you.

Anita: All right.

[Doorbell rings]

Maria: Oh. I'll get it. Ethan. Hi.

Ethan: I'm sorry to turn up unannounced. I just -- I wanted to know, is there anything I can do?

Maria: No, there's really only one thing that I want.

Ethan: I know how hard it must have been for you to confront Zach.

Maria: Yeah. Come on in.

Ethan: Maria? I wish there was something that I could have done to have stopped it.

Maria: Well, I don't understand why you didn't. You let Edmund go down there by himself. You knew how much Zach and Edmund hated each other. Why did you let this happen?

Erica: You son of a bitch. You should have burned in that fire like the devil you are.

Ethan: I'll never forgive myself. I shouldn't have let Edmund go down to the stables on his own. I'm very sorry. You know, I think I'm going to leave you in peace.

Maria: No, no, no, no. I'm sorry, really. I'm sorry. I -- I just try to put all this together, make sense of it. What was Zach even doing here?

Ethan: Well, he said he was coming to save you from your marriage.

Maria: What?

Ethan: I -- look, Edmund insisted on confronting Zach alone. I think it was -- I think it was a real matter of pride for him. I can't tell you how much I regret the decision of letting him go.

Maria: I'm the one who thought I knew Zach better than anyone. I'm the idiot here, because he always had his side of his story to sell about everything, and I believed it every time -- about you, Ryan, everything. I -- I'm the one who should have known better and I'm the one who should have stopped him. And thank god you came forward or he would have gotten away with this, too.

Ethan: I just can't believe how eagerly he took all those charges on.

Maria: Yeah, well, he -- thank god you're not your father's son.

Ethan: Yeah. In fact, I bet he's cursing god for it in jail right now.

Maria: I don't know why he treated you so badly, but I do know this -- I know that you're better off without him.

Zach: Are you here to offer a new beginning?

Erica: How could you do it? Did you kill Edmund over Maria? My god, she's not worth the price of a motel room much less murder. Oh, yeah, that look, this man of mystery, of few words. You don't fool me. I know who you are. You are so like your brother, Michael -- the same dead eyes. The great Cambias brothers -- one a rapist, one a murderer. How sad that the only thing you have ever succeeded in is killing. Other than that, you're a complete failure. You offered to help me get revenge on David and the Careys. You failed at that. You wanted to steal Maria away from her husband, and you failed at that, too, and you said you wanted to save your son. And instead, you killed a man right in front of him. You can't even save yourself. You are pathetic. Oh, no -- no defense, no explanation, no final words?

Zach: You're as guilty as I am.

Jack: Months of progress, Aidan, months wiped out in one day. Lily has taken a giant step backwards.

Aidan: I'm sorry.

Jack: Yeah, I -- you know, I just don't get it. I mean, you knew that Lily had a crush on you. How could you let her see you kissing Anita?

Aidan: I'm not about to make excuses, jack.

Jack: I mean, you had to know what that would do to her, seeing anything like that, especially with her disorder. Lily has a hard enough time trusting people, taking that chance with her feelings. How could you be so irresponsible, so damn stupid?

Aidan: Oh, I've said the same thing to myself over and over again. If I could go back to the very beginning, I'd do things differently.

Jack: Well, you can't, and the damage is done now, isn't it?

Aidan: Well, is she still in panic mode?

Jack: She's doing a little better. But she's still trying to deal with everything -- being slammed by you, being caught in that fire. That fire, Aidan, the flames and the embers in that fire with all that red set off every alarm in her head. Now she barely talks. And when she does talk, it's to herself. She ignores Reggie and me.

Aidan: Well, listen, if there's anything I can do --

jack: I think you've done enough.

Reggie: J, it's like we're not even here.

Jack: I know.

Reggie: Let's call Erica. I mean, we can't get through to her. Maybe she can.

Erica: You're out of your twisted mind. How could I possibly be guilty of anything to do with this tragedy?

Zach: You should have let me leave town. I was ready to go, I wanted to go, and you convinced me to stay here, be a father to my son, put him back on the right track.

Erica: And you did such a bang-up job.

Zach: None of this would have happened if you'd stayed out of it and let me go.

Erica: You're a big boy. You do exactly what you want.

