AMC Transcript Wednesday 11/17/04

All My Children Transcript Wednesday 11/17/04


By Boo
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Maria: You fired those shots at Ryan today. Are you crazy? Ryan is a good friend of mine! He almost didn't make it through the last time! Are you crazy? What were you thinking?

Zach: I had to save my son.

Livia: Those are supposed to come off.

Bailiff: I got the word.

Ethan: Thank you for doing this. I appreciate it.

Livia: Judge Pleet seemed anxious to move this along.

Kendall: Well, maybe because now he knows that Ethan's innocent.

Livia: The second shooter certainly helped our case, but that doesn't mean that Judge Pleet will grant our motion to dismiss.

Ethan: Listen, I just want you to take care of this, and then you can look after Kendall and her big day in court, ok?

Livia: Dare I ask?

Kendall: I'm innocent.

Ethan: Yeah, but Greenlee's not, ok, and you need to put her away for what she did to you.

Ryan: Get some help, please! Somebody -- you, you, do me a favor. Get Dr. Grey on the phone right now, please. My wife needs to see Dr. Grey.

Greenlee: Ryan --

Nurse: Ok, what seems to be the trouble?

Ryan: Dr. Grey's familiar with the case. Just have her paged, please?

Greenlee: Ryan, please put me down.

Ryan: Ok, ok, I'll put you down. All right. What are you waiting for?

Nurse: This is an ER.

Ryan: Right, so get on the phone because this is an emergency.

Nurse: Well, we take patients in order of the severity of their condition --

Ryan: All right, listen, my wife is sick. She's sick, ok?

Nurse: Well, your wife and you will have to sit and wait --

Ryan: You get Dr. Grey here now!

Nurse: I will not take this in my hospital!

Ryan: Your hospital?

Nurse: You sit --

Ryan: Excuse me, your hospital? I tell you what, you either get my wife some help right now or I'm going to buy this hospital and I'm going to throw you out on the street.

Krystal: Oh, dear God.

[Knock on door]

Krystal: Please don't let it be the police. Please don't let it be -- please, please, please. Well, a hearty good day to you, too.

Adam: It's not a good day, it's a lousy day. I'm here to discuss our grandchild.

Krystal: Bess? Is something wrong with Bess?

Adam: Is Bess our granddaughter, or did we have a grandson?

Babe: Looks like we got a lot more in him than on him this time. Isn't that right?

Jamie: Hey, North Carolina’s a lot cheaper than home.

Babe: Good thing. Want another?

Man: Well, if this isn't just the prettiest picture.

Jamie: Something we can do for you?

Man: Look at you, big fella. You've got football in your future, don't you?

Babe: Excuse me?

Man: That is a fine-looking baby y'all got. Is he yours?

Jamie: I don't know who you are or what you're trying to pull, but --

Man: You folks aren't from these parts. Visiting from the north, are you?

Jamie: We're just passing through.

Man: Charles Dibble, Esquire, Assistant Magistrate over in Kimball Township. We're nestled right over the river by the prettiest places you're ever liable to see.

Jamie: That's real interesting.

Charles: And you'd be?

Jamie: Listen, we're just finishing our food and we got a lot of miles to cover, so --

Charles: Well, that -- that just depends. See, as Assistant Magistrate, it is my duty just to make sure that this baby is with his rightful owners. You -- hmm?

Babe: [Southern accent] Dibble? Honey, I told you we were home. Well, at least I am. Charlie, we are cousins! I've got a whole mess of Dibble cousins down in Beaufort, Georgia.

Charles: Georgia Dibbles?

Babe: Yeah, we're state-famous! Why, little Ellie Mae, she just got herself a full twirling scholarship to Beaufort Community Vocational.

Charles: Don't know them.

Babe: Oh, well, you should. Anyway, you know what, we've got to have ourselves a big, old Dibble family reunion next summer, huh? Next summer.

Charles: Well, you aren't traveling till I find out the full, factual story on this little fellow. Now, if you'd rather to explain that to Sheriff Hanes, I can get him on the phone, call him right now.

Jamie: You know what? I told you somebody would notice! It's obvious the kid isn't ours!

Adam: You look surprised.

Krystal: Well, wouldn't you be if I came busting into your place raving like a loon?

Adam: J.R. told me about the letter Babe wrote.

Krystal: You're going to have to give me a little bit more to go on, Adam.

