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All My Children Transcript Monday 11/15/04


By Suzanne
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Anita: Got a riddle for you.

Maria: Hmm?

Anita: How many double shifts does my sister have to pull before she collapses? Come on, Maria. You're working on caffeine and fumes. Go find a cube and catch some Zs. Or better yet, go home.

Maria: I can't. Hey. Hey, Derek. What do you got?

Derek: A case of poor impulse control. He smashed his fist on the wall of his cell. Thinks it could be broken.

Ethan: Humor me, Doctor. Dirty sod charged with shooting Ryan Lavery.

Greenlee: Oh!

Ryan: Get down!

Erica: Hi.

Kendall: Hi. I got your message. Where are we?

Erica: This is a space I am considering for my newest and most daring enterprise. I want your input.

Kendall: Cool. All right. Well, give me the grand tour.

Erica: Ok, I will, but you tell me about yours first.  The perfume factory? Enchantment's signature fragrance? I know I may not be at the helm any longer, but I did create the trademark. I trust that the fragrance measures up?

Kendall: Yes, yes, more than. The factory's great. We got to wear shower caps. It was very educational. And no one fell into a mixing vat. So, where's Bianca? Wasn't she meeting us here?

Erica: No, no, no, she has other plans.

Kendall: Oh, well, I know that she was hyped about some letter from Babe. Did you know if she found it?

Erica: No. No, Kendall, Bianca did not find Babe's letter. And trust me, she is so much better off without it.

Bianca: Bess is -- is Miranda? My baby?

J.R.: That's exactly what Babe wrote in the letter.

Bianca: There must be more. What else -- what else did the letter say?

J.R.: That it was mine and Babe's baby that died. She kept the truth from you because she didn't want me to lose a child. She wrote that she regrets what she did and wants to make it right by having me give the baby back to you.

Bianca: What else did Babe's letter say?

J.R.: Just how sorry she was. So am I, Bianca, really. You have to be as shocked as I was.

Bianca: "Shock" doesn't even begin to describe it.

J.R.: Yeah -- you know, I'm not trying to make excuses for Babe, not after all the crud she pulled. But I think I have an idea what was going on in her head when she wrote that letter.

Bianca: Hold on, J.R. Um -- I'm going to -- I'm going to put the baby down. There's no reason that this little one needs to get all mixed up in our drama. No reason at all. Hey. Yeah.

J.R.: Ok -- ahem -- so, to get a handle on what was going on in Babe's head when she wrote --

Bianca: J.R., it's ok. I understand everything.

Maria: This cube is free, but you're going to have to take off these cuffs so I can examine him.

Officer: Come on.

Ethan: Easy, guys. You don't want me grabbing a Q-tip and breaking out of here, do you? Hey!

Officer: Get in there.

Anita: Let me page Orthopedics.

Maria: Why? You think I'm not up to the job?

Anita: No, just that you can't avoid thinking about Edmund and the D word working yourself over.

Maria: Ok, well, how many multiple shifts have you pulled since you and Bobby exploded?

Anita: Ok, it's not so much fun to be us right now, but why do we have to kill ourselves with these crazy schedules?

Maria: Because we can't just sit around and have a big pity party, Anita.

Anita: The Santos girls? Never. But, you know, we could sign out for 12 hours, maybe go spend the day at the spa. You know, talk, laugh, complain, help each other. Your basic sister act.

Maria: You're so sweet, honey. I love you, but I -- I'm ok. I mean, I really am. I'm not here because I'm trying to escape. I am here because I really want to work. And -- and I can't do the spa thing, but you could do the spa day, ok? And tell Opal to charge it to me.

Aidan: Hey. How you doing?

Anita: Aidan. Hi.

Aidan: Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you.

Anita: No, you didn't. Uh -- what's up?

Aidan: Nothing much. Just -- just a lot of work, really.

Anita: How's it going?

Aidan: More dead ends than results, to be honest with you, but then that's the game.

Anita: So, what brings you to my turf?

Aidan: Well, every time I get stuck on a case, I either zone out or I need a change of scenery, so I went for a drive and I saw this sign -- it said "Quiet -- Hospital Zone." I thought, "Perfect -- a little silence and possibly a sweet distraction." I mean, that's if you got time to take a break.

Anita: Oh.

Aidan: Well, I know your schedule's completely manic, so --

Anita: No, you know, I have a break. More than one. Coffee would be great. Only it's -- it's my treat.

Maria: Hey, Derek, those have to come off, too.

Derek: He's my prisoner.