Zach: Mm-hmm, and here I am.

Erica: And right where you belong. The lives you've mangled -- my daughter's, your son's. Lily could have died because of you. My friend did. And I will do everything in my power to see that you are punished into oblivion.

Zach: Nothing like a worthy project to put the glint back in your eye. Do your best, do your worst. It's fine with me. I've made my peace. And as for you and the rest of the geniuses in this town, you have no idea what's headed your way.

Erica: You're a lot less scary on that side of the bars.

Zach: You deserve everything that's coming, every single one of you.

Erica: Another Cambias curse?

Zach: I'm going to make a believer out of even you. You can go.

Ryan: Zach Slater confessed to everything. He killed Edmund, tried to kill me, poisoned Greenlee. A one-man crime wave.

Jonathan: Oh, wow. Oh, the nightmare's over. No more fear, no more doubt. We got our man. What? What's with that look? Greenlee's out of danger, I'm off the hot seat, and, you, you can relax. All those questions you had building up in your head -- gone. Whew. Oh, too bad I'm on the wagon. Oh, Ryan, I'm -- I'm sorry about Edmund. I'm -- I didn't mean to be insensitive.

Ryan: He was my friend. He was my family for a while -- I mean, his wife and his kids. I don't know how they're going to get through this.

Jonathan: I'm sure it's -- it's going to be hard for everyone. It's just that all this crud's behind us. What? What is it?

Ryan: I'm not sure that Zach told me the truth.

Kendall: If I were you, I'd also think long and hard about it. I mean, either way, you're in a really bad position.

Greenlee: Thanks a lot.

Kendall: Well, if Jonathan does drink the potion and starts talking up a storm, then you are going to have to break it to Ryan that his brother is a psycho dirtbag. Kind of puts a hitch in your whole honeymoon. If Jonathan's innocent but we get busted for dosing him, then you still lose.

Greenlee: This is your idea of help? Why even bother?

Kendall: Well, maybe I want to find out who framed me so I won't have to listen to your bellyaching anymore.

Greenlee: I'll do this myself. Go jump in a champagne bath with too-tall.

Kendall: Well, with Edmund's murder and Zach walking the plank for it, Ethan kind of wanted some alone time.

Greenlee: Not a surprise.

Kendall: Just let me help you with this, ok? I want to make sure that we're doing things right. It's not every day that someone slips their brother-in-law truth serum, and like you said, your marriage is on the line.

Greenlee: If we get caught, I'll deal with whatever happens. Ryan and I love each other. It's gotten us through worse, and it's going to get us through this. The key is to be honest and trustworthy.

Kendall: Right -- you mean after we slip his brother some drugs behind his back?

Greenlee: I'm going to have an honest marriage if it kills me.

Kendall: I wouldn't stand next to you in a lightning storm.

Greenlee: After this little deception is over, I'm never going to tell Ryan another lie.

Kendall: Are we taking bets?

Greenlee: Ryan wants the truth just as much as I do. He will deal with it, whatever it is.

Kendall: Ok, but he probably won't deal very well with how you got it.

Ryan: Everything I know about Slater screams "if he did it, he would never admit to it." I mean, at the station when he said he was guilty, it was more like he was taking a shot at us. It wasn't a confession.

Jonathan: Couldn't it be both?

Ryan: He had something in his eyes, Jonathan. Not guilt. It was like he was sitting on something, taunting us. "The answer is what we deserved." That's what he said. Now, what does that mean?

Jonathan: Did he want to mess with your head? I don't know. Why don't you want to believe him?

Ryan: I do want to believe it.

Jonathan: But then there's you, me, and Greenlee. I've done everything I can to prove to you I didn't drug your wife. Now that Slater's confessed, hopefully he'll cough up some information that proves I'm innocent. That's all I want, Ryan, is just for us to be good again, and you and Greenlee. Ryan, I know how much you love your wife.

Greenlee: Let me deal with my marriage. We've got to figure out a way to infuse Jonathan with the truth.

Kendall: How about a shot glass, salt, and a slice of lime?

Greenlee: Well, we've definitely got the worm. We just need to make him talk.

Kendall: Yeah.

Simone: Hey.

Kendall: Wow. Bowling night?

