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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 11/23/04


By Boo
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Babe: Oh, Florida at last. We made it. We did. Jamie, do you think you can watch the baby for a second? I think I saw a pay phone out there. I want to go call Bianca.

Jamie: So soon?

Babe: Well, I want to know if she convinced J.R. to come down to the benefit concert. And I'm sure she did. I just want to hear it for sure.

J.R.: If this has anything to do with Babe and the letters that she wrote, you're wasting my time. Bess is not Miranda, end of Babe's twisted story.

Adam: So if that's why you're here, you can leave now. You're not welcome.

Kendall: Wait a minute. Is that what Babe wrote in her letter? That Bess is really yours?

Bianca: According to J.R. I didn't actually read the letter myself.

Kendall: Why would Babe write something like that?

J.R.: I don't know -- because Babe lies more than she breathes?

Kendall: No, wait a second, J.R. Maybe it's not a lie. Maybe we should check this out.

Maria: Edmund -- oh, my God! This is incredible. I mean, this is -- this is a miracle. You're feeling something in your legs for the first --

Manny: First time? It's been a while now.

Ethan: You know, I was working out in Soho a little while ago. There was this terrible accident. See, a set of weights and a barbell just like this one slipped out of this guy's hand right onto his windpipe, choked him. It was pretty ugly.

Zach: I've seen worse.

Ethan: Oh, I bet you have. I bet you have. But, you know, I think if you were to meet the same fate, there'd be a big celebration in this town.

Zach: And that makes you smile why?

Ethan: Why? If I'm going to be tried for attempted murder, where's the harm in actually attempting one?

Manny: Good work today, Mr. Grey.

Edmund: Thanks.

Manny: I'll see you same time tomorrow?

Edmund: You got it.

Maria: So how long is -- is "a while"?

Edmund: About a month. It just started in my toe. And today's the first day that it's actually moved up into my leg. But tomorrow, you know -- ahem -- who knows?

Maria: So you -- you thought you should keep this from me? You know how much this would have meant to me and to us.

Edmund: You had a lot on your mind lately.

Maria: Oh. Nothing means more to me than you do.

Edmund: Actually, the first day that I felt something was the day that I found out that you were protecting your ex-lover.

Zach: Your choice.

Ethan: Tell me, Zach, who do you trust, huh?

Bobby: What's going on?

Zach: Get out of here, Bobby.

Ethan: Don't be rude, Zach. The man's trying to save your life.

Zach: Bobby, please, I got this.

Bobby: Ok, your funeral.

Zach: I had already one.

Ethan: Want to make it two?

Zach: What are you waiting for? You going to do it, do it now.

Ethan: You're not worth going to prison over. I'm in enough trouble.

Zach: That's the truth.

Ethan: You're a piece of work, Slater. Trying to use Kendall to get me to jump bail. Very noble of you.

Zach: What would I have to gain by that?

Ethan: I haven't got a clue. Maybe wait until I was getting on an airplane, put in an anonymous tip to the police station.

Zach: I still don't see what's in it for me.

Ethan: I'd look guilty. I go to jail. Nobody's any the wiser. And you -- you get away with putting a bullet in Lavery's gut. If you did it to save your skin, I get it, ok? I get it. You can bring whatever you want on to me. But if you start using Kendall to get to me, you'll be sorry. If you hurt her --

Zach: Fine. You want to attach yourself to the village basket case, be my guest.

Babe: What is with you? What was that all about?

Jamie: Just -- just stay down, ok?

Babe: What's going on?

Jamie: Just sit tight. I'll be right back.

Babe: What is he doing out there, huh? Everything's ok, right? Yeah, everything is fine. Mommy's here, it's ok. Oh, Jamie. Oh -- what -- what was that all about?

Jamie: The guy with the camera -- he ducked down behind a car when we were coming in.

Babe: Are you kidding? We'll grab -- let's -- we'll go out the window or something.

Jamie: It has nothing to do with us. I went outside to check him out, and this guy flies out of this room in a pair of briefs. Apparently, the camera guy was hired by Mr. Briefs' wife.

