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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 1/26/05



By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

Kevin: This is a birth certificate saying that little boy is my son. Ace will be going home with me.

Babe: I will never forget you.

Kevin: Come on.

Babe: Bye, my sweet baby James.

J.R.: His own mother couldn't keep him from me. Neither will you. That hearing was a joke! The Buchanans could be taking my son anywhere!

Adam: No, no, Kevin is too cocky to run.

J.R.: If they won't give me my little boy back, I'm going to have to find another way to get him!

Adam: Son, just relax. The truth will come out. Biancaís had her prayers answered. So will you.

Maggie: What are you doing here?

Bianca: We need to talk.

Maggie: I don't have anything to say.

Bianca: Maggie, I came by yesterday and I knocked on your door, and nobody answered.

Maggie: So?

Bianca: So, I was so worried that I didn't even sleep last night. I mean --

Maggie: Well, you can take a pill for that.

Bianca: I don't want a pill. I want our friendship back. I'm not going to let you go.

Kendall: Oh, goody, we can get right to work.

Greenlee: What work? Simone is holding down the fort, Enchantment is flying off the shelves, and if you don't create a crisis, I can still make it to my yoga class.

Kendall: Yeah, downward dog some other time. What's our next move on Jonathan?

Greenlee: No moves, Kendall. It's over.

Maggie: You ask a lot, Bianca. I don't know how we could be friends anymore.

Bianca: Well, I'm not going to give up on us, because we've been through way too much together.

Maggie: Well, things change.

Bianca: They don't have to. Maggie, I've never had a friend like you before. I can tell you anything -- silly or stupid or terrible. You're the one that I count on, so please, be mad at me, hate me, tear my head off, but don't cut me off.

Maggie: Things are different.

Bianca: We can figure this out. We have to.

Maggie: Ok, well, then you have to -- you have to lay off Jonathan. Can you admit that he's a good guy?

Bianca: I want to respect your choices, and I want to believe that you know Jonathan better than I do.

Maggie: Ok, then take my word for it -- he is a good guy. Now, how about congratulating me?

Bianca: Ok, about what?

Maggie: Jonathan proposed. And -- well, we're eloping. Tonight.

Aidan: Oh, come on, you piece of rubbish. Give me something I can use. I mean, how many Jonathan Laverys are there? Oh, morning, Lily. You're early.

Lily: Dude, check you out. Where's your bling? You rock, hottie. You're off the heezy.

Aidan: Lily?

J.R.: How can the court deny a motion to test my son's DNA?

Adam: How much more probable cause could we give them?

J.R.: We proved to them that Paul Cramer was involved in the helicopter crash, that my ex-wife kidnapped his so-called nephew, who happened to be born the same day my son was!

Adam: Evidently, the judge wasn't moved.

J.R.: Evidently, the Buchanans have the judge in their back pocket. So how come we didn't buy him first?

Brooke: I wished so hard for you to be home. I certainly didn't picture it like this. Aiding and abetting a felony?

Tad: So they tell me.

Jamie: I'm sorry I got Dad into this mess, but I'm not sorry for what I did.

Brooke: Well, I'm pretty sorry about all of it.

Jamie: I can deal with whatever happens. I'm worried about Babe.

David: It's a little late for that, don't you think? Thanks a lot for taking care of my daughter.

Babe: I couldn't even sleep. This is the first night since we left town that I didn't have Jamie and James close by. I never even imagined -- it was like my heart was being ripped out of my chest.

Erica: Well, that sounds like a good start for women who steal babies without even blinking an eye.

J.R.: Everyone knows that boy is mine. How can the courts do this?

Adam: Well, evidently, the system favors the highest bidder.

J.R.: It usually works in our favor.

Adam: Well, as I said, this is just the beginning.

J.R.: I know Hayward did a DNA test on my son. If only I could have got him or Krystal to admit it.

Adam: I'd love to strangle the truth out of both of them.

