AMC Transcript Thursday 10/28/04

All My Children Transcript Thursday 10/28/04


By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

Adam: This house is locked down. Bess is harder to access than the president. Yes, the original disc and all of the copies are in the safe-deposit box, and you and I are the only ones who can get anywhere near it. Yes, the sword is poised, and I'm not afraid to let it fall. Tad knows that. He'll tell us where Liza took Colby. All we have to do is hang tough. Jamie and Babe have no place to hide.

Jamie: What are you doing here?

Babe: I just needed to know. Did you see Paul?

Jamie: Don't worry about Paul. He's not a problem anymore.

Babe: Are you ok?

Jamie: You don't need to be here. I can get the sleeping pills on my own.

Babe: Yeah, right. Forget it. No, if you're going to be here with me, there's no way I'm going to let you hang alone. If you're going to help kidnap my baby and get Bess back in Bianca's arms, I'm going to be with you every single step.

Adam: I'm going to be gone for most of the day. Don't let anyone on the premises who's not on this approved list.

Guard: Yes, sir.

Adam: There can be no exceptions. Yeah, stay alert.

Jamie: Oh. Hi, Grandpa. I didn't see you there.

Joe: It's a wonder you remembered to breathe. Babe.

Babe: Dr. Joe. How are you?

Joe: Well, it's hard to tell. It's early yet. Are you here to visit someone?

Jamie: You.

Joe: Me? Both of you?

Jamie: No, just me.

Babe: Yeah, there's something that I have to go do, so --

Jamie: Hmm.

Babe: I'll see you later?

Jamie: Great.

Babe: Great.

Joe: I hate to seem old-fashioned, but wasn't that your brother's wife? And spare me the mouth-to-mouth resuscitation bit.

Jamie: Technically, Babe is J.R.'s wife.

Joe: "Technically." They each said, "I do," exchanged rings, the minister pronounced them. In the world of technicality, I would say that about covers all bases.

Jamie: Well, Babe and J.R. are separated. Actually, J.R. kicked Babe out and took custody of Bess. I had nothing to do with it. I mean, J.R. probably wants it to look that way, but I'm telling you the truth.

Joe: I believe you.

Jamie: Thanks, because I need a favor.

Greenlee: It's not that I don't test a home-pregnancy test. I just want to know, now, definitively, are we or aren't we?

Anita: I can understand that.

Greenlee: Ryan was going to come, but he had something to do, and I couldn't wait, so he's going to meet me here.

Anita: What's the hurry?

Greenlee: I just want so badly for it to be true. Of course, I'm also terrified that it will be, but in a good way.

Anita: Of course.

Greenlee: If I'm not pregnant, I don't know what to think. I've been doing all these bizarro things lately. It has to be hormones, don't you think?

Anita: Well, let's check it out. Maybe we'll have good news for Ryan when he gets here. Come on.

Ryan: Didn't mean to intrude or interrupt.

Ethan: Well, you are.

Ryan: Well, we have something we need to discuss.

Ethan: I can't imagine what that would be after yesterday. I'm not the man that I thought I was, and I'm certainly not a threat to your throne, so, I suggest that we all just get on with our lives -- unless you have a problem with that.

Ryan: We have unfinished business, Ethan.

Ethan: If you're planning to sue me, good luck. It'll be like getting blood out of the proverbial stone.

Ryan: Look, man, this is awkward enough.

Ethan: For all of us.

Ryan: Fine! Bottom line -- Alex Cambias, Jr., aka Zach Slater, is a proven liar, and all you have is his word that you're not his son. As far as I'm concerned, that's not good enough.

Ethan: Well, I hate to break it to you, Lavery, but this is no longer about you.

Ryan: Slater has been up to something since he's elbowed his way into all of our lives.

Ethan: So what?

Ryan: So in the interest of fair play, take your own DNA test. Let's just see if Slater's been lying about you not being his kid.

Greenlee: The one on the left's going to be a singer. Hmm, those lungs.

