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All My Children Transcript Monday 12/6/04



By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

J.R. sings: You sell yourself short faking a laugh cry on my shoulder I'm watching your back it just isn't worth the price that you pay at the end of the day you give it away hey, hey 15 minutes doesn't mean it's gonna last forever it comes and it goes if you know then maybe you'll sleep tonight and maybe you'll dream in color instead of black and white and you'll wake up happy in your darkest hour and maybe you'll sleep tonight and maybe you'll dream in color and maybe see the light and you'll wake up happy in your darkest hour and maybe you'll sleep tonight. And maybe you'll sleep tonight

Babe: Bianca --

Bianca: Oh, Babe. God.

Babe: Oh, finally. There's something that I need to tell you.

Bianca: Babe, you can't be here. My God, J.R. is right there.

Babe: Where is Bess?

Bianca: In J.R.'s dressing room with Kendall. Look, you got to get out of here. What if J.R. sees you?

Babe: Look, don't even worry about J.R. Jamie and I, we've got it all scoped out.

Bianca: Ok. Well, tell me what you need me to do.

Babe: Ok, when -- when our prince of popular is done strutting his stuff on stage, you go with him and Bess back to his hotel room. And you stick by that baby like she's your very own.

Bianca: Ok.

Babe: Ok.

J.R.: And maybe you'll sleep tonight maybe you'll sleep tonight

David: There. That looks like it's still holding.

Tad: You know, I wouldn't be surprised to find out this is your idea of a first date.

David: One might think that you would have learned by now to keep your mouth shut.

Tad: Yeah, well, gosh, Dave, I'm sorry. It's just kind of boring here when you're, you know, strapped to a headboard. Nothing to do but count the ceiling tiles, water stains. Oh, yeah -- and think about Paul Cramer's murder.

David: Hmm. So, did your son confess before or after he trussed you up like a turkey?

Tad: You know, it's funny you should mention it. Turns out Jamie didn't have a thing to do with Cramer's murder -- which, happily enough, bumps you up a notch in the celebrity suspect sweepstakes. Right up there with Dorian Lord.

David: Sorry, not my MO.

Tad: Oh, that's right. He wasn't neutered before he was killed. Who cares? My point is we don't have to worry about the murder charge anymore. Now all we got to deal with is the kidnapping rap.

David: "All we got to deal with"? Well, that's an interesting way of describing a felony offense.

Tad: Hayward, use your pointy little head, ok? All we need is a DNA test. As soon as the truth comes out that Paul Cramer was willing to steal Babe's son, just so he could turn around and hand him to his sister, there isn't a judge and a jury in the world who would convict those kids of anything. We'll get the charges suspended, the kids can cut a deal, and it'll be safe for them to come back to Pine Valley.

David: Safe? What bonehead planet are you living on?

Tad: Hayward, we've got one chance to pull our kids back from crossing the point of no return. So stop being a jerk and untie me.

David: Forget it, Tad. Looks like you're back to counting ceiling tiles until this plays out the way Jamie and Babe planned.

J.R. sings: Maybe you'll sleep tonight

Kendall: Look at that, Bess. Look at that, Bess. Look at Daddy. Look at Daddy. Your daddy's a megahit. Yes.

J.R.: Maybe you'll sleep tonight

Kendall: I just wonder what your mama's up to.


Anita: Aidan, what are you doing?

Aidan: Baiting my trap.

Anita: What are you hoping to catch?

Aidan: You. Gotcha.

Anita: Sour cherry, my favorite.

Aidan: Well, some men say it with flowers, other men say it with jelly beans.

Anita: What are you trying to say?

Aidan: Come out with me, tonight, for dinner.

Anita: Oh, Aidan -- my head's still so full of Bobby and -- and the divorce. I'm not ready to start something new.

Aidan: Come on, we're not new. We've known each other ever since I rescued you on the side of the road, remember?

Anita: Hey, I rescued you.

