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All My Children Transcript Thursday 11/4/04


By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

Greenlee: I refuse to be this way. I can't accept it. I won't.

David: Ok. Why don't you come inside, tell me what's going on? Come on.

Kendall: I'm all cried out. At least, for tonight. It's time to live my life and -- and quit crying about things that can't be and just move on.

Bianca: Kendall, what is it?

Jamie: In a few more hours, we'll be in Virginia.

Babe: Even better. Any minute now, Bianca's going to be opening her letter, and she'll have Miranda. I cannot believe it's happening.

Bianca: What is it?

Kendall: Oh, it's nothing important.

Bianca: Are you sure you have to go?

Kendall: Yes. Do you know what time it is? Got to go. Thank you so much for everything. And, Mom, thank you for making me stay when all I wanted to do was run.

Erica: Good night, sweetheart.

Kendall: Good night.

Jack: Oh, hi -- hi, hi.

Kendall: Hey.

Erica: Hi.

Jack: Erica called.

Kendall: Yeah. She's all yours.

Jack: Thanks. Hi, sweetheart.

Bianca: Hi.

Jack: How are you? Hi.

Erica: Hi.

Jack: So what's up?

Erica: Well, I just wanted to know how your meeting went. I hope the others look worse.

Jack: The others never even broke a sweat.

Bianca: You mean, the parents of those brats who are torturing Lily?

Jack: Yeah.

Bianca: What happened?

Jack: Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Here I thought I was having a meeting with, you know, other rational, reasonable adult human beings -- parents -- parents -- who would be as appalled as I was over what happened. But no. Instead, all I got was kind of a snotty indifference.

Erica: Are you kidding? Don't tell me they just excused what their daughters did.

Jack: Well, you see, because my daughter is different, everything that happened to her, everything that was done to her was all her fault.

Erica: I don't believe it! These girls dressed Lily up like a hooker. I mean, they made her do her homework. They got her drunk! How could those parents just ignore that?

Jack: They just took a page out of the principal's book -- Lily's telling stories because she can't cope.

Erica: Can these parents really be so blind --

Jack: Oh --

Erica: As to what their children really are?

Jack: You know, I had a really hard time understanding how these girls could be so mean to my Lily. But having met their parents, I get it. I totally get it. I mean, they're -- they're unfeeling, they're small-minded, they're self-centered. I mean, there ought to be a way to -- I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Really, though, I mean, you should have to take a test to get a permit to be a parent.

Erica: You know what's really sad is that often good parents use their children for the wrong reasons.

Bianca: What if a good parent loses custody of their child to a monster? I mean, what choices do they have, except for running away with their child?

Jack: We're not talking hypothetically anymore, now, are we?

Babe: Well, it's just as I suspected.

Jamie: Well, what's wrong?

Babe: Nothing. He's perfect. He's got ten tiny fingers with little pink fingernails and little toes. And you know what the best part is? That he remembers me. I know that it might sound silly that since we only knew each other for five minutes when he was born, but it's like he's looking at me like he missed me his whole teensy little life.

Jamie: Well, of course he knows you. You're his mom. It's the whole parent-kid bond thing. No one can change that or take it away. Old Ace might have been a happy kid before, but now he knows he's home.

Babe: Finally. It's like the whole universe is back where it should be, especially once Bianca has Miranda, and she's counting Miranda�s sweet little fingers and kissing her toes. Moms have got to be with their kids.

[Ace coos]

Babe: Otherwise, the whole world just crashes and burns.

Tad: "Dear Mom and Dad, this is the hardest letter I've ever written. Guess it'll be just as hard to read. By this time, Babe and I will be gone -- not for a few days, like I said, but for good." You mean to say you knew about this?

Krystal: Keep reading.

Tad: Huh. Oh, for God -- "You'll think we're crazy for not letting you guys help, but Babe and I sussed every angle. This is the best solution for everyone. Have faith in me and in Babe. Do me a favor, Dad. Stash -- stash the PI license and don't try to track us down. I've got to go. But don't ever doubt that I -- don't ever doubt that I love you both. My heart's telling me I'm doing the right thing. Thanks for helping me and loving me, for being my parents. Love, Jamie." Hmm. So this is -- this is what you call an answer? At long last, the truth?