Babe: Or a dancer. Check out that kick. So which one's yours? I'm sorry. I --

Greenlee: It's ok.

Babe: I wasn't really paying attention.

Greenlee: I know. They're hypnotic, aren't they?

Babe: Yeah. You know, I remember when I first brought Bess home, I would just stand there for hours just watching her sleep, or eat or play. It was like no child had ever done it better in the whole history of babies.

Greenlee: She's a beautiful little girl. It's pretty awful what we did to you at the christening, when we thought that Bess was really Miranda. I don't think that I could ever apologize for that.

Babe: You know what? There's --

Greenlee: What a nightmare.

Babe: Really --

Greenlee: I mean, God, people trying to take your baby away from you?

Babe: You know, it was a long time ago, Greenlee.

Greenlee: A lot has changed.

Babe: For me, too.

Greenlee: What's it like -- the mother thing? I mean, how do you know what to do? I mean, I'm really scared that I'm going to screw this up.

Babe: Are you --

Greenlee: We're waiting to hear. I'm not sure if these butterflies in my stomach are excitement or a panic attack waiting to happen, or a little me.

Babe: Everybody gets scared.

Greenlee: No, you don't understand. Well, maybe you do. You live under the same roof as my mother.

Babe: Right. Mary.

Greenlee: I rest my case. I'm doomed.

Babe: Hey, you don't have to have a great mother just to be one. I guess I pretty much lucked out in that department.

Greenlee: No, no, no, mother's already left her mark.

Babe: Having a baby -- it really does change you down to the core. You'll never, ever feel the same way about -- about anything or anyone ever again.

Guard: Where's Halladay?

Tad: Oh, he went upstairs to the nursery.

Guard: I have to do the perimeter check. Make sure everyone's post is covered.

Tad: Yeah, I got the front. And heaven help any of those other guys who let anybody through.

[Door closes]

Stuart: Tad? Did you lose something?

Tad: Huh. It's you. Thank God! Stuart, it's you. You almost gave me a heart attack. Why are you dressed up like Adam?

Stuart: What are you doing dressed up like a security guard?

Tad: Well, it's -- that's the thing, it's a little complicated.

Stuart: Yeah, I'll bet it has something to do with getting Krystal and Babe back with Bess, right?

Tad: Why would you say that?

Stuart: Well, because you're basically a very good man. You sometimes get in hot water because you do something a little dumb, but that's another story. But any good man would want Babe back with her little girl again.

Tad: I'm sure that includes you, too, Stuart.

Stuart: Yes. J.R. is turning into Adam, well, awfully fast.

Tad: Wait a minute. This is perfect. Stuart, listen, how would you like to help me?

Stuart: You have another guard's uniform?

Tad: No, no, no, no, no, no, we don't need one. See, that's why this is so perfect. You're already wearing all the uniform you're ever going to need.

Stuart: What, this?

Tad: Yeah.

Stuart: Well, Marian called an early-morning breakfast for her realtors association. I'm not really into suits and ties. I mean, my Adam's apple gets stuck.

Tad: Ok, I'm sorry about your Adam's apple, but listen, you look just fine, exactly like your brother.

Stuart: Uh-huh.

Tad: What do you say? You up for doing an impersonation of your brother again?

Stuart: Oh -- we always get into so much trouble doing that. Do you remember when Adam wanted me to help him get his divorce from Erica? Oh, he lived to regret that one!

Tad: Now, listen, Stuart, trust me, if you and I do this right, he's going to live to regret this, too.

Stuart: You already know what you want, I can tell.

Tad: Yeah, but you got to help me get it. See, all I need is the key to Adam's safety-deposit box. Then I need you to scare Alfred Vanderpoole into bringing the box over here to the house and then back to the bank before your brother gets home.

Stuart: I've already got -- I know where the key is.

Tad: Perfect. Stuart, I could kiss you. Listen, I promise you -- no, no, no, I promise you all I'm going to take is all the copies of the DVD that your brother and J.R. doctored up to make it look like Jamie and Babe were hiring a hit man.

