AMC Transcript Tuesday 10/19/04

All My Children Transcript Tuesday 10/19/04


By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

Ethan: What's wrong? Not a thing as long as you make good on your offer.

Erica: Offer? What offer?

Ethan: Zach offered to set me up comfortably, far away from this town and everybody in it. Well, I'm ready.

Kendall: No, but, Ethan, hold on. Hold on a second.

Ethan: Look, this is between Zach and me.

Kendall: No, I at least get a vote. Excuse me.

Erica: Well, so do I. And I vote that he goes and you go with him, as far and as fast as possible.

Bianca: Hi, J.R. Where's Babe?

J.R.: Winifred shouldn't have let you in.

Bianca: All right, I'll find her myself.

J.R.: No, you won't. Babe's not here.

Bianca: Babe was expecting me. She knew I was coming by to drop off this outfit that I just bought for Bess.

J.R.: Well, return it. Bess doesn't need anything from you, and Babe's moved out.

Bianca: No, Babe wouldn't leave you alone with Bess.

J.R.: You're not going to see my daughter, Bianca.

Bianca: I'm her godmother.

J.R.: Do I have to write you a memo? You're fired. Get out.

Bianca: All right. You have till the count of 10 to get my godchild and her mother down here. One, two �

David: I can find the guy on that tape and I can get him to clear Babe. Pine Valley's not that big a town. It shouldn't be that complicated.

Krystal: Come on. He's on the Chandler payroll. The whole world is open to him. He could be hiding anywhere until he has to testify about Babe and Jamie's supposed hit man shopping spree.

David: Which is why I keep telling you I've got it covered.

Krystal: I think we need to get Tad on this.

David: No, we don't!

Krystal: He's a professional!

David: Which is why he scared Kelly away? Look, he's going to screw this whole thing up again, ok? I'm telling you, the guy is all talk and no substance. Everything he learned about detective work, he learned from TV. I don't want to work with him and I don't need to!

Krystal: Well, this isn't a request, ok? I'm telling you that we need --

Babe: Will you stop arguing?

Krystal: We're not arguing. It's a discussion.

Babe: Look, you two going at each other is absolutely not going to help anything. The whole point here is to get Miranda back with Bianca and keep my baby safe from J.R., and if there's somebody that can help do that, if we can trust them, I think they should be in.

David: That's my point exactly. Tad cannot be trusted.

Babe: If you have to make peace with Tad, David, to save these two babies, do you think you can do that?

Adam: I want my daughter back.

Tad: Uh -- I'm sorry, Adam. I haven't seen Skye for years, and as far as I know, Hayley is still with Mateo, isn't she?

Adam: Where's Colby? Where did Liza take her?

Tad: I don't know. I give up. Where?

Adam: No, Liza didn't put together this disappearing act all by herself. She had help � your kind of help.

Tad: Oh. Ah, ok. Well, I'm -- I'm really sorry because you've definitely come to the wrong place, but I -- you know, I tell you what, I got an idea. Why don't you check with the shipping company that had you delivered to Mongolia because they probably made a getaway in a box.

Adam: I don't expect information --

Tad: Good, you won't be disappointed.

Adam: Without offering something in return.

Tad: Adam, all the gold you worship isn't enough to get me involved in any --

Adam: No, no, this is something you -- you value a lot more than money. It's your son, in exchange for my daughter.

Tad: Well, which son exactly are you willing to barter?

Adam: The one who doesn't consider you dead. The one I can destroy. Jamie.

Kendall: This is the biggest mistake you could make, Ethan. You need to know answers. You have to know for sure.

Ethan: Exactly, Kendall. I'm giving Zach one last chance to come through and tell me the truth, ok? I want to hear him say that he's my father. Now, you can go or you can stay, but don't muck this up for me, ok?

Erica: Oh, welcome back. So, you're ready to leave town. I would be happy to chip in.

Ethan: What about you, Zach? Help a fellow out?

Bianca: Six, seven, eight --

J.R.: You know, stick with lipstick, Bianca, because Butch just doesn't suit you.

