AMC Transcript Thursday 10/14/04

All My Children Transcript Thursday 10/14/04


By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

Kendall: Would you tell Jonathan we need the numbers for the entire Enchantment product line, not just the signature perfume?

Simone: Jonathan, Kendall would like you to put together --

Jonathan: I heard.

Simone: Oh, good. Well, at least one of you is sane.

Jonathan: Would you please tell Kendall that it's already taken care of?

Simone: Kendall, Jonathan says --

Kendall: Really? Then where the hell is it?

Jonathan: And that if she would have gotten here on time instead of getting ready for an hour in front of the mirror, she'd know that.

Simone: Kendall -- you know what? You're on your own, pal. Uh-oh.

Ethan: Kendall. I was hoping I'd find you here.

Jonathan: You're not welcome here.

Ethan: I didn't come to see you. I came to talk to Kendall.

Jonathan: Why don't you use a phone, then?

Ethan: I prefer face-to-face contact, don't you?

Jonathan: Really? I thought you'd preferred long-distance with a high-powered scope.

Ethan: My business here is with Kendall. It's got nothing to do with you.

Ryan: How about me, Ethan? Any business you'd like to finish with me?

Reggie: You got it?

Jack: Towel. You know, normally, we take plastic bags and we put them in the recycling bin, not the kitchen sink.

Reggie: Well, I wasn't paying any attention, remember? Me and Danielle had to take care of Lily's friends?

Jack: No, no, no, do not call the hot girls "friends" around Lily, please.

Reggie: Don't worry. They won't be bothering her anymore.

Jack: Speaking of Lily, where is she? Is she still in bed? Go roust her. Sleeping in is not in her schedule.

Reggie: Oh, all right, I got her. I'll go wake her up. Yo, Dad, Lily's gone.

Maria: Fresh-squeezed OJ, no pulp, but I can't promise you on the seeds. Let me see. Nice, right? You know, I think it's kind of cool when the kids are back at school because we get to have breakfast a deux. Is your breakfast cold? What's wrong?

Edmund: We need to talk.

Maria: Ok. About what?

Edmund: About the man who's always in the room with us.

Zach: Here, let me help you.

Myrtle: Oh, take your hands off me!

Zach: I don't want to offend you. I'm sorry.

Myrtle: You already have. I know who you are.

Jonathan: Welcome back.

Ryan: Thanks, man.

Jonathan: How are you?

Ryan: It's ok -- no, I'm ok.

Jonathan: Hi. Man, if we'd known you guys were coming, I would have thrown this joker out myself.

Simone: You're way ahead of schedule. Don't tell me the honeymoon's over already.

Ryan: Couldn't stay away. Looks like it was a good call.

Greenlee: Or not. Jonathan's just about to have security help Mr. Ramsey find his way out.

Ethan: Look, all I want's a word with Kendall. There's no cause for alarm.

Greenlee: Go ahead. Speak.

Ethan: You don't return my calls. I just wanted to make sure you were doing ok for myself.

Kendall: I'm fine, Ethan. I'm fine, ok? You're the one to worry about with this crowd here. Listen, maybe we can get together later.

Ryan: Don't rush off. This saves me a social call. You see, I may have a way to find out exactly who you are.

Zach: Excuse me?

Myrtle: You're Zach Slater, that fellow, aren't you?

Zach: I am.

Myrtle: I saw you at Miranda�s Center occasion, whatever it was. I heard all about your murder play. I heard how you dug up the past, that dreadful past, just when Bianca was beginning to come out of the door. And you terrified the girl.

Zach: I never intended to do any of that.

Myrtle: Well, then, you did the damage.

Zach: I'm sorry. But Bianca's one of the finest people I know. I would never intentionally hurt her. Now, I'm at odds here. You know my name. I don't know yours.

Myrtle: Myrtle. Myrtle Fargate. And you had better remember that name, kid. If you ever, if you ever meddle with anyone that I love --

Zach: We should all be fortunate enough to have friends like you.

Myrtle: Oh, come off it. Don't soft-soap me. I -- listen, I know trouble when I see it. Well, what are you doing -- what are you doing here anyway? I mean, we're -- if you're here to visit that creature over there, you'll find him on the city dump where he belongs.