Stuart: Oh, yeah, no good mother should be forced away from her baby like that.

Tad: So I guess you and I are on the same page, right?

Stuart: Ok. Let's do it.

Tad: Bless you, Stuart Chandler. Now, listen, all we got to do is get the key over to the bank by way of messenger.

Stuart: Oh, we don't need a messenger! I mean -- ahem -- [As Adam] Guard! Come in here before I have to fire you!

Jamie: Here's the thing -- I need some help getting to sleep and staying asleep.

Joe: Well, certainly not what I expected to hear, but it is understandable, considering all you've been going through.

Jamie: Grandpa, it's just for a couple nights. That's all I need.

Joe: Ok. Let's go into my office. We can talk about this in private.

Jamie: Well, it's not complicated.

Joe: No, no, no, indulge me. Privilege of age and my license to prescribe controlled substances.

Anita: A simple "hello" works.

Aidan: Do you recognize that guy over there?

Anita: Yeah, he's the new detail guy for Generatrix.

Aidan: Detail guy? What does that mean?

Anita: Well, he sells pharmaceuticals and surgical supplies to the staff.

Aidan: Listen, do you think he could be this guy all cleaned up?

Anita: Hard to tell. Do I get to know what's going on?

Aidan: If that's the guy, yeah, you do.

Anita: Being vague doesn't help me.

Aidan: Look, Generatrix is a company owned by Adam and J.R. Chandler. Their newest employee over there could be the con artist that set up Jamie Martin and Babe Chandler and could send them to jail on fake charges. No doubt he got this job as part of his payoff.

Anita: Why is it Jamie always getting into trouble? Hold on.

Anita: It's him.

Aidan: Are you sure?

Anita: Positive. So, now what?

Aidan: Anita, you got to help me out. Just get him out of here so I can work on him, please?

Ethan: You no idea when to stop, do you?

Kendall: Wait a second. Wait a second, Ethan. Listen to me, ok? Listen, I know you want to accept it and move on, but maybe --

Ethan: Look, Zach already told me everything I need to know.

Kendall: Yeah, but you've worked so hard on this. I mean, what if you stopped digging inches away from the buried treasure?

Ryan: She's got a point there, Ethan.

Kendall: Look, Ryan, why don't you come on in? There's no point in airing our private business in front of the pervs at the Pine Cone.

Ethan: Come in. Pardon the pervs, and the mess. I'm sure it's not exactly what you're used to.

Ryan: Actually, Kendall and I used to live here. I don't understand why you're fighting me so hard on this. You do have the most to gain out of all this.

Kendall: There's no reason for Ryan to be pulling your chain about this.

Ethan: Oh, I see. So you two are double-teaming me now, is that right?

Kendall: All right, listen, ok, I know this is going to sound really strange coming from me, but I promise you Ryan is one of the good guys, ok? Ethan, I know I told you he wasn't, but that wasn't the truth. Now, Ryan swore to Alex Cambias, Sr., and he's going to keep his promise. If there is a grandchild, that child will inherit everything.

Ethan: Right, yeah, I've heard this all before from him.

Kendall: Yeah, and you didn't believe it. All right, well, then answer this -- are you really willing to leave town today with this one last shot hanging in the air?

Ryan: Wait a minute, I'm sorry, you're leaving?

Ethan: There's no reason for me to stay. Look, what neither of you seem to get is it's over. I mean, I'm done here.

Ryan: You're not done. You're quitting.

Ethan: Let it rest, ok? Zach Slater had no reason to lie to me.

Ryan: You sure about that?

Ethan: Yes, I am. And just for the record, it wasn't me who tried to kill you and botched it. So even though I'm leaving town, you might want to start worrying about exactly who wants you dead.

Anita: Are you serious?

Aidan: Yeah. Why? Listen, Adam is holding this over Babe and Jamie's heads, and I don't want them doing anything crazy to get out from underneath it.

Anita: Wow. This is you. I mean, this is what you do for a living, right? A little intrigue, you don't like the way things are going, so you bend the rules a little bit?

