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All My Children Transcript Friday 2/18/05

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By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

Kevin: Ace is my son.

Adam: The boy's name is not Ace.

Babe: His name is James.

Lawyer: Mr. Buchanan, are you James' biological father?

Kevin: No.

Lawyer: To whom do you believe custody should be awarded?

Kelly: He belongs with his mother, Babe Chandler.

Kendall: I do.

Lawyer: Ms. Hart, what is your relationship with my client, Adam Chandler, Jr.?

Kendall: J.R. is a very close friend.

Lawyer: And why did you volunteer to speak on his behalf?

Kendall: To save J.R.'s son, Adam Chandler, III, from Babe Chandler.

Lawyer: Your Honor, I object.

Kendall: To what? To doing what's right? That innocent little boy belongs to J.R.

Lawyer: Miss Hart is Bianca Montgomery's sister. Her prejudice against my client �

Bianca: Since I lived it --

Judge: Order in the court.

Bianca: Can we not watch it on television?

Ethan: Yeah.

[Ethan turns TV off]

Ethan: Of course. Actually, I'm glad you're here. There's something that you need to know, and I want you to hear this from me.

Bianca: Why do I get the feeling that I should be sitting down?

Ethan: Because you're very perceptive. Here.

Ethan: You don't have any sharp objects on you, do you?

Mr. Emerson: Ms. Hart is not a child psychologist.

Lawyer: She's not even a parent.

Kendall: Like you have to be a vet to know you shouldn't put a kitten in a dishwasher?

Mr. Emerson: This is inflammatory.

Lawyer: Yes, and pointless.

Second lawyer: May I continue?

First lawyer: Your Honor, please.

Mr. Emerson: I'd like Ms. Hart's entire testimony stricken from the record.

Judge: If you can't supply concise, specific information, you're wasting the court's time.

Kendall: Oh, I've got facts for days. Ask me about Babe and J.R.'s wedding day. Then you can lock her up, hand him the baby, and we can all go home.

[Gallery murmurs]

Maria: Oh. Oh, you're not shocked, are you? Because you're the one who did this.

Zach: Wait, I've been in here with you.

Maria: Yeah, and one of your idiots, like, parked car or something against the door.

Zach: I may not get this lock open.

Maria: Yeah. I'm just wondering how you thought we were going to spend the time. You know, if it wasn't so pathetic, it would almost be funny. Everything from the casita, all trapped in here with us.

Maria: Nap-time blanket.

Zach: I couldn't look at you without wanting to touch you.

Maria: So you set the stage here, and you think that I'm going to -- what, beg you to take me? You know, you're not nearly as smart as you think you are --

Zach: Who is?

Maria: Because I remember that there's another way out of here. You've got that -- the eye-in-sky security system right there. Hello! Help! And let -- we need the key to the door! Please get me out of here!

Ethan: I gave J.R. Chandler a hand. I pulled some strings to help him get the paternity test on his son.

Bianca: Wow. That's sinking straight to the Chandler level.

Ethan: Now, that's not fair.

Bianca: Oh, now you want to talk fair? Come on, Ethan, who do you think you're talking to? Are you having fun? You're a member of a very exclusive club.

Ethan: Is that how you see me?

Bianca: Is that how you see yourself? Seriously, Ethan, just be careful. Money and power are dangerous. I mean, that's one of the reasons why I wanted you to get the DNA test to begin with -- so that Miranda wouldn't have to deal with all this on her own when she grows up.

Ethan: I'm not interested in billionaire boy bonding. Nobody should get away with keeping a child from its father or its mother.

Bianca: And Babe deserves to be punished?

Ethan: Absolutely. What she did to you is unthinkable.

Bianca: Ethan, is this about me or is this about you and your father?

Ethan: Everyone deserves to know their parents, no matter who they are or what they've done. No one, not even the father himself, has the right to deny that to a child.

Bianca: Kendall feels the exact same way.

