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All My Children Transcript Monday 12/13/04



By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

Erica: No, not you, Tad. Repeating the same cruel lies that put Bianca in here, in this place?

Tad: Erica, listen to me. We both know that in my time, I've cranked out lies like greeting cards, but this isn't one of them. It's the truth, I swear it.

Erica: Why, because Babe said so? Babe Chandler is a liar.

Tad: She has been, yes. But not last night. Last night, she came through for Bianca. She was honest enough to tell her something she knew would rock her world.

Erica: No. No, Tad, please. It was false hope that broke Bianca in the first place, and you saw it.

Tad: Erica, I've known you my entire life. I will never do anything to hurt you or Bianca. It's a fact. Miranda is alive. She wasn't lost in the crash and she didn't die. Right down that corridor, close enough for you to touch, is Bianca's daughter.

J.R.: Any news?

Kendall: Nothing. They just let us imagine the worst and make deals with God. Just call me Sister Mary Kendall.

J.R.: You work the cosmic angle. I'll take care of the real world. One call to my lawyers, and we'll be suing that hotel for all the millions that they have. Lax construction is the reason why your sister went through that railing. People are going to pay.

Krystal: Well, the quiet is some relief, isn't it? Oh, you weren't here for James' fit earlier. He's got some lungs on him, let me tell you. Make your ears ring for days. I wish I had taped it.

David: So what do we do now? You heard my vote. Go away with you. And still no response. What ever happened to Ms. Snappy Comeback?

Krystal: She changed her name to Ms. Friendless.

David: Mm-hmm. Funny. And yet, still no answer.

Krystal: Count me in, Doc. I've plumb run out of people who don't hate my guts, so what have I got to lose?

David: You and your sweet talk. I'll take that as a yes.

Erica: How?

Tad: It was the night of the crash. Adam and J.R. threatened Paul Cramer. They scared the hell out of him. I know. I saw it. So Paul changed his plan. Instead of telling Adam Chandler he'd lost his grandchild, Cramer decided it was going to be Bianca's daughter that was going to go missing.

Erica: No. No one could -- who would lie about something like that?

Tad: Paul Cramer. Erica, he did it. I have no doubt that if Adam hadn't been there, swinging around his iron fist, that that little freak would have told a completely different story, but it wouldn't change the fact that Miranda has been here, alive, with us, the entire time.

Erica: Tad, for that to be true, for that lie to survive, too many people would have to be feeding it. J.R. and Adam.

Tad: Yeah, the original truth twins. Boy, there's a shock.

Erica: Your father. Joe performed the DNA test.

Tad: No, Dad didn't know --

Erica: Don't tell me --

Tad: Erica, listen, if you give me 10 minutes, I'll tell you the whole story. We were taken. Chumped. You, Bianca, and everybody who cares about you. Erica, I'm sorry. Bianca's heart was broken, and it never should have happened.

Jack: How did you do it?

Maria: I didn't. It was Ryan. And if she holds on, then her husband's pulled off nothing short of a miracle.

Jack: She is back.

Maria: Hmm. Now we just need to find out if that additional medication that she's ingested was by accident or --

Jack: Or if somebody was trying to get rid of my daughter on purpose.

Greenlee: How about translating what you said before -- about extra medications?

Ryan: As in, did you take any? Any prescriptions or -- I don't know -- combine combustible meds?

Greenlee: Not on your life. I didn't do it.

Jack: So Ryan was right. Someone tried to poison my daughter.

Ryan: Well, you just got back. Maybe you forgot about some random prescription.

Greenlee: Whipped up some whacky cocktail and poof, it just slipped my mind? No. No extra meds, no spare doctors.

Ryan: Not even David? Did he write you one? Maybe a sample or a home brew?

Greenlee: No, David doesn't play guinea pig on his family.

Ryan: But you went to see him.

