AMC Transcript Wednesday 10/20/04

All My Children Transcript Wednesday 10/20/04


By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

Bianca: Oh, Kendall, thank God you're here! I need you.

Kendall: Wait, wait, what's wrong?

Bianca: It's J.R. He's finally crossed the line.

Kendall: What did he do?

Bianca: He blackmailed Babe, he framed her, and now he's using it to make her give up everything. He forced her to sign over full custody of Bess, and then he kicked her out of the house, and now he won't even let me near Bess. You have to help me get her back.

Kendall: No. I'm not going to do that.

J.R.: What's the matter, Doc? Don't you like surprises? Not who you were expecting? Not the dirtbag that your daughter hired who didn't show up? I'm sorry to disappoint you. Looks like your guy got a conscience -- again.

David: One dirtbag's as good as another.

J.R.: Oh, come on, you can do better than that.

David: Any high school sophomore with a computer and the right program can fake a pretty decent video these days, Junior, make it look real and incriminating. But, of course, we all know that any expert can blow holes right through it in a court of law.

J.R.: Yeah, but I have a living, breathing witness who will swear that Babe was doing more than window-shopping for a hit man.

David: You sure he's still breathing?

J.R.: Nice try. I guarantee you won't find this guy. Which means you lose -- again. You and your slut of a daughter!

David: Do you have any hidden cameras in here, Junior? Hmm? But does it really matter? I'll find them after I'm through with you.

Brooke: J.R., you son of a --

Tad: You don't know the half of it. He really knew what he was doing. As soon as Babe got a load of that video, she signed over custody of Bess.

Brooke: Oh, God. And it's a fake?

Tad: Well, of course it's a fake. My point is up to this point, she was willing to take on J.R. Head-to-head -- till he threatened to drag Jamie into this conviction for conspiracy to commit murder. It was enough to scare her.

Brooke: So she protected Jamie?

Tad: And now J.R.'s got Bess.

Brooke: This is all Adam's fault. He's made J.R. into a sociopath. Did Babe and � and Krystal move out?

Tad: Well, for the moment, they're staying with Hayward. And as bad as that is, it gets worse.

Brooke: Oh, Lord, now what?

Tad: Even though Babe did exactly what they wanted her to and signed the agreement, Adam is still threatening to put Jamie away.

Jamie: Welcome to the bank of Adam.

Adam: You got a pair of brass ones, kid, I'll give you that.

Babe: Hi. I'm sorry. Excuse me, is Kevin here today?

Woman: Over there.

Babe: Kevin --

Kevin: Hey, Bella. It's good to see you again. You here to help?

Babe: Actually, no. I -- I came to see you.

Kevin: Here you go. Oh, listen, I'm sorry.

Karen: Here you go.

Kevin: We're already late. Got to go.

Babe: Oh, please wait. There's -- there's something important that you need to know -- about Ace

Bianca: J.R. is blackmailing Babe with lies, Kendall. He doctored a video to make it look like Jamie and Babe were plotting to have him killed. You got to talk to him, Kendall. He -- he listens to you.

Kendall: Yes, I heard you the first time, Binks.

Bianca: But you said that --

Kendall: Yeah, I said I won't do it.

Bianca: Well, you have to!

Kendall: No, no, I don't.

Bianca: How can you not?

Kendall: You know what? It's none of our business. It's no one's business but theirs.

Bianca: J.R. is keeping a baby from her mother.

Kendall: There are always two sides to a custody battle, ok? I'm sure J.R. has good reasons for doing whatever he's doing.

Bianca: All right, then why don't you give me one good reason for keeping me away from Bess? You can't because there isn't one. J.R. has become somebody that I don't even recognize. He's selfish and -- and evil.

Kendall: You know what? That's a little harsh.

Bianca: It's true. It breaks my heart, but J.R. has become somebody so vindictive and cruel. This crazy hatred of Babe has thrown him completely over the edge. Oh, my God. You don't think it's crazy. You hate her, too.

Kendall: Yeah, I do hate her. As far as I'm concerned, Babe deserves everything that she gets.

