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By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

Livia: How I let you talk me into representing Babe and Krystal at this hearing today --

David: Don't forget me or I'm going to feel left out.

Tad: I owe you bigtime.

Livia: Yeah, I have no intention of letting you forget it, Thaddeus.

Jamie: Well, this is just a formality, right? Babe and her folks plead guilty, failure to return a child?

Livia: Let's try to keep a human face on the crime. Babe, Krystal, the doctor here conspired to keep Bianca's baby from her. Now, a hand slap looks like community service and probation for Babe and Dr. Daddy, while Krystal serves a long, fat prison stretch.

Babe: Ms. Frye, I know that you don't want any part of this.

Livia: Jackson Montgomery is a really good friend of mine. I'd rather be sitting in the DA chair. But I'm going to do my best for you.

David: Let's just get this the hell over with. Come on.

Tad: Now, wait a minute, wait a minute. What's with the rush to judgment? All of a sudden you're in a hurry to get the hell out of here and let Krystal start serving your time?

David: I guess news hasn't traveled so fast.

Tad: What news?

David: It can wait. Krystal's going to need all the support we can give her today, including yours.

Guard: No physical contact with the prisoner.

Krystal: Tad, I told you to stay away.

Tad: Yeah, and I gave some wild horses a run for their money, but you're stuck with me.

Babe: Mama, I hate this. I know that we've done this, but I just -- I hate that you're going to prison on my account.

Erica: Why don't you go with her, Babe?

Ryan: Dr. Robbins, hey. Thank you for making time. I appreciate it. I know we didn't have an appointment scheduled till Friday.

Dr. Robbins: Well, fortunately, I had a cancellation.

Jonathan: Yeah, we can get our heads shrunk and order room service.

Dr. Robbins: Whatever works. Ryan, you requested this extra session. What's on your mind?

Ryan: I'd like to talk about my wife, Greenlee, and how my brother really feels about her.

[Simone finds Greenlee peering over the edge of Enchantment's roof.]

Simone: Oh, my God, Greenlee.

Maria: Say it again, Ethan.

Ethan: I saw Zach attack Edmund and kill him.

Maria: You heard -- Zach, you heard your son. Deny it. Deny it like you just did to me. You just told me that you were innocent. You just sat here and you swore to me that you didn't go after Edmund. So tell him. Tell him he's a liar. He's just accused you of murder. Tell him that he's a liar. What is wrong with you? He -- I mean, you're in a fight and -- right? -- And waste -- act like a man who doesn't have anything to hide! Defend yourself, for God's sake! You can't --

Derek: I hear we have a situation?

Ethan: Yeah, if you call cold-blooded murder a situation, we have a situation. I witnessed it.

Derek: Who got killed?

Ethan: Edmund Grey.

Derek: Ed-- oh, damn. We got a 911 about a fire at Wildwind.

Maria: He just died in the ER.

Derek: Oh, Maria, God, I am so sorry. I -- you were there?

Ethan: Yeah. Zach doesn't seem willing to talk, and somebody needs to speak for Edmund, so -- Maria, I'm sorry. Forgive me. I know this is very difficult for you to listen to. But I -- I ran into Zach last night at Wildwind. He was on his way to confront Edmund to have it out with him. He called him a liar. He called him a cheat. He vowed that he was going to destroy Edmund and your marriage.

Derek: Why would Slater do that?

Ethan: He had his reasons. I hit Zach with a shovel to give myself some time to go and warn Edmund, tell him what was coming along, and I think I knocked Zach out pretty cold. But let me tell you now, if I had known what you were going to do, I would have made sure I hit you a hell of a lot harder.

Kendall: Ethan, Ethan, just go on with the story.