Aidan: Yeah, all right, whatever. You gave me that lesson in karma -- what goes around comes around. So this is me coming around asking you out for a bite to eat.

Anita: And that's what you mean by "date"?

Aidan: It's one kind. Then there's the other kind, of course, where, you know, candlelit dinner and champagne and slow dancing, followed by a detour of a bloke's apartment where he shows you his stamp collection and etchings and then plies you with brandy in order to seduce you.

Anita: So what is that, your standard dating procedure?

Aidan: No. I don't have a stamp collection.

Anita: Aidan, you're -- you're hard to resist.

Aidan: So what do you say? Burgers at BJ's and then maybe a walk to see some shooting stars? I promise I'll bring you home safe. And then I'll go back to the Pine Cone, and we can have a big sigh of relief that our first date's over. What do you say?

Anita: You had me on the first jelly bean.

Bobby: Picked up on the first ring. Hmm, good dog. Ok, here's your new command. I want you to put 50 K in a manila envelope. You're going to leave it between the banister and the bush at the park boathouse in one hour. Ok? You come alone, you drop it, you go. You stiff me or try anything, and the cops get a call about the night that I saw you shoot Ryan Lavery. Got it?

[Concert crowd cheers]

Kendall: Yes! Where's Daddy?

J.R.: Oh, Bess --

Kendall: Here she is. She's your number one fan.

[J.R. chuckles]

J.R.: She's Daddy's little princess, aren't you? Daddy loves you so much.

[Concert crowd chants "J.R."]

Bianca: Hey! Hey, gosh, what a show. J.R., that was awesome.

J.R.: Thank you. I have to go out. Can you watch my little girl for me?

Bianca: Oh, sure.

[Concert crowd cheers]

J.R.: Lock the door after I leave. Make sure no one comes in. Promise me.

Kendall: Cross my heart.

J.R.: Promise?

Bianca: I promise.

J.R.: Babe! Babe!

Tad: By all means, Mr. Wizard, enlighten me. What exactly is the grand plan?

David: Jamie is going to detain J.R. while Babe tells Bianca Miranda�s alive.

Tad: Gosh, Dave, that's a real corker. Forgive me if I don't jump up and do the happy dance.

David: It's what we've all wanted, isn't it? Bianca gets her baby back. It's been your major talking point for weeks. You should be ecstatic.

Tad: I am -- happy for Bianca. That doesn't change the fact that our children are going to have a federal kidnapping rap hanging over their heads. I'm not exactly happy about the idea of Jamie being on the run for the rest of his life. I'm kind of missing out on digging on the joy there, Dave.

David: Because you haven't considered the alternative.

Tad: What?

David: If Babe and Jamie turn themselves in to the police, the reveal will be that Babe has a son. Ergo, J.R. has a son. He'll make a grab for that kid so fast, you'll miss it if you blink.

Tad: What if he does? It's a problem they're going to have to deal with. What, am I the only one that understands that it was his Y chromosome that made that child his son? He has a right -- every bit as much right as Bianca does to know that his kid's alive.

David: You should be grateful that you're tied up right now. Because if you sprang that on J.R. and he went after that kid, it would be over your very dead body.

Bianca: Sweetheart, hi. What a wonderful night for Miranda -- and for you.

Kendall: Is this it?

Bianca: Is what what?

Kendall: Is this part of the plan? J.R. wants to keep us locked in here to protect Bess. Is it from Babe? Is -- is Babe on her way here?

Bianca: Kendall, I have no idea.

[Knock on door]

J.R.: It's me, open up.


J.R.: Yes, well, there she is.

Bianca: Here she is. Sweet and happy as a clam.

Kendall: You, my friend, are out of breath. Where did you just go?

J.R.: I'm -- I'm beat. How about we limo back to the hotel?

Kendall: Just J.R. and his backup girls?

J.R.: Sure. We can order in, watch a movie. It'd just be us hanging out together.

Bianca: Sounds like a plan.

J.R.: Hmm.

