AMC Transcript Tuesday 9/21/04

All My Children Transcript Tuesday 9/21/04

By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

Bobby: You want my wife.

Aidan: You're right. I do.

Anita: Hey.

Bianca: Hey. Oh, uh.

David: Yes, hi, this is Dr. Larry Wolek. I'm not in Llanview right now. I'm at PVH consulting on a case with Dr. David Hayward. Yes, I need that baby's file faxed to me right away. All right, look, do you want to be the one responsible for not giving this baby the life it deserves? That's what I thought. I'll be expecting the file. Thank you.

Babe: David, we've got to talk about the baby! There's got to be something that we --

David: I don't --

Bianca: Wow, more secrets. What's going on that you guys won't tell me?

Jonathan: Mr. Slater? Jonathan Lavery.

Zach: Sorry about your brother.

Jonathan: I hope it makes you open to a proposition.

Zach: What kind?

Jonathan: You don't want more bad press for your casino, and I want my brother safe, so why don't we work together?

Zach: To do what, exactly?

Jonathan: Nail the person who shot my brother.

Ethan: You should've told me you were coming. I could've saved you the trouble, left it in plain sight.

Kendall: I came to see you. Found this instead.

Ethan: In its case under the bed? You must have exceptional eyesight.

Kendall: Just tell me -- is this the gun that shot Ryan?

Ethan: What if it is? You going to turn me in? You know, for a moment there at the fundraiser, we were a team. You remember my offer in the shed -- you, me, moonlight, a victim. We can go now if you like, take the rifle, finish Ryan off together.

Kendall: That's not funny.

Ethan: Not in the least.

Kendall: I don't understand how you can leave this in the open. I mean, if I found it, anyone else could.

Ethan: At this moment, the only people who know about that rifle are me and you.

Kendall: Yeah, well, if you used this gun on Ryan, then you're just as good as locked up.

Ethan: What's with the threats? Greenlee, Aidan, Johnny Boy Lavery, the police. Now you? You all want me out of Pine Valley so bad you'd pin attempted murder on me just to see the back of me. God, how I must terrify you all.

Kendall: I'm not afraid, not of you.

Ethan: No? No? I'm a Cambias! Cambias blood flowing through my evil Cambias heart. Maybe another Michael, capable of anything, right? Even murder? I can smell the paranoia on you and everybody else in this town.

Kendall: Will you just drop the bogeyman imitation and catch a clue? I'm not accusing you, I'm warning you. You're right, they're after you, and they'll try to pin attempted murder on you the same way they did to me. You have to take care of yourself, you have to protect yourself, and I'm going to help you.

Ryan: I'm feeling pretty good for a guy who just got shot.

Greenlee: New rule, hubster -- do not take a bullet just to score cuddle time.

Ryan: Hmm. But it was so worth it.

Greenlee: No, I'm serious, Ryan. I can't go through this again. It almost did me in. I begged God not to take another love from me, and now we're sitting here talking about babies.

Ryan: I'm sorry that you were scared.

Greenlee: Out-of-my-mind insanity.

Ryan: I told you I'm not going to ditch you. Never-Leave Lavery -- that's my new name.

Greenlee: Well, maybe you don't have a choice. You chose me, and God likes to pay me back for all the naughty things I've done. Maybe he thought I needed a refresher.

Ryan: Well, that's -- that's why you got stuck with me for the rest of your life. Man, you must have been naughty.

Greenlee: Careful. If you're my punishment, I'll be naughty again.

Ryan: That's what I'm counting on.

Greenlee: Do you ever stop?

Ryan: I'm in love. Men in love like to make love to their wives.

Greenlee: Say it again.

Ryan: Men in love --

Greenlee: Not that part.

Ryan: I love you.

Greenlee: This is real.

Ryan: How lucky can I get?

Greenlee: Aside from the fresh wound in your side? Just a little reminder -- next time I tell you not to stand around and get shot, listen.

