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[Monitor flatlines]

Maria: Let's go! Let's do this! Let's give him 300 of amiodorone. We'll run an amp of epi every 3 minutes. IV push, now! Come on, let's tube him.

David: Ok, hold CPR. I need crike pressure.

Maria: Got it, I got it. You in? Check pulses.

David: Yeah, I'm in. Go.

Anita: Still no pulse.

Maria: We got bilateral breath sounds. Continue CPR. Come on, Edmund, come on, Edmund. Come on, Edmund.

Brooke: Please, God.

Ethan: You thought that I was going to let you die in that fire.

Zach: Mm-hmm. No threat to your money, your power, your name.

Ethan: You're not going to take what's mine, Zach, you know that?

Zach: A true Cambias would've thrown gasoline on that fire, warmed his hands on my burning body.

Guard: Your brother's here.

Krystal: My brother?

Guard: All the way from Brevard, North Carolina. He's some kind of charmer.

Krystal: Yeah, runs in the family.

Tad: [Southern accent] Damn, baby, they sure don't grow 'em like you at home, sassafras. Mmm, mmm, mmm. Yeah. What you doing after? Hey, sis. How about a little sugar for your kin?

Jamie: Don't ever make me start my morning without you again. I was hoping you went on a doughnut run, but I kind of knew better.

Babe: It would've been smarter. I went to J.R.'s. Look, I know that it's on the far side of stupid, but with Mama's hearing today and me missing James so bad, I kind of had to. I just had to see him and know he's real, that somehow all this mess is worth it.

Jamie: Well, I guess if that's how you feel, there's only one thing to do.

Babe: Who are you calling?

Jamie: Justice of the peace. We're going to get married.

Maria: Did he get the epi?

Anita: Yes.

Maria: Let's shock him again. Ready? 300. Clear. Where's sono?

David: Still no pulse.

Maria: Ok, this is PEA [pulseless electrical activity]. How many rounds did he have?

Nurse: Three.

Maria: Ok, let's shock him again. Come on, Edmund, you stay with us. Give him another amp of epi. Come on, Edmund.

Joe: He's gone.

Maria: Joe --

Joe: Maria, he's gone.

Maria: Do not give up on Edmund! We can get him through this.

David: You heard the doctor. Let's not give up. Go to 360.

Maria: Ready? Clear.

[Monitor flatlines]

Maria: Increase the voltage to 360.

David: Maria, we're already at 360.

Maria: Then let's hit him again at 360. This is what we do, David! We make miracles happen. We save lives. That is what we do. We don't give up.

Joe: We've done everything we can.

Maria: No, we have not!

Joe: You know we would save Edmund if we could.

Maria: We can save him. We can save him. Let's crack his chest and get in there. If we can get in there, we might be able to get him to respond.

Joe: But you know the extent of his cerebral hemorrhage.

Zach: Hi. Congratulate Ethan. He saved my life.

Kendall: Ethan, are you all right?

Ethan: Don't make such a big deal out of it, Zach.

Zach: You think fireworks and a parade are too much?

Ethan: I really don't think that many people are going to be celebrating your survival.

Zach: Oh, I know, it's not my life we're celebrating, it's yours. You proved you shouldn't be anywhere near the Cambias cesspool.

Ethan: The same cesspool that you're suing to take away from me?

Kendall: Ethan, forget about all this for a second. Are you ok?

Ethan: I'm fine.

Zach: Why are you being so modest? You're a hero. You pulled me from a burning building.

Ethan: Don't be so condescending.

Zach: I know, I know, you hate my guts, hate everything about me. You still couldn't do it, could you? You couldn't turn your back on the man you hate more than anyone in the world and watch him die.

Ethan: Maybe, Zach, I pulled you out of that building so that I could have the privilege of watching you suffer for what you've done.

Zach: No, you're a good man.

Kendall: All right, let's go. Come on, come on.

Ethan: You know, you may be the dregs of the universe, Zach, but you don't know me and you have no idea what I will do.

Babe: Getting married today? Are you trying to top me on the crazy list?

Jamie: There's nothing crazy about marrying the woman that I love.

Babe: Are you messing with me?

Jamie: Not about this. I want to take care of you, Babe, and it seems the best way to do that is to keep you close.

Babe: Hey. You already have me close.

Jamie: You know going to see James today was a big mistake. I know that you don't like rules, but we're stuck with them.

Babe: Yeah, and what kind of rules allows a mama only to see her baby for three hours a week?

Jamie: Yeah, it stinks, but we have to deal with it. J.R. is waiting for you to do something exactly like you did just so that he can go to a judge and convince him to whittle your three hours down to zip. J.R. has everything in his corner. Don't make it easy for him.

