AMC Transcript Friday 1/28/05

All My Children Transcript Friday 1/28/05



By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

Ryan: Just breathe, ok? Just take a deep breath. It's ok.

Bianca: It's not ok. You have to stop them. You have to stop Jonathan.

Ryan: Ok, tell me what happened between Maggie and Jonathan, please.

Bianca: If you don't stop them, then Maggie's going to be in trouble.

Ryan: What? It's tough for me to help you if I don't know what you want.

Bianca: Ok, ok, ok. You have to stop Jonathan from eloping with Maggie. You have to save her.

Maggie: You know, this is better than I ever even imagined it -- eloping with the man that I love, who's loving and romantic, spontaneous --

Jonathan: Hmm -- no. No, I'm not spontaneous at all. I wanted you from the moment I saw you. And now I have you.

Lily: I checked my schedule. We have time to evaluate.

Aidan: Oh, yeah? What's the subject?

Lily: Our date. We'll use a scale of 1 to 100. Like school. How would you rate our date?

Aidan: 99? 100? Let's say 100.

Lily: The number of questions I asked --

Aidan: 100.

Lily: I didn't think it was that many.

Aidan: No, the score that I'm giving your questions is 100, because they're very insightful.

Lily: Cool.

Aidan: You know why I couldn't answer some of them, though, right? Because a PI has to honor his clients' privacy.

Lily: Yes. So, on a scale of 1 to 100, how would you rate --

Aidan: 100. All the way, Lily. It was a great date. Every guy should be so lucky.

Jack: You did what?

Erica: I tried to use my rather considerable powers of persuasion to get Zach Slater to stay here in Pine Valley so he can keep an eye on his son.

Jack: Well, that's great. That's just perfect. You want Slater to stay, and I'm doing everything I can to get him the hell out of town.

Zach: Wow. This is nice. It suits you. The dark wood and the leather. Understated power always has its advantages. It's a lesson many people don't learn till later in life. And look at you, suave young billionaire.

Ethan: If you think that's going to stop me from shooting you, you've made a grave mistake.

Lily: Smiling feels nice. Maybe that's why people do it. We have a 90% chance of success in solving this mystery if I rearrange my schedule.

Aidan: You know, that's all right, Lily. I think I can handle it.

Lily: I'll be the best partner you ever had. And I'll still have time for dates. Excuse me. I have to go wash my hands.

Kendall: Caffeine brought us clarity, and, you, my friend, cannot do this alone.

Greenlee: The more bodies we have on this case, the faster we nail Jonathan for poisoning me. Kendall and I are going back into the field.

Aidan: You know, you even eyeball the field and I'm going to tell Ryan exactly what you're up to.

Ryan: Wow. Jonathan and Maggie are getting married?

Bianca: There's no "wow" about it, Ryan. This is life or death.

Kendall: No, you don't get to boss us around. We hired you, so you better tell us.

Greenlee: You with the mouth open, did you pay Aidan his retainer yet?

Aidan: No.

Greenlee: No money, no secret agent-client privilege. That should do it.

Kendall: Ah, there, see? You took it. So now you can't tell anyone anything.

Greenlee: It's official. You've been hired to obtain proof that Ryan's brother nearly drugged me to death.

Kendall: Yes, and as for us staying out of the field, good luck stopping us.

Lily: Hello.

Greenlee: Lily?

Kendall: Hi.

Greenlee: Hi. What are you doing here?

Lily: I'm working with my boyfriend. And I know what you two are doing.

Kendall: Lily, we're not doing anything. We're just --

Lily: You're not listening to my partner. That's not a good idea. Aidan, I wanted to thank you for the cheeseburger, double fries, and iced tea. But I have to go now. Bye.

Aidan: Bye.

Greenlee: Partner?

Kendall: Boyfriend?

Aidan: Yeah. Lily is helping me with my computer, I'm her friend, and I happen to be a male.

Kendall: You're her male friend?

Greenlee: Back on topic -- you think Ryan's in any way prepared to believe his beloved brother poisoned me?

Kendall: Ok, let me help you out there -- no, not a chance. We know that for a fact.

Greenlee: He needs proof, which means we need proof, and excuse me if I don't think you and my sweet kid sister can do it on your own.

Kendall: You might as well hire more staff. Go on, get more people, raise your rates. Come on, Greenlee can afford it.