Bianca: I'm not leaving until I talk to Babe.

J.R.: Babe -- not here. She moved.

Bianca: J.R., Babe wouldn't leave you alone with Bess.

J.R.: You're wrong a lot, aren't you? See, Babe signed over full custody of my daughter to me.

Bianca: I don't believe that.

J.R.: Well, I've got the paper to prove it.

Bianca: J.R., where is Babe?

J.R.: I had her mail forwarded to Hayward, so why don't you go put on your best flannel and go say hi?

Bianca: If Babe left, it's because you forced her out.

J.R.: No, she finally wised up, stopped fighting a losing battle.

Bianca: Babe would never stop fighting for Bess. What did you do to her?

J.R.: Um -- prove to her that I'm the better parent? That I'm the only parent to give my child the life that she deserves?

Bianca: Babe? Babe?

J.R.: Go on, search. Knock yourself out.

Bianca: All right. This is way, way wrong.

J.R.: No. What used to be wrong is that little tramp thought she could get my kid. Now everything's right in Bess' world -- and mine. So, ex-godmother, take a hike.

Bianca: Listen to me, you power-crazed idiot. I will always be Bess' godmother. I signed on for a lifetime and I meant it, and you can't keep me away from her. No one can.

Babe: Look, I love you for wanting to help, I really do. It's just that we have to be really careful how we go about this, and if you're putting your feud with Tad first, then �

David: I would never risk your baby -- or Bianca's.

Babe: I know that.

Krystal: Here, here. Come on.

Babe: Mama, no.

Krystal: Listen --

Babe: I can't.

Krystal: This crew needs our strength, right, to keep this up. Now, you can eat and you can talk sense to David at the same time. Listen, David, let's face it -- this search is just more than you can handle.

David: And I keep telling you both I've got it covered.

Babe: We're kind of on a limited time here. This guy's the only one that can prove that stupid video is a fake and take away J.R.'s ammo.

David: I'm telling you, listen to me -- I would never operate alone and I'm not going to go at this alone, either, ok?

Krystal: All right, great, great. I'll get Tad on the line.

David: No, no. I've got my own partner, thank you -- Jilly. He's the cop that helped me before. Just trust me on this. Tad will only get in the way. Leave him out of the equation entirely.

Adam: Babe and Jamie are solidly caught in a trap.

Tad: Based on the word of some grifter? I don't think so.

Adam: Oh, no, no. No, I have something far more incriminating.

Tad: Huh. So let me get the deal straight. If I'm willing to destroy the lives of both Liza and Colby, you're willing to let Jamie and Babe off the hook?

Adam: No, no, just Jamie. An even trade. We could both win, Tad. Do you realize how long Jamie would have to serve? Conspiracy to commit murder is a very serious charge.

Tad: How is that fair? If I'm willing to hand Liza and Colby to you on a silver platter, you should be willing to trade both Jamie and Babe.

Adam: No, just Colby. I don't care what Liza does. She can go to -- wherever she wants to go. But all you have to do is say the word. Come on, just say the word.

Tad: I'm -- no, I'm sorry. No, really. It's just -- I'm -- I'm speechless. The fact that you -- that you honestly think for a minute that I would consider or fall for this obtuse bluff is ridiculous, you know. Even for you, it's --

Adam: I assure you, I'm quite serious.

Tad: Oh, I'm sure you are, so I tell you what -- Adam, right on the level, as far as I know, Colby and Liza are living in a hollow tree off the fourth hole of the mini putt-putt golf course on Route 1, and from what I understand, they're actually managing the snack bar and the back nine.

Adam: You're guaranteeing Jamie a long term in prison if he lasts, if he doesn't get stabbed again, or worse, like last time. What are the odds, I wonder?

Tad: Before I try to break your neck, I just want to know one thing -- is there any place you're not willing to go? Any depths you won't go to to get what you want? Maybe torture?

Adam: You're already torturing me. You can't keep my daughter from me. I need to know where she is, if she's happy. You can't keep her from me! It's inhuman to do that to a parent.