Babe: I just had to. But you're right, you're right, rules are rules, and from now on, I'm going to follow them, as ordered. I swear, I swear.

Jamie: I know it isn't easy, Babe, but I love you. I'm not going to let you risk losing one more minute with James. You get that, right?

Babe: You're just looking out for me. It makes me love you even more.

Jamie: And I know I jumped ahead, your divorce isn't even final yet, but if it was, I would marry you this second.

Babe: Well, um, it seems that I am single and available again.

Jamie: Not for long.

Krystal: What are you doing? All rigged up like my brother?

Tad: The only way I could get in. Apparently, they only allow relatives down here, so --

Krystal: All right, bro. How's my baby doll, and Jamie?

Tad: No, they're ok, or well enough, anyway. They're just worried sick about you.

Krystal: And baby James?

Tad: Yeah, well, at least he's being well taken care of.

Krystal: This all went to hell in a hand basket, didn't it?

Tad: Yeah, I guess it did.

Krystal: Look, Tad, why don't you just go play "Deliverance" someplace else?

Tad: Yeah, maybe I should. This thing itches. I never liked you, anyway.

Krystal: Yeah, well, who could after what I did?

Tad: Nobody with a brain.

Krystal: Nobody with half a brain.

Tad: Yeah, well, that explains it. I must be off my meds.

Krystal: Yeah, you need a checkup from the neck up, Tad. No, don't. Come on. Stop it, really. Just -- why don't you just leave? Just walk away and leave me alone.

Tad: I can't.

Maria: Give him another amp of epi!

Nurse: We've already given --

Maria: Give him the epi! Help me crack his chest, David.

David: Maria, it's done.

Maria: David, please, help me crack his chest. Give me a thoracotomy tray and some rib-spreaders and a scalpel. I need fresh gloves. Somebody check suction. Make sure it's working. Get it now! Get it now! David? Call it.

David: Time of death, 9:33 a.m.

Maria: What did you do to my husband? What did you do to my husband? My husband is dead. What did you do to him? Answer the question, Zach! What did you do to him?

Zach: I'm so sorry.

Maria: No, no, no, no.

Zach: Why don't we go someplace and talk?

Anita: No, Maria, don't. Don't go with him.

Ethan: Don't believe a word this guy says.

Kendall: Joe, is Edmund really gone?

Joe: I'm sorry. Brooke, why don't you come down to my office?

Brooke: Joe -- ahem -- I just -- I'm ok.

Kendall: Anita, I'm so sorry.

Aidan: Lily, I'm sorry I hurt your feelings. I'm sorry I didn't make sure you got home safely. But I meant what I said. We'll always be very special friends. Always.

Lily: 17.

Jack: You know what, Aidan, I think maybe you should leave.

Aidan: Please feel better, all right?

Reggie: Aidan, thanks for pulling Lily out of that barn.

Jack: She shouldn't have been there to begin with.

Aidan: Anita, what?

Anita: It's Edmund.

Krystal: Tad, really, you start acting all nice and I'm just going to go to mush, now.

Tad: Krystal, when you're staring at hard time, I think it's allowed.

Krystal: No. No. Not a chance. No, no pity committee here. I volunteered for this, and I am not going to bawl my way through it. I can do this. I can. I was great with Babe. What is wrong with me? When I'm with you, I just -- I don't know why it's so hard.

Tad: I'm not that special.

Krystal: Yeah? When did you get so dumb?

Tad: I'm not sure. I don't know, I just got something for a woman behind bars. Those orange jump suits make me crazy.

Krystal: Yeah, well, orange clashes with everything, you know? Especially good intentions.

Tad: There is nothing good or honorable about any of my intentions.

Krystal: You trying to make me think about what I'm going to miss when I'm all locked up?

Tad: Got a last request?

Krystal: Well, if you're doing requests, then I wish you'd just be a raging jerk, because then you'd be easier to forget.

Tad: Nothing about this is easy.

Derek: We've got laws against that kind of thing between brother and sister. Is that supposed to fool someone?

Tad: I got in, didn't I?

Derek: For your information, Tad, the law applies to the Martin family as much as anybody else.

Tad: I think that was meant for you.

Derek: Ms. Carey's about to learn that the hard way.

Tad: And that's why you're here, to rub salt into the wound. You want to slam that door and make sure she feels the pain. Well, guess what -- I'm here to help you. I'm going to make sure the prisoner knows exactly what she's going to be missing. Observe.  See, Derek, for the next 10 years, she's going to lie in bed at night, staring at the ceiling, thinking about that kiss. In fact, it'll probably be another 10 years before I get another one like it.

