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Ethan: I'm going to keep this short. I -- I just wanted a quick chat, tell you something that I -- I haven't even told Kendall. I came to Pine Valley for one reason -- to be accepted as Ethan Cambias. And I found something else entirely -- friendship, from you and from your sister. And that meant more to me than any empire. I don't know what would've happened if I hadn't met you. And I don't give up what I value, Bianca. That's why I can't let you leave.

Kendall: Maria? Bianca's getting better, right? She's coming out of the coma now. I know, I know. That's a new sunny-side me -- it's kind of a shock, but I'm right, aren't I?

Maria: Kendall, I'm really sorry.

Kendall: No, he told me to have faith and I -- I listened and I tried. So she's getting better now.

Maria: No, you've got to prepare yourself because we may have to put Bianca on a respirator to keep her alive.

Erica: Jack, what's keeping J.R.? Why hasn't he brought Miranda down here yet?

Jack: Look, this can't be easy for him. I mean, what do you say to your child when you find out that all of a sudden she's not your child?

Erica: Jack, I want that baby with Bianca now.

Jack: I know.

Tad: Where's Miranda?

Jack: Where's -- J.R. never brought her.

Tad: Oh, God, Jack!

Tad: Oh, no, no, no!

Adam: He found another way out.

Tad: Aidan? He's gone and he's got Miranda. I don't know -- just find him!

Father Clarence: There's no one else who can help me, young man.

J.R.: Well, what are you doing?

Father Clarence: You have a car and I need a lift.

J.R.: Did you not hear me? I have someplace I have to be. I really don't have time for this.

Father Clarence: Perhaps we're going in the same direction -- Pine Valley Hospital?

J.R.: No, opposite direction. I'm going far away. Look, how about I make a donation -- for the Christmas fund?

Father Clarence: Save your money, son. The Lord will provide.

J.R.: Then use it for a taxi. I'll call one as soon as I'm on the road. Just please, for God's sake, just get out of my car.

Reggie: I'm sitting here like a fool, for what? For the doctors to get a clue? Dani, look, please, just -- just tell me something. What can I do? How do I fix her and why the hell can't somebody wake Bianca up? I mean, all the things she's been through -- she just gets to lie there? She just gets -- she gets to die? It's --

Danielle: Reggie, don't.

Derek: Hey. Hey, hey! Take it easy, easy. Come here. Come here.

Reggie: What? You going to drag me down to the station for disturbing the peace?

Derek: Look, I'm just here for Bianca, like everybody else.

Reggie: Because if we stick around long enough, we might all just get a chance to say good-bye, right?

Derek: Look, Reggie, I feel you. You're frustrated and the frustration gets in your blood and it starts pounding at your brain, so you got to let it loose, but don't, ok? Just -- just stay cool.

Reggie: Be cool. Being cool won't bring Bianca back. All right? So what do we do? You tell me that, Derek.

Derek: Well, we just go with the flow, you know? We just -- we just look around. When you see all these people that love her -- look around, Reggie, and we -- we just know we're not alone.

Brooke: Excuse me. Join me, won't you? Have you heard from Babe?

Krystal: No.

Brooke: Should I believe you? Tad already told me everything -- oh, including that your daughter and my son kidnapped the Buchanan baby.

Krystal: That's Babe's child. Now, if Tad told you everything, you know that's true.

Brooke: He also told me that my son is not going to be coming home any time soon, so add that to the list of horrific things that you've already done. Tell me why I shouldn't rip you apart. Help me understand, Krystal. How can you watch that sweet, kind young girl who's already been through hell, watch her suffer and know you're why?

Krystal: I don't expect you to see it, but I do have a heart and a soul and it kills me to know what I did to Bianca.

Ethan: You've taught me so much already. Next thing on the books, you're going to teach me how to deal with that sister of yours. I think we're both on the -- on the same page with that. We don't want to change her, just -- just help her a little.

David: Can I have a moment alone with Bianca, please?

Ethan: Of course. I'm -- I'm going to go and find your sister, and I'm going to hold you to our agreement, ok? Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Kendall: No.