Jamie: Did you see J.R.?

Babe: Yep. I led him on a wild-goose chase through the crowd. Got him breathing some fire and all off kilter.

Jamie: You did good, Babe. But you know this plan isn't set in stone. Instead of meeting Bianca at the hotel, you could just talk to her on the phone.

Babe: But then I couldn't see the look on Bianca's face when I tell her about Miranda. And she couldn't see mine.

Jamie: Yeah, but you'd be a lot safer. If something goes wrong and J.R. catches you and Bianca --

Babe: Look, I'm not taking the chicken way out. Besides, I got big, strong Jamie watching my back. You're the best protection any girl could ask for. Let's rock and roll.

Jamie: Did you meet up with Bianca?

Babe: Yeah, it was so great to see her.

Jamie: And she's totally onboard?

Babe: Yeah. We're going to be meeting in J.R.'s hotel room. You know, it was so weird standing out there in the audience. I was just -- saw those girls screaming for him. They were watching his every move like he was the answer to a dream or something. I was one of those girls once. I remember the first time that I met him. He walked up to me with those blue eyes and that blond hair. Walked up to me like he was a hero or something. I just stood there. My heart, it beat to burst. I just wanted him to love me so badly. But, hey, it was just some dumb crush, right? You ever have a crush like that?

Jamie: Yeah. She was blond with big brown eyes. On a beach in the moonlight. She could have been a mermaid on a shore just to make some guy crazy.

Babe: Good crazy.

Jamie: The best.

Babe: But you got over your crush, just like I got over mine.

Jamie: It's not the same. I got to know this amazing woman. And the more I knew, the more she meant to me. You found out J.R. was a fake. I found out you were real. And that goes way deeper than any crush.

Kendall: You know, tonight really belongs to Miranda. When you mentioned her, there wasn't a dry eye in the house, including mine.

Bianca: Well, speaking of dry, this little lady isn't.

Kendall: Oh, here, I'll do that. Let me do diaper duty. Um -- I -- you know, I forget -- do you fold the diaper in a square or a triangle?

Bianca: They're disposable.

Kendall: Oh.

Bianca: Never mind. I'll take care of it. Come on, sweetness, before your Auntie Kendall tries to diaper your head.

[Bianca laughs]

Kendall: Ok, so where did you run off to like a crazy man?

J.R.: Babe showed up at the concert.

Kendall: She actually showed up?

J.R.: I lost her. Kendall, I need more help with Bianca.

Kendall: Oh, no. No, J.R., this is your -- this is your thing. I'm out of this.

J.R.: Even if it means Bianca going to prison?

Kendall: What? Wait, hold on. Back up a second. You said that this was about blackmail. You said Babe was in this for blackmail. You give her money, and she stops all the friendship games with Bianca.

J.R.: That was before Hayward and Krystal hit town.

Kendall: Wait a minute -- they're in Florida now?

J.R.: And not on a pleasure cruise. They believe Babe's here to kidnap Bess and they've made it their mission to stop her.

Kendall: Oh, and you're afraid that Bianca's going to help Babe get her stubby fingers on the baby?

J.R.: Which would make your sister an accessory to kidnapping. Do you want your sister doing hard time?

Kendall: No, no, of course not. Well, that's not going to happen.

J.R.: If you don't stop it. Kendall, I need you to break that promise with Bianca, and I need you to make a promise for me. No matter what happens tonight, promise me that you will not leave Bianca's side.

Kendall: Ok. I promise.

Bobby: Time to cash in. Damn.

[Anita chuckles]

Anita: I hope you don't mind dining al fresco.

Aidan: As long as Al doesn't mind.

Anita: Oh-oh, no!

Aidan: Oh, I'm sorry, that's bad, but I couldn't resist.

Anita: Gosh, I haven't been outside all day. It's such a crisp and beautiful evening.

Aidan: Appreciates her surroundings, laughs at bad puns -- good signs.

Anita: What, are you keeping some sort of score?