Babe: Are you serious? Well, I guess that was a close one, huh?

Jamie: Oh, not even close. Like I told you, Babe, no one's going to take your little boy away from you, not while I'm around.

Babe: I should probably go make that call.

Jamie: Babe, the more calls we make, the more we risk being found.

Babe: Look, all I care about right now is Bianca getting Miranda back. I just -- I need to know if she convinced J.R. to come down to the concert with the baby.

Jamie: Just give her a little bit more time, ok? Bianca needs something to play J.R.

Babe: You can't underestimate Bianca. She's a tough one. You remember at Zach's hotel when J.R. thought that Bianca and I were sleeping together?

Jamie: Yeah, you guys were good.

Babe: Yeah, well, Bianca didn't even blink an eye. Seriously, J.R. didn't even know it was a scam until we told him.

Jamie: But J.R.'s on his game now. And I guarantee you, he sleeps with one eye open.

Babe: And Bianca's all about doing the right thing, especially when something's at stake. She can hold her own against the devil. Or J.R. Chandler.

J.R.: I don't know how many times I have to convince you -- Bess is my daughter, and Babe is a pathological liar.

Adam: Certainly the one person that everyone can trust is Joe Martin. He had the DNA test done.

Kendall: Well, then why would Babe write something like that?

Bianca: Did she write that, J.R.? And did Babe actually say that Bess is my daughter?

J.R.: You're not going to let this go, are you?

Bianca: No, I'm not. Tell me.

J.R.: All right, Bianca. You're right. I made it up.

Kendall: J.R., my God! How could you do that to Bianca?

J.R.: I'm sorry. Look, I am sorry.

Bianca: You wanted me to hate Babe as much as you do.

J.R.: It was wrong. I know that. I lost my wife, I lost my brother, then I started seeing all my friends slip away.

Kendall: Well, can you blame them, J.R., the way you've been acting lately?

Bianca: So what did Babe actually write in her letter?

J.R.: Nothing about you. She basically trashed me up one side and down the other. She couldn't leave it -- leave town without putting another knife in my back.

Adam: Yeah, good riddance, I say. We're all better off without her.

J.R.: Bianca, I just wanted you to see how sick she was. I was so tired of everybody taking Babe's side against me. And when she was -- it was wrong for me to lie to you. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Bianca: J.R., you didn't have to do that. Look, it's becoming pretty clear that over time, Babe has lied to just about everyone. Myself included. And frankly, after a while, I don't see how anybody can trust her anymore.

Adam: Well said, Bianca.

Bianca: Thank you. Look, I'll admit it. I'm pretty stubborn sometimes. But as far as I'm concerned, when Babe walked out that door and away from her little girl, I don't care how much I used to care about her, as -- that single act -- that tells me exactly what kind of person Babe is, and I just can't excuse it.

J.R.: You don't know how long I've waited to hear you say that.

Kendall: You have much better friends than Babe, Binks.

J.R.: I'm sorry that you had to go through that.

Bianca: Hey, I'll be ok, as long as you and I can make it through it.

J.R.: Well, we've been friends way too long to let Babe's lies come between us.

Bianca: I'm really glad to hear you say that, J.R. As a matter of fact, that's why I'm here.

J.R.: Right. You said there was something about Miranda.

Bianca: Yes. And if we really are friends again, J.R., you can't turn me down.

Ethan: You say one more word about Kendall, one more word --

Zach: All right! Got the message.

Ethan: Good.

Zach: Ok. Now that you got that out of your system, try using your head. Someone else shot at Lavery today. That's your ticket out of here. Don't blow it. Don't be stupid. Don't blow it by going after me. Or playing white knight to Kendall Hart. Understand?

Kendall: Come on, J.R., it'll be fun.

J.R.: Why would I go to Florida?

Bianca: Because it's for a good cause. Every dollar that we raise at the concert goes directly to the Miranda Center. And as a board member, I would think --

J.R.: I'm sorry, I'm not on the board.