Ethan: Hold on a second.

Kendall: No, I have to see -- I have to see Bianca. She's worse, isn't she?

Ethan: No, I'm -- I was just in with her. I don't know about worse, but you need to calm down.

Kendall: No, no, I'm tired. I've done that already, ok? Calm, faith, hope, blah, blah, blah, whatever. Never again.

Ethan: What's going -- where did you go after you left the boathouse? Why are you so wound up?

Kendall: Well, getting played does that to me. I got suckered into believing in miracles.

David: If you want to punish me, Bianca, I understand. Well, go ahead. String me up, torture me. Skin me alive. But to make me sit here and watch you here like this, you must really want me to suffer.

[David sighs]

David: You have no choice but to hate me, Bianca. I know that. I betrayed you. I let you ache for a baby that was close enough to touch. There is another way to make me pay -- you can open your eyes and you can tell me to my face that you hate me for what I've done to you. Then I will suffer -- still not as much as I deserve, but I will pay. You are going to have so much more than just your hatred and your grief to hold on to soon, Bianca. You're going to have your daughter. Now, I know this might sound strange, but your mother, she's working on it. She's going to make it happen. I failed you, Bianca, but Erica won't. Miranda won't. And you cannot fail your daughter.

Tad: Where the hell does this go?

Adam: I have no idea.

Tad: Don't give me that. You've been playing tunnel rat for decades and you know it.

Adam: This is new. He must have done the work while I was away. I knew how much he loved that child, how desperate he was to keep her. What have I done?

Tad: I'll tell you what you've done -- you let him run with Bianca's daughter and you left it to me to rip Miranda away from him.

Adam: I didn't want him to go, but he's gone anyway. And I have lost my son and the rest of you can all go to hell.

Jack: Ok, let -- let Tad handle this, please.

Erica: But what's going on up there? For such a long time with Tad and Adam and J.R. --

Jack: I know, I know.

Erica: Something's not right.

Tad: Jack, let's go.

Erica: The baby -- oh, God no! Jack!

Jack: Well, you came -- what happened to Aidan and his men?

Tad: I'm going to meet with them right now.

Jack: Let's go, let's go.

Father Clarence: Such a sweet face. You must love her very much.

J.R.: That's why I've got to get out of here. You have no idea what you walked in on.

Father Clarence: She doesn't look a bit like you or Dixie.

J.R.: You knew my mother?

Father Clarence: One of the brightest lights I ever met. Kind and beautiful and strong.

J.R.: Could you just -- please?

Father Clarence: Wonder what she thinks of all this -- you and the baby.

J.R.: My mother's dead.

Father Clarence: I wonder what she thinks of what you're about to do, or not do.

J.R.: All right, get out. Get out. I don't have any time for this. Go! Out of my car. All right, Bess.

[Car starts]

J.R.: Everything's going to be ok. That's right.

[Door opens]

J.R.: Please, Father! It's too late.

Aidan: You better pray to God it's not.

Krystal: I know you think I don't have any right to be here, but I'm here for Babe and Jamie's sake and for the sake of that little baby.

Brooke: Oh, haven't you already done enough for Babe's sake? What can you do for them now?

Krystal: Play decoy and draw fire. I pray, I pray to God that Bianca wakes up, and when she does, there's a very good chance that she's going to tell J.R. that his son is alive. Now, Adam and J.R. are going to be out for blood -- Babe and Jamie's, most of all -- and I am going to be here to stand in their way.

Brooke: How noble. You're a piece of work.

Krystal: And so is Jamie. And I mean that in the best possible way. You raised an incredible boy. You should've seen him in Florida with that little boy.

Brooke: No, I should see him here, with his family.

Krystal: Babe and Jamie -- they call themselves family. The look in his eyes when he watches that baby, it's just -- it's fierce and it's loving all at the same time. He is a true father, no doubts, no regrets. Brooke, I know you want your boy back, but he's where he wants to be, and I swear to you Babe knows full well how lucky she is because I have told her a thousand times how hard it is to find a good man and I ought to know because I never met one until I met Jamie's daddy.

