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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 2/8/05



By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

Kendall: All right, little missy, Miss Miranda, you chewing on those blocks. Ok, this -- yes! This is us building Cambias Industries one block at a time, yes.

Bianca: Do you think maybe we can teach her her primary colors before we send her off for an MBA?

Kendall: You're a little quiet this morning.

Bianca: Yeah, I didn't sleep very well last night.

[Knock on door]

Anita: Hey.

Bianca: Hey.

Anita: This a bad time?

Bianca: No, no, please, come on in. Can I get you something? Orange juice or anything?

Anita: No, actually, I can't stay. I need you to come with me to Maggie's.

Bianca: Oh, my God, he didn't go after her again, did he?

Anita: No, no, no, and we're trying to make sure that he won't. Aidan and I, we found some evidence on Jonathan that Maggie needs to hear. It's intense, but I think it might convince her. She may need you.

Bianca: I'm sorry. I can't.

[Knock on door]

Aidan: Oh, come on, please, Maggie. Are you all right?

Maggie: Did Jonathan take me home and beat me up last night? Sorry to disappoint you, Aidan, I'm fine. Good-bye.

Aidan: Listen, listen, just hear me out for a second. I'm here because I care about you, all right? We're friends. Now, I have a policy regarding friends that when I see one of them walk in front of a train, at the very least, I let her know that there are lights barreling down the track at her.

Jonathan: So I've been thinking biggest bang for our buck, and then it hits me -- boom! Strip malls.

Ryan: As in strip malls?

Jonathan: As in strip malls. We finance them, rent them out, watch the cash roll in. We take the profits, flip them over, go national. All we need is the start-up capital and we need an eye for location.

Ryan: Yeah, and a deep passion for coffee shops and fast-food places. No, I really need something I can sink my teeth into. You know, if I don't get a challenge, I get bored. Listen, did you lie to me about drugging my wife?

[Knock on door]

Erica: Oh. Yes? Oh. Oh, good morning. Hi. Was I expecting you?

Edmund: No. May I come in?

Erica: Uh, sure. Ok.

Edmund: We have something we have to clear up.

Erica: We do?

Edmund: Yeah. Speaking of clearing up, looks like you already got a jump on things.

Erica: Well, it's a new year and, in honor of my newest venture, a new beginning for me, so I'm doing a little early spring cleaning. I'm not myself exactly -- I mean, Coral is -- but I'm very good at standing in the middle of the room here, pointing quite efficiently. Edmund, is there something you want?

Edmund: Yes. You suggested before that we try to make up for our recent history with a little mutual back-scratching?

Erica: Yes, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Edmund: It is. I need your help to nail Zach Slater.

Woman: Miss Frye is still tied up in court, but you're welcome to wait if you don't mind taking a number.

Zach: Livia is considering having me testify at Ethan's trial.

Maria: Livia's not here, though, you know. She's in court. She's running late.

Zach: I know. The young lady said she was.

Maria: Yeah. So you didn't ask me what I'm doing here.

Zach: Well, you didn't offer.

Maria: Oh. I am withdrawing my divorce petition.

Zach: Well, that's none of my business.

Maria: Well, it's just things are going good, so I thought that -- well, I know -- sorry, because I know you don't want to know if my life is good or happy.

Zach: That's not really a fair thing to say, now, is it? And if you're happy, and if you have everything that you want in life, then of course I'm happy for you.

Maria: You know what, this is -- this is sort of silly, because when she comes in, she can't see us both at the same time, so I might as well just go and come back and, you know --

Zach: Maria --

Maria: I'll just go now.

Zach: Excuse me, I'm sorry. Your husband's been playing PI in my casino, and it's annoying the staff and interfering with business. So do me a favor, ok? In one of your quiet, happy moments, tell him to lay off. Save him the humiliation of being thrown out by my security team.

Maria: I think he's probably just trying to figure out what you did to Bobby.

