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All My Children Transcript Friday 2/25/05



By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

Lily: No!

Aidan: Lily.

Lily: You were kissing Aidan!

Aidan: I'm -- we didn't know you were here.

Lily: No. You can't kiss my boyfriend. That's not right! Stay away from him!

[J.R. hums guitar sounds]

J.R.: You know, when you're older, I might teach you how to play bass like this.

[J.R. hums bass sounds]

Kendall: Mind an audience?

J.R.: Audience? You're part of the band. You're on drums.

Kendall: But, what -- what? Well, ok, I'm not very musical, so we'll pass on the whole drum thing, thank you. Hello there, little Adam. Hello! Welcome home. You two remind me of Bianca and Miranda. Could you be any happier, you sweet thing? Isn't your daddy fun?

J.R.: Hmm. If Bianca's so happy, how come she's thinking about moving to Paris?

Kendall: She already left.

J.R.: Oh. I guess she didn't want to say good-bye.

Kendall: Well, she -- she really wanted to just get a fresh, new start, and Cambias needed her immediately, so they left tonight. It already feels like forever.

J.R.: Well, why don't you take the Chandler jet and go visit them this weekend, right?

Kendall: No, I can't.

J.R.: Yeah, you can. We'll go along for the ride. You go see Miranda and Bianca and little Adam and I will check out the Eiffel Tower, hmm? What do you say?

Kendall: You know, stop tempting me.

J.R.: Never.

Kendall: Then stop flirting with me.

J.R.: I'll stop when you don't enjoy it any longer. Come on. What do you got against Paris anyway?

Kendall: Nothing. Ethan and I almost went for Valentine's Day. We'll go when he's able to. You do remember Ethan -- you know, my tall boyfriend?

J.R.: Yeah, yeah. He's a good guy --

Kendall: Hmm.

J.R.: But I'm better, and I'm also the luckiest guy in the whole world. Isn't that right, partner? Yeah? Yeah.

Kendall: You're the luckiest or are you the most connected? Was it just luck that you got custody of little Adam, or was it Ethan?

Ethan: Well, if it isn't the man who would be Cambias. The prodigal son returned. You here to spread more doom and destruction or have you created enough havoc for one

Zach: Shouldn't you be at our office?

Ethan: Yeah, fighting for what's mine?

Zach: Yeah -- a battle you'll be glad you lost one day. Why are you at Wildwind?

Ethan: You're very big on taking what's not yours, aren't you? My company, Edmund's wife. It's a small town, Zach. Bad news travels fast.

Zach: My private life is private.

Ethan: Only, if you steal Edmund's wife and marry her, then that'll make her my stepmom and the most unfortunate woman on the face of the earth.

Zach: It doesn't really concern you, does it?

Ethan: Maria, right? Yeah. She treated me once in the hospital. I liked her.

Zach: She's a likable woman.

Ethan: And lovable? But does she have any idea just how dangerous your love is? What's in store for her? Do you plan to try and destroy her life the same way you're trying to destroy mine?

Edmund: Maria, I got proof that Zach ordered the hit on Ryan. By this time tomorrow, he'll be in a holding cell. Are you with me on this?

Maria: I'm your wife, Edmund. I know you have to do what's right.

Edmund: Are you on my side?

Maria: I am, always.

Edmund: Then I don't have to lock you up.

Anita: Lily, I am so sorry that you saw this.

Lily: You should be.

Anita: Look, I mean, you just kind of walked in on us and --

Lily: And caught you doing something really bad?

Anita: I -- I wish you hadn't seen that.

Lily: Me, too, but I did see it, and I need you to apologize, please. Promise me you'll never kiss my boyfriend again.

Anita: I -- well, I --

Aidan: Let me. Lily, I need to explain.

Lily: She's awful. Let's get out of here.

Aidan: You like Anita, don't you?

Lily: Not anymore. Dani says that girls that kiss other girls' boyfriends are bad.

Aidan: Oh, Lily, you don't understand.

