AMC Transcript Friday 11/12/04

All My Children Transcript Friday 11/12/04


By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

Man: I'm so glad you could be here today. It means so much to the employees that you're here for the launch of the new gift set.

Ryan: Yeah, thanks for having us.

Man: This is Greg Herman. He's going to give you the full tour. He's going to show you how we make the Enchantment holiday gift set come alive. But before we go into the compounding area, you have to put one of these on.

Ryan: Ok.

Kendall: Ok. Thanks.

Greenlee: Oops.

Ryan: Nice grab. Thanks.

Man: Ok, I leave you in good hands, and Iíll see you later.

Ryan: Ok, thanks, John.

John: Ok.

Greg: Mr. Lavery, a pleasure. These new products of yours --

Ryan: Hey, listen, I'm just along for the ride. Greenlee and Kendall are the ones you really need to impress. They are Fusion.

Greg: No wonder Fusion is in such great shape with two such beautiful women running it. This way. I'll show you to the compounding room.

Kendall: Ok. Good look for you.

Greenlee: Way to be professional, Kendall. It smells great in here.

Greg: This is where Enchantment becomes the fragrance you know and love. We do the mixing, the chilling, the aging, and the filtering all in here.

Kendall: Hmm.

Ryan: A little bigger than your kitchen sink, huh, Kendall?

Kendall: Yeah. I'd like to hear about your employee loyalty.

Greg: You don't have to worry about anyone here stealing your secret blend.

Kendall: Well, it must be nice to have people you can count on.

Ryan: So, what's bugging you now?

Kendall: Ethan is still rotting in jail because you wouldn't buy out my Fusion shares.

Ryan: Really? Well, I'm still healing from a bullet ripping through my stomach.

Greenlee: One more word and Enchantment will have a new ingredient -- you.

Tad: There's nothing you have to say that I want to hear.

Krystal: I'm not here about you and me, Tad. I'm here about our kids. I was hoping maybe you and Aidan found something out -- where they are, if they're ok.

Tad: You're too late, Krystal, way too late.

Krystal: What do you mean? What happened?

Babe: It can't be gone.

Jamie: It is.

Babe: And what -- there's -- there's no way. It's 10 grand in cash. It can't just up and disappear. You know what, you probably -- you changed hiding spots and you don't remember, or, you know, it's in the car. It's got to be in the car.

Jamie: I wouldn't leave that kind of cash in the car.

Babe: Jamie, we were so tired last night, how did you even remember anything?

Jamie: I remember, Babe. That's where it was. Bottom line, we're bust.

Erica: Babe is yesterday's news. Best to forget her and move on.

Bianca: I'll move on once you tell me what she wrote in that note to me.

Erica: Babe's note was meaningless. Really, honey, nothing for you to worry about.

Bianca: Why don't you let me be the judge of that?

Erica: Bianca, I -- I wish you would trust me.

Bianca: All right, Mom. I'll work on that, I promise, as soon as you tell me what Babe wanted me to know. I think you owe me that, Mother.

Jack: And I, for one, couldn't agree more.

Adam: What did you just say?

J.R.: Nothing! Forget it.

Adam: No, I can't forget it. Your baby isn't dead. She's right there in that playpen.

J.R.: Yeah, well, according to Babe, that's Biancaís baby.

Adam: Oh, no, come on. That again?

J.R.: It's a lie. It's a lie, and that bitch I married -- she wants to tell the whole world.

Adam: Just a minute. Are you sure it's a lie?

Greenlee: Ready to be a secret ingredient?

Kendall: Ryan, come and call off your wife, please.

Ryan: Come on, Greenlee. Let's ease up.

Greenlee: Yeah, you're right. She'd probably stink up the whole batch.