Kevin: Listen, I would really like to talk and set up another play date for the kids, but I'm taking Ace to see his mother, and now is not really a good time.

Babe: My husband took Bess from me. -- He took her and he's divorcing me and it's getting more and more complicated each day.

Kevin: Listen, I'm really sorry. I know how upset you must be. That's --

Babe: He won't even -- he won't even let me see her at all, not even for visits.

[Kevin sighs]

Kevin: I am sorry. I hope that there's some way you can work it out. We're really late. I �

Babe: Please, just -- can we talk? I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important.

Kevin: Ok, I'll tell you what -- call here later and we'll figure out a way to do that, ok?

Babe: I don't know if I can wait. I --

Kevin: I'm sorry. We -- we have to go. I'm already late, and you know how mothers are -- we'll talk, ok?

Tad: It's my fault. Adam is convinced that I know where Colby is, that I'm the one that helped Liza go off and start a new life somewhere. So he's threatened to press charges against Jamie unless I tell him where he can find his daughter.

Brooke: Did you do it? Did you help Liza?

Tad: I think we should keep this hypothetical.

Brooke: Listen, since when are you suddenly keeping secrets from me?

Tad: I'm not, sweetheart. It's just that we're not talking about spousal privileges here. Do you really want to have to testify against me?

Brooke: I'm really proud of you, considering how far Adam is willing to go to get Bess.

Tad: Hmm. I mean, Liza was right to be worried. Yeah, well, don't be proud of me. It takes a lot of courage to do what Liza's doing.

Brooke: But Jamie cannot go to prison because of it. I mean, what are we going to do? The last time he was in, he was almost killed. He cannot go back behind bars.

Tad: He won't, I swear. He's not going to spend a day in jail.

Brooke: And how can you be so sure?

Tad: Because we're going to prove how bogus Adam's evidence is. We're going to find this guy, this witness, no matter what it takes.

Adam: You know, I could have you arrested for breaking into that safe. Robbery on top of everything else? No, no, no. You don't need that. But I know you didn't find what you were looking for because I'm not foolish enough to leave it in that safe. The evidence is well out of the reach of you and your father. So, here's what I suggest. You go tell Daddy next time not to send a boy to do his dirty work. And tell him this -- tick-tick-tick. I'm running out of patience. The evidence goes straight to the police if I don't get the information I want. At which time, breaking and entering will be like a walk in the park compared to what you and Babe will face. You understand me, son? It'll be your worst nightmare. Now, get out of my house.

J.R.: I've stacked up enough evidence implicating Babe so she'd be put away for a very long time until she's a very old woman. So why don't you go ahead and kill me? Get your daughter convicted. Yeah, yeah, that's more like it. You know, you got to really look at how fair this is. You get your daughter, and I get mine.

David: Well, at least you're half right. But this is about more than just Babe and Bess. This is personal, you and me.

J.R.: It's very personal. It's payback bigtime. And there's nothing that I would enjoy more than watching you squirm like a little pig.

Bianca: I don't understand. Aside from Maggie, Babe is my closest friend in the world. Why would you want to see her suffer?

Kendall: Don't, Binks, ok? There's really nothing else to say.

Bianca: Well, what did Babe ever do to you?

Kendall: I -- I don't want to talk about it.

Bianca: You know, Kendall, at the christening, you stood up in front of everyone like the wicked fairy and you put a curse on Babe.

Kendall: Yeah, well, she didn't need my curse because now she's finally getting a big, fat dose of her own karma.

Bianca: Kendall, why would you say that?

Kendall: Do you really want to know?

Bianca: Yes.

Kendall: Because your best friend Babe, she's a liar and a user. I mean, she slept with Jamie her first night in town. It's been downhill ever since. It's been lies after lies, and each one comes with a whole slew of excuses.

Bianca: Well, if that's the litmus test for who's worthy around here, then why am I still talking to you? Jonathan Lavery, his first night in town?

Kendall: All right, we're talking about Babe.