Zach: There's a lot of people who share your opinion. Bianca told me hers.

Myrtle: Oh, I'm sure she said the sweetest things. She could say something lovely about the devil.

Zach: Did you know Cambias?

Myrtle: Unfortunately, I did.

Zach: Well, if you wouldn't mind, what's your impression of him?

Myrtle: Well, I could certainly give you my impression of him, but I'd have to use language that I don't think my friend here would like at all.

Zach: It would mean a great deal to me if you'd try. I need to find out the truth.

Edmund: We might as well set a place for him right here, a little card that says "Zach Slater." Right here, between you and me.

Maria: Honey, that's -- it's not true, and I feel like I've really tried to make sure --

Edmund: It's not you.

Maria: That he's not between us.

Edmund: It's not you. It's me. I hate Slater. I hate that he loved you. I hate that you were in his bed, ever.

Maria: There's no reason to dredge any of that up.

Edmund: You're right, there isn't, because it's in the past, and that's where it should stay. I trust you, Maria, and I should have never let Zach Slater threaten that. You tried to tell me this -- I don't remember know how many times. You know, it's -- I just -- ahem. A big part of it has been this chair -- you know, me in it? I have been so desperate to feel like the man that I was.

Maria: But you are that man.

Edmund: Not as long as he's front and center at our table. So -- ahem -- as of today, I'm done with it.

Maria: You have no idea how much that means to me.

Edmund: I have an idea. So as of today, the investigation of Slater, the fear of losing you again -- it's gone. I just want us to be us again, ok? And I'm going to do anything I can to make that happen.

Maria: Oh.

[Edmund and Maria laugh]

Zach: Monstrous, evil -- those are some of the adjectives used to describe Michael.

Myrtle: That about covers it, in polite language.

Zach: So how would you describe him?

Myrtle: I would say he was the worst kind of coward -- a puny little man who loved to make himself enormous and powerful by preying on other people, by taking the innocence from a young girl.

Zach: And you think his family was responsible? And his father was --

Myrtle: Oh, rubbish, rubbish. I mean, that's like -- that's like making an excuse for being born. You look -- you look at someone like Erica. Now, her father was a real horror. But she put the past behind her and she rose and she triumphed over it. But Michael? Michael simply indulged his lust for power and for domination. I should -- you know, I -- his eyes used to remind me of something, and I remember. It was an act, an act in the carny where I used to work. It was a poor old decrepit dancing bear and its trainer. I used to watch that trainer whip that animal every night to unconsciousness because he liked to and because he could. And that's exactly how Michael looked when he was preying on innocent people -- he felt so great and big.

[Zach sighs]

Myrtle: I tell you something. There's a lot of evil in this world. Now, the strong people, the strong people fight against it. The weak ones -- they sink into it, enjoy it. Michael was one of the weak ones. Now, is that what you want to hear from me?

Zach: I wanted the truth. Thanks for being so candid.

Myrtle: Why do you bother? Why do you dig up this rotten past?

Zach: Some ghosts need burying. That's all, Mrs. Fargate.

Myrtle: Well, it's over. Let it be. And leave my friends alone.

Zach: I only want the best for Bianca, I promise you.

Myrtle: Hmm. You'd better, because if you don't, you won't have to wonder whose hand is at your throat.

Ryan: What do you say you and I go have a little heart-to-heart on the roof?

Greenlee: Don't.

Jonathan: Hey, man, whatever you have to say, say it here.

Ryan: It's ok, I don't need protection. This is just a friendly chat. What do you say?

Ethan: I say since I came to Pine Valley, I've been harassed, insulted, offered bribes, and now you want to have a friendly chat. What's your game?

Ryan: Just trying to help.

Ethan: Help me out or help me off the roof?

Ryan: Well, you see, since I've got this fresh scar in my stomach, I'm not exactly a huge threat. And, Ethan, I meant what I said. If you are Alexander's grandson, you will get everything Cambias. Now, are you interested or should I call security?

Ethan: I'll listen.

Ryan: Ok.