Ryan: Well, I'm a bit of a slow learner, but I swear there won't be a next time.

Greenlee: That's what I wanted to hear.

Ryan: So, I'm thinking Gunther for a boy.

Greenlee: I'm thinking not a chance.

Krystal: He is just the cutest little thing, but he's not doing too good, really.

Babe: And -- and his mama -- she's really shy and she's -- she's not speaking up for him at play group and not too much in this place.

David: Babe and Krystal asked if I would do whatever I can.

Bianca: Really? Including pretending to be a doctor from another town?

David: No, Bianca. I needed the baby's records, so I called Larry. He told me that he was too busy to make the call himself, so he said just use his name. Doctors do that kind of thing all the time.

Bianca: Sounds convenient. Well, Babe, your friend is certainly lucky to have you looking out for her baby.

Babe: Well, I'd feel terrible if I did nothing.

Bianca: So, what about your baby? You didn't leave Bess with J.R., did you?

Babe: Oh, no, no, no, definitely not. Stuart and Marian -- they'll keep Bess safe from J.R.

David: Well, look, I really have to get back to the floor. Bianca, if you came to see me, I'm sorry, but I'm really swamped.

Babe: No, I came for Kendall, actually. Is she in the lounge?

David: You know, I think I saw her slipping out after she found out that Ryan was ok.

Krystal: But she's -- she's probably still real freaked out. You might want to find her.

Bianca: Well, I guess everybody here is busy. Babe, is there anything that I can do for your friend or for her son?

Krystal: All taken care of. You're so sweet to ask.

Bianca: All right. Well, then I guess I'll be going. See you later.

David: Bye.

Krystal: Bye.

Babe: Bye.

David: Well, I guess we should thank God that I'm a cardiologist. You two are as subtle as a heart attack.

Aidan: Anita's smart, she's funny. She's too gorgeous for words, really. Any man would want your wife.

Bobby: But only one man has her. Get used to it.

Aidan: Oh, you sound angry and suspicious.

Bobby: Take a hint and back off.

Aidan: You know what they say -- "suspicious lovers usually have their own secrets." But then again, yours are all out in the open, aren't they?

Bobby: That's right. You just keep going.

Aidan: Oh, I'm sorry, Bobby, really. I mean, I really think you're a lucky guy. I mean, for some reason, your wife is devoted to you and your marriage.

Bobby: You want to know the reason? My wife loves me. Let's say that together -- Anita loves Bobby. All right? I can count on her. You, we don't need around.

Aidan: That's too bad because I'm here, and every time you defend Slater, every time you do his bidding, you're putting my friend Anita at risk, and that is not on.

Bobby: Shove it, and get out of my face.

Aidan: Until you stop, I'm going to be here, so you better get used to it.

Zach: I usually work alone.

Jonathan: I'm not saying that we go all buddy picture here. I'm just saying that we work toward the same goal because you have information I need.

Zach: Yeah? Like what?

Jonathan: Your casino security is massive.

Zach: Not massive enough, evidently.

Jonathan: Well, there's eyes and ears everywhere, so someone had to see something when Ryan was shot.

Zach: No one's come back with anything viable.

Jonathan: Come on. You know human nature. Nobody wants to get involved. Nobody wants to step on toes. Maybe if you were -- made it more open for everybody to come forward -- I don't know, maybe if you, let's say, rewarded people for information?

Zach: What would these people tell us?

Jonathan: They'd tell us if somebody was scoping out the gazebo.

Zach: Mm-hhm. Such as?

Jonathan: Ethan Ramsey.

Zach: You think Mr. Ramsey did this?

Jonathan: Well, that's up for your people to tell us, but I know one thing -- that Cambias Industries would be very grateful, very grateful to your people if they helped us nail this shooter. Who knows how grateful?

Zach: Let me think about it and get back to you, ok?

Jonathan: Well, the sooner I get this information, the sooner Ramsey goes down.

Bianca: No way are you pinning this shooting on Ethan.