[While Ryan, Greenlee, and Kendall look on, the assembly line smoothly produces boxes of perfume ready for shipment]

Singer: Oh, yeah oh, yeah, yeah hey waiting for the start of something before we go out of our minds time to get the party started

Singers: Everybody's ready, too you've got the wheels I've got the feel we've got whatever it takes

Singer: Yeah, yeah, yeah

Singers: She's got the groove he's got the moves

Singer: Everybody's ready to play

Singers: So let's rock into something new and let's bounce 'cause we all want to and let's shout gonna have some fun everybody, everyone let's bounce get the party on let's bounce gonna dance till dawn let's shout


[The assembly line is stopped and everyone leaves except for Greenlee]

Singers: Gonna all go there everybody, everywhere let's shout

Singer: Let's bounce, baby

Singers: Everybody, everywhere

Ryan: You know, I want you to show me -- I want you to show me the body lotion and how it gets my wife's skin to shimmer like that.

Greg: Follow me to the processing area. I'll show you how it's done.

[Buzzer sounds as Greenlee activates the conveyer belt and stares in a daze while perfume bottles crash to the floor one after the other.]

Kendall: Greenlee? Greenlee? Greenlee, what are you doing? Did -- did you start this machine? Stop this machine! Hey! Greenlee, you are -- you're trashing valuable product here! Greenlee, get --

Greenlee: What? What? What?

Kendall: Yeah, help me! Help me, help me, help me, please.

Greenlee: How did they make it go so fast?

Kendall: I don't know, but would you find how to trick this -- stop this machine! Make it stop, please! God!


Kendall: You know what? When God had you on his assembly line, he left out some major marbles!

J.R.: You don't get it, Dad. Babe left with my brother, but she also left a lot of ticking bombs behind.

Adam: Well, then let me help you defuse them.

J.R.: Well, we start by not bringing her and Jamie back to town, even to help you get a line on Liza and Colby.

Adam: Even if Babe's story is nothing but a lie?

J.R.: I'm warning you, Dad. If you bring them back, you are going to see ugly like you have never seen.

Adam: Did Babe tell this story to anyone else?

J.R.: Yeah, well, she wrote letters to me and Bianca and God knows who else. We both got a touching version of how my son died, and that that is actually Biancaís baby. Babe expects me to believe that that little girl over there is actually Miranda.

Adam: What did Bianca say?

J.R.: Well, I got her letter before she had a chance to see it. I destroyed it, but I got caught in the act by Erica. But she agreed that she'll keep a lid on the whole mess.

Adam: Erica?

J.R.: Yeah. She gets it, Dad. She knows that Babe's a liar, but I don't know who else Babe wrote to. I don't know what Krystal knows, Hayward, Tad, but I do know this -- I cannot leave my baby's side. I don't know who to trust anymore. And I swear to God, if anybody so much looks at her cross-eyed, I will go for the jugular, and I will ask questions later.

Adam: That night, the night of the helicopter crash, we leaned very heavily on Paul Cramer to tell us that yours is the baby that survived.

J.R.: Oh, no. Dad, don't go there.

Adam: Now, I'm just wondering if possibly, possibly we were too persuasive for our own good, that maybe that rodent was so frightened that he told us what we wanted to hear instead of the truth. J.R.? We can make all this go away with a simple DNA test.

J.R.: No. Tad already did a DNA test. You take one drop of this baby's blood, or you even think about getting a test done, I will destroy you. This is my daughter, not Biancaís.

Erica: This is getting so blown out of proportion. Honestly, it is absolutely nothing.

Bianca: Mother? You don't always know what's best for me. Tell me what was in Babe's letter.

Erica: Bianca, it is really nothing you need to know.

Bianca: You don't have to protect me, Mom.

Erica: All right, if you insist. But I promise you, honey, it's going to make you feel very disappointed and it's going to hurt your feelings.

Bianca: Mother. Now.

Erica: What Babe said was actually quite rude. I -- I actually think it was downright mean. She said that she just didn't care for you very much anymore, that you were very nice and everything but that you never really understood her and that you really didn't have anything in common. And she said that she simply felt that Bess, her baby girl, was better off with J.R. and that she herself was just happy with Jamie. That's it. That is basically it. So, now you know why I didn't want to tell you.

Bianca: Mother, that is the biggest pile of baloney you have ever shoveled on me.

Jack: And Lord knows you know how to handle that shovel.