Aidan: Why don't you just stop talking, all right, and don't say another word until I'm done, and I haven't even started yet. You will back off, you will stay back, and you will let me do my job, and you will not pursue Jonathan Lavery anymore, because if you're right, he could be too damn dangerous.

Jonathan: God, your skin's incredible.

Maggie: You wanted me the minute you met me. Right? At BJ's?

Jonathan: Mm-hmm.

Maggie: I was banging on the door, and you bribed the manager.

Jonathan: Hmm. Cheese in a can and here we are.

Maggie: Hmm.

Jonathan: How did I ever get you to fall in love with me?

Maggie: By just being you. And that's all I need. And we also need to pack.

Jonathan: No.

Maggie: I have to get our wedding stuff together.

Jonathan: No, no. I want you in all new things. All new, Maggie, nothing that you've ever wore for anyone else.

Maggie: This is crazy. Crazy fabulous, but --

Jonathan: I want you to buy a dress soft and long that comes in right about here and flows out right about here.

Maggie: Mm-hmm.

Jonathan: And your hair -- I want it up, in pins, so I can take it down when you're my wife and we go back to our room. I want you to be soft around your face. And underneath, you're going to have to get me something very special for underneath.

Maggie: Whatever you want.

Jonathan: I want you. I want you forever.

Maggie: You know that you are the most romantic man I have ever met? I got to go.

Ryan: Can you just take me through this slowly, please?

Bianca: No, Ryan, there's no time. He hit her. Jonathan hit Maggie, and he left a bruise on her face. And now they're going to go off and get married and --

Ryan: Did you see it?

Bianca: The bruise? Yes. She tried to cover it up with makeup, but --

Ryan: Did you see him hit her?

Bianca: No. I'm not going to stand there and watch somebody hurt a friend, but I saw the bruise. I asked her about it, and she came up with this lame story. He came up with a completely different story. He lied.

Ryan: So you talked to her? What did she say?

Bianca: Well, she tried to cover for him. And when I didn't buy it, she got angry.

Ryan: Do you think that maybe she could have just got frustrated because you didn't believe her?

Bianca: Are you saying that you don't believe me?

Ryan: I believe that you're worried about your friend. Just maybe you're worried for the wrong reasons.

Bianca: Huh. All right, I don't have a tape or a signed confession, but I know. Does Maggie have to be killed before you're going to believe me? Your brother is not who you think he is.

Erica: Bianca likes Ethan. That's bad enough. But Kendall is falling for him. I mean, I tried to stop it, but Kendall is in way too deep. So I have to help my daughters any way I can. And if that includes Zach Slater, then so be it.

Jack: Now? Now you learn the art of compromise?

Erica: I don't want Kendall to be involved with another Cambias. She shouldn't have to live through that again.

Jack: Which is why I want to get Slater as far away from this town as I possibly can. Look, ever since Las Vegas, this man has targeted our family, the people we love. He made Bianca relive the whole horrible Michael Cambias experience, and I'm not so sure he isn't the man responsible for my daughter almost losing her mind and her husband.

Erica: Look, it makes me sick when I think of what Zach Slater has done. But, yes, I am learning to compromise, and now I see that Slater can be of use to me.

Jack: No, come on, Erica, this man is filled with nothing but anger and vengeance.

Erica: Which is exactly what I need right now. I intend to use Zach Slater to get back at the people who nearly killed Bianca.

Ethan: Why are you here?

Zach: I'm here to say that I'm here.

Ethan: Is that supposed to be profound, or are you just stating the obvious?

Zach: Take it for what it's worth.

Ethan: Which is what, exactly? A gesture of goodwill? An apology?

Zach: I'm here because I'm your father. And I'm going to be your father until you decide to kill me.

Ethan: You're going to be my father if I don't kill you first? That has to be one of the most bizarre things ever said, even in this room.

Zach: I look at this room and your empire. The power and the legacy -- you got everything you ever wanted. But you don't get to pick your parents. One of life's little quirks.

Ethan: Well, look, here you are. Dad, Dadums, Pops, Old Man --

Zach: "Zach" is fine.

Ethan: What kind of threat do you think you pose to me? What kind of father are you going to emulate? Are you going to be like Adam Chandler? Jack Montgomery? Maybe you're going to take a leaf out of your old daddy's book, eh?

Zach: I thought maybe we'd start over, do something original.

Ethan: Will you attack my business career, hmm? You going to try and dethrone me here at Cambias Industries? Are you going to go after my personal life? You going to try and attack the relationship between Kendall and me? I don't know, maybe you're just going to tousle my hair, pack my lunch box, and send me off to respect my elders.