Bianca: Yes, and if I can still love you, then why can't I love Babe, too? And why can't you at least cut her a break? This isn't about Jamie or about Babe's lies. There is something much more intense going on here.

Kendall: Don't read into this.

Bianca: I'm just trying to make sense of it -- why somebody who has so much empathy for Ethan would take such a hard line with Babe. Why the same person who's -- who's trying to take the high road with Ryan and Greenlee would show absolutely no forgiveness or understanding to the mother of my godchild.

Kendall: Well, Babe doesn't need my forgiveness.

Bianca: Well, I need it, ok? I need you to show a little compassion for a woman who has done nothing wrong but marry into a vipers' nest.

Kendall: Yeah, well, she wasn't too unhappy when she was spending the vipers' money.

Bianca: That's not fair. Babe has been my anchor during the hardest time of my life. When did you start to hate her so much, Kendall? I honestly, I don't remember you feeling this way about her.

Kendall: Doesn't matter.

Bianca: Well, you couldn't have hated her when you saw her lying next to me near that helicopter. I know you didn't hate her when I told you that she delivered my baby and saved my life, risking her own, hiking through the woods about to deliver her own baby?

Kendall: All right, you know what? I don't want to talk about this.

Bianca: Well, why not? Why do you hate her so much? What did she do? She must've done something.

Kendall: She doesn't deserve that baby!

Bianca: What?

Kendall: She doesn't deserve to have a baby when yours is dead.

Singer: I'm sorry that I called you every name in the book

Babe: Hey. Vodka cranberry.

Bartender: Five bucks.

Singer: I'm sorry that you told me I was off the hook

Paul: It's on me. The lady and I have a lot to talk about.

Brooke: Jamie was no way responsible for -- for Colby and Liza's escape! I mean, how can he so cavalierly ruin people's lives, including his own son? Say something!

Tad: Stop yelling. He's not going to get away with it.

Brooke: Oh, I know -- because of this so-called witness. Do you even know what he looks like?

Tad: No.

Brooke: Do you even know where to look for him?

Tad: No.

Brooke: I want to see this video.

Tad: Well, I'm sorry. Adam isn't passing out copies just yet. The only person that's seen it is Babe. J.R. showed it to her once and then held a gun to her head � figuratively speaking.

Brooke: Oh, God, I wouldn't put anything past them. I mean, obviously, we need to find that video.

Jamie: Maybe somebody wants to fill me in on this video that everybody's talking about, since it seems to have a lot to do with me.

Paul: So what are you doing in Llanview?

Babe: I thought I deserved a break from scum-sucking, bottom-feeding, disgusting excuses for human beings --

Paul: Oh.

Babe: But I guess it's just not my lucky day.

Paul: You know, I keep seeing you around. I keep saying for you to go away, but I don't know, you keep racking up them frequent flyer miles, huh?

Babe: It's convenient. And I've made a few friends in town. Why? Does that bother you?

Paul: I know why you're always hanging around a lot. You're getting involved in things that don't concern you. Oh, yeah, Babe, mm-hmm. I have sources. And you know what? I've got enough to deal with without your kind of trouble. So I'm going to tell you this again. Go back home to Pine Valley and stay the hell out of my town. You got it?

J.R.: I must've thought about it a hundred different ways, but I never thought that it would feel this good -- your neck under my shoe --

[David chuckles]

J.R.: Knowing there's nothing you can do to fight back.

David: Oh, boy. You really need to get yourself a life, son.

J.R.: I had one. You thrashed it. You seduced my mother, and you ruined both of our lives. I mean, I used to lie awake at nighttime thinking of ways of getting payback at you, but you handed it to me all wrapped up. I mean, who would've thought that meeting your slut of a daughter would've given me the two things that I love most in this world -- Bess and revenge on you? Honestly, I'm in heaven.

David: Smug won't last for very long, Junior. Has a nasty way of turning around and biting you on your backside.

J.R.: You keep hunting, because you do a lousy impression of Tad. I'd leave the investigating to Scooby and shaggy. Stay home with your Mr. Wizard chemistry set and mix yourself up something real toxic and sty.