Krystal: Is that all you got? I'll forget that in a year.

Tad: You keep it up, I'm going to make you the sorriest woman on this planet.

Derek: Ok, that's enough, Tad.

Tad: Sorry, Derek. I owe it to the community. It's my duty as a citizen. Somebody's got to make the sacrifice.

Jamie: No more J.R. I don't know a better way to celebrate than getting married.

Babe: On the day that Mama goes to prison for me?

Jamie: It stinks your mom's taking the heat.

Babe: No, it's -- it's undemocratic. It's -- you know, it's totally inhumane. She's turned herself into some scapegoat that everyone just gets to just stomp on and toss aside, and how am I supposed to live with that?

Jamie: It was Krystal's choice. She did it for you and James. Nothing you could do could change her mind.

Babe: But maybe it's not too late. Maybe I could go to the judge or maybe the DA and --

Jamie: You know that's the last thing your mom wants.

Babe: I've got to do something. Maybe we could bust her out.

Jamie: A better idea -- the legal idea -- we get married. You and me forever. Krystal would want that.

Babe: I want it, too.

Jamie: Then what's stopping us? There's nothing. You and I could be Mr. and Mrs. by tonight.

Babe: Divorced and married in the same day? You're doing this all for me, aren't you? Trying to make this day a little less horrible.

Jamie: I want you to know for sure that you're not going to lose me. This isn't some fling. This isn't an adrenaline rush. This -- this is "till death do us part." I want everybody in town to know we're not giving up. I'm in for the long haul, good or bad. So what do you say, Babe? Will you marry me, today?

Ethan: I should've let Zach burn.

Kendall: Ethan, don't say that, ok? No matter what, you could never let any man die.

Ethan: The guy thinks he knows me so well. He's so bloody smug, Kendall. We share a few strands of DNA and he thinks he's got me all figured out.

Kendall: Well, it's a parent thing.

Ethan: Which he only admitted to after I stuck him with it. Come on, Kendall, the guy denied me as his son -- for my own good. He left me to rot in a jail cell for my own good, and now he's going to take Cambias away from me? Yeah, you know what? My well-being is his primary concern? I don't know what kind of idiot he takes me for.

Kendall: Ethan, will you just let this go, please?

Ethan: No. No, I won't. Where does Zach get off thinking that he can save me, huh? He's going to save me from what, this Cambias curse? He's the curse, Kendall. What kind of world are we living in where a man like Edmund Grey dies and a man like my father lives? You know, when I hit Zach with that shovel, I should've aimed right for the back of his head.

Kendall: No, wait a second, you hit Zach with a shovel?

Ethan: Yeah. And I shouldn't have stopped until the job was done.

Kendall: Ethan, wait a minute. What really happened in those stables?

Ethan: Not enough. Not enough.

David: I'm sorry.

Brooke: Please leave.

Zach: When I came to, Edmund was on the ground. And I picked up the shovel because there was a fire and I was trying --

Maria: Ok, you had the shovel in your hand and you were standing over my husband, but I'm supposed to believe that you weren't the one who just gave him the fractured skull?

Zach: I didn't do this.

Maria: What were you doing on my property? What were you doing? What were you even doing there, Zach? You knew, then. The guy that you hired to kill Ryan must have called you and warned you that Edmund was onto you, because Edmund was about to have you put in jail, so you had to stop him and you wanted to do it yourself because it was personal.

Zach: My only sin against Edmund was loving his wife. I'm sorry he's dead. I didn't want this.

Maria: No, no, you don't -- you don't do anything by mistake. You don't make those kind of mistakes.

Zach: I didn't do this.

Maria: I don't know how I -- how could I not have seen who you really are? Because you're a liar and a coward. You went after a man in a wheelchair. Someone who was totally defenseless, somebody who could not fight back! What kind of soulless human being are you?

Zach: He could walk.

Maria: You're a murderer! What? What did you say?

Zach: Edmund could walk. I'm sorry. Edmund lied to you. Trapped us in the shed. He was on his feet. He --

Maria: No, no, no. Edmund didn't lie. Edmund didn't lie. You're lying -- how -- what are you saying about -- about the man I love? How could you say that about him now? He couldn't walk! For God's sake, he couldn't walk! Why would you say that about a man who's barely even dead? What is wrong with you? What is wrong with you?

Zach: Ok.

Maria: Jesus! Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God! Edmund, Edmund, Edmund! Oh, my God, oh, my God! Oh, Edmund!