Greenlee: Yeah, I went to see him. I told him everything. I was scared I was going crazy. And I guessed I zoned out and never went to his office for a checkup.

Ryan: And he's the only one?

Greenlee: Unless I lost so many brain cells that I can't remember, no. Yes, he's the only one. And, Ryan, even if someone did write me a script, I wouldn't have taken it. I was playing fertility goddess. Keeping my temple pure in case we got lucky. Luckier. The only thing that went down are Ashbourne's pills, as prescribed. You can count what's left if you want.

Ryan: I kind of threw your pills back at the very kind Dr. Ashbourne.

Greenlee: Oh. I love you.

[Ryan laughs]

Greenlee: What are you protecting me from?

Ryan: Greenlee, there was a very high dose of medication in your system. And none of the stuff that we knew about. Someone put it there. We don't know who or how.

Greenlee: Someone --

Ryan: Baby, somebody poisoned you.

Kendall: How hard could it be to wake up? Cold water, bad music? A simple request? Wake up, Bianca. Come back out here and let's get back to life before this mess.

J.R.: Your sister's strong. Babe messed with her head as much as that fall did. She just needs some rest. She'll be back.

Kendall: Someone else is crashed out, too. No idea that she's the center of some megadrama. That her own mother would hurt the people that love Bess so much. Oh, God, I'm such an idiot. I'm such an idiot. You were right, J.R. I -- I should've never left Bianca alone with Babe. Because it is my fault that Bianca's in that bed.

J.R.: Oh, stop it, Kendall. I was wrong to launch at you like that. It wasn't your fault. You know that, all right?

Kendall: It wasn't yours, either. You were onto Babe. You got her out of town. You're a good friend, J.R.

J.R.: Since this whole thing started, you saw Babe for who she really is. You believed in me. And I owe you.

Kendall: How could a woman like that create a baby like Bess? Thank God that slut's garbage can't touch this sweet little girl.

J.R.: Her whole family -- I always knew that they were trash. But who knew that they were this twisted?

David: So you're not afraid to go off with the evil Dr. Demento?

Krystal: I just gave my grandbaby to my little girl and told her to run like hell. And I leaned so far into the fire that my -- my fingers are like these pork rinds, so if you think you can scare me, then excuse me while I chuckle.

David: Hmm. What?

Krystal: Why don't you take me to a drive-in movie and yawn while you pull that move? I mean, come on, David. You think I haven't forgotten about Tad Martin? That I haven't forgotten that he proposed and that he booted me to the curb?

David: I was only bonding with the mother of my child. Hardly copping a feel.

Krystal: Bonding -- right. David, I know we shared a kiss, and it was nice, but don't read too much into that.

David: We shared a hell of a lot more than a kiss. We have Babe to show for it.

Krystal: And that's old news, all right? We're older, we're wiser.

David: Well, at least one of us is. The other is still hung up on that jerk Tad Martin. Krystal, your ex-lover has probably ratted us out to the world by now. So what do you think, Mr. Righteous is going to don a cape, grab a bunch of flowers, and come visit you in jail?

Krystal: Ok, all right. If you say one more word about Tad Martin, then this trip is off before it even starts.

Tad: That's what this whole thing was about. Babe was desperately trying to get Miranda back where she belongs -- with Bianca. And she came through for her friend, but obviously something went wrong.

Erica: Krystal and David, all this time? David is like family to Bianca.

Tad: Erica, David is family to Babe, and Krystal. It's not hard to understand why they had to stick together and take us all for a ride.

Erica: Well, and not just them. J.R. lied to my face. Only he didn't. He told me what was in Babe's letter to Bianca, and then he told me that that was a lie.

Tad: Right now, J.R. is our biggest problem. He's completely in denial. He can't or he won't accept it. He's crazy in love with that little girl.

Erica: That little girl -- that's -- that's Bianca's baby. Oh, my God. When J.R. told me what was in Babe's letter to Bianca, he was so sincere. He was -- he was so convincing. I believed him.