Tad: Do you hear yourself? Do you understand what you're saying and who you're saying it to? It's not just sad or ironic, Adam. It's insane.

Bianca: God, you make me so furious!

J.R.: Because you know I'm right. That's not Bess' color.

Bianca: No, J.R. -- because I spent so much time liking you. I used to think that we were so much alike. I mean, we went through the same kids of powerful parents years together, we swiped our first beer together, and now look. Look at us -- we couldn't be more different.

J.R.: Oh. Bianca, another life lesson.

Bianca: Is this really what you want to be, J.R. -- smug and possessive and evil, the kind of guy that you used to hate?

J.R.: You're such a stereotype.

Bianca: Excuse me?

J.R.: You worship everything that Babe says. You swallow every word. And I'm Satan? What is that -- heterophobia?

Bianca: Oh, you think because you're a guy? That's --

J.R.: Babe's hot. I mean, she knows how to use it. I fell for it, for a little while.

Bianca: Hmm. J.R., you're disgusting.

J.R.: You think so? I mean, how am I supposed to ever hold my head up high?

Bianca: Somebody has to stop you before you ruin Bess' life.

J.R.: You stay out of the way or I will take you down.

Bianca: That's your family motto, isn't it, J.R.? Well, guess what -- I'm Erica Kane�s daughter and our family motto is "We don't scare and we never back down."

Ethan: I'm assuming that you're a man of your word.

Zach: I offered you a job, not an escape route.

Ethan: Well, things didn't work out quite the way I'd expected. I thought you might stake me to a new start, somewhere far from here.

Erica: I told you, I'd be happy to if you --

Kendall: Mother, Mother, please.

Erica: Kendall, I'm on Ethan�s side.

Ethan: Maybe you're not the man I thought you were.

Zach: I'll consider it.

Ethan: I suppose it's a lot to ask. I mean, you don't owe me anything. You're simply a mate of my dad's, right? No real connection?

Erica: You were a friend of Michael Cambias' brother?

Kendall: Yes. Apparently, they were pretty close.

Erica: Well, that explains a lot.

Ethan: But it doesn't require any kind of financial compensation, so forget it. You don't owe me anything. Will you forgive the intrusion?

Zach: Ethan? You sure you want to end it like this?

Ethan: You have a better idea?

Babe: Ok, look, Tad's a private detective and his connections -- they're valuable.

David: Tad can't let go of the personal side. He'll be in my face the entire time.

Babe: But we should at least talk to him before we decide.

Krystal: We're talking about Adam's evil empire here.

Babe: J.R. has been trained by the master of evil tricks.

Krystal: Yeah, I mean, come on. Do you think that Babe and Jamie's greatest hit recording and that homeless guy are the only rabbits in the Chandler hat?

Babe: Oh, Lord. God, I hope so.

Krystal: No, but I -- there's no telling. And who among us knows Adam the longest? And who's J.R.'s stepdaddy with the inside scoop there, too?

David: We all know the answer to that, but there are other considerations here.

Krystal: Tad is going to give us the edge that we need.

[Phone rings]

David: Wait a minute. It's Jilly. Hey, Jilly, what have you got? Listen, I've got a bad reception right here. I'm going to take this outside. Ok.

Krystal: Oh, Babe. Honey, don't you worry. We are going to find that lying, would-be hit man.

Babe: Oh, I so wish I knew an assassin. I would sic him on Paul Cramer so quick.

Krystal: Please. I want the pleasure of strangling that rat with my own two hands.

Babe: I had this dream, Mama. And it was -- and it was Paul and Kelly and I was in the middle and I -- and it was like monkey in the middle and they were tossing Ace back and forth over my head and it's like my feet, that they were, like, locked to the ground or something because I couldn't even jump. I couldn't stretch --

Krystal: Oh, honey.

Babe: To get to him and I --

Krystal: Honey, listen to me. That was just a rotten nightmare.

Babe: But Ace didn't even seem upset. I mean, he wasn't even crying or anything. I was the one that was crying and it was -- it was like each time that they tossed him, it's like somebody was kicking me in the stomach. If only I'd -- I just -- I said to them if -- if they would just love him and hold him close and care for him, that -- that I'd stop trying to get my baby.