Zach: He knows what I did to Bobby. I fired him, two weeks severance, and no letter of recommendation.

Maria: I'm sorry, was that before or after you beat him up? Or did you just scare him off? See, I'm just figuring you went the easy route and you just killed him.

Zach: Bobby told you that I had Lavery shot. And that's why Inspector Clouseau is trying to pin that on me now, right?

Edmund: Slater's a lying bastard who should be in prison.

Erica: I didn't realize that trying to steal a man's wife was a criminal offense these days.

Edmund: Erica, listen to me, Slater arranged to have Ryan Lavery shot. He's also probably behind the disappearance of the one eyewitness who could nail him for it -- your buddy in Vegas at the time, Bobby Warner.

Erica: If Bobby Warner knew that Zach was responsible for Ryan's shooting, why didn't he step forward?

Edmund: Well, because that would've messed up his little blackmail scam. Slater found out about it, had him beat up, put in the hospital, fired him, and God knows what after that.

Erica: So you think the police have arrested the wrong man? You think Ethan is innocent?

Edmund: If you look closely, Erica, you'll find that Slater is behind everything ugly that has happened in this town. The man has to pay for what he's done.

Erica: Tell me, Edmund, what exactly are the sentencing guidelines for cuckolding you?

Edmund: This was a mistake.

Erica: No, wait, Edmund. That was low, even for me. How can I help?

Aidan: Maggie, you're about to commit to this guy for the rest of your life. The least you can do is get all the facts you can. I mean, you're not going to go out and buy a car without getting it checked out by a mechanic first, are you? I mean, just because it all looks great on the outside and looks all polished and stuff, it might be rotting on the inside.

Maggie: Aidan, you're talking about cars. We're people and this is my heart that we are speaking about.

Aidan: I know, and people that care about want to see you give it to someone that will take care of it. Listen, when I heard that Jonathan hit you --

Maggie: I explained to you about that.

Aidan: I know. It was just one time, it'll never happen again. Listen, call me old-fashioned, but I was always taught that women should be treasured and protected and that if you're angry, you know, you punch a wall or you go down to the gym and take it out on some weights and a punching bag or whatever.

Maggie: And you don't think that Jonathan knows that?

Aidan: Well, looks like he forgot. Listen, Anita's going to be over here in a minute, and she's going to bring someone with her. Please do me a favor -- listen to what she has to say.

Anita: Maggie can use all the friends that she can get right now.

Kendall: Come on, Binks, you know you want to go. I'll stay here and watch the baby.

Bianca: No, that's not it. I made a mess of things. Trust me, it's going to go a lot better without me there.

Anita: All right, I guess I can't force you.

Bianca: You have a big secret weapon to use, and Maggie can't ignore it. You're going to get through to her.

Anita: Ok. Bye.

Kendall: Bye. Ok, this better be good. Why would you not jump at the chance to save your friend?

Bianca: Because I think Maggie has a better chance at being saved if I'm not there.

Kendall: No, I seriously doubt that.

Bianca: I told Jonathan that I would never abandon Maggie, but I think right now I have to. I blew it. I should've had my head on straight, and I should've made it about what was best for Maggie, but I got involved.

Kendall: Well, Binks, you care about what happens to her.

Bianca: Yeah, I care a lot more than that. If I had gone with Anita, it could look like I wanted Maggie to leave Jonathan for selfish reasons. And if she stayed with him because of me, I would never forgive myself.

Kendall: Wait a minute. Why would Maggie ever think that you --

Bianca: Maybe because I kissed her, and I told her that I had fallen in love with her.

Jonathan: I don't know where that came from. I thought that was done.

Ryan: Look, it's just you and me this time, all right? Hey. Whatever the answer is, I can hear it. I want to hear it.

Jonathan: No, Ryan, I didn't drug your wife. I will confess this, though -- I don't like her too much. I think she's threatened by how close we are. Even as half brothers, we have all this history. Yeah, I get angry, obviously. Angry like that? No, Ryan, no way.

