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By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

Last we left off...

Kevin: Babe's son belongs with her. It's the only way to undo the damage that Paul Cramer did to everyone here.

Babe: If I do get custody, I want you and Kelly to be a part of his life.

J.R.: No Buchanans will be coming near my son.

Kevin: It's not your call.

J.R.: Well, we're just gonna have to see about that.

Judge: Solomon had it easy. When two mothers claimed one child as their own, he said, "There's not enough baby to go around. Let's cut the child in half." He knew he wouldn't have to go through with it. Someone would sacrifice her own desires for the sake of the child. But the battle for Ace Buchanan, aka James, aka Adam Chandler, III, will not end with the sword. It ends with my decision. I've waded through the arguments and claims of Mr. Chandler and Ms. Carey Chandler, all the while keeping in mind the considerations of the child in question. Today that child gets a new home, and most of you will go home unhappy.

Erica: Bianca, honey --

Bianca: Mom?

Erica: Are you all right?

Bianca: Yes, I'm fine. We're fine.

Erica: Oh. Then how, Bianca? Why? I mean, you walked into the courtroom, and you asked the judge to give Babe custody. I don't understand.

Bianca: I know you don't.

Erica: Well, how could you do it?

Bianca: Because it was the right thing to do.

[At Wildwind, Edmund sits in his wheelchair and daydreams.....]

Officer: You have the right to remain silent.

Zach: What the hell did you do to me?

Edmund: I had some help from your son. Now, listen, why don't we pick this up in about -- oh, I don't know -- say 20 years, after you're done, finished paying for trying to kill Ryan. Now, get him out of my house.

[After returning his passionate kiss, Maria pulls herself away from Zach.]

Maria: I have to let you go, Zach. I have to get away from you. I've got to get away from this thing that we can't climb out of. I don't know -- whatever I have to do -- if I have to leave town, then that's what I'll do. I'll leave town. Whatever I have to do to get out of this mess that I have created. And I want to be able to help you with Ethan, but I can't because what happened again with us here is -- and I know I keep saying it. I keep saying it again and again ad nauseam. But it cannot happen anymore. Please, please, please -- it has to be done. And you have to let me go, too.

Judge: Paul Cramer manipulated and destroyed for his own personal gain. He was the worst. But the others -- Kevin Buchanan and Kelly Cramer have their own misdeeds to answer for. But in the end, they relinquished their claim to the child they called their own for the sake of that little boy. But J.R. Chandler and Mrs. Babe Carey Chandler -- the lies, the vitriol, the anger, the deceit. Solomon's call for a sword was a play for the truth. But my decision here today is very real. I want to free this child of his would-be parents and place the child in foster care.

Maria: Edmund and I were learning how to be together after all we've been through, and I was just lonely, and then there you were. And it just exploded. I had these two men fighting for me all of a sudden, and I -- God, tell me that I didn't -- didn't do this out of ego or excitement or -- I couldn't stay away from you. I wanted it. I kept it alive.

Zach: Well, it's not your fault.

Maria: If I have no emotional willpower when it comes to you -- I mean, here I am again. Right here. How is that not my fault?

Zach: Yeah. Here you are with me. And every time you are with me, you fight; because, to you, giving in would be a sin. Well, the real sin in all this is that you're loyal to a man who's not worthy of you.

Maria: Edmund, please, how do I make this up to you? How can I make this up to you? It is over with him, I swear to you! I -- I hope Zach rots in prison. I just -- Edmund, please. How can I make this up to you? Please forgive me. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. When did this happen?

[Alone in his dark and gloomy home, Edmund daydreams still.]

Edmund: Did I lie to you? Like you lied to me? When you told me you loved me and you wanted to make this marriage work?

Maria: I did. I do, Edmund.

Edmund: Did you want to make it work when you were alone with Zach in the shed behind the casino?

Maria: I just want you. I just want us. Please, Edmund, let me make this up to you. I know your heart. And I'm just asking you to forgive me.

Edmund: I can. I choose not to.

Maria: Edmund -- please?

Edmund: You mocked me. You mocked this marriage from the second that Zach Slater walked into town. What kind of wife does that to a husband that she loves?

Maria: How can I make it right? Let me make it right.

Edmund: Fine. Get out. Now. The locks are changed. The kids know everything.

Maria: What do you mean? You told the kids?