Bianca: You are now. Come on, J.R. The Chandlers have more money and power and influence than anyone else in town. We can't even have a board without one of you guys on it.

Adam: Don't look at me. I'm already spread too thin.

Bianca: J.R., please. We really need you there.

Kendall: Yeah, Jackson's been there half a dozen times making all the arrangements.

Bianca: Yeah, and come on, think of what a great time Bess will have there.

J.R.: What's Bess got to do with it?

Bianca: Only everything.

J.R.: No, Bianca, I'm not taking her to Florida, not now.

Bianca: You're telling me that you're going to go to the Sunshine State and not take that beautiful little girl?

J.R.: She's a baby. She wouldn't even remember it.

Bianca: She's the perfect age. You hear that, sweetheart? You're going to have such a good time. Yes, you are.

J.R.: I'm sorry, Bianca, I've made up my mind. I can't do it.

Bianca: Of course you can. I'm not going to take no for an answer.

Babe: Well, the shower head's a little goofy, but I'm not complaining. That seriously felt so awesome.

Jamie: Ok, so here's the plan. The night of the concert, you stay here with the baby, keep a low profile. I'll deal with J.R. and Bianca.

Babe: Hey, oh, no, you won't.

Ethan: Stay away from Kendall. Stay away from me.

Zach: I heard you! Dig your own grave.

Jonathan: If it isn't Mr. Cambias, and the son that almost was.

Ethan: Is there something you want from me, little Lavery?

Jonathan: Yes. There is. A little slack. Hey, I've been a jerk. I had tunnel vision. I'm only interested in the man who shot my brother, and for a while, that was you. But I was way out of line.

Ethan: You think?

Jonathan: Those shots that were fired at him the other day -- it sent me for a loop. I mean, you were nowhere near there when that happened.

Ethan: Dragging you kicking and screaming to the conclusion that --

Jonathan: I was wrong. It wasn't you, after all. But it was him, wasn't it? Slater did it.

Maria: So you -- you kept your progress from me as some sort of payback for helping out Zach?

Edmund: Don't sound paranoid, ok?

Maria: No, you don't sound like my husband, because I've been standing by you, crying and praying for some little ray of hope since the second that bullet lodged in your spine. Are you kidding? I've -- you feel something in your leg -- I don't even care how small! -- But you feel something in your leg and you think that you should keep that from me?

Edmund: Maria, would it have made a difference? I mean, I feel a little -- anything in my leg. I mean, odds are, in the end, it's -- it's still going to be the same. I'm going to be sitting in this chair. And you -- you've still got going on what you've got going on.

Maria: I've got nothing going on. I've got nothing going on with Zach.

Edmund: Oh, come on, Maria. Come on. Even if I could walk, it wouldn't change anything.

Maria: No, you're damn right, it wouldn't change anything, because I still wouldn't want a divorce. I still wouldn't want my marriage to be over. And I still wouldn't cheat on you.

Edmund: And you'd still be lying.

Maria: Oh --

Edmund: Stop it. Just stop it, ok? I've heard this all before. Last time I heard this, you were -- running into the arms of Zach in the stables.

Maria: You were the one who called him to come over to Wildwind, not me. And you told him he could have me.

Edmund: Oh, so he was just following orders?

Maria: No, I told him that I wanted to stick it out with you. That I want -- I love you and that I wanted to fight for my marriage.

Edmund: Well, from what I saw, there wasn't much to fight for.

Maria: Oh, my God -- you know what? All that Zach is guilty of is caring about what happens to me. And I am guilty of being confused and of caring about what happens to you.

Edmund: Oh -- just get out. Just stop it. Just get out of here. Go to hell, go to him, go to -- I just don't care.

Babe: I'm not going to let you give up your life for me and this sweet little baby and just let me hide under the bed while you go play hero. Forget about it, Jamie.

Jamie: What part of "low profile" don't you get? We kidnapped the Lieutenant Governor's baby. It doesn't matter if he was stolen from day one. We could still get arrested.

