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Maggie: Jonathan? Jonathan, come on, don't let me stand out here. I'm sorry. Ok? I'm -- I'm sorry. I'll fix it. I swear, I'll fix it. Please, don't make me stand out here! Jonathan!

[Seeing Zach walk into the hospital, Edmund takes Maria’s hand and kisses it]

Edmund: Have I mentioned lately how happy I am that you're still my wife?

Kendall: Would it kill your husband to call and say Ethan's ok?

Greenlee: Hey, watch it with "kill" and "Ryan" in the same sentence. My husband went after your gun-toting boyfriend, because you ran in here and dumped "Oh, my poor Ethey" all over him.

Kendall: You were more than ready to help me find Ethan.

Greenlee: Yeah, well, maybe the drugs aren't out of my system. But you got your wish. Ryan went after whack-a-doodle. Nice taste in companions.

Kendall: Yeah, well, nice choice of family. How about when Ryan comes back, you tell him you think Jonathan was the one who poisoned you?

Greenlee: No. Uh-uh. That would kill Ryan for sure. He adores Jonathan.

[After doing a bit of relaxing reading and drinking, Jonathan decides to let Maggie back into her own apartment]

Jonathan: Maggie?

[When he opens the door, however, she's not there, but Reggie is]

Jonathan: Oh!

[Reggie administers a powerful punch to the stomach that sends Jonathan cowering in fear]

Bianca: My God, Maggie, what happened? Are you ok?

Maggie: You did it, Bianca. You wouldn't stop, and you finally did it. It's all over now.

Kendall: Whoa, whoa. No way. Uh-uh. You sucked me into this whole "Jonathan did it" thing. Now, you're saying "Whoops, I've changed my mind" again?

Greenlee: I didn't change my mind. I'm just considering the possibilities.

Kendall: Two minutes ago you thought the guy tried to kill you.

Greenlee: How about that little detail called proof? That might help me out.

Kendall: Yeah, that and a lobotomy. I don't have time for this. You know what? I'm going to go, I'm going to try to find Ryan and Ethan myself without your help. No -- how's Ethan? Did you find him?

Ryan: Yeah, I found him, and he found his father. Thank you for sending me to witness the warm-and-fuzzies.

Kendall: Well, where is he? I have to go see him right now.

Ryan: Wait a minute. Don't go anywhere near Ethan Ramsey -- not now, not ever. It had everything. It had guns, it had stench, it had rats, flies. It had Ethan with Zach in the crosshairs, finger on the trigger. I'll tell you what it wasn't. It wasn't "Let's scare Daddy with an unloaded gun." The guy wanted to shoot.

Greenlee: Well, what did Zach do?

Ryan: Zach -- he matched Junior crazy for crazy. Told him to bring it on, told him to shoot him. He said, "But, first, let's make it a real party, and we'll dig up brother Mikey's rotting corpse."

Greenlee: Oh, my God.

Kendall: Is Ethan ok?

Ryan: Were you not listening?

Kendall: I'm worried about him.

Ryan: Well, you should be worried about him. He waved a gun in his father's face. The guy's full-blown psycho.

Greenlee: She's not listening. Unless you say he's swell, thumbs up, you're just speaking gibberish.

Ryan: You know, I thought it before, but now I know without a doubt either Cambias could have popped that shot off at me or poisoned Greenlee. Either one.

Kendall: The guy just found out his father's been lying to him for months. Could you have a little compassion, maybe cut him a break?

Greenlee: Ryan just saved Ethan from first-degree murder and lethal injection. At least have the decency to hear him out.

Kendall: No. No way do you get to tell me who I can care about. You peeled out of my life so fast, I still have track marks on my carpet. Door's shut, lock's on.

Ryan: Well, I just busted that puppy down, and I'm back in.

Ethan: All I wanted to know was who I was! I wanted to know where I fit in, and I came to you!

Zach: This is where we fit in! With the trash and the garbage and the filthy waste of it all!

Ethan: I just want to make you pay.

Zach: Spoken like a true Cambias. Then do it. Make me pay.

[Now at the beach, Ethan's rage explodes in a hail of bullets as he discharges his rifle into a sign and imagines his father flying backwards into a heap of garbage over and over again]

Zach: Evening.

Edmund: Slater.

Maria: Hi.

Maria: I don't know what to do, because I -- I mean, I want to tell you what I feel. I want to tell you what's in my head, but talking about Zach right now is -- seems like a bad idea and weird and --

Edmund: I think we're really past weird. I think we should just vote for honesty.