Ethan: Edmund insisted on confronting Zach on his own. He went down to the stables. I followed, waited outside, nobody came out, so I stuck my head around the door just in time to see this fellow cracking Edmund over the back of the head with the business end of the same shovel that I used on him. He didn't see me. Next thing, Zach gets down on his hands and knees, checks for a pulse, I'm assuming, to make sure that the job was done. That was when I noticed the space heater, which was conveniently thrown over onto a pile of hay. That's how the fire started. I'm sorry, Maria. But somebody upstairs must have been watching, because Zach ended up trapped under a fallen beam. You asked why I saved you. Because as much as you deserve to burn, Zach, it is just too quick, it's too clean, it's too merciful, and you deserve to twist and pay for what you've done.

Derek: You want to say anything?

Maria: You did it. You did it. He killed my husband. And that's not the only thing that you're guilty of.

Simone: Greenlee, get back from the edge!

Greenlee: Oh, God! For God's sakes, Simone, are you trying to kill me?

Simone: Are you kidding? I just saved your butt from bouncing off the sidewalk.

Greenlee: I wasn't going to --

Simone: What? Well, what are you doing up here on the edge of the roof in the land that heat forgot?

Greenlee: Remembering. When I was unscrewed and I came up here to be a Flying Wallenda, working without a net and a good sanity defense. I need to prove something without making myself look like a paranoid princess or yesterday's nut burger.

Simone: Well, here, princess, brainstorming generates heat.

Greenlee: Ah, thanks, Simone.

Simone: Yeah.

Greenlee: But I don't want to suck you into my drama.

Simone: So, what, I'm not your friend? Great.

Greenlee: Says who?

Simone: Well, you obviously don't trust me.

Greenlee: What makes you think that?

Simone: Hello? The copy room, the kitchen, the ladies' room? You and Kendall and your secrets? I walk in, you clam up. All right, if there is something wrong, I want to help. Help me. You know, if this -- help me help you, ok? Tell me what's going on.

Greenlee: I think Jonathan poisoned me.

Simone: What?

Greenlee: And now he's poisoning Ryan.

Jonathan: We're in therapy because of our family history, because of -- because of the beat-downs and the rage, acting out. Me not wanting to be like our father, it has nothing to do with Greenlee.

Ryan: Well, Greenlee's family, Jonathan, and you seem to have a problem with that.

Jonathan: Ryan, your wife doesn't like me. She doesn't trust me. I mean, the way I see it, that's Greenlee's problem, not mine. Listen, Dr. Robbins, last session we were talking about our old man's drunken midnight raids, pulling us out of the bed and cursing at us. I was remembering --

Dr. Robbins: We'll pick that up, but just now I couldn't help noticing your reluctance to discuss your sister-in-law.

Jonathan: I don't see how it can help.

Ryan: It can help me. You and Greenlee are all I really have, and I hate that you don't get along.

Jonathan: Ryan, your wife just plain doesn't like me.

Ryan: Have you ever given her a reason to? Because, you know, it cuts both ways. Greenlee doesn't trust you, but you don't trust her either, and that kills me, Jonathan, because I don't like what I see down the road if we don't work this out. A long time ago, I made a decision. I left you because I couldn't hack Dad. Don't make me choose between my brother and my wife.

Jamie: You want to back off Babe?

J.R.: No can do. Not until Babe gets every bit of ugly that she deserves. And maybe not even then.

Tad: Erica, why are you here? What do you get out of making more trouble for Babe?

Erica: What do I get? That would be justice.

Bailiff: All rise for the Honorable Judge Joseph Madrigrano.

Judge: You may be seated. Krystal Carey, Arabella Carey, and David Hayward, this is a sentencing hearing. Stand to hear the charges against you. You're all charged with failure to return a child, which is a felony. Ms. Krystal Carey, you face two additional charges of forgery and tampering with records, also a felony. In an agreement reached with the district attorney's office, you've all pled guilty.

Livia: I submit these pleas on behalf of my clients, Your Honor.

Judge: And you have no problems with this, Mr. Dole?

Mr. Dole: None, Your Honor.

Judge: You understand that by pleading guilty to these felonies, your criminal records will follow you all of your life?