Aidan: Yeah, I need to make things right.

Anita: Well, the last time I bent some rules, I got into trouble.

Aidan: Well, it's a judgment call every time, Anita.

Anita: All right, what do you want from me?

Aidan: Listen, I can't put the pressure on him in this place because it's way too public.

Anita: Well, I mean, I'm not going to pull the fire alarm.

Aidan: No, it doesn't have to be that drastic.

Anita: Ok. Ok, I got it.

Aidan: What? Tell me.

Anita: Hey, a girl gets to have secrets, too.

Aidan: Listen, I don't want this causing you any trouble, ok?

Anita: No, it won't. I have a half-hour lunch break. I'll use it for this. I just need a few minutes to get ready, and then watch my special ops in action.

Babe: Do you remember what it was like to believe in Santa? Or to see a magic trick and wonder how he pulled this rabbit out of thin air?

Greenlee: Yeah, it was hard to believe in magic. My parental units loved to bring me crashing back to reality whenever they could. But I did the best I could to work around it. I had an amazing collection of unicorns, crystal, porcelain stuff.

Babe: So, see? You believed.

Greenlee: A kid's got to believe in something.

Babe: Hmm.

Greenlee: So having a kid is like believing in magic.

Babe: It's kind of more like having -- like having magic believe in you. I mean, you look at yourself and you see these hands and these arms and this body that just -- it's there to care and comfort and nurture. And it's like you know, all of a sudden, without a doubt that God exists and that he's saying everything's going to be ok -- really ok, that you're no longer that girl at the seventh-grade dance that nobody would even talk to because you couldn't afford the right dress.

Greenlee: Or the girl who could afford the right dress, but thought she was too good to talk to anybody. What am I doing?

Babe: When I -- when I had my baby, it was like -- it was like a part of me filled up that I didn't even know was there. I guess it was the part that I reserved for dreams or magic or Santa Claus. And then I had this little person to show me that it was all real. What?

Greenlee: I can't even count the ways for me to screw up being a mother.

Babe: Seriously, Greenlee, I wouldn't even worry about it. You can't even compete. There's no way you'll be able to screw it up as badly as I have.

Tad: Stuart. Ok, this is it. The guard's back with Alfred, which means I'd better make myself scarce because Alfred's never liked me. He's always been convinced that I was a scam artist or something, you know?

Stuart: Well --

Tad: Ok, so technically, Alfred isn't an idiot. In any case, how you feeling? You got your Adam all revved up, ready to go?

Stuart: Did I ever tell you it hurts my head to be Adam? And I think it's all -- having to think all those twisted ways of thinking.

[Doorbell rings]

Stuart: I think it cuts off my circulation.

Tad: Well, you'd better start getting twisted, sweetheart, because you're on.

Stuart: Ahem. Ahem. [As Adam] What took you so long?

Alfred: This is breaking protocol, Mr. Chandler. It's quite unheard of.

Stuart: Well, you've heard of it now. Here, here. Put it down. Down.

Alfred: And I'll have to ask you to sing the "sign-ature" card -- sign the signature card.

Stuart: Oh, my God. What, do you think I'm Erica Kane? Or maybe the president?

Alfred: It's merely a formality, Mr. Chandler. You know that. I mean, I would be derelict in my duties --

Stuart: Oh, shut up and give me the card. Pen. Now, open the box.

Alfred: Uh -- I'm afraid there's a problem with the signature.

Ryan: Thank you for the heads-up, Ethan. One less suspect in the attempted murder of me. But if they don't try again, you're back on the list.

Ethan: Right. Well -- ahem -- thanks for that, but if you'll excuse me now, I have to finish my packing.

Ryan: Yeah. Certainly travel light.

Ethan: The rest of my life is in storage, which is a whole story I don't particularly care to share with you right now. What are you doing?

Ryan: Well, since you've obviously made up your mind -- this maybe will help you get started wherever you end up.

Ethan: I've done nothing to deserve this.

