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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 1/12/05



By Boo
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[Jonathan whistles and hums]

Jonathan: Good day, mates.

Danielle: For some lucky stiff.

Jonathan: Why? What's going on?

Ryan: Ramsey's DNA results are in.

Jonathan: And?

Greenlee: Zach Slater is the proud papa of a bouncing British boy.

Ryan: Look, I know you were hoping it wouldn't turn out like this, but I am transferring everything over to Miranda and to Ethan.

Jonathan: Hey. Easy come, easy go.

Ethan: Congratulations, Miranda. You have a cousin.

Bianca: Congratulations, Miranda. No more heart monitors, no more IVs. We are going home.

Jack: That's right. Did you hear your mommy? We're going home, Miranda! Boy, I can't believe how fantastic those words sound.

Bianca: I think I've been waiting to hear those words my whole life.

Erica: Yeah, and we're not going to waste another second. I'm going to go get your release papers so we can welcome this little baby angel home! Bye, baby!

Jack: And I'll see what I can do about getting your shoe back on, how's that? Come here, you.


Joe: What have we got?

Paramedic: Male, LOC [level of consciousness], mid to early 20s, looks like he took a pretty bad beating.

Aidan: You and I need to talk.

Paramedic: BP is 96/60.

Anita: What are you talking about? I have to help with this patient.

Aidan: Anita, let Maria and Joe take care of it, please.

Maria: Oh, my God. It's Bobby.

Anita: Bobby? What? Oh, my God! Who did this to him?

Zach: Hi. Thought I'd run into you. I got something for you.

Kendall: Rise and shine. You're up --

Ethan: Hey.

Kendall: And dressed. Well, that does it. My days of firing up the espresso machine to surprise you are officially kaput.

Kendall: So how you doing?

Ethan: Great.

Kendall: Really? So finding out that Zach is really your father, that's just water under London Bridge?

Ethan: I'm fine, Kendall. Really.

Kendall: You know, Ethan, you don't have to lie to me. You were up all night. You hit your pillow so many times I thought about calling Don King to book you at Madison Square Garden. Now, come on, I know how upset you are.

Ethan: You have no idea.

Kendall: Well, now that you know the truth, what are you going to do about it?

Joe: We're going to need a chest X-ray. Let's get him in the cubicle.

Maria: I don't like his color.

Joe: Get hold of Radiology.

Maria: Can I get a new chart, please? Thank you.

Anita: Maria, I want to be in there.

Maria: No, no, we've got it covered. At least let me get an examination done on him first, then I'll come back out and let you know how it's going. Stay with Aidan.

Aidan: Well, we're going to be right out here.

Anita: How could this have happened?

Aidan: I don't know. I wish I knew, but when I found him, the damage had already been done.

Anita: Wait -- you found Bobby?

Aidan: In the park while I was running, yeah.

Anita: Well, then you must have seen or heard something. Nothing?

Aidan: Nothing.

Anita: I don't get it. Why would somebody want to hurt Bobby? I mean, do you think maybe he was mugged?

Aidan: He could have been.

Anita: Aidan, you know something.

Aidan: There's possibilities it wasn't a stranger, all right?

Anita: Well, then, who?

Aidan: I don't know. Maybe it was the guy that left him the cash at the boathouse.

Anita: Oh, my God. I mean, do you think that Bobby brought this on himself?

Zach: Come on. When did you ever pass up a gift?

Erica: When I know too much about the person who's giving it to me.

Zach: Just open it.

Erica: Why are you doing this? I mean, why would you be giving me anything? Just because I appreciate the fact that you've said you'll help me punish David and Krystal, doesn't mean I'm going out and buying you a thank-you gift.

Zach: All right, then I'll open it.

Erica: Not my size.

Zach: No, but it's your style. It's the key to the office space you were interested in for your new company.

Erica: The office space you were unwilling to sell me.

Zach: Yeah. Change of heart. It's my gift to you. Here, look. Your name is on the deed already.

Erica: All right, what do you want, Zach?

Zach: I don't want anything. We're family now. Miranda's my niece, and this is just a gesture to honor our new connection, I guess.

Erica: Want to see the gesture I use to honor our new connection?

Zach: Maybe some other time. Here, no strings attached.

Erica: There are so many strings attached to you, Zach Slater, your name ought to be Pinocchio.