Adam: That's nothing new to Hayward.

Erica: Hmm.

Livia: Understood, Your Honor.

Judge: No one has used coercion or any other tactics to force you to plead guilty?

Krystal: No, Your Honor. We're here to admit our wrongdoing and to accept any punishment we have coming.

Judge: Then I'll proceed with the sentencing. Krystal Carey --

Erica: Your Honor? I have something to say.

Judge: Miss Kane, this isn't a trial. You're neither a witness nor an attorney.

Erica: I'm the mother of the victim, Bianca Montgomery, the young woman who was so cruelly hurt by the guilty standing before you.

J.R.: And I was the other victim. They kept my son from me and allowed me to believe that he was dead.

Erica: Before you sentence them, please, Your Honor, I'm begging you, please hear what we have to say, and then decide the punishment they deserve.

Joe: Terrible day. Edmund gone. It hardly seems real.

Brooke: What is it people say, "I was just talking to him"? Like that's some sort of life insurance. It's like the last time we talked, we came out swinging. Last night, we -- we had our last fight.

Joe: I'm so sorry, Brooke. Has Maria come back yet?

Brooke: I haven't seen her since she went off with Zach Slater.

Edmund's voice: Maria's in for a hell of a surprise.

Brooke's voice: My God, she thinks the two of you have a future together. Why not be honest? Tell Maria that you know about her and Zach.

Edmund's voice: When Zach Slater is being strung along in prison, then I'll teach her about honesty.

Maria: Ryan took a bullet, but he didn't die, so you went after him a second time. You admitted it to me that you were the second shooter, and you said you did it to cover for Ethan? That was a lie, too, wasn't it? You did it the second time because you had to cover for the hit man who failed the first time. And then you just thought might as well get Ryan where it really hurts and poison Greenlee, have Kendall be framed for it. Gave Ryan all kinds of personal, confidential information about Kendall's psychiatric appointments, including your prescription for a drug that was found in Greenlee's blood. All to protect your son, right? Had nothing to do with your son. You did it because you were guilty. You did it to cover for yourself. And I helped you. I helped you, kept all your secrets, covered for you. What'd that get me, all that blind faith? That got me a dead husband. You murdered the love of my life.

Livia: Ok.

Judge: Given their personal stake in these proceedings, I'm allowing Ms. Kane and Mr. Chandler to weigh in with their recommendations for sentencing.

Livia: Your Honor, the terms of this deal have been set, signed, and agreed to by both parties.

Judge: But it's my job to make the final ruling. You may sit. Ms. Kane?

Erica: Your Honor, we all make bargains -- in business, with God, with ourselves. But what's in play here is a devil's bargain, and it serves no one but the selfish and the wicked and the guilty.

Livia: Excuse me, Ms. Kane, but your own daughter signed off on this deal.

Erica: Yes, because my daughter Bianca needed this to be over. Your Honor, have you ever heard the sound of a woman who has been told that she's lost her newborn baby? I have. I wish to God I hadn't heard it, but I did, and I will hear it for the rest of my life, my daughter's cry. I wish that David and Babe and Krystal would be thrown into a dark, cold pit and be made to listen to that cry over and over and over again for the rest of their natural lives; because when my daughter Bianca was lied to and told that her baby was dead, as strong as she was, as strong as she is, that almost destroyed her.

J.R.: Your Honor, I did not suffer as much as Bianca Montgomery. But when you are told that your child is no more, just breathing hurts. I have grieved the loss of my own flesh and blood. I'm continuing to still grieve for the loss of my baby girl, ripped from my life.

Erica: Bianca and J.R. weren't offered any plea bargains. They had no choice. Their children were just taken from them and they were forced to live this indescribable loss. They weren't offered any deals. Any deals cut with these criminals is a slap in the face to my daughter and to J.R. Your Honor, if there is any justice, Babe Carey and David Hayward should go to prison with Krystal Carey.