Ethan: Strange town, strange people. Strange you.

Kendall: Don't act like you don't get it.

Ethan: Not "it." You.

Kendall: No, you lie. You get me -- in all the ways that you don't want to, in all the ways that make you want to scream and cry.

Ethan: About what?

Kendall: Who you are.

Ethan: Look, I didn't place an advertisement for an armchair shrink.

Kendall: It all lines up -- my past, your past. Raised by other parents -- check. That sense that you don't belong -- check. Finding out where you really came from -- check. Not knowing if you want to belong there either --

Ethan: Check. You were having so much fun, I thought I'd play along.

Kendall: You're up against a brick wall. You're on one side of the wall and what you want is on the other side, and you climb that wall but they keep yanking you back. Rage, fear -- it just takes over all those empty places. You can't hold back. I remember it all too well from the night that Ryan was shot.

Ethan: It was there in your eyes on the beach in that shed.

Kendall: It was there in your eyes. If you told me right now that you shot Ryan, I wouldn't be a bit surprised.

Ryan: So, if it wasn't Kendall --

Greenlee: No. No, no, no, no. Let's go back to babies and wallpapers and pink, fuzzy things.

Ryan: Greenlee, they took -- they took a bullet out of me. I want to know who put it in there.

Greenlee: So do I, but not now. It's too soon.

Ryan: What? Look at me. I'm great. I'm better than great. All right? I can do this. I have to.

Greenlee: Well, if I had no choice and I had to ruin a perfectly romantic moment by fingering a sharpshooter, I'd say Ethan Ramsey. No alibi. He was with Kendall when she found the weapon and the victim card, and then he took off when she came gunning for you. Angry young man, expert marksman, perfect setup to frame someone else -- kind of says guilty.

Ryan: Yeah. Kind of screams it, actually.

Greenlee: Meaning you don't buy it. So who you do you think it was?

Ryan: Well, that's easy. Zach Slater.

Bianca: So first you want to string Kendall up. Whoops -- the bullet didn't come from the gun in her hand. So then you go hunting, and you come up with Ethan? Can Simone be next, or me? Pick me, please.

Jonathan: I'm not doing this for kicks. My brother almost -- I just got him back, ok? I'm not going to stop until I figure out who tried to take him away.

Bianca: And this is how you do your research -- telling Zach to do what it takes to pin this on Ethan? He's already tried and convicted!

Jonathan: If he's not guilty, he doesn't need your protection.

Bianca: The last person who wasn't guilty almost got the death penalty, so I'm sorry if I can't just sit back and watch it happen again.

Jonathan: Maybe you hang out with the wrong people.

Bianca: Your brother is one of my closest friends. You want to say that to me again?

Jonathan: You can do the right thing, or you can go the PC route and let the shooter go free.

Bianca: Are you going to help Jonathan frame Ethan? Is -- is this your way of covering your own guilt?

Ryan: Zach was in total control that night, Greenlee. You know? He knew who was doing what when because he's the guy who handed out all of the directions.

Greenlee: Yeah, and he had surveillance. He knew where everyone was.

Ryan: Mm-hmm. And then he sent me to the gazebo so he could get a bead on me, or maybe he had a sniper do it.

Greenlee: Ethan hates you.

Ryan: Ethan hates everybody. I'm nothing special. Even -- even if Ethan did pull the trigger, I'm sure that Zach was behind it.

Greenlee: Do you still think there's a connection between those two?

Ryan: Makes sense. All except -- I mean, why would Zach want to gun me down? What does -- what does he gain if I'm gone?

Greenlee: This is so much better than dreaming about our baby. You sure know how to show your wife a good time.

Ryan: Hey -- hey, I'm -- I'm not doing this to make you crazy.

Greenlee: Almost being a widow again can do that to a girl.

Ryan: I'm not going anywhere, ok? I told you, you're stuck with me until we're old and well-preserved, playing with our grandkids.

Greenlee: Much better.