Kendall: Babe was alone talking to the baby, and I heard Babe call her "Miranda."

Lawyer: And the significance of "Miranda"?

Kendall: That's the name of my sister's baby. We thought Miranda died in the helicopter crash that skeevy little Paul Cramer staged.

Judge: I will not instruct you again.

Kendall: That's not editorializing, Your Honor. No half-decent human being would've done what Paul Cramer did. Anyway, that's when I started thinking that there was a mix-up with the babies and Babe knew about it.

Lawyer: Did you confront Miss Chandler?

Kendall: Of course. But Babe had her excuses, and I wasn't the only one who thought that Bess might really be Miranda.

Lawyer: But you did nothing about your suspicions?

Kendall: Well, that's because we were faked out with a DNA test that was supposedly dead-on and aboveboard.

Lawyer: Your Honor, how much time are we going to waste on this irrelevant line of questioning?

Second lawyer: It's highly relevant.

First lawyer: Not to this hearing.

Kendall: Babe let Bianca go on thinking her baby was dead when the whole time, Babe was raising her -- now, that's a fit mother? Babe shouldn't be able to own a goldfish, forget about handing her a child.

Lawyer: I object!

Kendall: No, I object. I object to the fact that anyone thinks that this woman right here could be a fit mother or a role model to any child.

Dorian: Oh, my. That's the final nail in Babe's coffin.

Judge: Mr. Lasko.

Mr. Lasko: Thank you, Your Honor.

Tad: Now it's our turn.

Jamie: I don't think Kendall folds easily.

Mr. Lasko: Now, Miss Hart, let's see if we can cut through your sound and fury and find a few facts.

Mr. Lasko: Who delivered your sister's baby?

Kendall: Babe, but that doesn't mean --

Mr. Lasko: Babe Chandler and your sister were best friends, weren't they?

Kendall: Yeah, until Babe lied to her.

Mr. Lasko: Didn't Bianca Montgomery credit Babe Chandler with saving her life?

Kendall: Yes, but that's --

Mr. Lasko: Yes, and saving the life of her baby, as well?

Kendall: Yes, but that's not the point.

Mr. Lasko: No, that is the point, Ms. Hart. Last December, you were down in Florida with my client, Babe Chandler, weren't you?

Kendall: I was down in Florida with Bianca, J.R., and Miranda, who we used to call "Bess."

Mr. Lasko: You saw Babe Chandler, didn't you, Babe and Jamie Martin?

Kendall: It was an ambush.

Mr. Lasko: Is that a yes?

Kendall: Yes.

Mr. Lasko: James Edward Martin, Jamie, was severely injured in Florida, wasn't he?

Kendall: Jamie got hurt.

Mr. Lasko: How was he injured?

Kendall: In a fight.

Mr. Lasko: With you?

Kendall: J.R. hit him.

Mr. Lasko: Hit him?

[Gallery murmurs]

Mr. Lasko: Once? Or many times? Didn't J.R. Chandler bash his stepbrother in the head with some kind of a metal pipe? Weren't you afraid that J.R. Chandler was going to kill Jamie Martin?

Kendall: Yes, but --

Mr. Lasko: Thank you.

Kendall: No, but J.R. was fighting for his child. Of course he lost it. I mean, what father who loves his child wouldn't?

Mr. Lasko: No. Your Honor, move to strike. Ms. Hart cannot possibly know what was going on through J.R. Chandler's mind as he attacked Jamie Martin with deadly force.

Lawyer: Objection. I move to strike Mr. Lasko's --

Mr. Lasko: No. Ms. Hart's attempts to excuse, to excuse J.R. Chandler's attack on Jamie Martin should be stricken.

Judge: Ms. Johnson. You will strike Ms. Hart's attribution of motive to Mr. Chandler's attack, and you will also strike Mr. Lasko's reference of "deadly force."

Kendall: Your Honor, may I object?

Judge: Not if you know what's good for you. Mr. Lasko.