Maria: Ok. Well, Ryan came in just a little bit ago, and he was looking for Zach and for Ethan because just found out that he's actually a Cambias.

Edmund: Slater lied to his face all these months? Ooh, man, his own father denied him. I can relate to that.

Maria: Yeah, and Ryan was afraid that Ethan might try to kill Zach.

Edmund: You want to go to him?

Maria: No, I want to leave with you. I'm ready.

Edmund: No, you're not.

Maria: I'm ready.

Edmund: No, you're not. Not yet. Listen, I don't want to take Zach's baggage to dinner with us. You know? Do what you got to do.

Maria: And what are you going to do?

Edmund: I don't know. Sit here. Wait to take my beautiful wife out to dinner.

Maria: Soon. Ok.

Edmund: "Soon."

Bianca: You and Jonathan are over? Maggie, this is -- this is --

Maggie: You could do it, couldn't you? You could be happy and giddy that my relationship tanked?

Bianca: No, I'm not happy. I'm relieved.

Maggie: No, you don't get it. That joke that we called a friendship -- that is over, you and me.

Bianca: Maggie, you're upset. Please, just slow down and tell me why.

Maggie: No, I'm not upset, Bianca. I am furious with you. The way that you just go around and jerk people around.

Bianca: You know me better than anyone. Is that what you really see?

Maggie: Jonathan is good to me, and he cares about me. You -- you just screw around with my life for fun. What you did to me -- I don't even know how I ever called you my friend.

Bianca: I don't understand. What did I do to you? Because I'm completely clueless right now.

Maggie: You tried to break us up. You hate Jonathan, and you decided that he's this big, bad guy, so you decided to destroy my relationship.

Bianca: Look, I'm just doing what I always do. I'm trying to be there for a friend.

Maggie: I am so sick of that. That's what you always say -- because you care. You hurt Jonathan. You pulled a Cambias power play and you summoned him to your castle.

Bianca: Maggie, why would I do that? Think about it.

Maggie: Because you want him to feel small and worthless. You are such a hypocrite. You made all that noise about getting past Jonathan burning your shirt, and then you stick it to him every chance you get. And now he has the privilege of trying to get his job back?

Bianca: Maggie, I called him over here, because I wanted to know how you really got that bruise.

Maggie: I told you how I got that bruise, and you just wouldn't let it go.

Bianca: Well, I'm glad I didn't, because Jonathan ended up nodding to a completely different story than the one you told me. You lied to me, Maggie, and then he lied to me again. I know he hit you.

[Jonathan coughs]

Jonathan: Have you lost your mind?

Reggie: What, what? That's not your thing? Getting hit by a man?

Jonathan: You've got anger issues, man. I'm going to have the cops help you with that.

Reggie: Call the cops! Maggie can tell them the whole thing, save me a phone call.

Jonathan: What, are you smoking crack? Maggie's not here! She didn't see you attack me at the door!

Reggie: You're not going to slide your way out of this one, all right? I know. Bianca knows. Maggie could have your butt thrown underneath the jail.

Jonathan: For what? Having some lunatic walk in and hit me in my house?

Reggie: Oh, yeah, you're slick. Act like it didn't happen. But it's too late. It's over. You better cry to a judge or cop a plea -- something. Jonathan, I was there, at Bianca's, when you went along with that little story about Maggie running into a kitchen cabinet and blah, blah, whatever. But the thing is Maggie told Bianca something different. Oh, yeah, you screwed up, Jon-boy. You should have had your stories straight before the whole world saw that bruise. Oh, yeah, yeah, that sound right there -- that's your cell door closing. Have a nice life, you coward.

Jonathan: You're right, Reggie. I can't lie anymore. I've been protecting Maggie, Reggie. She's been -- she's been drinking a lot.

Reggie: Yeah, I've seen her. Two beers, max.

Jonathan: Not beer, not two. I came home, and she's passed out. Reggie, I came in the other night, and she's passed out on the floor. She'd fallen down.

Reggie: Yeah. Jonathan, you're good.

Jonathan: No, I know -- I know, it doesn't sound like her, man. It freaked me out, too. I mean, have you ever taken care of somebody that's that messed up? Have you ever put somebody into bed? Next day, when we woke up, she had the bruise.

Reggie: Yeah, because she was so drunk she ran into a kitchen cabinet? Yeah, right. And let me guess -- you were miles and miles away from there?

Jonathan: She has no idea how it happened. I've tried to get her to open up. I want her to tell me why she's drinking like this.