Simone: A date.

Greenlee: Who is it this time, the hell's angel? The guy who owns a male spa?

Simone: Jonathan.

Both: Forget it.

Jonathan: Hey, hey. Is my tie straight?

Ryan: Where are you going?

Jonathan: Out. You should take advantage. You and Greenlee could use a night to yourselves. No, it's too much. Look at it. Is the tie too much?

Ryan: Where are you going, Jonathan, and who are you going with?

Jonathan: I'm going out to dinner, Ryan, with Simone.

Ryan: Like hell. 

Jonathan: What's the big deal?

Ryan: You're not ready.

Jonathan: Oh. Ryan, listen. No booze, ok? No sex, no foul. Just a simple night of conversation, dinner, maybe a few laughs, ok? A normal night. What's the harm?

Ryan: "What's the harm?" I can't let you do this.

Jonathan: What do you think I'm going to do, Ryan? "Oh, I hate the dress, hold still. Let me pop you one."

Ryan: Jonathan, these issues take a lot of time to work through. You just have to be --

Jonathan: Oh, I hate it when you say that, man! Ryan, I'm not crazy.

Kendall: He's crazy.

Greenlee: He abuses women.

Simone: Not this one.

Kendall: No. No, no, no. You cannot set yourself up as bait.

Simone: Well, it's too late, ladies. I already did it, and you should have seen me. I was great. I just happened to run into him, whipped out the little sports trivia. Works every time.

Greenlee: You could blow everything.

Simone: Oh, please, I was so totally subtle. He has no clue that I know that he's a freaky-deak that doped you into la-la land.

Kendall: Wait a minute. You told Simone? Great, so why don't we just take out a billboard?

Simone: You know what? Why don't you give me a little credit? Greenlee trusts me, ok? I haven't told anyone and I won't. My lips will remain sealed.

Kendall: Yeah, well, make sure Jonathan stays away from those lips.

Simone: Oh, please. I can handle Jonathan.

Greenlee: You're not the first woman to think that. Save yourself a black eye. Stay home. You're not going out with him.

Kendall: Oh, yes, she is.

Ethan: Here. I hear this helps.

Maria: Thanks.

Ethan: Here you go.

[Doorbell rings]

Ethan: I'll get that.

Aidan: Is Maria in?

Ethan: She's inside. Come in.

Aidan: Hey, you. I'm so sorry.

Maria: Thanks.

Aidan: Oh, ok, ok.

Maria: Thank you. How is Maddie?

Anita: Scared and confused, sad. She needs her mom right now no matter how much she fights it.

Maria: Ok, ok. Excuse me.

Aidan: How you doing? Are you all right?

Anita: Yeah. I mean, Maria and I were just planning an anniversary surprise for Edmund. How did this happen?

Aidan: Yeah, I know. It's my question, too -- well, one of them anyway. Hey, you were with Edmund. What did he say to you before he went to the stables?

Ethan: He said he was going to deal with Zach. I offered to go with him, but he wanted to go on his own.

Aidan: He said the same thing to me before his rendezvous with Zach's hit man. Only I staked it out today for Edmund. No one showed.

Ethan: I'm not surprised. Edmund's murder's been all over the press. I mean, this guy has got to at least be out of the state by now.

Aidan: If he ever really existed.

Anita: Edmund talked to Zach's hit man. They set up a meeting.

Aidan: Look, Edmund talked to somebody, but the question is, is this guy legit? Now, I tracked the numbers on Bobby's cell bill. The last number called was to a disposable -- no name and no info.

Ethan: So our guy is smart enough to cover his tracks, Aidan. It doesn't mean he doesn't exist.

Aidan: I didn't want to bring this up before, but Edmund waved a lot of money in front of Bobby. Bobby saw the green and probably gave Edmund exactly what he wanted.

Anita: A hit man that was hired by Slater?

Ethan: Hold on a second here. The bloody shooter's not the point. The point is Zach admitted that he hired the hit man. Edmund knew that, and now Edmund's dead, so let's not cause any problems. Don't go around trying to discredit the reputation of a man who put his life on the line, Aidan, and lost it.

Aidan: I know. But, you see, I want answers.

