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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 2/2/05



By Boo
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[Knock on door]

Erica: The world awaits us! Are you ready? A new look for your new beginning?

Bianca: Oh.

Erica: This is the day we're going to take the stores by storm, remember?

Bianca: I'm sorry, Mom. I'm getting kind of a slow start this morning.

Erica: Well, what about Miranda?

Bianca: Even slower. She's still asleep.

Erica: Well, let's get her up, let's get her dressed, let's get her shopping. Let's teach her how to shop, Kane style.

Bianca: I would love to, Mom, but I think today I have to pass.

Erica: Honey, is something wrong? Are you ok? Did you have a rough night?

Bianca: Today isn't shaping up much better.

Babe: James!

Kevin: Your nightmares are just beginning, Babe, unless I can make them go away.

David: Well, this day is certainly looking up.

Krystal: Well, the sky hasn't fallen.

David: A good cup of coffee, a beautiful woman making breakfast.

Krystal: Well, if you like burnt toast.

David: Hmm, I thought I smelled something. I'll go get the newspaper.

Krystal: Ok.

[As David bends down to pick up the newspaper, Adam knocks him out]

Adam: Payback time.

Greenlee: Oh, it's got to be here somewhere.

Jonathan: Here, let me help you.

Greenlee: Ah! Oh, God. You scared the heck out of me.

Jonathan: I'm sorry. I seem to have a knack for that.

Greenlee: Where's Ryan?

Jonathan: Oh, he had something important to do. It's just you and me.

Ryan: Morning, sweetheart.

Kendall: What the hell are you doing here?

Ryan: You know, you should really lock the door, because I could have been somebody that you weren't so happy to see.

Kendall: Do I look happy?

Ryan: Anybody could have walked in here.

Kendall: Yeah, well, anybody just did. Ethan left around dawn, and I was so into kissing him good-bye, I guess I forgot to relock the door.

Ryan: Ethan's good luck, my good luck.

Kendall: Ok, what is going on? Why are you here?

Ryan: Ok, this is where it all started, huh?

Kendall: Ok, if you're going where I think you're going, forget it, Ryan.

Ryan: You, my brother, revenge sex. That's revenge on me. Since that didn't pan out, you go after my brother, try and get back at me again. Well, Kendall, it's not going to work.

Kendall: You know what? You really, honestly need to give that ego a rest.

Ryan: I asked you to lay off of Jonathan, and what do you do? You hire Aidan to prove that my brother drugged my wife.

Kendall: How'd the hell you come up with that idea?

Ryan: Where'd I come up with that?

Kendall: Yeah.

Ryan: Jonathan caught Aidan in the act.

Kendall: Well, then, I guess I just have to get my money back, huh?

Ryan: Hey, what happened to all the hours that you spent on the couch, on your shrink's couch, after Zach's little casino party when you flipped out?

Kendall: I got in touch with my rational side. Maybe you should try it.

Ryan: You are so passionate about revenge that you would do absolutely anything to anyone to get back at me.

Kendall: Let me give you my shrink's card. Maybe you and Jonathan could get a nice two-for-one deal.

Ryan: Hey, you know what your problem is? Your problem is that you don't know when to stop. Well, now would be a good time, because if you don't lay off my brother, you will regret it.

Greenlee: What do you want?

Jonathan: I thought I'd do some damage control.

Greenlee: Consider it done. You can go.

Jonathan: I know how much Ryan loves you. It would kill me if what's happened between you and me screwed anything up with him.

Greenlee: Your relationship with your brother is your business. I'll let Ryan know that you stopped by, ok? If you don't mind, I've got a very full day.

Jonathan: I'm not talking about me and Ryan. I'm talking about you and Ryan.

Greenlee: Excuse me?

Jonathan: Look, last night, he and I hashed things out, cleared up a lot.

Greenlee: Good for you. What's it got to do with me?

Jonathan: When I came to Pine Valley, all I wanted was to be close to Ryan, the way we were when I was a kid. Anything that got in the way of that threatened me. You seemed like the biggest threat of all.

Greenlee: You were wrong.

