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By Suzanne
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Ryan: Greenlee?

Greenlee: Hello, husband.

Ryan: What are you doing down there?

Greenlee: Oh, don't worry, I'm ok. Like my form?

Ryan: Yeah, I love it. Now, let's get it back into bed, please?

Greenlee: I'm working on strengthening my inner core --

Ryan: Well --

Greenlee: And tightening my abs.

Ryan: I'm working on getting my wife out of here very soon and very, very sane.

Greenlee: I don't need the kid glove treatment anymore, Ryan.

Ryan: Well, that's too bad, because you're going to get it. Better get used to it.

Greenlee: I am sound in mind, body, and spirit. What I need is to get out of here. I'm too alive for this place, and so are you. I'm sick of waiting. I want to go home, I want to go back to work, I want to see Jack.

Ryan: No luck when I called him earlier.

Greenlee: Yeah, well, now that I'm over my meltdown, he's probably catching up on his sleep.

Ryan: Yeah, or just riding the relief that everything's finally ok.

Maria: Ok, thank you. They're here. Hey, Bianca. Ok, Bianca, you're home. We're going to take very good care of you. Don't you worry. I want to get a full rundown.

Adam: Winifred, Bess has had a long trip today. Why don't you take her to the nursery for a nap?

Winifred: Hey there, cutie-patootie, come see Winnie.

J.R.: Winifred, make sure nobody comes near Bess -- nobody. Got that?

Winifred: Yes, sir.

Adam: Son, you look a little frayed. How about some breakfast? Well, now that you're fortified, tell me what really happened in Florida.

Maria: Erica, we're going to take Bianca into ICU.

Erica: And -- and then what?

Maria: Well, I have all of her films and test results from her attending in Florida, so I'm going to -- I'm going to look at those, I'm going to do my own evaluation, and I will keep you posted every step of the way.

Erica: Ok, thank you.

Maria: Come on, sweetie.

Erica: Thank you. Thank you all for coming here.

Opal: I just don't get it. I mean, that poor child -- she's just dug herself out from under a pile of heartache, and now this? How could this happen?

J.R.: I've already told you what happened in Florida. Bianca fell from my hotel balcony. It was a tragic accident.

Adam: Do I call Barry Shire? Start assembling a legal team?

J.R.: You don't believe me. You think I'm the reason she fell.

Jack: Sweetheart, what the hell happened down in Florida?

Erica: Well, first, tell me -- how is Greenlee?

Jack: Better, better, much better. She's -- she's going to be fine. Thanks for asking.

Erica: Oh, thank God. But, Jack, I mean, you look exhausted.

Jack: Sweetheart, forget about me. I want to know what sent my niece off J.R.'s balcony.

Erica: Ok, Bianca and J.R. were arguing. Bianca was fighting for her child.

Jack: What do you mean, fighting for her child?

Erica: Jack, Bianca's baby didn't die. Miranda is still alive. And she's being raised as a Chandler. But I'm going to fix that. I'm going to get that baby and I'm going to bring her back to Bianca.

Ryan: So guess where I was when you were trying to strengthen your inner core.

Greenlee: Charming the nurses.

Ryan: Well, that goes without saying. All to get you the best possible care.

Greenlee: Mm-hmm.

Ryan: But I also bumped into Ashbourne.

Greenlee: Hmm, the amazing Dr. Shrink.

Ryan: And he Ok�d your release.

Greenlee: Thank God. Thank you.

Ryan: You're welcome.

Greenlee: You've helped me so much through all this.

Ryan: I just didn't let go, and I never will.

Greenlee: What are we waiting for? Let's get out of here.

Ryan: We're waiting for about 10 pounds of paperwork.

Greenlee: I want to go to chuck's Christmas tree lot and get our first Christmas tree. And get a big sprig of mistletoe on the side.

Ryan: Hey, are you sure you're ready to go?

Greenlee: I'm beyond ready. Don't worry. I'll tame that wild herd of elephants waiting for me in the parking lot. Kidding.

Ryan: You little brat.

Greenlee: Ah, and you love me for that.

Ryan: Yes, I do.

Greenlee: Mm-hmm. Ryan, who did this to me?

Ryan: I don't know yet.

Greenlee: Well, I bet you got a very short list. Give me your best guess.

Kendall: It didn't seem real. I mean, at the concert, she was -- she was so strong. No. You know what? I'm not going to do this. I'm not going to do this.