J.R.: You know what? Hold off on that. I think I might know someone who -- who may need a little less persuading. Here.

Tad: Well, look at Mr. Holier-than-thou. You know, you always were good for a laugh. Why don't you get the hell out of here.

David: You made a promise, a promise to keep my daughter safe.

Jamie: Have you seen her? Is she all right?

David: How do you think she is?

Tad: Who are you kidding? We wouldn't be in this situation if you'd fessed up about Miranda when you had the chance! This whole thing is at your feet, Hayward. Yours and Krystal's.

David: It was your brilliant son's idea to kidnap the baby in the first place, and he's the one that convinced Babe to go on the run. Well, congratulations. You took a terrible situation and you turned it into a disaster! Well, just so you know, I'm not going to let my daughter go down with you.

Brooke: Look, neither one of our children is going to go to prison if we can help it, so don't start acting like you invented parenthood.

Tad: Like it's something you whipped up with your Chemistry set.

Brooke: I mean, Jamie and Babe have been together in this from the beginning. And when they crossed over the line, at least Tad had the courage to help them. What is your excuse?

David: In case you're wondering what's next, I'm going to do what you couldn't. I'm going to take care of my daughter.

Tad: Yeah. You knock yourself out. Guard? Get him out of here.

Babe: Erica, please tell me that Bianca and Miranda are ok.

Erica: You picked a very interesting time to start caring.

Krystal: She always cared.

Erica: They happen to be managing just fine, no thanks to you. They can never get back all the months you stole from them.

Babe: You'll never know how sorry I am for everything.

Erica: Oh, please. Do you think that by saying you're sorry that that could ever begin to make up for all the damage, the pain that you've caused? How could you even expect forgiveness?

Babe: I don't expect anything.

Krystal: You don't have to explain, Babe.

Babe: Yes, I do.

Erica: You allowed your so-called best friend to think that her baby was dead. I don't know how you can live with yourself. Most people couldn't. But you do. You do, and you go on to do the same reprehensible thing to your own husband!

Krystal: Her ex-husband.

Erica: With whom she had a baby. Look, J.R. may have his faults, ok? That's true. But what you did to him -- that is just cruel beyond all reason. I'm glad you're locked up so you can't tell any other people that their babies are dead.

Krystal: Ok, that's enough, all right? Why don't you just peddle your venom somewhere else, Erica? Attack time is over!

Babe: Mama, didn't you say that you needed to go check on my bail or something?

Krystal: I don't want to leave you alone here.

Babe: Mama, please. Just tell Jamie that I'm ok.

Erica: Have you even stopped to consider all the suffering that you caused?

Babe: Only every minute of every day. But I love my little boy, and I'm never going to stop fighting for him.

Kendall: All right, it is either get Jonathan or kill Babe.

Greenlee: I'll help with number two. That girl deserves the fires of hell and then some.

Kendall: Yeah, well, my mother's taking care of that. I had some crazy idea of trying to keep you alive.

Greenlee: Well, here I am, breathing, kicking, stretching, in superior shape. Like this color on me?

Kendall: Hold on. Jonathan doped you into another dimension. You're going to let him get away with it? No. I know you, Greenlee. You don't let anyone get away with anything. Now, what's really going on here?

Greenlee: Ryan and I had a long talk when we got home. He believes, down to his gorgeous Italian boots, that there's no way that Jonathan did this to me.

Kendall: Well, Ryan doesn't want to see the truth, so we help him along.

Greenlee: It's about trust.

Kendall: No. It's about residual effects of crazy-making drugs.

Greenlee: I trust Ryan, he trusts his brother, so as far as we're concerned, Jonathan is off the hook. Look on the bright side -- so are you.

Kendall: Yeah, except that I'm actually innocent. So, does Ryan have any other ideas of who it could be?

Greenlee: He thinks Zach arranged it.

Kendall: Yeah, well, I'll buy that Zach had Ryan shot, but I can't see him paying someone to slip you a daily mickey. It's too hard to pull off. Now, Jonathan, on the other hand -- that performance he gave -- that was --

Greenlee: I'm not making it to my yoga class, am I?