Maria: Yeah, and he's my patient. Thank you. And you're both going to have to wait outside while I examine him.

Derek: That's where I draw the line.

Maria: Well, you can draw away, but you're going to have to honor doctor-patient privilege or seek treatment elsewhere.

Derek: All right, we'll wait outside, but we're going to leave this door open.

Ethan: Now, why don't you get me another doctor.

Maria: Excuse me?

Ethan: I saw you at Slater’s murder party. You're Edmund Grey's loving wife, right? You'll have to forgive me, but I don't particularly wish to be treated by a member of the posse that's riding out to string me up.

Maria: Ok. Ahem -- let's get something straight -- I'm not a member of any posse, anybody's posse. I'm a doctor, so I'm going to try to fix you up if you're hurt, and I'm going to send you back to jail. Now, if you did hurt Ryan Lavery or try to hurt him, then, yeah, I do hope that justice is done. Ok? So that's where I stand. You going to give me permission to look at that hand, or do I need to get an orderly to come in here and strap you down?

Ryan: Greenlee? Greenlee -- Greenlee, can you hear me? Hey. Greenlee, wake up. It's me.

Erica: I have such great plans for this place.

Kendall: Mother, Bianca’s letter from Babe -- do you know what was in it?

Erica: I know that Babe showed her true colors. She proved that she is no one's best friend, turning her back on your sister and her own baby, leaving town -- end of story.

Kendall: Is it?

Erica: Yeah, of course it is.

Kendall: I don't know.

Erica: I do. Babe has moved on, you know? New man, new town, that's it.

Kendall: You know, I'm with you on that one. I'm glad that she's gone. I always got the feeling that Babe got more from Bianca than Bianca did from Babe. But I don't know, somehow I feel like -- I feel like with Babe leaving town, Bianca got cheated. I don't know, maybe -- maybe something in this letter would help her say good-bye.

Erica: Kendall, Babe is gone for good, and Bianca will forget all about her in time. So, now, back to the business at hand. I mean, I know that it looks like nothing right now, but please just try to visualize -- try to visualize this as the startup for my new beginnings. "New Beginnings" -- that's the name I've chosen for my new company.

Kendall: Hmm.

Erica: First impressions?

Kendall: Of the name or the space?

Erica: Both.

Kendall: "New Beginnings." Well, God knows there's an endless demand for those. You will corner the market. As for this space -- it's -- it's a fresh start, too. Blank canvas, unlimited possibilities.

Erica: Now, that's exactly how I see it. Ok, then, it's settled. I'm buying it.

Kendall: Good. Great. Well, then my work here is done.

Erica: Kendall, no. You haven't even started.

Kendall: Well, what else is there?

Erica: I had an ulterior motive for calling you over here. Look, I know how proud you are of Fusion. I mean, your vision and your concept took this -- this fledgling concept and turned it into a breakthrough cosmetics company. However, I'm not really sure that it's the best place for you to be right now.

Kendall: Ryan and Greenlee and the whole "Three's Company" weird thing at work? Yeah.

Erica: Too much personal history. It can take a toll on you. In fact, I know it does. I could see that when you first came in. You seemed -- Ryan and Greenlee were with you at the perfume factory, right?

Kendall: Yeah.

Erica: And seeing them together -- I mean, that had to hurt.

Kendall: Well, yeah, of course it hurt, Mom. It hurt a lot. But Ryan loves Greenlee now, and she loves him. They're together and that's not going to change, so I just have to learn to live with it.

Ryan: Ok, you're still breathing. You're still breathing and your heart's beating like crazy. I don't see any blood. It doesn't look like you were hit. Come on, please. Paging Mrs. Dynamite Kiddo. Hey, where's my little green butterfly? Huh? Wake up. That is an order from your husband! Wake up! Please come back to me! Greenlee?

Greenlee: Ryan? Ryan?

Ryan: Oh, thank you, God. Thank you, God.

Greenlee: What happened? What happened?

Ryan: Listen, you know what? We got to get out of here, ok, so I'm just going to pick you up here.

Greenlee: No, no.

Ryan: I'm going to pick you up.

Greenlee: I'm ok.

Ryan: Yeah? Ok. Ok, come on, I want you to follow me. Just stay low and follow me, ok? We got to move. We got to move! Come on.

Erica: Kendall, I want you to leave Fusion and work with me, now, before you can come up with a hundred reasons why not.

Kendall: Actually, Mom, your timing is kind of spooky. Yesterday I offered to sell my shares of Fusion to Ryan and Greenlee.