Ryan: Yeah. Now, as much as I intend, you know, to stick around, I can't be -- I can't be sure that this isn't going to happen again.

Greenlee: Yes, you can, because I'm not going to let it.

Ryan: You can't control it.

Jonathan: I'll be there with the big guns to back her up.

Bobby: This whole knight-in-waiting thing is not going to pay off, ok? I'm not about to blow the best thing that's every happened to me in my life.

Aidan: Sorry, what are you talking about here, your marriage to Anita, or your superduper job with Zach Slater?

Bobby: Anita's with me because she wants to be, ok? So just suck that up and move on.

Aidan: Well, if that is the case, you shouldn't have any reason to care what I do or whom I watch over.

Anita: Why do I get the feeling we're two seconds from bad news?

Krystal: I am telling you there is all sorts of not right going on with that Kelly Buchanan.

David: What do you mean, not right?

Krystal: Well, she said she's a better mother than some homeless woman. Come on! Now, who just pulls that out of the blue? And when I ask her about what should be the best day of her life, she had nothing to say about the day her baby was born. I mean, you ask me, I could tell you the color of the blanket that they wrapped Babe up in and the nurse's middle name!

David: Well, maybe she doesn't like to talk about it because it was a hard labor.

Babe: Hello. Hi. Remember me? Hiked miles through the woods, delivered my best friend's baby, and then did my own? I'd say that I win the hard-labor contest. And I can still remember every single minute that my baby boy was in my arms, down to his -- his sweet, little fingertips and his eyelashes and his sweet breath on my face. So Kelly can call him Ace, but that boy is my son.

Krystal: And he needs to come home.

David: All right, so what are you going to do, hmm? What, are you going to snatch the baby from the mother's arms and, what, make a break for it?

Babe: I am his mother!

David: We don't know that for certain, Babe. And we're gong to need a hell of a lot more than just your mother's instinct.

Babe: Ok, fine. What about Paul, then? You remember him, the guy who said that a baby was dead? His sister is Kelly, and he called and told me to stay away from Llanview. Why would he do something like that?

David: He's probably quaking in his boots, that's why, because he knows about Bess. He knows that the baby that died in that crash was not Bianca's. It was probably yours and J.R.'s.

Babe: My son is alive. I just want my son back in my arms, and I want Bess back in Bianca's. I can't sit here and lie to her face any longer.

David: Then you better find a way not to see her face. Because until we get proof positive that Ace Buchanan is your son -- or not -- we don't breathe a word of this to anyone, especially not Bianca.

Bianca: You know, Kendall thought that you set her up to shoot Ryan, so maybe you decided to let Ethan take the fall.

Zach: Didn't we cover me as a suspect already -- you, me, and Maria?

Bianca: Maria thinks that you're a good and honorable man. But good people do all sorts of things for all sorts of reasons. I should know.

Zach: All sorts of things like what, kill a man, let somebody else take the fall for it?

Bianca: I guess I'm -- I'm not saying that you set Ryan up. But if you or anyone else goes after Ethan without one shred of evidence to back you up, I'm not going to let that happen.

Zach: Ethan has a champion. Are you two close?

Bianca: No. As a matter of fact, we're not. But I can't allow you or anyone else to destroy him or make him the scapegoat just because he may be a Cambias. He's not Michael, and I won't let him be ruined by his family name.

Zach: I couldn't agree with you more.

Kendall: They say people have auras. Well, yours is rage. It's red-hot.

Ethan: Why do you care? Why are you still here?

Kendall: Because I -- I get you. I know you, Ethan. Anger grinds up your insides. It makes it so that you can't watch TV, you can't read a book, you can't think about anything other than your own hate. I know. It's like that for me, too. I used to be a person a long time ago. But by the end of the fundraiser, revenge was all that was left of me. You saw me that night at the casino playing that murder game. I walked into the ocean because if I didn't have revenge, I didn't have anything. And you saved me, Ethan. You pulled me out of the waves. So let me do the same for you.

