AMC Transcript Wednesday 11/3/04

All My Children Transcript Wednesday 11/3/04


By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

[Knock on door]

Kendall: Mother, was -- was Bianca expecting you?

Erica: Well, I was just on my way home from a meeting. I thought I'd stop by and fill her in. You?

Kendall: Well, you know me -- when the going gets rough, I run to my little sister for help. Check us out -- the invincible Kane women scrambling to Bianca to kiss our owies and make it all better.

Maggie: Hi. What's -- what's going on?

Bianca: Well, you know about Jamie and Babe leaving town?

Maggie: Yeah. He just left.

Bianca: So, are you doing ok?

Maggie: No, no, not -- not so good.

[Door closes]

Adam: I have paid top dollar to hire a team of crack PIs to find Colby and her revenge-driven mother, and what do those buffoons come up with? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. All right. All right, if Tad -- if I can't have my child, then neither can Tad Martin.

J.R.: Who are you calling?

Adam: Alfred Vanderpoole. I'm going to get those hit-man-for-hire tapes out of my safe-deposit box tonight. It's time to send Jamie Martin straight to hell.

J.R.: You want my brother? You're going to have to go through me first.

[Music plays]


Man: Whoo! Fun!

Krystal: I know you didn't drag me here for the red, white, and hoo-ha.

David: This hoo-ha could be the perfect cover for a felony unless we stop it.

Krystal: You don't think they're really going to grab Ace and make a run for it?

David: This is one way for her to get her son back, isn't it?

Krystal: I don't see them.

David: Neither do I. Look, I think we'll do better if we split up. We'll cover more ground. I'll see you back here in a little while, ok?

Krystal: Ok.

Man: Whoo! Yeah!

Jamie: Yeah, victory rocks!

Man: Yeah!

Babe: Yeah, Buchanan�s the man!

Jamie: Still up for this, Mrs. Anderson?

Babe: No turning back, Mr. Anderson. It's you, me, and Ace all the way. I haven't even seen Kevin. What am I supposed to do, walk up to the front desk and say, "Excuse me, do you know where the new Lieutenant Governor's keeping his son that's not even his son?" Where do we start?

Jamie: Right over there.

Woman: Hello. Hello.

Babe: What does this nanny have for brains, keeping Ace up this late and all this loud noise in his sweet, little ears? It's ridiculous.

Jamie: Yo, Kate, stick to the game plan.

Babe: Right, right, we're here to get my baby back.

Jamie: Right, although the nanny might recognize you. It's kind of hard to hide all that natural beauty, so I'll have to take the lead.

Babe: I'll be your shadow. I'll just be dreaming how great it's going to be to have my arms full of my baby again.

Karen: Bye.

Woman: Bye.

Karen: Bye.

Jamie: All right, let's go.

[Jamie and Babe watch the elevator that the nanny took.]

Jamie: 10.

Babe: That's my new favorite number, added to the date I met you.

[Elevator bell]

[To avoid David, Jamie and Babe fall into a passionate clinch.]

David: Get a room.


Babe: What is David doing here?

Jamie: I don't know, but we'd better hurry. There's a baby upstairs who needs his mother.

Tad: Hey.

Krystal: Tad.

Tad: Easy.

Krystal: If stalking were an art form, you'd be the hands-down "Pi-cass-o."

Tad: It's pronounced "Pi-cas-so." And have you ever heard the phrase "desperate times call for desperate measures, o brown eyes?

Krystal: Check again. They're hazel.

Tad: Well, I had to make sure it was really you.

Krystal: What's that supposed to mean?

Tad: It means the Krystal I know and love was all set to give me a full confession in my house before David barged in and started waving around a gun. Now, he's obviously not holding you hostage, so what the hell is this about?

Krystal: Well, not that it's any of your hooting business, Tad, but I am here to see a friend.

Tad: Ah. Well, would that friend be the ex-wife of the new Lieutenant Governor, Kelly Buchanan? She is the one you surprised in that coffee shop a few weeks back, isn't she?

Krystal: What if it is?

Tad: Well, you missed her. She just left. Some guy from "The Banner" ID'd her on the way out. So what the hell's she got to do with this charade?

Krystal: Thanks for the info. This is me going to see my friend.

Tad: No, wait, Krystal -- Krystal, wait. Stop it. Come here. Krystal, stop it.

Krystal: Toodles.