Reggie: Maybe it's her roommate.

Jonathan: Maybe it's the mixed messages Bianca's been sending her, Reggie. Every time -- just hear me out. Every time she's been that loaded, it's right after she's seen Bianca. Reggie, you know their weirdness.

Reggie: I'm not going there with you again. I'm not going there with you again.

Jonathan: Maggie needs to talk about it. She has to deal with it. She made me promise that I wouldn't even do this, I wouldn't say anything. Reggie, come on. I know how it looks. I know that people are whispering. I'm seeing the dirty looks. I don't care. I love Maggie. I would do anything for her. I'd even take a punch. I just want her to be ok. Reggie, I love her so much.

Bianca: I know. I hate that he hit you. I hate the idea of you being hurt or frightened.

Maggie: Stop it. We're not friends anymore. You can't talk about Jonathan, and you have no say about my life.

Bianca: You can say that we're not friends. You can come in here anytime and ream me out, but that's not going to stop me from caring. That will never go away. It's just us. It's just you and me, Maggie. Nobody else is going to bust in. Nobody else can hurt you now. Please, talk to me.

Maggie: You're wrong about everything. You just can't grasp that.

Bianca: If somebody hit me, you wouldn't stop until I was safe and that person was punished, because that's who you are. You're not the kind of person who's going to let a man get away with violence.

Maggie: Do you hear yourself? You sound all sanctimonious. I mean, you're making my boyfriend sound like he's some sort of criminal.

Bianca: He hurt you, Maggie, and he could hurt you again.

Maggie: It will never happen again!

Bianca: He did it. He hit you. Oh, Maggie, I'm so--

Maggie: No. This is about me and Jonathan. It's none of your business.

Bianca: Did he tell you that he wasn't going to hit you again? Because you know you can't trust him.

Maggie: And what? I can trust you? He loves me.

Bianca: He hurt you.

Maggie: I'm not listening to this.

Bianca: All right, then I'm going to say it louder, or I'm going to write it on the wall or say it in sign language, whatever it takes. But you can't go home to him and his fist, not tonight, not ever. I can't let you do that. You have to leave him, Maggie, now. You have to walk away from him. You can move in here with me.

Kendall: You did your good deed for the day. Why don't you go find an old lady and carry her bags for her?

Greenlee: You want to know why you're a perpetual mess? Because people reach out to you, and what do you do? You bite off their hands and palm their rings.

Kendall: Where is he?

Ryan: I wouldn't tell you if I knew.

Kendall: What the hell is wrong with the two of you? I'm not your new best friend here. It's not like we're the Three Musketeers. I'm the girl that you used to hate and despise and suspect of every bad thing that went down in Pine Valley, remember?

Greenlee: You make it easy.

Kendall: Good. Well, stick with that, and leave me alone.

Ryan: Like you left Greenlee up on the roof the night she was swinging, the night she could have died?

Kendall: Yeah, well, if I'd known the harassment that I would get in return --

Greenlee: You would have left me there? Liar.

Kendall: Look, you guys want to settle the score, then quit Fusion, and we'll call it even.

Greenlee: You forgot everything up on that roof with me. The fights, the anger. All that went away, and what was left was a friend you cared about.

Kendall: Well, maybe we were both on drugs that night.

Ryan: Kendall, I thank God that you saved Greenlee that night, but I am not trying to protect you as payback. I'm trying to protect you, because you're swinging six floors over the pavement, and personally, I can't let you fall. Yes, I still care about you.

Bianca: Maggie, you can't go back there again.

Maggie: I'd be one of your -- your newest charity cases. Thanks. I'll pass.

Bianca: Ok, ok. You may not believe me about this right now, but I'm your friend. I care about you. And whatever this is that you're going through, we can fix it.

Maggie: God, you blow me away.

Bianca: You just have to let me help you.

Maggie: The incredible nerve. You know, Jonathan was right. I'm a toy to you. I'm something that you can just pick up and throw away and wonder how it ended up in the garbage.

Bianca: He said that to you, and you listened to him? Maggie, he has no right to come between us --

Maggie: Once again, he's my boyfriend.

Bianca: Yes, but he doesn't know us. He doesn't know the hell that you helped me through. You were so strong. You were amazing. You held my hand and you got me through the worst days of my life. Now, please, Maggie, please let me do the same thing for you now.

[Knock on door]

Maggie: Better get that.

Bianca: We're not done.

Maggie: Yeah, you have no idea.