Ryan: Ok.

Jonathan: That's it? "Ok"?

Ryan: Hey, listen, somebody pushes my wife into the twilight zone, I can't take anything for granted.

Jonathan: Is this going to keep coming back at me? Because I've admitted to you I have an anger problem. I told you I'm going to go get help for it. How do you draw a straight line from that to someone slipping drugs to your wife?

Ryan: There is no straight line.

Jonathan: Because there's a huge difference, Ryan, between someone who loses it in a bad moment and someone who slowly tortures a woman out of her mind. This person slowly watched Greenlee disintegrate a piece at a time. Now, I need to know, do you think I'm that sick?

Ryan: I told you that your word was good enough. I just had to hear you say it to me one on one. End of conversation, end of topic. All right, now back to business. Listen, what do you think about the motorcycle --

Jonathan: No! That's not the end of this conversation.

Kendall: I'm assuming Maggie didn't take it too well.

Bianca: She accused me of using her as a consolation prize for my breakup with Lena.

Kendall: Ouch.

Bianca: If there's something amusing about your sister's tragic use of the L word, I wish you'd fill me in.

Kendall: Sorry. Sorry, it's just -- it's nice to know that someone else ruins her love life, too.

Bianca: Oh, glad I could help. I'm worried about Maggie.

Kendall: Yeah. Yeah, Jonathan is nothing to laugh about. I got all angry and frustrated, and I told Greenlee that Jonathan was her problem and have her deal with it, I was out of it, but that's not true. He's everyone's problem. So don't worry, Aidan's got the goods. He will help Maggie. He will make her see the light, ok? That's the first problem solved.

Bianca: I hope you're right.

Kendall: I got to go.

Bianca: Where are you going?

Kendall: To solve the second problem.

Jonathan: None of this is over until we find out who was hurting Greenlee, because as long as there's a question, you're going to -- Greenlee is going to think I'm the one who was spiking her punch.

Ryan: I told you that your word is good enough, Jonathan.

Jonathan: It obviously wasn't if you had to ask me twice. Don't do this to me, Ryan. Please, man. What matters to you matters to me. Or don't you believe that now, either? This looks all too familiar. You sound and look like Dad.

Ryan: Hey -- that is hitting below the belt.

Jonathan: Remember how many times you swore that it wasn't you who left dishes in the sink or the front door open? He wouldn't believe you. He'd make the accusation, he'd point the finger, and he'd take the belt off. So what do you want to do right now, Ryan? Do you want to take the belt off?

Ryan: No.

Jonathan: Because as long as Greenlee thinks I'm suspect number one, I'm no better off! There's not a scrap of evidence against me, but does anyone care? She's got you convinced that -- damn it. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry, Ryan.

Ryan: For what?

Jonathan: Because I'm sure somewhere along the way that this is my fault. I mean, I let my insecurities take over, and I treated Greenlee like an enemy. I can't blame her for hating me.

Ryan: Greenlee is not your enemy, Jonathan.

Jonathan: I should've been watching out for her. She's family. She's married to my best friend. Why do I always figure these things out too late?

Ryan: Hey, it's not too late. You're my brother and I love you, and I love Greenlee, and I'm going to figure out who did this to her, and the two of you can put all this stuff behind you.

Jonathan: I want that, Ryan. I'm not a bad guy, man. I swear.

Maggie: You know, I am so sick of everyone ragging on Jonathan. He's my future husband!

[Knock on door]

Maggie: And it looks like we're going to have to find a whole new bunch of friends. Get out!

Anita: Hey. Look, there's someone I'd like you to meet.

Maggie: I'm sorry. If you are an abuse counselor, you can go home now.

Aidan: She's come all the way on the train from New York City today just to meet you. This is the girl I was talking about -- Lorraine Rossiter.