Kendall: Ryan no longer thinks you're a con man. He knows that this happened because someone lied to you.

Ethan: This is hardly petrol money. I mean, I could travel the world three times over with this. This is your conscience?

Ryan: You got abused by Cambias poison. You didn't ask for it, and you probably didn't deserve it. Just consider this a gift from your -- from the late old man Cambias.

Ethan: I don't want it.

Ryan: Well, just take it.

Ethan: I don't want to owe any of you anything. Well, I messed up your lives for the last three months. And for that, I'm truly sorry. But you'll get over it. We all will. Let's just leave it at that, shall we?

Ryan: Can't say I didn't try.

[Door closes]

Kendall: Have I told you how much I'm going to miss you?

Greenlee: Don't be so hard on yourself.

Babe: You know what? Really I should be harder on myself. J.R. said that I was an unfit mother and he took Bess from me.

Greenlee: What?

Babe: I'm not even allowed to see her.

Greenlee: Is that legal?

Babe: Well, the way that J.R. set it up, yeah.

Greenlee: Is there something you can do?

Babe: I mean, everything I'm doing, I am doing for the sake of my child.

Greenlee: Good for you.

Babe: I should probably get going. It was -- it was really good to see you, Greenlee. Good luck, you know?

Greenlee: Yeah. You, too, Babe.

Babe: Thanks.

Anita: I don't know what to do. I mean, she just -- she must have just taken off. She could have seen a squirrel in the park. I just -- I need help to find my dog. Well -- please, if I don't find her, I just can't bear to think about it. Fine! Fine. Thanks for nothing.

Rod: Excuse me, I couldn't help but overhear. You lost something?

Anita: Yes, my Pocock.

Rod: Pocock?

Anita: My Shih Tzu. It's named after the oar company I crewed in college. Rowing -- it's very good for the stamina.

Rod: I bet.

Anita: Anyway, that's not important. I have to find my dog. She's so special. If I just -- if I can't hold her in my arms -- I mean, who am I going to hug and kiss?

Rod: I'll help you find her.

Anita: Are you sure?

Rod: Absolutely.

Anita: Yeah -- I think I have a picture of her in my purse. Wait, I didn't bring a purse.

Rod: Don't worry. I know what Shih Tzus look like.

Anita: You might be the nicest man in the whole wide world. I'm already thinking of ways to thank you.

Joe: I'll bet anything that this insomnia of yours has got more to do with your emotional states than it does your nervous system.

Jamie: Well, that's why I figured I only needed enough pills for a couple nights.

Joe: Hmm.

Jamie: Just to catch up on some shuteye.

Joe: Just be sure you take them as instructed.

Jamie: Hey, my grandpa's a doctor. I was able to follow dosages before I was able to ride a bike. Why are you looking at me funny?

Joe: It's not funny. It's deja vu. I'm taken back in time with your dad, who's pulling the wool over my eyes again.

Jamie: But look how great he turned out.

Joe: Yeah. Well, there are some of your dad's traits I'd just as soon you didn't emulate. Unless -- you want to tell me something else?

Jamie: Not a thing. I'm not as bad as Dad.

Stuart: [As Adam] Oh -- um -- uh-oh! Ahem -- what's wrong with the signature?

Alfred: Are you all right, sir?

Stuart: Are you saying that this C on the "Chandler" that I just wrote doesn't -- isn't as chiseled as the C on the signature card? For that, you would keep a man, me, from my own property? Well, if that's the way it's going to be, this is going to be, I think, one of the worst days of your life, Mr. Vanderpoole. Don't even think about cooperating. Just stand there, intrac-tacable. You see? You see what happens when a toad of little talent -- hmm? -- gets between a great man and that which is rightfully his? Well -- well, you are a corporate mascot of every petty little bureaucrat who ever withheld a nickel from a man -- a great man who -- who is trying to emancify his hand and explore all of the great unknown mysteries with one single -- one tiny single, little, incontinence of penmanship!