Adam: Babe says that she gave birth to a boy, a son, and that's the child who died. She says that Bess is not ours, she's Bianca’s. So which is it are we raising Bianca’s child?

Krystal: Did J.R. ask you to come here?

Adam: No, I didn't want him to know.

Krystal: Well, what does he think about Babe's letter?

Adam: That it's all a crazy lie, some revenge to make him suffer.

Krystal: Well, why come to me with this wild story?

Adam: Because you and Babe are as close as any parent and child I've ever seen. She doesn't keep anything from you. So what is it? This child I left back at my house -- to whom does she really belong?

Nurse: We have rules here, sir!

Ryan: You can keep your rules --

Nurse: Call security right now.

Ryan: Hey, Joe! Joe! Joe, listen, Greenlee's in really bad shape.

Joe: Hmm? What's wrong?

Ryan: Well, I've been trying to convince this nurse to get Dr. Grey down here --

Nurse: He has been bullying and disruptive and loud!

Ryan: She's trying to put us off, like filling out that form is more important than her life.

Joe: Get Dr. Grey, stat.

Maria: I defended you to everybody in this town. I told them that you did not have anything to do with that shooting at your casino.

Zach: And you were right.

Maria: And then you just went after Ryan in cold blood!

Zach: I didn't aim at him. I purposely missed him.

Maria: Oh, my God. But what if you'd missed by this much? What if you'd hit Greenlee?

Zach: They're both fine.

Maria: Really? So it's ok then to have bullets whizzing by your head as long as you're not laying on the floor bleeding to death? I'm sure you traumatized both of them!

Zach: It was my only choice.

Maria: Right, to get your son off the legal hook. So you do this copycat crime -- no, it's brilliant.

[Phone rings]

Maria: It really is. Dr. Grey. Yes, right away. Oh, well, Greenlee's so fine, in fact, that she's admitted to the ER.

Kendall: I can't press charges, ok? Just forget it.

Ethan: Greenlee tried to run you over, Kendall. She nearly succeeded.

Kendall: She's been acting very strange lately, but I don't know what she was thinking when she stepped on the gas.

Ethan: She wanted you dead.

Kendall: Like I wanted her dead and Ryan, too, the night of that fun, fun murder game when I pointed the gun at Ryan?

Ethan: I don't want to see you hurt.

Kendall: I'll be careful.

Ethan: Well, I'm going to watch out for you, just as -- just as soon as I can get out of here.

Bailiff: All rise!

Greenlee: It wasn't all in my head. I wasn't being paranoid. Someone came after Ryan. Someone nearly killed us.

Ryan: Greenlee had a -- she had another episode, and we were, we were on our way here when somebody opened fire on us. And I guess I should've just brought her here instead of taking her home. I mean, I didn't know --

Maria: No, it's ok. I mean, you're here now, so that's all that matters, really, but what happened at home, Greenlee?

Ryan: Well, when I got back, she -- she was convinced that I'd been killed and that I was a ghost.

Maria: Greenlee?

Greenlee: I was scared, but I know that's not how it happened. I know now.

Maria: Ok, has there been any change in symptoms for you? Headaches? Do you have one now?

Greenlee: I get one almost every day.

Maria: You wake up with them?

Greenlee: No.

Maria: Do they start worse and then dissipate?

Greenlee: I don't think so.

Maria: Ok, any change in smell, sense of smell?

Greenlee: Uh -- not that I've noticed.

Maria: Ok, dizziness, feeling off-balance, feel like you're going to fall? Anything like that?

Greenlee: Uh-uh.

Maria: Anything else you might want to mention?

Greenlee: My vision. It gets kind of blurry sometimes.

Joe: Her pupils were normal and reactive when she came in.

Ryan: Do you have -- do you have any idea at all what it could be?

Maria: I think we should an MRI so we can learn a little bit more.

Greenlee: Of my whole body?

Maria: Well, I'm a neurologist, and the other tests that we did before --

Greenlee: You just want to look inside my head?

Ryan: Well, no, we just -- we just want to find out what's wrong.

Greenlee: No, she thinks I have a brain tumor, Ryan. She thinks I'm going to die.

Ryan: Nobody said anything about dying.

Greenlee: Well, it's obvious. An MRI?

Maria: To rule out any causes.

Greenlee: Yeah, even if it finds something, they're going to want to slice up my brain, right?

Ryan: No, don't --

Maria: I know it sound scary, but an MRI is totally painless.

Ryan: They're just trying to rule out a lot of stuff.