Zach: What would you have me do?

Ethan: That's easy. I'd have you eat dirt and die.

Greenlee: We appreciate your macho protective instinct, but we can take care of ourselves. Jonathan's a freak, not the bogeyman.

Aidan: The bogeyman -- have you ever met the bogeyman? Because I have, several times, and studied his behavior. It comes across a lot like your brother-in-law -- a man that is very dangerous to women.

Greenlee: You know something. What?

Aidan: I do my research.

Kendall: Yes, which we paid you for, so tell us.

Aidan: You can't have it both ways. I mean, you think Jonathan Lavery pumped you so full of meds, you almost jumped off of a building. And this is the same guy that you think you can sneak up on with a magnifying glass?

Greenlee: We'll be ok.

Aidan: Well, then here. Take it back. You're on your own.

Kendall: No. No. A deal's a deal. No take-backs.

Aidan: Well, then, let me do my job. You think Jonathan Lavery's guilty. If he is, I will find it.

Greenlee: And we'll help you.

Aidan: You know, it takes a sick, smart mind to pull off what you say Jonathan Lavery has. I get to crawl into that dark cave, not you.

Greenlee: We underestimated him, but he underestimates us now.

Aidan: The guy already erased his hard drive. You know, any more top-secret investigations from you two, the guy's going to cover his tracks so deep, you'll need a backhoe to dig it out.

Greenlee: Ok. But not one word to Ryan.

Kendall: Not until we get our money's worth.

Aidan: Like I told Lily, my clients' privacy is my primary concern.

Greenlee: I won't lose Ryan over this. I can't.

Ryan: Bianca, you know I will do anything for you.

Bianca: Well, then, do this for me now.

Ryan: You just -- you haven't shown me any proof of anything.

Bianca: You don't know what he does to her, what he says to her.

Ryan: Look, they were just here. They threw me a party for my birthday. They brought cake, they ate cake, they held hands. There was no bruise, there was no anger, there was just love.

Bianca: How much did he love her when he hit her?

Ryan: If he had done that, I swear to you I would be the first person to hold him accountable.

Bianca: I heard him. I heard the way he talks to her when he thinks that nobody's around and nobody can hear. It is ugly and hateful. I went over there because I needed to talk to Maggie, I needed to try to get through to her and show her that there was a way out. And I was about to knock, and I heard him shouting at her --

Ryan: Bianca --

Bianca: No, I didn't go over there to eavesdrop, so don't look at me like that. The things that he said to her were sick and cruel.

Ryan: Hey, if you had come knocking on the door when Kendall and I were having one of our fights, I'm sure your ears would have bled off from the stuff that we were tossing around.

Bianca: You don't know, because you're not like him. She wouldn't go to bed with him. And Jonathan said that she didn't want him because she's lying and she's gay and she wants me. He was manipulating her. But instead of standing up for herself, instead of saying "Shut up or get out," she was apologizing to him. He had her begging him to let her prove him wrong. He wanted to break her, and he found a way.

Ryan: Is this about Maggie and Jonathan or Maggie and you? I'm just asking. Is this about jealousy? Your jealousy?

Jack: Oh, gosh, I know that look, and it never means anything good.

Erica: What they did to Bianca, what they took away from her --

Jack: I know, I know. I do. What Hayward and Krystal did, it was --

Erica: And Babe. It started with Babe, and it will end with Babe.

Jack: And they'll pay, believe me, but let the law take care of this, Erica.

Erica: The law? Jackson, your faith in the law amazes me. It really does. I mean, you and I have both seen it fail before. The law let Michael Cambias go free.

Jack: So you want to leave this in the hands of Zach Slater?

Erica: Exactly, because somewhere in that dark hole where his heart should be he cares deeply for his niece and for Bianca. And, yes, he is vicious, but that's good, because he can hurt people in ways they'll never see coming. I mean, the law -- it's all well and good, Jack, of course it is, but I intend to have plan B in place for David and the bimbo mother and daughter. And that plan B is Zach Slater.

Jack: Come here.

Erica: What?

Jack: Come here. This is not just about Babe and her parents, is it? It's also about you and you seeing Bianca on the ground like that, like a broken doll.