Mr. Lasko: Nothing further.

Judge: Mr. Emerson?

Mr. Emerson: Nothing at this time.

Kendall: Ok, but -- they didn't let me finish.

Judge: Step down, Miss Hart. Who's next?

Lawyer: Erica Kane.

[Gallery murmurs]

Lawyer: Do you believe my client, J.R. Chandler, kept your daughter's child from her even after he was told Bianca was the child's mother?

Erica: Of course he did. Everyone knows that.

Krystal: She's going to crucify Babe.

David: You're being optimistic.

Erica: Not at all. J.R. was justifiably confused, and he loved that baby very, very much.

Dorian: Love the outfit. I wonder whose side she's on.

David: Bye-bye, Babe.

Erica: J.R. did not cause that pain. J.R. was victimized as much as my daughter Bianca. That woman, Babe, manipulated and lied to all of us. What she did to Bianca and to J.R. is criminal.

Mr. Lasko: I object.

Judge: Ms. Kane.

Erica: I'm sorry, Your Honor.

Lawyer: Ms. Chandler claims that she, too, was manipulated by Paul Cramer. She blames Mr. Cramer for your family's suffering.

Erica: That's crazy. Babe could have come forward the minute she found out that Miranda was that baby, but she didn't. She decided to keep the baby for months, and she continued to play her game. She tortured my daughter Bianca and she tortured J.R. because Babe did not think of anyone but herself.

Lawyer: I have nothing further.

Mr. Emerson: In December, you flew to Florida to see Bianca at J.R. Chandler's hotel room.

Lawyer: Objection. Relevance?

Judge: Ms. Pace and Mr. Emerson and Mr. Lasko -- this applies to you, too -- there is no jury here. You can try to slide things under, up, and through, you can object, file motions and appeals till monkeys fly, but know this -- I am perfectly capable of separating what is relevant from what is not. You may answer the question, Ms. Kane.

Erica: Yes. I went to the hotel.

Mr. Emerson: And did you see Bianca?

Erica: Kendall and I were outside the hotel room in the hallway, and we heard voices. We heard loud voices.

Mr. Emerson: And when you went inside the room, whom did you find?

Erica: J.R. answered the door.

Mr. Emerson: And your daughter was in the room? Ms. Kane, was Bianca in J.R. Chandler's hotel room?

Erica: You know she wasn't.

Mr. Emerson: Had she left by some other exit?

Erica: You know very well she fell from the balcony.

Mr. Emerson: "Fell" or was pushed?

Erica: Now I must object.

Bianca: I don't want any part of the custody hearing or the kidnapping trial.

Ethan: Good luck avoiding that.

Bianca: Bon chance. But I'm betting my argent on the rive gauche.

Ethan: Ok -- ahem. I'm getting a French connection. Paris? Where the board wants one of us to go to look after the European connection.

Bianca: You're all settled in here. I thought I'd give it a shot.

Ethan: Are you sure? It's a big change.

Bianca: Sure that I can live without being studied under a microscope by people that I don't even know? Sure that I can live without being hounded? Oui.

Ethan: And what if I say, arrete ici, s'il vous plait?

Bianca: Why should I stay?

Ethan: Maybe because a lot of poor slobs here need you. Especially me.

Maria: Get me out of here now, and I won't call the cops! Ok? Hello!

Zach: There's no camera.

Maria: It's right there -- there. You know it's right there.

Zach: It's not connected.

Maria: Oh, my God. You're such a liar. I saw it the night of the murder game with David and Adam -- they were on it. I don't care what this guy told you! Please get me out of here now. If somebody doesn't get me out of here, I swear to God --

Zach: It was only there for the night of the party. No one can see you or hear you except me. So you can shout, you can scream, but no one's going to rescue you.

Maria: So what should I do -- undress right now? My kids are great.

Judge: Is objecting a trait you've handed down from mother to daughter?

Erica: I expect my daughters to speak their minds and oppose injustice wherever they find it.