Bianca: I think I know Babe a lot better than you do. I know what she might or might not say, and what you've just said has absolutely no basis in reality. So Iíll give you a second chance. Be honest with me, Mom. Now.

Tad: By "too late," I was referring to your timing. See, the time for wringing your hands in worry and trying to do something positive -- that's long gone. You should've done that before you and David put your pointy little heads together and turned this mess into a full-fledged catastrophe.

Krystal: I know we screwed this up, Tad, but you weren't there.

Tad: The hell I -- what? How can you say that to me? I was there the entire time, begging you to let me in, to tell me what was going on. And guess what -- if you had, I might, just might have been able to keep our children from making the biggest mistake of their lives.

Krystal: I'm sorry.

Tad: Don't --

Krystal: I couldn't tell you.

Tad: Shut up. Don't waste my time by trying to apologize. I'm too busy right now. I'm trying to figure out what parts of David's story I can believe.

Krystal: Well, I trust him on this, Tad.

Tad: And what the hell is that supposed to mean to me? You show me proof that Paul Cramer is really dead, and if he is, I don't know that Jamie's a viable suspect. You see, if I'm really, really lucky, my son isn't facing two felony counts, just one for kidnapping. At this point, maybe I should just pray he's never seen again so he doesn't have to face a life in prison. Who am I kidding? I wouldn't know how to help him even if I could find him. At this point if I tracked him down, I'd just make things worse. Hayward's right about one thing -- I don't want to be the one to lead the cops right to him.

Krystal: I know, Tad. I know how you feel, and I feel for you.

Tad: Stop. Just stop it. You're not helping me. If I'm flying blind here, it's because you two let this entire situation get grotesquely out of control.

Brooke: Ok. Now I want to hear exactly what this situation with my son is.

Jamie: Hey, it's not the end of the world. I mean, we still have wheels -- though we may have to siphon gas to keep the sucker running, but things could be worse.

Babe: It's just that -- just to think while you and me and our sweet little peanut here were sleeping, some punk sneaks into the room and --

Jamie: It's a cruddy lock. Someone could've used an old key or a credit card or --

Babe: That really doesn't make me feel better. I mean, I don't understand. It was just -- he's going through our stuff. It's kind of -- Jamie, he could've taken the baby.

Jamie: Well, we can't call the police.

Babe: Yeah, I wish that we could. I would love to see this guy get nailed.

[James fusses]

Jamie: Then how would we explain the 10,000 in cash?

Babe: So pretty much, we've had 10 grand swiped and there's nothing that we can do about it.

Jamie: I really wish I'd have woken up.

[James cries]

Babe: I'm glad that you didn't. He could've had a weapon or something, and I couldn't live if something happened to you.

Jamie: Well, there's no use going there because the manager is going to be knocking down our door and we're flat broke.

Babe: Not so flat, Jamie. How about you unbutton my blouse?

Jamie: Babe, I know that you're upset, but this -- I don't understand how this is --

Babe: Fine. If you won't do it, then I will.

Jamie: Babe, you don't have to do this. Seriously, it -- wow. Talk about a nice rack.

Babe: Oh.

Jamie: You give a whole new meaning to the phrase "going bust." Where exactly did you --

Babe: The pawn shop. My engagement ring.

Jamie: Then that's twice you've been ripped off.

Babe: Well, I figured the sooner I get rid of everything J.R., the better. Besides, after everything that he put me through, I have earned every single karat of this. You know, there was a time where I thought that diamonds and all, that they were worth something. And I also believed that J.R. loved me, so I had J.R. and I had all of that stuff. I guess you just got to be careful what you wish for, huh? But these? These are more special to me than anything J.R. ever gave me. I'll always cherish them.

Brooke: I know I'm short on details here, but I know one thing for sure -- my son is turning his life inside out because of your daughter.

Krystal: Jamie has a mind of his own, and it's a mighty fine one at that.

Brooke: Look, we all know that they were chomping at the bit to get out of here. Didn't you even try to talk Babe out of it? I mean, how could you have let things get so out of hand?

Krystal: Me?

Brooke: Yes, you! You're her mother!

Tad: You care to explain?