Ethan: Hey, look, Kendall, there is no shame in crying. Ok? Why don't you let me be strong for both of us?

Opal: Tad, hon -- I mean, how did Bianca end up flying off that balcony?

Tad: I -- I don't know, Mom.

Reggie: You -- you don't know? You were at the scene. Bianca practically fell at your feet, and you're clueless to how that went down? How does that happen? How did you let that happen?

Tad: Reggie, if there's any way I could have stopped it, I would have.

Reggie: Oh, oh, oh. See, that's the line. That's the line they always use. They used that same line when that pig raped Bianca. That exact same line when they told her that she lost her baby. Bianca does everything. She risks everything for everybody. But when she's in too deep, does anybody stop her? No. They all just let it happen.

Jack: So Babe kept Bianca's baby? So Bianca spent a year in hell grieving for her child?

Erica: Yes. Yes, she did. And she had accomplices. Krystal and David were both part of the deception. Babe confessed this whole thing to Bianca in Florida.

Tad: It's the truth, Jack. Babe finally came through with the truth. She was able to convince Bianca that Bess is actually Miranda. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to make J.R. believe her.

J.R.: It was all Babe's fault. Bianca's already shaky when it comes to her baby. Babe used that. Bianca was desperate to believe that my child was hers. Babe cranked up the lies and pushed her over the edge.

Jack: Did J.R. push Bianca off?

Tad: I don't know. I didn't see it. I don't think he did.

Jack: Did you confront him, either one of you?

Tad: No, we couldn't.

Erica: No, Jack, we have to tread very carefully. J.R. is holding on to that baby like a lifeline.

Tad: It's no joke. If we push him at all, he's going to grab Miranda and take off -- take her someplace we'll never find her.

J.R.: Bianca totally lost it at the hotel. I had to protect Bess. She got hysterical, she lost her footing, and she fell.

Tad: J.R.'s in complete denial, which means we have to get rock-solid proof that Bess is Miranda.

J.R.: When Bianca gets better -- and I really pray that she does -- she's still not taking my baby from me.

Erica: As soon as we get that proof, we take Miranda from J.R. and we put her back in the arms of her mother.

Maria: Optic nerve is edematous. Ok. Let's order a cranial MRI, check for edema, subdural hemorrhage, and increased ICP.

Anita: Maria, is she going to come out of this?

Maria: Let's give her some space.

Reggie: Hey, Bianca. I'm not really good at this type of thing. I really don't have anything prepared. I'm definitely not cracking any jokes if I'm not going to get a laugh. You know, Christmas is right around the corner. And it'll be nice for you to wake up for the big tree day. Dani and I picked out your gift. Lily helped wrap it. She used a slide rule just so all the -- all the edges are just right. I stuck the bow on top. You know, one Christmas, I was watching this movie with an angel in it. It was an old man angel, but he was working on getting his wings. I don't really buy the whole Santa Claus bit. If I didn't buy the jolly fat dude in a red suit, definitely wasn't going to believe in no angels -- popping up at the right place at the right time. Saving somebody from -- from killing themselves, or getting hit by a car. And then boom -- they get their wings. Bianca, you're the closest thing to an angel I have or know. An angel in this unforgiving, relentless world. I wish I would have been there so you could have grabbed on to me. I would have stopped you from falling, Bianca. But I'm here now. You can grab on to me now. I'm not strong enough, Bianca. Hold on to me now. I won't let you go.

Anita: Reggie, I'm sorry, but Maria has to sign off on all visitors.

Tad: Erica was brilliant. By getting J.R. to bring us all back on his jet, she made sure he wasn't able to take any unexpected detours with Miranda. And I called Aidan before we took off from Florida. He's put together a friendly neighborhood watch to keep an eye on J.R.

Jack: Yeah, well, I'd like to take care of J.R. all by myself right now.

Tad: He doesn't know it, but he's got an entire army watching him. If he tries to take off, he won't get 10 miles past his front gate.

Erica: Ok, look, the best way to fight J.R. is to get a DNA test on the baby. We need a court order, Jack, and we need it now.

Tad: We can't call up Livia. She's working in DC.

Erica: Well, Jack can line up another lawyer to petition the judge.

Jack: Just back up a minute here. Let's take a good, hard look at what we're up against if we take legal action.

Tad: What?

Erica: If? Jack, I just told you what Babe did. Babe stole Bianca's baby.

Jack: But in order to get a judge to grant us a DNA test, we need probable cause.