Erica: Your sister won't mind if we make ourselves at home, I don't think, while we're waiting for her. Kendall -- ahem -- you said something about needing help. I'm here.

Kendall: Well, don't step up until you hear who the help is for. Ethan's been rearrested for Ryan's shooting.

Erica: Well, three cheers for the Pine Valley Police Department. It's so good to know that they do more than hand out parking citations.

Kendall: Ethan did not put a bullet in Ryan.

Erica: How do you know?

Kendall: Well, how do you know he's guilty?

Erica: My instincts.

Kendall: Oh, yes, your instincts are infallible. Mine are chopped liver.

Erica: Kendall, for someone who's lived your life, you can be stunningly naive.

Kendall: When you see someone drowning, you don't just walk away because saving them might drag you down with them. It's all a big crapshoot, right? Life's an endless risk. Well, I'm ready to take it finally. And isn't that what you wanted for me? Didn't you want me to quit giving up on the world and open myself up so something good could come into my life?

Erica: I want that more than anything. But does it have to be in the rescue of an accused attempted murderer? I mean, Kendall, if it were anyone else, I would be cheering. I would be so happy.

Kendall: Ok, forget it, forget it, all right? I don't know why I thought that you would ever understand this. It was a mistake.

Erica: No, no! No. We've come way too far for this, Kendall. Shutting down, stomping out, slamming doors is not going to fly anymore. Please let me in. Please let me help you.

Kendall: I don't need your help. I don't need anyone's help.

Erica: Kendall, I failed you and Bianca once. Never -- repeat -- never again.

Bianca: I know how close you are with Jamie.

Maggie: Well, the same as you and Babe.

Bianca: Well, it's going to be hard. But they really are doing the right thing by leaving.

Jonathan: Good for you, Bianca.

Bianca: Excuse me?

Jonathan: You're so together. I mean, nobody would believe that you just lost your best friend.

Bianca: Well, I'm not -- never mind.

Jonathan: Ice cream. Ice cream with chocolate sauce. No, really, you ladies need comfort food. I'm going to run to the Kwikie Mart.

Maggie: Ok.

Jonathan: Bye.

Maggie: Bye. I have such a great boyfriend, right? So, the gory details? Jamie's crazy for Babe, and she just wiggles her tush and he follows along.

Bianca: It's a little deeper than that, actually.

Maggie: You know, now thinking about it, he didn't say anything about Bess. Is Babe deserting her little child?

Bianca: No. They're going to take Bess with them.

Maggie: Right. And on what planet is J.R. letting that happen?

Bianca: Well, they didn't exactly ask permission.

Maggie: Bianca, they're -- they're kidnapping Bess?

Bianca: Well, it's more like a rescue mission. They have to save her before the Chandlers crush her soul.

Maggie: Ok, well, then I am happy for Bess, but I'm sad for you. I mean, losing that little girl -- did you get a chance to say goodbye?

Bianca: No. But it's ok because it's not forever. Babe has made me a promise that -- that I'm going to be there for Bess' first day of school and for every amazing step that that little girl takes on her way to growing up. Somehow, Babe is going to fix it so that -- so that I can see it happen.

Maggie: How can Babe make such an outrageous promise?

Bianca: It'll happen. Somehow, my heart knows that it's going to come to be.

Adam: Enlighten me on something. Other than Babe, just what have you and your brother shared? Bunk beds on alternate weekends? You're not even related!

J.R.: We're bonded, blood or no blood.

Adam: Blood. Blood is what bonds us. That's what connects us. Colby is your sister. Don't you care if you never see her again?

J.R.: Yes, of course I care if I see her again. At least I know she's safe. That's all I want for Jamie.

Adam: Oh, come on, damn it! You're a Chandler. Act like one.

J.R.: Don't you mean act like you, Dad? That's why you're all ticked off, because I won't snap to, I won't step in line behind you. Well, no matter what you say, I'm not going to roll over, because I'm not some junior clone of you, no matter what anyone says.

Adam: That's it, isn't it? That's it. Jamie got to you, didn't he? He played the brother card, insulting your pride, making you feel like you're not your own man. Yeah, well, J.R., son, listen to me, you've been played. Jamie is the clone here, a second-generation buffoon. His opinions are just as worthless as Tad's.

J.R.: Really? Where do my opinions rank, Dad?

Adam: Caring what other people think is a failure. Damn it, it's Dixie's blood in you.

J.R.: You shut up about my mom. She raised me. All you did was groom me.

Adam: Not very well, apparently.