Judge: Well, there'll be no objecting in my courtroom from you.

Mr. Emerson: I'll repeat my question.

Ms. Pace: Your Honor.

Judge: Let him so we can move on with this.

Mr. Emerson: Was your daughter --

Erica: Bianca told me that she fell, and I believe her.

Mr. Emerson: She fell? Has Bianca had problems with her balance on other occasions?

Erica: I couldn't say.

Mr. Emerson: She doesn't suffer from any kind of seizures or --

Ms. Pace: Your Honor?

Judge: We all get what you're dancing around, Mr. Emerson. I suggest you try a new step.

Mr. Emerson: Did you question Mr. Chandler about this incident?

Erica: Naturally we discussed it.

Mr. Emerson: And what was his version?

Erica: J.R. told me that Bianca became agitated and lost her balance. She fell against the rail, and it didn't hold. Those are the facts, Mr. Emerson.

Mr. Emerson: Bianca tells the same story?

Erica: Bianca has never accused J.R. of trying to hurt her. If there were the remotest possibility that he did try to hurt her, do you think that I or Kendall would really be on his side?

Mr. Emerson: Nothing further.

Erica: Do you really think that we would want J.R. to have full custody of his son?

Judge: Strike Ms. Kane's last remark.

Erica: I'm sorry, Your Honor. You cannot ignore what Babe did to J.R. Naturally, he would want to hold on to his child. She made him believe that his baby was dead, the same sick lie that she told my daughter Bianca.

Judge: Quiet.

Mr. Lasko: Before Ms. Chandler left town, she wrote Bianca a letter, didn't she?

Erica: I believe so, yes.

Mr. Lasko: Could you tell us where that letter might be?

Erica: J.R. took it.

Mr. Lasko: That seems odd. Why?

Erica: To spare Bianca any more of Babe's filthy lies.

Mr. Lasko: So the letter contained lies?

Erica: Babe told Bianca that her daughter was still alive, that Bess was really Miranda, which at the time seemed laughable, insane, even, at the time. And Babe also told J.R. that his son was dead. Now, if that isn't a lie, what are we all doing here today? Babe is a self-serving sociopath.

Dorian: Oh, she's good.

Brooke: Who's up next?

Jamie: The biggest performance yet.

J.R.: That my son was dead? Just written in a letter, "Say good-bye to the daughter that you love, that you think is yours" and "oh, by the way, your son's dead." I mean, would you believe that?

Ms. Pace: Did you?

J.R.: No, it was crazy. It was too -- no, I wouldn't let myself go there. And because of that, I made some lousy choices, some things that I would not normally do.

Ms. Pace: Do you wish you would've reacted differently?

J.R.: Yeah. But Babe had hit me with so much from the beginning. I gave her my heart. I realize that sounds corny, but I loved her. Then I found out that she had slept with my stepbrother.

Mr. Lasko: Objection.

Judge: I'll allow it.

J.R.: And she believed that the baby might be his.

Ms. Pace: You mean Jamie's?

J.R.: Yes, Jamie Martin. I freaked out. Babe said that we were soul mates, that she loved me like nobody else ever; and then the first night she's in town, she sleeps with my stepbrother.

Judge: Mr. Chandler --

J.R.: Look, I'm not condemning her. I never did from the beginning. I loved her. I wanted to know why she did it. Was it something that I did? Did I push her into it somehow? But she swore to me that it wasn't my mistake, that she messed up, and she begged me to forgive her, so I did. And then I found out that she was still married to Paul Cramer, and she never said anything about it.

[Gallery murmurs]

Ms. Pace: How did she explain that?

J.R.: Well, she said that she meant to get an annulment, but she -- forgot?

Ms. Pace: And what did you do?

J.R.: Babe got the annulment settled, and we married again. Want to talk about stupid? Guess we all do stupid things when we're in love. But I had to think about my little girl. My little girl.

Ms. Pace: But then you finally filed for divorce. Why?