Tad: You're not the only one who was fooled. I've held J.R. I've raised him from the day he was born. And maybe it's the father in me, but I want desperately to believe that he's doing this because he can't accept the idea that it was his child that was lost. Now, let's not forget he's Adam's star pupil. He thinks if he shouts this lie loud and long enough, it'll become the truth. The fact is, David, Babe, Krystal, J.R. -- they all did it for different reasons, but they all kept Miranda away from her mother.

Erica: What about this DNA test that you called for for this baby? Are you saying that Joe was in on the deception?

Tad: No, no, no. Dad didn't know about it. He took the samples. He didn't do the work, the lab did. After the labels were switched, he couldn't have known about it. And I feel awful because if I had bird-dogged that test, we wouldn't be standing here right now. I told Kendall what I thought was the truth. So Kendall had to tell Bianca that her daughter was dead, that she had to try to move on. You think you feel bad? Bianca came to my house and thanked me for killing her hope. That's what I did to your daughter.

Erica: Excuse me.

Tad: Why? Where are you going?

Erica: I have my own test, and I will do my own testing. I don't need DNA. I have K-A-N-E. I'm going out there and I'm going to look right into the face of that baby. And if that baby is Miranda, I will know. And if that baby is Bianca's, then I am going to rip apart everybody out there who ever said otherwise, including J.R., who is out there right now. And, Tad Martin, if it is not Miranda, then my condolences to your family, because you're a dead man.

Ryan: Was that funny? I said you were poisoned.

Greenlee: What, the delivery or the line? Oh. You're so sweet. You still think I'm Nutty McNutly again or something.

Ryan: What -- you -- I said you were poisoned, and you burst out into laughter. Greenlee, I mean, it's a little strange.

Greenlee: No, Ryan, I'm here. And I'm as lucid as possible, for what that's worth.

Ryan: I knew that. I did.

Greenlee: I was so scared for so long.

Ryan: Not me. I was a rock.

Greenlee: I felt alone and terrified. It was more real than a nightmare, more real than real life. I felt like I was in this dark tunnel, and reality was just out of reach. But -- but I was -- I was here all along, only I wasn't me me. I love that.

Ryan: Greenlee, if you want me to stay calm, you got to be a little less ok with the fact that you were poisoned.

Greenlee: Ok -- ok, Ryan, so someone poisoned me. But isn't that so much better than me being down a dark tunnel and never coming back?

Ryan: Can I choose none of the above, please?

Greenlee: Look, some sick person, we can take care of, but crazy? That's forever.

Ryan: Yeah, I guess you're right. I love you.

Jack: You know, I wasn't at their wedding. But just now, seeing the way Greenlee looked at Ryan and the way he looked at her, I think maybe I just witnessed something even bigger.

Maria: Yeah, he loves her. Big enough to bring her back from wherever she was.

Jack: Well, that shouldn't surprise us. I mean, we've both seen it before. I think maybe love is the strongest thing there is. It's the medicine that comes from the heart. But I got to tell you, Maria, I -- all my heart has in it right now is rage. I'm going to go over that suspect list and may God pity whoever did this to her, because I guarantee you, I will not.

Jack's voice: I think maybe love is the strongest thing there is.

Zach: As per our conversation, it's clear that the state gaming commission is trying to legislate beyond their scope. Trying to avoid a problem, rather than control it. And throwing money at an issue is like accepting a woman's love for all the wrong reasons.

Kendall: Mother?

J.R.: There's no news. Erica, please, sit. Bianca's strong. Her mother's daughter. These things run in the blood.

Tad: Erica, you must be exhausted. Maybe you could use a little rest.

Kendall: Mother?

Tad: Kendall, would you call us if anything happens?

Kendall: Yes, of course.

Tad: Erica --

J.R.: What is it, Erica?