J.R.: There's enough of you in me to know that I don't have to back down, I can stand up to you. So I'm going to tell you one more time -- we are not using that fake video to frame my brother.

Adam: Here. Hi.

J.R.: What are you doing?

Adam: Making sure that you never see your daughter again.

J.R.: No. Uh-uh. I'm sorry, game over. Come here, baby.

Adam: Point taken.

J.R.: Hi.

Adam: Hold on to that rage, son, that hand becoming a fist. You were ready to break your own father to get your child back. Well, so you understand there's no limit to which I will not go for Colby.

J.R.: I get it. But you're going to have to rethink this framing-Jamie angle.

Brooke: What, no Rent-a-Cops at the door ready to pat me down?

Adam: I saw you coming a mile away. I volunteered to do the honors. Are you here to slip back into my bed and wave another gun in my face?

Brooke: Oh, no, no weapon this time -- at least none that requires a permit -- but this will be just as fun.

Adam: Oh, disarmed but still dangerous?

Brooke: You have no idea. Brace yourself while I wipe that smirk off your face for good.

Bianca: No more goodbyes, Maggie. Deal?

Maggie: Deal.

Jonathan: So, I have Orsini's finest bubbly, on the house, too.

Maggie: Oh, well, what happened to the ice cream?

Jonathan: Well, I figured that bubbles are better for chasing the blues away, and we have something very exciting to celebrate.

Maggie: Ok, well, make like a toastmaster, already.

Jonathan: Ok. So glasses raised, everyone, come on. This is to the fake Cambias doing some very real time in jail.

Bianca: Wait a minute, Ethan was arrested again?

Jonathan: Yeah, the cops got the right weapon -- the one he used to ventilate Ryan -- and this time the charges are going to stick and the Brit's finally going to do some hard time. So let's --

Bianca: Ethan is innocent until proven guilty.

Jonathan: You know, I don't get you, Bianca, because, ok, Ethan�s a stranger, and Ryan's your friend, so --

Bianca: It's late. I have to get going.

Maggie: Ok. Well, thank you for coming by.

Jonathan: Sorry, Mags. Bianca -- what -- hot, cold, on, off? You deserve so much better than that.

[Ace vocalizes]

Babe: Oh, Jamie, I can hear -- I can hear Ace making those adorable baby gurgles. We're so close. I don't want to waste another precious second.

Jamie: Ok, well, I got the sleeping pills. We slip these to the nanny, wait for her to conk out, then we grab Ace.

Babe: Then the whole world will be right-side up again, finally. Oh, Jamie, I can almost feel my son in my arms again.

Erica: If things had worked out differently, all our lives would have been different.

Kendall: Don't even go there, Mother.

Erica: And why not? I mean, you want us to be open and communicate and share our feelings.

Kendall: No, not about this. Not about --

Bianca: Mom. Kendall. Did I blank on a girls' night or something like that?

Kendall: No. Actually, I was just passing by, but this can wait until tomorrow.

Erica: No, no, no, Kendall, I'll go. Bianca, your sister needs what she calls "help" and I call "aiding and abetting."

Kendall: Cute.

Bianca: Why don't you both stay. I could really use the company.

Erica: Why, sweetheart, has something happened?

Bianca: We live in Pine Valley, Mom. When does something not happen?

Erica: If you want to talk about it --

Bianca: No, I'd rather hear what's going on with Kendall.

Kendall: Well, I'm sure you've already heard that Ethan�s been arrested again for Ryan's shooting.

Bianca: Yeah, I did, and I don't believe it for a second.

Kendall: Good, because the way everyone jumps to the wrong conclusions around here, Ethan�s going to need all the support that we can muster.

Erica: I can't believe that we are back to this again.

Kendall: Back to what, Mother, defending an innocent man?

Erica: No, defending the man who's accused of shooting the love of your life.

Kendall: Ethan is not a killer, ok, and for you to stand there all imperious accusing him of that is ridiculous.

Bianca: Ok, ok! Hey, hey, time-out, all right? Look, I'm ready to walk out that door myself, but I'm not going to because you two need me. And God help me, I need you, too. So can we just cut out the conflict for a little while and try to be there for each other, ok? Can we do that?

Adam: I have some news of my own.

J.R.: Uh-uh, uh-uh, Dad. Manners. Ladies first.

Brooke: Oh, it's ok, J.R. I can wait.

Adam: Well, unfortunately, I cannot. I'm taking that disc to the police tonight.