Greenlee: Ryan --

Ryan: Hey. I will be back before you know it. Ok?

Jonathan: Raise your arms.

Ethan: I think somebody's had a little bit too much coffee.

Jonathan: Raise your arms right now.

Ethan: All right. Just don't get too familiar, ok?

Greenlee: I didn't cut our honeymoon short so you could duke it out with this guy.

Ryan: Relax, butterfly. I have everything under control.

Greenlee: Why doesn't that make me feel any better?

Jonathan: He's clean.

Ryan: Shall we?

Ethan: After you.

Simone: I didn't realize how boring it is around here.

Jonathan: I'm still going to call security just to give them the heads-up.

Simone: Well, I need a coffee break.

Kendall: Welcome back.

Jack: I have no idea how long she's been gone, Derek. Her bed looks slept in, so I guess she must have left maybe early this morning.

[Phone rings]

Jack: Yeah.

Reggie: Hello? Danielle, listen, I can't talk right now. Lily's missing, and I don't know if -- I don't know nothing.

[Girls laugh]

Danielle: She's here, Reggie.

Reggie: What do you mean, "here"? Here where?

Danielle: At school.

Reggie: Oh, thank God. Jack, Lily's at school.

Jack: Thank God. Derek, I think we've found her.

Reggie: I mean, are you with her? Is everything all right?

Danielle: You and Jack just need to get down here.

Reggie: Is Lily ok?

Chantal: How about the shoes? Do you like them?

Lily: Yeah, that's good.

Danielle: Just get here, like now.

Maria: You're really going to do this? You're really going to give up investigating Zach?

Edmund: Well, if Zach did shoot Ryan or had something to do with the shooting, he's going down and I'll help the police any way I can. But my own investigation? No, that's over, ok?

Maria: And you mean it? Yeah, you mean it.

[Maria chuckles]

Edmund: So, what do you say we start planning for the holiday season?

Maria: Well, ok. You don't mess around. Let's do it.

Edmund: All right. How about skiing? I promised Sammie I'd go skiing, remember?

Maria: Skiing?

Edmund: Yeah. Well, listen, listen, I already got this figured out, you know? They got these little, little poles with skis on the end of them, and I kind of, like, sort of half snowboard, half tumble down.

Maria: Like usual.

Edmund: You, my snow bunny, are going to have to work hard to keep up.

[Phone rings]

Maria: I'll follow you anywhere. Ah. Let me get rid of this person. Yikes.


Maria: Hello.

Zach: Maria, I need to see you.

Maria: Now?

Zach: Yeah. I'm at the cemetery. I'm at his grave. And it's important. Otherwise, I wouldn't have called you. Listen, I need you, please.

Maria: Ok, I'll -- I'll be there as soon as I can. Ok?

Edmund: Everything all right?

Maria: Yeah, but it's just -- it's a bit of an emergency, so let's just finish all our plans over dinner tonight, ok?

Edmund: Only if they involve candlelight.

Maria: Deal. I love you so much. See you.

Kendall: Well, the Enchantment perfume won't distribute itself.

Greenlee: Wait. I want you to look at something.

Kendall: Your post-honeymoon glow -- yes, I see it.

Greenlee: When Fusion was launched -- remember? We were fabulous. We wanted to rock the world, and we did.

Kendall: That was a lifetime ago.

Greenlee: We started this company together.

Kendall: What, are you saying we could be on the same side again?

Greenlee: Maybe I am.

Kendall: Last time I saw you, you wanted me to rot in prison. Now you want to kiss and make up?

Greenlee: I know how hard it is for you to see me with Ryan. And when you pointed that gun at him, part of it was because I pushed you too far.

Kendall: I would love to say it's your fault, wrap all of my problems in a nice, neat little package. But I spun myself out of control. No one was behind that wheel but me. I know I did a lot of damage to you and Ryan.

Greenlee: Both of us got our shots in.

Kendall: Can we be like that again? So much has gone down, so many scars.

Greenlee: Can we at least not be enemies?

Ethan: So, what's this magic proof, then?

Ryan: First, I want answers.

Ethan: Here I thought you were doing this out of the goodness of your heart.