Tad: Erica, ok, if you don't want to take some time to rest, maybe we should get something to eat. Maybe some coffee or a sandwich. Kendall, would you like something?

Kendall: No, thank you, I'm fine. Mother, tell me what I can do for you.

Tad: Nothing, nothing. She just needs --

Erica: What I need is very simple.

Tad: What you need is what we all need -- for Bianca to wake up and tell us all everything is going to be ok. In the meantime, maybe we should give J.R. and Kendall some time for themselves, you know? They've been through a lot. I know that J.R.'s got a lot on his mind. He was very busy yesterday.

Erica: Oh, don't patronize me, Tad.

J.R.: Yeah, or take digs at me. If you want to act like an adult, have a conversation because you're angry, we can do that.

Erica: Angry? You have no idea.

Kendall: Oh, Dr. Hathaway. How's my sister?

Dr. Hathaway: Bianca will transfer to the ICU as soon as a bed is available.

Erica: Well, what does that mean? How is she?

Dr. Hathaway: In critical condition.

Kendall: But she's -- she's going to be fine. She's going to wake up and be fine?

Erica: Ah, Dr. Hathaway has to keep it close the vest. That means there'll be more tests, more waiting, more vague assurances.

Dr. Hathaway: I've had patients wake immediately and wonder what happened and ask for a burger. Some take more time -- hours, days, still confused, still hungry.

Kendall: And the other ones -- the ones you casually left out?

Dr. Hathaway: They didn't wake up.

Tad: Doctor, are you trying to tell us there's a chance that Bianca might not remember what happened?

Dr. Hathaway: Traumatic amnesia is entirely common and usually welcome. The patient loses the memory of the injury, as well as a chunk of time right before it. A couple of hours or more.

Erica: Are you saying that Bianca might not remember how she fell?

Dr. Hathaway: The mind does us the occasional favor.

[Pager beeps]

Dr. Hathaway: Oh. Excuse me.

Tad: Ok. We've had our update. Now, I really think you need some time to rest. Erica, please.

J.R.: Hey, she'll be in group one. She'll wake up soon. Everything the doctor said -- it's -- it's good news.

David: What about Hawaii? The Big Island.

Krystal: Spare me the lei jokes. You know, Mai Tais in Bora Bora sounds pretty good.

David: I'll tell you what. Why don't we let the weather station pick for us, all right? Someplace with great temperatures.

Krystal: And the least humidity. If I'm going to have big hair, I want it to be on purpose.

TV News Anchor: Philanthropist Bianca Montgomery, daughter of fashionista Erica Kane, has been admitted to South Florida General Hospital. Reports confirmed that following a benefit concert in honor of her late daughter, Miss Montgomery fell from a second-story hotel balcony. She's listed in critical condition. In other news today --

Krystal: Oh, my Lord.

David: I got to go. I got to go see Bianca.

Ryan: What about David? He had the means.

Greenlee: And what motive? No, David's off the list.

Dr. Ashbourne: You undid your wife's restraints.

Ryan: I -- yes, I did. Because restraints are for people that are a danger to themselves and other people, and this woman is neither.

Greenlee: No. Not me. Infinitely nonthreatening.

Dr. Ashbourne: That is not your call. This hospital is responsible for whatever happens while the patient is in our care.

Ryan: Do this for me.

Dr. Ashbourne: I'll get you a waiver to sign, releasing us of responsibility.

Ryan: Thank you, Doctor.

Greenlee: You think I'm going to let someone tie me up and make me whimper again? Oh, yeah. I owe you a surprise.

Ryan: Yeah.

Zach: Stupid little --

[Knock on door]

Zach: Come on, Edie, I said no interruptions, no phone calls. I -- I just don't -- hi.

Maria: Uh -- I can see how you wouldn't want distractions with batteries at stake.

Zach: I'm just trying to put it -- I'm -- this is ridiculous.

Maria: May I?

Zach: I'm -- sure, why not?