Krystal: Oh, no.

Babe: That I'd give up.

Krystal: No. No. There is no way that's going to happen. You're going to get Ace back. And we're going to return Miranda and everything is going to be hunky-dory, honey.

David: Didn't I tell you Jilly was good?

Krystal: You hear that? What'd he get?

David: He's got a lead on that homeless character Ron. Should have something concrete within the hour. I bet you we have a face-to-face by tonight.

Krystal: Hallelujah! You going to be ok?

Babe: Yeah. It was just -- it was just a silly dream.

Krystal: Yeah, because I need to run out for some supplies. Does anybody need anything from the quick shop?

David: Yeah. Why don't you get some half-and-half and some coffee beans -- unflavored, please? This stuff tastes like perfume.

Krystal: Ok, listen. I am going to draft Tad in on this, ok, even if I have to swallow a heaping helping of humble pie and crow to get him to do it, ok? I'll be right back.

David: I'm not going to let you down, Babe. Ace will be safe from J.R., and we're going to put Bess back in Bianca's arms no matter what. I promise you, this is all going to be over very soon.

J.R.: Ooh, watch out for godmother scorned. Get over yourself. It's an honorary title.

Bianca: Nothing has meaning to you, J.R. Nothing is --

J.R.: Is sacred? You know, a year after the christening, nobody remembers or cares who the kid's spiritual guide is supposed to be.

Bianca: I'll remember forever, and -- and I won't let Bess forget, either.

J.R.: That's not your call.

Bianca: Bess is as close to me as my own child.

J.R.: That's pathetic.

Bianca: I may never have another baby, J.R., but Bess --

J.R.: Is my daughter! Mine! You got that? She's not your consolation prize.

Bianca: She's not shares of stock or a weapon, either, J.R. She's a little girl. And I won't let you shut me out of her life. If you try to keep me from that little girl, then heaven -- I'm sorry -- make that hell help you.

[Phone rings]

J.R.: J.R. That's stellar. That's the best news I've heard all day. Let's show everyone what I'll do to keep my daughter.

Zach: Do I think there's another way out of this for you? Yes, I think there's a hundred different ways.

Erica: Oh, come on. For heaven's sakes, can't one of you say what you really mean? And please don't tell me it's a male thing. Actually, it's a Cambias trait. And maybe you are one of them, but I think it's very lucky for you that you weren't able to prove it.

Ethan: Even if it costs me what's rightfully mine?

Erica: Just the possibility that you were a Cambias has made you a hated man. Isn't that why you wanted to run away?

Ethan: I don't want to run, but there's nothing left for me here.

Erica: Right. Look, how much cash do you need?

Ethan: I don't want your money.

Erica: Only Ryan's?

Ethan: Oh, you mean what was left to me by my grandfather? Look, if I stay here, I will constantly be reminded of what could've been, what should've been if anyone had bothered to help.

Erica: Excuse me, but both my daughters certainly did everything they could to help.

Ethan: Kendall and Bianca were wonderful. Bianca was willing to sacrifice more than I ever would've asked. And for that, I will be eternally grateful.

Erica: Just so you're grateful somewhere else, far away.

Ethan: Where I can be anonymous. No judgments, no expectations. Where nobody knows my name. As long as I keep my business to myself, nobody cares.

Erica: Look, I am ready to make that happen for you, Ethan.

Kendall: What about you, Zach? You were so ready for him to give up the whole Cambias challenge. Well, now's your chance. You can afford it. Write him a big, fat check and he's gone. Unless for some reason you don't really want Ethan to go.

David: Thanks a lot, man. This is it.

Babe: He found the liar J.R. paid off?

David: You just stay put. I'll go clean this up and I'll be back before you know it.

Babe: You be careful.

David: Hey.

Babe: I'm serious. Take care of yourself.

David: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Bianca: What -- David, what's the hurry?

David: Oh, it's an emergency. Listen, Babe's inside. Why don't you go keep her company, ok?