Zach: That's cute, but you'll still take it, right?

Erica: Ok. I'll have my lawyer look this over with a fine-toothed comb just in case there are any hidden tricky clauses.

Zach: Sure, and when they assure that it's legit, you --

Erica: I'll pay you every penny of your asking price, because I don't consider this a family gift.

Zach: I heard they're being released today.

Erica: Which means you have to think very long and hard before you set foot anywhere in this town, because I swear to you I don't want you anywhere near my daughter or her baby. And believe me, Bianca feels exactly the same way.

Zach: I'll keep my distance, for now.

Edmund: Just the man I wanted to see.

Kendall: Maybe you should at least just talk to Zach and find out why he kept the truth from you. I'll go with you.

Ethan: No. He's just going to make up more lies.

Kendall: Well, you can't just -- you can't just swallow the fact that he's your father and not do anything about it.

Ethan: Can't we just go back to flirting over espresso in our skivvies?

Kendall: Come on, Ethan, don't do this. Don't do this. Don't shut me out, ok? Now, listen, you -- you were there for me. You helped me during Zach's whole crazy murder game. Remember that? When I got all weirded out and I got all sketched out on the beach and tried to walk into the water. Remember that? You helped me. So please, just let me help you now.

Ethan: Kendall, I don't need any help.

Kendall: I know what it's like to find out that your father is a monster. I mean, can you imagine how I felt when I found out what my biological father did to my mother? We're talking hardcore tailspin. It nearly destroyed me. Now, I don't want to see that happen to you. And here you are, I see you, you're avoiding everything, you're pretending like you don't care, and it scares me.

Ethan: No, Kendall, I never said that I didn't care.

Kendall: So then you do care?

Ethan: Yeah. I care very much about you. Come here.

Jonathan: Hmm. What? Something in my teeth, or did we all get lockjaw at the same time?

Ryan: I'm just not sure you heard us right.

Jonathan: About Ramsey?

Ryan: Yeah.

Jonathan: Yeah, being a Cambias.

Ryan: Uh-huh.

Greenlee: And the part where we hand over the companies?

Jonathan: Yeah. I heard it all.

Ryan: You're ok with it?

Jonathan: Hey, it is what it is.

Ryan: Wow. I got to say I'm impressed. I thought I'd be pulling you off of Ramsey's face by now.

Jonathan: Well, now, come on. I've -- I've been thinking about what you said, and me losing my temper doesn't change anything. And frankly, I have to accept these results for what they are, and that's all I'm trying to do here.

Ryan: Well, what do you know?

Greenlee: My husband, the steady voice of reason.

Ryan: I wouldn't go that far.

Jonathan: No, she's actually right. I'm -- you're a real principled guy, and I admire you for that. I want to be more like you.

Greenlee: Wow. Scratch that -- my husband, the role model.

Ryan: Ok, I'm not Mister Rogers, people.

Jonathan: I just need you to know that I believe in what you're doing, I support you, and I'm backing your play on this every step of the way.

Ryan: Thanks, man. That means a lot.

Jonathan: Yeah, man.

Danielle: Aw. This is almost enough to bring a girl to tears. I knew I'd have a use for those couture hankies, and Daddy said no.

Greenlee: What was he thinking? A girl's got to cry in style.

Ryan: Yeah.

Jonathan: Ok. Yeah, we're going to stop with the love fest now, ok? Let's work on this audit, huh, so we can this transfer done.

Ryan: All right. Look, I'm going to go fill in the board about everything that just went down. I'm sure they're going to be really broken up to hear that I'm out and somebody else is in.

Greenlee: You're the man.

Danielle: Jonathan, do you know why my computer keeps saying "Program not responding"?

Jonathan: I don't know why, Dani. Why don't you try rebooting it.

Danielle: Right, and to do that, I would --

Jonathan: Are you kidding me? You don't know how to reboot a computer? You know what, Dani? If you can't work a computer, you probably can't work here. It's beyond me why Greenlee ever hired you, seriously. You are by far the stupidest person I've ever worked with.

Danielle: Are you counting the people you met before and after you flunked out of school?

Jonathan: What? Don't you talk to me that way. You hear me?