David: This is good. In fact, it's even healthy that you're venting like this. Really, Junior, because if you knew what I knew, you would swallow your tongue.

J.R.: You're full of it.

David: You think?

J.R.: Yeah.

David: I bet you I can wipe that smug little smirk right off your face with one little fact.

Bianca: This is just crazy, Kendall. You can't wish bad things for Babe because my baby died.

Kendall: I don't want to talk about Miranda.

Bianca: I think you do, or at least you should.

Kendall: No, there's no reason.

Bianca: Kendall, there are things that we still need to deal with. I mean, it's obvious to me that you've been hit harder than you've let on, and we've never talked about it.

Kendall: That's all we've talked about.

Bianca: No, that was about my pain and my life. Maybe I've been too selfish. I mean, I was so focused on trying to cope myself that I didn't realize that you've been suffering in a really big way.

Kendall: Would you stop, ok? This whole thing about Babe is more than me missing Miranda. A lot of it is about you and Bess.

Bianca: What about me and Bess?

Kendall: Bianca, it's not healthy the way that you cling to her.

Bianca: I love that little girl.

Kendall: But you tried to kidnap her.

Bianca: Kendall, you know what happened.

Kendall: Yeah, ok, but now you're taking on a whole new baby battle. This is Babe and J.R.'s fight, Bianca, not yours, and certainly not mine.

Bianca: You know, I made a solemn promise before God to protect that little girl, and there's no way I'm just going to sit back and watch while another mother loses her child.

Kendall: All right, but this is not your -- it's not your call to make.

Bianca: Kendall, you're holding a grudge against Babe because her baby lived and my baby died. That is beyond irrational.

Kendall: It's not that simple.

Bianca: Ok, then, enlighten me, please.

Kendall: I don't -- I don't know where I would start. I mean, so much has happened. The day of the christening, we tried to protect you.

Bianca: Protect me from what?

Kendall: God, Bianca, you have no idea what we went through. For a few minutes we had real hope. We actually believed that Bess was Miranda.

Bianca: You and -- and Ryan and Uncle Jack and --

Kendall: And -- and Greenlee.

Bianca: Greenlee? You and Greenlee?

Kendall: Yeah, I know. But for about five minutes we were on the same side again.

Bianca: You all actually thought that --

Kendall: That Bess was Miranda. I know it sounds crazy right now, but, believe me, we were totally buying it at the time. Not the Chandlers, of course, but the rest of us.

Bianca: Where was I?

Kendall: You had so much going on and -- and it was so soon. It -- it was hard enough for you after -- but -- but, believe me, you didn't need to be in the middle of it, especially since Tad had a DNA test done on Bess.

Bianca: He -- he did a DNA test?

Kendall: Yeah. He but it proved that -- that Bess was Babe's. And up until that time, I � I wanted to tell you, but they wouldn't let me. They -- they talked me out of it, thank God. I -- I don't know what I would've done if I had gotten your hopes up again. I would've never forgiven myself.

Bianca: Oh -- I mean, that -- that would've just -- thank you.

Kendall: Binks, I'm sorry. I can't tell you how awful it was. It was like -- like losing her all over again.

Bianca: Yeah, well, welcome to my world.

Kendall: But, listen, this whole thing with Bess and Babe -- why would you do this? Why would you set yourself up for more disappointment? I mean, you don't need to fight Babe's battles for her.

Bianca: It's for Bess, too. God, what's wrong with fighting for an innocent baby? You're doing the same thing for a grown man!

Kendall: No, hold on a second. There's a big difference there. Ethan is -- he's struggling to find out his whole identity. And Bess, she's -- she's safe in her daddy's loving arms as we speak.

Bianca: Well, you can't mean J.R.

Kendall: Oh, come on. You know he's nuts about that kid.

Bianca: Kendall, J.R. has become a monster, and you know it.

Kendall: All right, listen, how about this, all right? I will talk to J.R. For you, but I just � I need you to do a favor for me.

Bianca: Do I really want to hear this?