Bianca: Oh. Hey, is it somebody we know?

[Tires skid, car races off]

Babe: Who?

Bianca: Oh, the -- the emergency. David's going to the hospital, right?

Babe: Bianca, I -- I've been wanting to tell you -- there's this guy. He's this homeless drifter and he's trying to claim that Jamie and I paid him to kill J.R.

Bianca: Oh, my God! So you didn't just leave Bess?

Babe: Of course not.

Bianca: I knew it. I knew there had to be some kind of explanation. You wouldn't just leave her with J.R.

Babe: J.R. didn't give me any choice -- at least, not for now.

Bianca: So the Chandlers arranged this whole thing and now they're holding this bogus murder plot over your head?

Babe: Please don't hate me.

Bianca: Why would I hate you?

Babe: For -- for giving Bess to J.R. I promise it's not going to be for long.

Bianca: I know that. Look, you did what you had to do for now. It's not like you're going to let J.R. keep Bess.

Babe: No, no, of course not.

Bianca: Right. Ok, I understand. Babe, you've never done anything that would make me hate you.

Tad: Forget the multibillion-dollar corporations and all the political influence. This is the real Chandler legacy -- child ownership.

Adam: No.

Tad: You've turned taking a baby from its mother into a family tradition. Hell, you passed the torch on to your son, taught him the ropes. Well, maybe next time he can do it all by himself and just think about how proud you'll be.

Adam: Wait, why don't you just stop blabbering and --

Tad: Adam, Liza thought she had to disappear to protect Colby from you because she got a ringside seat at what you and your son were willing to do to his wife. The attack you mounted against Babe was obscene.

Adam: No, you mean the attack on Babe and Jamie, don't you? Because I win that one because I can prove it.

Tad: I don't give a rat's --

Adam: I'm not talking about the word of some nonentity here. I have the deal recorded on disc.

Tad: What deal?

Adam: The deal that your son and Bess' mama made for a hit man -- cold, hard cash for J.R.'s murder.

Tad: So it's no bluff? You actually have this disc?

Adam: Uh-huh.

Krystal: Oh, he's got it, all right.

Adam: Well, now that you've stopped laughing, maybe you'll consider my offer. The video to which Krystal refers convinced Babe to sign over custody of Bess to J.R. Powerful stuff. Powerful enough to ruin lives, powerful enough to save them. So if you can get me Colby, Jamie walks. So, come on, Tad. Be the good father I know you can be.

Ethan: I'll take the silence as a "no reason for me to stay." Well, so long, folks. All strings, real or imagined, are officially cut.

Ethan: You don't owe me a thing, Dad. Not a bloody thing.

Erica: Dad? You called Zach "Dad"? But if you're a Cambias --

Ethan: Imagine my surprise to learn that one school of thought has it that Zach Slater is, in fact, Alexander Cambias, Jr.

Erica: I said you reminded me of Michael Cambias. But you're his brother Alex? Is that true?

Zach: It's a bit of a reach, isn't it?

Ethan: You'd be the best judge of that, I think.

Zach: Now, where'd you get the idea that I'm a man come back from the dead?

Erica: Alexander Cambias, Jr. supposedly died in a car crash. The car caught fire.

Ethan: Leaving next to nothing to identify.

Zach: And you came up with all this by yourself?

Ethan: Actually, I have to credit Ryan Lavery with this one.

Zach: Lavery -- I should have guessed.

Erica: Ryan? Why would he say that? What would he have to gain?

Zach: I'm not sure. Maybe to distract you. Why else would he offer you something that, if it were true, would mean that he would lose everything that he inherited from old man Cambias?

Erica: For only one reason -- because Ryan believes it's true.

Adam: I'm a reasonable man. I'll give you an hour. I'll call for an answer.

Tad: Why wait? I'll give it to you now. I don't care how clueless you are about the whereabouts of Liza and Colby. Even if Liza wanted to tell me where she was going, I wouldn't let her. Because the last thing I want or need in my life right now are your threats and your scams. Especially this "eye for an eye, child for a child --"

Adam: This is no scam, Tad.