Krystal: Yeah.

Tad: Well, let me tell you something. Whatever my feelings are for you, they don't make me a fool. This isn't an answer, and it sure as hell isn't the truth. It might be part of the package, it might be a result, but it sure as hell is not the truth. And now my son is gone, which means you're going to tell me the rest of the story. And you better do it right now.

David: Sounds like you're suffering from major stress.

Greenlee: No, I've done stress. It's more than that.

David: It's Ryan.

Greenlee: No, it's not. Whatever's going on inside my head has nothing to do with Ryan.

David: Hmm. Delusional, too.

Greenlee: Stop it! It's not my husband. It's a breakdown, or some sort of tumor pressing on my brain's insane button. Can you make me sane again?

David: Any family history of tumors, mental illness?

Greenlee: Well, you've met my mother. I mean, she's selfish, she's needy, she's emotionally stunted, but she's not certifiable. And Jackson's as normal as they come. I mean, how could this be happening to me?

David: Jackson's not all that normal. His savior complex alone is enough to warrant --

Greenlee: David, focus.

David: Greenlee, you're probably just overreacting.

Greenlee: I nearly belly-flopped off my balcony.

David: You what?

Greenlee: Your bedside manner sucks. What was I thinking? Of course, this proves that I must be going nuts.

David: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute, wait a minute. I'm sorry. You're right. I'll help you, I promise.

Kendall: I knew you'd still be up.

J.R.: Thank you. You're just in time to watch me shred this.

Kendall: You got one of those, too?

[Miranda babbles]

Kendall: Ooh. Yeah, Bianca got one of those from Babe, just like yours.

J.R.: Yeah?

Kendall: Yeah.

J.R.: What did it say?

Kendall: I don't know, and I really don't care.

J.R.: Guess it wouldn't hurt to find out what Babe's up to.

Kendall: J.R., what is it? Oh, let me guess -- she used pink ink. Does she dot her i's with little hearts or little flowers?

J.R.: I'm sorry, I'm just -- it's Babe's normal airhead drivel. I don't --

Kendall: Ok, well, why is she even writing at all?

J.R.: Her and James, they bolted out of town. I guess it's her new bed buddy.

Kendall: Oh. Well, I mean, J.R., you should be grateful for that. That's the best thing for you and for Bess. Now this little one won't have to grow up with a mommy that she doesn't deserve. Yeah. Yeah. Ain't that right, sweetie? Ain't that right? Yes! Oh. Oh, don't tell me you're sorry Babe's gone.

J.R.: No, it's the best news I've had in a long time.

Kendall: I mean, because really, no offense, J.R., but God was out of His almighty mind when he made Babe a mother. I mean, Bianca -- Bianca was born to be a mother, but Babe -- she was born for back seats and dancing on bars. You -- don't you worry, you. You've got your daddy now. Yes, you do. You've got your daddy now. Oh, congratulations, J.R. I'm so happy for you. And this is exactly what you wanted. And nobody deserves this more than you.

J.R.: Yeah. Thank you. And we'll celebrate here real soon. But as much as we love your company --

[Miranda fusses]

J.R.: The little one and I, we're going to need to get some sleep.

Kendall: All right. Well, I'm out of here. I just -- I have one favor to ask before I go.

J.R.: Yeah.

Kendall: It's for my sister.

Bianca: Let's just keep this hypothetical.

Jack: Well, since we're just hypothesizing here, let's say for the moment that it's Babe we're talking about. Yes, well, certainly she couldn't be to blame for being scared to death that her daughter might be raised by J.R. and Adam.

Erica: Well, J.R. is proof of that. Under Adam's parenting, J.R. morphed from a very sweet boy into a monster.

Bianca: Ok. So hypothetically, what if Babe were concerned that the same thing would happen to Bess? Would she really be prosecuted for taking her own child?

Jack: Absolutely.

Bianca: Even if it was for the child's own good?

Jack: No, Babe would be breaking a law, ok? She signed an agreement giving J.R. Full custody. If she were to abscond with Bess, she'd be in violation of that agreement. My suggestion would be that she get Livia as her lawyer and have her right by her side through this whole thing.

Bianca: What, you mean, you think that you could get -- that Babe could get the custody agreement thrown out?