Erica: We have probable cause. Babe confessed.

Tad: Yeah -- David, Krystal, and Babe all admitted they conspired to keep Bess' identity a secret.

Jack: Well, that's all well and good, but Babe is long gone now, isn't she?

Erica: We'll find her! We'll drag her back, along with her wretched mother and father.

Jack: I'm afraid, sweetheart, that even if Babe was here, the judge would not accept her testimony.

Erica: Why not?

Jack: Because she is what is called an interested party, and that would go for her mother and for Hayward, as well.

Tad: Ok, what about me? Babe told me what she did.

Erica: And she wrote it in letters, to Bianca and to J.R.

Jack: It's inadmissible. It's double hearsay because neither one of you actually read those letters, did you?

Tad: So what are you saying? After all this, we got nothing when it comes to probable cause?

Jack: I'm afraid so. And without it, no judge is going to sign off on a DNA test.

Tad: Well, that means J.R. hangs on to Miranda.

Erica: Over my dead body.

Ryan: The day the extra drug showed up on your tox screen, I cornered Ethan over at Kendall's place.

Greenlee: Hmm. Sorry I missed all the fun, but I was all tied up.

Ryan: Well, and then Slater showed up, and Ethan accused Slater of drugging you.

Greenlee: To protect himself, or because it was true?

Ryan: I don't know. I don't know, but Slater�s pretty much capable of anything.

Greenlee: Well, so is Ethan. I still think that he shot you.

Ryan: Well, I can't be sure about this, but I think I saw Ethan take something out of one of Kendall's drawers.

Greenlee: Something incriminating?

Ryan: Possibly.

Greenlee: Something of his own or something of Kendall's?

Ryan: Look, whoever drugged you had to have regular access to your food and drink, and -- who works with you every single day? Who was up on the rooftop with you at Fusion?

Greenlee: You think Kendall did this. And whatever Ethan took from the condo can prove it.

Kendall: So how's Greenlee?

Ethan: Well, I'm not exactly on the update list, but I just charmed a few of the nurses with my James bond impression. She's much better. No lasting effect from the drugs.

Kendall: My mother flew all the way down to Florida to cross-examine me. I assume Ryan and Jackson and everyone else in town thinks I tried to take Greenlee out. Ethan, what is it? You're holding something back.

Ethan: Listen. When the blood tests came through for Greenlee, I -- I went back to your place. I beat Ryan there by about a minute. I found a empty prescription bottle in one of your drawers. Now, I destroyed it.

Kendall: No, you mean, you got rid of the evidence. Because you think I drugged Greenlee.

Erica: No, I will never accept J.R. keeping Miranda. Jack, you know your way around the system. There has to be a way to get a DNA test that will hold up in court.

Jack: Well, there is, honey, but we'd have to get key players on both sides to agree to a DNA test.

Tad: Both sides? You expect J.R. to sign off on a test he knows he's already lost? Good luck with that.

J.R.: You don't know how twisted it was down there. You weren't there. Babe and Bianca weren't the only ones trying to play me. Jamie was in on the ambush, ready to throw his life away for Babe again. Second time playing hero to that slut almost killed him.

Adam: What happened to Jamie?

J.R.: He trapped me in a warehouse so Babe could work her evil on Bianca. When I tried to escape, he choked me. So I picked up a pipe and I hit him. He let me go.

Adam: You attacked Jamie with a pipe?

J.R.: I had no choice! It was either him or me. I'm no good to Bess dead. I had to fight back. Ah, yes, there it is. There's that look again saying that I screwed up! Well, look at me, Dad. Look at me. I'm alive, and I still have my daughter!

Adam: Son --

J.R.: No, I won, Dad, damn it, I won!

Adam: Calm down. You got to calm down.

J.R.: No, I want to know where you stand. Tell me right now! Are you with me or are you against me?

Ethan: Kendall, come back. This is me, ok? I'm on your side. I know you had nothing to do with drugging Greenlee.

Kendall: Oh, really? Then why did you destroy my empty pill bottle?

Ethan: Because if Ryan had found it, he would have used it to try and destroy you.

Kendall: Well, I could have done it. I mean, my mother knew that I had it in me. You know how I get. A few screws too loose or too tight. I mean, you -- you pulled me out of the water when I went for that walk into the dark waves, and I scared myself straight to a shrink's office and got some anti-anxiety pills. But you know what? I could have relapsed. I could have gone after Greenlee. You know how I get. You know what I'm capable of.