Maria: Absolutely. That's it.

Greenlee: This day just gets better and better. Cross brain tumor off the list.

Ryan: Joe, any idea how long it's going to take to schedule an appointment for this thing?

Joe: It's done. There's no special prep required, so if you're ready, we can take you right now.

Livia: Your Honor, the prosecution has presented no evidence to link my client to that gun. There's no proof that he brought it into the US with him, nor is there any proof that he purchased it while he was in the US. Further, today shots were again fired at Mr. Lavery while my client was in custody. This supports our contention that he is innocent. Now, I don't know what Mr. Mullen's grudge is against Mr. Ramsey, but I don't think that Mr. Ramsey should have to suffer for it. Therefore, I'm making a motion to dismiss this case and to have my client released immediately.

Judge: Mr. Mullen, what's your office's view on this?

Kurt: Today's shooting is most likely the work of a copycat seeking media attention, perhaps even a misguided attempt to gain Mr. Ramsey’s release. Our office still considers the evidence against Mr. Ramsey to be compelling enough to warrant a trial. We consider Mr. Ramsey a very real threat to Mr. Lavery and request the trial proceed.

Judge: Motion to dismiss denied.

Babe: [Southern accent] Baby James is yours!

Jamie: No, no, no, he's yours. I'm just the sucker who pays the bills.

Babe: How dare you. You take that back right now!

Jamie: Then why does he got Steve Lobell's nose?

Babe: Oh, he has nothing of the sort.

Jamie: Well, maybe you forgot the night Baby James was conceived, but not me.

Charles: Whoa, folks, can we just stick to the subject here?

Babe: You're the one who started this -- and to think, you're probably family!

Jamie: See, we had a knockdown-dragout fight at the hunting club jamboree because you and Steve took off.

Babe: Oh, because you were so darn jealous!

Jamie: I looked for you for over an hour!

Babe: Oh -- I was helping in the kitchen.

Jamie: You were helping Steve in the back of his SUV.

Babe: I was not! He was just showing me how to work that DVD thingy for his kids!

Jamie: Wait, wait, oh, his kids? You mean his four kids? You mean five.

Babe: I thought that we had settled this once and for all.

Jamie: I can't believe that a total stranger can walk up and know in a second that this boy is no blood relation of mine.

Charles: Well, now, that's not exactly what I was saying.

Jamie: You got a Bible? You got a Bible?

Charles: Uh --

Jamie: No? Ok. Does anyone here have a Bible that I can borrow for a minute?

Babe: Brad? Brad, you listen to me right this second. You are the one that I love, ok? You are the one that I have always loved. Ok. Ok, fine, fine! Maybe Leonardo DiCaprio for a quick second, but that's it. But as far as real there, in-your-face, it's you. Baby James is yours. I mean, honey, Steve Lobell, he can't even bowl, and you? You are state quarterback championship. Now, that -- that says something. Honey, I love you. Charlie, please, please, look at that lobe and look at that lobe. Identical, right? Right? And their smiles? Honey, honey, smile for the man. Fine, fine, fine. Their frowns, then. Their frowns are the same, right? Charlie, please, you tell Brad, tell him what everyone can see. It's as plain as day, right across y'all's faces -- father and son. Fruit of his loins, from pure, everlasting love.

Krystal: You bust in here demanding information about a letter that I'm not even sure Babe wrote. Where is this letter?

Adam: The letter was destroyed.

Krystal: Oh. Very convenient.

Adam: I told you what's in it.

Krystal: You told me what J.R. said was in it.

Adam: Yes, yes.

Krystal: Well, don't you trust him?

Adam: Well, I think J.R. is more inclined to think that the letter is a lie because the alternative, his child is dead! How can he deal with that?

Krystal: I don't know.

Adam he'd rather believe that Babe is punishing him.

Krystal: J.R. deserves to suffer for what he did to Babe!

Adam: That social-climbing tramp!

Krystal: Oh, get out before I throw you out!

Adam: You knew full well that our Chandler heir was a big payoff! Lying and claiming Bianca’s baby was hers? That would be worth it!

Krystal: You and your money!

Adam: Everything, everything has a price tag, sweetheart -- everything! And the truth is particularly expensive. I'm willing to pay you handsomely for --

Krystal: Get the hell out!

Adam: Not until I t what I came for! You and I are very much alike.

Krystal: Oh, ho-ho --

Adam: You know that? Yes, we are. We both love our children more than anything else in the world.