Ryan: What's your relationship with Zach Slater?

Ethan: What does that have to do with anything?

Ryan: Well, when you were in the police station, he tried to help you. Now, why would he do that? Did you know each other before in England?

Ethan: Why would you think that?

Ryan: You both hit Pine Valley around the same time, and like I said, he helped you, and, of course, there's that Cambias connection.

Ethan: If you're looking for dirt on Slater, you got the wrong man.

Ryan: No, no, no, no, no, stick around, stick around, stay and talk to me for one second.

Ethan: You're so transparent, Lavery, ok? Whenever there's an audience, you make this big song and dance about how you're going to sign over my company to me as soon as I get a little piece of evidence. It's a funny thing -- evidence. See, it keeps disappearing. Funnier thing -- you always seem to be in the vicinity when it does.

Ryan: Yeah. Well, I've heard funnier. There's this one about a guy who got shot in the stomach.

Ethan: Look at the records on my uncle from the police station, with the DNA information -- gone. Who's sitting at the computer terminal? You. My uncle's body is gone. Who announces it's compost in a local landfill? You.

Ryan: Yeah, well, you know, I'm very well informed.

Ethan: Yeah? You're guilty as hell, ok? Bianca's shirt, my last piece of proof, disappears, and look who's waltzing back through town. You're a liar, Lavery, and you are a thief.

Ryan: What shirt of Bianca's? What are you talking about?

Ethan: I've had enough of your promises, and I don't need your help, and I don't need your blessing. I'm here to get exactly what's mine. You can either accept it or not.

Ryan: And if I don't?

Ethan: There are plenty of ways to get you right out of this picture.

Chantal: All you need is your very own mac daddy.

Lily: I have a daddy.

China: She means a boyfriend. Wouldn't you like that, Lilith?

Lily: Do you have boyfriends?

Autumn: Duh.

Lily: Yeah, I want one, too.

Chantal: Oh. Oh, you go, girl.

Lily: Go where?

Jack: Lily.

Lily: Hey, Dad. Well, what are you doing here?

Jack: Why don't we discuss that at home -- now.

Lily: I can't. I have Algebra at 10:00 and Chemistry at 11:45. There's a test today.

Jack: Will you please excuse us? Sweetheart, come here a second, please. You cannot take a test dressed like that. It's just -- it's not appropriate.

Lily: But I'm to die for. I'm going to get my very own mac daddy.

Jack: You don't need a mac daddy.

Lily: But I do. I'm cool, like my friends, and cool girls have boyfriends.

Danielle: Give me one reason why I shouldn't hit send on my cell phone right now and spread your STD all over school.

China: Chill, princess. Nobody was ranking on your friends.

Reggie: I told you guys to back off my sister.

Autumn: We just thought we'd hip her up.

Reggie: You're messing with my sister, and it stops now.

Kendall: What do you really want?

Greenlee: To not be where we were -- at each other every minute. I'm sick of it.

Kendall: So am I.

Greenlee: Ok. That's a start.

Kendall: And it's the end. You win, I lose -- I get that now, so just take your prize and leave me in peace, please.

Greenlee: Ryan's not a prize. He's my husband and I'm worried.

Kendall: Well, not on my account. I don't want to hurt him.

Greenlee: I might believe that. At the hospital, you were as crazed as I was. You said you were sorry.

Kendall: I was -- I am. You can believe that.

Greenlee: I want to. I want to believe that you don't want to hurt Ryan anymore, but how can I when you're hanging around Ethan?

Kendall: You don't have to worry about that.

Greenlee: He shot Ryan.

Kendall: No, there's no proof of that.

Greenlee: Don't defend him and don't tell me that he's harmless.

Kendall: Greenlee, I promise you I will not let Ethan hurt Ryan.

Greenlee: "Let him"? He's up on the roof with Ryan right now. Anything could happen.

Kendall: No, it won't, ok? I know Ethan. I'm his friend.

Greenlee: Well, you were friendly the night that he shot Ryan. It didn't stop him then, did it?

Kendall: I get him, ok? I get where he's coming from and what he wants.

Greenlee: He wants Ryan dead. Are you that naive, or are you just crazy?