Ethan: Ok, Kendall, stop it. I do know you. You forget, I was up there on that roof when Greenlee was spinning around on that stupid bloody trapeze. You saved her, and you risked your life to do it because you care for her.

Kendall: Yeah, well, that's what I told you, but, you know, I'm a notorious liar.

Ethan: Hey, this is me. Why do you have to act so tough?

Kendall: Because -- it's a hell of a lot easier than letting my guard down and getting the crap kicked out of me.

Ethan: Listen, I would never do that. I believe you, Kendall. I don't care what anybody says. I believe you. I always have, without a shadow of a doubt.

Opal: Maria, how's Bianca?

Maria: Let's get the whole family in.

Opal: All right.

Maria: Thanks.

Opal: Erica, hon.

Maria: Ok. I have finished my initial evaluation, and I've conferred with the neurologist from Florida.

Erica: And?

Maria: And Bianca's Glasgow numbers -- that's the scale with which we measure trauma -- her numbers are alarmingly lower than they were 12 hours ago.

Erica: Maria, what does that mean?

Maria: It means that Bianca has lapsed into a deep coma.

Adam: J.R., of course I am on your side. I am fighting your fight. All I want is what's best for you.

J.R.: What's best for me is Bess and burying Babe's lie. It should have been her falling off that balcony instead of Bianca.

Adam: All right, unfortunately, it was Bianca who fell. And now she's fighting for her life. That could buy us some time.

J.R.: I should call the hospital.

Adam: If Bianca doesn't make it, you're home free. But if she recovers, you know she's going to be fighting for Bess.

J.R.: I wouldn't count on that, Dad.

Maria: So we're going to go ahead with a course of high-dose steroids combined with sedatives to put her into a deeper coma -- which I know sounds strange and a little bit scary, but it's actually to reduce the swelling and to give her a chance to rest her brain.

Jack: But after the treatment is through, she will regain consciousness, right?

Maria: I can't answer that. I'm sorry. But if there's any other questions that you might have, any other concerns --

Erica: No, no questions, but I need you to promise me that you will do everything you possibly can to help my little girl.

Maria: Of course I promise.

Erica: Is Bianca allowed visitors?

Maria: Yes, family members only, one at a time.

Erica: Opal is family.

Maria: Of course.

Erica: And Myrtle's on her way.

Maria: Ok. And just so that you know -- I know that she's unresponsive, but please try to keep it upbeat and positive --

Jack: We will.

Maria: When you talk to her.

Jack: Absolutely.

Maria: If you need anything else, page me. Anything, ok?

Jack: Thank you.

Erica: Jack --

Jack: What?

Erica: Listen, I have to leave the hospital for a little while. Please tell Bianca how much I love her and that I'm coming right back. I'll be right back.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Where are going?

Erica: I have to do something for Bianca.

Ethan: Hey. Your sister's going to be ok. You know, people think -- people think the brains -- they give all the orders, but Bianca's orders come right from the heart, you know? Believe that she's going to be ok. Believe she's going to be ok, and she'll open those big eyes and she'll see you and she'll know you and she'll love you with that amazing heart of hers. Ok?

Ryan: Hand to God, I hope Kendall isn't the one who drugged you, but I got to keep all my options open till we figure out who did.

Greenlee: Well, I guess I don't want to believe that Kendall did it, either, but I did give her a reason to attack me when I tried to run her down with your car.

Ryan: Hey, that night on the roof -- how much do you remember?

Greenlee: Not much. It's all still pretty fuzzy.

Ryan: Yeah? Well, when you were on the trapeze, did Kendall -- do you remember if she tried to help you down or did she encourage you to go higher? Was there anybody else there on the roof besides Kendall? Just try and think, because anything you come up with could help here. So just -- just relax and zoom in with your mind's eye and tell me what you see.

Greenlee: Oh, my God.

Jack: You just take your time. I'll be outside, ok?

Myrtle: Yes, yes. You know -- you know, I remember -- I remember when you were a little girl. A really little girl. You were always in such a hurry. Didn't want to miss anything. So, never looked where you were going. You always tripped over something and fell. And you hurt your elbows and your knees. But then you'd come running to my house, because -- because I had those bandages with the funny cartoon characters on them that you loved. Do you remember? I'd -- I'd be patching you up. You'd be laughing at their goofy faces. I wish I had some of those bandages right now. I would fix you up and I'd hear you laugh. Oh, God. God, you know -- I always said we never get more from you than we can deal with, but this little girl has too much. Much too much. You know, if -- if you had to fill a hospital bed -- well, I'm handy, you know? I can use the rest. Spare this young girl, please. Let her come back to us.