Krystal: Yeah, but you still have your child. My daughter ran off because of your son!

Adam: Do I still have my grandchild? Our grandchild, Krystal? Is our grandchild alive or dead?

Babe: [Southern accent] See? What did I tell you? Exactly identical. Sweetheart, you know that I am wild for you, and I'm devoted to our baby. Why can't we just let it go?

Jamie: No, you know what, at the baptism, you and Steve took off.

Babe: I just stepped outside of the church.

Jamie: Into the bushes.

Babe: How dare you! He was showing me a new batch of baby bunnies and that is it. Why -- why are y'all men all the same, all fired-up jealous and suspicious? Why do y'all torture us so? I -- Charlie, why?

Charles: Now, I -- I was just asking about the baby, that is all!

Jamie: Why are you asking him, anyway?

Babe: Oh, Brad!

Jamie: You just met.

Babe: Brad, Charlie and I are cousins! You know what, it's just -- it's too much for a body to bear.

Charles: Here.

Babe: Oh. Thank you so much. It's just good to know that there is a gentleman present.

Charles: I just -- I just hate to see a pretty woman cry.

Jamie: Oh, cousins, huh? That's why you were so set on spending the night in this ghost town. What'd you guys do, hook up on the Internet?

Babe: I love you, Brad!

Charles: I've never seen her before!

Jamie: You two emailing who knows what?

Charles: I don't even have high-speed access!

Jamie: Know what, I just broke Steve's nose. Yours I'm going to drive through the back of your skull.

Technician: I'll be watching monitors in that room.

Ryan: . Hey, and if she needs anything?

Technician: Mrs. Lavery and I can communicate via intercom.

Ryan: Ok. She's pretty nervous.

Technician: She claustrophobic?

Ryan: Not especially.

Technician: She'll be fine.

Ryan: Ok.

Greenlee: You're not putting me in that.

Maria: It is totally painless. It's kind of loud, though.

Greenlee: Aren't they open-air now?

Maria: Well, some are.

Greenlee: So this is some old, outdated machine?

Maria: No, no, no, this is state-of-the-art.

Greenlee: Ryan, let's buy an open-air machine for the hospital.

Ryan: Ok. Sure, but you understand they don't deliver them like the local pizza place, so this is what we have now and it's great, Greenlee, and it's going to be fine. I'm going to be with you.

Greenlee: Holding my hand?

Ryan: Close. I'm going to be right outside that door, ok? Hey, you think you can handle this?

Greenlee: Let's just get it over with.

Maria: Ok, you're going to have to give me your jewelry.

Greenlee: Not my wedding ring.

Maria: Can't have any metal in the room.

Ryan: I'll hold it, all right? I'm going to be right outside that window right there. Let me hold it.

Maria: It's going to be ok.

Ryan: Hey -- you're going to be great, ok?

Greenlee: Yeah.

Ryan: Ok. Do you think it's a brain tumor?

Maria: I'm hoping to rule that out.

Zach: Yes, I know that, but did the judge drop the charges? Ok, go back in there and find out. Thank you.

[Knock on door]

Zach: Hi.

Man: I'm looking for a Dr. Maria Grey.

Zach: It's her office.

Man: Do you know when she'll be back?

Zach: It's hard to tell. Something I can help you with?

Man: No, I have to deliver this personally.

Maria: I'll be analyzing the results with the radiologist.

Ryan: Ok, so that means you can get us the results, like, right away?

Maria: Well, it's going to take me a couple of hours --

Ryan: Ok.

Maria: To analyze all the results and get them back to you.

Ryan: Thank you. I just wish I could just talk her through it, you know?

Maria: I know, but she's got to be completely still in there.

[Ryan sighs]

Maria: Ok, I'll check in with you in a little bit.

Ryan: Hey, wait, Maria, you should know -- I can't be sure who shot me at the casino. You know, it could be Ethan, it could be one of Zach’s people that are on his payroll. I mean, I have no idea, but today, Zach pulled the trigger. And this doesn't surprise you?

Greenlee: Stop it, stop it. Stop this thing! Please stop it!

Ryan: Stop it! Stop! Hey, hey, it's ok, we're going to pull you out. Hey, stop this thing! Get her out now! Get her out! The last four years.

Greenlee: I couldn't do it. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Ryan: Just and breathe, ok? Just do me a favor, try and breathe.