J.R.: I just couldn't take it anymore -- all the lies, the secrets. I never knew what Babe was going to pull next. And I had a suspicion that she was still fooling around with Jamie.

Ms. Pace: But you didn't have any proof?

J.R.: They finally ran off together. Look, all I wanted was my daughter, but some joke that was. Babe knew Bess is all I ever cared about, all I ever lived for. And I figured with her gone, that I would have full custody, and she and Jamie could have each other.

Ms. Pace: But then you read the letter that Babe left you.

J.R. And I snapped, I guess. Lost my son and my daughter in the same day. If she would've only told me the truth -- that my son was alive -- everything would have changed. I would at least have been able to cope with losing Bess.

Ms. Pace: And why do you feel that you should be granted custody of your biological son?

J.R.: Because he's mine. I want to have the chance to be the father that I know I can be.

Brooke: God forbid.

J.R.: Now, I'm sure the lieutenant governor is a great guy. I mean, his son Duke is proof of the fine job he has done being a father.

Dorian: Huh, that's rich.

J.R.: But don't I deserve to have the same chance that Kevin Buchanan's already had? Adam Chandler, III, is blood. I never abandoned him, gave him up, lied about him. He was taken from me. I love him. I deserve to have him back.

Ms. Pace: That's all.

Mr. Emerson: Did you try to kill your stepbrother, James Martin?

J.R.: No.

Mr. Emerson: Did you blackmail your wife, Babe, into signing over full custody of the baby girl you believed was yours?

J.R.: No.

Mr. Emerson: Did you once drug your wife in hopes that she'd commit adultery with your stepbrother?

J.R.: That's crazy, no.

Mr. Emerson: Did you in any manner plan Bianca Montgomery's fall from your balcony?

J.R.: God, no.

Mr. Lasko: You do understand the concept of perjury?

J.R.: Yes. I'm not lying. Everything I said was the truth.

Mr. Lasko: You heard your stepson's testimony?

Tad: Every word. All right, I have a question, Your Honor.

Judge: Go ahead.

Tad: When you sentence J.R. for perjury, will you figure it by the word or by the lie?

Ms. Pace: I object.

[Gallery murmurs]

Tad: Don't we all. It seems J.R. indulged in a little creative filmmaking. He wanted to implicate Babe and Jamie in a murder-for-hire plot.

Mr. Lasko: Can you produce these video recordings?

Tad: No. We destroyed all the copies.

Mr. Lasko: "We"?

Tad: We. I was able to get a little help from Stuart Chandler.

[Gallery murmurs]

Stuart: A little baby boy needs two parents.

Mr. Lasko: Mr. Chandler, I was asking you about the tapes of Babe.

Stuart: Oh, yeah. Well, there aren't any tapes. Just DVDs.

Mr. Lasko: Can you tell us what happened to them?

Stuart: Tad and I took them out of Adam's safe-deposit box because, you know, when I dress all stuffy and I'm mean to everybody, they all think I'm Adam.

Mr. Lasko: So, you got the DVDs. Then what?

Stuart: We got rid of them so -- so J.R. couldn't take Babe's little baby girl away from her. Adam tried to do that with Colby and Liza and you know where that got him.

Mr. Lasko: Let's just stick to Babe and J.R.

Stuart: But, well, the more you know about Adam, the easier it is to see why J.R. never fell far from Adam's tree. I keep trying to change Adam, but I think it's too late for him. But it's not too late for J.R. to make things right.

Ms. Pace: Your Honor, this -- this is the same man that helped Liza Chandler run off with Adam Chandler's daughter Colby.

Stuart: Oh, yeah, I love Liza and Colby. And I love my brother and I love -- I love his son. But right is right and they were just plain wrong.

Mr. Lasko: Your Honor, I would like to call my client, Arabella Carey Chandler, to the stand.

[Gallery murmurs]

Babe: I really did love J.R. at first. I thought he was my prince or something. That's why I married him.