Jonathan: I know that. It was all in my head. You couldn't get in the way of us anyway. We're 100%. I mean, nothing, no one can break up that bond. See, Ryan was great. He's the one that really explained it to me. Anybody that gets in my way or tries to hold me back, it's a deal-breaker for him, no matter who it is.

Greenlee: And you're telling me this because?

Jonathan: Because I'm out of my head now. I'm over my insecurities. I'm worried for you. I don't want the problems that you and I've had to cause any trouble with you and Ryan.

Greenlee: You really think that that's a possibility?

Jonathan: That's what he said, in so many words.

Greenlee: Must have been some talk.

Jonathan: It started out with a lot of ugly, but we worked through it. We've never been closer. When he promised that nothing would ever come between us -- you have no idea what it meant to me.

Greenlee: What was the big ugly?

Jonathan: I have a problem with my temper.

Greenlee: Not exactly surprised.

Jonathan: I mean, I hit Maggie. You see, when a woman makes me angry, I -- I lash out.

Krystal: David, you wrestling the squirrels for that paper? Oh!

Adam: Oh, Krystal. Just in time. Come on, grab his legs.

Krystal: What happened? What'd you do? What happened?

Adam: Will you stop yipping and give me some help?

Krystal: You killed him.

Adam: No, no, no, he's just knocked out. Come on, grab his legs.

Krystal: Like hell I will!

Adam: Is a little help too much to ask? I think not. Come on.

Krystal: Drop him.

Adam: Violence is always the problem, Krystal, not the solution.

Krystal: You let him go right now. You drop him or I'm going to split your head open like a cantaloupe.

Adam: All right.

Krystal: You take one step closer and I'm going to knock your head off at the shoulders.

Adam: Will you put that thing down?

Krystal: You are crazier than a barnyard owl.

Adam: What, you think I'm crazy? Really? Do you? Maybe you're right. Maybe you're right. After all, a couple of she-devils tried to steal my grandchild and then tried to convince me and my tormented son that his child was dead. If that's not enough to drive you over the edge, I don't know what is. And then to be drugged by Dr. Demento and sent off to the far side of Yakistan? I had to claw my way back to civilization. So maybe you're right. Maybe I am a gibbering psychopath who might just do anything! Or else maybe I just want to have a little fun.

[Adam laughs]

Krystal: You have lost it.

Adam: One good gag deserves another. Right, Davey-o? Yeah, right. David agrees. Now, come on, come on. Grab his legs, help me get him into the crate.

Babe: What do you want, Kevin?

Kevin: I just knew that you'd be worried about Ace, missing him.

Babe: I miss James with every breath that I take. Please tell me that he's ok.

Kevin: He's perfect. I thought you might like these.

Babe: My baby boy.

Kevin: Yeah. I can't believe how big he got the few weeks he was gone. I guess it's true what they say. You blink and the pink football you carried under one arm turns into a real little boy.

Babe: He's real easy to love, isn't he?

Kevin: Oh, he's magic. That's why I want to do right by him. I want to help you, Babe, help fight the charges against you.

Babe: You mean that?

Kevin: Absolutely.

Babe: Oh. Thank you. Thank you so much. I knew, I knew that I was right about you. I knew that you could see that there's no way that J.R. could have him. I mean, I promise you, hand to God, when this all blows over, you can see James anytime you want. I mean, you're the one that raised him the first few months and he loves you and everything.

Kevin: Babe, Babe, his name is Ace Buchanan, and it's going to stay that way.

J.R.: Thank you for sticking up for me with Babe the other day.

Erica: Oh, you don't have to thank me, believe me. That mother-daughter demolition derby really tore a lot of people's lives up. I mean, I'm certainly not going to step aside and let them slither out of what they have coming to them.

J.R.: Well, actually, that's why I'm here. Bianca can make all the difference.

Erica: Well, I'm sure Bianca will do everything she can to help.

Bianca: Go to hell, J.R.

Erica: Bianca, I know this is all deeply upsetting.

Bianca: I mean it, Mom. I have nothing to say to J.R.

J.R.: I know how you feel about me.

Bianca: There's no way I'm going to help you.