Greenlee: No, don't you talk to her that way! Tell Dani you're sorry, now. Until we turn this company over, I'm the major stockholder. That means you take orders from me, and I won't allow you to talk to anyone in this office the way you just talked to Dani. Now, apologize or get out.

Jonathan: Dani, I'm -- I'm really sorry for what I said.

Danielle: Mm-hmm. Ryan asked me to run these folders down to the Art Department.

Greenlee: Go ahead. Take your time. Jonathan, wait.

Jonathan: Greenlee, I said I was sorry.

Greenlee: What is with you? You come in this morning whistling, acting like you don't have a care in the world. And then the minute you're alone with Dani, I catch you going postal on the poor kid.

Jonathan: I know. I -- I understand what she's going through and why she's asking people to help her with her work. She's -- she's insecure, and -- well, she's making a lot of mistakes right now.

Greenlee: Funny. The only one I've noticed making mistakes is you.

Ryan: So did I call it or what?

Greenlee: What?

Jonathan: I bet you did call it!

Ryan: As predicted, the board's ready to party now that I'm out and Ethan's in.

Greenlee: Because they know you're not a pushover and they're assuming Ethan is.

Ryan: Well, if that's what they're hoping for, they're in for a big surprise.

Ethan: You are magnificent. You know that?

Kendall: Who, me?

Ethan: Yeah, you. And you're caring and giving and beautiful.

Kendall: And funny. Don't forget funny. I'm very, very funny.

Ethan: Ahem. Yeah -- no, funny? You're not so funny, Kendall.

Kendall: Wait -- yes! I'm funny!

Ethan: All right, ok.

Kendall: I'm funny!

Ethan: All right, all right. You're funny. But you're also charming and sexy, and you're brilliant in everything that you do, truly, and, Kendall, I really feel so very fortunate to have you in my life, especially through all this.

Kendall: Wow. I'm going to have to remember what kind of coffee I used. It's working.

Ethan: It's not the coffee that's got me so worked up. It's you.

Kendall: Oh. Me?

Ethan: Yeah. And tell me, why would I want to waste my time running after the likes of Zach Slater when I can invest all my time in somebody as wonderful as you?

Kendall: Beats me.

Ethan: Ok. So how about you go and run yourself one of those nice, long, hot, sexy baths of yours --

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Ethan: You know, the ones that make your skin all soft?

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Ethan: And I'll rustle us up something to eat. How does Eggs Benedict sound?

Kendall: Mmm. You -- you know my weak spots.

Ethan: Mm-hmm.

Kendall: Yummy.

Ethan: We'll have a little bite to eat, then we'll make love.

Kendall: Um -- maybe we should just skip the whole eating thing.

Ethan: No, miss out on the thrill of anticipation? No. Run your bath, take your time. Trust me, it'll be worth the wait.

Kendall: Ok. Yes, yes --

Ethan: Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh. Go.

Kendall: You are a terrible tease. I'm going. I'm going.

Edmund: I heard about your recent visit you paid Maria in my stables -- that you haven't given up on trying to get her back and that you're prepared to fight for her.

Zach: You heard well.

Edmund: She's still married, to me.

Zach: That's true, but we both know that's only on paper.

Edmund: You really don't know a damn thing.

Zach: Hmm. This sudden possessive tone of yours -- where is that coming from? Have you decided to fight for her?

Edmund: Whew. What's to fight, Zach? She's still my wife, and that's the way she wants it.

Zach: Why are you telling me this? Because now you really do want her or because I do?

[Phone rings]

Zach: Yes. I'll be right there.

Kendall: Ok, this bathing by myself isn't really doing it for me, so I think you should get your butt in there and come and be with me, Ethan. Hello? Ethan? Oh, my God.

Bianca: Ok. Wow, I cannot believe that she slept the whole way.

Erica: I know.

Bianca: Oh.

Erica: Jack, can we get the lights?

Jack: Oh, yeah.

Myrtle: Happy Homecoming!

Opal: Happy Homecoming, sweetie pie! And Merry Christmas to boot!

Bianca: Oh, my goodness! Oh, my goodness, Miranda, take a look at all of this!

Erica: And now you and Miranda can celebrate the holidays all over again together at home.

Bianca: Oh, my gosh. I -- I have no words. This is completely amazing. Thank you so much.