Kendall: Stop -- don't say that I'm crazy. Everyone keeps saying that.

Greenlee: Because it's true?

Kendall: I'm not crazy. Ok? I know what I'm doing. What?

Greenlee: Are you trying to fool me or yourself?

Kendall: I'm trying to -- why can't anyone understand?

Ryan: Wow. Ethan, what happened to your manners? That sounded a lot like a direct threat. Are you tired of hiding behind a scope?

Ethan: See, I don't have to hide. I'll go straight to the board members. You see, some of them accept my mother's letter and birth certificate are proof enough of who I am. They're willing to back me.

Ryan: That's one take. Here's another one -- some of those same board members would love to get rid of me, and they'd love to put a puppet in my place. They don't care if you're the Cambias heir or the Easter Bunny. They just want to control you. So, don't expect my resignation anytime soon.

Ethan: Well, I didn't think you'd go down without a fight.

Ryan: Oh, is that why you tried to kill me -- so you wouldn't have to face me?

Ethan: For the last time, Lavery, I didn't shoot you, and I don't know who did, and to be quite honest, I don't care.

Ryan: You know, you should. You see -- ah -- the way I see it, there's two suspects -- you, the obvious one, and Zach, the guy behind the whole murder game.

Ethan: Why don't you just flip a coin?

Ryan: Of course, both of you could be in this together.

Ethan: To hell with you, Lavery, and your bluff. You don't have a thing to prove who I am.

Ryan: But I do.

Aidan: You busy?

Edmund: Not really. What's up?

Aidan: Whole lot of nothing -- on Slater, at least.

Edmund: Ah. You investigated the real Slater�s rock-climbing buddies?

Aidan: Yeah, I did.

Edmund: Yeah?

Aidan: Every single last one of them, and they all check out. And our brainstorming about Slater faking his death from that fall? Wrong again. There's a body, so the accident is legit.

Edmund: Hmm. Well, that's it then. We're done.

Aidan: What do you mean, "we're done"? We're done?

Edmund: Well, we can't tie our man to the real Slater�s death, nor can we tie him to Ryan's shooting. I mean, there's not much left.

Aidan: So, we hit it from another angle. There must be another avenue to go down, Edmund. This guy pops up out of nowhere. Do you understand? There's a lot more questions than answers there.

Edmund: I tell you what -- let's let the cops provide the answers, and I got more important things to do.

Aidan: Like what?

Edmund: Like show my wife how much I love her and trust her.

Zach: Thanks for coming, Maria. It couldn't have been easy.

Maria: No, it wasn't easy. I just had to lie to Edmund again. What is going on?

Zach: I'm starting to believe everything that you said about my brother. I -- how can I accept that? I don't want to believe it. So I need your help, please. I just need your help.

Ryan: You still haven't answered my question. What's your deal with Slater?

Ethan: I was a fool to come up here.

Ryan: No, you're a fool if you trust Slater.

Ethan: Oh. And I should trust you, tell you what I think, what I feel, what I'm going to do next, hmm? You should stay away from the cheap tricks, false promises.

Ryan: My offer's real.

Ethan: So's mine. You get ready for the fight of your life.

Ryan: I did that, and that's not going to happen again.

Ethan: I hope not.

Ryan: I almost believe that.

Ethan: I don't care what you believe.

Ryan: Oh. So, does that mean that you're not going to share? You know what? I'm not really in the mood, either.

[Ryan sighs]

Ryan: A word of advice about Slater -- that guy wears a lot of faces. Just make sure you know which one you're talking to.

Zach: Aside from you, there are two people who have been completely honest with me.

Maria: Bianca and?

Zach: Myrtle Fargate.

Maria: Ok. She has no reason to lie.

Zach: No. And she had a lot to say -- all bad. But, boy, did it have the sting of truth to it. Michael was as evil as everyone says. And it's all my fault.

Ryan: Did I miss anything?

Kendall: Where's Ethan? What, did you push him off the roof?

Ryan: What choice did I have? I asked him politely, but he just wouldn't go.

Kendall: Your sense of humor still sucks.