Edmund: They're not babies. Can you tell me that you don't deserve this? And a hell of a lot worse? Get out.

Erica: Sweetheart, you announced to the world that the woman who kept your baby should keep her son. Please, help me understand how this happened. How could this happen? I mean, you didn't want to speak out on J.R.'s behalf. That's one thing. But to defend Babe? To give that disgusting woman everything she wants when she has already taken so much from you?

Bianca: I didn't go there for Babe. I went for that baby. I went to defend an innocent little boy who never asked for any part of this mess.

Erica: Did someone convince you to forgive Babe? Because whoever it was --

Bianca: No, I couldn't possibly forgive Babe. I don't want her in my life. But how can I say that baby James is better off with J.R. when I know it's not true?

Erica: Well, you didn't have to say anything.

Bianca: Now I know that even if the judge awards J.R. custody of his son it's not because I wanted payback. I know what the Chandlers do to their kids, and if you want evidence, J.R. is living proof.

Judge: As much as I'd like to give this child a fresh start with new parents, wisdom suggests that a child be placed in the biological home if at all possible. I look at the case before me. No signs of mental or physical abuse has been inflicted on this child. No neglect. Just parents who show an enormous disrespect for the law and each other. However, I have heard enough to be confident that if this child is to stay with a biological parent there is only one choice. One parent capable of caring for the child properly. With that in mind, I award sole physical custody of Adam Chandler, III, to Adam Chandler, Jr.

David: No, no, no, this is not possible. Are you out of your mind? Did you even hear the testimony? How can you award a baby to a man who tried to kill my daughter?

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Quiet!

Krystal: Ok, this isn't going to help.

David: What? So, what, I should just shut up, sit down, and let him destroy a kid's life? Why don't you tell us -- how does it feel to be in the Chandler pocket? I mean, how much did they pay you to render the worst decision of your life?

Judge: Dr. Hayward, you're in contempt. If you're so eager for a jail cell, I'd be happy to oblige.

Babe: No, Daddy, please. You've got to sit down. You're just making this worse.

David: You idiot.

Judge: Anyone else care to push their luck? Shall I clear the room? The child's mother, Arabella Carey Chandler, will have visitation rights of three hours a week in one visit, supervised by child welfare services.

Babe: Three hours in one day?

Judge: Had you learned to handle life's problems without breaking laws and shattering lives, this might have turned out differently. If in the months and years to come you show better judgment and impulse control, we can revisit the visitation limits.

Babe: Thank you, Your Honor.

Judge: This court and the child welfare system will continue to scrupulously protect the rights and privileges of that little boy. I suggest you all start doing the same. Adjourned.

Jamie: Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey, hey. We won't stop. We'll keep fighting, ok? We're going to keep at it till we win, all right?

Babe: I need to get out of here. Three hours in one day.

Jamie: Ok, we will go. All right?

Babe: No, no. Please, I -- do you mind if I just go alone?

Jamie: Before you do --

J.R.: I guess even you can't mess up my son's life with only three hours a week.

Jamie: This was just another hostile takeover for you, wasn't it? Score one for the Chandler machine. Well, go ahead and gloat because it's not going to last. We'll save James.

J.R.: My dear, soon-to-be ex-wife, my loving ex-brother -- I regret to inform you baby James is no longer with us. He's gone, he's dead. Break out the hankies.

Babe: Don't you dare talk about my son like that.

J.R.: Right. I probably should put it in a letter, just like you so kindly did for me. "Dear Babe, your son is dead." That's what you said to me. Look at you, both in shock that Babe couldn't cry her way out of this one. The judge made her call. You're unfit to raise my son. Well, you win some, you lose some. I hope there's no hard feelings.

Kevin: Get out of my face, Chandler.

J.R.: You think your voters would be thrilled to know that you were going to let that slut-bag raise a child you claim to love?

Tad: No, Jamie!

Jack: You'd better listen to me --

David: Why don't you whine to someone who cares, all right?

Jack: You've done it again, haven't you, Hayward? Cut a path of destruction right through the heart of this town, only this time you did it for your daughter.

David: You know something? You are the last person I need to explain myself to.

Jack: How many laws did you help Babe break? How many corners did you help her cut? And what was she left with at the end of the day, David, huh? Nothing, absolutely nothing. You used to save lives. Now you're worse than useless.