Mr. Lasko: What happened to the love?

Babe: I only knew one side of J.R., the side that he showed all of you here today. He seems compassionate and all, but it's all just an act.

Ms. Pace: Objection!

Babe: When I found out what Paul had done, that he had given us the wrong baby, my whole world -- it -- it just collapsed.

Mr. Lasko: Then why didn't you tell your husband and Bianca Montgomery the truth?

Babe: I was so crazy in love with J.R. I didn't want his world to collapse, too. I thought -- I thought that our son, our little boy, had died. I just -- I couldn't bring myself to say that to him. I couldn't do that to him. So instead, I put my best friend through a hundred kinds of hell. I'll never forgive myself for what I did to Bianca.

Bianca: You'll do just fine without me. I just want to share a wonderful life with my daughter.

Ethan: You can't do that here?

Bianca: It'll be easier for me and Miranda living in Paris.

Erica: You go to Paris to shop, not to live.

Babe: This all started when Paul Cramer faked a helicopter crash. I guess he did it maybe because he loved his sister, Kelly. Kelly had lost her baby, and Paul thought that he was doing her a favor, but -- ended up that she just suffered with the rest of us. I really -- I'm sorry about that. My son was conceived when J.R. and I still loved each other. He's not Ace and he's not a Buchanan. He's our son.

Mr. Lasko: But you still don't believe that joint custody is an option?

Babe: I did. But J.R. is a Chandler with a capital C. He refused. He never even learned to share. It's like -- in that mansion of theirs, it's like winner takes all. It's like they've never even won before. J.R. did the exact same thing with the little girl that we called Bess. He wanted her all to himself. And I knew that he would have done the same with our son, so that's why I had to steal him.

Mr. Lasko: Babe --

Judge: I have to warn you that anything you say to implicate yourself can and will be used against you in your pending criminal case.

Babe: I'm ashamed of lots that I've done. But I did four good things this year. I delivered Bianca's baby, I had my own baby, I fell in love with Jamie Martin, and I kidnapped my son.

Zach: Did I ever try to take you by force?

Maria: You know you never had to.

Zach: But you think I could do that to any woman?

Maria: No, I -- why would you go to all this trouble, then, if you don't want to make love to me?

Zach: I didn't say I didn't want to make love to you.

Maria: Ok, so you expect me to just think that this is some sort of bizarre coincidence? This whole --

Zach: Well, how would I know that you'd stir up trouble with your husband, then come over here and yell at me?

Maria: You know, you have an answer for everything. It's very good.

Zach: Why don't you think about my answers for a second? I've never lied to you.

Maria: No, no, it's more like I've never caught you. I don't want to be pulled in by you again. You understand me? I'm not going to let that happen.

Zach: You asked me if I was a Cambias, and I told you. You asked me if Ethan was my son. I told you. You asked me about the murder game, that Ryan was shot. I told you. Everything you ever asked me, 100% the truth. So why would I lie now? Now, here, this old shed with nothing but just what's left of our memories? Why?

Maria: You are a liar, Zach.

Zach: Why? Why do you have to believe that?

Maria: I don't have to believe that. I do believe that.

Zach: Makes it easier, doesn't it?

Maria: What does that even mean?

Zach: If I'm lying, you don't have to question Edmund. But if Edmund's lying, you've chosen the wrong man.

Maria: Edmund is not the wrong man.

Zach: Of course he's not. He can't be. That would sink your world, wouldn't it? You've made a colossal mistake.

Maria: No, just stop, ok? Everybody lies sometimes!

Zach: The worst thing that I ever said to you was that I loved you. And that wasn't a lie. It'll always be the truth.

Erica: Bianca, you're going to leave us?

Bianca: I was going to talk to you guys about this tonight.

Ethan: You know, I have to see Forbes in the legal department, so I'm going to go --

Bianca: No, Ethan, you don't have to leave.

Erica: Yes, he does.