Lily: What? You didn't mind? You like that she kissed you? You wanted her to?

Aidan: I kissed her, too, Lily. Lily, wait, please. Please, listen.

Zach: I don't think we have anything else to say to each other.

Ethan: Actions speak louder than words, eh?

Zach: I'm taking Cambias away to save your life.

Ethan: Save me -- oh, from all those billions? Who's going to save you, Zach?

Zach: Whatever you believe, I do care about you. But I'm tired of trying to convince you, so let's just forget that we ran into each other, ok?

Ethan: Wait, wait.

Zach: What?

Ethan: Maybe there is one thing you're right about. This Cambias curse -- power without limits, maybe it does have a dark side. This is no place to discuss it.

Zach: I have to give Maria something, but I'll meet you later.

Ethan: Why bother. Forget it.

Zach: Hang on a sec. Ok. Let's go to the stables.

Edmund: It's ok. Ok, I'm sorry. Just lighten up.

Maria: No, not even funny.

Edmund: I was kidding.

Maria: Not funny because you did lock me up before, and I don't even -- that was such a miserable time for us, I don't even want to be reminded of it.

Edmund: Ok.

Maria: Yeah.

Edmund: The point I was trying to make is that if I can't trust you, you might tip off Zach, he's on a plane to God knows where.

Maria: I would never do that.

Edmund: That's all I need to know. I'm sorry. This is -- I wish this was easier for you.

Maria: Well, you have always thought that Zach was behind Ryan's shooting.

Edmund: And you've never wanted to believe it.

Maria: You would never want an innocent man prosecuted no matter who he was.

Edmund: No matter who he was, Zach has to pay for what he's done.

Anita: Aidan, I don't want to make this any worse. I'll just -- I'll be up at the house.

Aidan: Ok. All right. Thanks.

Anita: Good luck.

Aidan: Lily? Can I sit down? You know, we'll both feel better if we talk to each other. Can I sit and talk to you?

Lily: I want you to kiss me.

J.R.: Ethan gave me his full support.

Kendall: What did Ethan give the judge?

J.R.: Are you suggesting a bribe?

Kendall: Well, gee, in Pine Valley, with the Chandlers and a Cambias involved, how could that thought ever enter my head? Maybe Ethan just had a friendly chat with the judge.

J.R.: Did you honestly want Babe to have my son?

Kendall: No. God, no. I want to see Babe, David, and Krystal sentenced to life on their own, private Devil's Island. It kills me that Krystal's the only one getting punished.

J.R.: Well, don't worry. Babe and Hayward aren't off the hook. They think it's all over, but far from it. I will get revenge for what they did to me and to little Adam.

Kendall: You and Ethan are so much alike.

J.R.: Why? Because we both enjoy the same beautiful, exciting woman?

Kendall: Because you both think that revenge is the big answer.

J.R.: Isn't it? I saw your eyes light up.

Kendall: No. Ethan is out for Zach's blood, at the very least.

J.R.: So Zach deserves it. He knocks up Ethan�s mother and abandons her, and how many times can you disown your own son?

Kendall: Well, if that were all, that'd be great.

J.R.: What, is there more?

Kendall: Yeah. Zach said he's going to challenge Alex, Sr.'s will to get ahold of Cambias.

J.R.: Ethan will wipe him off the map.

Kendall: Well, what happens if Zach's not the only one who's wiped off the map? I mean, we all want revenge. What happens if we're wrong?

Zach: You -- you never said why you came to Wildwind.

Ethan: Maybe I came to warn Maria about you. Or maybe I followed you so we could talk.

Zach: So you meant what you said at the house?

Ethan: About the Cambias curse? Power corrupting? Does it matter?

Zach: It does. You can still have a great life. I can help you if you let me.

Edmund: I don't want this to change anything between us. Maria? If you have any second thoughts about anything, now's the time to tell me. Ok?

Maria: I choose you. I love you and I trust you and I know we were meant to be together.

Edmund: Then you met Zach.

Maria: But you're my husband. I love you, Edmund, and I -- I want us to spend the rest of our lives together.