Kendall: I mean, he really -- he had me fooled. He put my tricks to shame. He did the whole victim thing beautifully. "Check my computer, check my house, torture me if you must, but I'm not guilty." Ugh --

Greenlee: You're not dropping this. I can tell.

Kendall: No. You can't fool me, Greenlee. I know you. Deep down, you still suspect Jonathan.

Greenlee: Ok, you're right. I do.

Bianca: You can't elope.

Maggie: We love each other. Why wait?

Bianca: Waiting is not a bad thing. How long have you guys been together? Like, six months, right? That's a blink when you're talking about a lifetime commitment.

Maggie: Hey, you're not really going to give me a lecture on relationships, are you?

Bianca: No. I'm just saying, don't you want to get to know him a little bit better before you plunge into something permanent?

Maggie: I know him.

Bianca: How well?

Maggie: Well enough. Better than you do. You know, just come out and say it, Bianca. What do you know about Jonathan that I don't?

Bianca: Kendall thinks Jonathan could be the one that drugged Greenlee.

Maggie: Yeah, I heard that one, too. Come on, consider the source. Kendall, queen of liars? And in case you're really interested, Ryan doesn't believe that lie either.

Bianca: And I didn't say that I believed it, but it was enough to give me pause. Doesn't this even bother you a little bit?

Maggie: Well, am I going to break up with Jonathan because Kendall is paranoid? No.

Bianca: I'm not saying break up with him. I'm saying live with him a little bit longer and plan yourself a great, big, fat, white wedding. You deserve that, right? Just give yourself a little bit more time.

Maggie: He wants to elope. And so do I.

Bianca: Maggie, did I do something or say something that made you want to do this?

Maggie: You know, you do really think a lot of yourself. No, Bianca, this had nothing to do with you. This was my choice, because I love him and I'm ready to commit myself to him. I'm sorry. You're just going to have with that.

Jonathan: Look what I -- hey, look who's here.

Aidan: Nice to see you, Lily.

Lily: Sweet. You talkin' trash to me, Mac Daddy? 'Cause it's mega-cool.

Aidan: I don't actually quite understand what you're trying to say.

Lily: Is it because you're foreign?

Aidan: No. I think it's because --

Lily: Oh. Well, I just like to practice what Dani says, because it's cool and guys like cool girls. And I'm just trying to get this whole boyfriend thing down right.

Aidan: You know, there's no right or wrong about it. It would just help if you can use words that I know.

Lily: That would be easy. What are you doing?

Aidan: Oh, this? I'm actually just trying to solve a puzzle.

Lily: I like puzzles.

Aidan: I figured out the password, but it's encoded.

Lily: Then it's like a mystery? I like mysteries, too.

Aidan: Well, you see, that's why we're friends, Lily. Because we have these things in common.

Lily: Straight up. You're right.

Aidan: You know, I really like it when you come and visit me. You don't have to do anything special except -- well, just except be yourself.

Lily: You like me just for me?

Aidan: Absolutely. And you can do and say whatever you want.

Lily: Really? Then I should tell you that you have an ink stain on your hand. And if you're not careful, you'll get it on your face.

Aidan: You're right, I do. I'll go and take care of that. I'll be right back.

Jonathan: Hi.

Maggie: Hi.

[Maggie and Jonathan laugh]

Bianca: Maggie told me that you're engaged.

Jonathan: Yeah. Hey, Bianca, we've had our differences. And I've made a lot of mistakes, too. But I need you to know that when I woke up today and I looked at Maggie sleeping next to me, I realized I've never been happier in my entire life. And I think that this would be a really great time for you and I to start over.

Bianca: You really mean that?

Jonathan: Yeah. Yeah -- yes, so much so that I want you to stay and crack open this outrageously ridiculous, expensive bottle of champagne with us. Hmm?