Maria: Put my med school to good use. Ahem.

Zach: Oh.

Maria: See?

[Recorder plays]

Zach's voice: Like accepting a woman's love for all the wrong reasons.

Zach: Ok. That's -- thank -- thanks for fixing it.

Maria: You know, my mom always said that "sorry" is a verb.

Zach: Two seconds in, I'm already lost. What are you talking about?

Maria: You know, just mouthing the words doesn't make it all better. That you -- that you do. You act. You know, you show the person that you regret what happened.

Zach: Well, you came in here with a smile, put batteries back in my --

Maria: Come on, that's the easy part. Mama wasn't -- ok, Mama wasn't completely right, because the words do mean something. And -- see, I'm really sorry, Zach. I'm sorry that I used you to try to hurt Edmund.

Erica: I just needed a moment --

Tad: No --

Erica: And now I've had it.

Tad: Erica, I can't let you go out there.

Erica: Let go of me!

Tad: No.

Erica: Tad, I just looked into that baby's face, and I know who I saw. Now, do you think you're going to stand between me and J.R.? You think I won't hurt you to get to him?

Tad: I am sorry. I know what you're going through, but I cannot let you do this.

Erica: I am going out there and I am going to ask J.R., and I'm going to shout to the world that I want a new DNA test. Tad, that baby is Bianca's. Then call the lab. Call the lab right now, because we're going to prove it. You know those stories they tell about me? Erica Kane�s alleged mean streak? Well, they have no idea. Because when I get my hands on Babe and that -- that floozy she calls her mama, and that traitor David Hayward, I will show you vengeance.

Tad: The day you go after David Hayward, I will sell tickets and I will cheer my head off. But Babe is a different story.

Erica: Babe? Babe kept Bianca from her baby!

Tad: And then risked everything she has or ever will have to give her friend back her daughter.

Erica: What did -- what did Babe risk? A night of romance with her husband's brother? Ok, look, I'm sorry, I know he's your son. But he held her hand while she tortured my daughter.

Tad: Look, you more than anybody has got to understand. You've been a Chandler bride. You've been on the wrong end of a Chandler vendetta. By being willing to tell Bianca and J.R. the truth, Babe was risking systematic, premeditated decimation.

Erica: And what did she lose in the end exactly? Nothing. And what did Bianca lose?

Tad: Everything. It's not fair.

Erica: Hmm.

Tad: I'm sorry. But going after J.R. right now will not fix anything.

Erica: Of course it will. Because I will go out there. I will make a perfectly reasonable request. A DNA test of that little girl. And if J.R. is in as deep a denial as you say he is about that baby -- he really believes that baby is his -- he should have no problem. We can fix this right here and right now.

Tad: Yeah, but why should he? Because the Chandlers are known for being so warm and accommodating? Erica, we've got to be very careful right now. If you so much as whisper "DNA" in the same room as J.R., you'll lose Miranda all over again. And this time, she'll stay gone.

Krystal: David, the hospital right there in their faces? Do you realize the huge risk?

David: Yes -- cuffs, cops, court, and hard time. I know, if I go anywhere near Bianca and the troops -- Erica, Kendall --

Krystal: Yeah, and your buddy Tad.

David: Krystal, think about it. Bianca fell from the balcony. Whoops -- she lost her footing?

Krystal: You're saying she was pushed?

David: Yes, of course I'm saying she was pushed.

Krystal: And the stink of Chandler cologne is left in the air. But I don't get it. You said Tad was going there. If he saw J.R. going after Bianca, wouldn't he have stepped in?

David: At the risk of impugning the fine reputation of Tad, the guy is a major screwup. And now -- now, Bianca is in critical condition.

Krystal: Ok. Ok. I'll go. I'll get the skinny and -- and I'll report back to you.

David: Why you?

Krystal: Because you need to know. And because Babe would want me to.

David: We're both going, aren't we? It's no Bora Bora.