Edmund: Maria, even if I'm able to walk again --

Maria: No. You are inside.

Edmund: But if I can't make love --

Maria: No, that doesn't matter to me.

Edmund: The way that I used to --

Maria: It doesn't matter to me, not at all.

Edmund: Amazing. You always say the right thing.

Ethan: This is a cease-fire, Zach. It's not a total surrender.

Zach: I know, I know, I know. But you're willing to consider that the Cambias name can change someone.

Ethan: According to Kendall, me. It seems my personality has been morphing a bit of late, so you can thank her for this little meeting.

Zach: I will.

Ethan: Just out of curiosity, have you ever even once thought about what this is like from where I stand, thought about how I see you?

Zach: Yeah, I'm -- I'm the horrible tyrant of a father who wants to take away your most precious toy.

Ethan: Firstly, just lay some groundwork here. Let's abandon any allusions to a father-son relationship. You're not a parent.

Zach: No, I --

Ethan: Secondly, Cambias Industries is not a toy, and thirdly, I'm no child.

Zach: Be that as it may, I'm acting in your best interest. I know who my father was. I know who my brother became, and I know why.

Ethan: You're not any different, though, Zach. You just ran from your family pile of cash to another pile of money, another source of power.

Zach: Why can't you listen to me? This isn't about money. Money is fun -- yes, it is. You can buy things. It's great. But at the end of the day, it doesn't mean anything. Power -- that's what corrupts you, and you know what? If I lost everything today, I'd be fine with it. I'd be relieved.

Ethan: That's a lie, Zach.

Zach: I'd be relieved. The chance to live a simple life with a woman I love -- that's what I want.

Ethan: Simple? You're stealing my business, you're stealing Edmund's wife. This is "simple"?

Zach: Edmund doesn't deserve her, and I have proof.

Edmund: I want you to pull the cover story on next week's issue.

Brooke: Edmund, it's almost the end of the month. Are you kidding? We'd be up all night.

Edmund: Pull it.

Brooke: You got something better?

Edmund: Yeah -- how about Zach Slater in a prison jump suit? How does that grab you?

Brooke: Uh -- what's going on?

Edmund: Slater ordered the hit on Ryan. He's this close to being charged.

Anita: Hi. Sorry to interrupt. Can I borrow Maria for a minute?

Maria: Yeah, what is it?

Edmund: Keep her as long as you like.

Maria: What's going on?

Edmund: Hell of a story.

Brooke: Uh-huh. Well, before you launch into it, I need some back story. I mean, I just walked in on a sweet, tender moment here, and you're ready to skewer Zach Slater. I think the divorce is off, but you have been full of surprises these days.

Edmund: You don't know half of it. You don't even know half the half.

Brooke: Well, you know what I do know?

Edmund: What?

Brooke: That I will do you serious bodily harm if you don't tell me that you are going to give this reconciliation everything you've got.

Edmund: Why should I when Maria�s already given Slater everything she's got?

Brooke: Maria and Zach?

Edmund: They're playing house. Again. It's the polite term -- I have other similes.

Brooke: Edmund?

Edmund: Yeah?

Brooke: Are you sure?

Edmund: Irrefutably.

Brooke: I'm so sorry.

Edmund: Yeah. Me, too. But there's a bright side to this, you know? I get to throw Slater in prison, and Maria? Well, that lying cheat -- I don't care where she lands as long as it's not in my house.

Lily: I can kiss you, Aidan. I've studied kissing, and I've practiced it, too.

Aidan: You studied?

Lily: Yes. Actors and actresses in movies. I watched all my dad's DVDs. It's very educational. It's what boyfriends and girlfriends do, and I think I'm ready to do it with you, so you don't have to go kissing Anita anymore. You can kiss me now.

Aidan: I like you, Lily, so much.

Lily: Yeah. That's why I'm your girlfriend.

Aidan: And you'll always be a very special girlfriend to me, but --

Lily: I talked to Dani about it. She's my brother's girlfriend, so she has a lot of experience.