Alfred: I'm so sorry, Mr. Chandler.

Stuart: Oh, that's all right, Alfred. I talk like that to everybody. I don't mean anything by it.

Alfred: Of course, there's no doubt, and I'm just being foolish. Foolish, foolish.

Stuart: Now, you're a fine man, a fine young lad. And I'm going to see -- I'm going to put your name in for presidency of one of our very newest branches. Hmm, yes. Now, get out! Get out of here. Just -- don't come back for at least 15 minutes. No, 20 minutes. 20 minutes. [Normal voice] Ah! Oh.

Tad: Shh. On behalf of anybody who's ever been screwed over by a petty little bureaucrat --

Stuart: I said "incontinence of penmanship."

Tad: Yeah.

Stuart: It '

[Rod whistles]

Rod: Pocock.

Anita: Pocock.

Rod: She'll show.

Anita: I'm getting a really bad feeling.

Rod: Well, I can make you feel better.

Anita: You're a handsome guy.

Rod: And trustworthy. But I'd never bring trouble to a married woman. I'm very discreet.

Anita: "Trustworthy" isn't a word I would use for most men.

Aidan: I couldn't agree more.

Rod: Excuse me, the lady and I were --

Aidan: Yes, I know. And now it's time to say good night to the beautiful lady.

Rod: But it's morning.

Aidan: Right. Well, time flies when you're unconscious.

Ryan: Couldn't wait, huh? You ok?

Greenlee: Yeah.

Ryan: Huh?

Greenlee: Yeah. How was your visit with Ethan?

Ryan: It wasn't so good. He didn't take my offer.

Greenlee: No makeup DNA test?

Ryan: No, and he wouldn't take any money for pain or suffering, either. Will you please explain him to me?

Greenlee: Hmm.

Ryan: Maybe later. So, are we or aren't we?

Greenlee: Ahem -- I don't know yet. But I'm glad you're here first.

Nurse: Mrs. Lavery? Anita Warner had to go out for a few minutes. She asked me to give you this if it came back early.

Greenlee: Thanks.

Anita: He's really ok.

Aidan: Well, why wouldn't he be? He'll be conscious again in about, say, 14 minutes.

Anita: How did you do that? Did you inject him with something? Come on, tell.

Aidan: It takes years of experience. Wow, you have healing hands. I like that. And I also liked the look on that guy's face when he thought he'd score more than a stray doggy.

Anita: Hmm.

Aidan: How did you pull that off?

Anita: It takes years of experience.

Aidan: Cheeky one. Well, I'll fill you in on my secret. I just got to call a friend and set up a meeting with Rod here.

Stuart: Is that them?

Tad: It certainly looks like it.

Stuart: Oh, wow.

Tad: Jamie and Babe are officially off the hook. Stuart, you are the man.

Stuart: Oh. That's what Marian says.

[Phone rings]

Tad: Just -- give me a second. Yes. Talk to me.

Aidan: I've got our guy. Meet me at the cabin.

Tad: Excellent. I got the discs. It looks like we're in business. Listen, Stuart, you know that Adam's going to figure out what happened as soon as he realizes the discs are gone?

Stuart: Oh, I knew that.

Tad: Yeah, well, first thing he's going to do is tear into Alfred, and the first thing Alfred's going to do is spill his guts.

Stuart: Yeah, well, don't you worry. Adam would never hurt me. Now, what you got to do is take care of Bess and her mama.

Tad: I got it covered. Thanks.

Tad and Alfred: Pardon me. My fault. Don't mention it.

Alfred: Was that Tad Martin?

Stuart: [As Adam] What? Tad Martin? In my house? Oh. Never. Can't stand the man!

Greenlee: Are you nervous? I'm really nervous.

Ryan: It looks like somebody that knows better thinks that this isn't our time.

Greenlee: Really?

Ryan: Yeah. Hey, we barely even got started here. Ok, let's just --

[Ryan sighs]

Ryan: Let's just think of today like a dress rehearsal, ok? Greenlee, we're going to have, like, a passel of kids. How many kids are in a passel, anyway?