J.R.: Look, I wouldn't be here unless it was extremely important. You're my best shot at getting my son back.

Bianca: I'm sure there's somebody else you can use.

Erica: Bianca, you of all people, you know what J.R. is going through. He's been kept from his son. He's been lied to for months. I mean, he has been as much a victim of that woman than you have.

Bianca: J.R. is nobody's victim but his own.

Erica: Maybe you're not best friends, but after what the Careys have done, can't you work together to put them away and get J.R.'s son home?

Bianca: Sorry, Mom, not a chance.

J.R.: Erica's right. I haven't been a very good friend to you lately. I've let you down. I've messed up. I've been so confused about Babe and her lies --

Bianca: Get a new act. I've heard it.

J.R.: Look, I know the last time we talked I was kind of harsh.

Bianca: You wanted me in hell, along with your wife, and you said that you would do your best to get me there as soon as possible, so excuse me if I don't want to help you fast-track Babe to misery.

Erica: Honey, I'm sure J.R. didn't mean it.

Bianca: I'm sure he did.

Erica: But J.R. was obviously very upset. I mean, Babe has done such a number on both of you.

J.R.: Maybe it's too little too late, but I am sorry for what I said. I was ripped up. When I realized that you knew that my boy was alive, and you continued to make me believe that he was dead --

Erica: Bianca, is that true? You knew?

Bianca: Mom, this is between me and J.R. J.R., I know what you're doing. I know what you want. You get hurt, you hurt back harder. Now it's time for your payback, and you're hoping that I'll help you pull it off. Forget it.

J.R.: Don't you ever get tired of judging us poor, misguided, lesser mortals?

Bianca: I'm sick to death of cruel, hateful people who think that they have a right to destroy whoever they want just because they caused them pain. I won't be one of them. I won't be the club that you use to beat Babe.

Babe: I thought you wanted to help me.

Kevin: I do. I will. A lieutenant governor has a certain amount of influence, and I'll use every bit of it to make sure they drop the kidnapping charges.

Babe: And what am I supposed to do?

Kevin: All you have to do is tell the court that you were confused when you took my son.

Babe: No, I knew exactly what I was doing.

Kevin: Listen to me. You have to give up all and any claim that you have to Ace.

Babe: Oh, the heck I will.

Kevin: You have to tell the court that he is not your son.

Babe: There's no way. Have you lost your mind? Are you seriously that crazy?

Kevin: No, no, Babe, listen to me. You have. You were grieving the loss of Bianca Montgomery's baby and the death of your own. You were irrational when you took my son, delusional. And only now have you realized what a terrible mistake you've made and how very sorry you are.

Babe: You can take your ground rules and you can stick them where --

Kevin: Babe, Babe, work with me, or you won't see the other side of these bars till you're a very old woman.

Adam: How many times do I have to say it, Krystal? It's a joke.

Krystal: "Knock, knock" is a joke. This is a crime!

Adam: All right, all right, I'll admit David and I have had our differences in the past, but there is nothing we enjoy more than a good practical joke, the wilder the better. Granted, it got a little out of hand --

Krystal: Yeah.

Adam: When he drugged me and shipped me off to Outer Mongolia. I didn't really care for that, but what the heck, fun is fun. Come on, come on, grab his legs, help me get him in the crate.

Krystal: You move him one inch, and you're not going to think this is so much fun.

Adam: Winifred! Winifred, you can come out now.

Winifred: Uh -- Mr. Chandler?

Adam: Yes. All right, fine, shut it off.

Winifred: Good morning, ma'am.

Krystal: Don't tell me you're going to sell this to "America's Funniest Videos."

Adam: Winifred, wait in the car.

Winifred: Yes, sir.

Krystal: You really have slipped a cog, haven't you?

Adam: I've rarely been more brilliant. This is irrefutable proof.

Krystal: That the cheese has done slipped off the cracker.

Adam: No, that Hayward�s version of Adam-in-the-box was just another riff in a long-standing parade of practical jokes. And once I show this in court and testify, then all the charges against Hayward for kidnapping me will be dropped. Now, all that's required is you give me copies --

David: Ugh!