Aidan: How about we make some changes, yeah?

Lily: Yes. That's what I want.

Aidan: How about I become more like a -- a big brother to you?

Lily: But I already have one of those.

Aidan: I know. I know, but -- it's a good idea --

Lily: Don't you want to kiss me? Women like Anita and Erica -- they've already had boyfriends, so they have experience. But I'll learn fast, I promise.

Aidan: You see, the thing is Anita and I -- Anita and I, we --

Lily: You and Anita are having sex?

Anita: Lily's crazy about him.

Maria: Well, Aidan's going to be able to reach her. He'll know what to say.

Anita: We never meant to hurt her feelings. I just -- I wish she hadn't walked in.

Maria: Well, no -- don't worry. It'll work out.

Anita: What about you? I mean, have you made up your mind about who's telling the truth? Edmund or Zach?

Maria: Yeah. Edmund. I just -- I wish, though --

Anita: That it was Zach?

Maria: Well, I just -- I wish that Edmund was wrong because I just can't wrap my mind around Zach hiring somebody to kill Ryan. I just -- I can't.

Anita: He's swearing up and down that he's innocent, so it still comes down to someone's lying.

Maria: But you know what? I love Edmund, I want to make my marriage work. And I just know that the man that I've loved for so long would not lie about Zach.

Edmund: Maria's in for a hell of a surprise.

Brooke: All that sweetness and light -- how can you play her like that?

Edmund: What part of "lying cheat" didn't you get?

Brooke: How can you string her along like that? My God, she thinks the two of you have a future together. Why not be honest? Tell Maria that you know about her and Zach.

Edmund: When Zach Slater is being strung along in prison, then I'll teach her about honesty.

Brooke: Oh. You don't want just a divorce -- you want to decimate Maria. You want to leave her with nothing.

J.R.: "Revenge" is just another name for personal justice. You know that. I mean, look what Babe and Hayward got away with. They tortured you, Bianca, they made my life hell. They deserve the same. And now Zach is trying to steal from his son? The man is just begging to get hurt.

Kendall: Zach swears he's doing this for Ethan�s own good.

J.R.: Good? To be broke, penniless, humiliated?

Kendall: No. Zach didn't like what the power did to his father and his brother, so Zach didn't want any part of it.

J.R.: Well, great. Then he should back off and let Ethan enjoy all that life has to offer.

Kendall: Money and power can change a person.

J.R.: Yeah, well, if it doesn't, then something's wrong. Look, Ethan has the kind of power most men could never dream about having he could call the White House and they'd put him through to the Oval Office. Suddenly, what Ethan feels matters. It matters a lot.

Kendall: But is it worth losing everything else? I mean, what if it's -- what if it's too much?

J.R.: There's no such thing. Hmm? What? Is Ethan tearing down nursing homes and kicking grandmas out into the street?

Kendall: Not yet.

J.R.: He's too busy with his own personal business to pay attention to you?

Kendall: No, Ethan�s been wonderful to me.

J.R.: Then what are you worried about?

Kendall: I was with Ethan when Zach said he would take over Cambias.

J.R.: Ah, and he lost it. Well, you can't hold that against him.

Kendall: No, he didn't. Ethan didn't even yell. He just -- he got really tight. There was this awful tension.

J.R.: Well, that's normal.

Kendall: No, he's got all of this rage boiling underneath, and that's what scares me.

J.R.: But rage is a good thing. It gets the adrenaline pumping.

Kendall: His hate for Zach may even be beyond what I felt for Erica. Ethan's not just going to get past it, J.R. He's going to explode.

Ethan: You're not concerned that your power is going to corrupt you?

Zach: I'm not at the Cambias level.

Ethan: You still like making your power plays, Zach, over me and Maria. If you truly loved her, you would want what was best for her, for her family. You wouldn't be trying to destroy her marriage.

Zach: Her marriage was over long ago.

Ethan: Really? Edmund doesn't think so.

Zach: Edmund's lying to her, keeping secrets from her.