Brooke: Disc? What disc?

J.R.: Well, it's certainly not "The Return of Benji."

Adam: It's the disc showing your son soliciting a hit on his own brother, new director's cut. Special material, including an interview with the hit man.

Brooke: Oh, that disc? Well, you'll have to check your safe-deposit box, because you'll find it as empty as your threats.

J.R.: No, no, no, she's bluffing, Dad.

Brooke: Sorry, guys, no bluffs, no incriminating DVDs. All gone. The movie magic C. B. De Chandler is never going to be seen, and you have nothing against Jamie and Tad. And without that video to torment Babe, J.R., how long do you think you're going to hang on to that baby?

David: Hey.

Krystal: Hey, any sign of them?

David: No, not yet. How about you?

Krystal: No. Tad followed us.

David: All right, just find our daughter, stop this insanity. I'll take care of Tad.

Krystal: And how you going to manage that?

David: I don't know, ok, but if I have to crack his chest open and rip his heart out, I'm the man for the job.

Jamie: Just enough here for a short snooze.

Babe: Ok. Good luck.

Babe: Lord, please be with Jamie, be with my baby.

Krystal: Asked and answered, baby doll.

Babe: Mama, what the heck are you doing here?

Krystal: So David was right? You and Jamie are going to snatch your son?

Babe: I don't have a choice, Mama. I'm going to grab my little boy, and I'm going to run as far and as fast away as I can.

Krystal: No, no, not while there is a breath in my body.

Karen: Yes?

Jamie: Compliments of our new Lieutenant Governor and boss, Kevin Buchanan. Kevin told me to tell you that his win tonight is yours, too. Champagne to celebrate.

Karen: Is this a setup? Am I on some sort of nanny cam hidden somewhere? You're waiting for me to screw up?

Jamie: Well, I hope not. If Kevin's into entrapment, I guess I backed the wrong guy, huh?

Karen: Kevin Buchanan is a great guy and a great boss, and I really need this job, so I'll save the victory toast for when I'm off duty.

Jamie: Man, I blew it. Kevin gave me the most simplest task, and if I can't get a beautiful woman to accept a glass of champagne on election night, I mean, how am I ever going to score a job on the big guy's staff?

Karen: Well, you could always run on the adorable ticket and win by a landslide.

Jamie: Oh, adorable only gets you so far.

Karen: Come in, but be quiet. I just put Ace down for the night.

Jamie: You're not really going to let these champagne bubbles go flat? Let them have a chance to tickle your nose. At least they'll die happy.

Karen: You really don't give up, do you?

Jamie: "Never say die." That's the motto of old soldiers and ambitious, young interns.

Karen: Ok, you win. I'm glad you're on our team.

Krystal: Babe, I did not bring you into this world to let you turn felon.

Babe: Then I'm just going to not get caught, all right?

Krystal: Hello. The Lieutenant Governor's son? There is going to be a nationwide manhunt. You and Jamie's picture is going to be on every newscast, every telephone pole.

Babe: Mama, for some reason, I have this crazy idea that babies are worth all kind of risk and danger and sacrifice. Now, who did I get that idea from, huh?

Krystal: Well, that's the one thing I hold sacred. But, honey, losing you? You're the best part of me. Honey, without you, I'm just earrings, a really good bra, and not much else.

Babe: You are so much more than that. You're loyal, you're courageous, and you're so full of love. I just hate that I'm not going to be here for you when all the bad stuff spills out.

Krystal: How much time are we talking?

Babe: It could be any minute. Jamie and I, we wrote letters to everyone. They're being delivered by messenger.

Krystal: Tad, too?

Babe: Yeah. Don't worry, we didn't even bring up your name or Ace's except in the letter to you and David. J.R.'s going to find out that his daughter isn't really his daughter, and he's going to think that his son died in the river. And Bianca's finally going to get Miranda back. And everyone's going to spit my name out like it's a curse word, but it doesn't even matter because you're going to be blame-free and Bianca's going to be happy and my little boy's going to be safe. Mama, I don't have a choice.

Krystal: I can't give you up.

Babe: Mama, there isn't a choice in this, ok? If J.R. even finds out that he has a son, he will fight to the death to make sure he has rights to just -- to run that little boy's life. I can't let that happen. I know it's going to be tough. I can't think of not having you in my life, so it's not going to be long, ok? But I also can't not have Ace in my life, but we'll be a family again soon, I promise. Ok? Will you let me go?