Bianca: It's really -- it's nice of you to ask.

Maggie: Hmm.

Jonathan: Ok, good, give me a glass. Get some glasses.

Maggie: Ok.

Jonathan: I realized, Bianca, that you and I -- we want the same thing. We both want Maggie to be happy.

Bianca: Yeah, that's all I want.

Jonathan: I'm the man to do it. Hey -- hey, hey, hey, why don't -- after we polish this off, you should go grab your toothbrush and come to Vegas with us.

Maggie: Yeah, I don't think that Biancaís going to be able to just rush off.

Jonathan: Why not? I mean, we need a best man or a best bridesmaid, or whatever. Oh, I'm sorry. How could I forget? You have a -- you have a baby mogul now to take care of. She must be swamped in meetings, huh? You better -- I'm going to warn you now -- don't disappoint that board. They'll cut off her caviar baby food like that. Grab me a glass.

Maggie: Oh, yeah. Here.

Jonathan: Mmm.

Maggie: So, where is Miranda?

Bianca: She's at home. Stuart and Marian are watching her.

Maggie: Oh, well, don't let us keep you.

Jonathan: No, no, no, no, she's not going anywhere, not until we have a toast -- here -- to our future. Right, Bianca?

Maggie: I think it's obvious that Bianca needs to go.

Jonathan: Well --

Bianca: I do.

Jonathan: Which is what you and I will be saying to each other tomorrow. Did you hear? "I do." To us.

Bianca: Ok, I get that you won't listen to me. But before you go flying off, will you please just talk to somebody? David or Myrtle? Please?

Maggie: I know what I'm doing. You can wish me happiness and luck if you want. You know, it's your choice.

Jonathan: You have to try this champagne.

Maggie: You know, I thought you said no more booze.

Jonathan: It's not booze. It's champagne.

Maggie: Mmm. You picked good.

Jonathan: When I picked you. I have something else for you. Ta-da.

Maggie: Jonathan. Oh! Oh, my goodness. Where did you find these?

Jonathan: They're lovers' knots. Just like the bracelet that you love so much. Don't they make perfect wedding rings?

Maggie: They're perfect.

Jonathan: You're going to get the big bling when Ryan and I get our business going. But I figured we needed something to get married now, right? And I just -- I like the whole idea. Lovers' knots just seemed right. These rings, baby, tie us together, forever.

Brooke: I just visited my son in a jail cell, thanks to you.

Adam: Well, it's not my fault he kidnapped that child.

Brooke: My son performed a rescue mission. And you should know I'm not out of bullets, and one of them has your son's name on it. That article that I wrote about J.R. deliberately pushing Bianca off the balcony? It's still in galley proofs. It's very moving. The young, grieving mother and the wealthy scion of the powerful family who refused to give her her child.

Adam: That ship has already sailed, Brooke.

Brooke: Oh, think again, because there's going to be a fight over this baby. And if you or J.R. try to make things worse for Jamie, that issue is going to be on the newsstands before you can cry "Mama."

Adam: And that would be libel.

Brooke: Oh, so sue me! I don't care if I lose the magazine. I am not going to lose my son.

Babe: I know that I hurt Bianca. And I will forever be sorry for that. And I'm going to miss her love and her kindness.

Erica: You betrayed her love.

Babe: I know that I did. And I know that I hurt you and your family, and I know that what I did was wrong.

Erica: Well, don't forget your husband. Your ex-husband. First, you took away the child he thought was his, and then you stole his own son. My heart breaks for J.R.

Babe: Well, it shouldn't. He drugged me, and had I died, he probably would have done that stupid happy dance of his. Do you realize that he thinks people are possessions to own? And that includes babies.

Erica: Or maybe he just thought that his own baby needed protecting from you.

Babe: He will never have my child.

Erica: Oh, but it was all right for you to take my daughter's little girl? Yes, J.R. will have his son.