Adam: You have the power to make it happen, judge, and I strongly suggest you use it.

Livia: Mr. Chandler, please sit down.

Adam: You can reject the plea bargain and punish David Hayward and Ms. Carey to the full extent of the law.

Greenlee: You worked side by side with Jonathan on the Enchantment fragrance promotion.

Simone: Yeah, more like in his lap, but, hey, I thought he was hot.

Greenlee: Dig back to the day that I started going around the bend.

Simone: Are you kidding? I can barely remember yesterday. You should really think about keeping a journal.

Greenlee: "Dear diary, not much going on today. I answered the door naked, Kendall sprouted tails and a horn, and green men tried to sell me swamp land on Mars."

Simone: Well, beats my day-to-day.

Greenlee: Simone, focus. My memory's a little fuzzy, probably from the meds that Jonathan fed me.

Simone: Ok, thinking, thinking. Ok, there was that day when we were right here and you gave me your wedding ring. That was wacked.

Greenlee: Was Jonathan here that day?

Simone: Well, yeah. We were crunching numbers, remember?

Greenlee: Well, did he do or say anything that tweaked you at the time?

Simone: No, no, not really.

Greenlee: Damn it, I wish we had surveillance cameras.

Simone: Wait a minute. I do remember something.

Jonathan: Ok. Ok, ok, so when I first came to town and hooked back up with you, I acted like a little kid, I guess. I acted like a kid who got his hero back and just wanted to keep him all to himself.

Dr. Robbins: How did you feel about your sister-in-law then?

Jonathan: I admit, jealous. Ryan was her protector. But I just needed to learn that Ryan and I were in different places. And it was a good place. It was just different. And that's -- I was going with that. And then Greenlee got sick and was hospitalized, and we found out she'd been poisoned.

Dr. Robbins: So Ryan was more focused on his wife than ever.

Jonathan: We were all freaked out. It scared the crud out of me. When we found out she was ok, it was an enormous relief. I said to myself, "Now I have a chance to do right by my brother's wife." I mean, I really put myself out there for Gail. I totally backed up her play --

Ryan: Whoa, whoa, Hocket. Did you hear what you just said?

Jonathan: About Greenlee's recovery?

Ryan: You called her Gail.

Dr. Robbins: Your mother's name.

Jonathan: That's weird.

Dr. Robbins: What came to mind when Ryan pointed out your slip?

Jonathan: Nothing. Well, other than I switched up two names that start with G.

Dr. Robbins: All right, work with me, Jonathan. Talk about your mother. Whatever you can remember about her in this moment.

Ryan: I know what I remember. I remember that I loved her during the blue-sky days, and I hated her for not protecting us or herself from our father. She just drank cheap liquor instead. She just tried to lose herself in the bottle.

Jonathan: She drank that poison till it killed her.

Derek: Murder's a serious charge.

Maria: I can make it stick.

Ethan: So can I.

Derek: Let's get back to motive.

Maria: He had plenty of motive. Didn't you? Because Edmund had gotten in touch with the hit man that you hired to kill Ryan, and he'd arranged a meeting with him. So the hit man gives you up, you go down. Obviously, you found out about it, and you had to stop Edmund before he nailed you. Right? Yeah, I'm right. I'm right, and Ethan saw it. Here's the thing. You wanted me to believe that my husband was the monster. You said everything you could to make it sound like my husband was the evil one. But that's not him, that's you. Kendall knows it, Ethan -- everyone knows that. The only thing that Edmund ever did wrong was to love me, because I believed you. I believed you. Oh, my God. It should have been you. It should have been you. I wish to God you were dead. Say something. Say something. Say anything, damn it.

Derek: Easy, easy, Maria.

Maria: You just murdered my husband, you evil son of a bitch!

Derek: Maria, sit down.

Kendall: Ethan, Ethan. Ethan, you never said anything to me about seeing Zach kill Edmund.

Ethan: I was in shock.