Erica: They did that to her, Jack. It's as if they pushed her off that balcony themselves. They tortured her mind. They almost broke her spirit. I could have lost her. I could have lost my baby. And when I think of what Bianca lost, all that time with her baby and her faith in people -- that is the biggest part of Bianca -- you know that -- her faith and her trust. And they just trampled all over it with their selfishness and their lies. Jack, how could I possibly let that go unpunished?

Jack: And that's why you want Slater right here in Pine Valley?

Erica: I know that you know me way too well to be surprised by that.

Jack: I'm not surprised. What I am is working with Ethan to destroy Slater.

Zach: Well, I guess it doesn't really matter what kind of a dad I'm going to try to be, because we're going to have to try and get past this "eat dirt and die" thing.

Ethan: You'd follow through? Why? For show? You feel guilty? For fun?

Zach: Lots of fun so far. It really is.

Ethan: You really went out of your way to deny me as your son. And now you're just going to change all that?

Zach: What do you care about motives so much? I mean, life is about what you do. Or choose to do. You know, the rest is elevator music.

Ethan: Right. What are you talking about?

Woman: Excuse me. Mr. Cambias?

Ethan: Yes.

Woman: You have back-to-backs all day tomorrow, starting with an 8:30 with Mr. Reynolds and ending with a 7:30 dinner with Hylton, Gonzales, and Hampton.

Ethan: Fine. Could you get me a copy of the Reynolds prospectus and have all correspondence between Cambias Industries and Hylton, Gonzales, etc., Sent to me. Also, get accounting to send me their numbers. And -- yeah, can you have a background report done on Mr. Reynolds?

Woman: I'll have it on your desk before I leave.

Ethan: Wonderful. Thank you. That makes you laugh? Me doing my job?

Zach: No. I think you wear the crown well. You've never run anything except your mouth. And now you got this. Must be in the DNA.

Bianca: This is not about jealousy.

Ryan: You and Maggie were close and are close, and, you know, Jonathan comes in the picture. I know you care about Maggie.

Bianca: I love her. And if she found her soul mate, I would be a good enough friend to be happy for her, but this is not a healthy relationship. She's terrified.

Ryan: Have you talked to her? Have you been in an environment where she can be honest with you?

Bianca: Yes, but people --

Ryan: And what did she say? Did she say anything at all, or did she just say that she loves Jonathan and everything's fine? Look, Bianca, I'm not trying to be a jerk here. But this is -- you know, it's not easy for me to hear, so I'm trying to understand exactly what happened.

Bianca: You don't know him anymore.

Ryan: You see, I know Jonathan better than anybody possibly could, because I've seen what he survived.

Bianca: Did you know that he stole my shirt and burned it? The shirt that I was wearing when I gave birth to Miranda? The shirt that I held against my face as I cried myself to sleep every night?

Ryan: What?

Bianca: The shirt had DNA evidence that could have proven that Ethan is a Cambias. And Jonathan couldn't have that, because then you would lose the estate.

Ryan: But nobody told me -- are you sure about -- you have proof of this?

Bianca: He lied about it, and Maggie lied for him, but finally, he confessed. The kid brother that you love so much, you have no idea what he's capable of.

Ryan: Well, that's horrible. If I had known that --

Bianca: It doesn't matter now. I don't care about the shirt, but Maggie is in danger.

Ryan: Bianca, you've jumped from a shirt to a bruise to Jonathan being a killer. I mean, there's just no logic. There has to be an explanation.

Bianca: There is an explanation. You love your little brother so much that you can't see him for who he really is.

Ryan: Or you love your sister so much that you're starting to believe her smear campaign. I mean, she's had it in for Jonathan since the day that he got to town.

Bianca: With good reason.

Ryan: No, you're starting to see things through Kendall's filter. Bianca, I'm telling you, she's got a lot to answer for.

Kendall: Uh. How much do I need this?

Greenlee: Lots.

Kendall: And how dangerous could Jonathan be?

Greenlee: Also lots. Aidan's right. The guy is slick. I mean, doping my coffee, drugging my juice? Oh, it gives me the creeps thinking he invaded my space like that.

Kendall: Yeah, well, what are we supposed to do, just sit back and let big manly Aidan take over? I mean, I've got to believe that two savvy women like us could find some way to uncover Jonathan's dirty secrets.

Greenlee: I hate doing nothing. It's so blah.

Kendall: Yeah, so is this drink. Since when is there no vodka in a vodka tonic? Could we have another round, please?

Greenlee: I still think we should swing by the pharmacies and scope out Jonathan's drug-buying habits.