Aidan: Well, I had special training in the military, so I'm pretty good at spotting signs of posttraumatic stress and battle fatigue, and I'm pleased to see that you're not showing any of the classic symptoms.

Anita: Well, my marriage wasn't exactly a war zone. It was more like missing in action and, ok, one ambush too many. But I -- I never saw Bobby as the enemy.

Aidan: Well, won't trash soon-to-be-ex-spouse -- another good sign. You know, if I can let you in on a little secret. You are tallying up a very high score.

Anita: Well, I have a confession to make.

Aidan: Don't ruin it, now.

Anita: This is my first date as a grownup.

Aidan: Oh, and you lie.

Anita: No.

Aidan: Liar.

Anita: No, I'm serious. I mean, Bobby and I, we were high school sweethearts. We went off to school and got married in Chicago, and that was that.

Aidan: Well, you should be glad for all the blind dates you didn't have to go on.

Anita: Oh, man, I can't even imagine.

Aidan: Well, they weren't so bad. I mean, it was pretty good training for Special Ops, especially in the "be prepared" sector.

Anita: Oh, poor baby.

Tad: Come on, Hayward, don't be a fool. What do you assume is going to happen the minute Jamie and Babe and the child formerly known as Buchanan hit the road?

David: Look, this was not my plan, all right? It's not the way I would have liked things to play out. But Babe and Jamie already set everything into motion. So now all they can do is just find some backwater town somewhere someplace off the beaten track, settle down.

Tad: Yeah, just like that, where nobody can know their real name, or God forbid, their fugitive status. Where exactly is this utopian hamlet? Hooterville? Freedonia? The dark side of the moon?

David: Like I said, I'm not crazy about it, either. Hopefully in a couple of years it'll be safe. We can go visit them.

Tad: Oh, yeah, sure. When this all blows over, they could probably come home and visit us -- along with their blue-eyed, blond-haired son, who happens to be the same age as Miranda, that they found in a cornfield. Don't be a jerk. It doesn't matter if it's tomorrow or in five years. J.R. will come after them with a fleet of lawyers and a chain saw. Only thing I'm curious about now is how fast the turnip truck was going when you fell off.

David: You know something? I don't even know why I bother even talking to you about this. Why don't you give our kids half a chance? They can make it.

Tad: Oh, come on! You know as well as I do, the fact they've made it this far is a bloody miracle.

David: Aren't you forgetting something, Tad? No one's looking for Jamie or Babe!

Tad: Not yet. But there's still a border-to-border, coast-to-coast manhunt going on for the heir to the Buchanan throne. What, you think that's just going to stop? When the net tightens and they catch the kids -- and they will -- they will drag them back to Pine Valley in handcuffs.

Maid: Maid.

David: Whoa, whoa! Hey, why don't you knock before barging in?

Maid: Oh, I -- I sorry, sir. I -- I come back later.

Tad: No, no, no, no, no, no -- please, I'm begging you. Come on in. You know, give a guy a break.

Maid: You shame! I no do three-way!

Jamie: What did we miss?

Babe: Mama -- she fed James spinach, and then he scrunched up his face and he -- he looked just like my Uncle Earl.

Jamie: And that's a good thing?

Babe: Oh, gosh, I cannot believe I'm missing this much. I've never felt this way. He's only been out of my arms for a few moments.

Jamie: This is the first time since you got James back that you've been away from him.

Babe: Yeah. It really hits home what I did to Bianca. This times a million. Her heart's empty and aching all because of me.

Jamie: Hey, but you're fixing it now. Right? God, your hands are freezing.

Babe: Yeah. Gets that way when I'm nervous.

[Babe sighs]

Jamie: Sure you're ok?

Babe: Yeah. I can do this. I can do anything with you as my partner.

J.R.: All right, let's have a toast. To tonight's success.

Kendall: Yes. Cheers.

Bianca: Cheers.