Babe: You're missing the point here.

Jamie: No, I get the point. We did this so James could have a life free of the Chandlers. If J.R. sees you with this baby, it's not going to take a lot for him to figure out what happened the night Cramer dumped his helicopter.

Babe: Look, I understand that J.R. can never see James, for my boy's own good, but --

Jamie: So how do you plan to pull this off? It's not like we packed a nanny. You and I are running the show on our own.

Babe: Yeah. I know that. Which is why you are going to stay here with James and I'm going to go!

Jamie: No way.

Babe: God, Jamie, come on, listen to me for one second. I'm the one who did all this. I've got to tell Bianca the truth. I -- I can't live with myself if I don't look her in the eyes, tell her the truth, and own up to it. Ok? I did a really horrible thing, and I've got to try to make things right.

Jamie: Are you sure you want to do that?

Babe: Yes! Look, I thought that I could make everything perfectly clear with writing those letters, but obviously, everything just got messed up.

Jamie: We have J.R. to thank for that.

Babe: No, it's not just J.R. Maybe it's God's way of saying that I can't take the easy way out. Bianca deserves to know the truth, and now I have a chance to tell her.

Jamie: But if Bianca hears --

Babe: Yeah, I understand. She is going to want to kill me. And it's really awesome of you that you want to take some of the heat, but if Bianca wants to spit in somebody's face for keeping her from her baby, then it's got to be mine. I at least owe her that much.

Bianca: J.R., you haven't even heard the best part.

J.R.: I'm sorry, Bianca, I've made up my mind.

Kendall: Well, I've never met a mind that we couldn't change.

Adam: He has a lot on his plate these days, ladies.

Bianca: Well, Babe told me that you started writing music again.

Kendall: Yeah, that's right. I heard you have a lot of talent.

Bianca: Mm-hmm. I remember when we were kids, you used to sing all the time. You even performed at school. You sang and danced, and you were awesome. Come on, J.R., if you're half as good now as you were then, we really need you to perform at the concert.

J.R.: You are not serious.

Kendall: Wait -- oh, come on!

Bianca: Absolutely.

Kendall: Come on. Why not? You can do one of your own songs.

Bianca: J.R., you would be honoring Miranda.

Adam: We have meetings and obligations. Generatrix needs your leadership if it's ever going to get off the ground.

Kendall: Well, it's only going to be for a few days. They'll barely know that you're missing.

J.R.: I'm sorry, Bianca. I'm not going to do it.

Kendall: All right, you know what? Let's go you and I have a little private talk, all right? Come on.

J.R.: Will you just let this go?

Kendall: You don't seem to get it. This center means a lot to me personally.

J.R.: Yeah, well, you're not going to change my mind.

Kendall: You are -- you are the most selfish, self-centered person I have ever met, J.R.

J.R.: If this is your way to try to sweet-talk me, you're going to have to change your approach.

Kendall: You know what, J.R.? You have everything. You have a baby you can sing to sleep at night. You can watch her grow and love her to pieces. What does Bianca have? She has a lousy memory of holding Miranda one last time before she lost her for good. And I wouldn't wish that on anyone. But it could have just as easily been you. Your heart could break every single time you see a little girl in her daddy's arms.

J.R.: You're not being fair.

Kendall: Oh, don't even talk to me about fair. There is nothing Bianca wouldn't do to help ease your pain.

Bianca: Have you ever seen such a happy baby? Look at her. She's always got a smile for her godmother. Look at that, Adam! And she's so curious about the world. It's almost like she understands every word we're saying.

Adam: Well, maybe she could explain it to me.

Bianca: Explain what?

Adam: What you two are up to -- with this hard sell to get J.R. down to Florida.

Bianca: Adam --

Adam: And don't -- don't give me a song and dance about you want him down there to sing and dance.

Bianca: I know what you're afraid of.

Adam: Who says I'm afraid of anything?

Bianca: I do. You're afraid that I'm going to take Bess because I think she's mine.