Lorraine: You're Maggie?

Maggie: And you are?

Lorraine: I used to be engaged to Jonathan -- until he nearly killed me.

Zach: Wow.

Maria: What is so funny? There's nothing funny.

Zach: Whatever you believe, don't insult me by thinking I would hire someone to shoot at Lavery in front of witnesses, especially Warner.

Maria: Everybody makes mistakes.

Zach: If I wanted Lavery dead, he would be dead, end of story -- but that's not what we're talking about. We're talking about Bobby Warner, that spineless slug.

Maria: I'm not going to defend his character.

Zach: Ok, good. Think about it. If I were the big, bad crime boss that he's trying to make me out to be, he wouldn't have the guts to turn me in. Guys like him, they want one thing -- they want money. So what do you think? How much did Edmund give him to put the finger on me?

Erica: Bobby Warner and I didn't part on exactly good terms. He was very big on secrets.

Edmund: Hmm.

Erica: I didn't trust him.

Edmund: And you don't expect to hear from him?

Erica: No, I mean, there wouldn't be a reason in the world. Look, as far as your going after Zach -- I mean, more power to you. People who have hurt the ones we love, they should pay. It's just a shame, because I had planned to use Zach to help me deal with the people who hurt Bianca.

Edmund: Be careful who you go to bed with.

Erica: Look, if -- if he's responsible for that shooting of Ryan --

Edmund: He is.

Erica: I'm truly sorry that I can't be more helpful. I understand why you're doing what you're doing. But I don't have anything that can be of any use to you.

Edmund: Things change -- we'll be in touch.

Erica: I'll get the door.

Edmund: Thanks.

Erica: Oh, my.

Bianca: Tell me, angel, what are we supposed to do now?

[Knock on door]

Myrtle: Hi, darling!

Bianca: Oh!

Myrtle: Hiya!

Bianca: Talk about an answer to my prayers. I am so glad to see you.

Myrtle: I was hoping you'd be in the mood to talk.

Lorraine: We had classes together, so we used to study. He was easy to talk to and so sweet. Jonathan treated me better than any guy I knew -- except when it turned ugly.

Maggie: Ok, I think I've heard enough.

Aidan: Maggie, we haven't even started yet. Tell her how he changed.

Lorraine: Pretty much the minute I fell in love with him, he became possessive and jealous. I was friends with this guy I'd gone out with a couple of times. Jonathan didn't want him around. Jonathan really didn't like any of my friends. He thought they were trying to come between us. And one day, he just lost it. He hit me. Now, he convinced me he was mortified that he had hurt me, but somehow he made me believe that it was really my fault, somehow I had pushed him to do it.

Maggie: Yeah.

Lorraine: So I forgave him.

Maggie: Until he dumped you, and then you wanted payback.

Aidan: Maggie, please --

Maggie: And now here she is.

Aidan: Hear her out, will you? Tell her what finally set him off.

Lorraine: I ran into my guy friend by accident, and we ended up having a cup of coffee. Jonathan found out, and he really went off on me. He accused me of cheating on him and lying, and he really laid into me.

Anita: It's ok, Lorraine. It's ok.

Lorraine: He punched me, and he threw me, and he broke my nose. It might have been worse if my friends hadn't showed up.

Aidan: And that's when you called the police?

Lorraine: Mm-hmm. But it was a first offense and everything, so he got off pretty easily. And, Maggie, that's when it got worse. Jonathan wouldn't take no for an answer.

Anita: Even after you broke up with him?

Lorraine: Uh-huh. He started to stalk me. He called me all the time. I would come home from school or the store or something, and he would be waiting outside my apartment, and I could not stand it. I moved to another city. I found, you know, some work, but it's never really been right.

Aidan: And tell Maggie why you risked coming here to the same city as Jonathan.

Lorraine: A guilty thing. I couldn't let him just find some other girl and do to her what he did to me.