Ethan: I have all the answers. I saw my father crack Edmund over the back of the head with a shovel and kill him in cold blood, and that is all you need to know.

Myrtle: 193. In my carny days, I used to fill in for old professor Yosie when he had had a bottle too many and I used to tell the weight of any dude who had a nickel in his pocket, and I got so darn good at it I was better than he was when he was sober. You are 193 pounds.

Zach: Is that why you're here, guess my weight?

Myrtle: Well, I had to be certain of something, you know, when I'm trying to peg you. I'm supposed to be a great judge of character, but I don't know. For some reason, I'm getting you all wrong.

Zach: This is no place for you, Mrs. Fargate. Go home.

Myrtle: I can't. The police want my statement. I was at your casino with Opal the night you had words with Edmund, and I heard you say, "I'll get you long before you get me."

Zach: Well, if that's what you heard, you got to tell the truth.

Myrtle: I will. Are you?

Jack: Hi.

Erica: Hi. Is Lily worse? Is that it?

Jack: Oh, honey, it's everything -- Edmund, Lily, the whole bloody mess.

Erica: I know. It's so horrible, I know -- horrible.

Jack: And Lily -- poor Lily.

Erica: She's still not talking to you?

Jack: Not a word. But Reggie's convinced that if anybody can get through to her it would be you.

Erica: Well, Reggie's very smart.

[Jack chuckles]

Erica: You should listen to him more often.

Jack: Come on.

Reggie: Yo, Lily, look who's here.

Erica: Hi, Reggie. You know what I'm thinking? I'm thinking it might be easier if it's just us girls, ok, so why don't you go on and why don't you get some dinner?

Reggie: Yeah. Lily likes that new Greek place.

Jack: We're on it.

Erica: Ok.

Jack: You -- work your magic.

Erica: I can't think straight when my life's out of order, either. I work so hard trying to get the noise to go away, I can't even concentrate. Is that how it is for you, too? You've had a real scare, Lily, but you've been so brave. There's nothing I want more than to make you feel safe and loved, and a hug usually does the trick, but I know you don't like to be touched. And I know that you don't understand why people hug -- to show how much you care. And I care about you, Lily. I care about you very much. So in my mind, I'm hugging you. I can see you in my arms. And it's safe, Lily, and quiet. It's very quiet. Can you feel that, Lily? Do you understand? Good. Now, you just hold on to that and you tell me what happened before the fire.

Jonathan: You know what's wacked, Ryan? You come in here, you get the room right next door to me, you hold my hand, and you watch my every move. It's freaking Greenlee out. You should be sharing a bed with your wife, not a suite with me.

Ryan: You know what? You can spin it however you want, Jonathan, but you are absolutely not going.

Jonathan: Yeah, Dr. Robbins didn't nix it.

Ryan: He didn't nix it because it didn't come up.

Jonathan: Well, spin it any way you want. Ryan, I'm not going to ditch my social life because you're overprotective.

[Phone rings]

Jonathan: Hello?

Simone: Jonathan?

Jonathan: You're not backing out on me, are you?

Simone: Oh, gosh, no, no. Actually, I'm running a little late at work, and I was hoping that you wouldn't mind picking me up at Fusion.

Ryan: Cancel. Cancel the date. Just cancel.

Jonathan: No. Not a problem.

Simone: Great. Well, then I'll see you soon.

Ryan: This is a bad idea, Jonathan. Please listen to me -- not a good idea.

Jonathan: Ryan, please chill. It's ok. Everything's going to be fine. I'll be home before curfew, I promise.

Simone: How easy was that?

Greenlee: Way too early to get cocky.

Simone: Oh, have a little faith. Does this stuff really work?

Kendall: Well, it's got David's seal of approval.

Simone: Really?

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Simone: Hmm. Maybe I could get some of this stuff to go.

Greenlee: Forget it.

Simone: What? Think about it. A couple of drops in a guy's drink. If he says he's going to call, he actually means it.

Kendall: Maybe we should try a little for personal use.

Simone: I know. We could get David to come up with a formula that is absorbed through the skin. Yeah -- we could put it in after-shave and call it "truth or dare."

Greenlee: Simone!

Simone: That's great.

Greenlee: Eyes forward.