Ethan: Look around, Kendall. No ocean. Not even a decent trickle from a tap sometimes.

Kendall: This is not about the water.

Ethan: No. There are dozens of ways to self-destruct, thousands if you get creative. You think that's where I'm going or where I've been?

Kendall: You tell me. I just want to know where your head is. Are you ok?

Ethan: Considering that Pine Valley is the most hostile town I think you could ever come to -- oh, and the fact that being a Cambias means either inhuman behavior or untimely death -- I am excellent.

Kendall: Oh, the clever Brit version of saying "It sucks."

Ethan: What do you expect? I came here to prove that I'm a Cambias. Now that I'm here, I don't even know what I was thinking about, you know? I could leave, remain a Ramsey. Maybe I could just live in peace.

Kendall: You're right, you could run.

Ethan: Run? I wish I had that luxury. Run where? To what, huh? Where am I going to find my peace? My birthright will keep me awake at night. Can I escape what I need? No.

Kendall: Is this a rhetorical question? Because you know my answer.

Ethan: I'm not going to be pushed out of Pine Valley by these people. What kind of man would that make me? What kind of son? Would I dishonor my mother? Will I not be what they want me to be, what I need? What I can stand, what I deserve? I just don't know how to fix it all together!

Kendall: See, there it is. There it is. There's that pain I was talking about.

Ethan: You know me so well, you give me some answers.

Kendall: All right, fine. You could leave town and you could lose hope, or you can stay and lose everything.

Ethan: So leave, walk away?

Kendall: No. No, no, no. Get ready and be careful. Cover your tracks and don't let anyone else break into your room and let them make you spill your story.

Ethan: I think I've said enough already.

Kendall: No. Not to me. To anyone else, yeah, but I'm like you. I'm an outsider. I'm a murder suspect. I know what it's like. I know the reality. It's over for me now. I don't have anything left. I don't want it to be over for you.

Jonathan: Are you ok?

Ryan: I'm ok.

Jonathan: Good. Because now I'm going to ream you out.

Ryan: I can't catch a break around this place, man.

Jonathan: No, no. Dumb-ass move number one -- murder game. Dumb-ass move number two -- playing it. You in no way have permission to take off on me again. You're grounded, mister, all right? Am I making myself clear?

Greenlee: Hey, hey, go easy on the guy. You're not the only one that laid down the law today. Ryan's not going anywhere -- not for at least two generations.

Ryan: Hmm.

Jonathan: Exactly. And to that end, this is why I've hired a big, burly security team who are going to be his new best friends.

Ryan: A what? Wait a minute, now. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hospital, ok? While I'm in here, totally safe. Once I'm outside, your bruiser one and bruiser two can have my back.

Greenlee: Hmm.

Jonathan: That's an outstanding argument, but it's just too bad that we don't listen.

Greenlee: Yeah, bruiser two is right. We win, you lose. Deal with it.

Ryan: Did you just beat me down?

Greenlee: Oh, in a big, bad way. Look on the upside -- maybe this security team will give you a cool code name.

Ryan: I'm thinking "Gunther."

Greenlee: Oh, God.

Jonathan: That's awesome.

Ryan: Hmm.

Greenlee: Obviously family. Obviously.

Ryan: Mm-hmm.

Aidan: No, there's no bad news. Bobby and I were just talking.

Bobby: Yeah, just having a chat.

Anita: So you're fine?

Bobby: Yeah. Since you got here, never been better.

Aidan: Well, Bobby, it was nice speaking with you.

Bobby: Mm-hmm.

Aidan: Anita, I'll hopefully see you soon.

Anita: That was so not nothing.

Bobby: Aidan and I are never going to be pals, ok? It's not like that's news.

Anita: Yeah, but he's my friend. I mean, he's been there for me, Edmund, and Maria. I trust him, Bobby.

Bobby: And I can be cool with that.

Anita: You think you can say that without gritting your teeth?

Bobby: Ok, ok, it's cool, it's cool. Hey, when are you off the clock, huh? I don't think I can handle the suspense.