Erica: Bianca, I'm sure that whatever happened between you and J.R., he's just trying to do what's right for his child. J.R., what do you need? Maybe I can help you.

J.R.: Bianca's the only one that can testify that my baby is mine, not the Buchanans'. I mean, we're working on a DNA test right now, but the Buchanans are blocking us.

Erica: Yes, I'm sure that the Lieutenant Governor and Asa Buchanan are flexing every political muscle they have.

J.R.: If we can't go through them, we'll go around them. Dad and I are positive that David did a DNA test before Babe and Jamie took the baby.

Erica: But they're not sharing.

J.R.: Bianca can. Babe told you in Florida, didn't she? She told you she had proof of my son's DNA.

Bianca: You should leave.

J.R.: Bianca, if you could just testify to that.

Bianca: I told you, J.R., I won't do it.

J.R.: But without you, I may not be able --

Bianca: I won't do it. I'm done with this. I'm out of it. I don't care who did what to whom, who's wrong, who's right. I'm finished with the whole insane mess. Now, get out.

J.R.: This is about Florida, isn't it? I wouldn't let you take Miranda to get the DNA test. I kept her from you, so now you're going to keep my son from me. This is a little bit of that payback you said that you despise so much. How does it feel? Does it feel good?

Bianca: I swear to God, J.R., if you don't leave right now --

Erica: J.R., you should go.

J.R.: I really hoped this would be a lot easier. I am truly sorry, Bianca. Henry.

Henry: Bianca Montgomery?

Erica: Don't take it, honey.

Henry: You've been served.

Bianca: A subpoena? Are you kidding me?

J.R.: You didn't leave me any other choice. If you knew Babe had a DNA test done, you'll have to testify, and you're not the kind of person to lie under oath. I'll see you in court.

J.R.: Damn it!

[Phone rings]

J.R.: Hello. Really? Where is he now? All right, I'm on my way.

Kendall: Wake up, Ryan. Your brother is a complete wack job straight from hell.

Ryan: No, no, my brother is a victim of you trying to get back at me.

Kendall: Oh, really? That's very colorful, but wrong. Have you ever thought that maybe for one second Jon Boy isn't the innocent kid brother you think he is?

Ryan: I know exactly who my brother is.

Kendall: No, you are so locked in that tiny box you call a brain, you see only what you want to see. You see Kendall bad, Jonathan good.

Ryan: You are in no position to preach at me.

Kendall: You are such a hypocrite. You will whomp on me for holding all these grudges, but you're holding on to the mother of all grudges just because I hooked up with your brother before he unpacked.

Ryan: Yeah, how incredibly unreasonable of me. You slept with my brother. You used him then and you're using him now.

Kendall: Why don't you look harder, Ryan? Maybe he's using you. He's playing all of his little head games, hiding behind his big brother.

Ryan: Look, my brother has problems, ok, but they are absolutely none of your business.

Kendall: They are when he tries to frame me for poisoning your wife.

Ryan: He is not trying to frame you for anything.

Kendall: Oh, my God. You still think that I did it.

Ryan: I'm taking Greenlee's word on you. She better not be wrong.

Greenlee: You get the urge often to share your pain?

Jonathan: Greenlee, I've been dealing with this anger thing all my life. Ryan thinks it's because of Dad. He'd combust and then just -- he would slam whoever was close to him. God, I don't want to be like him. I know it's going to take time, and it's going to take a lot of work, but I'm ready for it. I want to get in control of my anger. And I think with Ryan behind me, I can do it.

Greenlee: 12 steps to a kinder, gentler you?

Jonathan: Whatever it's going to take to get over this little speed bump, yeah, Ryan's there.

Greenlee: Down to a suite at the Valley Inn.

Jonathan: I'm going to pay him back, Greenlee, every dime. It's not like I'm going anywhere. Ryan still wants to start a business together. Can you believe that? I mean, I screwed up bigtime and he still trusts me. How lucky am I?

Greenlee: Ryan's all about family.

Ryan: Which is about to get bigger. Have you heard? Maggie and I are getting married, yeah.

Greenlee: You smacked her around, she wants to marry you?