Greenlee: I'm sorry. It was so small, I opened my eyes, I felt trapped, I couldn't breathe.

Maria: I know, it's pretty claustrophobic in there. It's ok.

Greenlee: I tried to tell myself that you were just outside, you were just a few feet away, but it didn't help. I felt alone in there, and I can't do it, Ryan, I can't do it.

Ryan: It's all right.

Greenlee: I'm not going to do it.

Ryan: I'm not going to leave you alone again, all right, I'm not because this time --

Greenlee: No, I'm not doing it again.

Ryan: No, this time, I'm going to be right here! I'm going to stay in the room.

Technician: Mr. Lavery --

Ryan: I'm going to be right here. Hey, listen, I stay or there's no MRI.

Maria: You stay. You stay.

Ryan: Great.

Maria: Ok?

Ryan: No metal, right? You said no metal?

Maria: No metal. I'll get you some scrubs. He's going to stay in here with his wife, ok, Tim? We'll get him suited up. Don't worry.

Ryan: We're going to get through this, ok? We're going to get through this.

Livia: Your Honor, may I approach? Your Honor, we will be making a motion for a reduction in bail. My client cannot possibly access a million in cash.

Judge: Mr. Mullen, you've gotten what you wanted. Can't your office give a little on this?

Kurt: We can bend in the matter, Your Honor, and allow for a bond to be posted.

Judge: So ordered. Well, Ms. Frye, today wasn't a total loss.

Bailiff: All rise!

Ethan: So we're just back to where we started.

Livia: $100,000 is a lot better than one million.

Kendall: Yes, with my Fusion stock as collateral, no problemo.

Ethan: Kendall, no.

Kendall: No, I'm sorry, I can't hear you. I've got to go find a bail bondsman. Bye-bye.

Ethan: Thank you for your help.

Livia: Just be a model citizen while you're out on bail. Stay away from Ryan Lavery and from Zach Slater. This trigger-happy shooter has given you a shot at acquittal. Don't blow it.

Ethan: Fine by me.

Zach: You got a visitor.

Man: Dr. Grey?

Maria: Yes?

Man: You've been served. Have a nice day.

[Door closes]

Zach: Is that what I think it is? Divorce papers?

Maria: Ugh. My divorce is off-limits to you, so if that's why you're still here --

Zach: I'm here to find out about Greenlee.

Maria: She's having an MRI.

Zach: Is everything ok?

Maria: If you think that her having a nervous disorder is bettered by the fact that you took a shot at them, then -- right now, she and Ryan are trying to hold it together for each other's sake. Ryan thinks that you did it.

Zach: I don't care what Ryan thinks. No one can prove anything, and that's the whole point.

Maria: Right, so then Ethan's off the hook. So then what?

Zach: Get him out of here, out of this lousy town.

Maria: And away from you?

Zach: It's best.

Maria: I've been a parent for a lot longer than you. Ahem. And sometimes we don't always know what our children need or what's best for them.

Zach: We've talked about this, and you can't change my mind.

Maria: And I think the worst thing you could possibly do is to walk away from him. Because when Sam and Maddie thought that I was dead, they felt abandoned, and I don't think that they are still over that loss even now.

Zach: Well, this isn't about abandonment because he doesn't think that I'm his father.

Maria: Right, but you prefer playing God to playing his father, right? But you could give him a father. It would be an incredible gift.

Zach: It's not a gift.

Maria: No --

Zach: Being a Cambias is a curse, so --

Maria: I know, you could give him you. Please! You could give him you. Do you see how amazing that could be? He has been searching for something, and it's right here, what he's been looking for. And you have so much to offer him, you have so much to give him, and you obviously care. Why can't you just let him know who you are and let him know who he is?

Ryan: Well, I'm seeing you from a whole different angle here. I mean, I have -- I have groveled at your feet. No. Uh-uh, uh-uh. No talking, ok? You're my captive audience here. Captive in a can. You know, they say that -- they say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but I say that the soles are the map to the inner you. Of course, that's soles -- that's s-o-l-e-s -- and it's -- it's true. Let's see what we got here. You, there's a few areas of very special interest. Wow. Wow, you're -- you're love nub, it's very easy to read. It says very clearly here that you are going to live a thrilling and a very happy eternity -- with Brian. What? That can't -- wait. No, no. It is Ryan. Oh. It's Ryan. That's a relief. Wow. Now that we have that cleared up -- an eternity. That's a -- that's a very long time. That's like a lifetime and a half. I mean, we're going to grow very, very, very old together. I see us with his and hers leather jackets with "Seniors Rock" on the back as we drive through Sun City on our motorized tricycles.