Jack: Well, you know, we can't take all the credit. Your decorating committee was Ryan and Greenlee.

Bianca: Oh.

Opal: And get a load of all the folks that sent over more presents.

Bianca: Oh, my gosh. It's -- it's remarkable. It's actually overwhelming. I --

Erica: Well, you have so many things. I mean, you have everything you could ever possibly want or need for this baby right here under the tree and in this room, and, in fact, Adam sent over all of Miranda's things from the mansion.

Bianca: Wow. Well, how lucky are we to be loved by so many incredible people.

Anita: How's Bobby?

Joe: We've stabilized him. He does have a nasty concussion and, along with bruises to the ribs, multiple contusions.

Maria: It's a miracle actually that he didn't sustain more serious head injuries from the beating he took.

Anita: Oh. Well, then, what happens now?

Joe: Well, what happens is we're going to admit him as soon as a bed is available, we'll keep him under observation for a couple of days, but he should be ok in time.

Anita: Oh, thank God.

Joe: Mm-hmm.

Anita: Ok, well, can I see him?

Maria: Yeah, sure. Do you want me to go with you?

Anita: No, no, no. Thank you.

PA Announcer: Dr. Martin, Cardiac Cath Lab.

Joe: Uh-oh.

PA Announcer: Dr. Grey, Cardiac Cath Lab.

Joe: Ok, duty calls.

Anita: Yeah. Should I --

Maria: No, no, no. You go ahead and stay here, and I'll come check back in, ok?

Anita: Ok. I don't know how long I'm going to be.

Aidan: Take as long as you like. I'm not going anywhere.

Edmund: Aidan. Hey, fancy meeting you here.

Aidan: Hi, Ed. How's the physical therapy going?

Edmund: Oh, well, you know, it's slow but sure. What are you doing here? Come to meet Anita?

Aidan: No, actually, I came here to drop off a patient to the ER -- Bobby Warner. I found him in a park pretty much beaten to a pulp.

Edmund: Bobby? Is he ok?

Aidan: Yeah, well, he's going to be ok. He's going to be a lucky guy, hopefully. When I found him, he looked like pretty much like roadkill.

Edmund: What did Bobby get himself into this time?

Aidan: You know, that's hard to say, but Anita and I witnessed him picking up a cash drop at the boathouse the other day. My guess is the cash and the beating are connected to some shady deal that went wrong, or some kind of blackmail, you know?

Edmund: My guess it's connected to Zach Slater.

Zach: I'm here. Where are you?

Kendall: Oh, Ryan, thank God you're here. You have to help me.

Ryan: Why? What's wrong?

Kendall: Ethan left my condo without saying where he was going, and when I looked in my closet, the case was opened.

Ryan: What? What case?

Kendall: Which can only mean one thing -- that Ethan went after Zach.

Zach: Where are you? What is the life-and-death problem?

Ethan: You're the problem, Zach. The life-or-death part I figured out. It's time you joined your brother.

Kendall: So I tried -- I tried calling Ethan. I've looked everywhere. I checked Zach's condo. I tried calling his cell phone, but nobody answered, and no one has seen Zach at the --

Ryan: Ok, Kendall, slow down, slow down. You said he took something out of a case.

Kendall: Yes, yes -- his rifle.

Greenlee: You think he'd shoot his own father?

Kendall: Well, he's hardly claimed Zach as his dear old dad. And you saw his reaction when he got those DNA results.

Ryan: Yeah. I mean, he was pretty broken up inside, but I didn't think he was --

Kendall: No, no, "broken up" doesn't even begin to explain it. He played cool on the outside, but inside his heart was getting ripped to shreds. I remember that feeling. That's how I was the night of the murder game, when I held that gun in my own hand, and I fantasized about making the people who hurt me suffer the most.

Jonathan: Hold it. You want Ryan to actually help you save the guy who probably tried to kill him? You're nuts! I hope that Ethan and Zach blow each other away. Come on, everyone, the world would be a better place without them, you know?

Kendall: Nice, very nice, Jonathan. What century are you living in here? Ryan, will you please, please help me?

Ryan: I'm sorry, Kendall. I won't.

Kendall: Wait a minute. You're joking. You're kidding me, right?

Ryan: It's not my fight. And honestly, I'm done with Ethan and Zach. As far as I'm concerned, Zach deserves whatever Ethan's going to give him, and I'm not so hot on saving Ethan from himself, so I'm out.