Erica: That's wonderful! Then there's nothing to tie you.

Kendall: Well, Ryan turned me down. Where have I heard that before?

Erica: What reason did he give?

Kendall: I guess he didn't think it was in his best interest. Anyway, I do want a life and a future independent of the Ryan-sphere.

Erica: Well, then this is the perfect solution.

Kendall: I remember what it was like to wake up in the morning charged and ready to go. I wanted to be headed somewhere again, but on my own power.

Erica: Then start here, right now.

Kendall: Mom, I really appreciate the job offer. I do. But I need something else from you beyond a business plan and a paycheck. Could you help me find my own new beginning? What do you say? Can I be your first client? Your runaway success story?

Erica: Of course. Of course I'll help you. And I promise you that your new beginning will be everything you dream it will be.

Aidan: It's not bad for vending machine coffee. Actually, tastes like warm water with a brown crayon dipped in it. Ok, Anita, out with it. Something's bugging you. What is it?

Anita: I have to ask you something.

Aidan: Sounds serious. I better sit down.

Anita: Aidan, have I ever -- I mean, have there been times that I -- ok, have I ever done or said anything to make you think -- to lead you on?

Aidan: Where is this coming from?

Anita: Bobby said that you have a thing for me and I encouraged you.

Aidan: Well, he's half right. I do have a thing for you.

Anita: No. No, you -- you can't. Oh, I'm -- I'm sorry.

Aidan: Why are you sorry? What do you got to be sorry about?

Anita: Uh -- Mr. Stauckus, a patient -- I forgot, I have to -- I -- I got to go.

Maria: Rotate your wrist for me, please.

Ethan: Aah.

Maria: Ok. Squeeze your fingers together.

Ethan: Ow -- that really hurts.

Maria: Ok.

Derek: Poor baby.

[Pager beeps]

Derek: Oh. Something's come up. You're in charge. Don't let Ramsey out of your sight.

Maria: Well, you have not sustained any fractures.

Ethan: What are you talking about? How would you know that without doing an X-ray?

Maria: I don't need to do an X-ray to spot a fake.

Ethan: Listen, I slammed my fist into that wall. If you don't believe me, you ask the guard out there!

Maria: No, no doubt, I'm sure you did. You just didn't slam it hard enough to really break anything, just scuff up your knuckles a bit. Pain is as easy to fake as innocence.

Ethan: Great. Now I've got everybody doing bad Sherlock, including my doctor.

Maria: Plotting your escape, Mr. Cambias?

Ryan: Ok. Greenlee -- baby, we're home. Hey, can you hear me?

Greenlee: Ryan.

Ryan: Are you ok?

Greenlee: Headache. Got a headache.

Ryan: You have a headache? Well, you know, a headache we can fix with a little bit of aspirin, but I want to know if you're ok ok, like, thank God you weren't hit.

Greenlee: Hit?

Ryan: Yeah. Hit, Greenlee. You remember? We were at the perfume factory. We were taking a tour on the way home. You had me pull over and we were shot at.

Greenlee: I was right. I was right. They're going to come after us. They're going to come after us.

Ryan: Oh, no, no --

Greenlee: They want to kill you. They want to shoot you. They're not going to stop until you're dead!

Ryan: Calm down, calm down. It's ok. It's ok. I made sure nobody followed us home, all right? It's fine. We were wide-open highway. Nobody followed us home. We're never going to be shot at again. All right? I promise.

Bianca: Who's the most beautiful girl in the world, huh? Who is the most beautiful girl in the world? It's you. It's you. You are the most beautiful girl in the world. You're the smartest, too.

[Miranda coos]

Bianca: You're the sweetest. Oh, come here, princess. Come here, sweet one. Your tummy's full and the Sandman's on his way. No worries. And no cares. Just dreams, ok? Just dreams.

J.R.: Bianca, about Babe's letter --

Bianca: Shh, J.R. Bess is tired. We should speak softly.

J.R.: Yeah -- Bianca, you got to -- you got to understand what was going on in Babe's head when she wrote that Bess is yours.

Bianca: I think you need to understand what's going on in my head. I am this close to committing murder.

J.R.: You know, Bianca, I don't blame you. If Babe was here, I'd put her in a choke hold so fast. You're upset. Yeah, it's probably good that I protected you from the letter that Babe wrote -- the lies. Because that's what they were. They were sick, desperate lies. Joe and Tad did a DNA test.

Bianca: I know about the test. I know the results.