Tim: Please try not to move or laugh.

Ryan: I'm sorry, Tim! My bad! Hate canned laughter, too. So -- so what keeps us together that long, huh, until our wrinkles are dragging behind us like that? You do. Your energy and your loyalty and your love. It's so deep and it's so true that it -- it inspires your husband to want to work harder and to want to try to be a better man than he already is.

Babe: [Southern accent] For heaven's sake, Brad. Charlie was only being a gentleman.

Jamie: Yeah, I saw the way he looked at you.

Babe: Oh, what you saw is me suffering from the depths of my soul because you are doubting my love and devotion.

Charles: She's devoted to you.

Jamie: You want to keep breathing through that sorry nose of yours?

Babe: What is the deal with you and noses? If you think that I am lusting in my heart for Charlie, you obviously do not know women.

Jamie: No, I know women, especially the one that I --

Babe: That you what? What?

Jamie: Love, in spite of everything.

Babe: Almost sounds like you mean that. But there is absolutely nothing to be "in spite of."

Jamie: I'm sorry. But not about Steve.

Babe: Oh, for heaven's sake, nothing gets through that tough skull of yours!

[Babe sighs]

[Jukebox plays]

Babe: You recognize it?

Jamie: Of course. Our song's burned into my heart.

Babe: Mine, too.

Singer: Love is something that you can't explain

Ryan: Once upon a time, there was a green butterfly, a luminous green butterfly that actually glowed from within. And one day, she was out just dazzling the flowers -- who, by the way, felt unworthy in her presence -- and she spotted a plant that she'd never seen before, so she landed to take a closer look. But the plant was a Venus Flytrap, and before the green butterfly knew what happened, it swallowed her up. And at first, she was frightened. But then she remembered how powerful she was, and she mustered up all of her courage and she fluttered her wings, and the Venus Flytrap felt this tickling inside and, for the first time in botanical history, the Venus Flytrap laughed. And when it opened its mouth, out popped the gorgeous green butterfly.

Zach: If I'd known about Ethan when he was younger, I would've done things differently.

Maria: It's not too late. It's not too late.

Zach: I won't ruin his life.

Maria: I just think you're so far off. You're so far off because the Cambias curse isn't about money or power.

Zach: I saw what it did to my father and my brother.

Maria: Right, but there are plenty of families who have money who are productive and happy families. The curse -- ok, the Cambias curse is the link between father and son.

Zach: It's not that simple.

Maria: Yeah, you're afraid of messing Ethan up, just like your father messed you up.

Zach: You need to stop right now.

Maria: No, your father called it love, but it was controlling and manipulating and suffocating, and now you're deciding Ethan's life for him. If that's not walking in Alex, Sr.'s footsteps, then what is?

Zach: I am nothing like my father -- nothing!

Ethan: The air is fresher, the stars are brighter. Thank you for giving me my freedom.

Kendall: Well, the air at the Pine Cone is still so stale and rank, you don't belong there, so you're not going back there.

Ethan: Look, it's -- it's within my budget and it's --

Kendall: Yes, yes, well, so is the Kendall Motel -- only the rooms smell more like Enchantment.

Ethan: Love the smell, appreciate the offer, but --

Kendall: Here's your key.

Ethan: My own key?

Kendall: Yes, you can come and go as you please. The Kendall Motel prides itself on allowing its guests freedom. It's not permanent. I mean, I'm not putting your name on my mailbox.

Ethan: It's like it's just -- it's too generous.

Kendall: Don't argue, don't fight it. Just accept it gracefully.

Ethan: Thank you. Thank you.

Kendall: Yes, and don't expect any 7:30 a.m. wake-up calls. So let's celebrate.

Ethan: Is -- um -- this a full-service motel?

Kendall: How does caviar and champagne sound?

Ethan: As good as it tastes.

Adam: On my way here today, I stopped by the crash site where the helicopter went down. There's sort of an altar there, a shrine --

Krystal: I know.

Adam: To the baby that died.

Krystal: I've been there.

Adam: Because you were mourning your grandson? If Babe told the truth and J.R.’s baby is dead, if his son is dead, then we shouldn't -- we should be allowed to grieve. If the child that J.R.’s raising isn't his, then she should be returned to Bianca. Bianca’s suffered enough.