Kendall: Listen, I'm going to make it easy on you, all right? Go -- go and talk to your good friend Zach Slater, ok? He likes you. Now, use that to get the truth out of him.

Bianca: The truth about what?

Kendall: That he's Alexander Cambias Jr., and that Ethan is his son.

Jamie: That's not how it happened. This guy called Babe, said he knew where J.R. Hid Bess. We just went down there to convince him to tell us.

Brooke: Explain "convince."

Jamie: Pay him off. He wanted money for the information, and that's a long way from hiring a hit man.

Tad: Well, you got set up, kiddo, because that's exactly what they made it look like you were doing.

Brooke: The magic of editing.

Tad: Yeah.

Jamie: And I knew J.R. was behind it. I just had this feeling.

Tad: Well, next time, listen to your instincts because that's what they're there for.

Jamie: Well, it's not going to happen again. Babe -- I'm sorry --

Tad: I'm trying to pull you both out of the fire. I'm going to find this guy.

Brooke: Your father will do it, honey, all right? There's no way we're going to let you go to prison. I will kill Adam Chandler with my own hands before I will let that happen.

Jamie: Good, that -- that's good. Ok, you guys find the witness.

Tad: What are you doing?

Jamie: J.R.'s gone off the deep end. He's too dangerous, especially to Babe.

Brooke: Uh -- time-out, all right? What is the plan?

Tad: No kidding. Noise not the time for you to start thinking about doing anything crazy.

Jamie: No, no, don't worry, either of you. I'm not going after J.R. I'm not going to be anywhere near him.

Tad: So, what's with the tape recorder? Jamie, come on. The other day on the basketball court, you kept going on and on about doing what you feel you have to do. What exactly is that? And what happened that we don't know about?

Jamie: I swear to you I'm not going near J.R. Find the guy, get his back against the wall, and make him turn on Adam and J.R. I don't know anybody better for the job than you.

Tad: And what will you be doing while I'm tracking this guy down?

Jamie: I told you -- don't worry about me. I'm going to be fine.

Brooke: Well, having a little more specifics would help me not to worry.

Jamie: I'm going to do what I have to to take care of Babe.

Tad: I really wish you would let me handle --

Jamie: No, just stop. I know what I'm doing. I have everything I need. Just trust me.

Brooke: What does that mean, Tad?

Jamie: Hey -- I love you guys. Just take it easy, ok?

Brooke: Well?

Tad: Our son's a good man, he wants us to trust him. I say it's high time we start.

[Blackberry vibrates]

Tad: I'm vibrating.

Brooke: This is hardly the time, now, is it?

Tad: You're going to have to excuse me. I got to go stop a potential murder.

Paul: Everywhere you go, you bring nothing but trouble, even back in San Diego when we first met. You remember that, hmm? You got me drunk and tricked me into marrying you?

Babe: You make me sick.

Paul: Oh. Well, you know, wasn't it you who begged me to fix your test results because you really didn't know who the real father of your baby was, huh? But you know what? I don't think you cared about the answer. No, because you just wanted to trick J.R. into thinking that it was his, right? I mean, you could've slept with the entire seventh fleet, but you had to have a millionaire be your father's baby. And you've been nothing but trouble ever since you danced on the bar in front of me that first night.

Babe: Will you just shut up? You're the one. You're the one to blame for everything bad that's happened. I called you for help. They were in trouble, Paul. I was in trouble. I called you to save us, and what did you do, how did you help? You stole my baby.

Paul: I don't have to listen to this.

Babe: You know what, now you do. You're going to sit here and you're going to listen to every single word that I say because I know exactly what happened that night. You stole my son and you gave him to your sister, Kelly. And you smashed the incubator and you threw it in the river, you said that he was lost, drowned. But when Adam and J.R. showed up and threatened your pathetic little life, you chickened out. And to save your own neck, you said that that beautiful, tiny, little girl was my daughter -- when she was Bianca's. And you set Bianca up for a lifetime of pain full of tears and nightmares, and you are going to rot in hell for what you've done to her. But first you are going to admit every single thing that you've done. All the horrible things you are going to make right, all the horrible things that you've done to Bianca and to me and to those two sweet, innocent children, and every single person is going to know you for the disgusting, foul pig that you are. Do you hear me?