Krystal: Maybe the same way you let Jamie get loose!

[Knock on door]

Opal: Well, things have come to a pretty sorry pass. Is there any news?

Tad: Not yet, Mama.

Opal: Well, far be it from me to say "I told you so," but --

Tad: Yeah. Go on.

Opal: Well, what exactly is it that I told you, Thaddeus? Do you remember?

Tad: That if I allowed myself to get involved with Krystal Carey, I would rue the day.

Opal: That's right. And, son, it appears that this is that day. I'm so sorry.

Tad: Me, too.

Opal: And you -- I once told you we was two peas, but, sister, you've got my pod beat eight ways to Sunday, you and that little girl of yours. Well, I suppose we can't exactly hold her responsible, can I -- I mean, considering the way she was raised up? But the two of you -- I mean, you are like some twister that just swept in to Pine Valley, almost killed my son, leveled his family home, tore the whole damn town to pieces and --

Tad: Mama, you're not helping.

Opal: Well, it's making me feel better. This is all your fault! It is your fault that my son's little boy is now just one little step ahead of life's wrecking ball, and I for one will never forget that you are the one that did that to him!

Krystal: Is that bag of wind in there empty? Because it's my turn now.

Adam: I've never seen you quite like this before, son.

J.R.: Yeah, well, I've never had so much to fight for.

Adam: Yeah, obviously, you're very passionate about this child and determined.

J.R.: Yeah, you should be, too, unless you don't believe me.

Adam: Oh, no, of course I believe you. It's just there's an awful lot to absorb.

J.R.: Babe wants me to believe that my daughter, your granddaughter, was a grandson that went into that river and drowned that night. It's twisted.

Adam: It's horrible.

J.R.: The baby that was in the river that night was trapped. It was fighting for air in that cold water.

Adam: Don't do this to yourself, son.

J.R.: No. This is my baby. My baby did not die in a place like that that night. And anybody who says otherwise is a liar and an enemy of mine.

Erica: What kind of mother would I be if I could just sit here and lie to your face about something as petty as Babe's note? Bianca, where are you going? Bianca, wait -- ugh. Don't take her side.

Jack: Now, you stop a second. Now, maybe you think you had a legitimate reason to lie to your daughter, but I want you to tell me the truth right now.

Greenlee: I'm fine, Kendall.

Kendall: Yeah, fine for a ledge-jumping, nudist space case.

Greenlee: I was trying out the machine and it got away from me. Don't go running to Ryan with this, too.

Kendall: You know, believe it or not, I'm -- I told Ryan about your little mini episodes because I was genuinely worried about you, and I still am. You know, just because we're not best buddies anymore doesn't mean I don't want to see you splattered all over the pavement or shrink-wrapped to death on the conveyer belt.

Greenlee: Thanks for the concern.

Ryan: Hey, what happened to you two?

Kendall: Greenlee isn't happy that I told you about her mini meltdowns.

Greenlee: Because she has nothing to worry about.

Ryan: And that's all?

Kendall: Yeah. I mean, what could we possibly have to argue about? Obviously, you can take care of Greenlee just fine. All right, well, the holiday products look fabulous. I predict an Enchantment ornament on every tree. Ok, my work is done. I'm out of here.

Greenlee: Come on, come on. Let's go back to the office and spread the word. Everything is right on track.

Ryan: And to make sure it stays that way, we got one stop we got to make first -- Maria.

Greenlee: Well, that's a waste of her time and ours.

Ryan: It's always worth a few minutes of my time to make sure that my beautiful wife is in perfect health.

Greenlee: Yeah, but there's nothing to worry about. I'm fine. I swear, I just had some sort of Minor League anxiety attack -- no fear, no panic, no anxiety now. See? I'm perfectly normal. Come on, let's get out of here.

Krystal: There's only one reason why you're still upright --

Tad: Easy, Krystal.

Krystal: And that's because I was taught to respect my elders.