Adam: Do you still think there's a chance she might be?

[Music plays]

Bianca: Why would you ask that? There was -- there was a test. Tad and Joe proved that Bess isn't mine. Are you saying that you don't believe them?

Adam: Oh, no, no. No, nonsense. No. Joe Martin made the test. The results are unimpeachable. No, my -- my question was, do you still question them, as you did before?

Bianca: You mean, when I took Bess?

Adam: Yes, you took Bess. Now you're seeing more and more of Bess, and that's all well and good -- as long as you're clear as to whose baby she is.

Bianca: You still don't get it, Adam. I'm not a threat to this baby -- or to J.R. The only thing that I've ever wanted for this little girl is for her to be raised by the parent who can do the best job for her.

[Miranda coos]

Bianca: Oh, sweetie --

Adam: And we can all take great comfort in that.

Bianca: Honey, come here. Well, just as long as J.R. knows I'm on Bess' side.

Adam: You know, you and J.R. have been tooth and nail for quite some time. But I think when it all comes down to it, you have more to unite you than divide you, as with me and your mother. Erica and I have our differences, but we've managed to come down on the same side of the issue on a regular basis. Case in point -- we were in complete agreement as to Michael Cambias.

Bianca: You were on my side during the trial.

Adam: Well, yes. Yes, he was a monster who didn't deserve to live.

Bianca: With the added bonus that you got revenge on the man who stole your company.

Adam: Yeah. Nonsense. Nonsense. Now, I was on Erica's side because I understood what she was doing. She was protecting her daughter at any cost, yes, the way any good parent would do to protect their family. Especially blood family, from the likes of a Cambias.

Bianca: Well, one thing's for sure. This little girl certainly has a lot of people protecting her.

Adam: Oh, where are my manners? I haven't offered you some refreshment.

Bianca: Oh, thank you. Actually, I'd like some water.

Adam: Yes.

Kendall: You said that you were ready to find peace. You were ready to find it in your heart to forgive and forget. But the first chance that you have to prove it with something more than words, you cop out. Well, what are you so afraid of?

J.R.: Hey, I'm not afraid of anything. I just can't go running off when Generatrix is falling on its butt.

Kendall: All right. Well, then why don't you consider this. Since you obviously don't want to help out Bianca because it's the right thing to do, consider the PR value. Your selfishness will turn Babe into the victim in this whole breakup.

J.R.: And you'll make sure that happens?

Kendall: Hey, it's not my fault the whole town thinks you have no soul. Think about Bess, growing up here, daughter of the hated Chandlers. It doesn't always have to be that way. One very public good deed for Bianca could wipe your slate clean.

Babe: So, we're all set, right? I'm going to be the one to tell Bianca one-on-one.

Jamie: And you got me for backup.

Babe: Great. Look, I don't want J.R. catching wind of James any more than you do, but honestly, I'm not worried. J.R. thinks the only reason that we ran off together -- pretty much, there's only one reason.

Jamie: Because we couldn't keep our hands off each other.

Babe: J.R.'s version has us pretty much hitting all the sheets in the seedy motel rooms along the road.

Jamie: And all the rest stops, too.

Babe: And diner bathrooms.

Jamie: Let's not forget about the gas stations.

Babe: Of course not. Why even waste time stopping? J.R. probably thinks we just do it in the speeding car.

Jamie: Better yet, we stop to go camping.

Babe: I love camping. Pitch the tent.

Jamie: We could climb into a sleeping bag made for one. Get a little fire started.

Babe: Look at the stars. It's a little chilly outside. Inside that bag, it's --

Jamie: Nothing but heat.

Babe: Look, do you ever miss that? Being with someone like that?

Jamie: Yeah. Do you?

Brooke: No, I -- I've got my contact at Social Security working on it.

[Knock on door]

Brooke: All right. Keep looking, and call me. Oh. Huh. Just the person I hoped I would see.

Edmund: That's a refreshing change from the rest of my life.