David: You want to talk useless, Jackson? What exactly have you done for anyone except hold a few hands and mouth a few pointless platitudes? So why don't you stop talking and start doing. Wait a minute, what the heck am I talking about? You wouldn't even know where to begin!

Jack: No, you're wrong about that, David. I know exactly where to begin.

Zach: Fine.

Maria: "Fine" what? What are you going to do with that?

Zach: You want out? Let's get you out. Back to your life, back to your sacred marriage. And I promise, scout's honor, I'll stay away from you as long as your husband's alive and well and living in Pine Valley.

[Wielding a sledge hammer, Zach knocks a hole in the wall to freedom.]

Edmund: Hello.

Woman: Edmund Grey?

Edmund: Yeah?

Woman: I'm Janine Lackey, one of the RNs at Anita's floor. We did the lost-and-found sort at the hospital and we found this. ID says "Bobby Warner." I thought I should bring it by for Anita.

Edmund: Oh, thank you. Yeah, I'll make sure that she gets it.

Janine: Thank you.

Edmund: Ok. Huh, huh, huh, huh. Bobby, Bobby, Bobby.

Krystal: You ok? Come on.

Jack: I bit my tongue for Erica and Bianca's sake. I held back and watched you just tear their hearts out, pretending you actually gave a damn. But you know what? That's over now. It's open season on you and anybody else who tried to hurt my family.

Adam: Look at them collapsing. No backbone, no strength.

Brooke: This hasn't been an easy day for anyone.

Adam: Oh, it has for me. Glorious, actually. I lost Colby because of Martin and his friends. And I gave them Bess' DNA, and how did they thank me? They kept my grandson a secret. So let them stare at an empty crib. It isn't jail, but it's sure as hell what they deserve. That child is a Chandler.

Brooke: That child is a child.

Adam: Well, how astute. And that child will soon be home where he belongs.

Brooke: You know, breaking Babe and Jamie's hearts is not going to bring Colby one mile closer.

David: Here.

Kelly: Thanks. Kevin, I never dreamed that --

Kevin: What, that creep would raise our son? I'm not doing this with you now.

David: This was fun.

Adam: Yeah, thanks for coming by. Watch your step. Please feel free to break your necks.

Opal: Tell me -- how the hell did they squeeze so much rotten into so little skin, huh?

J.R.: Hey, just so you know, that's the last time you touch me without having a fat lip to show for it.

Tad: You really want to take a shot at me, you go right ahead. But, first, you listen good and hard. You won this time, J.R. You got exactly what you wanted, an innocent little life in the palm of your hand. And you think it's going to make it go away, that empty feeling in your gut. You think that little baby is going to make everything all right for you? Well, guess what -- it's not his job. You're the one that's going to go to work, and right now you have no idea what's coming.

Erica: How is it even possible -- something so beautiful and so pure and so amazing?

Bianca: She's incredible, isn't she?

Erica: Oh, yes. But I meant her mother. Bianca, you astound me, and I just don't know what I ever did to deserve a daughter like you.

Bianca: If you're trying to talk me out of going to Paris --

Erica: No, no. You're going, and I accept that. And you know what? Part of me is even happy for you.

Bianca: I'm assuming that's not the part that still wants me back in my old room, playing dress-up?

Erica: Oh. Just you wait. You're going to have those same feelings about your little girl someday. Oh, I don't believe I said that -- "Just you wait." My mother always said that to me. But, ok, here I am and I'm your mother. So I'm entitled to gush. Here I go.

[Miranda fusses]

Erica: You are loyal, strong, and infinitely honest.

Bianca: Mom, I'm human. That's all.

Erica: That's right. You're human. That's the whole point. You have the same feelings as anybody else. Only you didn't give in to them. You put that little boy first. Do you have any idea how utterly remarkable that is and how utterly foreign to me that is?

Bianca: Oh, Mom. I love you. You know that?

Erica: I do know that. And that's why you will let me throw you a very intimate and very special going-away party.

Bianca: Oh. Mom, all those sad faces, all those good-byes? Ok, ok. I'll do it. I'll be there. It's just Paris, Mom. It's not forever.

[Knock on door]

Bianca: Mom, are you back already?

Babe: I had about 16 voices screaming at me in my head, telling me not to come. But you know me, I don't listen too well, so here I am.

Bianca: Babe, today was intense. But it's over. We don't have to do this.