Opal: Oh, please, I can go head-to-head with you --

Tad: No --

Opal: Any day of the week, you little --

Krystal: No, no, thank you. I am going to remain calm and reasonable because it's obvious you don't have the whole picture here, and I'm going to fill you in. For starters, you did not corner the market on "upset." My daughter is out there, God knows where, in the same amount of trouble that Jamie's in.

Opal: Yeah, and whose fault is that?

Krystal: Now, do me the courtesy of letting me finish.

Brooke: Let her. I want to hear this.

Krystal: Second, Jamie is a grown man. As much as you and his mama want to pretend that he just got his learner's permit and he barely knows how to shave, that boy is one tough, smart hombre. And we know where he got most of his stubborn streak from. He never gives up on Babe. He's had every chance in the world to cut and run, but he's too much of a man to leave her high and dry, and I have nothing but respect and admiration for that young man.

Opal: While you are letting him run his entire future right into the Dumpster, not to mention his daddy here!

Krystal: Which brings me to my third point. I love Tad Martin down to my core, and I would cut off my arms before I caused him any more grief. But it is what it is, and as much as I regret it, none of us can change what's past.

Opal: Well, that's a mighty pretty speech.

Krystal: You got the remote? The remote. Tad? I got to hear this. Where's the remote?

Kevin: My name is Kevin Buchanan. Hello. Today, I'm not speaking to you as your Lieutenant Governor-elect, but as a father. Last night our son, Ace Buchanan -- Kelly's and mine -- was taken from the Palace Hotel by a person or persons unknown.

Brooke: What the heck is --

Krystal: Shh.

Kevin: We are making this plea directly to those who took our son. Please do not hurt him. He's just a little boy. We love him very much.

Babe: It fell.

Jamie: Gravity.

Babe: Yeah. Did you know that the world is spinning around at, like, a thousand miles per hour, and if it weren't for gravity we'd all just fly into space?

Jamie: Yeah, that's Newtonís Law -- every body in the universe is attracted to another body.

Babe: I guess all that college education paid off. Wouldn't it be funny if James -- if he were a scientist or something? He could invent something and become all famous.

Jamie: And at night he could play bass in his own heavy metal band. See, that would be an ok life for our son. It's ok if I still call him that? I mean, I know in private we don't have to put on this cover.

Babe: It's ok. Really.

Jamie: Well, I'm pretty sure little James will let you know what he wants to be when he grows up.

Babe: Which is exactly why I have to save him from the control of anyone named Chandler.

J.R.: So what will it be, Dad? Are you with me or against me?

Adam: At this moment, son, I've never been prouder of you. Of course I'm with you.

J.R.: So you'll never bring this up ever again?

Adam: That beautiful child is my granddaughter, and anyone who says otherwise will have to answer to me.

[Doorbell rings]

Adam: We stand together, J.R.

Guard: Miss Montgomery's here to see you, sir.

J.R.: Send her in.

Guard: Yes, sir.

Adam: Are you sure this is a good time?

J.R.: We have nothing to worry about. We stand together. Bianca. Are you here to see Bess?

Bianca: I know that Babe wrote me a note, too, and my mother just told me what it said. So now I want to know what you have to say.

J.R.: Can you excuse us for a second? I can handle this.

Adam: You don't have to talk to her at all. We could have her banished.

J.R.: Yeah, but I remember what you taught me. Don't worry. You keep your friends close, your enemies closer.

Adam: Yeah, but if Erica didn't stick to her word and lie to protect her daughter, then Bianca may know everything Babe wrote and this is all a test.

J.R.: Well, let her test us. She's not taking Bess from me.

Adam: All right. I'll be in my study if you need me.

J.R.: Thank you.

Adam: Have a good day, Bianca.

J.R.: Um -- have a seat.

Bianca: I'd rather stand. I am so sick of everybody else knowing things that I don't know! My best friend writes me a letter, and somehow you and my mother intercept it and decide that I shouldn't know what it says, as though that's your decision to make!

J.R.: I can totally understand.

Bianca: No, J.R., you can't understand.

J.R.: When we were kids, we used to talk about this all the time, about how our families thought what was best for us by shoving it down our throat. It must feel like deja vu.

Bianca: So fix it. Don't repeat history. Tell me what that note said.