Tad: Of course it is. We both know Jamie's not the kind of person that would set up another human being to be killed, especially his brother.

Adam: Uh-uh, they don't share any blood.

Tad: They share everything but. They grew up together, for God's sake.

Adam: Well, that's very sweet, but they're not children anymore.

Tad: No. No, they're grown men. And my son isn't the kind of man that would have a bullet fired into another human being, even J.R.

Adam: Which is why I think the idea came from another source -- the idea to kill J.R. someone a lot closer to Krystal.

Krystal: You know, the world would be a much nicer place if you would just drop dead right this instant.

Adam: Be careful, Tad. Sexy trash can be fun, but it's dangerous. So please, consider my offer. If you find some way to help me get Colby back, then your son will be spared. Otherwise, we both lose a child.

Krystal: Ugh! Ugh!

Tad: So, who were you aiming at?

Krystal: Well, him for now.

Tad: What's all this about this disc getting Bess for J.R.?

Krystal: Babe thought that giving custody to J.R. would keep Jamie out of jail.

Tad: Babe was actually willing to give up her baby?

Krystal: To help Jamie.

Tad: For all the good it did. You know, sounds like he's got enough to have both our children locked up till they qualify for social security.

Krystal: Yeah, that's why I'm here, Tad.

Tad: Well, then you came to the wrong place. Don't expect sympathy from me. You sign on with Hayward, you're going to have to live with it.

Krystal: Tad, I need you.

Tad: Yeah? For what?

Krystal: To help fix this. David is doing some detective work. I know, I know � my sentiments exactly.

Babe: It's Paul Cramer. Why would I even ask somebody like that for help? I wish I never even heard his name or saw his face. It's -- things would be so much different.

Bianca: Babe, don't do this to yourself, ok? It's not your fault that I lost my baby.

Babe: That's not true.

Adam: Tad Martin has the brains of a chicken.

J.R.: You didn't get through to him?

Adam: No, I had him shaking. And then Babe's overripe mama showed up, and of course, he had to posture for her benefit. But don't worry, he'll come around.

J.R.: Well, that disc we fixed pretty much guarantees it. You will get Colby.

Adam: You're really with me on this? Using your brother as bait?

J.R.: Whatever it takes to get the job done.

Adam: That's my boy.

J.R.: All right. I'll see you later, Dad.

Adam: Later.

Adam: Stuart? How about a drink? Hmm? Don't want one? All right, I'll bite. Why am I getting the silent treatment? Because I love my granddaughter? Because J.R. loves that child more than his own life? We had no choice, Stuart. We did what we had to do for Bess. Because Babe and her strumpet mother aren't fit to raise her!

Bianca: Babe, please don't do this to yourself. I can tell that there's something off with you, and I think you've been carrying this around for way too long. Miranda's death is not your responsibility. And you can't feel guilty because your baby lived. I'm glad. You know I am. We've had this conversation before, Babe. So please, just let it go. Nobody blames you.

Babe: Paul, he -- Paul was wrong.

Bianca: I know, but let's just forget about him for now. We have to focus on J.R. and Adam. They're the ones that are keeping Bess from her mother.

Babe: No, J.R. cannot keep Bess.

Bianca: Right. So let's think about how we can get Bess back from J.R. As soon as possible. We can't let your baby end up with J.R.

Tad: Did I or did I not predict total disaster if you signed on with Hayward?

Krystal: You did. And that's why I want you back.

Tad: Well, I guess it takes a big woman to admit when she's wrong.

Krystal: A big woman, huh? So you think this outfit makes me look fat.

Tad: Don't start. At least you finally realize that David is a problem.

Krystal: No, David is fine. He's not you.

Tad: David is cardiological idiot savant. Yeah, sure, he can hard-wire a ticker, you know, play with a couple veins, but other than that, he's totally useless.

Krystal: He tracked down that would-be hit man, and he's checking him out.

Tad: Terrific. Great. If we're lucky, maybe he'll take out David instead of J.R.

Krystal: No, don't say that.