Babe: J.R. is going to destroy that child. He is going to call it love, but all it is is control. That's all that he even cares about. The love that I have for my child -- it is no different than your love for Bianca.

Erica: Don't you dare.

Babe: I am a mama, too, Erica, and that little boy needs me, so I'm not going to stop fighting until I get him back.

Erica: Ok, you go ahead. But be prepared to lose.

J.R.: I'll take over from here, Erica.

Erica: I was done with her anyway.

J.R.: If you play your cards right, you might get off.

Babe: And what is that supposed to mean?

J.R.: Oh, come on, Babe. You really think they'll press charges for kidnapping your own son? All you have to do is produce proof.

Babe: What proof?

J.R.: DNA evidence. The one that proves that he's our son.

Adam: Well, we both know why I'm here talking to you, Martin.

Tad: I could take a guess. Colby?

Adam: Yeah, I will find my child. I'm closer than ever.

Tad: Yeah, and you thought you'd come here and tell me that?

Adam: It's going to happen. I'm giving you the chance to make it sooner rather than later.

Tad: Yeah?

Adam: Yeah.

Tad: For old times' sake?

Adam: Mm-hmm, because if you help me find Liza and Colby, then I will do everything in my power to help you and Jamie get out of this mess.

Jamie: Right.

Adam: I'm giving you the opportunity to come clean, Martin. Just tell me where Liza and Colby are. This is it. It's your last chance. And it's certainly the last chance for your son.

Jamie: Don't you do it, Dad. Not for me. I can deal.

Adam: Your freedom is at stake, Martin, yours and Jamieís.

Tad: Adam, if it's up to me, you'll never see Colby again.

Erica: Welcome to the torture of watching your daughter suffer. I promise you it has just begun, for you and your little faux family. You're in for a world of pain, and you deserve every bit of it.

David: This might come as a surprise to you, Erica, but you're not the only parent in the neighborhood. I will roll over anyone to protect Babe. You so much as offer her fashion advice, I will bury you. Stand in my way, it's war.

Erica: Then it's war.

Lily: I got it. I broke the code. I solved the puzzle.

Aidan: Bloody heck, you did it. How did you do that?

Lily: There were a thousand combinations based on the coding, and I just tried each one until I found the right one. Does this mean you solved your puzzle?

Aidan: Well, I'm not sure, but I think you've given me a really big piece right in the middle. Thanks to you, Lily.

Lily: You're welcome. Is this like giving you a gift?

Aidan: Yeah. An awesome gift.

Lily: Well, since you gave me the jacket and the glasses, I wanted to give you something, too.

Aidan: Well, you did, genius girl. It's a wicked present.

Greenlee: You really think Aidanís going to find something that could help?

Kendall: Well, maybe Jonathan's been into drugs, or maybe he's done this before. I don't know, there could be some overdue library book on psychotic drugs floating around with his name on it. Something, anything to convince Ryan.

Greenlee: I have to be sure.

Kendall: Fine. Jonathan had plenty of opportunity, right?

Greenlee: So many times he'd bring me a juice or soup.

Kendall: And Aidanís working on drugs or any sort of connection, something new that might help us out. Which leaves us with motive.

Greenlee: The other night when I was alone with him, he kept saying how I was everything to Ryan. If anyone wanted to get close to Ryan, they had to get rid of me.

Kendall: You're what stands between him and his brother.

Greenlee: If it's true, it'll break Ryan's heart.

Kendall: I know. And believe it or not, I'm not too thrilled about seeing Ryan hurt. But you were drugged and I was framed for it, and if Jonathan did that, then Ryan's going to have to face it.

Greenlee: I gave him my word, Kendall. I told him Iíd drop it.

Kendall: Fine. Fine, if we get caught snooping, then just play dumb. Shouldn't be too hard for you. I'll take all the heat.

Greenlee: Wait a minute. You have a chance to make my life miserable and get back at Ryan. Instead, you offer to take the heat for me? Why the heck should I believe that?