Ethan: Absolutely not.

Bianca: Well?

Erica: Well, this is certainly the last thing I expected to be hit with today.

Kendall: Yeah, me, too. But I think -- I think it's brilliant. It's wonderful. It's a great idea. It's perfect.

Bianca: Well, that -- that's exactly how I feel. I think that this is a really positive move for me. I mean, I need to stretch my wings and -- and fly on my own for a little while and really devote myself to raising my little girl.

Kendall: In maybe the most beautiful city in the whole world.

Bianca: Exactly.

Kendall: I mean, you'll be starting fresh. You'll be going into the city of lights with a whole new life.

Bianca: Right. My own personal new beginning, Mom.

Erica: I hope you've thought this through.

Bianca: I have. But I need you to be ok with it.

Erica: Well, I -- I see one very large problem. Uh -- I'm not a difficult person or -- or a very demanding person that you have to please. But I will choose the decorator for my guest room, for my bedroom.

Bianca: Your bedroom?

Erica: Well, we'll be visiting once a month, and I refuse to stay in a hotel without you and Miranda.

Bianca: Ok, of course! Guest rooms, yes.

Erica: Guest rooMs. Of course, guest rooMs. I mean, unless you prefer to stay in a hotel.

Kendall: No, no, no. No, whatever you want, wherever you want me.

Bianca: Oh, with us, of course. Oh. I was so worried that you would try to stop me.

Erica: Try to stop a Kane woman? I defy anyone to try.

Bianca: I love you so much.

Kendall: I do, too.

Erica: Of course you do. Just like I love you. What is more fantastic than a mother-daughter bond?

Kendall and Bianca: Nothing!

Erica: Nothing!

Kendall: Nothing.

Woman: Ok, zoom in on Babe Chandler. This is good stuff.

Brooke: Can you just give them a break?

Woman: I'm sorry, I can't. Keep rolling. Keep rolling.

Mr. Emerson: Babe Chandler should withdraw her request for custody!

Mr. Lasko: Your Honor, please!

Babe: Excuse me! I am right here. Your Honor, can I please say something? And don't try to stop me.

Judge: Sit down. Go on, Ms. Chandler.

Babe: I told J.R. that our son had died when I knew that it was a lie, because it was the only way out that I could see for my son. And to make 100% sure that he couldn't get his hands on him, and raise him with his lies and his games, I had to kidnap my own child. I just wish that I hadn't have been caught, so J.R. couldn't have the chance to wreck the sweet child's life.

Mr. Emerson: Your Honor, it's clear from this testimony that neither biological parent is fit to raise this child.

Ms. Pace: That is the most self-serving --

Krystal: That's not true! It's not right!

Tad: Don't make things worse.

Jamie: There's no way things could get worse.

Brooke: Let the attorneys fight it out.

David: Babe's just slit her own throat.


Edmund: Damn it! What the hell's going on?

Bianca: Sit down and play, Miranda. Let's see what's on TV, ok?

Babe: Since I may be going to prison now, my opinion may not matter, but it should. J.R. would not be good for our little boy. That's why I risked prison in the first place to take him. Kevin Buchanan loves my little boy. You should grant him custody.

[Gallery murmurs]

Babe: And then that way, Kelly could help raise him. You would do that, wouldn't you? I know that he'd be safe with you.

J.R.: No, no, she's a felon! Don't listen to her!

Ms. Pace: Sidebar, Your Honor!

Kelly: Wait, wait, wait!

Dorian: Kelly, no!

Kelly: Wait, Your Honor. There's something that I should have said before when I was on the stand, but I didn't, and I think I should say it now. The thing is, Babe can't be guilty of kidnapping because there was no kidnapping. I told her that she could take Ace.

[Gallery murmurs]

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Ethan: Just the man I'm looking for.

Maria: I came over here because I wanted to see you. I wanted to be with you.

Krystal: You can change your mind, and the DA will still take my deal.

J.R.: You're my witness now.

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