Kendall: Ok, I get it, I see. So everything was great, happy, hunky-dory for you, so that's it. To hell with everyone else? I don't even know why I bothered coming here. You know what? I'm going to go and I'm going to find Ethan myself. Greenlee, just get out of my way, please.

Greenlee: I'm coming with you to find Ethan.

Bianca: Well, can you believe that she fell asleep opening presents?

Jack: Well, now, that's got to be a first for a Kane woman.

Erica: True.

Opal: Hey, I say we keep on pressing on, honey. We got more presents here than could fill a spaceship.

Bianca: Yeah, but don't you think we should wait until Miranda wakes up?

Erica: Well, maybe just a couple more.

Jack: Yeah, yeah. How about these?

Bianca: Wait a minute. Are these from you guys?

Jack: Yes.

Bianca: Come on. You have done more than enough already.

Erica: Oh, well, now, you didn't actually think that we were going to refrain from spoiling Miranda rotten, did you?

Bianca: Where was my head?

Jack: Now, now, actually, technically, that is not from me.

Bianca: Ok. Who's it from?

Jack: It's from your father. That's his baseball mitt when Travis and I used to play Little League together.

Erica: Oh.

Jack: Thank you. I came across it going through some things, and I just thought that -- well, I mean, I know -- I know Travis has been watching over the both of you since the very beginning, but I just thought maybe you'd like to give this glove to Miranda to let her know that her -- her grandfather will always be watching over her and cheering her on for her whole life.

Bianca: Oh, my goodness. Uncle Jack, thank you so much.

Jack: Oh, you're welcome, sweetie.

Opal: Oh, when I opted not to go for the waterproof mascara, man, I knew, oh, it was come back to bite me!

Bianca: Yes, yes. Oh, Mom. That's my favorite picture of Grandma. It is so beautiful, Mom. Thank you. I love it.

Erica: Well, I hope that you will keep that in Miranda's room, so that every morning when she wakes up and every night before she goes to sleep she can see your grandma smiling down on her.

Bianca: Come here. Oh. Amazing. Well, I can promise you all that Miranda is going to know and love every single member of her family, the ones that she'll never get a chance to meet and the ones that she'll see every single day and then anybody who's yet to come.

Opal: "Yet to come"? Don't tell us there's another new member of this family we don't even know about.

Bianca: There might be, actually. Before we left the hospital, Miranda gave somebody a present of her own. She gave Ethan a DNA sample.

Erica: Oh, Bianca. No.

Jack: He didn't press you into that, did he?

Bianca: No, no, I was the one who insisted that he take the sample.

Erica: Why? Why would you do that, honey? I mean, what's the point? Zach has already told us that he's not a Cambias.

Bianca: Well, I'm not going to take Zach's word for it, and neither is Ethan.

Zach: What are you doing?

Ethan: Isn't it obvious? I lure you to the same spot where they dumped your brother. There's no one else around. My rifle's loaded.

Zach: Well, you're not really going to shoot me, so what's your point?

Ethan: Is that a challenge? Because I can assure you that I'm up for it.

Zach: Why are you doing this?

Ethan: I'm bringing a Cambias to justice, and I'm going to make damn sure that you pay for all of your crimes.

Edmund: People like Zach Slater -- they don't like to get their hands dirty. Now, Bobby -- he's my son's biological father, and he's a good kid, but he's -- but he's weak, and he's made business mistakes his whole life trying to score the easy money. And people like Slater, they prey on people like Bobby, because they make good bag men and they make even better fall guys.

Aidan: So, what, you figure Zach Slater's the guy in the money drop?

Edmund: Mm-hmm. Bobby was a bag man. Somebody made a mistake --

Aidan: Yeah.

Edmund: Somebody had to pay.

Aidan: You know what? Anything's possibly with this Slater guy. But I'm going to reserve my judgment until I hear what Anita finds out.

Anita: Bobby? Welcome back. It's me. It's Anita. Do you -- do you recognize me? Someone -- someone beat you up. Do you have any idea who did this to you? Bobby, can you hear me? Do you know who I am?

Bobby: Anita.

Anita: You're in the hospital. You were hurt. Aidan found you in the park. You had been beaten up pretty badly. Do you have any idea who did this to you?