Anita: Bianca, I brought that --

Bianca: Um --

Anita: Oh, you're busy. I'll come back tomorrow.

Maggie: No. No, no, no. Please, stay. Look at what you started. You had to blab about my bruise. What, the truth wasn't dramatic enough for you?

Anita: I'm sorry. I -- I came to see the baby, but --

Maggie: Women's Abuse Hotline. You guys are ridiculous.

Bianca: I asked Anita to bring over some information. She's had experience with these situations.

Maggie: So what, I'm a situation now? What, is this my intervention? Oh, my God -- you guys going to play the heroes, and I'm just going to play the pathetic loser?

Anita: Maggie, that's not what this is about.

Maggie: Are you going to try to send me to a shelter or something? Or is that what this was all about? You asked me to move in with you.

Bianca: Maggie, I'm afraid for you. I'm afraid of Jonathan. He hit you once. He could hit you again or worse.

Maggie: No, this isn't about me and Jonathan. This is about you. This is about you hating all men! Well, guess what -- they're not all -- all vicious freaks!

Bianca: You know I don't think that, Maggie, but this man? I don't know what this man is capable of.

Maggie: No. Jonathan -- Jonathan is not a vicious freak. Ok? He's not going to do to me what Michael did to you. Jonathan is not another Michael Cambias.

Jonathan: You don't know me. Man, I get that. And you guys care about Maggie. You would never assume that she's drinking like this, but she is. Reggie, I'm worried about her. I'm just working every day to find a way to keep her safe.

Reggie: Yeah, maybe keeping your hands to yourself might keep her safer.

Jonathan: Reggie, we all need to help her right now. We've all got to step up and say something to her. You need to tell Bianca to quit throwing out these mixed messages.

Reggie: Bianca only has one message. Maybe you're not understanding me. She cares.

Jonathan: Reggie, we love each other. I would do anything for Maggie. Hey, we've got our problems, but we're working through them -- once Bianca lets her go.

Reggie: No more bruises. All right? No more excuses. Maggie better not hurt herself again. Otherwise, I'll be back, and you and me -- we'll talk again.

Jonathan: Agh!

Edmund: Oh, easy, Bobby. Whoa, take it easy. You preparing for your next attacker?

Bobby: Reflex.

Edmund: Well, good. I'm glad you still have them. You need it. In your condition, somebody could come in and finish the job. I just saw Slater. He just walked by a few minutes ago.

Bobby: Where'd he go?

Edmund: Don't worry about him. I sent Maria to talk to him. Consider that a freebie. Now, you got some information that I want? Or else, you know, I could just leave the door wide open -- all comers welcome.

Bobby: What about what I want? Where is it?

Edmund: Six zeros -- that's a lot of money. Tell you what. Give me the information, I'll authorize a transfer.

Bobby: Something for nothing? I'm swollen, not stupid.

Edmund: Ok. Have it your way. It's been nice knowing you, Bobby. I hope the guy doesn't hurt you too much when he beats you to death.

Bobby: I know who shot Ryan Lavery.

Greenlee: Ryan does care about you. Ahem -- we both do. And while the goo factor might make us all want to hurl, it's true. Ryan wants to help you. Let him. I'm out of here. Something I've got to take care of. Bye.

Ryan: Bye.

Kendall: The audience is gone. So you're going to push me out the door or tie me to a chair?

Ryan: Nothing quite that extreme. I'd just like to talk.

Kendall: Even worse.

Ryan: Ethan is a Cambias now.

Kendall: Yes, I tried to tell you that, but you refused to believe it.

Ryan: Excuse me. Remember me? I'm the guy who pushed him to take the DNA test.

Kendall: Yeah, I know that.

Ryan: He pulled a gun on his father, and he wanted to shoot. Hell, he still might do it, and this is a guy that you want to cuddle up with?

Kendall: The Ethan that you see and the Ethan that I know are two different guys.

Ryan: Shades of your last misunderstood boyfriend -- Michael Cambias?

Kendall: Don't you throw him in my face.

Ryan: I will throw whatever it takes to make you see what you're getting into bed with.

Zach: I thought you were gone.

Maria: Ryan came here looking for you and Ethan. I'm sorry, Zach.

Zach: Yeah, well, Lavery found me. So did Ethan. He brought his gun with him. He wanted me dead.

Maria: Oh, my God.

Zach: So I was standing there with a rifle pointed at my head, Ethan raging with the sound of fury. And all I could think was what a brave, strong man, my son.

Ethan: I want to kill you, because you are my father.