Kendall: Shock? You were all over him when I got here.

Ethan: Kendall, don't. Don't doubt me.

Kendall: I didn't say that I was.

Ethan: Well, listen, I -- maybe I was just considering how best to use the information against Zach, but I saw him do it, Kendall, I swear. Trust me.

Derek: Edmund was a good man. If you need anything, just --

Maria: Yes, I do. I need you to get me out of here. I need you to get him out of my sight and take him to prison so he can just rot and burn in hell.

Simone: Ok. We were right here. It was morning, and you had just given me your wedding ring and we were working really hard after that Enchantment launch. And then Jonathan, out of nowhere, drops everything to go run to the corner to get you some fresh-squeezed OJ.

Greenlee: Right.

Simone: Mm-hmm.

Greenlee: Right, and I was sitting right here.

Simone: Exactly. He always went out to make sure you were fully hydrated. Not once did he ever offer to get me a thing.

Greenlee: Yeah, I totally remember, but now what? All the glasses at home have been washed, all the takeout cups tossed. I need physical proof, hard evidence to convince Ryan his brother poisoned me.

Jonathan: My mother always asked me to make her drinks. I liked making drinks for her, even though I knew the stuff was poison for her, because she always praised me. She'd say, "Jonny, nobody mixes a drink like you, just the way I like them."

Jonathan: Here's your coffee Greenlee. Just the way you like it.

Greenlee: Ahem. Thanks. Ooh, that has bite.

Jonathan: Hmm.

Dr. Robbins: I'm afraid that's all we have time for. We'll pick this up next session?

Jonathan: Yeah. Thank you, Dr. Robbins.

Jonathan: Bye-bye. All this stuff about drinks makes me thirsty for water. You want one?

Ryan: No, I'm good. Actually, you know what? There's -- there's someplace that I got to be.

Jonathan: Yeah. I'll see you later. Here's to you, Mother.

Judge: 15-minute recess while I consider what constitutes justice in this matter.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Bailiff: All rise.

Krystal: Isn't my blood enough of a sacrifice?

Erica: You're not bleeding, Krystal. You're going to prison. And now so is your daughter.

Tad: Erica, this isn't what Bianca would want.

Erica: I don't know about that. But I do know it's what I want.

Tad: Then you're taking it too far.

Erica: Tad, I love you dearly. Without you, Bianca may never have gotten her little baby back. But as far as these Carey women go, you're as blind as your son.

Jamie: Damn it, J.R., Babe already lost her baby to you. She's suffering way more than she would in prison.

J.R.: And it is my guess she'll be suffering way more behind bars doing laundry and special favors for the prison matron.

Adam: Erica, J.R., you did good. It's my bet you're going to turn that judge right around.

J.R.: And after he makes his ruling, maybe Krystal, Babe, and Hayward will cut a more realistic deal, and we'll all adjourn to the parking lot to watch you get loaded on the prison bus.

Judge: In light of the statements made by Ms. Kane and Mr. Chandler, I've taken a second look at the charges and the terms of the plea bargain. Given the grim nature of the crimes, the lives shattered, the fact that innocent children were willfully kept from their parents, the deal accepted by The District Attorney's office makes me want to throw up. But I'm going to play it as it lays. So ruled. The plea bargain stands.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Adam and J.R.: What?

Erica: You can't be serious.

Judge: I'm always serious, Ms. Kane. Babe Carey, David Hayward -- the DA cut you a sweetheart of a deal. I'm about to unsweeten it. Regarding the terms of your probation, you are to report to your assigned officer three times a week. Community service -- step up to the wonderful world of sanitary engineering. You'll start at the bottom picking up trash. Dr. Hayward, you will surrender your medical license. If you refuse, you'll go straight to prison. Your call.

David: Hand me a spear and a trash bag and point me to the nearest interstate. You can have my license, Your Honor, for all it's worth to me now.