J.R.: Cheers. How about you, Bianca? Are you happy with the way things turned out tonight? Ooh. Don't tell me I was that bad?

Kendall: Uh -- Earth to Binks.

Bianca: Hmm? What?

J.R.: Well, we sort of lost transmission with you there for a second.

Bianca: Oh, I'm sorry. I was just thinking.

J.R.: About what?

Bianca: About Lena. She called me the other day and -- and gave me an ultimatum. Either I hopped on the next plane to Poland, or she was calling it quits. I couldn't get away, so it's over. It's really over.

Kendall: Binks, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Why didn't you say something before?

J.R.: That's not an easy thing to admit. You find someone, think it's forever, and they betray you, and the bottom falls out of your world. I never thought my -- my wife would run off with my brother.

Bianca: Oh -- what I had with Lena was nothing like what you had with Babe.

[Phone rings]

J.R.: Sorry. Excuse me. Chandler.

Babe: Hey, darlin', it's me. Just loved the concert. You know, it was almost like you were singing just to me.

J.R.: I'm sorry, I have to take this. Help yourself to more champagne. All right, I'm back. What do you want?

Babe: J.R., just chill. Actually, I'm here because Jamie and I, we got robbed, and we need some more money.

J.R.: That's it?

Babe: Yeah. Look, I know that you love to color me dumb, but if I was really after Bess, wouldn't I have just stayed invisible?

J.R.: So all I have to do is give you me money and you'll stay away?

Babe: You got it. You cough up the cash, and you'll never have to see my sweet face again.

J.R.: Aren't you even going to ask about Bess?

Babe: Look, just meet me at the warehouse near the corner of Biminy and Bayou. And make it fast, because you know how I hate waiting.

J.R.: I have to go. Sweet dreams, Princess. Daddy won't be long.

Kendall: So what was that all about? Was that Babe on the phone?

Bianca: I honestly don't know.

Kendall: Come on, Binks, talk to me. Is this part of the whole hush-hush little plan you guys have? J.R. gets called out of the suite, and then you grab Bess and you bring her to Babe.

Bianca: Actually, no, I'm not going anywhere. But you are.

David: I wouldn't expect that maid to leave a mint under your pillow if I were you.

Tad: Oh, my God. I cannot believe you're cracking jokes when our kids have one shot at coming clean, one last chance at leniency.

David: And what chance exactly does Babe have of getting custody of her son? I'd say zero to nonexistent. Her best chance is out there. At least with Krystal and me, she's got a lock on survival skills.

Tad: Survival skills? You? When you jaywalk you get arrested.

David: I'm going to go check out the vending machines.

Tad: No, no, David, listen. Look, if there's one thing I know about you for sure, it's that even if you're morally challenged, you'll fight like a tiger for the people you love. I was there last year. I saw firsthand how you tried to protect Bianca. And I can only guess about how you feel about Babe and her child. But that's why I'm telling you from the bottom of my heart, you are playing this one dead wrong. If you really love them, untie me. We can save them before it's too late.

Babe: Well, well, well -- if it isn't J.R. the superstar. Do you think I could get your autograph?

J.R.: Come on, Babe, how much?

Babe: Well, I hope you brought big wads of cash.

J.R.: Where's Jamie? Oh, right, he probably finally wised up and dumped you.

Babe: Actually, no. He's in there.

J.R.: Well, tell him to come out.

Babe: Uh-uh. I was stupid enough to make that mistake once -- let you catch me on camera. It's not going to happen again. You twisted that into blackmail material, remember?

J.R.: Right, right, yeah. "Babe and Jamie screw up -- the lost episodes."

Babe: Well, that's not going to happen again, so this little deal of ours -- it's going to go down inside, where I get to play the director. Shall we?

J.R.: You know I don't carry lots of cash. I have to write you a check.

Jamie: First, give me your cell phone. You know, just so you can't make a photo record of the deal going down.

J.R.: Guess life with Babe's got you paranoid.

Jamie: No, it's made me happy. You made me paranoid.