Simone: All right, all right, fine, brainstorm for later. We will definitely nail that nasty piece of flesh to the wall.

Ryan: Single malt, neat. Perfect.

David: Flying solo?

Ryan: Not in the mood. Thank you.

David: Better not to have any witnesses, right?

Ryan: Just go away, Hayward.

David: All right. Where is she? Where is that tasty piece of fluff you're going to snack on tonight, bring upstairs to your hotel room?

Ryan: You're drunk.

David: Hmm, not quite, but I am working on it. Bartender?

Ryan: Well, go do it somewhere else, please.

David: I'd love to right after we talk about Greenlee and how you're stupid enough to cheat on her.

Greenlee: What if Ryan hitches a ride to keep an eye on Jonathan?

Simone: Then we'll tell him that Jonathan and I do not need a chaperone.

Kendall: I don't know. Ryan can be pretty stubborn.

Simone: Then we'll ditch him. Look, guys, either you trust me to handle this or you don't. Do you want the answers tonight or don't you? Are we on? It's up to you.

Greenlee: Let's do it.

Kendall: Ok, we trust you.

Simone: Oh, it's about time. Ok, there just is this one little thing, though. Ok, I've worked a lot of my, you know, mumbo jumbo on Jonathan when he first came to town. Before I pop that big zillion-dollar question, do you mind if I ask him if he ever seriously thought about asking me out?

Kendall: Are you out of your mind? What is wrong with you?

Greenlee: He's an abusive pig. Why would you care if you ever hooked up?

Simone: Research and development. Look -- he was immune to, like, some of my best moves. I have to know why. I mean, how else am I going to stay on top of my game?

 Anita: What's with all the questions? Zach confessed. Ethan's an eyewitness. What are you trying to prove?

Aidan: I don't know, but something is off.

Anita: Edmund's gone, Aidan, and my sister's in hell, and one of the only things that can help her right now is Zach behind bars, not more questions and doubt. If she gets justice and a little peace, don't take that away from her.

Zach: I'm sure you heard the buzz around town. I killed Edmund because I was in love with his wife, I shot Ryan because I wanted the Cambias fortune, and I poisoned Greenlee just because I could. So don't let this sunny smile fool you, Mrs. Fargate. I am a Cambias.

Myrtle: I've heard all the stories, but I trust my eyes. I watched you when you held Miranda, and I saw how you looked at her. Those were not the eyes of a man who would leave two children fatherless.

Zach: In your days at the carny you must have met thousands of con men.

Myrtle: Oh. Like ants at a picnic. Wouldn't be carny otherwise.

Zach: I'm better than all of them. And by the way, you were wrong. I'm 198.

Myrtle: Maybe, with your clothes on.

Erica: Remember the night we first talked about Aidan? You asked me how many boyfriends I'd had, and I told you more than seven. You said that you would come to me for advice if you needed it, because I knew how to be a girlfriend. The truth about those more than seven boyfriends? Most of them didn't work out, and it hurt, a lot. So I know how you feel, Lily. I really do. It hurts. It's hard. Lily, I know that it may not seem like this to you now, but it does help if you talk about it. So that night before the fire, when --

Lily: Red.

Erica: I know. I know that the flames scared you, but --

Lily: Red, red.

Erica: No, forget about the fire.

Lily: Red!

Erica: When you saw Aidan --

Lily: Red, red.

Lily: Red, red, red, red --

Erica: No, it's all right.

Lily: Red --

Erica: Honey, it's ok. We won't talk about it any more now.

Lily: Red, red, red, red --

Erica: Your dad and Reggie went to get something to eat.

[Lily screams]

Erica: Oh!

Lily: Red!

Erica: Oh, Lily!

Lily: Make it stop!

Erica: No, no, let me look at this.

Lily: Make it stop! Red!

Erica: Ok, ok.

Lily: Red, red!

Erica: It's not that bad. I'm going to get something to help you.

Lily: Red!

Erica: All right.

Lily: Make it stop!

Erica: You take this and you cover up the red --

Lily: Wet red.

Erica: And I'll get you a bandage.

Lily: Wet red. Wet red. Make it stop! Make it stop. Wet red, wet red.