Greenlee: Ahem --

Ryan: We're going to get this right, ok? I promise you we will.

Greenlee: No, I know, I know, I know, and I'm ok with it. I just --

Ryan: You just what?

Greenlee: If I'm not pregnant, what's wrong with me? Why have I been acting so weird?

Ryan: Well, we're going to find a specialist right now and we're going to figure that out. Ok?

Babe: Hey.

Jamie: Oh, hey, hey, we're good.

Babe: So then you got the sleeping pills?

Jamie: Yeah. Ace's nanny is not going to know what hit her.

Babe: Good. So, what did your granddad say about our little make-out session?

Jamie: He bought it.

Babe: Great. Great. So, I guess our bluff's working.

Jamie: Yeah, like -- like a charm.

Babe: Uh-oh. Some more witnesses. Showtime.

Greenlee: You know, it's really ok. I just overreacted. I don't need to see any more doctors.

Ryan: You sure?

Greenlee: I guarantee you that it's just a combination of something -- too much B-12 -- something -- something silly like that.

Adam: I forgot some papers. What's going on?

Stuart: Nothing! Nothing. When you're not here, nothing ever happens. Just it's dull. It's just dull. It's -- you know -- well, with all these guards.

Adam: One day you'll thank me for what I'm doing today. I truly believe that. And I'm not backing down.

Stuart: Ah. Knock yourself out, Adam.

Tad: You did good, pal. Real good.

Aidan: You didn't do too bad yourself.

Tad: Hold him up.

Rod: Did I do good, too?

Tad: No, not yet, but don't worry. We're working on it.

Ryan: All right, I'll be right over there and I'll sign them right away. Ok. I got to go back to the office.

Greenlee: Can't it wait?

Ryan: No, I got -- I have to go sign some papers and notarize -- I'm sorry.

Greenlee: The captain of industry.

Ryan: You salute when you say that.

[Ryan chuckles]

Ryan: Well -- so I want you to go -- I want you to go back -- I want you to go back and relax. And this afternoon, we're going to work on changing your condition from unpregnant to very pregnant.

Greenlee: You call that work?

Ryan: Hmm.

Greenlee: Hmm. Later, hub.

Anita: Greenlee, I'm -- I'm so sorry.

Greenlee: Is something wrong?

Anita: You're not --

Greenlee: Right. I'm not.

Anita: I know it's not the result you were looking for.

Greenlee: It'll be fine. Think about how much worse it would have been if I'd gotten pregnant with your husband's baby.

Anita: What does that mean?

Greenlee: When Kendall paid Bobby to seduce me, he blew it.

Kendall: What?

Ethan: Just making a mental picture.

Kendall: Well, I'd better go freshen my lip-gloss.

Ethan: Stay there. I don't want to forget this. You, us. You know, throughout this whole mess, you have been my one constant ray of sunshine. And I will never forget that.

Kendall: I hope so. I hope they let you forget.

[Knock on door]

Ethan: He's persistent, isn't he?

Kendall: Yes, he is. Only gives up on me.

Ethan: He's a fool.

Lt. Perry: Ethan Ramsey, we have a warrant for your arrest.

Ethan: What for this time?

Lt. Perry: The attempted murder of Ryan Lavery.

Kendall: Oh, that's -- that's insane!

Lt. Perry: You have the right to remain silent.

Ethan: Come on, guys!

Kendall: Oh, come on --

Ethan: You people just don't give up, do you?

Kendall: They already proved that it wasn't him, ok? Just let him go.

Lt. Perry: This time, we got him dead to rights.

Ethan: This is ridiculous. I didn't do anything!

Lt. Perry: Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to have an attorney present. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you by the court.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Greenlee: I honestly think I'm losing my mind.

Kendall: You think you can ruin Ethan's life? You are going to do something to help him whether he's your son or not.

Jamie: You once offered me money if I got together with Babe. Is the offer still good?

Tad: You are about to go down in medical history.

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