[Miranda fusses]

Bianca: I should really get back --

Babe: Two minutes. That's all it'll take. Thank you for coming to that courtroom and going up there in front of all those people and saying what you did.

Bianca: I didn't do it for you, Babe.

Babe: I know. You did it for my son, and he can't say thank you. Soon enough, I hope, but -- so I'm here to say it for him.

Bianca: Well, he doesn't deserve this insanity.

[Miranda fusses]

Bianca: No child does.

Babe: You're the classiest person that I have ever met, and I'm not talking about fancy clothes or knowing which fork to use. You're honest and you're kind, and it makes me proud and humble just to know you.

Bianca: Babe, I didn't ask you to come here.

Babe: Please, Bianca, just -- I know I don't have the right to ask, but let me just get this out and then I'm gone. A lot of people fought for me and my son today, went out on all kinds of limbs -- Jamie and Kelly and Tad -- but no one except for Mama was half as brave as you were today.

Bianca: And you got your wish. It's over now. I took the deal. You're free. No prison, no cell. You can raise your son with Jamie, just like you always wanted.

Babe: Bianca, J.R. won. I lost my son.

Tad: J.R., wait. You cannot cover your ears and turn your back this time, pal, because you just got handed the biggest score of your life -- a son, your son. That means you're the parent. You're the adult. You only have one function, and that's to love that boy. And not like that megalomaniac you now call a dad. I'm talking about the way your mother used to love you, without terms or conditions. That is, if you can remember what it's like to be loved that way.

J.R.: No, Tad, because I'm just so unlovable.

Tad: Not to me. Not yet. But somewhere, sometime, you remember what it was like to be loved, J.R., to feel safe. It may not have been in Pine Valley -- maybe it was in Pigeon Hollow -- but sometime.

J.R.: You mean, like the time it was you and me and Jamie and Mom? We were at your place, in the den on the couch, watching TV. No idea that it wouldn't last forever?

Tad: Yeah, something like that. Try to give that to your son.

J.R.: Should I give him the rest? Should I cheat on his mother and bust up a happy home? How about I tell him when he grows up that his son's dead? Should I lie to his face over and over again while his world crumbles? Is that what the expert on fathers would do? No, Tad. You made your choice. You need to live with it.

Jamie: Hell of a day, huh?

Brooke: You have to do it, don't you? Be brave for my sake. You can't help yourself.

Jamie: I'm being realistic, not brave. The woman I love isn't going to prison. Neither am I.

Brooke: I know how much you love both of them.

Jamie: Please don't. I'm fine. Babe -- she got more than she could have hoped for this morning. So if you need to cry, please cry for Krystal. She took the bullets that were meant for us.

Man: You ok, boss?

Zach: I'll live. What's wrong with that door?

Man: You won't believe it. There's a Dumpster smack in front. Some knucklehead is not thinking straight.

Zach: Or got exactly what he wanted.

Man: Yo -- your cell. Found it on the walkway by your office. You must have dropped it. It's not your day, huh?

Bianca: I'm -- I'm sorry.

Babe: No. No, please. Bianca, you did great. It's obvious who blew this for me. I lost baby James all on my own. But I'll survive. I'll fight -- this time by the rules.

Bianca: So, you're going to appeal? You're going to go through the whole thing again?

Babe: The judge says if I -- if I show a change in behavior that I could maybe see James for more than three hours a week.

Bianca: Three hours? That's hardly enough time --

Babe: We're talking about the best three hours ever. Me and my boy -- we're going to do it up right every single second. Looks like you and miss purty are heading off on vacation.

Bianca: We're moving to Paris. I'm going to head up Cambias headquarters out there.

Babe: Not exactly a long weekend, huh?

Bianca: I'm going to be gone a while, for as long as it takes to make sure that Cambias is all settled.

Babe: I can see it now -- two beautiful American girls, sipping coffee and a juice box at some outdoor cafe. You make a beautiful life for your little family.

Bianca: I'm going to try my best.

Babe: You'll do it. You know, I've never seen Miranda this happy. Ok. Ok, well, I -- I should -- I should get out of your way. You say bonjour to the Eiffel Tower for me, ok, sweet girl?

[Miranda coos]

Babe: This is for you. You can do whatever you want. You can rip it up, burn it. It's just so you know, I do know what I did and I know what I lost. I'm sorry, I –

Erica: I don't believe it. David and Babe will never see the inside of a jail cell. I don't believe it! After what they did to Bianca? I mean, never mind not returning a baby. They should go down for attempted murder!