[Door shuts]

Jamie: Don't worry about Babe. You're trapped, J.R., and there's no way out. It's just you -- and me.

Aidan: You know, shooting stars are like watched pots.

Anita: How's that?

Aidan: Well, they never seem to do anything when you're watching.

Anita: Maybe.

Aidan: So, is there a second date in the near future?

Anita: Do we have to figure that out before the first one's over?

Aidan: I don't know. If we don't do it now, we'll both have to sit and wait to see who calls who.

Anita: Well, my mom never lets us phone boys.

Aidan: Really? Then I guess we'd better arrange it now, then. How do you feel about going to the movies or ice-skating?

Anita: They both sound fun.

Aidan: Perfect. Then we have our second and third dates on the roster. You know, one of the awkward things about dating is the kissing question. Do we kiss on the first date or is it better to wait?

Anita: What's your personal preference?

Aidan: I'm not going to think about it.

Bobby: Nice, nice.

Anita: Bobby? What are you doing here?

Bobby: It's a public park.

Anita: Did you follow me?

Aidan: Huh.

Bobby: Yeah, right. If only the nuns at Holy Cross could see their good girl now, huh?

Anita: You have no right to comment on me or my life anymore.

Aidan: Anita, should we go?

Anita: Please.

Aidan: Missing something, Bobby, old boy?

Bobby: Hand it over. It's mine.

Aidan: Do all your banking here at the boathouse, do we, Bobby?

Anita: Walking around with all that money in the park at night?

Bobby: Not all deals go down in the boardroom, ok? Some investors are strictly cash-and-carry.

Aidan: At designated drop sites, leaving no paper trail for the IRS.

Anita: Bobby, if you're into something illegal --

Bobby: Did you just tell me to butt out of your life? That cuts both ways, honey, ok?

Anita: I just -- I don't want to see you get into trouble.

Bobby: Oh. Well, why not? I mean, it's what I do best. Hmm? So, are you going to give me my money or are you stealing from me?

Aidan: Stealing's not my thing.

Bobby: Mm-hmm.

Anita: What just happened here?

Tad: Come on, David, let's be honest. The only reason you agreed to go along with this crazy scheme is because you don't want to make things difficult for Babe. You're afraid that would make you the bad guy, and you're determined to be her hero. It makes perfect sense. Absentee father gone for most of his daughter's life decides he can finally come through for his little girl. Well, guess what -- she's not asking you for a pony at Christmas or another go-round on the carousel. She's asking you to sign off on something that's going to destroy her life. If you ask me, you picked a hell of a time to spoil your kid.

David: Shut up, all right? Just shut the hell up! There's no way I'm going to betray my daughter.

Bianca: Kendall, please, go back to your room.

Kendall: No. No, I'm not. Whatever is going to go down with Babe, I don't want to see you do something you'll regret.

Bianca: I won't. You have to trust me.

Kendall: Well, it's Babe I don't trust.

Bianca: Kendall, I'm starting to get really mad, and I don't want to go there with you --

Kendall: I don't want --

Bianca: So would you please just leave the room?

Kendall: I don't want to fight. Listen, I don't want to fight with you, either, ok, but I'm scared out of my mind that you're going to do something crazy, something that'll wreck your life.

Bianca: It's not your worry. I'm a grown woman. I can take care of myself. Now, please, leave.

[Knock on door]

Babe: Bianca, it's me.

Kendall: Oh. Let her in. I am dying to hear what she has to say.

Bianca: Hi. Hey.

Babe: I thought -- I thought you said we were going to be alone.

Bianca: Well, I asked Kendall to leave.

Kendall: I'm not going to let you take that baby.

Babe: I'm not here to take the baby, I swear.

Kendall: You could swear on 100 Bibles. I wouldn't believe a word out of your mouth.

Bianca: Kendall, you don't belong here.

Kendall: No, she doesn't belong here. Now, I'm not going to let you take this child and use Bianca as your accomplice.