Krystal: Yeah. Well, the UV rays would kill us. And besides, I know that you're not going to rest until you know that Bianca is taken care of.

David: We've come this far. God save us all if it's all gone bad.

Jack: Ramsey.

Ethan: You people are compulsive, aren't you? First Ryan, now you? Tell me, you make a habit of sneaking into other people's houses before you've had your morning coffee?

Jack: No, you tell me. Why are you here?

Ethan: That's rich. Coming from a guy who I just caught invading somebody else's property.

Jack: Who the hell are you, huh? You hit this town with your bogus Cambias pedigree, and then you leech on to another family altogether -- Kendall, Bianca. That's my family. So why don't you tell me why.

Ethan: Am I stepping on your toes?

Jack: Getting on my nerves.

Ethan: I apologize.

Jack: Make it up to me. Explain to me how you so suddenly became Kendall's best friend.

Ethan: Simple. See, in a town full of liars, we're the only two people who believe one another.

Zach: Do you want some water or --

Maria: Will you let me do this, please?

Zach: Do what?

Maria: You know, I -- telling you that I get it. Yeah, I'm a little slow, especially when my pride's been slapped around a bit, but I -- when you rejected my advances and -- I just want to tell you that it was very kind. I know you were protecting me.

Zach: I was?

Maria: Yeah. You were -- you were right.

Zach: You didn't have to come all the way over here to tell me I'm right, because, I mean, you're a doctor, right? You should know it could be a real shock to my system. Someone like me -- I'm used to people accusing me of stuff, like -- like drugging Greenlee.

Maria: I didn't accuse you.

Zach: I didn't do it.

Maria: Ok, good. That's not why I'm here. I'm here because I'm really sorry. And I'm also ashamed, and I'm grateful. And, you know, humiliation just makes you do things that you wish to God you could take back.

Zach: Well, you -- no need for that. I mean, you fixed my recorder, so --

Maria: Oh --

Zach: We're good.

Maria: You can't let me do this, can you? You won't. You won't let me tell you that you were kind and wonderful and noble and that you let me go in there and be all angry on you, and you let me off the hook and I -- I really -- I want to tell you thank you.

Zach: You don't know me at all, do you?

Greenlee: Come on. I told you what it was like to feel reality slipping away. Now you tell me, what was it like to watch that?

Ryan: Yeah, I -- just be grateful, let me get you some flowers. Orchids -- you like orchids, right? You're an orchid woman.

Greenlee: No, you can tell me.

Ryan: You ever found an injured animal, flailing, or wounded?

Greenlee: When I was 9. A squirrel got bounced off the front wheel of a motorcycle on my walk home from school.

Ryan: Well, fast bike.

Greenlee: Slow squirrel.

Ryan: What did you do?

Greenlee: I tried to save his life.

Ryan: And what'd he do?

Greenlee: Bit right through my thumb. You know, the whole rabies series.

Ryan: Ouch.

Greenlee: Oh, yeah. But he was scared, and you can't blame him for protecting himself.

Ryan: No, you can't.

Greenlee: Oh, my God. I bit you.

Ryan: No, you didn't. You were just -- you were scared, and you were protecting yourself. And you didn't know that I was there to help you and try to love you to make you better.

Greenlee: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Ryan: Don't -- no, no, no, you don't have to be sorry, all right? Just never leave me again.

Ethan: See, I told Kendall that I didn't shoot Ryan Lavery, and she believed me. Now, she tells me that she did not hurt your daughter, and I believe her.

Jack: Bullets, drugs, identity fraud -- no boring conversation for you two, huh?

Ethan: You came here looking for evidence because you thought there'd be something to find. Now, you and Erica may love Kendall, but you do not understand her.

Jack: Oh, come on. How long have you known her? You want to know something about Kendall? I'll tell you something about Kendall. She's complex, to say the least.