Bianca: I missed you so much. Your mommy missed you. Did you miss her? Ooh, I think even perfect angels need to have their diapers changed.

Marian: Oh -- oh, darn, we should have checked. Oh, give her to me and Iíll do the deed. Come on, you gorgeous creature.

Bianca: Go to Marian.

Marian: We're going to fix you right up. Here we go. Oh, boy.

Stuart: Did you get your errand done?

Bianca: Sort of. I went to help a friend.

Stuart: Oh, that's tricky. I've tried so many times to do that with Adam, more times than I can say. But, well, you know, he's pretty impossible. Stubborn. Sometimes he resents my advice so much that he just says the opposite, just to prove that he can. He digs in his toes and insists, "I can do it, I can do it, I'm right, I'm know I'm right." And he usually isn't.

Bianca: Yeah, that's kind of what happened with my friend. I think I came on too strong, and it totally shut her down. Now I don't know what I'm going to do. I think I made it worse.

Jonathan: I'm not thinking of the wedding right now. I am only thinking of the honeymoon. And I'm thinking that we should practice again and again until we get it right.

Maggie: And I think that you have that part down perfect, ok? I really want to figure this out. This is important to me.

Jonathan: I want you right now.

Maggie: No! I'm not in the mood! Come on, I'm sor -- are you kidding me? This is important to me!

[TV turns on, channels change]

Jonathan: How about that, Maggie? Hmm? Does that get you in the mood?

[Techno music plays]

Maggie: Why would you think that I would want to watch two women having sex?

Jonathan: I'm just trying to turn you on. Isn't this what you want to do to Bianca?

Bianca: My friend insists that I'm making too much of this, and maybe she's right. Maybe I'm searching to see the bad in him.

Stuart: Well, don't you trust your instincts about other people?

Bianca: I used to, but I've made some pretty massive mistakes lately.

Stuart: Well, maybe that's because you're only looking for the good in people and not the bad.

Bianca: She says she loves him. Maybe that's it. Maybe I don't want her to love him because I want --

Stuart: Oh, no. Bianca, you're not a selfish person, and I doubt that this has anything to do with what you want. So if your friend is about to make a big mistake, then sound the alarms and fly the flags -- whatever you have to do.

Bianca: I think she's about to step on a land mine, and I can't let that happen.

Stuart: So you're not giving up?

Bianca: No, I'm not giving up.

Babe: I didn't need DNA proof, J.R. The moment that I laid eyes on that little boy I knew that he was mine. And the second that I held him in my arms all that doubt just melted away.

J.R.: Oh, Babe, even you're not stupid enough to take a child based on a woman's intuition.

Babe: What do you care? Why is this so important to you?

J.R.: You know, sometimes you're just too stupid to live. If you took a baby and had proof that it was your child, you may get five to ten years. But if you took a child that was not yours, you may get 25 to life. Is this sinking in yet?

Erica: Can you explain this to me? How you could help to put Miranda back in Biancaís arms and then turn around and hide J.R.ís child? J.R. was a son to you.

Tad: Erica, I did it because I had to put the welfare of Dixieís grandchild first. And I've got no regrets. I've seen firsthand what the Chandlers can do to a child, and I wasn't about to give Adam or J.R. the chance.

Erica: And what do you imagine is going to happen now? A child began your feud with Adam, and now you've used J.R.ís son to escalate it.

Adam: I want Tad Martin to know that he's made the biggest mistake a man can possibly make. So go ahead. Follow through with the plan.

Daniel: Dr. Hayward, I'm Daniel Colson, Llanview District Attorney. I'm here investigating the kidnapping case.

David: I've got nothing to say.

Daniel: Fine, I don't mind doing all the talking. Your daughter is being painted as an evil, baby-stealing harlot. That's not the same girl I saw in that cell.

David: Go on.

Daniel: I see a confused, hurt young woman who's in way over her head. I think she's being used. The Buchanans say that she's delusional, that she thought she was taking her own baby. I don't know about that. And I don't know if Jamie Martin is taking advantage of the situation, but that's where I'm leaning.