Babe: Look, Kendall, you don't know why I'm here. And when you know the reason, you're going to be glad that I came.

Kendall: Well, somehow I doubt that.

Babe: I just need a few minutes alone with Bianca. I'm not going to take the baby, I promise.

Bianca: See? I believe her. Look, Kendall, I'm asking you to leave. It's time for you to choose whose side you're on -- J.R.'s or your sister's.

[Kendall leaves the room]

Bianca: Hi.

Babe: Hey.

Bianca: Hi. I missed you. All right, I assume that that was you calling J.R. Do you know how long he's going to be? How much time we have?

Babe: Jamie is with him. It's -- everything -- everything's ok.

Bianca: Ok, Jamie's not going to hurt him, is he?

Babe: Oh, no, no. Either way, J.R.'s going to be in for a world of hurt.

Bianca: So you are here for Bess? I knew it. You were lying to Kendall.

Babe: God knows that I have told my share of lies, Bianca, but what I told Kendall -- I'm not here to take the baby. That's the truth.

Anita: Why would Bobby arrange to get money here? This can't be legit.

Aidan: Yeah, well, I highly doubt it. But I think you should take Bobby at his word and stay out of it.

Anita: And what about you? Are you going to look into it?

Aidan: I think I'm going to have to, as long as you're all right with that.

Anita: I've never been able to stop Bobby from making a mistake. Maybe you'll have better luck. Ooh, jeez.

Aidan: Here.

Anita: Little bit chilly.

Aidan: Take my jacket. It's nice and warm. We should get you home.

Aidan: Oh, look, a shooting star. You missed it. Watched pots.

David: Once again, Martin, you've got it all wrong. I'm not trying to be a hero to Babe.

Tad: Oh, yes, you are. You're petrified of disappointing her. You're afraid that she'll end up being mad at you. Or God forbid, end up not loving you.

David: Thanks for the analysis, Sigmund Fraud.

Tad: Well, it's the truth. But, hey, you know what, that's life. Sometimes you don't have a choice. You have to risk doing things that could possibly make your child hate you. That's what being a parent is all about. You think I'm ecstatic about the idea of Jamie freezing me out for the next 20 years? But I'd gladly do it, whatever I had to, to make sure he didn't destroy his life. But you? Please. If Babe told you that she was going to rob a bank, you'd show up with a getaway car and a full tank of gas. Don't you get it? You're not helping those kids. What you're doing is just as wrong. It's just as criminal. Hell, it's felony parenting.

David: Just shut up already! For crying out loud.

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Jamie: Could've taken my word for it. There's no way out.

J.R.: You know, it's so sad you can't see through that little tramp!

Jamie: What's sad -- you thinking you could buy us off. It's a big mistake.

J.R.: No, the big mistake, little brother, is Babe thinking that she could do anything with my daughter and get away with it! Because I'm going to come after you. I will come after you with everything I've got.

Jamie: You know what, save the threats. Babe's here for one reason and one reason only -- to tell Bianca the truth. And that, brother, should be going on right about now.

Kendall: J.R., why am I getting your voicemail? Listen, it's me. Babe is here with Bianca. Now, she swore that she wouldn't take Bess, and Bianca swore that she wouldn't let her, but I don't know if I can believe them, so just get your butt over here now. Oh, hell. I'll find you and drag you back myself.

Bianca: Babe, I know you're here to take Bess. I know you. That little girl is a part of your life. There's no way that you would leave her behind, try to live without her.

Babe: She's even more beautiful than before. Hello, sweetness. Hello.

Babe: Bianca, I have something incredible to tell you. And -- and that's why I came down here to see you in person -- so I could do this right. This little girl's not my baby. This is your baby. Your Miranda.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Bianca: There's DNA proof. Bess is your child.

Babe: The test was fixed. That DNA test proved that this baby is yours and not mine.

Jamie: Can you feel it, J.R.? Your last hope, slipping through your fingers.

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