Jack: Yeah. It wouldn't be easy. I mean, it might -- there may be a way. I mean, if J.R. used duress to get her to sign the agreement, then --

Erica: Well, that's a classic Chandler move.

Bianca: Absolutely. It was total duress. So you think that Babe has a good chance?

Jack: I think if she hasn't made a huge mistake already.

Babe: There's only one thing wrong with my sweet baby boy.

Jamie: What? Is Ace sick? Do you need me to pull over, or --

Babe: No, no, no. He's perfect, except for that name, "Ace." You don't look like a pool shark from Texarkana, do you, honey? See? See? He made a little face. He wrinkled his nose. He hates it, too.

Jamie: So what name were you thinking?

Babe: James. If it's all right with you, can --

Jamie: Well --

Babe: Can I borrow your name for my son?

Jamie: My -- well -- well, James sounds like the kid that wins the Math award every year.

Babe: Why? Did you?

Jamie: No. Yeah, but -- I mean, there's got to just be better choices out there. I mean, somebody from your family, like a grandfather or an uncle or --

Babe: You've risked everything for this little guy. You're exactly the type of man that I want him to grow up to be like. James Anderson. It sounds good and strong, right? So what do you say? Is it ok?

Jamie: If that's what you want.

Babe: I do.

Jamie: It comes with a catch. I want to be part of his life. A big part. And not just linked by fake names. I thought I was your son's dad for so long. I hoped I was. I should have been. But I want that chance now. Deal?

Babe: Deal.

Jamie: You better check with the squirt before, you know, you make it official.

Babe: Yeah, right, of course. So what do you say, sweet baby James? He votes yes. We all do.

Krystal: Jamie said everything he needed to in that letter.

Tad: For God's sake, you must think I've got "idiot" plastered across the top of my forehead. That doesn't make any sense. Why would they run away? Especially now when they've got every reason to stay in Pine Valley? There's no more discs, the Adam threat's been taken care of, the problem is solved. Why would they take off?

Krystal: They said they love each other, Tad.

Tad: No, no, no, no, no, don't give me that. People don't do things like this because they're in love. They do things like this because they're in love and they're scared. They're in trouble. There are a hundred and one ways that they could have fought J.R. for custody of that baby and they would have won, so why the hell did they leave without Bess? And whatever you do, don't start throwing around the L word. Please, don't do that. People do a lot of stupid things for love. I know firsthand, but our kids are not stupid. There is no earthly reason that Babe would have left her child under that roof with Adam Chandler unless she had screwed up bigtime -- again. So what did she do, Krystal?

Krystal: Don't you blame Babe. If you want to blame somebody, then you just blame me!

Tad: Ok. You're on. What did you do?

Greenlee: Maria checked me out. She took some sort of blood test.

David: Can you be more specific about the symptoms?

Greenlee: I thought people were out to kill Ryan.

David: They are.

Greenlee: No, I overreact on everything. I thought that I saw an empty elevator shaft. I answered the door naked. I ruined Bobby and Anita Warner's marriage because I blurted something that I never should have.

David: Some might argue that you have a lot on your mind. You're distracted.

Greenlee: Yeah, yeah, it's distracting living like a whack job.

David: All right, ok. Before you strap yourself into a straitjacket, why don't you take some time, ok? Ease up on your schedule. Try meditation.

[Greenlee sighs]

David: Leave Ryan. Thought I'd throw that in there. Just don't stress about the stress. Maybe --

Greenlee: No, no, no, no, "maybe's" not good enough. I need totally, absolutely, for-sure gone, now. I want to have a baby, David, and so does Ryan. And it's going to take everything I've got to be a good mother, based on my history. And I want my child to be normal, so I have to be a normal mother. My version, anyway.

David: A baby. There's nothing better or scarier.

Greenlee: Oh, tell me about it.

David: But for every jitter, there's a thousand memories that will last you a lifetime.

Greenlee: I'm sorry about Leora.

David: Well, I guess God showed mercy on me. He gave me a second chance with Babe. You know -- forget it.

Greenlee: What?

David: It's just that Babe told me she loved me today for the first time.

Greenlee: It won't be the last.

David: Let's get you back on track, all right? Come see me at the hospital tomorrow. I'll get you running close to normal in no time.