Ethan: Like what? What can be so awful?

Zach: He's trying to destroy the woman.

Ethan: And you're trying to save her and me? Don't we get a say in all this, Zach? What if we don't want to be saved?

Zach: Oh, she will when she sees what I've brought her. You? I don't know. Maybe you're too caught up in the Cambias trap.

Ethan: Listen, you think I'm just going to give you my inheritance? I'm going to blow you a kiss and let you run away with all of my money? What do I get out of this?

Zach: You get your soul, your freedom, and your self-respect.

Ethan: Whilst you sacrifice yours to rescue me from the trappings of wealth and fame? What a martyr you are. But you're not giving up anything to save your precious Maria, though, are you? Rescue her from her husband and you got a grand prize, Zach. You get the woman herself.

Zach: I'll let the woman make her own decision. She's been lied to enough. And you know what? She might be the only one around here worth saving.

Aidan: I should have been upfront with you. I should have told you that Anita and I were seeing each other, Lily. I'm sorry.

Lily: "Seeing" is not having sex. Is that what you and Anita are doing?

Aidan: Yes. We have a sexual relationship, yeah.

Lily: That's way beyond kissing. I don't think I'm ready for that, but I'm ready for the kissing part.

Aidan: Well, that's very smart and it's very good to know what you want. And you shouldn't let anyone talk you into anything that you're not ready for.

Lily: So, if you and Anita are having sex, does that mean she's your girlfriend too?

Aidan: Yeah, but she's not my girlfriend the same way you are, though. There's no one else out there like you.

Lily: But she's your girlfriend, too? That's -- that's not right. See, when I'm around you, I get these fluttery feelings in my stomach. You know, too, right, because you get them when I'm around you?

Aidan: I'm afraid not, Lily.

Lily: Dad was right. You don't feel the same way about me.

Aidan: But I care about you very, very much.

Lily: I have to go.

Aidan: Listen, I'm going to give you a ride home, all right?

Lily: No. I can go home by myself. I'm very independent.

Aidan: Lily, listen, you must understand --

Lily: No, Aidan! You can't touch me anymore because you're not my boyfriend. I understand more than you think.

J.R.: Get Ethan over here.

Kendall: Now?

J.R.: Yeah. We'll pour a brandy and we'll plot the perfect payback on Zach.

Kendall: No, J.R., I want to steer Ethan away from revenge.

J.R.: You can't. The only thing we can do is stop him from murdering Zach, or at least try.

Kendall: I went after revenge with my mother and Ryan. It didn't get me anywhere.

J.R.: Yeah, but if it's done right, it can be so satisfying.

Kendall: No, revenge takes over. It blocks out everything from your heart and from your mind, and I want to save Ethan from that.

Ethan: You just couldn't butt out, could you?

[In the stables, Ethan hits Zach from behind and knocks him out.]

Ethan: A little aspirin, you'll be fine. Now, where's that proof?

[Wearing black gloves and coat, Ethan searches through Zach's pockets for the evidence he has on Edmund.]

Edmund: You think I'm being too hard on Maria?

Brooke: Yes. I do.

Edmund: This is Maria you're talking about. You were ready to let her stay de.

Brooke: That's not the subject.

Edmund: Ok, go -- go ahead and defend her. I don't care. Why shouldn't she hook up with Zach, have a full sex life, have kids?

Brooke: Stop it!

Edmund: Stop it?

Brooke: Stop it! I'm not excusing Maria. I'm not sympathizing with her if she cheated on you.

Edmund: Listen to me, listen to me! She has, you understand?

Brooke: It's vile. But this game you're playing -- the Edmund I know wouldn't do this.

Edmund: The Edmund I know is being very generous. She gets to walk out of here free and clear.

Brooke: And what about the kids?

Edmund: Well, she lost them when she repeatedly went back to Slater.

Brooke: You can't cut her out of their lives.

Edmund: Look, Slater�s going to jail. Maria can go to hell for all I care.

Brooke: Edmund, for God's sake, take some time and think about this.