Ethan: You know, Edmund and I were so close to nailing Zach. Edmund had made contact with the hit man. The whole meeting was set up.

Kendall: Wait a minute, so Zach really did it? He had Ryan shot?

Ethan: Yeah. Zach should be in jail right about now.

Kendall: Well, now you can finish it, Ethan. Now --

Ethan: No, no, no.

Kendall: Yes, yes, you can finish it. Zach will finally get what he deserves.

Ethan: Kendall, Kendall, you don't understand. The investigation dies with Edmund. He's the only one who knew how to set up contact with the hit man, who is going to be long gone by now, especially when this charade gets out. You don't think Zach knows that? That's why he's in there making nice-nice with the widow instead of running for his life. Now do you understand? God, I don't even know what the hell I was thinking.

Kendall: No, you were right. Ethan, you were right, ok? You were just trying to bring Zach to justice.

Ethan: Kendall, I had two chances to stop Zach dead in his tracks literally, and I didn't have the guts to do it

Kendall: Well, that's a good thing.

Ethan: It's a good thing? Kendall, Zach was lying there pinned down under a beam, I mean, there were flames everywhere. I should've just kept on going. I should've kept walking.

Kendall: No, no.

Ethan: I should've and not turned around.

Kendall: No, Ethan, don't say that, ok? No, no matter how bad Zach has treated you and everyone else in this town, you could never kill your own father.

Ethan: You heard my father, Kendall. I'm not Cambias enough to be a Cambias. You know what? I'm going to show him just exactly how Cambias I can be. Where does he get off watching me, harassing me, huh? What gives him any right to think that he can save me?

Kendall: No, you were right to save Zach's life, ok? Don't let him twist things around in your head and turn everything from white to black.

Ethan: Zach needs to be stopped, Kendall. The sooner the better, for everybody in this town.

Kendall: Ok, Ethan, listen, why don't we go for a walk, all right, take a deep breath? Some fresh air would do you some good right about now.

Reggie: So how long do you think she's going to be like this?

Jack: That's hard to say. I mean, I -- I think it could be some time before she comes back to us.

Reggie: What about a couple of knock-knock jokes? You know, that might do the trick.

Jack: Just might. Thanks for trying to get through to her.

Reggie: It's not like it's done any good.

Danielle: What do you think happened?

Jack: Well, Danielle, so much happened. And, first, Aidan breaks her heart, and then she gets caught in that terrible fire. She -- she must have been scared to death.

Reggie: I mean, it would've freaked anybody out, and all that red.

Jack: Well, I've got a call in to her doctor. We'll know more after he evaluates her.

Reggie: Hey, Lily. 100.

Jack: What's that?

Reggie: On a scale from one to 10, how sorry I am Lily got hurt.

Danielle: You got to get out of here, Lily. I can't do my math homework without you.

Jack: I love you. I'll see you when I get home, ok?

Reggie: All right, man.

Lily: Red. Red. Red. Everywhere. Wet. Red. Red. Red. Red.

Maria: I don't understand how you can say this about him now.

Zach: I'm sorry.

Maria: But I -- it can't be true.

Zach: I had proof. He's the one that locked us in the shed.

Maria: No, no, that's just -- it's not --

Zach: I'm telling you the truth, like I always have. He could walk.

Maria: Where's the proof then? Where's the proof?

Zach: I don't have it.

Maria: Oh, my God, because you're insane! Because you're insane.

Zach: Listen to me.

Maria: Don't touch me! Don't get near me!

Zach: He locked us in the shed. He regained the use of his legs.

Maria: Stop.

Zach: I don't know why he kept it a secret.

Maria: Stop, stop, stop! Stop, Zach! Stop!

Brooke: What happened, Edmund? What happened?

Joe: May I have a word with you?

David: I've already had enough fun for one morning, Joe. And now I have to rush to court and get smacked with my share of a plea bargain, so you'll have to excuse me if I'm not really up for a word. You know, actually, on second thought, I do have a few choice words for your half-wit hospital board and your vigilante buffoons Adam and Palmer. They want to string up my privileges, dance around the fire, be my guest. Let them throw a party. Because I don't really give a damn. Anything else?

Joe: Yes. I would be remiss if I didn't say to you before you leave what a mess you've made of your life, as a doctor and as a human being.

Derek: You come in here dressed like I don't know what and you dump this load, and you expect me to let you get away with it? Tad, you are maddening.

Tad: Come on, Derek, where's your heart? You know what it's like in a women's facility. It's brutal, it's demeaning. Whatever you think about her, she's going to give the next 10 years to a place that sucks the life out of you. You got to respect that. It takes guts.