Greenlee: Thank you, David.

David: All right.

Greenlee: Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can't wait. It'll be great. The best day of my life!

David: Well, I don't know if I can promise that.

Greenlee: Oh, I love you, Babe loves you. Everyone should love you!

[Greenlee giggles]

Jack: Good night, sweetheart.

Bianca: Oh -- thanks for the advice.

Jack: Well, it's only good advice if you take it. See you later, doll.

Erica: All right.

Jack: Take care.

Bianca: Well, what's up?

Erica: I think it's wonderful that you're so concerned about Bess.

Bianca: All right, hit me with the "but."

Erica: You have so much love to give. You might want to think about having another child. I mean, there are fabulous clinics with topnotch doctors.

Bianca: Mom --

Erica: Please don't hate me for suggesting this. It's just that I know how much love you have to give. And I know how much you wanted Miranda and how much you loved Miranda. And I'm not saying that another baby would ever be a replacement for her. Of course not. But it would give you a chance to share all that love you have inside you, which is so bright and so wonderful. It would give you a chance to be the fantastic mother I know you would be.

Bianca: I know that you want me to be happy. But I'm just not ready yet. I -- I'm just not ready.

Erica: I understand.

Bianca: But I love you so much.

Erica: I love you, too. You were meant to have your own baby.

Kendall: I wonder what Miranda would have looked like if she hadn't --

J.R.: Kendall -- that favor?

Kendall: This little one just makes me forget everything. Don't you? Yes, you do. You do. All right, you sleep tight, angel face. Yes. Actually, it's about Bess and Bianca. Could you let Bianca visit her every once in a while?

J.R.: I thought you said that wasn't healthy for Bianca? Where is this coming from?

Kendall: Well, I've reconsidered. Ok? Now that Babe is gone -- I mean, J.R., Bianca loves Bess so much. Come on. Come on, you can find it in your heart to let her visit every once in a while.

J.R.: Yeah, well, a lot of people don't think that I have a heart, Kendall.

Kendall: Well, you let it show every now and then. Besides, I mean, quality time with Bess would be really good for Bianca.

J.R.: Yeah, well, this is where I got to bring up the fact that Bianca kidnapped Bess.

Kendall: You know why she did that. Bianca hasn't been the same since she lost Miranda. It really is like a part of her died with her little girl. And to be honest, it's messed me up just as much.

J.R.: Yeah, but, Kendall, you didn't snatch my kid.

Kendall: Yeah, well, I was too busy going off on Ryan, making his life miserable. And then I finally realized it was really more about losing Miranda than anything else. It's amazing one tiny person can affect so many people. And losing it can just bring them to their knees. So, can Bianca visit?

J.R.: Give me some time to think about it. I'll get back to you.

Kendall: Sure.

J.R.: Yeah.

Kendall: Ok, well, I'm gone.

J.R.: Kendall, thank you so much for checking up on us. You know, Babe has done such a number on my friends lately. It just �

Kendall: Well, maybe they weren't your real friends. I'll let myself out.

Tad: Answer the question.

Krystal: I've got nothing to say to you, Tad.

Tad: Well, my family's falling apart, so you better come up with something.

Krystal: Babe and Jamie have their reasons for doing what they're doing. Just let it go!

Tad: "Let it go"? Are you kidding? You want me to just let my son crash and burn? You want me to watch him walk away from his entire life because of some stupid scheme that your daughter cooked up?

Krystal: For Pete�s sake, why can't you have any faith in those kids?

Tad: No, the more relevant question now, Krystal, is why can't I ever have any faith in you?

Krystal: Ok. All right, I am not going to lay myself open for you to shred to a carcass, Tad. Babe and Jamie know what they're doing. I don't have anything else to say.

Tad: Nothing you say makes any sense. Come on! No good mother would leave her child! No woman that loves her baby would do what Babe has done. And say what you will about Babe, she loves that kid. I know, because I was looking in her face when we brought her back. It doesn't make any sense. How the hell could she do it? How could she possibly walk away from her own child? Because it's not -- because it's not her child. It never was. Bianca's baby didn't die in that crash. And you knew. This whole time, you knew. Bess is -- oh, my God. Bess is Miranda.

Jamie: You're quiet. You thinking about a U-turn?