Anita: Well, I'm off soon. What suspense?

Bobby: Did I say that?

Anita: Oh, come on! Don't you dare! What's going on?

Bobby: You really want to know?

Anita: Yes. Ok, no. Yes!

Bobby: No? Ok, ok. Well, later, hmm? You won't be disappointed.

Babe: Honestly, how hard is it to punch in some stupid number and press send? Ring, already!

David: All right, all right, all right. We need to get something straight here, ok? These medical records could prove a lot, but they cannot prove who Ace's parents are.

Krystal: You know, for the world's greatest doctor, you really are pretty slow. Medical records can show blood type, birthday.

Babe: The birthday -- oh, the day that my son was born!

David: All right, you know something? Maybe this is a good reason why you two shouldn't be here. All this hope and expectation could come crashing down on you.

Krystal: Yeah, and God forbid our optimism rubs off on you.

David: I'm just trying to tell you that -- that blood type can't tell you whether J.R. and Babe are this child's parents, ok? I mean, it could only eliminate them. I mean, you know that from the whole "is J.R. or Jamie the baby's father" debacle. Wait a minute. What was that? Is there something I need to know?

Krystal: Other than who that baby really is?

Babe: I just want to see what the records say.

David: You're not listening to me, Babe. That chart is not coming with a little postscript on the bottom saying, "this baby belongs to J.R. and Babe," ok? It's not DNA.

Babe: Ok, Dr. Wolek. Whatever you say. Why try to be some doctor that you're not? What's the point in getting this file if there's no point in it?

David: I was only doing it because you wanted me to.

Krystal: Oh, that is bull! You know that this brings us closer to the truth, and you want that just as much as we do.

Babe: And I already know the truth. I saw it and I felt it and I looked into his eyes. David, my son is alive. And he stopped crying the second that I held him in my arms. He still knew me after all of this time! And he's waiting for me. So I don't need some paper to prove something that I already know. And you're going to know it soon, too. Oh, God.

Bianca: I guess this isn't the greatest time to catch up.

Anita: Not unless you're -- Dr. Larry Wolek? I think he works at Llanview. I wonder why they would send this here.

Bianca: You know, I think that David is waiting for those.

David: Babe, don't you think for one second that I don't want this for you. But if you build your hopes up and Ace turns out not to be your son? You've already lost him once. Do you really think that you can live through that again?

Babe: You know, you have taught me some stuff since I found out you're my dad. So here's something that I can teach you. Hope can't hurt us. Just have faith.

[Knock on door]

David: Yeah?

Anita: Excuse me, I think this is for you.

David: Oh, idiots. They were supposed to send this through my fax machine. Thank you.

Anita: Sure.

Babe: This is it?

Ryan: Hocket, you know I love you, man.

Jonathan: I love you, too, man.

Ryan: Ok. So I'm going to say this with as much brotherly love as I can kind of muster up right now.

Jonathan: Ok.

Ryan: Get out of this room so I can be alone with my wife.

Jonathan: That gets me right here. No, it does. You touched me. You got me.

Ryan: Good, that's great. Goodbye.

Jonathan: Ok, goodbye. Ok. Goodbye.

Greenlee: Goodbye.

Jonathan: I'll see you guys tomorrow -- unless that's going to be too soon?

Ryan: Goodbye.

Jonathan: Goodbye. Would you take care of the big man for me?

Greenlee: I'll do my best.

Jonathan: Thank you.

Greenlee: Nice. Nice way to treat the brother who worships you.

Ryan: Mm-hmm. It's a big-brother thing. You just wouldn't understand.

Greenlee: Really? Educate me, then. Tell me what was so crucial that you had to boot sweet Hocket out?

Ryan: You get in this bed, and I'll show you crucial.

Greenlee: You don't have to ask this wife twice. Ok.

Ryan: Careful.

Ethan: He meant that much to you?

Kendall: More than you know.