Judge: Krystal Carey, your sentence stands. 10 years in the women's penitentiary. You'll be remanded to state prison at the close of this hearing.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Adjourned.

Adam: That's --

Erica: Well, they're not going to get away with this, because I'm going to see to it that they don't.

Adam: Erica -- Erica -- Erica, just wait, wait.

Erica: What?

Adam: Listen, listen.

[Adam whispers conspiratorially into Erica's ear.]

Brooke: For someone who makes their living with words, I can't seem to find any. Except, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Maria: Wait, don't go. Please. We lost him. How did that happen, Brooke? And I can't forgive myself, because all he ever did was love me, and all I ever did was hurt him. I -- I let Zach walk right into our lives, and I let all this -- it all happened because of me, and now, I -- my husband is -- and I --

Brooke: Maria, you loved Edmund, and he loved you. And you have to hold on to that and remember that love and let the rest go.

Derek: Slater kills to avoid being tagged as Ryan Lavery's attempted murderer one week before you go to trial for the same crime?

Ethan: You heard Maria. Edmund was just about to nail Zach. Can I go now?

Derek: Once your statement's typed up, you can sign it.

Ethan: Good.

Derek: One more thing, Ramsey. What's it like giving up your father?

Ethan: We may share the same blood, but Zach Slater is not my father.

Derek: You'll swear in court that Slater killed Edmund Grey?

Ethan: I'll swear. I'll swear.

Greenlee: Thanks for helping me, Simone.

Simone: Of course.

Greenlee: Really.

Simone: Jonathan, huh? He hits on Maggie, then hits Maggie, now you're on his hit list? I'm telling you, we will put together our girl power, and we will bring that sucker down.

Ryan: Hey, Simone, do you mind giving me a second?

Simone: No, not at all. With -- oh, with her?

Ryan: Yeah.

Simone: Yeah. Oh. I'll go collate something.

Greenlee: Ryan?

Ryan: Jonathan.

Greenlee: What happened?

Ryan: We had an emergency therapy session where we started talking about you and -- and my mom.

Greenlee: Me and your mom? How did you connect those dots?

Tad: Can we have a few minutes, please? You're going to be fine. Just fine. Hell, in three months, you'll be running the place.

Krystal: I want Shania to play me in the TV movie.

Tad: I'm going to be there every visiting day. If you need anything, anything at all, I'm your guy.

Krystal: Just so you know, I love you.

Babe: I'm going to be just fine. You worry about yourself, you hear me?

Krystal: Oh, come on, now, you know me. I'll find a way to dress up those prison drabs. Come on. Come on, repeat after me now. We deserve the best. Come on, Babe. We deserve the best.

Babe: We deserve the best.

Krystal: And together we can always --

Babe: Together we can always get it.

Krystal: And we're always together, no matter where we are.

Guard: It's time to go.

Babe: I just hate this. You getting locked up, and then I'm free.

Krystal: This is the way I want it, ok, Babe? My way, you get a chance to live with the man you love and you fight for your son. So you go on. You go on and you live your life.

Livia: Come on, Babe. Let go.

Erica: And there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

J.R.: You know, it's really too bad you didn't get to go to prison with Mommy.

Adam: When we're done, mark my words, you'll wish you had.

Greenlee: Ryan, what's got you so rattled about your brother?

Kendall: Have you guys heard? Edmund Grey is dead. He was killed by Zach Slater.

Ryan: What?

Greenlee: Oh, my God.

Kendall: And that's not all. Ryan, Maria said that Zach told her he was the one who shot at you. And, Greenlee, he was the one who poisoned you.

[Zach silently sits in the PVPD interrogation room while a satisfied Ethan glares from the other side of the window.]

Derek: Again, what went down at Wildwind? Why'd you go to see Edmund? Did you follow him to the stable? Did you hit him with a shovel? Did you kill him? Ok. We can do this dance as long as it takes. Again, what happened at Wildwind?

Brooke: I'll be right outside.

Maria: I love you. I love you so much.

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