Maggie: So how much did you pay her to say all this?

Aidan: Oh, Maggie, we wouldn't do that. Listen to me, this is for you.

Maggie: No, for all I know, Bianca could've put you up to this. I mean, she seems like a pretty good actress. She could've paid her to do something like this.

Anita: Maggie, there are X-rays and court records.

Maggie: No, no, this is not my Jonathan that we were talking about! Because he is sweet and he is loving. He is the most romantic man I have ever met.

Lorraine: You're right, he is -- until he changes.

Maggie: No, he doesn't want you anymore, and you can't stand that. He loves me. So who's the jealous one now, Lorraine?

Lorraine: Maggie, he told me I was the first woman he ever fell in love with. He looked me in the eyes, and he asked me what it feels like to fall in love. It just made my heart melt. I mean, how do you not respond when a guy asks you something like that -- "What does it feel like to fall in love?"

Jonathan's voice: What does it feel like to fall in love?

Ryan: No, Erica, we're wrapping up right now. I'll be happy to stop by. No! No, no, no, no problem. Bye. Hey, man, somebody screwed with my family, all right, and we're messed up because of that, but I'm going to nail that sucker.

Jonathan: I still want a piece of that.

Ryan: You were honest with me. That's all I want from you, ok? We're still a team. You can take care of yourself. All right, think about a motorcycle business, whatever other business floats your boat.

Jonathan: Boats.

Ryan and Jonathan: Boats.

Jonathan: Anything but strip malls, right?

Ryan: Yeah, pretty much. Whatever it is, we're going to nail it, man, you and me together, ok, brother?

Jonathan: All right, man.

Ryan: I promise.

Jonathan: Ok.

Ryan: By the way, this is on you.

Jonathan: Oh, thank you. Ok.

Ryan: Hey, Kendall, wait a second. Wait.

Kendall: What? What now, more threats, trash talk? You want to sling a little mud my way?

Ryan: No. I want to apologize.

Kendall: Couldn't be much harm in it.

Ryan: I went over the top the other day.

Kendall: You are the master of understatement.

Ryan: I said some things that I shouldn't have said.

Kendall: Yeah, well, guess bad tempers run in the family.

Ryan: Just -- just leave my brother to me.

Kendall: Hiya, Jonathan. How you doing?

Bianca: It seems like almost everyone I care about is in trouble right now, and I can't seem to help them.

Myrtle: Wouldn't it be lovely, absolutely lovely, if we could fix everything?

Bianca: Well, right now, I think I would settle for just making it a little bit better.

Myrtle: Uh-uh, no, you wouldn't. You'd want more. You'd want miracles. We all do from time to me.

Bianca: Well, maybe that's because I believe in miracles now, having gotten one of my own. I don't know, it just seems like a little happiness for everybody else should be simple in comparison.

Myrtle: Well, you've got your own little patch of paradise with her. Of course you have. But simple? No, no, simple is out. Now, if you give your heart to someone, you've got to expect it to be bruised and hurt and broken up a little bit before you get it back.

Bianca: Well, of course I know that it's true, but I still keep hoping.

Lorraine: What a line to lay on someone, huh? Jonathan got me to tell him exactly how many butterflies in my stomach I thought love was. Then he turned it around and, big surprise, that's exactly how he felt.

Maggie's voice: Yes. Loving someone makes you feel like you can say yes to the world. You know, you can do anything, you can try anything.

Jonathan: I've had these feelings that you're describing.

Maggie: But you said that you didn't before.

Jonathan: I -- I didn't know. I didn't know. I mean, I didn't know, I couldn't be sure, but I've had those feelings that you're describing. It's just for me, yes, yes, yes. It's a really hard thing to say.

Maggie: Then who was the girl?

Jonathan: You. I'm starting to have these feelings for you.