Tad: It's over. Get out of the car.

Aidan: And don't even think about running, J.R., because there's guards everywhere, the roads are blocked, and your pilot's been removed from the jet.

J.R.: All right, you know what? Just back off, ok? You're starting to scare the baby.

Jack: Thank God.

J.R.: Please, Tad. You saved me before --

[Miranda cries]

J.R.: When I was a baby. Do you remember that? Please, you don't want to do this.

Tad: You'll never know how much, but it's time for you to give Miranda up now.

J.R.: You cannot take Bess away from me.

Jack: The child's name is Miranda. Now, we tried this the easy way, son. But I'm telling you, if you try to stop us from taking this child, you're going to be facing kidnapping charges.

J.R.: But I am the father! You know that, Tad. I'm the dad.

Tad: I swear to you on Dixie's soul, this child isn't yours. You're not her father.

[Miranda screams]

Jack: Come here, sweetheart. Come here to your old Uncle Jack, baby. Come here. Come here. Aw, yeah. We're going to go for a little car ride -- that's right. Shh, baby, that's right. We're just going for a little ride, ok? Come on, here we go.

Erica: Oh, Miranda.

Jack: We got her.

Erica: Oh. Oh, you're going to go to your mommy now. Yes, you are. To your mommy.

Aidan: There's a friend of mine on the force. He's got lights and sirens ready to go.

Jack: Get them going. Let's go.

Tad: You gave her what she deserves, J.R. You gave her back her mother.

J.R.: Just shut up! Just shut up, ok? My son, my mom, and you are all dead to me.

Kendall: There was this priest -- I think he was a priest -- and he was dusting the crèche and I was holding the baby Jesus and he kept going on and on about Bianca, faith, and hope, whatever. And that stubby old man almost conned me. He told me that faith could beat any fear. So I tried -- like you said, cover my bases, give it a shot. I tried and I sucked at it, so I tried harder, and then I -- I felt this tingle like maybe it was true, maybe faith was enough, and I would come back here and I would find Bianca awake. I believed. I believed and what do I have to show for it? Absolutely nothing, and this is the last time that I get played for a sucker.

Ethan: Ok. Kendall, that -- that tingle, did it feel wrong? Fake?

Kendall: No, it felt right. It felt right enough for me to trust it.

Ethan: Ok. You need to hold on to that, Kendall. You need to keep praying and keep believing. Isn't that what Bianca would have you do?

Kendall: David? David, please tell me you have a drug, something new. Just tell me there's been a change.

David: I can't.

Ethan: Kendall, Kendall, wait. Your fear can't help Bianca. You need to leave it out here. If you take anything into that room, you take in your faith.

J.R.: Oh.

Stuart: I guess this is about the worst day this house ever saw. I'm so sorry, J.R.

J.R.: Care to join me? Hmm? We could break out Bess' sippy cups. Guess she's not going to ever use those again.

Adam: Son?

J.R.: Cheers! To Adam, Sr., a man willing to cut his own son's heart out. Wow, this is a mighty big bottle. I bet you I could think of all sorts of ways to toast you tonight.

Adam: J.R., I don't -- I don't think I ever really understood until I saw that tunnel you built just how much you loved that little girl.

J.R.: You mean how much you love me?

Adam: Yes. And just how far you'd go to keep her. And even though I was terrified that I'd never see you again, I hoped you'd get away.

J.R.: Which is why you tried to hand Bess over to them, took her for a DNA test, lied to my face about it? You said you were making up with Stuart, but you were too busy slicing me up! What'd you let them do to her anyway? Let them swab her cheek? No, no, you know what? Let's just say they took her blood. It's more poetic that way, don't you think? She bled and I bleed.

Adam: J.R., you have to understand --

J.R.: No, go ahead, Judas! Count up your 30 silver pieces. Listen to it clink, clink, clink in the palm of your hand. And then, you tell me, Dad. Was it worth it to you to betray me? God.

Kendall: So, for New Year's, I was thinking big like Paris or Rio or -- or Italy, with that big family honeymoon that Mom and Jack keep dangling in front of us. Or, you know, we could just do quiet. We could do you and me on the sofa, popcorn and old movies.