J.R.: It proved that Bess is not Miranda. It's my daughter. Babe lied. She's saying that Miranda is the one who survived in the crash just to make me bleed. That's her twisted, psycho revenge for me taking away her baby. Now, I only did that to make sure that Bess was safe from her whack-job unfit mother.

Bianca: Babe was devastated.

J.R.: Yeah, for, like, five minutes. Then she ran off with my brother, kissed Bess in the rearview mirror, and took off. That's how devastated she was. But that wasn't enough. She had to stick it to me. She had to get revenge, so she came up with this monster lie and used you to get back at me -- just like she used you to make me think that you guys were lovers. I know you thought that you were doing it because Babe's your friend. Welcome to payback, Babe style, where friends get shafted and no good deed goes unpunished. God, I'm so sorry that she sucked you into this. But you know what? Not all is bad. Babe is out of our lives. I still have Bess. And you can continue being her godmother. All is good for all of us.

[Miranda cries]

J.R.: Look, you know, I know it's a lot for you to wrap around your head right now, but I'm sure you want to vent about Babe. So just -- you know what? Go ahead, just let it rip.

Bianca: You think I'm mad at Babe? You're the one I want to kill, J.R. Babe's not the liar. You are.

Jonathan: Hey, guys, it's moving day. Taking most of my stuff over to Maggie’s. You're going to have to get your own pool cue, bro. Dolores is coming with me. Oh, my God, Ryan. Ryan, what happened to your wheels?

[Tires screech]

Greenlee: They found us.

Ryan: No, no, no, no! Hey, it's ok! It's Derek.

Greenlee: You sure?

Ryan: Yes, I'm sure. I called him from the road. I told him that we've been shot at.

Jonathan: My God, Ryan, what happened?

Derek: Ok, first off, was anybody hurt?

Greenlee: Derek, it was Ethan. He came after Ryan again. He tried to kill him.

Derek: It wasn't Ramsey.

Jonathan: How do you know?

Derek: Because he couldn't make bail. He's still in custody.

Ryan: Well, do you have somebody at the shooting site?

Derek: Have the whole area sealed off with my best unit working the scene. Also have a backup right outside here. They're watching the garage, the exit, the building.

Ryan: Hey, Greenlee, you ok?

Greenlee: Mm-hmm.

Ryan: Yeah?

Jonathan: Damn it, we should have kept the guards.

Ryan: Stop, all right? Save the blame for the shooter.

Derek: Now, Ryan, I'm going to have to get a statement from you and Greenlee.

Ryan: Yeah. You hear that, Greenlee?

Greenlee: Mm-hmm.

Ryan: Derek needs to get a statement from us. Are you up for that? You ok?

Greenlee: Mm-hmm.

Ryan: All right. You know what? I'm going to -- I'm going to get you my jacket.

Greenlee: Ok.

Ryan: Ok?

Derek: Ok, Greenlee, did you get a glimpse of anybody? The shooter?

Greenlee: No, it happened so fast that --

Derek: And you saw nobody?

Greenlee: No, it came out of nowhere. I didn't see who, where.

Ryan: Son of a bitch.

Maria: Does that look mean you're guilty? You going to bolt?

Ethan: You just called me Mr. Cambias. I guess you're one of the last to know. Turns out I have none of that rancid Cambias blood running through my veins.

Maria: My mistake.

Ethan: And to address your second assumption -- no, I hadn't thought about making a break for it. But now you mention it, it's a pretty clever idea. I'll give it some serious thought.

Maria: Really, don't play me, ok? I'm not stupid. I'm actually relatively smart, and I give pretty good advice.

Ethan: Well, Doctor, you can advise away because you have in every respect a captive audience.

Maria: Ok. I know your story. And I know that you feel cheated and you're angry, and I really hope and pray that that anger didn't propel you to shoot my friend.

Ethan: You hope I'm innocent?

Maria: Yeah, I do. And if you are innocent, then don't be stupid and make yourself look guilty by trying to run.

Ethan: Enough of the sage advice, I think.

Maria: Ok, you know what? Another thing -- quit with the sarcasm, ok? It's not making you any friends. It's just making you enemies, and you really need to focus on your friends right now and get them to help you.

Ethan: Well, in case you haven't noticed, I don't have a very big fan club in Pine Valley at the moment.

Maria: You've got Zach.

Ethan: I take it you're a friend of his.

Maria: He's a very good man.

Ethan: Yeah, well, if you ask me, he's no better than the rest of that filthy family he comes from.