Ethan: Don't make it sound so sinister. You know, it's interesting. When I first came to this town, I was surprised more people didn't try and help me prove I was a Cambias. Give the good people of Pine Valley an official scapegoat, a bogeyman, you know?

Jack: Michael was no bogeyman. He was real. And if you can joke about it, then you still don't get it.

Ethan: No, I get it. He's dead. And therefore, not much good as the root of all evil in this town. See, I served that purpose for a while. And now Kendall -- she has to carry that burden. You know, all crimes lead to complex Kendall. When are you and the rest of this town going to wake up? You want to know who the bad guy is? Why don't you go to the source? The original Cambias, Zach Slater.

Zach: I'm no hero. I have no desire to be one.

Maria: Ok, but I get it. I get that you're trying to push me away, and you're trying to keep me out and all that, all right? You don't have to do it anymore. You can stop now.

Zach: You don't get it. All you see is the casita and the fireplace and long rides through the desert. Forget all that for a moment and see me for who I am. I didn't come here to be noble and honorable. I came here because I do what I do to get what I want, no other reason. And if you think that there's some kind of a noble heart beneath all this, you're going to be very disappointed. If you want anything from me, you have to know who I really am.

Erica: Cambias.

Tad: What?

Erica: That's the truth of it. I know Bianca needs people pulling for her right now.

Tad: Please, you know what this means. No outrage, no attacks, nothing. You've got to suppress every urge, every instinct you have as Erica Kane and a mother. Bianca can't fight for Miranda, but you can. You got to smile at J.R. like nothing is wrong. You think you can do that -- for Bianca?

Zach: I'm sorry. Is it too real for you?

Maria: I don't think it's real at all.

Zach: No? When you knew me -- no, when we knew each other -- that was a lifetime ago. And a lot of things have changed. A lot of things. But one thing remained the same. I do not wish, I do not wait, and I do not hope for things. I make them happen. And I don't second-guess myself. I lied to the whole world about who I really am. I manipulated Kendall and her arrogant mother. I took shots at Ryan and Greenlee. And now, I've denied my own son. Now, today, I don't know what's going to happen.

Maria: And all those things -- I know you regret them.

Zach: How do you figure that?

Maria: Because you were the one who told me. You told me that if I didn't stop you, no one would.

Zach: It was an observation, nothing more. Until Ethan�s out of here and safe, I will do whatever it takes.

Maria: And that's it? No regrets?

Zach: It's who I am.

Greenlee: Ugh. Oh. The sooner you break me out of this place, the sooner we can find out who poisoned me.

Ryan: Hey, you remember when I was in the hospital and you wouldn't let me leave until it was completely safe out there? Do you remember that? Right. Well, guess what -- whoever poisoned you is still out there. So, slide over and relax, because Mr. Dynamite Kiddo is coming in.

Jack: Kendall gave you the key to her home, not our family. I'll tell you something. It's preposterous, really. All this righteous indignation from somebody who actually wished he was a Cambias.

[Phone rings]

Ethan: Hold that thought. Hello?

Kendall: Ethan? I was ok until I heard your voice.

Ethan: What's wrong?

Kendall: My sister.

Ethan: What's wrong with Bianca?

Kendall: There's been a terrible accident. She's in the ICU.

J.R.: All right. If there's any news, I'll track you down.

Kendall: Have I thanked you lately for being here for me?

J.R.: Where else would I be? You try to take my Bess from me, you're going to be on the next gurney to ICU.

Krystal: His?

David: Bess? He still believes --

J.R.: What, Babe struck out, so you try to get between me and my kid? Well, it's not going to happen. Not you or anyone else.

Erica: You.

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Brooke: Are you envisioning the headline? "Adam Chandler's son arrested for attempted murder."

Adam: You wouldn't dare.

Zach: If you jump bail, they're going to put you in prison.

Ethan: I don't care. Kendall needs me right now.

Krystal: Erica, we heard about Bianca.

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