Lorraine: He can really suck you in. One night, we were walking home on this bridge, and I was nervous, but I brought up his temper and the jealousy, and he freaked. He got up on the edge of the bridge and told me to push him off if I was going to leave him.

Jonathan: Why don't you just push me off the roof right now?

Lorraine: Someone says they'd rather die than live without you, it sounds romantic, but it's not. It's manipulative and it's controlling, and it's really hard to ever trust anyone again. Anyway, you needed to know this. The rest is up to you. I have to catch my train back to New York.

Anita: Lorraine, thank you so much for coming.

Lorraine: I hate to see someone else's life get screwed up.

Aidan: I'll walk you out.

Lorraine: You know what? That's ok, I'll get a taxi. I think Maggie needs you more than I do. If you do decide to end it, be careful. That's when he can get really ugly.

Man: Hey, I got a call from your wife's attorney this morning. Maria is withdrawing her divorce petition. They're filing the paperwork today.

Edmund: Thanks for the information.

Man: So, can I pull our counter petition?

Edmund: Put it on ice. Don't pull it.

Maria: Edmund never paid Bobby a dime.

Zach: You sound sure of yourself.

Maria: I'm sure of my husband.

Zach: You know, Bobby's taken off. Probably went someplace warm -- that's where snakes go -- but how did he afford that? He lost all his money in a bad business deal, didn't have enough to go window-shopping. So all signs show that Edmund made the big payoff.

Maria: That's all speculation.

Zach: No. Your husband hates me, because I'm a threat to him.

Maria: No, you know, we're happy together. You're no threat to us at all.

Zach: I think I am, because he knows that I still love you, love everything about you -- always have. And no matter what you say now, he's convinced that you feel the same. He knows that we think about those nights in the desert where the only thing that existed in the world were two people, two people that loved each other the way they deserve to be loved.

Myrtle: Of course, I could tell you to follow your heart, but that's such a tired, old cliché. Why don't you -- why don't you just follow your gut? I mean, let's face it, let's face it, you are a Kane, and you've got the Kane survival stuff in your DNA. You know what you have to do? Make yourself happy, and you'll make Miranda happy.

Bianca: I thought it wasn't that simple.

Myrtle: Well, you could wait and see. At least one thing don't forget -- you are the light of my life, and I can't think of a girl in the world who deserves happiness more than you do.

Jonathan: Go away.

Kendall: Nope, not until you've heard me out.

Jonathan: I'm going to lose my breakfast.

Kendall: No, no, no, this is the good part. I've thought a lot about what's gone down. I blame you, you blame me. It got ugly.

Jonathan: Oh, now it's all sunshine and gumballs.

Kendall: Here's a concept for you -- what if we're both wrong? What if we're actually among the blameless in this whole mess? It's been a very wacky, bizarre few months, and I admit -- I admit, I'm the first one to admit I've been known to jump the gun.

Jonathan: Interesting choice of words.

Kendall: Well, I get caught up in my own imagination. Sometimes I act before I think. You know how that goes, right? It's kind of how we met. We started out with a whole lot of potential.

Jonathan: Well, the sex was hot.

Kendall: Yeah, so how about we end this feud? We are much better off as a team than at each other's throats.

Jonathan: I've already got a woman I'm very happy with, Kendall, but thank you.

Kendall: No. No, no, no, no. What I meant is if we'd just stop lobbing grenades at each other, maybe we could find out who drugged Greenlee. Come on, Jonathan, there is something in this for both of us. This is the only way for people to think neither of us did it.

Jonathan: Nice try, Kendall.

Kendall: Well, if you have a better idea, I am open to suggestions.

Jonathan: It wouldn't involve working with you, but well-played. Nice attempt at trying to infiltrate the enemy camp. I give you an A for effort. Now get out of my face.

Erica: Coral pulled out these boxes from all my little storage hiding places around here, and in the middle of everything was this box that belonged to our Chris. And I must've put it away right after he died, and I haven't really looked at it since, but I thought that you might like to have some of your father's things.