Jonathan: Love is an amazing thing, isn't it? Maggie understands that I was never trying to hurt her. She forgave me. The only cloud on all my sunshine is you and me.

Greenlee: I'm the acid rain on your parade?

Jonathan: I just wanted to make sure our relationship can go to a new level.

Greenlee: Be friends?

Jonathan: I wouldn't expect you to do it on an empty stomach. I brought you breakfast. Your favorite -- Valley Inn. I've got -- I've got scones, got a couple of coffees, and I've got some OJ. Hey, let's have a toast, huh? What do you say? To no more trouble?

Jonathan: You haven't touched a thing.

Greenlee: Anger's a really tricky thing.

Jonathan: Hmm. You should know. I've seen you blow the lid more than once.

Greenlee: I never smacked anybody I was supposed to love.

Jonathan: You got me there. Not to worry, though. Ryan's checking out the best program in town.

Greenlee: You can't pick up a phone?

Jonathan: Go ahead. Dig in, drink up.

Greenlee: This was really sweet of you. Oh! What a klutz! You know what -- let me get a towel.

[Jonathan harshly grabs Greenlee's wrist and squeezes hard.]

Jonathan: You think I poisoned you, don't you? You and Kendall hired Aidan to get the goods on me, didn't you?

Greenlee: I spilled juice. I didn't hide behind the grassy knoll.

Jonathan: I thought we could do this. I thought we could get along, for Ryan, Greenlee. He's going to be so disappointed.

Greenlee: Because you think I'm out to get you for something you didn't do? Maybe you should work on the paranoia, too.

Jonathan: You might want to buckle up. The truth's coming out.

Greenlee: There's nothing to come out.

Jonathan: If you don't spill it, Kendall will.

Greenlee: You know what, Jonathan? I've got better things to do this morning.

Jonathan: Because that's where Ryan is. He's at Kendall's. And you know my brother. He's going to find out the truth one way or another.

Kendall: I stood between your wife and a 10-story drop to concrete.

Ryan: Yeah, you pull that card out every time right out of the box.

Kendall: No, I had Greenlee in my hands. I almost went over myself. Now, Greenlee appreciates that. Why the hell can't you?

Ryan: Yeah, she appreciates it so much that she declares you innocent in spite of all the proof against you.

Kendall: But you can't do that, because if you really looked at it, if you really laid it out and looked at everything instead of only what you want to see, you'd realize that maybe your brother just might be guilty.

Ryan: Stop, stop. Enough about my brother.

Kendall: Greenlee told you that she's had problems with him ever since she outed his lie about having an MBA.

Ryan: Yeah, that was in the past, we're over it, that's done with.

Kendall: Oh, ok, did Greenlee say that? You know what? Forget it. Forget it. Go. Go. Go away. Go and have your perfect little life with Greenlee, have your perfect, wonderful little babies, and just leave me the hell alone. I just -- I thought maybe I would try to help her and you.

Ryan: Stop. I'm asking you. I'm asking you to promise me that you will call off this witch-hunt against my brother. Please.

Kendall: Fine. Done, ok? I swear, I promise, I cross my heart, I hope you die, I'm done, all right? This is Greenlee's mess. Just let her carry on all by herself.

Ryan: No. No, Greenlee's not involved in this at all. She took my word on Jonathan, the same way that I took her word on you.

Kendall: Boy, do you deserve what you're about to get.

Babe: You are just like J.R.

Kevin: Oh, I'm much more generous. I'll cover your legal costs, I'll provide long-term living expenses for you once you're free, and, in exchange for my generosity, you will promise never to interfere with my custody of Ace. No claims of motherhood, no demands to see him, and no tearful courtroom scenes.

Babe: The day that I deny that I am James' mother is the day that I die.

Kevin: Well, your passion is admirable, but it won't help you. I will.

Babe: Well, you think that you can just buy my son? Forget it.

Kevin: I love him, Babe, very much.

Babe: And that doesn't make you his daddy.

Kevin: I will be a better parent than you and J.R. could ever be.

Babe: Oh, come on! Your nannies spent more time with him than you did.