Ethan: Or we could -- you know, we could -- we could bundle up in front of a fire down on the beach, set off some firecrackers and have some -- what are those things? The some mores?

Kendall: S'mores.

Ethan: Hmm?

Kendall: Could he be more British? You got to help me Yankify him, Binks. I can't do it alone.

Maria: Hi. Excuse me -- doctor's privilege.

Ethan: Yeah.

Kendall: You see that? We -- we are being very polite here. We're not even fighting over you, even though we want to. See you later, Binks.

Ethan: Yeah. And the S'mores are on me, ok?

Kendall: No.

Ethan: Kendall? What's the matter?

Kendall: We waited last March for Miranda. We waited and we prayed just like this. And when the elevator doors opened, we saw -- we knew that she was never coming back. I have to go. I can't be here. I've got to go --

Ethan: Hey, Kendall --

[Elevator bell dings]

Erica: We have a miracle. We have Miranda. Bianca's baby is alive.

Adam: I'm not the enemy, son.

J.R.: That's a good one, Dad.

Adam: I've never in my life loved anyone more, wanted more for them.

J.R.: Hmm -- more pain, more suffering, more loss. Great job.

Adam: I would never turn my back on you. You have to know that. But it was too late. Too many people knew the truth about the child. I know this is a terrible loss for you.

J.R.: You took the one thing, the most perfect, beautiful thing in my life away from me. Bess was able to give me things that you never could -- love, trust. I was always worthy. She gave me the world and you took it away from me.

Adam: Babe lied to you. I know how much you loved that child, but she was never yours.

J.R.: Oh, like hell she wasn't! From the day that she was born, I was all that she ever needed! Like she gave a damn about some test. I was her father.

Adam: No, you weren't. You had a child, a boy, a son, who was lost. We can create a tribute to him, a legacy, bigger than --

J.R.: Get out!

Adam: I am so sorry. You know, I'm -- I'm not very good at this, but I'm going to try. Let me help you, son, to get through this.

J.R.: Don't you call me "son." I don't have a father anymore. I don't have anyone. And I asked you to leave.

[Door closes]

Maggie: Is it really Miranda?

Tad: It is. You're all just going to have to be patient because it's a long, sad, amazing story, but what's important is that baby, the baby in Erica's arms, is Miranda Montgomery.

Lily: But I met Babe and her baby. It looked exactly like the baby Erica's holding.

Tad: There's a reason for that, Lily. But, trust me, it's Miranda. Jackson and Erica have the DNA results to prove it. That's Bianca's daughter.

Danielle: All this time, Bianca's baby was alive. Unbelievable.

Palmer: Would you explain this insanity?

Tad: Look, look, it started about a year ago the night of the flood when Paul Cramer supposedly flew in to rescue the girls. After the crash, he intentionally put the baby in the wrong arms and gave --

Derek: Son of a --

Tad: I know, I know. Look, the only thing that matters right now is that we put Miranda back where she belongs and that's with her mother.

Maggie: Oh.

Tad: All we can do is hope and pray. Excuse me.

Opal: I don't know --

Maggie: Doesn't make sense.

Opal: What if that baby -- she finds out that baby --

Krystal: Well, it's over. It's done -- Bianca's baby is back where she belongs.

David: It's not over yet, not for Bianca or for us.

Ryan: Tad --

Tad: Ryan, do me a favor. Give me a minute, ok?

Ryan: At the christening, you said that you ran a DNA test and the baby was Bess.

Tad: I screwed up. I'm sorry, the test was wrong.

Maggie: Well, what about this one? Is someone going to say that this one is screwed up? Will J.R. take away the baby?

Tad: No. Nobody's ever going to take Miranda away from Bianca ever again. This was clean, legal, correct. J.R. won't fight it because he knows there's no chance he'd win if he tried.

Kendall: How can Bess Chandler be Miranda?

Jack: I'll explain it to you later, but -- but it's all true. Right now, we need to get Miranda to her mother.

Kendall: Miranda?