Ryan: I'm feeling much better. Thank you for asking.

Greenlee: What happened?

Ryan: Not a lot.

Greenlee: You couldn't get anything out of Ethan?

Ryan: I got a lot of attitude. I didn't get any answers. But from what he said, if Zach -- if Zach is Alexander, Jr., then he's keeping the secret from Ethan.

Greenlee: Why would he do that?

Jonathan: Ok. I've notified security. They're ready. You want Ramsey escorted out?

Ryan: Not necessary, but thank you.

Jonathan: If I had my way, they wouldn't stop with him until he was back in Oxford.

Ryan: Ok, all right, I appreciate the enthusiasm, but I have everything under control, ok, for now.

Jonathan: Ok.

Ryan: Now, listen -- I got a couple of errands I got to run.

Greenlee: Well, I got a lot of catch-up to do here, too.

Ryan: Ok.

Greenlee: Mm-hmm.

Ryan: I'll see you later.

Greenlee: Hmm.

Ryan: All right? And you, you -- keep an eye on her, all right, because she's going to make you an uncle one day.

Reggie: I catch you anywhere near my sister again and I'm going to tattoo "stupid" on your forehead.

China: You're kind of cute when you're mad.

Danielle: Don't give me another reason to give you a makeover.

Jack: Excuse me. I do not appreciate you taking advantage of my daughter. She has worked very hard to make a go of it here, and she does not need to be harassed. You follow me?

Autumn: We're just trying to be nice.

Jack: By getting her to do your homework for you? Yeah, that's right, I know about that, girls. Maybe your parents should know, too.

China: My mom wants me to go to Vassar. She doesn't much care how I get there.

Jack: Well, I do care about everything that concerns my daughter.

China: Fine. Nice to meet you. Let's change lipsticks before next period.

Chantal: Don't let them get you down, girl.

China: Gorgeous.

Autumn: Zero sense of humor.

Boy: Listen, you have really changed.

Lily: I'm hot.

Boy: Hey. Why don't we go and study some anatomy?

Lily: I have to go.

Reggie: That's my sister. You hear me?

Boy: Look, your sister is screaming for it.

Reggie: All right. I'm going to count slow for you so you can hear me. One, two --

Boy: Chill, ok? Look, she's a freak anyway.

Reggie: Yeah.

Lily: I'm not a freak. I'm to die for.

Reggie: Lily, you're amazing, ok?

Jack: Sweetheart, you ready to go?

Danielle: I thought you might want this.

Lily: I'm not cold.

Jack: Look, why don't you just wear that until we get home, ok?

Lily: Why do I have to leave?

Jack: We'll discuss that at home. But, sweetheart, what those girls did, it was -- it was wrong.

Lily: You're wrong. They like me. They told me. I'm a mascot. I thought you'd be proud. Why is your mouth turned down, Dad? What did I do wrong?

[Bell rings]

Lily: The bell, Dad. I have to go. Algebra, then my Chemistry test.

Jack: Yeah, just as soon as we finish here, sweetheart.

Lily: Actinium, Ac, aluminum, Al --

Jack: Look, I --

Lily: Americium, Am --

Jack: I know how badly you want to take these tests, sweetheart.

Lily: Antimony, Sb.

Jack: Ok, you can stay. You can stay and you can take the exam, but you have to -- you have to wear this jacket, please, ok?

Danielle: It's my favorite, Lily. I'm sure it'll look great on you.

Lily: I know. You're cool.

Danielle: Got that right.

Jack: Come on.

Reggie: Look, me and Dani will make sure Lily gets home safe, ok?

Jack: Thank you. Appreciate that.

Danielle: I don't mean to pry, but have you had "the talk" with Lily?

Jack: What talk?

Danielle: You know -- sex? Does Lily know about the birds and the bees and why they're buzzing?

Jack: Well, I haven't. I mean, she had a Sex Ed course last year at school.

Danielle: Which I'm sure she scored an A on the final, but have you talked to Lily about her and sex and boys and the shivers and the tingles and how to say no when you really want to say yes?

Edmund: Aidan, I owe her so much. Ever since she's been back in town, she's done nothing but stick by my side no matter what I've thrown at her. About the only thing she's guilty of right now is a history with a man that I don't like.