Kendall: Yeah, except that every time that you try to break into a computer you get busted.

Greenlee: Me? You traipse into Jonathan's apartment without checking to see if he's even there. Smooth move.

Kendall: No, I was not alone on that. Hello? He tricked you into thinking he wasn't coming home.

Greenlee: Just when we thought we tricked him.

Kendall: Oh. Thank God. Thank you.

Greenlee: Thanks.

Kendall: That sneaky, double-crossing rat. He doesn't deserve to live.

Greenlee: You want to go down for murder again?

Kendall: Yeah, because it was just so much fun the first time. Good times. So, did you check his medicine cabinet?

Greenlee: Why? To see if he uses Enchantment's face cream for men?

Kendall: No -- to see if he's on meds, brainiac. I wish we could go back in there and check it out.

[Knock on door]

Jonathan: What's the matter? Bride-to-be forgot her key?

Lily: I'm here to check you out.

Kendall: I'm -- I'm serious. Your mom -- your mother would be -- she'd be great. She's coming, she could waltz in, and she could throw herself over Jonathan, and she can talk about how she has a terrible relationship with her daughter and would he like to go in for a skinny-dip and -- and to commiserate?

Greenlee: Ew!

Kendall: Ew!

Greenlee: My mother and -- you know, that is so wrong. I almost felt sorry for Jonathan for a second.

Kendall: Ugh! I thought you got rid of her.

Greenlee: My mother?

Kendall: No, bleeding-heart Greenlee.

Greenlee: Are you kidding me? When have I ever had a bleeding heart?

Kendall: You got all ooey and gooey when you became Mrs. Ryan Lavery. Yes, you did. You did. You got all gooey and whatnot. But I have to say, you got over it, you moved past it, and the almighty witch is back.

Greenlee: What can I say? You bring out the best in me.

Kendall: Yeah.

Greenlee: All I bring out in you is absolutely unusable ideas. Like siccing my mother on Jonathan. I think that's the worst idea you've ever had.

Kendall: Oh, really? Ok. Well, who was the genius? I was not the genius. You were the genius who tried to jump off the Fusion rooftop.

Greenlee: Yeah, while viciously medicated against my will. What's your excuse?

Kendall: I'm very creative.

Greenlee: Yeah. Like showing up to my wedding -- in a white dress!

Kendall: Please. You -- you got married at a castle. It was a fairy-tale wedding. I was the only interesting thing that happened that day -- or night.

Greenlee: Have no fear. Ryan and I made up for lost time.

Kendall: Well, so have Ethan and I. I mean, we haven't made up for lost time, but --

Greenlee: I get it, I get it, I get it, I get it. Jeez.

Kendall: All -- all I'm saying is I'm completely over Ryan. Ethan is the only man that I ever want.

Greenlee: Bold statement. Ever, as in "forever"? Do I see a castle in your future? Well, you'd have to keep him out of prison long enough to say "I do."

Kendall: Snarky wench. You're a little wench. You know that? And you are so -- you are! Don't make that face at me! You are so going to pay for the next round. You're going to pay for a car home. You're going to pay for my new shoes that I'm going to make you buy. Hello, lovely. Can we have another round, please?

Ethan: I have nothing to prove to you. I'm not going to apologize for a decent education and some ability.

Zach: I don't want you to. I'm just making an observation. You are a Cambias.

Ethan: Which you like to point out every time you really want to get under my skin. Unfortunately, I have more important things to take care of right now, like the lives of tens of thousands of Cambias employees.

Zach: Because if you take care of them they may take care of you, right?

Ethan: You trying to be my mentor? Don't. I'd rather talk to the guy on the street corner, Zach, to be quite honest.

Zach: Hmm, so, mentoring's off the list, as well? Well, that's good to know.

Ethan: You don't belong here, Cambias Industries with all that it represents. Aren't you afraid your little curse is going to swing in through the door and smack you on the back of the head?

Zach: I'm here for you.

Ethan: Great. Well, I don't think we have a "Daddy's Day" at work. And if we do, to be honest, you're not welcome, so if I haven't made myself crystal clear, let me just reinforce something. You denied me as your son before, and I'm denying you as my father forever.

Zach: All right. It's a start.

Aidan: Yeah, good to hear. Hey, listen, Oz, I need a location on a Lorraine Rossiter. She's -- she's 23. She filed a complaint against Jonathan Lavery in 2002. Domestic violence. Yeah, I know. Well, I need to talk to her. Oh, well -- I just -- whatever, man. See what you can do. Thanks. Thanks, mate.