Ethan: I don't get it.

Kendall: That's because you hate him.

Ethan: No. No, but you do.

Kendall: No. You never saw us together. We were amazing. And now when I -- when I'm right there beside him, ready to open my soul, his eyes don't light up. He doesn't open his arms. I'm just like the past that doesn't really matter anymore.

Ethan: The past always matters.

Kendall: No, he loves Greenlee now. It still feels -- it feels so wrong to say that. I -- I used to accuse him of picking her over me, but he swore -- he swore that he loved me, and I just -- I couldn't listen. I wouldn't let go. And now -- and now he loves her. I don't know, maybe it was inevitable. Maybe -- maybe it's my fault.

Ethan: You can't blame yourself for this any more than you could blame yourself for who your parents are.

Kendall: Oh, like you don't sometimes blame yourself for that? Everything -- everything that I dreamed of is gone. I've lost it, and Bianca -- I don't know how she does it, but she can cope, she can deal, she -- she can move on, she can forgive, and she can live her new life. Not me. I got the payback gene. Lashing out -- that's my favorite party trick.

Ethan: Hours of fun and entertainment, I'm sure.

Kendall: No, it's who I am as much as the color of my eyes or the curl in my hair. I wish that I could stop it. It's like when -- when you really get down to it, I don't want to be me. Not this me. It's dark and it's cold and it's very lonely, but I really -- I don't know how to stop.

Ethan: This is how you are, and you want to save me?

Kendall: If I save you, then maybe I can finally know how to save myself.

Anita: Hey -- off the clock.

Bobby: Great. Let's -- let's head home.

Anita: Are you kidding? I was promised a surprise, and I'm not leaving till I get it.

Bobby: Oh, that. Right.

Anita: Oh, come on, at least a hint, or I'm going to scream and disturb very ill patients.

Bobby: A hint? A hint? Ok, no problem. Um -- your favorite show, your favorite thing to do, a dream come true.

Anita: I was thinking, like, bigger than a breadbox.

Bobby: Oh, definitely bigger than a breadbox.

Anita: Ok, show -- well, that's easy -- "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition."

Bobby: Good.

Anita: Deserving family gets an awesome house. My favorite thing to do -- that's hard.

Bobby: Come on, like you even have to think about it.

Anita: All right, shopping.

Bobby: Ok, now, a dream come true.

Anita: Bobby, for real?

Bobby: Technically, you haven't guessed yet.

Anita: A house? Are you serious?

Bobby: Yeah. Yeah, I've seen some stunners, and you get to pick out the winner.

Anita: We've always talked about houses, but it was for me. I mean, is this something that you want?

Bobby: Yeah, yeah. I mean, it used to be something that I always wanted for you, and now it's something I want for us. Loving you has made me want it all. The question is, my dear, do you want it all with me, huh?

Greenlee: You just had major surgery.

Ryan: But before that, I remembered telling my wife that I love her, and I need some time to follow up on that.

Greenlee: I'm in.

Ryan: Yes, you are.

Greenlee: Can we stay like this forever?

Ryan: That's why God invented sponge baths.

Greenlee: I love you. I need you.

Ryan: I'm not going anywhere. Remember that? I've got way too much to live for.

Kendall: I thought I was ok with it -- being the bitch and being angry -- like it was my strength and it was my power. But I always end up helpless instead. And I don't control the anger, it controls me. It's all I've been. This is all I've been for so long, and if I -- if I let go of this, then I'll have nothing, and I'll be nothing. I'll just blow away.

Ethan: Shh.

David: The baby's birthday -- March 23, 2004.

Babe: His birthday. It's my son? Oh, my God, Mama! It's true, it's true! Oh, he's my son!

>> On the next "All My Children" --

J.R.: I want everything that was recorded that night my father disappeared. I haven't dragged the police into this, but I will.

Tad: I've got something to tell you. I proposed to Krystal.

Bianca: Who is your son, Babe?

Babe: Bianca and I need to talk alone.

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