Krystal: Yes, she has.

Adam: But if she lied in her letter, then I won't seek revenge. I won't try to track them down -- Jamie and Babe -- and drag them back to Pine Valley. I'm glad they're gone. But if the roles were reversed -- you don't owe me a thing, not a thing. I know that. But if the roles were reversed, something this serious, I would give you the truth no matter what.

Krystal: J.R. was right. That letter was one big lie from start to finish.

Adam: You're sure?

Krystal: 100%.

Adam: I wouldn't think Babe capable of that complicated a lie.

Krystal: She's not. But I am.

Adam: You?

Krystal: It was all my idea.

[Jukebox plays]

Singer: Love that's what love is

Charles: Jealousy is a dead-end street, son. Hold on to this beautiful family and count your blessings. Sorry I butted in, kids. I got to get back to work.

Babe: [Normal voice] Guess that's what you call teamwork, huh?

Jamie: Yeah. But we'd better get out of here before it dawns on cousin chuckles that he's been had, right?

Adam: So the letter was your idea?

Krystal: Mm-hmm. I thought it was a great way to skewer you and the crown prince.

Adam: Did you?

Krystal: Mm-hmm. And you can yell, you can cuss, you can shove bamboo splints under my fingernails, but that letter is all a lie. So?

Adam: So? I accept that.

Krystal: Mm-hmm, well, just remember you deserve whatever hell we could dish up.

Adam: And if I find out you're lying to me, Krystal, if Babe told the truth in that letter --

Krystal: Then woe unto me?

Adam: You won't know what woe is until I'm through with you.

Krystal: Oh, a day without threats is like a day without sunshine, right, Adam?

Adam: You should've stayed out of my way.

Krystal: You said you weren't going to hurt Babe.

Adam: I'll hurt you.

Krystal: You know, I almost wish what Babe said in that letter was true. Losing my grandbaby would've ripped out my beating heart, but knowing that that child is being raised by you vipers -- I'm not sure which is worse.

Babe: What's going on?

Jamie: Uh -- nothing.

Babe: Did that say Paul Cramer? Murdered? What -- who would do something like that?

Jamie: Know what, who cares, he's dead. Let's just get a move on.

Greenlee: How did I ever find you? Why did you fall in love with me?

Ryan: Weren't you paying attention? The love nub neveries. I didn't have a chance of resisting you.

Greenlee: You know what?

Ryan: What?

Greenlee: I'm glad.

Zach: Don't you ever, ever compare me to that old man.

Maria: Your father --

Zach: My father was an animal! Survival of the fittest. He would've eaten his kids if it meant just furthering his empire.

Maria: I just want to see you --

Zach: And, yes, I spent the first years of my life under his influence, and this is what I've become. I'm not proud of it. But I will not pull Ethan into that muck. I'm going to make sure he gets out of here.

[Music plays]

Kendall: Yeah?

Ethan: Wow.

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Ethan: That's almost worth doing time in the slammer for. Oh, you know, it just feels -- it just feels so good to be able to laugh again. But not as good as this.

Singer: I've waited so many years

Ethan: What?

Singer: To finally touch the sky

Kendall: Last time we were together, we thought it was goodbye and there were no strings.

Ethan: And now?

Kendall: It could get stringy.

Ethan: I'm willing to risk it.

Kendall: Yeah, but we're definitely going to see each other again.

Ethan: What do you mean by that?

Kendall: Well, my romantic history is not very successful.

Ethan: I've had a few flops myself, so --

Kendall: Yeah, well, not like mine, trust me.

Ethan: The thing with strings? They can either draw you apart or they can pull you closer together.

Kendall: Or they can strangle you to death. Wait, don't laugh. Don't laugh. How will we know what kind of strings we've got?

Ethan: Let's see.

Singer: And sometimes

Singers: And sometimes

Singer: It's really hard

Singers: It's really hard

Singer: Watching the days go by when you know that you deserve the best

Ethan: Are you willing to test it?

Singer: And you want to know why

Kendall: Yes.

Singer: Things seem to come easy to others who don't even try

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Tad: Enough is enough. I don't care what your problem is anymore. You have screwed with me for the last time.

Lily: And this is Reggie and Danielle kissing on the couch.

Jack: You've been busy. Oh, ho-ho, very busy.

Reggie: I'm a dead man.

Maria: I'm glad you guys are here. I have all your test results.

Greenlee: What's wrong with me?

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