David: I always knew that you were going to screw Greenlee over. I told her right to her face. I said, "he is going to break your heart." I just didn't think it was going to be so soon.

Ryan: Just give it a rest.

David: Come on, let's stop playing games here. Who is she, huh? Tell me. No, obviously, it's not Kendall. She's Greenlee's wingman on this.

Ryan: On what?

David: Do you ever notice that nothing bonds women more than a cheating husband? Come on, Ryan. Get it out. Where is the lucky lady, huh? Or is it just anyone who leaves the bar last?

Ryan: Hayward, another word and you're going to have to unzip your fly to brush your teeth. Do you understand? I'd like to sit here alone and have a drink in peace and in quiet.

David: So you're not cheating on Greenlee?

Ryan: No. I -- if I was, genius, would I do it in a place like this where I'd run into people like you?

David: Wait a minute, all right. Do you have any other dirty little secrets that you're trying to hide?

Ryan: No, I have no secrets from Greenlee, nothing.

David: Hmm. Then who's that drug for?

Jonathan: Simone? Hello?

Simone: Hello. You're right on time.

Jonathan: You are gorgeous.

Simone: Aw, no, I'm not.

Jonathan: Yeah, you are. Hi.

Simone: Hi.

Jonathan: Hi. Are you ready to go?

Simone: Yeah. However, I've been a little naughty. I snuck this outrageous bottle of cab from Kendall from a buyer that she got, I popped the cork, and then I realized that it's probably worth a couple hundred bucks.

Jonathan: Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk. Shame on you.

Simone: I know.

Jonathan: M.

Simone: So maybe we could have cocktails here?

Jonathan: Well, it would be a shame to let it go to waste, wouldn't it?

Simone: I knew you'd understand.

Jonathan: I do.

[Simone laughs]

Simone: Here -- a toast. To not wasting a drop. Hmm. Mmm. What, too oaky? Did I get some cork in there?

Jonathan: No. No, no, no, no. It's fine. Um -- hmm. Tempting as it is, I'm -- I'm not drinking these days.

Zach's voice: I've never lied to you. Everything you ever asked me, 100% the truth. Worst thing that I ever said to you was that I loved you, and that wasn't a lie. That will always be the truth. I did it, did all of it. I'm guilty of killing Edmund grey, guilty of everything.

Zach's voice: You're not my son.

Zach's voice: Let go of everything Cambias, so get out of Pine Valley before the people that want to hurt you succeed. I'm going to court to take over and, yeah, I'll tell them to overturn my father's will. And after that, all this is going to be mine.

Jack: Ok, well, I lost Danielle and Reggie to some hamburgers, but I got some spanakopita for you and some moussaka for me and some baklava that Lily is so fond of. Where is Lily?

Erica: In the bathroom. She cut herself.

Jack: Is she all right?

Erica: Well, it was just a scratch. But, Jack, she's not all right. The red Lily saw, the red that scared her so badly? Jack, I don't think it was the fire. I think it was blood. I think Lily saw Edmund's murder.

Ryan: What are you up to?

David: Hey, I'm just a chemist for hire. Go ask your wife and her pal, Kendall.

Ryan: Well, they're not here right now, so I'm asking you. What kind of drug?

David: I guess they have another sucker in mind.

Simone: Well, darn. Kendall's going to stomp me into grape juice for this, and I don't even get to taste the fruit of my crime.

Jonathan: No, no, no, no, no. Don't let me stop you, please.

Simone: Oh, well, where's the fun in that? I have a rule -- never outdrink my date.

Jonathan: That's a good rule.

Simone: Yeah.

Jonathan: Um -- I've got my own rules, though, and I have to follow them.

Simone: That's it, then. Unless you can magically recork this bad boy, we have to pour this delectable, perfectly rounded bottle of 1973 cab down the drain, and then I'll get an earful in the morning.

Jonathan: You know, one glass won't kill me, right?

Simone: Right, and it might even do you some good.

Jonathan: To a very beautiful, a very charming --

Simone: Oh.

Jonathan: Gorgeous dinner date.

Simone: Ain't that the truth.

Simone: Mmm.

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J.R.: There's still a lot of punishment to go around. And guess what -- it's beginning right now.

[Phone rings]

Simone: My cell phone. Where did I put that thing?

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