Ryan: Hey, you're safe. You're here with me. Ok? So tell me what you remember.

Greenlee: I was in the air. And I was falling. And there was no bottom. I felt -- already dead.

Ryan: But you didn't die. You landed.

Greenlee: I came very close, didn't I?

Ryan: Well, now that you're back from that dark place, where are you going to stay?

Greenlee: With you.

Ryan: Right. And when you let go of the trapeze, do you remember if Kendall tried to help you? Or was she egging you on?

Greenlee: I -- I don't know. I just remember being suspended in midair and then falling. I don't remember the roof, I don't remember Kendall -- I don't even remember you being there. But you were there for me. You were there when I needed you. And I've put you through so much, and you haven't deserted me.

Ryan: And I never will. You know why?

Greenlee: Because you love me.

Ryan: Because I love you. And because if I tried to escape, I would be trampled by your wild herd of elephants in the parking lot.

[Greenlee laughs]

Kendall: Oh, God. I need my sister to be ok. I love her so much. I want to tell her. You know, for so long, I had -- I had nothing inside of me. I had nothing whole that I could hang on to. It was like I was just filled with -- with pieces of broken glass and I kept -- I kept searching for someone to fix me. And then one day, Bianca looked at me and she told me that I mattered and that I was good enough. And then, I swear to you, at that moment, it was like -- it was like this weight was lifted. And for the first time, I felt something that I had never, ever felt before. I felt my heart. I have to save Bianca. She saved me, and I have to -- I have to save her.

Ethan: Come here, come here, come here. Come, come, come. Come here, come here. Shh. Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. Shh.

Jack: I suppose your mother told you the news, right? Erica and I are engaged for the -- well, who's counting? This time, there's a difference. This time, your mother was the question-popper. And she just wouldn't take no for an answer. And we're going to make it up that aisle and back down this time. So, sweetheart, you need to be there. You and that little girl of yours. That's right, I know. Your mother told me all about Miranda. And I am beyond thrilled that you found your baby girl. Because, hey, now we can go on that family honeymoon that we planned. Erica and I can celebrate the start of our new life together, and you and Miranda can celebrate the start of yours.

Opal: You know, when you were little, if that motor mouth of yours stopped for even a minute, I'd take your temperature.

Tad: I'm not sick, Mom. At least, not like that.

Opal: But you are in a bad place, honey bunch, I can tell. Your aura is just as black as pitch, and I know it isn't only because of Bianca. Something else happened down there in Florida.

Tad: Just leave it be. There's nothing we can do about it anyway.

Opal: Well, you know, I can't "leave it be." Any fool with eyes can see that you are in a world of hurt. You look so alone.

Tad: I'm frightened. I'm afraid that, no matter how this plays out, I lost my boys.

J.R.: Bianca's doctors say that if she does wake up, there's a good chance she won't remember what happened before she fell.

Adam: Oh, trauma-induced amnesia. That could come in handy.

J.R.: Yeah. Well, my only hope is that Bianca has zero memory of Babe making her embrace that lie about Bess.

Adam: Are you positive no one else at the scene embraced the lie?

J.R.: Well, Kendall never believed it. And I managed to convince Tad and Erica that Bianca was pretty much brainwashed.

Adam: An unfortunate choice of words, given the circumstances.

J.R.: Oh, the point is, Dad, that they bought it. Nobody doubts that Bess is mine.

Adam: I'm sure you were very convincing.

J.R.: Well, Bianca will be way better off if she forgets any thought that Bess is Miranda. I'm not going to play that crazy scene with her again. I need to protect my little girl.

Adam: All right, son. All right. Let's try not to worry. You look tired. Why don't you go upstairs and get some rest?

J.R.: Yeah, I think I will. Dad, do something for me.

Adam: You name it.

J.R.: Keep an eye on Bess.

Adam: Consider me that baby's personal bodyguard.

J.R.: Thank you.

Erica: Hello, Adam.

Greenlee: Yep, this is me walking out of the hospital on my own free will.

Ryan: Feels good, huh?

Greenlee: Feels great. Unless the men in white coats are waiting outside with their nets.

Ryan: No. No men in white coats. Just a lot of wild elephants.