J.R.: Didn't Erica tell you?

Bianca: No, nothing I could believe.

J.R.: Well, what do you think Babe said?

Bianca: Something that would explain why she left the child she loves with the man she detests.

Jack: Sweetheart, how long have we known each other? More to the point, how well do we know each other? Yes. So give me some credit for knowing when you're trying to pull the cashmere over my eyes.

Erica: Jack, I always give you credit. Which reminds me -- when did you say you're leaving for Florida?

Jack: Right from here, but you knew that.

Erica: Yeah. You know, I am so surprised that Bianca didn't tell you herself, I mean, because she told all of us here at the brunch how pleased she is that you are overseeing the benefit concert.

Jack: That was a nice diversionary tactic. Now let's get back to the topic at hand.

Erica: Jack, please. Please don't spoil this moment.

Jack: What moment is that?

Erica: The moment when I ask you the important question that I have been putting off for far too long.

Kevin: If you could just find it in your hearts to call us, please, immediately. The number we can be reached at is at the bottom of the screen. Once again, we -- we miss our son very much and we will do anything. Whatever it is, I'm sure we can talk about this and work it out. Just please --

Brooke: Who would do such a thing?

Krystal: Shh.

Kevin: Give us our son back.

Kelly: Speaking to you as a mother, I love my son more than anything in this whole world. Please bring him back. We'll do whatever you want. We'll -- we'll give you whatever you want. Just please, please bring our son back. Please.

Kevin: Ok. Hey.

Kelly: Please.

Kevin: Ladies and gentlemen, the number at the bottom of the screen is toll-free. Please, if you've seen our son or if you have him, call us as soon as you can.

TV announcer: That plea was previously recorded, but the phone number is still up and running. So far the kidnappers have not contacted the family, and no financial demands have been made. The authorities have no suspects or leads at this time but insist they'll use all their resources to find the person or persons responsible for the kidnapping of little Ace. Next up, football roundup.

Opal: Oh, that is a parent's worst nightmare. Whoever would kidnap a helpless baby like that, they deserve to suffer the worst tortures the cruel mind of man can devise.

Jamie: We got to hustle. The manager's probably ready to charge us for another day's rent, and since we're on a budget --

Babe: Jamie, I'm very disappointed. Don't underestimate me.

Jamie: What, you got more money stashed on you?

Babe: No, but I'm really good on a budget. I can make -- make a meal out of boiling water. Mama taught me.

Jamie: Boiling water?

Babe: Yeah. And you do a tea bag on the side, you throw in some ketchup, some of those -- those saltwater saltine cracker things, some hot sauce, salt and pepper, and you stir it around, mix it up, and you are good to go.

Jamie: Once again, you prove that my Pine Valley childhood was culturally deprived.

Babe: I don't know about that. I learned a thing or two from pine valley that I never dreamed possible. We're going to make it, Jamie.

Jamie: Whatever's out there.

Ryan: Greenlee! Wait, stop -- stop! Stop! What happened?

Greenlee: Oh, God. Ryan, did you see them? They're after us.

Ryan: Hey. Who's following us?

Greenlee: Didn't you see?

Ryan: No, I didn't see anybody.

Greenlee: It was a foreign car right behind us. It was luxury, four-door, black -- maybe it was blue. You have to start paying attention to these things.

Ryan: No, there was nobody there, Greenlee. Listen, nobody passed us after we stopped.

Greenlee: I think they stopped around that curve. They're waiting for us.

Ryan: Look, seriously, Greenlee, there's nobody there. There's nobody there.

Greenlee: Let's go to the police station. No, you know what? You know what? They're too smart for that.

Ryan: How about this? How about we go back to the hospital?

Greenlee: How's the hospital going to stop them from following us?

Ryan: I'm not worried about them following us, Greenlee. I'm worried about you.

Greenlee: You think I'm out of my mind?

Ryan: No, I don't. I -- I just think that there's something going on with you that neither of us understand. Please, let's just keep our appointment with Maria, ok? Let's just go back to the hospital. Humor me.