Brooke: I don't think I've slept since Jamie left town. You know, Tad keeps saying over and over that I shouldn't worry. He will find them, he says. But I just -- I know that there's something that he's not telling me. And it's driving me crazy.

Edmund: How do you know that?

Brooke: Because I know him too well, and I know when he's keeping things from me. God, I hate secrets.

Edmund: I know the feeling. They can drive you crazy.

Brooke: And what is that look about?

Edmund: Ahem. Maria found out that I had some feeling in my leg.

Brooke: She found out? You didn't tell her? What is the matter with you men?

Zach: Maria? Hey. What's wrong?

Maria: You know, you told me that I could come with you and that you would love me the way I deserve. Love me, please.

[Music plays]

Jonathan: I ticked you off earlier and I didn't mean to.

Ethan: You have a habit of doing that.

Jonathan: Let me make it up to you. I'll help you clear your name. If we do it together, we could both nail Slater.

Ethan: Let me get this straight. You're going to say "Oops, sorry." And I'm supposed to entrust my future into your hands? Too funny.

Jonathan: You're not listening.

Ethan: No, I'm listening. Now, you listen to me. You want to run off, try to score points with your brother, you go ahead. You want to start off some little vigilante mission, try and catch Slater, you be my guest. But you are on your own. I'm not interested.

Singer: I'm at a loss to make it through make it through make it through make it through make it through make it through make it through make it through make it through make it through I'm at a

Zach: Ok. Sit down. Look at me. What happened? No, no, no, no, no, no. What did Edmund do this time?

Maria: No, I don't want to talk about Edmund.

Zach: Well, I do.

Maria: No. You said that you wanted me.

Zach: I do.

Maria: I'm here.

Zach: I know you're here and you're angry. And I don't want to be with you just to punish your husband.

Maria: No, you said that I could count on you, that you would be here for me. What is --

Zach: You can count on me. But I don't want you to do something you're going to hate yourself for -- or hate me for when it's all over. I love you too much for that.

Maria: No, that's not love. That's not love. Love is not pushing someone away.

Brooke: Are you trying to push your wife into Zach Slater�s bed? I mean, will that finally get you what you want?

Edmund: I made a choice, Brooke. I didn't want her to know that I had any feelings that were coming back.

Brooke: Why the hell not?

Edmund: Because then she might have stayed.

Brooke: Oh, what a monster!

Edmund: Brooke -- Brooke, listen to me. The doctor said that it might not last. And I didn't want to get her hopes up and then have her live with the fact that nothing's going to change the rest of my life.

Brooke: I am struggling to find out where your head is.

Edmund: If it was a one-time thing, I don't -- if I told her that I had feelings, and it just -- look, I don't want her to choose me just because of that.

Brooke: Don't you see what you're setting up here? It's like if she stays and -- and you never walk again, then the only reason she's staying is because -- it's out of pity. On the other hand, if she stays, and you do get better, well, then that's the only reason that she's staying. I mean, she cannot win for losing.

Edmund: Look, I didn't put Zach Slater right smack in the middle of our relationship, she did that.

Brooke: I'm sorry. I'm not going to stand here and try and convince you what a fool you are. I have secrets of my own to uncover.

Babe: I'm not going to be the one who gets in the way of that for you.

Jamie: You're not in my way.

Babe: Yes, I am. We are. You've given up every single thing for us, to take care of us.

Jamie: Because I wanted to.

Babe: And we appreciate it, but at some point, you're going to have to pick up your own pieces, and there will be a time where -- where me and James -- we're going to be safe and happy, and we're going to have a home and -- and you'll be able to do the same, I promise.

Jamie: You let me worry about that, ok, Babe?

Babe: Oh, no. No, I know you better than you think. You've hooked yourself to my slow-motion train wreck, and you've given up every single chance of having a normal life. You're an awesome guy. You deserve someone great.

Jamie: Right back at you.

Babe: Yeah. No, not at all, because I've already gone down that road for the Prince Charming -- pretty much, I ended up with a nasty old toad.