Kevin: I know that this is an emotional issue for you. I understand that. But I'm sure that you want to spare Ace any further trauma, and my offer is best for everyone, not just Ace. I mean, you think about it. You and your boyfriend will have a chance to have a new life, a new family.

Babe: You smug bastard.

Kevin: You don't have to answer me yet, ok? You're a smart girl, Babe. You're young. You're beautiful. You have years and years ahead of you. Question is, do you want to spend them in a place like this? I'll be in touch. You can keep the pictures. I'm ready!

David: Listen to me. I hate being electroshocked first thing in the morning! You've got 10 seconds to tell me why I shouldn't strangle the life out of you!

Adam: Ok, ok. All right. All right, the DA has Slater�s security footage, and you're going to be buried behind bars, my friend. So with this tape, when I present it in court and testify on your behalf, you'll be able to continue spreading your misery to the masses.

David: I'm not convinced. You got five more seconds.

Adam: I will testify that my little trek to Tibet was nothing more than a practical joke, and this little masterpiece will prove it. It's here, right, caught on tape -- the crate, the me drugging you, admitting to Krystal it's all a practical joke! It's perfect!

David: Oh, so you want to make a deal. Is that it?

Adam: The Buchanans will succumb eventually, but I want my grandson now, and you have what I need.

David: I do?

Adam: Yeah.

David: Krystal?

Krystal: Beats me, Davey-o.

Adam: Don't be coy. I know you took the DNA test on the baby. I want a certified copy of those results.

David: Hmm. Is there any more coffee?

Adam: No, I don't like to be kept waiting. The more impatient I become, the more I will punish those who made me wait. I want my grandson now.

Jonathan: I guess this was a bust. I was really hoping you and I could have some kind of a truce. It's really going to bum me out if you and Ryan get into it because of me.

Greenlee: Ryan and I will be fine.

Jonathan: I'm sure you will, but I was hoping you and I could be friends.

Greenlee: Ryan says you didn't drug me. I took his word. Can we just leave it at that?

Jonathan: Yeah, why not? I just hope whatever Kendall tells him doesn't cause you any grief.

Erica: How could you let J.R. go on thinking that his baby was dead after Babe put you through the same kind of hell? Why didn't you tell him the truth?

Bianca: I don't know. I almost did tell J.R., a couple of times, but I could never go through with it. I wanted to do what was right.

Erica: Was there any doubt?

Bianca: No. I wanted to do what was right for that baby. J.R. drugged Babe. He almost killed his brother. He would have run off with Miranda.

Erica: J.R. may have made a lot of mistakes, but he deserved to know that his son was alive.

Bianca: You saw how possessive he was when Miranda lived with him. He had to control everyone and everything around her. If it weren't for Babe --

Erica: You would have had your daughter back months ago.

Bianca: What Babe did was unforgivable, but at least she was trying to protect Miranda from J.R.

Erica: Oh, please, do not try to defend Babe to me in any way, shape, or form.

Bianca: I'm not. But I can't defend J.R., either, not after everything he's done. When is this going to be over? When am I going to be able to just forget about it?

Erica: Sweetheart, I know how difficult this is for you, but you cannot let Babe get away with what she's done, or Krystal or David.

Bianca: A prison term isn't enough?

Erica: No. I want them to suffer as much as they made you suffer. And the way Babe treated you and your baby? She's not fit to raise a child. There's no way that you can ever recover that time you lost with your daughter.

Bianca: So yell, scream, kick something, cuss Babe out -- I know I do it all the time -- but don't devote all this time and energy to getting back at her and seeing her suffer. If you do, it's only letting her rob us of more.

Erica: Bianca, I sat beside your hospital bed for days, for weeks. And I watched you, and I waited and I hoped and I prayed and I imagined the unimaginable -- that you may never wake up. I almost lost my daughter. And, you, you lost precious time with yours. No, I can never forgive Babe. Never.

Bianca: Well, I didn't almost die because of Babe. That was all on J.R.

Erica: If Babe had told you the truth the day she found out --

Bianca: Well, we could play the what-if game for days. What if J.R. hadn't stolen the letter that Babe wrote me? What if he had just decided to have a DNA test right away just to prove that she wasn't telling the truth?