Babe: No. I was -- I was just thinking about Mama.

Jamie: You miss her already?

Babe: Yeah, but it's -- it's more than that. I just -- I'm just afraid she's going to come all truthful with your daddy and try to take the blame for everything that I did. And she loves Tad to pieces. I've never seen her act this way.

Jamie: My dad's crazy about her, too.

Tad: So this whole time, you've been living a lie. I mean, you must have known for months, ever since -- ever since Dad did that DNA test. You pretended. You pretended you didn't know that I had gone through with it so you could mess with the results. How'd you do it?

Krystal: I -- I switched the labels on the -- on the test tubes.

Tad: Why? Because you thought Bianca deserved to suffer more than Babe?

Krystal: I didn't want anybody to suffer.

Tad: You and your daughter, Bianca's best friend, let her think that her child was dead?

Krystal: This was my secret, Tad, mine. Babe did not know the truth about Bess -- about Miranda -- for a long time.

Tad: Oh, so you just -- when she found out about it, she jumped to make it right, is that what happened?

Krystal: No, look, blame me, ok? Blame me, not Babe. I did this. I knew it was wrong.

Tad: Wrong?

Krystal: I knew that.

Tad: Wrong doesn't begin to cover it! Wrong? You didn't just destroy Bianca. You hurt Kendall. You hurt Erica. You destroyed an entire family! Do you have any idea how many lives you damaged so you could let your little girl play mommy?

Krystal: I'm not excusing what I did.

Tad: You couldn't! You couldn't possibly! Oh, my God. Huh. This is why Jamie needed a crash course in ethics. Because that's why they ran away. This -- Bianca's going to find out that Miranda�s alive.

Krystal: Babe wrote Bianca a letter telling her everything.

Tad: Oh, that was really big of her. I'm glad she finally got around to it. Oh, but what about you? Who the hell are you? How did it feel -- how did it feel to watch Bianca grieve? How did it -- how did it make you feel every time you watched Bianca hold Bess knowing that at any moment you and Babe could have stopped the whole -- you could have -- you could have given her the miracle she was praying for? How'd it feel to do nothing?

Krystal: It was hell! And it wasn't what I wanted, it wasn't what Babe wanted, and it wasn't all selfishness, but Babe did it for J.R.!

Tad: Oh, don't you dare. Don't make it worse by --

Krystal: She knew -- she knew how much he loved that baby! And she did not want to bring his world down by telling him that his own child was dead.

Tad: So Bianca's world was expendable?

Krystal: No, of course not! And I will regret what I did for the rest of my life! But back then, Babe thought J.R. loved her. And she adored him. And God help us, she chose J.R. over Bianca because she would have done anything for that gutter rat of a stepson of yours!

Babe's voice: "It's time you knew the truth. I named Bess Bess Miranda for a reason. That night on the mountain when the helicopter crashed, it was our baby -- our little boy who died. Miranda survived. Bess is Bianca's daughter. When I found out Paul Cramer switched our baby and Bianca's, I couldn't bring myself to tell you, because I saw how much you loved Bess, and I didn't want to break your heart. I know that it's breaking now and I'm sorry. But it's time for Bianca's little girl to be with her real mommy."

Bianca: David, I hope it's not too late.

David: Of course not, Bianca. Never for you. What's up?

Bianca: Is Babe there?

David: No, she's not. She was supposed to be. I don't know where she is.

Bianca: All right, well, if she comes in, you have her call me, ok? No matter how late.

David: Will do.

Bianca: Thanks. Oh, Babe, what have you done?

David: "To Mama and Daddy." Daddy.

Babe's voice: "Dear Mama and Daddy, I'm writing this to tell you how much I love you and to say goodbye. Jamie and I, we've taken Ace and we're going far away where no one can find us. And we're going to stay gone for as long as it takes to make sure Ace is safe. Now, I know that you wanted us to wait to let you help us, but I couldn't take another day's worth of chances that J.R. might learn about the truth and take my baby away. Please forgive me and know that I love you more than anything. All my love, Babe."

David: My God.

Krystal: Paul Cramer -- he started --

Tad: No excuse.

Krystal: This whole mess!

Tad: I don't care what Paul Cramer did or didn't do. Babe got Bianca's baby. Bianca's world came to an end, and you stood there and you didn't do a damn thing.