Reggie: Aidan -- now, this is my type of office, man.

Aidan: How are you doing?

Reggie: How'd your date go?

Aidan: You know what? Can I just say your sister is an absolute genius.

Reggie: Well, you know, she is all the brains. I have all the good looks, you know.

Aidan: I mean, she's so focused, man. I mean, I'll give her a problem and she solves it in matter of minutes.

Reggie: Well, it sounds like your date was full of work.

Aidan: Romance was the furthest thing from her mind.

Reggie: Big thanks from me and my dad, ok?

Aidan: No problem. No problem. She's a good kid to have around.

Reggie: Yeah, well, now it's time to give her back. Is she ready?

Aidan: "Ready"?

Reggie: Yeah.

Aidan: She's already gone. She didn't say anything to me about giving her a lift home or anything.

Reggie: Oh, man -- I mean, it's no problem or anything. As long as she has her map, she's in control.

Aidan: Great boyfriend I am. I didn't even think about it.

Reggie: No, man, look, we just got our signals crossed, all right? Like you said, Lily's a pure genius.

Lily: It looks the same here. Good. I'll be fine and this will go quickly if you cooperate.

Jonathan: You're Jack's daughter, Greenlee's sister. I saw you at Thanksgiving. Why are you here?

Lily: To ask you questions.

Jonathan: Well, I'm kind of in a hurry right now.

Lily: These are very important questions.

Jonathan: Ok. Go ahead, make it fast. Shoot.

Lily: I don't carry a gun. I'm not that kind of detective.

Jonathan: What? You're a detective?

Lily: Yes. Is Maggie here now?

Jonathan: Why are you asking me if Maggie's here?

Erica: You're working for Ethan now?

Jack: Sweetheart, you know Bianca brought me in at Cambias. That means I work for Miranda and Ethan, yes.

Erica: Two days ago you didn't even trust that man. Now you're a team?

Jack: Whoa, whoa, no, no, I still don't trust the guy, but he wants Slater out of our lives, and that's a directive that I can get behind. We cannot give Slater access to the ones we love. And I'll tell you something else. You get in league with Zach Slater and you not only put yourself, but everyone you love, at risk.

Erica: No. I am going to make sure that he only hurts the people who deserve it.

Jack: And not even the great and powerful Erica Kane can control this guy.

Erica: I can't control him, but you can get rid of him?

Jack: You bet I can.

Erica: But I need him here, Jack, where he can do the most damage.

Jack: Oh, and he can do plenty of damage, can't he? Like his murder game, huh? Like his defense of Michael Cambias, lying to Ethan, lying to all of us? Oh, he can do a lot of damage, but he will not destroy the person you ask him to. He'll destroy whoever he wants to. Now, look, I want Babe and Hayward and Krystal to get what's coming to them, and they will, but not like this. Sweetheart, Pine Valley has enough bad guys without you keeping one as a personal pet. Now, please, can you just trust me on this and just leave it alone?

Bianca's voice: The kid brother that you love so much, you have no idea what he's capable of.

Man's voice: You want to back-talk me, Ryan?

Young Ryan's voice: I'm just saying --

Man's voice: You live under my roof, take my food, and you want to back-talk me? You stupid, ungrateful -- you're one big disappointment, Ryan.

[Belt strap lashing]

Man's voice: You will respect me!

[Glass falls]

Man's voice: Son of a -- you spilled my beer!

Young Jonathan's voice: You got to cry, Ry. If you cry, he'll stop. Please, Ryan, cry!

Young Ryan's voice: I'll never cry for that bastard.

Man's voice: Jonathan, you want some of this?

Young Jonathan's voice: No, sir.

Young Ryan's voice: Leave him alone.

Man's voice: Come here, buddy.

Young Jonathan's voice: Please, Ryan, don't let him.

Young Ryan's voice: I said leave him alone!


Bianca: Ryan, are you ok?

Ryan: Yeah. Bianca, did you --

Bianca: Look, there's nothing left to say, and there's no time. Jonathan hit Maggie. He humiliated her. Now he's got her so messed up she thinks she wants to marry him. And if she does, she'll never get out. Whatever he does to her, she will just stand there and take it until it's too late. That's her life if we don't do something. Ryan, are you listening?