Paul: All right, Babe. If that's what you want me to tell them, then sure. I'll tell them what they need to know.

J.R.: You know, for a guy who's got such an advanced degree, you're not very smart.

Tad: For God's sake, stop torturing the man. You've made your point.

J.R.: I'm relieved that you're here. Can you explain the rules here to Hayward? You get Babe, I get Bess, Dad gets Colby, and we all live happily ever after -- well, except for Babe.

Tad: And you.

J.R.: Come on, Tad. You know better than anyone that "together forever" doesn't work anymore, no matter how many times you say it.

Tad: I suppose there's no point in begging you again to stop this twisted little streak you're on?

J.R.: I'm just enjoying the ride too much. You two boys -- have a good time.

Tad: You know, I'd never for a minute think about doing a triple bypass. What the hell were you doing?

David: Don't even go there.

Tad: I don't see how I can avoid it. Gosh, Dave, what'd you do, find yourself a third grader and have him draw a picture of a really bad man? This is the best you could do? Damned amateurs.

Bianca: All right, it's official -- you have all lost your minds.

Kendall: No, wait a minute. I got all of this from your very good friend Ryan. This was his idea.

Bianca: Based on what?

Kendall: Well, I don't know, but it's spreading like peanut butter. Now, if Zach Slater is Alexander Cambias, Jr., well, then --

Bianca: You mean, like Bess was Miranda? I mean, this is crazy, Kendall. Michael's brother was killed in a car crash.

Kendall: Or he faked it. Ethan just confronted him.

Bianca: And let me guess -- Zach is suing for libel -- or I guess it would be slander?

Kendall: No, neither. He didn't deny it. Of course, he didn't admit it, either, but --

Bianca: He's probably too busy laughing at how insane it all sounds.

Kendall: No, listen to me, all right? You could get him to come clean. This would vindicate Ethan. And then -- then I'll consider helping you. I'll talk to J.R. And I'll help with the whole Babe situation.

Bianca: Kendall, do you hear yourself? I came to you for help, and you want to strike a deal? What happened to us?

Kendall: Nothing. I still love you more than anyone else in this world. I can't help how I feel about Babe, and I can't pretend to you.

Bianca: It still doesn't make any sense.

Kendall: I don't really understand it, either. Listen, if I could have one wish in the whole world, I would wish for you to have your baby back. But I don't have any more wishes. And this whole thing with -- with Babe and J.R. -- I'm sorry, but I don't care about them. Let them deal with their daughter. It's their problem.

Bianca: God, I -- I wish I knew how your mind worked, Kendall.

Kendall: I promise you I'm trying to get better.

Bianca: Well, I'll help you, ok? Just like you're always there for me, I'll be there for you. I love you, Kendall. You don't make it easy, but I do love you.

Bianca: Kendall, why did you think that -- that Bess was Miranda?

Kendall: Because I heard Babe call her that. She said she sometimes does because it's her middle name.

Tad: You know, from where I'm standing, it looks like you fell for the oldest trick in the book -- a fake tip. Which is exactly what got Jamie and Babe in trouble with your friend here. You should just be thankful I stopped by when I did.

David: Why? J.R. wasn't going to do anything to me. Your son's a punk who goes after women and children.

Tad: Whereas you go after anything that walks. Thanks for wasting my time.

David: At least I'm trying to do something. What have you done lately?

Tad: Me? I've been working at a disadvantage. But we could fix all that right now, as long as you tell me what kind of information you're hiding. That's what I thought. Well, in that case, David, I guess I'm not doing so bad for a guy who's working blindfolded and handcuffed. Just do me a favor from now on, ok? If you decide to help, don't screw up like this again, because all you do is get in my way. Either let me handle things or let me in on the secret.

J.R.: Well, Kendall, how you been?