Bobby: Aidan found me?

Anita: Yes, but just try to stay focused on me. Bobby, who could have done this to you?

Bobby: Don't -- don't even try to pretend to care.

Anita: What? Bobby, of course I care.

Bobby: Get out!

Anita: I'm here to help you --

Bobby: Get the -- get the hell out.

Edmund: Maria, we need to talk.

Maria: I got to check on Bobby.

Edmund: Please. Anita's with him. It's important. It's about us.

Ryan: Greenlee? Hey -- hey!

Greenlee: Hmm?

Ryan: Maybe you weren't listening. Kendall was talking about Ethan running around with a rifle. She also mentioned that he's out of his mind with rage. If you think I'm letting either of you go and track this guy down, you're out of your mind.

Greenlee: Ryan, I have to do this. Kendall saved my life.

Ryan: So you want to pay her back by getting yourself killed?

Kendall: Well, someone has to stop Ethan.

Ryan: Yeah, not my wife.

Greenlee: I won't let Kendall go alone.

Ryan: Well, I won't let either of you go. I'll go.

Kendall: Ryan, thank you. Thank you so much.

Ryan: You can thank me by staying here and watching Greenlee, making sure she's safe.

Jonathan: And who's going to make sure you're safe?

Ryan: Oh.

Jonathan: Hey, man, this dude already tried to shoot you once.

Ryan: I got it under control. I'll be careful.

Jonathan: No, you won't, because you're not going to go. You call Aidan, you call the cops, you call somebody else in to handle this.

Ryan: Hey, listen --

Jonathan: You're not going --

Ryan: Listen -- listen to me! I got it under control, ok? I promise.

Greenlee: Be very careful.

Ryan: Yeah, I will. I'll be back soon. Ok?

Jonathan: What kind of wife are you? Hmm? You'll let him leave?

Greenlee: Jonathan, I --

Jonathan: You are the only one who could have stopped him. You are the one who practically just pushed him out of the door to kiss up to some chick who poisoned you. How freaking twisted is that, Greenlee?

Kendall: Hey, Jonathan, Jonathan, back off!

Jonathan: Hey, the hell I will! This is about my brother!

Kendall: Yeah, well, honestly, I don't think that Ethan would hurt Ryan.

Jonathan: You know what? Honestly, Kendall, you don't think. And you know what? Neither do you, and that's your problem.

Kendall: All right, can you say "major meltdown"?

Greenlee: I'm scared that it's a lot worse than that.

Erica: Bianca, honey, just -- well, think this through. I mean, Ethan has been accused of shooting Ryan.

Jack: He is about to go to trial for attempted murder, honey.

Bianca: He hasn't been convicted of anything.

Erica: Isn't it enough that he has involved himself with Kendall? I mean, how can you allow him to use Miranda like that?

Bianca: You know, when Ethan came to Pine Valley, he had a perfectly honest mission. He just wanted to find out who he was. Clearly, somebody lied to him, either his mother or his father. And I should know more than anyone else what a lie can do to a person or a family. It was a lie that kept me from my daughter this whole time.

Opal: Yeah, but, honey, you got to remember your situation isn't anything like Ethan's.

Myrtle: Why not?

Bianca: That's right. Why not? If Miranda's DNA can help Ethan prove who he is, then I think he deserves it. I think that if secrets and lies this big are allowed to go on for too long that they can damage you for good.

Ethan: You really went out of your way to avoid being a Cambias, didn't you? Staging your own death was risky. What I don't understand is why you would go to all that trouble just to live your life as a criminal anyway.

Zach: So you want to be my judge and jury?

Ethan: Can you think of a better choice? You shot Ryan, or you had Ryan shot. And then you set me up to take the fall. You drugged Greenlee, and then you framed Kendall for that one. Now, maybe, if you'd started coming after me, I could let it slide, but when you went after Kendall, you crossed the line, and I'm going to make damn sure that you don't hurt her or Miranda.

Zach: Miranda's my niece. I'd never hurt her.

Ethan: I'm going to make sure that you don't get the chance.

Zach: Oh. If you want to have it with me, that's fine. Put the gun down. You're about to go to trial, and you got a good chance of beating it, but not if you keep pulling stunts like this.