Erica: Well, because Babe had lied to him about everything.

Bianca: Ok --

Erica: Look, for months, no one knew what to believe.

Bianca: All right, but what if J.R. had believed me down in Florida? What if he had just said, "You know what? Let's go get the DNA test right now, let's just settle this once and for all"?

Erica: Look, are you saying that J.R. pushed you, that he intended to hurt you?

Bianca: I don't know if J.R. intended to hurt me, but I do know that J.R. intended to run off with my child so that I would never see her again.

Erica: And that's because he loved Miranda, because he had bonded with her, because Babe had lied to him. I mean, surely you can understand that he couldn't bear to lose the baby, but you can't use that to excuse Babe.

Bianca: Well, I'm not trying to excuse Babe.

Erica: Bianca, I know that you have a big heart and you try to look for the best in people, but believe me, there is no best in Babe. Don't expect me to pity her or forgive her, ever. And I'm not going to apologize for my feelings, either. Babe, Krystal, and David should all be buried so deeply that they are out of our lives forever.

Bianca: I thought vengeance was on God's to-do list.

Erica: This is not vengeance, Bianca. This is justice.

Girl: It's my mom! She fell in the lake!

J.R.: What seems to be all the commotion?

Woman: There's some trouble. A lady fell in the lake.

J.R.: I'm calling 911 right now.

Woman: Oh, thank you. I hope she's going to be all right.

J.R.: Listen, we need a rescue crew down at the lake. A woman has fallen into the ice. Hi, buddy. How you doing? I'm so happy to see you. Listen, all I need you to do is smile for Daddy and we'll be together soon, I promise.

Kevin: Hey! Get away from my son, now!

J.R.: Nice day.

Kevin: Not for you, not anymore.

Man: I'm sorry, Mr. Buchanan. Some kid punked me.

Kevin: A kid? Rocko, you're fired.

Woman: He was only trying to help.

Kevin: What's your excuse? You stay away from my son. You understand me?

J.R.: Not yours. Mine.

Kevin: Not according to the law, pal.

J.R.: Hey, you can't keep me from my son, Buchanan.

Kevin: You know what -- you can take all the personal DNA tests you want, but if they're not ordered by the court and supervised by the court, the results don't mean a thing.

J.R.: They'll prove that I'm this boy's father. It's just a matter of time before he's back where he belongs.

Kevin: You make another move on Ace, I'll have you arrested for stalking.

J.R.: And next time I'll win. I'll prove that this boy's mine.

Ryan: Kendall, do I need to call your shrink?

Kendall: I told you I can't talk until I have my coffee. Caffeine starts my brain.

Ryan: Yeah, well, that explains a lot. But right now I want you to start your mouth again. Please, what did you mean when you said that Greenlee, this is her mess and that it's up to her to deal with it? Please. Hey, talk to me.

Kendall: There's nothing left to say. This conversation is over. Thank you very much for stopping by.

Ryan: No, I'm not going anywhere until you answer my question. Is Greenlee onboard this crusade against my brother?

Greenlee: Why don't you let me answer that.

Adam: I get the DNA results and I testify for you in court. I get my grandson back and you don't go to prison, at least not for torturing me.

Krystal: And how do we know we can take your word?

Adam: This is your guarantee. You'll get it when I get the DNA results. Well? Do we have a deal?

Krystal: Why not just take the stand, testify? Why go through all this rigmarole here?

Adam: Because actions speak louder than words, Krystal. And besides, watching David drop and dragging him through the snow -- I can't think of a better way to start my day. Downright exhilarating.

David: You might want to go home, Adam, before one of us goes too far.

Adam: Yeah, well, think about this -- think of all the sentences you'll receive for what you did to me and what you did to Bianca. And think about this -- maximum security for the rest of your life.

Guard: Got another visitor.

Babe: No, please, I really don't want to see anyone.

Bianca: Not even me?

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Judge: How do you plead?

Tad: Not guilty.

Ethan: I came here to offer you help with your custody battle.

Bianca: J.R. wants me to help him take your baby from you.

Kendall: I'm the one who thinks your brother is freak central.

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