Tad: It's not like he's going to find anything anyway. I doubt he'd trip over this guy, unless they brought him in for a valve job.

Krystal: Tad, I -- I don't expect you to forgive and forget. I mean, I should have listened to you. I wanted to, but I just -- I was afraid, because I didn't want things to end badly.

Tad: Yeah, they did anyway. Krystal, I was real clear about what I expected from you.

Krystal: I know.

Tad: I was totally committed. I'm not the one that walked away.

Krystal: I know it. But there were these extenuating circumstances.

Tad: Like the truth? Whatever this thing is that you're so determined to hide from me?

Krystal: Look, I've made more mistakes than I can even remember. But please, Tad, could you just get past those and just help me now?

Erica: Ryan has proved himself to be an honorable man. You, on the other hand --

Zach: I know. I know. Ryan's the old friend that saved you from the evils of Vegas. And I'm the mystery man who staged a nearly fatal murder game.

Kendall: Yes, and wouldn't being Michael's brother be the perfect motive?

Zach: Maybe. So where do we stand? You may or may not be Alexander Cambias, Jr.'s son. And I may or may not be Alexander Cambias, Jr. Can�t prove either claim. And even if you could, one doesn't necessarily follow the other.

Ethan: You want me to believe Ryan Lavery's the one messing with my mind when it's you. You're so busy dancing around the question, you can't give me a straight answer. Why are you so scared? Because you are Alex Cambias, aren't you?

Erica: Are you? Are you Alexander Cambias, Jr.? Is that what you've been hiding from me ever since we met? Is that why you staged that murder game based on Michael Cambias' death? Is that why you cozied up to Bianca and me and Kendall and all of us? Answer me.

Kendall: Is what Ryan said true?

Zach: I don't play by Lavery�s rules. I don't play by anyone's rules. I learned a long time ago to use my own deck.

Ethan: So deal me in.

Zach: You said I don't owe you anything. Well, "anything" includes explanations.

Adam: Come on, Stuart. No disgruntled insults? No holier-than-thou lectures on the natural innate goodness of man? We just proved Darwin's theory right. To the survival of the fittest. We couldn't let those women back in the house, Stuart. There are too many future legal ramifications that you don't understand. Stuart -- What? Stuart, wait -- let's have it out. Come on, blast all! Come on, have it out right now. Stuart? Stuart?

Bianca: Are you sure you're ok?

Babe: Yeah. Look, I don't want you to worry. Bess is going to be home soon, and Mama and David and I -- we are going to make sure of it. Make sure we have our little girl back.

Bianca: You know that I'll do anything that I can to help you.

Babe: I know that. You're so good to me. I'm serious, you're -- there's something about you. You have such a big heart, and it's just -- sometimes I just feel like you're a dream.

Bianca: Well, I'm not, I'm really here. And you know that I'm with you. No matter how you want to handle J.R., I got your back.

Babe: Ok.

Bianca: Love you.

Babe: I love you. God! If Bianca had any idea -- oh, somebody has to take care of Paul for good.

Krystal: What can I say, Tad?

Tad: You don't have to say anything. I'd never turn my back on you. I mean -- I mean, I'm not about to turn my back on Jamie, Babe, or Bess. But listen, whatever you got going with Hayward, ok, it's your business and your problem.

Krystal: Thank you.

Tad: Yeah, but I just want you to be real certain about one thing. I am not doing this because I expect anything from you.

Krystal: Right. And I'm only asking for the sake of our kids.

Tad: Well, they should come first.

Krystal: Absolutely.

Tad: Um -- well, you -- you'd better let me get to work. Unless we want David to end up on some coroner's breakfast table, I got to get to the computer.

Krystal: Oh, right. Right, thanks. Look, Tad, I -- I just -- I wish there was some way I could repay you.

Tad: Don't worry about it. What a jerk.

David: It's about time, Rod. I've been waiting for you.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Jamie: Welcome to the bank of Adam.

J.R.: You lose, you and your slut of a daughter.

Babe: There's something important that you need to know, about Ace.

Kendall: The day of christening, we actually believed that Bess was Miranda.

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