Jonathan: Ok. Not that I get any of this, but why do you ask if Maggie's here?

Lily: It's helpful to ask others for information you need. It's like canvassing. It's investigative procedure. But it's ok if she's not here now. May I see your hands, please?

Jonathan: More procedure?

Lily: Turn them over, please.

Jonathan: Did I mention I'm in a hurry?

Lily: Yes.

Jonathan: What is this? A school project?

Lily: No.

Jonathan: Is it for your dad? A bigtime lawyer, hmm? Former DA trying to follow in Daddy's footsteps?

Lily: I could follow in his footsteps if he left footprints. But he doesn't. He's much neater than that.

Jonathan: Then what is this about? Is this part of the latest campaign of wrecking my life?

Lily: I'm not trying to wreck your life. I just need proof that you hurt her and stop you from ever hurting her again. Can I see your medicine cabinet now?

Zach: Oh, man, so no father-son rugby games, huh?

Ethan: Fascinating. I just denied you as my father, and you just laugh it off?

Zach: When I was your age, my father and I had been dead to each other for years. We're in the same room. We're having a conversation. That's progress.

Ethan: Maybe I was a little vague. I don't have any use for you, Zach, not as my father, not as my mentor, not as my savior. Not even as a little enemy to kind of keep on the sidelines to smack around every now and again. Nothing. No use for you at all.

Zach: That's fine. In the meantime, you know where to find me. Jack, hi.

Jack: Hello, Slater. My, my, my, you and Slater in the same room without bloodshed.

Ethan: Hmm.

Jack: Maybe I should just toss this in the circular file.

Ethan: Toss what?

Jack: You said you wanted to destroy your father. I think this should do it.

Greenlee: Hmm!

Waiter: Ladies?

Kendall: Oh --

Greenlee: Oh --

Kendall: Yes. Thank you, thank you. That's mine. Fine. Thank you.

Greenlee: No, quiet. I'll take that.

Kendall: Um -- no, hello? I got it. You're not the empress of Cambias anymore. This one's on me.

Greenlee: It makes you crazy when I'm nice.

Kendall: It's good you suck at it.

[Greenlee laughs]

Waiter: How about if I split the check 50/50?

Greenlee: Oh --

Kendall: That's a good idea. Great idea! Hell of an idea.

Greenlee: Excuse her. You know, she's a little --

Kendall: Oh, you know what? Tell you what. Why don't you just add 20% to mine?

Greenlee: And 25% for me.

Kendall: God, you're -- you're getting goofier by the second.

Greenlee: Oh, and you're such pure grace and charm.

Kendall: Yes, I am. Oh!

Greenlee: I'm going to miss nights like this.

Kendall: Uh -- they haven't thrown us out of the joint yet, so, you know, you don't really have to stress about that, but when they do, we'll just pick another one.

Greenlee: It won't do any good. I won't be able to drink at all soon.

Kendall: Ah. You're lit. You're not exactly 12-step material yet.

Greenlee: Maternal, not material. Ryan and I are trying to get pregnant.

Ryan: Sorry, I just -- I just needed a second.

Bianca: If you can't come with me now and help me stop them from eloping, then I'm going to have to find another way, but I can't just stand by and do nothing. I can't stand by and watch someone I love lose everything.

Reggie: You know, I still feel kind of funny about Lily calling you her boyfriend. On the other hand, I'm kind of glad, because she picked somebody that could chase away those hot girls.

Aidan: Yeah. You know, but she's a really great kid, Reggie. She really is. So sweet. It's like a weird combination of old soul, young soul, you know?

Reggie: Yeah, I do. The thing is about Lily, she can't see the bad stuff coming at her. That's why she needs people like us around her. But I'm going to head back home. I'm going to meet up with her. So you be safe --

Aidan: And you.

Reggie: And I'll see you around.

Aidan: Take care.

Reggie: All right, man.

Lily: We have a 90% chance of success in solving this mystery. I'll be the best partner you've ever had.

Aidan: Oh, bloody hell.

Jonathan: Who sent you? What's the matter? Now you can't talk?

Lily: I can talk. No one sent me. No one even knows I'm here.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Erica: What did you do to make my daughter look so unhappy?

Greenlee: Nothing.

Erica: Liar.

Greenlee: Schemer.

Erica: Rat.

Jonathan: You think I hurt women? Do you think I'm going to hurt you, too?

Maggie: You love me as a friend.

Bianca: It's so much more than that.

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