J.R.: You and Tad win this round.

Brooke: Don't forget your brother.

J.R.: Never. Now, why don't you go home, feel blessed that all your family members are safe.

Brooke: That's how it works, J.R., when you don't strangle the love or run it out of town. Suffer!

Adam: There you go again, playing to your own weaknesses! She comes in here with a wham, bam, and you shoot back with a saucy little, "thank you, ma'am."

J.R.: No, no, no, Brooke will suffer. A delayed reaction, yes. Like I was trying to tell you earlier, Jamie and Babe are leaving town. I helped bankroll their getaway. Well, so did you with your 10,000 from the safe. And who said that money can't buy happiness? Well, at least for me and Bess.

Adam: Excellent. That means Bess will be out from under that slut's influence, and Brooke will be waiting up for the son who never came home.

J.R.: Wait a minute. If the DVDs are no longer a threat, how come Babe and Jamie are on the run?

Bianca: We love each other, right? I mean, we're family.

Erica: Honey, our love is not in question.

Kendall: It's how we express it. See, 2/3 of us don't go in for handholding and group hugs.

Erica: I'll speak for my own third, thank you very much.

Kendall: See? Prickly. That's me and Mom. Binks, you got the genes for all the warm and cuddliness. Mom and I, we do denial, stomping out, and the hissy fits.

Bianca: I'm sorry, I don't buy it. I mean, if that were true, Mom wouldn't be in group and you wouldn't be trying to help Ethan and yourself. I mean, just look at how we all ended up here.

Kendall: It's called coincidence.

Bianca: No, it's not. It's -- it's like an invisible force that pulls us all together. Apart, we mess up a lot. But together, we're magic. I believe in that power. That's what keeps me centered and strong, and it's the gift that we give each other.

Erica: If you can accept it in the spirit it's given.

Kendall: I prefer to butt my head against a brick wall with the word "hopeless" spray-painted on it.

Bianca: There was a time when you had hope, Kendall. It even had a name -- Miranda.

Kendall: You know what? I got to go.

Bianca: No, Kendall, you can't go -- not if you love me.

Kendall: You know I do.

Bianca: Well, then let me in. You helped me deal with my loss.

Erica: Kendall, Bianca, and I have -- have spoken about Miranda. Let's talk now, all three of us, and let's try to heal together. Can you do that? Will you let us in?

Kendall: No, because I live in the real world. Miranda's gone, and all the talk and love in the world will not bring her back.

Maggie: What did you mean before about Bianca? You know, because she's been nothing but good to me.

Jonathan: I meant what I said. She's hot and cold, especially when I'm around.

Maggie: Well, you can't blame her, can you?

Jonathan: She was shooting me bad vibes long before the shirt incident. You know, and if you ask me, I think she's jerking you around to punish you for being with me.

Maggie: Jonathan, Bianca's been my best friend, and -- well, I lied to her to cover for you.

Jonathan: Are you sorry now?

Maggie: What do you think?

Jonathan: I don't know, Maggie. Are you? Because Bianca's back in your life for five minutes, and you're pulling away from me?

Maggie: Bianca is not a threat to us, Jonathan.

Jonathan: Are you blind or just stupid? I -- no, Maggie --

Maggie: No, goodbye.

Jonathan: Maggie, no, I'm so sorry.

Maggie: No, get out of my apartment.

Jonathan: I'm dealing with all this stress with Enchantment --

Maggie: Listen, I am not Bianca's doormat, and I'm not yours, either!

Jonathan: You see how it always comes back to Bianca?

Maggie: You have the nerve to pin this on her?

Jonathan: I walked in here when she was wrapping her arms around you. I want you to tell me, is that where you really want to be?

Tad: So much for my noisemaker. Where's your Saturday night special?

David: Why don't you meet me in the back alley. I'll get off a few rounds.

Tad: Yeah, I'll bet. So fess up, Hayward -- what is it about Krystal's secret turns you into a raging he-man, huh?

David: You'll just never get it, will you, Tad? Whether it's Krystal or Jamie or even Dixie, you don't have a clue what those closest to you are all about.

Tad: I don't have a clue? Let me tell you something -- in the end, I'm the one that's going to walk off in the sunset with the truth and Krystal. What is that? What, are you 6 years old? Jerk.

David: Uh-uh, uh-uh, up, up. Finally, Tad Martin with his mouth shut -- kind of.