Derek: Tad, you do the crime, you do the time.

Tad: Come on! You're really going to deny her the next five minutes of maybe a little heavy breathing with somebody who cares about her?

Krystal: Do I have a say in this?

Derek: No.

Guard: Chief? You've got a call. It's urgent.

Derek: It's always urgent. He can stay until you have to escort your prisoner to court.

Tad: Thanks, Derek.

Derek: Don't thank me, Tad.

Krystal: You didn't even break a sweat. You're my hero.

Tad: I'm going to miss you.

Jamie: How about we jump in front of a JP today, keep us legal? And then sometime down the line, we can have the kind of wedding that you want.

Babe: That would be with Mama bawling her eyes out into a hankie. But if we get married today, I'm going to be the only one with the red eyes. Look, I want our wedding to be the most beautiful, most special day ever. But I just really need things to shake down a little bit. Can you understand that?

Jamie: I love you, Babe. I know you almost as well as I know myself. So I know when you're playing me. What are you afraid of?

Jack: Hey, sweetheart, it's almost spring break. You know that, right? So what are you up for, a little surf and sand, or may some spring skiing? Maybe we could go up to the Poconos. It's beautiful there this time of year. The air is so crisp and clear. Maybe you'd like to do that. I'll tell you what I'd like to do. I'd like to put my arms around you and hug you so tight right now, let you know that everything's going to be ok. I love you. If you feel lost or afraid, I want you to just reach out and grab ahold of that any way you can and just hang on to that. And know that I will do my best to make sure that nothing bad ever happens to you ever again. But, honey, I -- I can't always do that by myself. So if you could tell me what happened, I know I could fix it. I know I could make it better. But I'm not going to push you. Whenever you're ready, just know your dad is right here, ok?

Joe: In med school, where were you when they gave the lecture on the dangers of playing God?

David: Oh, I think on that day I was busy -- oh, creating light.

Joe: The trouble with playing God is you really come to believe you're infallible and the old "first do no harm" goes out the window, and instead of using your gifts to help people, you use them to hurt people and manipulate.

David: What do you want?

Joe: I want you to be accountable. I want you to take responsibility for the pain you've inflicted on innocent people.

David: There aren't that many innocent people in this town, Joe.

Joe: It does not give you the right to trash their lives.

David: I was doing what I had to to protect my daughter, which is exactly what you would've done for your sons. And by the way, I don't need you, your approval, or this hospital's to live my life.

Joe: As a surgeon, you are a genius. You could've given the world so much. What a waste.

Babe: It's J.R. all the way. He's -- he's so not finished with us.

Jamie: So what? Ignore him.

Babe: There's no way he's going to let us do that. As long as I have this big old bull's-eye on my back, anyone that's close to me is going to get hit, too. I just -- I can't let that happen.

Jamie: Let him try. I'll be ready.

Babe: I can't let anyone get hurt anymore, especially not you.

Jamie: You know something else I love about you? That whole Mama-bear thing, trying to protect the people that you love.

Babe: Well, you know where I get it from.

Jamie: Want to know what I got from my dad?

Babe: Besides a weird sense of humor?

Jamie: Stubborn to the core. So there is no way, no how I'm going to let you blow us off to protect me. I love you, I'm going to marry you, and that's final -- if not today, then whenever you're ready, and we'll face whatever we have to face together.

Babe: Are you finished?

Jamie: Yeah. What was that for?

Babe: Because you are brave and hunky and stubborn.

Jamie: Well, you're a lucky lady. So let's go down to the courthouse and see what we can do for Krystal.

Tad: How about one for the road? It's a long road. We better fill her up.

Krystal: I can't get like that, Tad. I can't. I can't let Babe see me with raccoon eyes.

Tad: Don't worry, baby. Your secret's safe with me.

Krystal: I'll take it from here. Ok. Better?

Tad: Gorgeous.

Krystal: All right, look, um, you came here, you did what you had to do, and I thank you, but you really should go. I just, you know -- I can't get my game face on when you're tearing my heart out.

Guard: Ms. Carey? It's time to pay the piper.

Krystal: I hope the piper knows "Amazing Grace."

Zach: I'm telling you the truth, and I need you to believe me. I didn't kill Edmund. I don't know who did, but it wasn't me.

Ethan: Liar. Don't listen to him, Maria. Every word out of my father's mouth is a lie. I was there, Zach. I saw him kill your husband.

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Ryan: Don't make me choose between my brother and my wife.

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Erica: If there is any justice, Babe Carey should go to prison.

Adam: You have the power to make it happen, and I strongly suggest you use it.

Maria: You murdered the love of my life.

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