Jack: That's right. Go ahead, honey.

Maria: Erica, I've been trying to reach you. Bianca's breathing has become increasingly labored, and we have to make a decision about putting her on a respirator.

Erica: No.

Maria: No, we're -- we're running out of time here.

Jack: We just need a little more time, please. Please, Maria.

Erica: Honey? She's here. Your baby. Open your eyes and see your beautiful baby, your Miranda. Can you hear her, honey? Isn't it the sweetest sound you've ever heard? Yes, touch your baby. Touch her, honey. Come on. Here. Yes. Yes, is this the softest thing you've ever felt? Ok. It's ok now. Honey, you don't have to leave us to get to Miranda. We've brought Miranda to you.

Zach: Isn't it funny? Nothing you do or think to do surprises me. But Krystal -- I really thought she had a heart and a soul. I was watching her. She just found out that Bess wasn't her family that she lost a grandchild and she didn't seem that upset. Why is that? Does she not crack open her emotions for public viewing?

David: What is it you want exactly?

Zach: I'm trying to understand you people, that's all.

Erica: It's true, baby. It's a miracle. It's the one you wished for deep down in your heart. Miranda is here and she feels so good and so strong and so beautiful, just like you. Open your eyes and -- and look at your beautiful baby, honey. Miranda is back, honey, and she's here for you. But you have to be here for her. She needs you, honey, yes. She needs you so much. And you feel that, don't you? You feel that. Open your eyes, Bianca. Open your eyes, Bianca. Open them! I have bossed you around a fair amount in your lifetime and I am not going to stop now, honey. Your daughter needs you. Do you hear me? Bianca, open your eyes and say, "Yes, Mom, I hear you. And yes, I see my beautiful baby girl."

Jack: Sweetheart --

Erica: No, I'm talking to Bianca and she hears me. She knows Miranda is here and there is nobody who can take care of this baby like she can. This baby deserves to have her mother. Bianca is her mother, and Bianca knows that she wants to be with her and there for her, her baby girl, for the rest of her life. That's what mommies do, and you know that, honey. That's why you took this baby from the nursery -- do you remember? Because you heard Miranda crying and you knew in your heart, you knew in your heart that she was yours. You knew that you wanted to be there and take care of your precious little girl. Bianca? Miranda is back, honey. Now, you have to come back for her.

Stuart: How is he?

Adam: He's still upstairs in the nursery.

Stuart: He just -- he needs time, time and love and -- and everything else we can give him.

Adam: My son lost his child and I lost my son. There's nothing right about this day.

[Music box plays "You Are My Sunshine"]

Myrtle: Mona, you clever darling, you did it. You got them to find Miranda, and now all your girls are together at last.

Brooke: Joe?

David: Tell us something, Joe, anything.

Opal: Yeah, as long as it's good.

Joe: I'm on my way to find out now. Excuse me.

Reggie: Please, God. You got to make this work. I can't lose any more family. Bianca has to wake up. All right?

Erica: Bianca? Miranda is your baby, and I know you want to hold her and love her and keep her safe. Hold her now, honey, and Mommy will help you. Yes. Can you feel her? Can you feel how warm and how strong she is? Oh, Grandma would be so proud. She's our littlest Kane woman. She's amazing. Open your eyes, honey. Open your eyes and look at your beautiful baby girl. Miranda needs her mommy. She wants to share Christmas with you. Oh! Yes! Yes, sweetheart, open your eyes. Look at your baby, look at Miranda. Yes, honey, open your eyes. Bianca? Yes. Oh, sweetheart, yes! Yes! Yes, sweetheart! It's ok.

Bianca: Miranda?

Erica: Yes, baby. Your Miranda. Yes, honey! Your baby.

Bianca: Oh!

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Brooke: Hello?

Jamie: Merry Christmas, Mom.

Tad: Just because J.R. doesn't know his son is alive doesn't mean he won't find out.

Ethan: You have no claim on Bianca's baby.

Zach: She's my niece.

Maria: Would you mind taking the baby just for a second?

Bianca: Miranda's not going anywhere.

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