[Knock on door]

Ethan: Is this a bad time?

Edmund: Boy, you're a walking understatement. Look, Brooke, that story that I was telling you about -- it's on the table in the library. Take a look at it.

Brooke: Fine. But I'm going to tell you, I'm not happy about any of this.

Edmund: I don't expect you to be happy. Just accept it.

[Turning to Ethan....]

Edmund: You're late. You thinking about backing out?

Ethan: I bumped into our friend Slater outside.

Edmund: Where is he?

Ethan: He's taken care of.

J.R.: Look, give the guy some credit. Ethan can take care of himself.

Kendall: Yeah, what scares me is that Ethan will take care of Zach.

J.R.: He needs to teach Zach a lesson.

Kendall: No, Ethan has enough trouble with the police.

J.R.: My father is the king of control freaks. It was difficult, but it was also a great education.

Kendall: All right, Adam and Zach are nothing alike.

J.R.: Zach's worse. See, the thing is men like Slater and my father -- they understand one thing, and that's force.

Kendall: J.R., Ethan does not need to hear that.

J.R.: Look, they make a move, you check them. They play hardball, you play harder, faster. Now, either Ethan outmaneuvers Zach or he's going to ruin him. It's that simple.

Kendall: Ethan's strong, but there's this sweetness about him. He's -- he's warm and he's loving, and I don't want that to change.

J.R.: Well, if it does, check out what I have to offer.

Kendall: You never stop, do you?

J.R.: If I stop, I'd never win.

Maria: You know, I came this close to losing Edmund, and he's so bitter about Zach. Rightfully so.

Anita: Might be easier if Zach's not around. I mean, I'm not saying, you know, great, he's going to be locked up, but I just think it's -- it's better to keep him at a distance, away from you and Edmund.

Maria: You know, our anniversary is coming up in, like, two weeks, and I'd like to try to find something special to do. Don't know what.

Anita: Well, what about that family ski trip you were talking about?

Maria: No, I want to do something just -- just the two of us.

Anita: All right, well, Europe, London, Venice?

Maria: No, closer to home.

Anita: Oh -- hey, what about that spa that we saw in that magazine in St. Croix? Yeah.

Maria: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Anita: I can take Maddie, and Sam won't be back from his study program. How does that sound?

Maria: That sounds amazing. That sounds -- that's perfect.

Anita: All right. Oh, God, Aidan, tell me that Lily's ok.

Ethan: Zach's not going to stay unconscious forever.

Edmund: What'd you do, clobber him for fun?

Ethan: No. He was going to give this to Maria.

Edmund: What's on it?

Ethan: According to Zach, proof that you are evil personified. Whatever it is, he was sure when Maria saw that, she was going to turn against you. We can't have that.

Edmund: Hmm. Your father is a very busy man.

Ethan: Yeah.

Edmund: Thanks, Ethan.

Ethan: Can't have a little disc upsetting our plans, now, can we?

Edmund: Did you bring the money?

Ethan: Yeah. If it's not enough, you let me know.

Edmund: Homestretch.

Ethan: Now, listen, you're sure that this guy has the information to put Zach away?

Edmund: Oh, yeah. I meet with him tomorrow, he gets this, Zach's going down for Ryan's shooting.

Ethan: You know, when Zach comes around, he's going to realize that disc is missing. First thing he's going to go and do is he's going to go and talk to Maria. If he manages to turn her head, she lets him know that we're on to him, he'll be out of this town in a shot. I think we need to go and make sure he doesn't go anywhere tonight.

Edmund: I'll tell you what, I'll tell you what -- I'll take care of Slater. I'll make sure that he's where we want him to be.

Ethan: You don't want a hand?

Edmund: No, no, no. You've done enough. Now it's my turn. Slater thinks he can wreck my marriage? That's the husband's privilege.

Kendall: I've been where Ethan is with Erica, and I did any heinous things and messed up so many lives. But the one thing with Ethan is no matter what happens, in the end Zach will still be his father.