Ryan: Ah, Phillies tickets! It was his birthday, and that's -- that's what he wanted for his birthday was to take his kid to a ballgame.

Erica: I remember.

Ryan: Man, I sat in the stands and I thought, "My God, this is what every kid dreams of -- his dad taking him to a baseball game." Of course, I was a grown man, and he'd been a stranger most of my life.

Erica: But your father loved you so much, Ryan, and he thought he could never make up for the time that you lost as a boy and how you had to be raised.

Ryan: Well, he may have showed up late in the game, and it certainly wasn't long enough, but I still lucked out.

Erica: You both did. His journal. Oh, you know, he always pretended that this was just a date book, but he always wrote more.

Ryan: Anything good?

Erica: Well, he was quite a writer, you know, but he usually kept things to himself. Listen to this. This is about you. "Ryan taught me how to fix a motorcycle today. Actually, I already knew how, but I didn't tell him because he seemed to get a real kick out of showing off his expertise."

Ryan: What? Is that true?

Erica: Yes.

Ryan: That --

Erica: Oh, there's more here. Oh, it's very sweet. "I want to give him the memories he never got as a boy." Just like you said. "He is, after all, the son I always hoped to have. When I look at him, I see so much of his mother." Oh, and then it just goes back to dates and appointments.

Ryan: I don't -- Erica, I don't think so. What else did he write?

Erica: Nothing.

Ryan: Erica? What's in there that you don't want me to hear?

Zach: Edmund can't stand how I feel about you, and that's why he needed Bobby to lie about me.

Maria: All Edmund and I need right now is each other. That's why I'm withdrawing the divorce petition.

Zach: Yeah, so you said. You're going to make it. Yeah, you know, I'm just happy that his attacks are so transparent, because otherwise I'd have to go on the offensive.

Maria: That would be a mistake.

Zach: What would you have me do, Maria? Just sit back and have him play out his little game when I know that the only person that's going to get hurt by it is you? Makes me sad. And you know what, I can deal with sadness. The problem is it makes me very, very angry.

Maria: Oh, this is the part where I break down in tears, right, and confess that you've been right all along, and then I beg you to take me into your arms and forget that mean and evil Edmund.

Zach: You're not going to do that?

Maria: You're damn right I'm not.

[Door closes]

Brooke: You used to shut your door when you would discuss things that you didn't want other people to hear.

Edmund: Other people being nosy busybodies?

Brooke: Why can't you meet Maria halfway if she's agreed to stop the divorce?

Edmund: Like I said, nosy busybodies.

Brooke: Why keep it going, Edmund? You could be back together for good.

Edmund: Go away, Brooke.

Brooke: Are you beginning to enjoy the pain? You know, because it's no fun for the rest of us to stand around and watch you.

Edmund: Brooke, it is none of your business.

Myrtle: What does your gut say?

Bianca: Um -- it tells me to fight for what I want and who I want.

Jonathan: Hi. I have a really big day planned for Maggie, so if you two wouldn't mind leaving us alone?

Aidan: Uh, actually, yeah, we would mind.

Jonathan: What's going on here?

Maggie: It's over.

Jonathan: What's over?

Maggie: Us. I can never see you again -- ever.

Ryan: Erica, can I see Chris' journal?

Erica: Oh, you don't need to.

Ryan: Well, I can read it for myself and make that decision.

Erica: Chris loved you so much.

Ryan: Yes, I know that.

Erica: Then what else matters?

Ryan: Erica, if it comes down to a wrestling match, I think I have you beat. Please? Oh, my God.

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J.R.: Because of you, I'm going to get my son back.

Babe: I'm here to set up the dessert table. Mama's here.

Erica: Chris never let on. I'm as stunned as you are.

Bianca: I think Jonathan did poison you.

Jonathan: Don't listen to anyone else -- you love me.

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