Greenlee: Maybe we should take one of those home with us. I mean, how many could we fit in the trunk? Get it? Elephant, trunks. Trunk, elephant? Yeah. I know I'm so funny.

Jamie: Welcome to the big easy. Living large New Orleans style.

Babe: Is James ok?

Jamie: Oh, yeah, he's still strapped in the stroller, sleeping.

Babe: You know, in all our cross-country zigzags, Mama and I never even made it here once.

Jamie: Well, that's great. That means you and I get to discover Cajun country together. Beads, boogie beads, and beignets. Listen.

[Man cheers]

Jamie: So, what do you think?

Babe: It's great. Why are we here again?

Jamie: Well, I talked to the manager while you and little James were cruising Canal Street. And the guy that's giving us the new IDs lives here. But he's been off the radar for a few days, and no one knows when he's going to get back, so I figured we'd camp here until he does.

Babe: Can we even afford this?

Jamie: Well, by the week, it's cheaper than a motel. And there's so much room to spread out, especially since our little boy is switching from four-on-the-floor to upright.

Babe: You're right, we -- we got to get on those IDs right away, because that fuse that we lit in Florida -- it's going to catch up with us.

Jamie: My dad won't let it. He's on our side now. There's no way he's going to let J.R. know we have his son.

Babe: But Bianca might. Maybe she already has.

Jamie: You know, let's grab James and grab some lunch. I've had my mouth set on a po-boy all day.

Babe: Jamie, what is it?

Jamie: A po-boy? It's this huge roll of --

Babe: Ahem -- seriously, Jamie. The second I mentioned Bianca, you get all weird on me. Why? Do you think maybe she already told about us taking baby James?

Jamie: No. I'm sure of it.

Babe: Well, why not? What would stop her?

Opal: I can't speak for J.R. because he is more and more of a stranger every day. But I -- I know how much Jamie loves you. I'm sure he's going to be in touch.

Tad: No, I hope not. Lord, I hope not. As much as I miss him, I want him to have a life.

Opal: Well, why can't he have a life right here in Pine Valley?

Tad: I can't talk about it, Mama. I'm sorry, I want to, but if I do, I could screw things up for Jamie. And I'm not about to do that. I wasn't around when he was born to give him a head start in life. So the least I can do is try to give him one now.

Opal: It sure breaks my heart to see you like this.

Tad: I'll be all right. Right now, we got to focus on Bianca. She's going to need every ounce of love and support we can give her.

Jack: Well, young lady, I just hope you know that you have a whole slew of people out there rooting for you, praying for you, chomping at the bit to get in and see you. I had to pull rank myself. Opal's out there. She says she's going to give you the deluxe Glamorama manicure, on the house. French tips and everything. No cost to you. And Reggie -- he's out trying to put together some kind of a Reggie surprise. Now, who knows what that might be? And Lily said that she's going to come by after school. And she wants to read to you from one of her favorite books. Now, I must warn you in advance, her favorite book is probably "The Mathematics of Quantum Physics," so if your eyes open at page two, that would be a good thing. And your mom -- she wanted me to tell you that she loves you very much. And she'll be back here very soon. But she had to run an errand -- a very special errand -- just for you.

Adam: I was sick when I heard about Bianca. And poor J.R. is beside himself. He's upstairs right now lying down. Please, if there's anything we can do to help --

Erica: Adam, I didn't come here for your comfort or your coffee. I came here to talk about family.

Adam: Oh. Sure.

Erica: How's the baby?

Adam: Bess? Fine, fine. She's the light of my life.

Erica: Yes, I know how much family means to you. It means just as much to me, especially now.

Adam: Oh, yes, of course. It's sort of sad, isn't it? That it takes a tragedy to bring us closer together.

Erica: In Florida, I sat at my unconscious daughter's bedside, and I made a promise to her. I promised her that I would give her all the reason she needs to get well. A reason with 10 perfect fingers and 10 perfect toes. And a smile that reminds me very much of my own mother's. I promised Bianca that I would give her back her baby. That's why I'm here. That little girl upstairs -- her name is not Bess. She's not a Chandler or a Carey. Her name is Miranda Mona Montgomery. And she is a Kane.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Kendall: You think I drugged Greenlee.

Ryan: Did you?

Kendall: If I said no, would you believe me?

Brooke: Bianca fell from your hotel balcony.

J.R.: That had nothing to do with Jamie.

Brooke: Well, it had plenty to do with you.

Erica: You will agree to a DNA test. We both know the reason why.

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