J.R.: Ethan can't help that.

Kendall: Yeah, but --

J.R.: Hey, stop. Stop overanalyzing things. You need to relax. You're just so darned tense.

Kendall: I can't help it.

J.R.: Well, I have something that can help you with that. You want to know what?

Kendall: I already know. You are incorrigible.

J.R.: Is that the same thing as "irresistible"?

Kendall: No, it's not. I'm with Ethan.

J.R.: I wasn't suggesting you leave him.

Kendall: Good, because I wouldn't.

J.R.: I wish I would've fallen for you instead of Babe.

Kendall: Would you stop?

J.R.: I'm serious, Kendall. Now, if there's anything you need, any time you need it, I'm here.

Kendall: You are so bad.

J.R.: Ethan would never have to know.

Kendall: You're incorrigible. All right, you give little Adam a kiss good-bye for me, please?

J.R.: Don't I get one to pass it on to him?

Kendall: No. No.

[Kendall laughs]

Aidan: Must've been one of the hardest conversations I've had.

Maria: I'm going to go see if I can find that spa magazine.

Anita: Ok. Did we just totally decimate Lily?

Aidan: Well, she took it pretty well, all things considered.

Anita: So then why do I feel so disgusting?

Aidan: You? I'm the jerk. I should've seen this coming.

Anita: No, Aidan, don't beat yourself up.

Aidan: She's so sweet, you know? She's so innocent. I mean, we were supposed to hang out and do math problems.

Anita: Yeah, except she was crazy about you, and it was my brilliant idea for you to go along with it.

Aidan: She's just a kid. Well, I thought of her as a kid.

Anita: Well, what is she, 15?

Aidan: Worse. She's, like -- she's 16 going on 17.

Anita: Why didn't we deal with this weeks ago?

Aidan: Well, who would've thought that Lily would want to move ahead with anything? I mean, come on, she -- she hated being touched.

Anita: So how did you leave it with her?

Aidan: I'm not her boyfriend anymore. That's for sure.

[Wearing black gloves and coat, Lily walks into the stables and is repulsed by the sight of Zach unconscious on the floor.]

Maria: Edmund? Honey -- hi.

Brooke: Hi. Um, Edmund's gone.

Maria: I thought he was with you.

Brooke: I went to check something in the library, and I left him here, actually, with Ethan Ramsey.

Maria: Oh, he's probably in the study.

Brooke: Yeah. Well --

Maria: All right.

Brooke: You know what, I'll check and --

Maria: Can you -- can you wait a minute? I just want to talk to you. I just want you to know that I really admire you. And I really appreciate your friendship with Edmund. And I am totally grateful to you.

Brooke: Well, I can't imagine what for.

Maria: Well, for my second chance with Edmund. I owe it to you.

Brooke: Oh, Maria --

Maria: I know I do. No, I know I do because Edmund listens to you. And I just want you to know that I am going to make Edmund happier and more satisfied than he's ever been. And I know that this time we really are going to have our happy ending.

Brooke: I don't quite know what to say, I guess.

Maria: Mazel tov, I guess.

Brooke: Well, you know, I don't have to tell you Edmund is -- is a complicated guy. You know, there's always a lot of stuff going on inside.

Maria: Yeah. What are you trying to say?

[While the horses whinny, someone wearing black gloves and coat plugs in an electric heater and sets it face down on a bale of hay.]

[Edmund wheels himself into the stables and spots the heater.]

Edmund: Oh, damn it.

[When Edmund gets up to remove the fire hazard, someone knocks him out with a shovel blow to the right shoulder. As he lays there unconscious, sparks emanate from the heater and ignite the hay.]

>> On the next "All My Children" --

[As if in a trance, Lily rocks herself in the burning stable.]

Aidan: Turn around and give me your hand, quick. Lily, please take my hand. I can't come to you!

Maria: Will somebody please tell me why my husband is lying here unconscious and bleeding?

[A beam falls on Zach, trapping him in the inferno.]

Ethan: Zach!

Zach: You going to let me die?

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