Ethan: I really wouldn't be too concerned with me right now.

Zach: The second set of shots at Lavery -- that is your reasonable doubt.

Ethan: No, Ryan thinks that you gave me that reasonable doubt, but that doesn't make any sense. Why would you set me up and then get me off? Then again, come to think of it, Zach, you've been kind of switching sides ever since I was first arrested. Why is that? Why did you take such an interest in my case? Why do you care about me, hmm? Tell me. Why are you so invested in my life?

Anita: You should have seen the way that he looked at me. He couldn't stand to have me in the room.

Aidan: I'm sorry.

Anita: It's -- it's not your fault. I just -- I wish that he would have told me who did this to him.

Aidan: You want me to find out for you?

Anita: Oh, no. I don't want you to get involved.

Aidan: What do you mean? I already am involved. I was the one that found him, remember?

Anita: I know. It's just -- I mean, you shouldn't have to deal with this. I mean, you know, Bobby's not exactly your favorite person, and I --

Aidan: Anita, Anita, stop it. All right? You can't feel guilty just because you care about him. You were married to him. All right? He's important to you, and I want to help you out because you're important to me.

Maria: What's on your mind?

Edmund: You. I was thinking about what you said the other day and you were wondering whether it was really over between us. And the truth is I don't want it to be. I want to give us another chance.

Greenlee: All right. I have to be honest. Oh, I never thought I'd be saying this out loud. I just thought that I was being paranoid, overreacting, and I could never tell Ryan's these suspicions, but seeing as I basically cleared you of all suspicion of poisoning me, I was hoping that you would feel you owe me one, so -- so while I am --

Kendall: Ok, whoa, whoa, whoa, Greenlee --

Greenlee: While I am willing to believe that Zach Slater either shot Ryan or had Ryan shot, I'm starting to believe that the person behind the trigger may not be the same person who poisoned me. I mean, what if the poisoning is an entirely separate thing?

Kendall: Ok, Greenlee --

Greenlee: Now, I know this sounds crazy --

Kendall: Greenlee, please, slow down a second.

Greenlee: And I don't know if this thought has ever occurred to you, but not only have you worked with him, you've slept with him, so maybe it has. Kendall, just tell me the truth. Tell me if this is a possibility. Tell me if I am just losing my mind all over again.

Kendall: Ok, Greenlee, would you stop? Please, for the love of God, stop and tell me, what is your point?

Greenlee: I've been thinking who, besides you, might have a grudge against me, who could have slipped me those drugs.

Kendall: And the award goes to?

Greenlee: Jonathan.

Bianca: Well, the little angel is still sleeping soundly --

Opal: Ah.

Bianca: So I think somebody's going to be up playing patty-cake half the night.

Myrtle: And loving every minute of it.

Erica: Honey?

Opal: Let's see.

Erica: Bianca, I certainly understand your reasoning for wanting to help Ethan find out his true identity. Please just promise me that you will keep your distance from him now, no matter what the results are.

Bianca: Mom, please don't do this. We were having such a nice evening.

Jack: Hey, hey, hey, hey, your mother's just worried about you. We all are.

Bianca: Well, I'm sorry. But if Ethan turns out to be a Cambias, he will be a part of Miranda's life. I'm not going to shut him out. I'm not going to deny him his family the way Zach might have. I just don't understand how any father could deny his own son.

Ethan: It's not a trick question.

Zach: It doesn't matter why I was trying to help you. You're here because of the awful crimes I committed against Ryan and Greenlee and Kendall.

Ethan: Actually, those crimes are small compared to your major sin. You may have faked your own death 20 years ago, but you made a big mistake the day you decided to step foot in Pine Valley, because this -- this is where you were found out. Despite your best intentions, this is where Alexander Cambias, Jr., was resurrected from the dead. You see, that's your biggest crime, Alex. By coming back here, you created another Cambias!

Zach: That family is dead. I'll never be a Cambias, and neither will Miranda.

Ethan: No. But I will. That's why I'm holding this gun. I want to kill you because you are my father.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Maggie: What are you doing with Jonathan's locker?

Edmund: Somebody wants you dead. I'm your best chance to stay alive.

Bianca: Could you come over here? It's actually pretty important.

Ethan: I just want to make you pay!

Zach: Then do it. Make me pay.

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