Kendall: I've been better. How about yourself?

J.R.: Bianca sent you.

Kendall: She asked me, but that's not why I'm here.

J.R.: Oh. Well, I can hardly wait.

Kendall: I'm sorry, J.R. I am so sorry that you're going through all this. You've been royally betrayed on all sides, and if it means anything at all, I think you're doing the right thing. You're just trying to protect your little girl, J.R., and no one can blame you for that.

Paul: You want me to spill the beans? Fine. I'll spill them -- loud and clear. And I'll tell everybody that you were awake the entire time, and we both thought that your baby was dead and, well, it was your idea to steal Bianca's kid and pretend it was yours.

Babe: No.

Paul: Oh, poor Bianca. I mean, she was unconscious, she was defenseless. And, man, it was the least that I could do. You said you had to have a child because it was the only way you could keep your hands on all that Chandler money.

Babe: No, that's a lie. Nobody would ever believe you.

Paul: Why not, huh? What, because you always tell the truth? You've been doing nothing but lying ever since you landed in Pine Valley, Babe. Anybody that knows you is going to believe me.

Babe: You planned the whole thing.

Paul: Yeah. I mean, because it was such a horrible accident. You know? You had all the angles figured out, didn't you? I mean, you threatened me and, hey, I can admit to a moment of weakness. Yeah. I mean, when you told me you wouldn't sign those annulment papers if I didn't do what you told me to do -- I -- I didn't do the right thing. I -- am so ashamed. But you begged me, and you -- you were crying, and you had me convinced that I owed you this much, huh? I mean, I thought your baby was dead, and why, because it was all my fault, so what harm could it do to go along with Babe's plan and give her what she wants? That's what I'll tell everybody, Babe. And they're going to believe every word.

Kendall: I can't imagine how lonely you must feel. I know you did not sign on for this.

J.R.: Oh, I can handle it.

Kendall: Yeah, I know that. But we have this image in our head sometimes of what our lives would be like. We have a fantasy of how it would've all turned out. And I know when you were first with Babe that this is not how you pictured it. I mean, who would've believed that you'd be sitting here in this room wondering if the next person who walked in was with you or against you? Well, I can promise you, J.R., I'm with you.

J.R.: In spite of Bianca?

Kendall: Well, personally, I think you're doing her a big favor keeping Bess from her. And it's -- her focus on your daughter hasn't exactly been healthy.

J.R.: Does she know how you feel?

Kendall: Yeah, she knows how I feel about Babe. That skank belongs out with the trash. Now, if you need a friend, J.R., you're looking at her. You can count on me, always.

J.R.: Thank you.

Adam: Mmm. No, Mary, not tonight.

Brooke: Talk about insult to injury. It's me, Adam, and you better open your eyes.

Tad: Brooke? You still here? Brooke?

[Knock on door]

Tad: Bianca. What's wrong?

Bianca: I need to talk to you about my baby -- and Babe's.

Babe: There's a big hole in your story, Paul.

Paul: Yeah?

Babe: What about Ace? How can you explain Kelly's baby?

Paul: Well, you know, it's amazing -- Kelly found this baby in the woods, huh? I an, it's a total miracle that the kid survived, and -- and I can't believe it, because when I came to you and told you that your son was alive, you told me not to tell anyone. Because J.R. had already bonded with Bianca's little girl, and you were afraid that if J.R. found out that you did a switch, he'd go ballistic, cut you off without a dime, huh? Now, I did find it terrible that -- that a woman could do that to her own flesh and blood. So whatever you think you have on me, Babe, you got it all backwards.

Babe: You are so -- I'll kill you! I'll kill you! I'll kill you!

Jamie: Don't ever touch her, you sick bastard!

Woman: Oh! Whoa!

Second Woman: Oh, my God!

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Brooke: I thought this would get your attention.

Adam: Force is hardly necessary. Come on, get under the covers.

Kendall: Whenever you need a friend, call me.

J.R.: What if I need more than a friend?

Jamie: What did you do?

Babe: I kept Bess from her mama.

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