Jack: And they yet may. But I'll tell you what -- why don't you direct some of that passion towards me, huh?

Erica: Oh, Jack. Well, I'll tell you, if I were a man, I would punch a wall, too. That is how you got this?

Jack: Close enough.

Erica: What do you mean by that? How close?

Jack: David Hayward's face.

Erica: You punched David Hayward?

Jack: Yep.

Erica: Is it wrong of me to find you very sexy right now?

Jack: Oh, my God, you say the word, I'll go back and smack him again.

Reporter: This was quite a coup.

Adam: We never had any doubt about the outcome.

J.R.: I was not the big winner in this. My son was.

Adam: It's time to celebrate.

J.R.: I'd love to, but I have one more battle that I have to face. If you'll excuse me.

Adam: Oh, yeah.

Tad: Well done.

David: You know, at least one decent thing came out of this disaster of a day. I never have to pretend to tolerate you ever again.

Man: Ms. Carey. Your bail has been revoked.

Opal: Well, hallelujah. What took you so long?

Tad: Mama, be quiet. And, you -- hands off. Stop it.

Maria: Hey.

Edmund: You're home.

Maria: Yeah, you're --

Edmund: I'm a little sweaty, yeah.

Maria: From physical therapy?

Edmund: Yeah. Yeah, it was pretty productive today. How about you? Anything exciting?

Maria: Yeah. Well, I wouldn't exactly say exciting, but --

Edmund: All right, well, I'll tell you something exciting. I got feeling in my right leg.

Maria: You're kidding me.

Edmund: No, I'm not. I mean, you know, it's a tingle, but it's not a phantom. It's the real deal, no mistake.

Maria: You are incredible. How is that even possible?

Edmund: Well, you know, iron will, a lot of therapy, guilt-free soul.

Maria: Well, how about if I run up and grab a shower, and then we can celebrate your tingle with some dinner in the solarium?

Edmund: All right. Big day deserves a big night. That sounds good. Listen, you run along, and I'll take care of everything, ok?

Maria: Ok.

Edmund: Ok, now, give me something to celebrate. [Calling Zach with disguised voice] I'm picking up where Bobby Warner left off. I know you shot Ryan Lavery. You will pay.

Tad: You don't waste any time, do you? Trying to make the 6:00 news?

Reporter: Any comment?

Officer: Step away from the prisoner, sir.

Tad: She's not a prisoner. She happens to be a decent human being.

Man: Ms. Carey, you change your mind about our deal? Want to go to trial and let your daughter do time?

Krystal: You can't back out now.

Man: It wasn't an offer. Just a question. Let's go.

Adam: Well done. See you later, eventually!

Bianca: Frère Jacques, Frère Jacques, dormez-vous? Dormez-vous? Sonnez les matines, sonnez les matines, din, din, don! Din, din, don! Frère Jacque, Frère Jacques, dormez-vous? Dormez-vous? Sonnez les matines.....

[Visiting the cabin where she and Bianca gave birth, Babe relives the experience then collapses to the floor crying our for her lost child.]

Bianca's voice: It's been too long, Babe!

Babe's voice: Don't you dare poop out on me now! You can do this! Just one more push! Come on!

Bianca: Don't make me do it again!

Babe: Come on. You think of her. Miranda wants to see her mommy. Give it all you've got. Ready? Now push!

[Bianca screams]

Paul: Ok. Ok, he's here. He's here. Your boy is here, Babe. Your boy is here. Oh, listen to me. The helicopter went down, all right? Your baby's incubator was thrown out in the crash.

Babe: I'll get it.

Paul: No, no! No, Babe, listen to me! Look at me! Ok, your baby's incubator went in the river! All right? I'm sorry! Your baby's gone.

Babe: My baby. Oh, no. My baby.

Kevin: What are you doing here?

J.R.: I'm here to get my son.

On the next "All My Children"--

Greenlee: Are you still upset, because I told you that Ryan and I wanted to have a baby?

Kendall: I really don't care.

Greenlee: Yeah, Kendall, you really do.

Zach: What is it going to take to make you stay?

Bianca: Why should I stay?

Zach: Because I need you.

Erica: I don't know if I can do it. I don't know if I can say good-bye to my little girl.

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