Erica: Everything about this place just seems so right. The dimensions, the location. You know, the building faces east.

Kendall: Well, I doubt you can see Manhattan from here.

Erica: No, Kendall, east -- where the sun rises, the new day begins.

Kendall: Right, right -- new beginnings. Gotcha, gotcha.

Erica: So, once I close the deal on this property, then I can begin the most exciting, the most creative phase of my new business -- the birthing process.

Kendall: Well, they say you have to have the epidural early.

[Erica laughs]

Kendall: So, did you put in a bid yet?

Erica: No, no, not yet. I'm waiting to meet the owner -- who is late and who is actually rude.

Kendall: Well, who dares keep the Erica Kane waiting?

Erica: Yes, who dares?

Kendall: I don't know.

Erica: I don't know. However, the real estate agent set up this meeting but for some reason declined to tell me the owner's name.

[Elevator door opens]

Zach: The name is Slater.

Derek: All right, I'm going to head on over to the shooting site and share this information with the team there. Now, a police tow is going to come by and impound the car for the evidence.

Ryan: Ok, the keys are in the ignition.

Derek: Thank you. I've also ordered 24-hour patrol for your protection.

Ryan: Thank you, Derek.

Derek: Listen, guys, hang tight. We're going to get this sucker.

Ryan: Hey. How you doing, huh? How's your head?

Greenlee: I'm fine.

Ryan: Yeah?

Greenlee: Ryan, who would do this to you? Who would hate you enough to want you dead?

Ryan: I don't know. But I'm going to find out and I'm going to stop him. Ok? Hockett, two favors -- one, stay with Greenlee, and two, let me borrow your ride.

Jonathan: Sure. Parked out front.

Greenlee: You can't go back out there! He'll shoot at you!

Ryan: No, nothing bad is going to happen to me, ok, Greenlee? It's going to be fine, I promise.

Greenlee: You can't tell me that. You can't promise me that.

Ryan: Well, I promised that I would spend the rest of my life with you, and it's a little too soon for that to be over, right?

Greenlee: I'm scared.

Ryan: Well, don't be. Ok? Because I'm going to come home safe, I promise you. I will.

Greenlee: Let me go with you.

Ryan: No. Look -- look, I want you to stay here. All right? Stay here with Jonathan, and I'm going to be back. I'll be back before you know it. It's no problem. Please, just take her up, ok?

Jonathan: Ok.

Ryan: It's going to be ok. It's fine.

Aidan: Hey, can I talk to you for a minute?

Anita: Aidan, I'm -- I'm busy.

Aidan: Now, listen, I need you to come and hear me out. I wasn't making a move on you just now. I was making a point. I feel something for you.

Anita: No, please, please don't do this!

Aidan: But I never acted on it, because you made it quite clear to me that you never wanted me to. The only signals that you've ever given me is that you love your husband and you want your marriage to work.

Anita: Ok. Just --

Aidan: I'm not done.

Anita: Forget I said anything.

Aidan: Bobby is an absolute jerk for making you feel guilty. If you think about it, he's the one that's lied and cheated. You've done nothing wrong and nothing to be ashamed of. Have we got that clear?

Maria: Zach is not an easy person to get to know. He's -- he's got a lot of different faces. He does that for self-protection, but his life has taught him not to trust people. But I know that when he reaches out, he does it with his whole heart. And I know he's reached out to you, Ethan, and I think you should accept it. You can trust him.

Ethan: I did reach back. I asked him to help me post my bail, and he turned me down flat.

Erica: Tell me something, Mr. Slater. For a man who claims to be leaving town, what are you doing dabbling in local real estate?

Zach: Always looking for a good investment.

Kendall: Mother, make your offer. Once the deal goes through, Zach will have the cash in full.

Erica: Cash for what?

Zach: Your daughter's been pushing me to post bail for Ethan.

Erica: Oh, no. Kendall, come on, we've been through all this.

Kendall: Yes, we're not going to go through this again. Ethan needs help.

Zach: Not anymore.

Kendall: Why? Did something happen?

Zach: Oh, you know, I heard on the radio on the way over that there's been another assassination attempt on Mr. Lavery.

Kendall: What? Oh, my God!

Zach: And Ethan couldn't have done it because he's still in jail.

Kendall: Well, hold -- wait, wait. Is Ryan hurt? Is Greenlee --

Zach: No casualties. Everyone's fine.

Kendall: Well, I have to -- I got to go.

Erica: Ok. Kendall, be sure to call me. Let me know if there's anything new.