Krystal: I was dying inside the minute that I heard.

Tad: Really, Krystal? Were you dying inside when Bianca's heart told her that Bess was hers? Were you dying inside when the rest of this town thought she was nuts? That's the reason I ran the DNA scan in the first place -- to give Bianca some peace of mind. And you mucked it up.

Krystal: I didn't do it to hurt Bianca. I did it because of my daughter.

Tad: Yeah, for Babe, I know. Obviously, there's nothing you wouldn't do for your precious baby girl. You were the only person in Pine Valley that knew Bianca wasn't delusional, and you didn't lift a finger.

Krystal: I'm not proud of that.

Tad: Proud? You stole the child from that beautiful girl, and you stood there and let her think she was losing her mind.

Krystal: I have no excuse. All I could see was my daughter's pain. And that's all that mattered. If I had known the truth about J.R., if I had known what his intentions were -- I wish to God I hadn't done anything. I put Babe in a terrible situation and Bianca in a worse one. I knew it was wrong, but I didn't care. All I cared about was my little girl.

Tad: And this is the reason you wouldn't marry me.

Greenlee: I got to find it.

[Greenlee screams]

Greenlee: Somebody stole my hole. How can I find the box if I can't find the hole? Got to get down there. Nothing's going to stop me. Not even you.

[Greenlee struggles]

Kendall: Greenlee, what are you doing?

Greenlee: Kendall! Oh, thank God you're here. You can help me. You'll help me, won't you?

Kendall: No, no, no, wait. Help you do what?

Greenlee: Stuff me down the mineshaft. You've always wanted to shaft me. This is your chance.

Kendall: Ok, wait a minute, Greenlee, listen to me, ok? If you want to do this, come back in the daylight with the right equipment so that you can climb back out of the hole.

Greenlee: The green butterfly doesn't need equipment. You don't want to help me? I'll do it alone.

Kendall: Stop it. Would you stop it? Ok, stop! Listen, you're going to get hurt, ok? Listen, please come with me. Let me take you home. Let me take you to Ryan, ok?

Greenlee: Leave me alone. Forget it. It's not like we're friends anyway.

Kendall: Wait, Greenlee. Wait a minute --

Greenlee: I'm fine!

Kendall: Greenlee, wait a minute!

Greenlee: Stay away from me! I'm going home. This is all just a really bad idea.

Krystal: When you proposed, why do you think I begged you to wait? And why do you think I finally said no? Because I knew -- I knew what was coming. I knew no matter how much you swore that you would always love me, that this was just too big, this was too much even for you, and I saw -- in my mind I saw you looking at me just like you're looking at me right now.

Tad: How am I supposed to look at you? Is there anything you wouldn't do for your daughter? Maybe we should ask Bianca.

Krystal: Let me go. I know you're done with me.

Tad: The whole time, all those months, you looked me in the face and you told me you loved me. You did it through a curtain of lies. All I want to know before you walk out that door is, was that a lie, too? So you could cover your tracks and play me for a sap?

Krystal: I loved you. I still do. Don't you ever doubt that.

Tad: It doesn't matter anymore. I don't care. This is too big. This is impossible, even for us.

David: Guess there's no more "us."

Kendall: I will never forget you, Miranda. Ever. You will always be alive to me here. As hard as it is to say these words, I've got to let you go, little one. I have to accept that you're gone, and I have to move on. As much as I'd love to just hold you in my arms forever, I can't keep holding on to you as if you were still here.

Babe: You and James are going to absolutely love Florida. There's going to be no coats or gloves. It's going to be all sun and rays and --

Jamie: The future can look real good in all that sunlight.

[Babe sighs]

Babe: And not just for us. Bianca, too. I really hope she's holding Miranda right now.

Babe's voice: "Bianca knows everything now, too. And pretty soon, she'll come to get her little girl."

J.R.: Oh, that's right.

[Doorbell rings]

Guard: Mr. Chandler, there's a woman here to see you, sir.

J.R.: All right.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Maria: I was thinking maybe we could see a marriage counselor.

Ryan: You happen to be an expert at playing games. So, you want to play now?

David: Don't you dare take this out on Krystal. Come at me.

J.R.: This is not happening. You can't have her.

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