Jack: You know, it actually is not the best time for you to be asking me a very important question. Now would be the time for you to answer the very simple question I asked you about Babe's note to Bianca.

Erica: I thought you loved me enough to know that I would only ever do the right thing by Bianca.

Jack: I love you to pieces. You know that. And I know how devoted you are to Bianca, but that doesn't make me your own little personal lap dog.

Erica: No, and that's why I love you so much, because you always stand up for exactly what you believe in.

[Erica gasps]

Erica: My goodness, I've got to meet the realtor about new office space for new beginnings, and I'm already late. Listen, you tell me, call me up, tell me when you're finished in Florida, and I will meet you at the airport. I'll pick you up, ok?

Opal: Oh, that poor woman, having her child disappear like that, wondering if he's lying dead in a ditch somewheres.

Brooke: Opal, please.

Opal: Well --

Krystal: Isn't there something you could say that doesn't put a knife through everybody's heart?

Opal: Oh, well, aren't you miss sensitive, though.

Tad: No, no, wait. You know, why don't you do me a favor -- just go home and wait for news about Jamie. Please?

Opal: Am I sensing a real chill between you and this woman?

Tad: You're nothing if not perceptive.

Opal: Yeah, well, keep your thermostat on frostbite, ok? Do not let her soften you up again.

Tad: I know what I'm doing. I don't need to get all my teeth kicked in to make a decision. Come on.

Opal: All right, Iíll get my bag.

Tad: Brooke?

Brooke: Yes?

Tad: All right. I love you.

Opal: Oh, I love you, too. Be well.

Brooke: Call me when you hear something.

Tad: Will do.

[Knock on door]

Tad: Oh. Tell me you got something.

Aidan: Nope, but I bring some news.

Tad: Which is?

Aidan: Somebody else is missing.

Krystal: Who?

Aidan: Paul Cramer, and he could be dead.

J.R.: Bianca, I know what you want to hear, but the truth is that there's -- there's no answer. There's no magical answer to what Babe said. It's just a bunch of lies.

Bianca: Well, show me. Maybe I can read between the lines.

J.R.: There's no sense to what -- what Babe said. It was just a kiss-off note backed up by a bunch of lame excuses.

Bianca: J.R., my mother tried the same thing, all right, and I didn't believe it from her either. Your version of Babe doesn't fly.

J.R.: Well, I would believe that, too, if I hadn't lived with her and seen what a truly hateful person she is.

Bianca: All right. Let me make myself perfectly clear, ok, J.R.? I'm not giving up. I am not going to just dry up and blow away. Ok? You're going to have to call the cops and the press and the National Guard to get rid of me. But I am not leaving until you tell me what Babe wanted me to know.

Tad: Ok, so what do the cops make of it?

Aidan: Nobody's laid eyes on Cramer. Pretty soon they'll start connecting the dots.

Tad: Yeah, but so far Jamie's not a dot, right?

Aidan: Nope.

Krystal: Well, that -- that's good, isn't it?

Tad: I'm not sure what's good anymore, but at least Babe and Jamie are safe for now.

[James babbles]

Babe: So I guess it was a nice room, huh?

Jamie: Yeah, except for having $10,000 stolen while we slept, it was great.

Babe: Right, right, there was that. But you know what? The farther I get away from the Chandlers, the happier I am. I guess we really are on an excellent adventure, huh?

J.R.: Ok. Ok. I'll tell you the honest truth, exactly what Babe wrote in that letter.

Bianca: Well, it's about time.

J.R.: That baby you're holding in your arms she says is yours.

Ryan: Let's just go back to the car, ok?

Greenlee: No. You're going to take me someplace like Oak Haven.

Ryan: Absolutely not, I promise you. I'm just -- I just want to get you some help. Hey, I'm -- I'm going to say it as many times as I have to until you believe me. I'm not going to lose you, Greenlee, not for anything.


>> On the next "All My Children" --

Erica: I had an ulterior motive for calling you over here.

Maria: Plotting your escape, Mr. Cambias?

Bianca: I am this close to committing murder.

Ryan: Wake up! That is an order from your husband -- wake up! Please come back to me!

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