[With a few quick moves, David knocks Tad unconscious.]

Karen: I have some phone calls I need to return. People keep calling me and congratulating me tonight.

Jamie: Ok, well, I'll just let myself out.

Karen: Ok. You're really nice.

Jamie: Thank you.

Babe: I can't wait any longer. I just need you to trust me on this, just like you trusted me on everything else. Ok?

Jamie: All right, nanny's on her way to dream-- this can't be good.

Krystal: You going to take my baby doll away?

Jamie: Yeah, Krystal. Nothing you can say can change that.

Krystal: You know it's going to break my heart and your daddy's?

Jamie: Yeah, I know. But he'll be proud, too, because I'm doing exactly what he would do.

Krystal: I'll take care of your daddy. You just take care of my baby. Both of them.

Jonathan: I'm jealous. Ok? I'm jealous. I admit it.

Maggie: You really scared me.

Jonathan: I scared myself. Is that what love does to you? Because I do love you, Maggie, and I know how much Bianca means to you, so if I have to make myself scarce when you two are together, I'll --

Maggie: Wait, wait a minute. Back up. You love me?

Jonathan: Like a crazy man, as if I didn't just prove that. I'm freaking out. I just --

Maggie: Jonathan -- look, I -- I just won't hang out with Bianca as much if it's a problem for you.

Jonathan: Maggie, you do not have to do that.

Maggie: Yes, I do. Yes, I do, because I'm not about to let love walk out of that door.

Kendall: What is this, another intervention? Is it my mother and my sister ganging up on me?

Bianca: Kendall, you can't just go on pretending that everything is fine. When you do, you disappear to a place that we can't reach you. Miranda can't reach you, either. You make it like she never existed.

Kendall: I'm afraid. I'm afraid that if I put the words to pain, I'll cry, and if I cry, I'll never be able to stop.

Bianca: Kendall, all those tears that you've held back -- you're drowning in them. You have to just let them fall. I mean, God knows I do.

Erica: I do.

Bianca: I don't try to hold back the tears, Kendall, because every single tear that I shed means that Miranda is still alive in my heart. All those precious memories that I have of her and my longing to hold her in my arms again -- that's something.

Kendall: It's not enough. It's not fair.

Bianca: Kendall, talk to me. Tell me how you feel. Or talk to Miranda.

Kendall: God, please -- please don't make me go there. Please?

Erica: It breaks my heart to know that I will never see that angel's face or kiss her cheek.

Kendall: Please, I can't -- I can't do this, please? Please -- please stop, I can't.

Erica: I'm here, honey.

Bianca: I'm here, too, and we love you so much.

Kendall: No --

Erica: We love you and we're here and you're safe.

Kendall: No, I can't. I can't.

Erica: You're safe, sweetheart.

Kendall: I can't do this.

Erica: Yes, yes, it's ok. It's ok.

Kendall: I --

Bianca: Miranda is gone, but we're still here.

J.R.: Oh, Bess. My sweet Bess. Nothing but rainbows and sunshine from now on. You'll be with your daddy forever. And no more bad mommy. Just us. Just us, forever and ever. That's right.

Krystal: Hey, Einstein? Your daughter called from your place. She's wondering where the heck we disappeared to.

David: You're kidding.

Krystal: Looks like you wasted my night and scared me witless.

David: Well, at least Babe is all right. And the evening wasn't a total waste. I mean, I always told you that he was dead weight.

Krystal: What in the -- don't even tell me. I don't even want to know. Why don't you go back home. I'll clean this up.

David: Easier said than done. See you back at the ranch.

Krystal: I'm sorry, David. You are going to be in a world of hurt tomorrow.

Tad: Krystal, I'm already in a world of hurt. Why can't you just take pity on me? This keeps up, I'm going to end up in a hospital. I wish you'd just give me some answers I could live with.

Krystal: All the answers you need are -- are back home.

Tad: So you're not going to tell me?

Krystal: I think it's best if you hear it from somebody you can love and trust no matter what.

Bianca: Miranda's in heaven now. But she feels much closer.

[Ace cries]

Jamie: Karen? Karen?

Babe: Hey. Hi! Hi! Oh! Bianca has Miranda, and I have you, my baby, my boy. Yes, you are back with your mama, where you belong. Yes, you are!

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Tad: My son is gone. You're going to tell me the rest of the story.

Erica: You might want to think about having another child.

Babe's voice: "It's time you knew the truth. Bess is Bianca's daughter."

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