Kendall: Ok.

Zach: Just a big, bad world out there, isn't it?

Erica: Sometimes it is. Well, I'm prepared to meet your asking price, so I'll have my lawyers finalize the deal with your lawyers.

Zach: I've changed my mind.

Erica: Excuse me?

Zach: I'm not prepared to sell at this time.

Erica: What are you saying?

Zach: I'm saying I’d like to use this space for myself.

Erica: So then you're not planning to leave Pine Valley.

Zach: I warned you, Erica. I told you if you cause trouble between Maria and Edmund and they break up, I have a reason to stay. Now they're going to have a divorce, and this space is no longer available.

Bianca: First you force Babe to give up custody of Bess. And then you do something to -- to threaten her, scare her.

J.R.: No, Babe -- Babe is her own worst enemy, not me.

Bianca: And now you're trying to burn every bridge that Babe has left. Aren't you? You're trying to make sure that Babe doesn't have a soul left to defend her, and that's why you came up with this bogus claim that Babe supposedly made in that letter to me. Babe would never say that she stole my child. Why would she do that?

J.R.: I don't know why Babe does all the sick things that she does.

Bianca: Babe's not the sick one here, J.R. I want to see that letter.

J.R.: I'm sorry, Bianca. I can't do that. I destroyed them, both of ours.

Bianca: Convenient. Destroy the evidence. Babe could have said anything in that letter -- that she loved me, that she hated to say good-bye. That, I would believe. But there is no way that Babe would keep me from my child for even a day. It just wouldn't happen. And there is no way that Babe would let me think that Bess was mine if it weren't true. You would have to be so cruel to do either one of those things -- inhuman. That's not Babe, J.R., that's you -- sick and vicious. What I don't get is you got what you wanted. You got Bess! So why couldn't you just leave the rest of us the hell alone?

J.R.: You know, it's all right if you want to hate me -- if you want to -- just as long as Babe doesn't hurt you anymore.

[Miranda cries]

Bianca: It's ok, sweetie. Shh. Uh-uh. Baby, I'm sorry. It's ok. It's ok, sweetie, it's -- shh.

Jonathan: Let's go back up.

Greenlee: No, I'm going to wait down here for Ryan to get back. If Ethan didn't shoot at Ryan, who did? Do you have any idea?

Jonathan: I do have an idea.

Greenlee: Who?

Jonathan: Kendall. She acts like she's over Ryan, accepted the fact that you and he moved on together. No. It's all show. It's still my theory she and Ramsey set up the shooting at the casino.

Greenlee: No, no, no, it wasn't Kendall. I mean, I don't trust her, but she swore she was done hurting him.

Jonathan: No, you can't believe her. She's too dangerous. Come on, let's go back up. Ryan wouldn't want you down here.

Greenlee: No, I -- I still need a minute. Refill?

Jonathan: I'll be right back.

Greenlee: Oh!

Ryan: Get down!

Greenlee: Ryan? Ryan? Ryan? Ryan, Ryan, wake -- Ryan, wake up! No, Ryan, don't go! You can't leave me! Ryan! Ryan!


Kendall: You'd better give it up, Greenlee. Ryan's dead. Now I can't have him, but neither can you.

Erica: Yes, Lew, go ahead and draw up the contracts. No, no, the deal isn't final yet. But I'm sure that the owner can be persuaded to sell.

Bianca: Babe would never keep my child from me. She loves me too much. She loves you too much. She would just never do that.

J.R.: Is Bess all right?

Bianca: Bess is fine. Don't think this is over.

Maria: We are going to X-ray that hand because I don't want you coming back here to the hospital and suing me and the hospital for malpractice. And then you're going back to jail.

Ethan: Seems I got on your bad side.

Maria: Yeah, try not to lose sleep over it.

Officer: Oh --

Anita: Oh!

Officer: Oh, jeez, I'm sorry. Are you ok?

Anita: Yeah. No, I'm fine.

Maria: You ok, Anita?

Anita: Yeah, I'm -- yeah, I'm ok.

Maria: Are you sure?

Anita: Yeah.

Officer: Here.

Anita: Thank you.

Maria: Not so sterile anymore.

Officer: I hope nobody gets contaminated.

Aidan: Going somewhere, Ramsey?

Ryan: Here I am, Slater! Well, grab your gun, man. This time you got a clean shot.

Greenlee: Ryan. No. She killed you. She killed you! Yeah, she killed you!

[Tires screech]

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Jonathan: Kendall, can you hear me?

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