Aidan: Yeah, a man with a lot of secrets, Edmund.

Edmund: Doesn't make her guilty by association.

Aidan: So you think she knows more about Zach than she's letting on?

Edmund: I don't know. But that's the past. I mean -- a future with my wife is a hell of a lot more important.

Aidan: What, so that's it?

Edmund: Yeah, that's it, that's it. I mean, I want Slater gone. Maria's already done so. Now it's my turn. I mean, it's over.

Ryan: You might just change your mind, Edmund. You see, I think I know who our new little friend really is.

Jack: You know, Lily's not like other girls. She was raised in a controlled environment for years, and she's been very protected.

Danielle: Well, the only protection she'll have in this zoo is what you give her.

Reggie: And the sooner the better.

Jack: You're right. You're both right. Thank you, Danielle, for the advice. I really appreciate it.

Danielle: Just looking out for my people, but got to get to class, so --

Reggie: Yeah, my books are in your locker anyway.

Jack: I will see you at home later.

Reggie: Yeah.

Jack: Thanks, buddy. Hey, sweetheart.

Lily: Are you mad at me?

Jack: No. Not at all. But we do need to talk when you get home, ok?

Lily: Ok.

Jack: Ok. And one more favor -- will you zip that jacket up while I walk you to class? I love you.

Danielle: Those skanks are toast. They got to be messed up if they think they can dis me and do that to my friend? Before the end of the day, everybody's going to know that Chantal and Autumn -- all of them have STDs and are contagious.

Reggie: I mean, a fake STD is too small. We got to do some serious damage to those girls. And I know exactly how to do it.

Jonathan: Sit down. You probably shouldn't be on your feet. Can I get you something? Are you hungry?

Greenlee: Oh, a little early to treat me like I'm eating for two.

Jonathan: Oh. I'll bet you two get lucky your first crack at the plate.

Greenlee: Interesting analogy.

Jonathan: What can I do for you? Are you thirsty? Get you some orange juice? You know, I'm going to get you some OJ. I want the vitamin C and everything in my nephew so he's strong and healthy. Ok, be right back.

Greenlee: Hmm. A little Ryan -- wouldn't that be something?

Kendall: Maybe we should both just give up, run away. Maybe they're right. Maybe I'm just a crazy woman who can't let go of anything, trying to slam Ryan, pushing you to do your own damage.

Ethan: You really believe that?

Kendall: Well, what I believe doesn't really seem to count for much. Zach seems to think that I'm pushing you and the whole identity thing because of my own issues. Have I done that? Have I forced you into this? Because if I have, I'm sorry. I thought I could help. Maybe I just screwed things up for both of us.

Ethan: I made the decision to stay. Just don't blame yourself for what comes next.

Kendall: I mean, Ethan, what do you mean? You won't hurt him, will you? You won't hurt Ryan?

Ryan: So Slater comes to town using somebody else's name. He sets up the murder game, he gets close to all the suspects in Michael's death, and then Ethan pops up claiming he's dead Alexander's son. And Slater�s all about protecting him, a guy that he says is a complete stranger.

Aidan: So what, you think they're connected?

Edmund: What's the link?

Ryan: A car crash. Michael's brother Alex went up in flames, body completely incinerated. Think about it.

Aidan: Oh, my God.

Ryan: And the cherry is Zach is sometimes short for Alexander, as in Alexander Cambias, Jr.

Maria: Michael is responsible for his actions, not you.

Zach: No, no. This is my fault. I was weak. I should have stayed instead of run, and then Bianca wouldn't have gone through all this hell and Michael would still be alive.

Maria: Oh, no -- come on! That's crazy! Zach!

Zach: I can't escape this! I hear my father's voice and my brother's voice blaming me. I made him who he was. And it was me -- I brought evil to this town. God. I killed Michael. I killed my brother.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Erica: I guess they ran out of rooms at the Pine Cone Motel.

Ethan: It's time to end this war.

Bianca: It was Jonathan, and you're covering for him.

Greenlee: You want the key to happiness? Take this.

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