David: What exactly do you want from me?

Daniel: If your daughter could be persuaded to testify against Jamie Martin, admit the kidnapping wasn't her idea -- is it possible that Mr. Martin preyed on her fragile state of mind? I mean, after all, she did just lose that other baby. If she could help us prosecute him, I might be able to offer her a very generous deal.

Babe: You can't get near him. Kevin Buchanan still has baby James.

J.R.: Don't call him that!

Babe: Without a DNA test, you can't have our son. And I can keep him from you. You see, that alone is worth an extra 25 years in jail. It's worth life. So you can rot in hell.

Krystal: Are you guys ok?

Tad: I've stayed in better hotels.

Krystal: Tad, you did a wonderful thing, helping out our kids -- or at least trying to -- and I'll always be grateful. And I'm sorry that it turned out so bad.

Tad: It was always a long shot.

Krystal: I've been with Babe.

Jamie: So she's ok? Has she heard anything about James?

Krystal: She's fine. She's all right. She's dealing with it. She wanted you to know that.

Jamie: Well, tell her not to worry about me. She needs to take care of herself. Would you please tell her that? I need her to know.

David: Let me make sure I have this straight. You want my daughter to roll over on Jamie Martin?

Daniel: It would be in her best interest. I feel for her. I want to go easy on her.

David: You don't need Babe for anything. I can give you Jamie Martin. And I can do a lot better than kidnapping.

Daniel: You got something on him?

David: I can testify that Jamie Martin killed Paul Cramer.

Kendall: Paranoia must be a symptom of those drugs. How many times do I have to tell you, I'm not out to get you or to come between you and Ryan.

Greenlee: Because you say so?

Kendall: No. Because I've had a million chances to do it, and I haven't! Do I have to remind you that I saved you from doing a swan dive from a trapeze into concrete? Or that I didn't press charges when you tried to smash me against a parking garage wall?

Greenlee: You do sincere really well.

Kendall: Yeah, like you'd know it if you saw it.

Greenlee: I remember your face the night of the murder game, Kendall. You were in deep hate for me and for Ryan, so it's hard to picture you as our protector.

Kendall: Yeah, well, even I know when it's time to give up. I get sick of the hate. I can handle you getting the love. I have another man in my life now. And don't you dare say one word about Ethan, because I swear I will draw blood. The point is Ryan is no longer on my radar.

Greenlee: So you and Ethan are really into each other?

Kendall: Yeah. Ethan's the man I want. I want to be free to be with him, and I want him free to be with me. Now, he was framed and I was framed, and I want the person responsible for that. If you don't want to help, fine, that's your call. I'll go ahead and I'll get the goods on Jonathan without you.

Greenlee: No, I get it. Count me in. You've got my back, I've got yours.

Aidan: Whoa.

Lily: Did you find some more pieces to the puzzle?

Aidan: Yeah, I believe I have. It seems our suspect has a record.

[TV turns off]

Jonathan: Why can't you say it? You fantasize about Bianca when we make love!

Maggie: I don't know where this is coming from. Ok, you know that nothing ever happened with me and Bianca!

Jonathan: Don't say that! Please stop lying to me! Please stop lying! I know you think about Bianca when I make love to you!

Maggie: No, I don't!

Jonathan: Maggie, I can feel it! I can feel it! It's the only way you can stand to touch me!

Maggie: Don't! Stop it! You're the only one that I want! You're the only one that I want! I will prove it to you right now! Make love to me right now! I will prove it to you! Please, Jonathan! Please forgive me! Please, just -- just don't be mad, ok? Just don't be mad. Don't be mad.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Bo: Did you kill Paul Cramer for Babe?

Zach: I'm moving back to Vegas.

Erica: You spineless coward!

Ethan: I want to know what you're going to do about Jonathan.

Bianca: Get out of here before he seriously hurts you and you end up in the hospital or worse.

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