Kendall: Do you know how much therapy it took for me to stop hating myself for bringing Michael here, for bringing that complete skeeve to town? He's nothing but -- he's a useless -- he was a useless waste of a human being, and how could you even bring him up?

Ryan: Ok, it was a low blow. Granted. But it seems like everybody sees that Ethan is bad news except for you.

Kendall: Yeah, that's right, because Kendall is always wrong.

Ryan: Do I think you have the best judgment? But I know how big your heart is, and I know that you care about Ethan. You guys have a lot in common. You were both raised with a lot of mysteries, and you're both trying to figure out who you are, and once you finally found Erica, she denied you, the same way that Zach denied Ethan. I mean, you share the same pain, and I'm sure you share a lot of it. And sometimes that's all it takes to make a connection.

Kendall: Yeah, but you don't know the other things that we share, the positive ways that we're alike.

Ryan: But that doesn't mean that you got to get sucked into his chaos. Kendall, think. You told me you wanted out of the craziness. You stood in that elevator right there and you told me that you don't want to self-destruct anymore. This time you want happiness.

Kendall: I have it.

Ryan: Do you, really? With all this insanity?

Kendall: Close to it.

Ryan: Not with a Cambias. You stay with Ethan, your heart will be trashed.

Kendall: Oh, my heart? Ok, so now you're worried about my heart?

Ryan: Yes, I am.

Kendall: I never thought I would care about anyone again. It took me forever to move on. But just like you, I have moved on. I found somebody. And who I care about is none of your business, never again. And as far as -- if you want to point fingers at crazy families, start with yours and leave Ethan alone.

Ryan: My family? What is that supposed to mean?

Kendall: I'm -- I'm not going to be bossed around by you, and I'm not going to get hurt by Ethan, ok? I'm going to go, I'm going to find Ethan myself without your help. Whatever he needs, I'm going to give him, because that's what I want.

Ryan: Kendall, I didn't mean to upset you. Ugh -- Mr. Dee.

Mr. Dee: Mr. Lavery.

Ryan: Well, let's get this over with.

Maria: Please. You need to talk about this.

Zach: What's there to say?

Maria: About how you feel. Your son just had a gun pointed at your head.

Zach: He was me. He was me standing there. He was me looking at my father and remembering how much I hated him, how much I wanted him dead. Ah -- well, I didn't want this for him. How did it come to this? I mean, now what?

Maria: Well, you are not your father. And you can offer Ethan something that your father never gave you.

Zach: I can't take away his name. I can't take away the power and the money. I tried and I failed. Maybe I never had a chance. Maybe neither one of us did. You know, I thought changing a few names and telling some lies, maybe we could break this curse, but, no, I -- I don't know.

Maria: Come on, you talk about this curse like it's actually real.

Zach: Michael, my father, me. You tell me it's not real?

Maria: It's not inevitable. It's not. Yes, he's hurt and he's angry and he's confused right now, but that -- but I think you just have to give it some time.

Zach: You weren't there. You didn't see the hate and the rage in that boy. How are you supposed to get past that?

Maria: With his father's help. You reach out to him. You can tell him that you understand. You can -- you can break the cycle. You can get through to him. If you love him enough, Zach, you can change the unchangeable.

Zach: The way you did with Edmund.

Maggie: "Twelve signs of abuse. Does your partner call you names?" Well, evidently, I was abused all throughout grade school, and I never even knew it. "Is your partner jealous or possessive?" How about "Does your former best friend have to be the center of everybody's universe?"

Bianca: Maggie, if Jonathan --

Maggie: No, let's not stop the party now, please. "Does your partner try to isolate or cut you off from other people?"

Bianca: Has he? Like maybe by telling you that I treat you like a toy? Has he asked you not to see me or Reggie or all the people who care about you in your life?

Maggie: Why can't you just leave me alone?

Anita: Because we care.

Bianca: Has he cut you off, Maggie?

Maggie: Jonathan loves me.

Bianca: Is he jealous? Possessive?

Maggie: Jonathan loves me.

[Greenlee picks the lock to Maggie's apartment]

Greenlee: Thank you, husband. Maggie? Jonathan? Ok, Jonathan. If you've got something to hide, I'm about to find it.

Edmund: All right, let's make this easy, hmm? Did Slater shoot Lavery? Yes or no?

Bobby: As good as.

Edmund: Bobby, what does that mean?

Bobby: It means the man's not an idiot, and he's got plenty of cash. He didn't have to pull the trigger. Just shell out for the bullets, the rifle, and the shooter.