Jamie: Not all guys turn into toads, Babe. The right guy, the right girl -- it's magic.

[James fusses]

Babe: Oh, baby, what is it? Huh? Come here! What are you trying to tell me, huh? What is it? What, sweet pea? I changed him before I showered. I don't get it. What are you telling me? Hmm? Tell me. Tell me.

Jamie: Here, let me see him. Are you ready? Come here. See? I know a thing or two about how this works. Isn't that right, James? "Yeah." What's going on?

Babe: Is that a smile?

Jamie: What's going on?

[James squeals]

Jamie: What was that? Ok.

Kendall: Hmm.

J.R.: Your sister talked me into it.

Kendall: Yes, just when I thought I lost my touch.

Adam: You can't be serious.

Bianca: You're really going to come to Florida? And you'll sing at the benefit concert?

J.R.: I'm officially out of my mind?

Adam: I'll second that.

Bianca: Stop. No, this is wonderful! Bess, do you hear that, sweetheart? You're going to have the time of your life.

J.R.: Listen, don't worry about travel. We'll use the jet. We can all ride together.

Bianca: Well, that's great. J.R. -- um -- thank you so much. Really, you have -- you have no idea what this means to me.

Kendall: You did a good thing. You won't regret it.

J.R.: Hmm. Yeah. Ok. Drop it, Dad!

Zach: I will push away someone I love if I feel it's what's best for them.

Maria: Like with Ethan? Like that's a smart idea?

Zach: Hey, he has to get out of this town. It's just for his own peace of mind, you know?

Maria: And for yours.

Zach: I will protect him, no matter what it takes -- even if he's going to hate me more than he does already.

Maria: Ok. What about me? You want me to hate you, too?

Zach: That's your choice.

Maria: You're so full of it. You don't want me? I'm gone.

Bobby: Yeah. I saw you today. I'm an interested observer, that's all that matters. Uh -- ahem -- today I observed you a little on edge. Of course, that'll happen if you shoot Lavery. Next time, you know, try yoga. I want $50,000 in cash.

J.R.: The glass, Dad.

Adam: But she left it on the Picasso. I was taking it into the kitchen.

J.R.: I said drop it.

[The glass Bianca used shatters to the floor.]

J.R.: Did you honestly think that I wouldn't see through you?

Adam: I don't know what you mean -- other than we no longer have a matched set of crystal.

J.R.: Bianca drank out of that glass. You swiped it to do a DNA test to prove that Bess isn't mine.

Adam: Are you having doubts?

J.R.: No, and neither are you! But you take one more stab at trying to prove that Bess isn't mine, you can kiss us both goodbye.

Adam: Oh, J.R., you're overreacting.

J.R.: Hey, make no mistake -- if you continue with this -- if you do not drop it, I will take my little girl and you will be in this house all alone.

Bianca: Kendall, I don't know what you said to him, but whatever it was, you were brilliant.

Kendall: Why, yes, I was. I think so. Thank you for the props.

Bianca: Well, there's more where that came from.

Kendall: Great. Well, you can start by telling me why I had to turn myself into a pretzel to convince him. I mean, what is so important?

Bianca: I will tell you everything, I promise -- after it's all over.

Babe: Someday soon, you're going to meet your mama's best friend again. She's the most kind, most brave person I've ever met. She'd do anything for her baby. No matter whose baby it is.

Jamie: Looks tired. Maybe we should go to sleep.

Babe: Oh, there's no way I can sleep right now. I just -- I keep -- I keep thinking over and over in my head what Bianca's face is going to look like when she finds out the truth about Bess. Right now, she thinks that everything that she's doing is for my baby, but what she doesn't know is all her hard work, it's going to pay off. It's going to be the biggest miracle of all. Her very own baby, home at last.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Myrtle: But this is Thanksgiving. Sit down, play nice, or get out!

Mary: My, this is going to be a fun meal.

Tad: I'm here -- another reason to give thanks.

Marian: You're a sick, cruel, twisted monster!

J.R.: We could just call this whole thing off right now.

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