Edmund: What's his name?

Bobby: How sexist of you. Zach's hit man -- hit woman. Edie, his right hand. Dirty work with a smile, but she left about a month or so after the shooting. I saw her take the shot at Lavery at the gazebo.

Edmund: Ok. Full name and location.

Bobby: Oh -- hmm. Sorry, but meds are kicking in here. No offense if I drift off here.

Edmund: Yeah, yeah, I'm sure. Like, a million in the Caymans would wake you right up, wouldn't it?

Bobby: Ok. You deliver the zeros, I deliver Zach. In the meantime, I need my rest.

Edmund: All right, done. You rest. Soon as that money comes through, you tell it all to Maria.

Bobby: Funny how it all comes back to her, huh?

Edmund: And the police.

Bobby: So this isn't just about keeping Zach away from your wife? You want to make this man suffer, huh?

Zach: So the two of you together -- what was that?

Maria: That was -- Edmund wants to give us another chance.

Zach: Uh-huh, and, you?

Maria: And I said, yes, of course. I mean, that's what we've been wanting all along.

Zach: He told your kids he served you papers, wanted you out of the house, and now it's hearts and roses, huh?

Maria: Yeah, well, I was surprised, definitely. I was surprised, and I'm just guessing that he had -- you know, he's had this time to think about it and that I probably said something that, you know, sunk in, got to him.

Zach: Mm-hmm. When did he make that generous offer?

Maria: A little while ago.

Zach: Oh. Ok.

Maria: "Oh. Ok." What's that? What does that mean?

Zach: Did he mention that he cornered me earlier and told me that I could never have you?

Maria: Because I'm his wife and he still wants me.

Zach: Yeah, maybe that's it, or maybe it's because he doesn't want me to have you.

Maria: What? That is so like you. That's -- I met and fell in love with and married Edmund long before I ever knew you existed. And now my husband and I are going to give it our best shot because we are going to make this work.

Zach: Saying it out loud doesn't make it true.

Maria: I know that Edmund wants this. And I know -- I have to try, Zach, or I'll never know if I could have fixed it. And I'm doing it for the love that we had and our children and the life that we had --

Zach: The love you had?

Maria: I'm with Edmund, which means I can't be with you, not as your confidante, not as your friend, and not as some past lover that you come and kiss when the mood strikes you. We have to be done. So, we're done.

[Phone rings]

Ethan: Hello?

Kendall: Ethan. Oh, my God, I was so scared. I didn't know what happened to you.

Ethan: Me, neither.

Kendall: Well, where are you?

Ethan: It doesn't matter.

Kendall: Stop it. Yes, it does matter, ok? Now, you're worrying me even more, now, please, Ethan, just let me come and let me help you.

Ethan: I bet you'd give it a heck of a good shot, wouldn't you? You're amazing, Kendall. I'm sorry I couldn't move the bloody ocean for you.

Kendall: Wait a minute -- you're what?

Ethan: I'm sorry for everything.

Kendall: "Bloody" -- oh, my God. Oh, God, Ethan, no.

Bianca: Maggie, it's safe here. We can talk.

Maggie: This is about some sick guy and some pathetic girl. That is not us. That is not me and Jonathan.

Bianca: Is it pathetic to need help?

Maggie: He cares about me, Bianca. He just wants to give me the world.

Bianca: What kind of world?

Maggie: No, no, no, you're not going to do this. You're not going to take this away from me. I love him, Bianca. I -- I love him, and he loves me.

Bianca: No, Maggie, please, please, don't go back to him. Don't let him hurt you again.

Maggie: Get out of my way.

Bianca: No, please, please, stay here. You can't just go back to him, Maggie. I love you.

Greenlee: "Hemlock." "Strychnine." All right. "Sicko poison guy." Damn it.

[Door slams]

Jonathan: You'll never get my password.

Mr. Dee: Last one.

Ryan: Ok. There you have it, counselor. Cambias Industries now officially belongs to Miranda Montgomery and to Ethan Ramsey. Oh. Check it out, Alex. You had two grandchildren after all. Now they have Cambias. All done. All gone.

Zach: You made your decision -- Edmund. And you and I -- I respect that.

Maria: Thank you.

Zach: I just hope you won't regret choosing something that doesn't exist.

Edmund: You ready?

Maria: Yeah, let's go. Bye.

Kendall: Oh, Ethan, thank God!

[Dazed and confused, Ethan turns around and points the rifle at Kendall]

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